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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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breaking news, a critical new clue in a murder mystery. could it lead to a killer? serious injuries after cars collided end up in a fire station parking lot. why a cy young the wind -- cy young win makes a supermodel nervous. a bb table. life for a young girl in desperate need of a liver transplant. we believe -- we begin tonight with the mystery surrounding a local jobber's murder. they are looking for a dark colored suv. >> witnesses saudia cee vee parked near the spot where
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this was in on -- dark suv, and uncharacteristically vague description. >> reporter: one would imagine that investigators released this in the hopes of sparking some memory or reigniting interest in this case. on the quiet streets of princeton, a plea for justice remains. and then it went quiet. department now than three months after the murder of vanessa marcotte, investigators are on the hunt for a dark- colored suv seen by witnesses around the time of her murder parked on brook station road near where her body was found. state police also are reminding the public the suspect is a man who may have had scratches or injuries in the days after the blue mitchell -- after the
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>> the google executive in town from new york city visiting family went out for a mid-day walk in august and did not return. sources say she tried to fight off her killer. her body was found naked and burned. investigators set up a tip line and thousands of tips poured in. since the neighbors say the town has quieted down but things are still far >> i have a 15-year-old daughter so i worry about her. >> knowing this hasn't been solved yet is very sad. i think it's awful. there is nothing for the family to take from this. >> reporter: local police department are also being asked to be vigilant and careful when they approach men driving dark colored suv's that could be in connection with this case. live in princeton, louisa moeller wbz news. >> a special hotline has been set up, 508-453-7589. the information is also on our
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new at 11:00, i man is clinging to life after a crash in a notoriously dangerous boss in her section. nick giovanni is live back at that scene tonight. there has been a lot of accidents there. >> reporter: to the point where d.o.t. refers to this intersection as a high crash location. we saw why today. shattered glass littering the streets. dorchester. >>the cars are coming across. >> reporter: the latest case involved a three vehicles, one parked outside of the austin fire station -- of a boston fire station. >> there were a couple of accidents over the summer, one after the other. >> reporter: we saw a series of near misses right here where the streets merge.
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their left turn signals. there is no stop sign so they are left guessing as to whether or not they can go. one man in his 60s now fights to his life, taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. neighbors are fighting for a stoplight to replace some of the stop signs at this intersection. >>hopefully someone will look at putting in a light or doing something. >> reporter: i will tell you, as we were focusing on a sexual intersection, my photojournalist noticed to the side there is no stop sign at all coming onto this main road, just a stop line. we are not sure if that was taken down during the accident or not. the cause of the crash is still under investigation this evening. we are live in dorchester, nick
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they win -- a win for the red sox in the off-season. where live with a close vote. lapras mark richt purcell is the first red sox pitcher to win a cy young award in 16 years and he wanted by a hair and without receiving the most of the first-place votes. justin verlander receith but he picked up so many of the second-place votes that it helped him edging out justin verlander. be finished in the top five innings, era and games. after winning the award, some -- he tells us how he turned things around coming up in sports. leave it or not that award set off an x-rated tweet storm
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in the world. she took to twitter saying, hey major league baseball i thought i was the only person allowed to blank justin verlander perk -- justin verlander. more than 200 people sent a message of love and respect in response to racist letters that referenced donald trump's presidential when. this is being investigated as a hate crime. hillary clinton's first appearance after losing to donald trump. she expressed how divided the country is right now. >> she's scheduled this speech before the election hoping to deliver it as president-elect. she decided to give the speech anywhere -- anyway. >> or have been a few times this past week when all i wanted to do was just to curl up with a good book or our dogs and never leave the house again. >> reporter: hillary clinton
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loss in the presidential race but telling the children's defense fund to keep fighting for kids. >> i urge you, please, don't give up on the values we share. reported that clinton began her career at this organization that works to protect children. >> the divisions laid bare by this election run deep. please listen when i say this. america is worth it. our chdr believe in our country, fight for our values and never ever give up. >> we discussed the transition. >> in the meantime donald trump is repairing his transition team and fighting back against allegations that his team is in turmoil. >>you don't form a federal government overnight. these are serious issues. >> reporter: there are some reports of infighting for the
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mike pence however says this takes time. >>no one is ready on day one. >> anti-trump protests continue today, several students calling on their deans to protect undocumented students from possible deportation. robert kraft spent about 30 minutes of the manhattan building today but it's unclear if he met with donald trump. they have been friends for years. who shot and killed a black man during a traffic stop is now facing manslaughter charges. this happened in july. the girlfriend live-streamed the aftermath. there's a new clue as to what may have caused the deadly commuter train crash in new jersey. lawyer from -- for the engineer says he suffered from diagnosed
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hoboken and killed one person and injured many others. people hoping to catch in on the powerball jackpot tonight, a computer glitch in worcester county made it impossible for some to place their bets. they are working with a lottery to get the machines back online now. police are hoping this new releas robbed a gas station in newton. >> [ indiscernible - low volume ] [ background noise ] hurry up! >> it's hard to hear but he actually said please while aiming the rifle at the clerk. this happened at the newton center gas station last night. if you recognize the person or his voice, police say give them a call. 19 agers are facing charges after elise found a drinking
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police are thanking the quick thinking neighbor foreseeing what was going on in calling police right away. a family's prayers for their little girl were answered tonight thanks to a wbc viewer. the baby girl from sterling is a rare disease and she needs a new liver. >> katie brace introduces us to the woman who is donating part of hers to save little gabriella. >> reporter: in just a few weeks the baby will receive that life- saving transplant here at children's hospital. massachusetts was desperately searching for a donor and it turns out they didn't need to look kelso fire. -- to look too far. she had this pink dress even before the baby was born. wbz first introduced you to gabion september. within days of her birth doctors discovered she has a rare liver disease called
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indiscernible ] this story touched hundreds of people. >> they had to shut down the website because they got so many people who want to apply to be her daughter. i got over 1000 messages on facebook. >>this was one of them. >>if my only hope with someone outside of my family coming forward and taking this chance for us, there's no question i had to do it. she applied and we think it's promising. >>marybeth lives in the same time they belong to the same online moms group. her older daughter is named gabby too. if those weren't signs enough -- >> gabby is very particular about to she goes to enter marybeth held her and she was fine. >> they will take 25% of married that's liver and then it will grow back in a years
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picture maka couldn't depict a better person honestly to give me baby apiece of her -- a piece of her. >> reporter: this will be transplanted here into gabby. >> that's a fantastic story. they look like sisters. they look like family. >> we thought this because this they will certainly feel like it. that's a great story. deal that will take your breath away. one little boy makes a decision that saves his baby brother. a little-known alternative that's half the cost of the expressive -- expensive epipen. ? (laughs..) here it is.
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faster than a speeding bullet, he is super brother. watch as a one-year-old falls off a driving -- falling off a changing table and his nine- year-old brother dives in and captures -- catches him. the family is releasing this because they want a reminder for people that th second can be dangerous. epipen has been making headlines all year. >> what to many families don't know is there is an alternative that costs hundreds of dollars less. dr. mallika marshall explains why some doctors aren't proscribing it -- prescribing it.
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and in the classroom and in his sports bag. >> reporter: appraisers have to shell out hundreds of dollars a year for all of these. for people however, there is a cheaper alternative. >> i was surprised i didn't hear about it because i think i'm pretty astute about what's going on. >> reporter: the epinephrine autoinjector has been on the market since 2015 -- 2013 with prices as much as $400 cheaper than the epipen. this doctor says this generic is just as safe and effective as the epipen brand. wine -- why aren't most doctors prescribing it? >> it's like kleenex. we don't say tissues. when i think about epinephrine i think of epipen. >> they have done it an
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advertising their product. >> there are also many that don't realize the pharmacist can't substitute it. >>they are not considered exactly the same even though it's the same medication. the physician should write for the generic epinephrine injector. if they write the prescription for the epipen, that's what will be distributed. >>or has one but this has more. the dock or thought it was important he stick with the device he knows and that's why he didn't offer the generic. as he gets older, they like the idea of cheaper alternatives. >>if it works just as effectively and if we can be confident he can use it, i would be on board. >>epipen is expected -- the
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is -- but it is still hundred dollars more than the generic. >> a homeowner suspect did this big cat was roaming around is your. he caught the bobcat on camera and the pictures are excellent. >> the way you said thing though, i almost thought it was his name. bingo the bobcat. [ laughter ] >> about plants trying to but. i noticed that the dogwood in my yard has big lead on it >> that's a good visual and we have an awesome picture of the moon tonight. we almost expect et to go right by. >>that's creepy. you need to get on your bike with a basket on it. it's not quite a full moon but still rather beautiful out there for sure. it's been a wild and mild november. it's the warmest fall on record so far.
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a rainfall yesterday but we still have a deficit. we have been talking about the droughts. people have questions about if we are still in the drought. you're going to hear about this for months on end because it such a long-term drought. >> every year was drier than average except for 2014 by a hair. that's a 27.6 inch deficit of rain. that's a lawn of -- has a lot of rain. the reservoir out average for the first time in 13 years. the temperatures are slowly cooling down but so is the operative term. there's a lot of warm air in the country. it still over 70 and dallas, texas this evening. some of the milder is going to move in our direction as will be clear skies. the clouds will be dissipating tonight, a little bit of cloudiness mixed in with a somebody brighter day than what
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the upper 30s in the lower 40s him eight cool start for the day tomorrow morning. we will see the mix of sunshine, a nice november day with cumulus clouds. we are looking at 50s at lunchtime, staying in the 50s in the afternoon with a northwesterly breeze at 5 to 15. sunset is 4:20 tomorrow night. high temps are ranging from 52 to 50 get a grassy area, a little on the mild side for this time of year. then we've got a great day on the way for friday as well as saturday. one thing we are going to watch is this ocean storm which has yt and the sky cover. on friday it looks like we will state ainley sunny. if any of those clouds -- we will be staying sunny. if any of those clouds back in, they will be in the cape cod area. some increasing late day clouds and even drizzle is possible toward the coast as we head to saturday evening but it is the pick of the weekend.
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wind and maybe even flurries in the afternoon. as for the tree lighting saturday night, temperatures will be in the 40s, clouds increasing and a chance for a little bit of spotty drizzle. then winter is starting to show up across the upper midwest. the colder air will be moving in across new england on sunday. you will feel it. here is your accu weather seven day, 40s on sunday with flurries, low 40s on monday 40s on tuesday as well. that you get you in the holiday spirit for thanksgiving week. >> we can start the fire. we have breaking news and revere, a commuter train has crashed into a car on the tracks. passengers on the train are evacuating and there are significant delays in the rock port line. we don't know of any injuries right now associate with his crash but we will have the latest on this breaking story tomorrow morning on wbz news at 4: 30. the critical played that electrified the fans tonight at
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pager martinis was the last
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-- pedro martinez was the last one to win this cy young award in 2000. justin verlander received 14 first place votes but porcello had 18 second-place votes which were enough to have more votes. this was quite a turnaround from his fit close to 5. he said he is used to pitching in boston. >> the pressure i've put on myself and there is pressure playing in a city like this. this was something i almost couldn't get out of my own way. that off-season i was able to regroup mentally and refocus and take things away i wanted to and take them slowly and start
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get back to doing the basics. it worked. [ laughter ] >> working out before the game, missing his eighth straight contest due to a concussion. isaiah thomas put on a show. the game is now tied at 76. watch this. he pokes this to thomas who goes back for the finish. that was good. a little over 1 minute to go. tomasson comes up with a steel. he comes back the other way and then the pass is great. how sweet is that x our 30 points, 22 -- how sweet is that?
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foxboro, they will be playing against the 1-8 49ers. [ name indiscernible ] got crushed after a hit on sunday. tom brady also took some big hits. these guys showed a lot of heart . this didn't go unnoticed by their teammates. over to you guys. this is a wild ride why a hawk got kicked out by a local
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let's hear it for police officer who came to the rescue of an injured hawk. >> the hawk was trying to get out a mouse when it hurt its head. e its head. e dr. to the toss wildlife center where that's are taking care -- veterinarians are taking care of him. he will be released back is that how we drove it? [ laughter ] that is what you would call distracted driving. [ laughter ] >> or great concentration.
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friday and saturday. >> i love it. thank you for watching. >> good night. captioning sponsored by cbs >> hey, stephen. >> stephen: yeah, paul, what's up? >> did you see this? carrey fisher admitted to having an affair with harrison ford while filming "star wars." >> stephen: yeah, i did hear that. and, look, man, i've g >> what is it, stephen? >> stephen: i never told anybody this, but when i was younger, i briefly had an affair with doyke notes. trust me, that thing he's holding. it ain't a flute. ( laughter ) >> when did this happen? >> stephen: i was working


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