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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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. coastal flooding, one lane shut down in each direction as water spilled on the roadway. we are under a weathe due to high tides, good afternoon. thanks for joining us. these are the highest scheduled tides of the year, this shows the scene there as ocean waters move ever closer to those coastal homes meteorologist daniel niles has a look at the tides and heavy rain. we are passed high tide, there will be pockets of
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tide with the flooding up and down some of the streets eric fisher is on assignment with some of the king tide stories this is the harbor walk in dorchester, coastal flood advisory between now and 2 p.m. four pockets of coastal flooding some of the vulnerable shore roads with light on shore wind and of course the supermoon high tide. heaviest rain north winchester new hampshire absolutely pouring that band is lifting to the north, for the rest of us, showers and light rain the city of boston, med ford, right along the mass turnpike out towards hopkinton and few showers south of town they are spotty plymouth to carver to orleans.
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be a slow go in spots before the rain tapers off between 8 and 10 p.m. we'll take you out with changes. developing now at noon the police are looking for a man who maw have approached a young boy on brook road police say a man who looked like this was driving a black vwpassatt. the boy told police he open the door and went towards him he screamed and ran away if you ha man you are asked to call weston police. state police are looking for a taxi driver who hit a cruiser and took off that cabdriver hit ore cars. >> nicole jacobs is live with the very latest, nicole? kate, chris, that crash happened about 9 hours ago we're seeing the effects of it here the intersection of berkeley and commonwealth the
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light box it is caused traffic lights in this intersection to be out since the crash happened at this hour, state police are still searching for the taxi they say caused the whole thing. in the over night hours this was the chain reaction crash a cruiser trying to catch up with a taxi traffic lights he blew threw this one clipping a private security vehicle which slammed into the cruiser and hit a parked car triggered by that speeding taxi that ended up never stopping in the past of that security vehicle a light box that controls the intersection signals because of that rush hour brought a slight snarl to traffic and mid- morning brought investigators
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have captured an image with the white taxi with green lighting no one was injured all walked away and that taxi sure to be damaged police say is still out there. you're taking a live look at the intersection of berkeley and commonwealth av police have been out here for hours directing traffic as the traffic lights here are still out, i can tell you police say metro cabs are white th writing but are pretty sure it was not a metro cab involved in this crash this morning they are hoping anyone with information will come forward that's the very latest from boston nicole jacobs wbz news. today president elect donald trump is pushing forward with his transition team he is discussing more high level positions big names are on the docket as questions now grow
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children in the white house craig boswell reports. >> well i don't know exactly what i'll discuss there will be a lot of different -- >> alabama senator jeff sessions arrived at trump tower where president elect donald trump and vice president elect mike pence are meeting later today to discuss cabinet positions. among the candidates being discussed for secretary of state former new york city mayor rudy giuliani and former ambassador john bolton former trump campaign finance was recommended as treasury secretary. giuliani a former prosecutor, said to be the leading choice for america's top diplomat but has limited foreign policy experience. trump officials are asking about trump's family members get high level security. his three adult children could get access to america's top secrets but expected to run trump's businesses that could be a problem for trump who criticized hillary clinton's
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foundation as pay for play during the campaign. >> if they want to drain the swamp, the relationship with the family and the business would be very open and above boards or the walls between the two would be very high if president trump wants to keep faith with the promises he made and the criticism he leveled during the campaign. >> trump has 9 weeks to fill thousands of administration positions before taking the oath of office. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. donald trump stirring up trouble on twitter today, about face the president elect sent this message the electoral college is genius in that it brings all states including the smaller ones into play campaigning is much different bub it is a very different sentiment than a few years ago in 2012 the electoral college is a disaster for democracy. terrorists could be targeted the macy's thanksgiving day parade, isis magazine called the event a
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vehicle in terrorist attacks like the july attack in nice france that killed 86 people the nypd is calming fears and said there are already precautionary measures in place like lighting the parade route with blocker cars. and meeting with the greek president, assured the people that the united states considered the nato appliance to be a corner stone of our security to which the country has an unwaiverring commitment this is presidential trip abroad. >> boston mayor is promisingchanges after a trench accident they want a safety office to other see the permit process and check for past violations atlantic drain the company involved in a deadly accident had a history of osha violations including 7 at a boston work site this march. massachusetts going out of selling banks and selling investments to senior,
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eastern boston savings east bank, paired up with a texas firm and the, whoers workers pushed them into investments they should not be making. a teenager targeted by a stranger, wasout the target store, cameron alerted his mother when he thrust himself against that jumped into action. >> i went up to him, excuse me do you know her, he said i'm not a pervert. >> he was big cameron had no fear at all he stood firm on the fact that he knew what this man was doing was wrong. cameron told that man to leave the store and he did, the store manager says it shows him exiting the store and waiting in the car the girl's mom was
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the incident. classes were canceled in a store in lawrence when a fire in a second store classroom, started early during the first period of the day nearly 600 students and teachers had to be evacuated students and staff won't be able to go into the building for some time. >> a crushing blow rob gronkowski taking down on the field sunday in a huge hit, patriots tight end may have been badly injured. gronk taking the field this coming week. >> chris, it is a lot against the seahawks here on sunday, didn't hurt enough now there are reports gronk could miss the next game because of a prefer rated lung. >> this is the huge hit that laid out gronkowski in the second quarter against the seahawks . that was a big hit for sure. probably one of the hardest hit in my career for sure.
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watch. just felt terrible, just awful. unbelievable. >> it was a huge hit and it was the kind of thing that makes you wince. >> kind of yell at the tv, aren't any words just ahh! pretty much like that . the patriots tight end describes the hit to reporters after the team's loss to the seahawks. >> knocked the wind out of me a little built you ever get know what that feels like it is tough to breathe. >> it doesn't seem gronk is all good after all there are conflicting reports with his health the report from ryan rapoport is number 87 will miss quote minimal time some fans are upset he may have to sit out the next game against the san francisco 49ers.
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healthy and in good shape. >> even would want gronk the pats will come out on top. >> i think we'll be okay whoever we're against but we'd certainly like to have him with us. in a conference call with the media coach belichick did not comment on gronk's health. the pats take on the 49ers in san francisco, all access friday night at 7:00 wbz show your sunday with us at 11:30, pats and 9ers kickoff on wbz followed by the post game show you can catch that on mytv378. mytv38. the sports writers honored big papi including category of the year, thanks fans, with the
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the world. coming up, the future of the t the new look at the revamped subway cars you could soon be riding on. pack your patients for the upcoming holiday travel how busy the roads will soon be. medical break through thanks to your nose? how researchers say smell could be key to determining your alzheimer's risk years earlier
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. a home teetering on the edge of a sinkhole opens up behind a pennsylvania house, the family inside, said the earth opened up in just minutes right after that the house started the creek the foundation began to parents grabbed their three kids and ran out of the house. >> i want started cracking like the whole house sounded like it was going to go. >> a contractor is going to come in and hopefully save that home but it is not clear how that work. the mta is looking for a new look they got a first look at the new design these train cars are being built in
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if you plan on hitting the road next week on thanksgiving aaa is estimating 48.7 million americans will travel a million more people than just last year, in massachusetts more than a million people will travel most of them driving. this weekend the lights will be bright at the hall, the holiday spectacular is this saturday wbz is proud to bring you this tradition of boston's first christmas tree, will be joined by the blue man group, the mayor marty walsh will flip the switch this saturday night november 19th right here on wbz and it starts at 8:00. we want to get a check of the weather now, weather alert danielle with this crazy flooding going on how is the weather going with flying and
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of rain will continue to move in that may cause delays the worse of the flooding is over, in the next couple of hours we'll see pockets of minor flooding at the coastline these are the high tide times notice we'll pass them andty clip when you see the high tide times come up two hours either side of the cycle that's when we're watching for the flooding that also extends to the south shore nantuckeme tide a few minutes ago it was earlier along the south coast where we saw little if any flooding the typical spots you know who you are if you live at the coastline where you see pockets of flooding i saw a picture of jerusalem road in cohacid. weather alert in terms of rainfall it is light for the most part there are heavier
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light rain, stretching towards the mass turnpike north of town light rain from med ford stretching back to north redding a showers plymouth stretching west towards middleborough. light rain for the most part but the area of low pressure still to our south see these downpours that are blossoming south of long island south of fill in overthe next several hours that mean it is rain will get steadier through the remainder of the afternoon your evening commute will be damp in spots there may be some urban flooding or ponding of water on the roadway, clogged storm drains because of leaves get wet they get slick this is the map a a lot of the rain letting up in intensity, 11, 11:30 a few left over showers over
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good chunk of the over night and i am anticipating breaks of sun during the day as clearing comes in how much rain will fall? half an inch to an inch local higher amounts can develop it is a soaking rain we need it because of the drought any rain is welcome news at this point showers are going to end tonight, clouds linger because of that won't be that cold 50 in boston mid-40s in the chilly suburbs that's when we'll start out so the kids continues to emerge our temperatures will come into the 50s, home, near 60 degrees tomorrow turns into a decent day, most of us go 55 to 60 so maybe a gloom gloomy start there may be pockets of coastal flooding midday high tide,
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55 to 60 degrees, the weekend starts good may get more clouds and showers by sunday 40s to start next week a team at mass general made a possible break through they can predict the risk of the disease 10 years in advance using your sense of smell they say a decline in our ability to recall and identify smells is linked to the decline in memory because of alzheimer's, your nose could be an early morning of a guidelines other the age of 40 say under take statin backed by the american college of the cardiology people with no signs of heart disease can still be at risk. danger in the toy box. some of the season's must have items that experts should not be wrapped up and put under
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. a magazine released its sexiest man alive, dwayne johnson taking home the honor calls the award quote awesome.
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a long time to be comfortable in his own skin i don't know why. a list toy makers you don't want to be on. >> how did you miss on that title? >> the consumer watchdog group watch has released its annual list of the 10 worse toys on the list toys that may be the most dangerous including a slingshot, inflatable suits kids can wear to crash into each weapons, parents need to be aware of the danger that a toy industry insists that these are safe. >> the united states is a global leader when et comes to toy safety efforts but certainly parents can be assured that toys no matter where they are manufactured need to compile a strict u.s. safety product requirement. for a complete list of the 10 worse toys go to our website
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>> maybe not for kids but for adults. throwing it back to the 'el 0s and 90's. going old school at fenway this summer. weather watchers checking in for the 40s and 50s we're tracking the areas of rain out there thanks to all our weather watchers for checking in and giving us your report, 52 degrees in lexington, that rain will ramp up through the rest of the day to
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. coming up learns about the life of whales them the project using drones and high school students made it happen that's today at 5:00. new kids on the block announced they are coming back to fenway. >> they are bringing friends along with them paula ab tall and boys to men will take the stage. this will be held saturday eighth tickets go on sale on saturday. rain comes through today the sun is back tomorrow. >> fantastic! be sure to join us today at
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[ laughter ] >> nick: uh, like, really? >> chelsea: that's pretty good. >> esther: ooh, it sounds like you two have been having a great time. >> chelsea: well, we just pulled off a harrowing escape, actually. >> nick: yeah, as we were leaving the ranch, we saw a horde of photographers on the road across from the guard house. >> esther: oh, those vultures. so how'd you get past them? >> chelsea: well, ni the headlights off and went to this back gate that led to a dirt road that only the local farmers know about. >> nick: we're just lucky it hasn't rained in awhile, otherwise we could have got stuck. but we made it to highway b, turned the lights on, and then cruised right past that esteemed grouping of members of the press. >> esther: [ chuckles ] well, i bet they just wanted to get a picture with this handsome little guy, right? oh, nick. what a miracle having your son with you again. >> nick: thanks. it really is. but right now we're here to celebrate, and hopefully with some cake.


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