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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 16, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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. live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz news at noon starts now with breaking news. . >> a car crashes into the side of a store, you can see the windows smashed, and authorities say 2 people inside the store had to be taken to the hospital but they are expected to be okay. driver. also breaking this noon, a woman fighting for her life after being hit crossing the street in roxbury. >> the scene is right outside of roxbury community college. we're live there with the latest. . >> reporter: the woman has not yet been identified. we don't know her exact condition right now, but we do know police were
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accident reconstruction on the scene of a serious crash trying to determine what transpired hours earlier, it was at the beginning of rush hour wednesday just before 6:30 a crash in roxbury. boston police blocking 2 lanes of traffic and directing the others. a woman was hit they say. her belongs strewn about and evidence next to them, a cane, the driver remained on the scene, the vehicle now with a cracked headlight and windshield. according to police the woman was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries as they try to determine how the crash happened. this investigation is ongoing. there's no word right now if the driver will face charges. a man is facing charges in a
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under the influence early tuesday morning when he hit 2 people, one of pedestrians was rushed to a boston hospital in critical condition, he posted bail and will be arraigned next week. a worcester school bus rear-ended this morning. pictures show a car right into the back of the bus. officials tell us there were no kids on the bus at the time. the crash is under investigation. new at noon the governor speaking out today about the state's role in the upcoming trump administration. meeting with other republican governors including advice president elect mike pence. we're live at the state house with more on baker's message. >> reporter: well, there were wide-ranging questions about how massachusetts would fair under a trump administration. the governor says he and other governors were assured by vice president elect mike pence that states would have a strong voice. the governor, of course
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republicans to say he wouldn't endorse him. he is watching who gets appointed. already expressing concern about media executive steve bannon in the inner circle but says we should take the lead from president obama's remarks earlier this week to keep an open mind. >> there's way too much prejudging going on here. and i think it's important for all of us to take a page from what the president had to say the other day, which is let's let's judge people on their work on what they say and how they pursue what they're up to. . >> reporter: now, asked if he said -- set a bad example for children by not voting for anyone for president the governor who early on endorsed chris christie said he didn't think so, and for the many questions that were put in front of voters. the phone lines went
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there's been an uptick in calls from massachusetts residents [audio difficulty] and sticking with politics the president elect is denying his transition team is in chaos. today he's meeting with top advisers at trump tower. the people closest to trump are helping him decide who will fill t >> reporter: president elect donald trump's children and members of his transition team returned to trump tower this morning to fill key cabinet positions and craft an agenda. steve manuyhin is said to be the frontrunner for economic secretary mr. trump challenged reports that his team is in disarray
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wrong on transition. it is going so smoothly. the tweet comes after vice president elect mike pence removed all lobbyist from the team. >> he's putting together his team it's never easy to do particularly when you're coming in not having been in government. so let's give him some space to do that. >> reporter: the president elect is also raising eyebrows after his team told the press he was in for the night instead trump went to dip other tuesday at a nearby restaurant. >> the white house correspondent dan responded to incident with saying reporters are allowed to cover the president elect and critical that they do their jobs. >> meantime several buildings in manhattan bearing the trump name took down the letters after tenants petitioned for the removal. president obama has wrapped up his trip to greeca and headed
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he spoke to the greek people about the election and transition of power. . >> and as you may have noticed the next american president, and and i could not be more different but american democracy is bigger than any one person. >> president obama's final foreign trip while in office. well, the rain from yesterday has moved out but the clouds are sticking around in some areas. a live look right now over the city of boston. tomorrow. >> that's right. let's check in with danielle niles. >> a little bit of a warm up. temperatures will be 55 to 60, we should be in the low 60s this time of year. you saw that shot of boston a lot of clouds around. this is the satellite. it shows you where they are. there have been holes, patches of blue sky out there. this trend is going to continue. it's just a slow kind of progress during the day today.
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52 in boston, 54 in lawrence, we've had some breaks of sunshine on cape cod. many of us running in the lower 50s and gain a couple more degrees between now and the end of the afternoon. also have some flooding that's ongoing right now morisey boulevard shut down again for coastal flooding. ed advisory is up until 2 p.m. because of the king tide. your planner goes this way, clearing comes in for the h temperatures cool back into the 40s tonight with mostly clear skies and then sunshine 57 for a high tomorrow. we'll take you through the weekend coming up in just a few. this noon the state supreme court has just wrapped hearing arguments on the future of thousands of criminal cases. >> and they may all be thrown out because of a state chemist
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that some cases included evidence other than drug tests results like video showing drug transactions guns and cell phone records therefore they say those roughly 24 house cases should not be blindly tossed out but rather reviewed individually. the former state chemist who admit to falsifying results of thousands of drug tests in criminal cases has already completed her 3-year prison sentence. today public defenders and the american civil liberties unio before massachusetts highest court for the mass dismissal of roughly 24,000 criminal cases in which she may have tampered with the results. they say the majority of those defendants have already serving their sentences. . they say it would be unfair to the defendants living with the consequences of their decision like difficulty finding a job or housing. . >> we're talking about
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now, short of blowing up the courthouse, it's hard to imagine a more direct threat to our justice system. . >> reporter: again, prosecutors arguing that each case should be reviewed individually. the sjc actually rejected a similar proposal for a mass dismissal of cases last year. new police are searching for a man who used a long gun to hold up a gas station. officers say the man robbed the gulf station around 9 last night. he got away with an undetermined amount of cash. and police are looking for a man, this man right here on scooter. verse say he broke into a mosque on sunday night and stole money and a suspect on a series of break ins. if you recognize him call police. turn to the patriots now the team is back to work in foxboro
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gillette stadium here getting ready for sunday's match up with the 49ers. they have not released any information about rob gronkowski. meanwhile san francisco is 1 and 8 on the season, but belichick is still expecting a tough battle on sunday. . >> i think they're getting better. you see them getting better every week the last 2 weeks. they've created a lot of explosive plays on offense and a lot of people are talking about the same thing last year when the games by 4 touchdowns and come in here with a poor record and come in here and hammered us. >> yesterday the pats had the day off and some used it to ban together and help an american patriot. army sergeant chris lost his leg serving in iraq and now the group homes for our troops is giving him and his family a fully accessible property for free. 8 patriots
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ready. >> kind of speechless to see an organization come out and help a veteran like that. >> it's a great opportunity to come out here and show my appreciation and give back. . >> the family will get the keys next month. coming up this noon a look at recovery, the new marathon bombing documentary survivors hope will help others deal. >> and commuter complaints when the for other alternatives. >> and tom brady talking about deflagate taking digs at the nfl and a brand new ad you've just
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at fallon health we realize that no matter where you are in life you can always be moving forward. why move forward alone when we can move forward together? fallon health. moving forward. together. breaking news police have just identified the suspect in a deadly shooting at the oklahoma city airport. authorities say lloyd boui shot another man yesterday at the airport. he used to work there as an employee of southwest airlines. police say the shooting was likely in retaliation for the circumstances that led to his resignation last year. he was found dead of a gunshot wound
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back here at home uber facing accusations of price gouging boston commuters in one case charging nearly 100 bucks for a 15-minute ride. >> prices skyrocketed last night when a small fire caused major delays on the red line. hundreds were left facing a long community that's when some went looking for an alternative way home and got quite the surprise. >> you can see the route and there wasn't really a delay to wait for a car which was united nations and your eyes go down the scree up and kind of shocked z. several others took to twitter to complain. in one case an uber trip went for $50. for its part uber says prices went up because demand increased. and troopers spotted a herd of cows along 93 yesterday. they broke through a farm fence and ended up along the highway.
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they were informed of the moo-over laws. >> that's why i love new hampshire right there because probably nobody was phased by the that little situation there. >> meanwhile if it was here -- >> don't move, cows, you're going to be good. >> got to love it. live free or die cows, live free or die. drying out today and we had a good soaking in some spots. now, the clouds are stub burn out there. i do anticipate a couple it may take right before sunset to get some of the breaks of sunshine to come out. at least the drizzle has ended for most of us. the tides are now past peek, high tide is literally coaling up right now so we'll be lowering for the rest of the week relatively mild and rain free for the rest of the week as well. saturday looks like my pick of the weekend. sunday will will be more clouds and likely the threat for a few more
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that's the overall pick of the weekend. it's been a really dry month of november obviously in the drought conditions. yesterday we had just under an inch of rain a few hundredths earlier this morning that helps out our total but still nearly 8-10ths of an inch below average in terms of the rainfall just for the month of november alone. now, satellite picture shows us the clouds, where's the clearing coming into connecticut there have been breaks here clouds for now. you look back to the west and there's nothing else going on. a couple of showers in pennsylvania and back through new york, we don't have to worry about those. so what we'll see over the next 24 hours is continued clearing, and a brighter day for our thursday. temperature 52 in boston right now, most of us low to mid-50s, a lot of mild air across the country. 70 in little rock. 77 in dallas. so some mild air pushing througl part of the country
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eventually we will get into a bit of a pattern shift to colder air but it doesn't come in until the start next week. so the rest of the day today features the clearing it comes in this evening an overnight tonight. we drop back into the upper 30s to 40s tomorrow. sun and clouds looks like a beautiful fall day overall. friday it's interesting we've got a couple of different things going on we've got a big ocean storm but it will stay out over the ocean. we may get clouds to up towards the april and islands friday. there's also a front coming into the midwest, look at snow on the northwest side of it. we don't have to worry about that. we're kind of wedged in between with high pressure in control and sunshine to end the week on friday and temperatures that will be up around 60 degrees. so mainly clear tonight 38 to 42 in the suburbs. kids at the bus stop top sunshine, low 50s by recess and mid to upper 50s tomorrow afternoon by the
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case really all across new england. the northwest breeze not all that strong will be about 8 to 16 miles per hour, keep in mind we should be in the low 50s this time of year. so we'll take it 55 to near 60 for highs tomorrow. 7-day forecast 50s at the coast on friday, again that gusty wind on the cape, clouds increase on saturday and the showers are turning cooler on sunday, highs in the 40s for the start of next week and it looks like we'll stay cool through thanksgiving week. last night hundreds in boston for the premiere of a new hbo documentary about the marathon bombing. it focuses on 3 survivors and their families. >> they were intimately tracked. they say they hope the show -- shows all the recovery the ups and down. one also lost her legs in the bombing and her daughter was badly hurt. they say this is a
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aftermath. >> i think that this -- they did a really good job of showing what terrorism is like and how life goes on after it and really raw and powerful that way. >> the film also features brothers j.p. and paul who both lost a leg. it will debut on monday. coming up finding the best bargain. >> we take a closer look at the stores where you'll get the biggest bang for your money this black friday. >> and here's a look at what's
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. thanksgiving is just a week and a day away. who's the holiday shopping season. >> today we're getting a look at what stores have the biggest bargains. more than 8,000 deals were looked at and found that macy's has the biggest overall. they'll slash 63% off original pricing. other local retailers included j.c.penney at third
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>> if you can deal with the kroutsdz you definitely save a lot of money for sure. we're just 3 days away from the lighting of the christmas tree. the blue man group, boston ballet some of the entertainment as boston mayor flips the switch. so join us for the holiday spectacular this saturday night november 19th on wbz beginning at 8. coming up the quarterback's new commercial and his dig at the nfl. several weather watchers checking in generally running in the 50s for the most part right now. there have been clouds and some peeks of sunshine trying to come out. bob checking in with 52 degrees, he said had some breaks in the sun overcast again and yes, some beneficial rain yesterday.
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afternoon and it will be a brighter day tomorrow. thanks to all our weather watchers for
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at fallon health we realize that no matter where you are in life you can always be moving forward. why move forward alone when we can move forward together?
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. coming up 90 years young and no caffeine jolt needed to get him to work. meet the big boss at a local coffee company making sure every cup is perfect that's
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some laughs over deflagate. >> he appears in a commercial where 2 guys wonder how sales have gotten better each ear. >> why can't some things just be great? >> just a question. >> starts with questions and then turns into vacations why would you punish the greatness for something that never even happened? >> so much good. >> tom, just tell it like it is, buddy. >> he's pretty good. >> really good. so the rain out of here obviously from yesterday, we'll see some late day breaks of sunshine come out tomorrow, a much brighter day overall, friday looks good start of the weekend and then downhill on sunday. >> our next newscast is today at 5.
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>> nikki: well, very soon, you are going to have almost your entire family under one roof. how pleased does that make you? >> victor: i'm very happy about you know, people keep on saying that all i'm concerned about is making money. well, i make money and i run my business to be able to afford all of this, to have all my family under one roof here. >> nikki: i know you do. >> victor: yeah, i just wish that victoria would let us do something for her, as well. >> nikki: well, she didn't want it that way. she said the whole day should be about the children.


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