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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 24, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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you can see thick smoke poured through the roof. firefighters got the blaze under control quickly but the damage was already done. wbz's jim smith shows us that the family's two cats are still missing. >> devastated, shocked. >> reporter: a bittersweet thanksgiving for paula defelice, weeping for the loss of the house that her parents called home but thankful they are both alive. >> all that went through my mind is that my family's safe and they're safe. we may have lost one of our animals, but my mother and father are safe. >> reporter: her father said that the fire seemed to be caused by an electrical problem. >> i heard a crackling sound and looked at an outlet in the bedroom that was sparking and clothes on the clothes rack, and the clothes had begun to
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the fire extinguisher. thought i put it out. >> reporter: unfortunately, the flames were too much and took over the home that the fire department said was over 100 years old. >> the home was under renovation and allowed for significant fire to spread through the unfished portions, and the home will likely be a total loss. >> reporter: on thanksgiving day, this family is burned out of their home in new hampshire, and now, they must figure out what the woman living here was treated at the hospital for smoke inhalation and one of the cats of found. >> to have a fire on thanksgiving, around the holidays, it was that much more devastating. >> reporter: jim smith, wbz news. an incredible show of
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plymouth. nearly 1000 people gathered to commemorate a national dave mourning. many native americans see thanksgiving as an assault on their culture. they devoted the march to those protesting the pipeline in north dakota. there president-elect trump will tap a billionaire investor for commerce secretary. he is known for buying beaten- down companies with the potential to deliver profits. he said he is working hard to keep carrier ac company to stay in the u.s. in february, the indiana-based company announced it was moving production to
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it. on the healthwatch, new transplant patients have a lot to be thankful for. they took a risk, accepting organs that were not quite perfect and dr. mallika marshall tells us that the risk could help others in the future. >> reporter: not long ago, irms helped rick couldn't do this, take her grandson for a walk, on dialysis for kidney failure. >> it reminds me of zombies walking toward you coming out of dialysis. i am not kidding. >> reporter: there was no guarantee she would receive a new kidney. lastsummer, she volunteered to receive one infected with hepatitis c. centers typically ban those organs because it could cause liver failure. >> we are giving them to have an opportunity to have a
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they didn't have. that's the trade off. >> reporter: every year in the u.s., only about 17% of people waiting for kidneys receive them. >> there is a whole pool of kidneys that we kept looking over like we had blinders. >> reporter: irma's blood showed no evidence of hep c and she remained a lot of her energy. >> my at like 8%. i am extremely grateful. >> reporter: a significant percentage of those tested are infected. but this new treatment would allow for more of them to be used. dr.mallika marshall, wbz news.
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online shopping, and how stores charge different prices for the same items and it depends on where you live. no major travel issues out there which is good news, and thank you for the weather watchers sending the reports including brian saying a light coating falls on the grass and the deck. plus, you need something to talk about around the dinner table? we are re-airing our outlook and what can expect
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on the money watch, there's a secret you should know before you start your online shopping. kate merrill explains where you live could affect the price you
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amy davila plans to do her shopping on line. >> going to the store with three kids is a nightmare. so on line is the only thing i do, ever. >> reporter: but what this mauldin mom doesn't know is the price she sees isn't the price everyone else sees. we did an experiment with producers across the country, each looking up of the same item at the same time. >> everybody deserves the right price or the same price. >> reporter: we priced this 7- foot christmas tree on home in dallas, $399. but in boston and in minneapolis, the price was $438. the type of device you use can make a difference. we looked up a night at an orlando hotel in travelocity. the price on a laptop, $132 but 1. $119 on a smart phone. >> a lot of people believe that
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illegal and that's not true. >> reporter: a survey was done in 2014 testing 16 online retailers and travel sites and fiewnd found on nine of the sites, there were different results. when you log on to a website, companies can see your search history, your clicks, the type of computer you use and the location where you are logged on from, all used to personalize a price. >> i would not be surprised that all the companies are this holiday. >> reporter: what can do you to get the best deal? always check the prices on both desktop and mobile phone and you can try and hide by using a virtual private network. some you can download for free. some are about $20 a year. >> my sister lives in
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the holiday budget go further. kate merrill, wbz news. we heard the dangers of e- cigarettes, and tonight, we are seeing them. a witness said it looked like a plan had fireworks in his
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wild video out of new york for you. a man was severely burned when his electronic cigarette exploded. he was working in a smoke shop and talking to co-worker when is spark and fire erupted in his pants pocket.
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transportation banned e- cigarettes from being stored in checked baggage. the coast guard to the rescue in clearwater, florida. three people were trapped on a sinking phish fishing vessel. all three are expected to be okay. here is an odd sight in japan, snow in november. this is the first time tokyo has seen snow this year in more than half a century. last winter, we got a break. eric, what is it like this year? that's the $1 million question. last year was the second warmest on record and the beer year -- year before that, a ton of snow. and we looked at the tea he was
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"seinfeld" twist. the live, realtime data sent from the cbs mobile weather lab. i'm eric fisher. what do you think? >> i don't think we'll get off as easy as last year. >> no. it's not lining up like the last couple years. >> so this winter, some winters, you have a good, strong feeling. not this year. >> we're shifting into a la nina meaning a below average snowfall and slightly above average temperatures for new england but it kind of opens the door for cold air coming
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tier with moisture, make a couple of storms. >> we are not looking at anything record breaking. >> a christmas eve that's not 70 degrees. >> so this year, a weak la nina that we seem to have. we tend to have a storm track that comes across the northern tier storm track. >> clippers. >> we haven't had a classic new england winter. we haven't had that in a while. >> it won't be all enough storms. we'll have a variety of density snow. >> what's the water content? >> yeah. so sloppy snow would be a good thing this year. >> it's the hardest part of the
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maybe? >> i'm thinking like north and west of boston since it's a classic new england winter and we'll get more, close to 60, 70"? >> that sounds about right and it is cape and island, they have had big winters. >> this year, we'll go slightly below everyone else. >> around 30 or so. >> let's put snowflakes up in northern new england. >> come on, barry. a snow lover. >> northern storm track potential. you have to with more than last year. >> closer to a more typical winter. probably not the end of the world winter two years ago or the one we had last year. >> what do you think? >> cheers. >> cheers. >> maybe to the as funny as seinfeld but we are expecting temperatures close to average
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above-average snowfall. we'll have more moving through tonight. from the pike southward, no wintery precipitation expected but light snow and a few ice pellets may mix in. one batch is swinging through light snow and will stay mainly snow across vermont and new hampshire. all we are expecting are coatings. at most, 1" on the grass. 32 in pittsfield. a trip out towards the icy. worcester at 36 and we have pocket where -- pockets where we could see freezing temps, northern worcester, southwestern new hampshire and down in the berkshires, light and spotty, so not a big problem. just be cautious on the roads. these are the expected overnight lows, readings coldest north and west and metro west to the north shore,
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freezing. no icy issues expected then. fur going out and doing the camping and getting ready for shopping tomorrow or out and about on friday, overcast skies, maybe a glimpse of sun but a dreary day and a few showers and areas of drizzle. it will never be pouring rain. temps in the upper 30s to low 40s and midday, drizzle and couple light showers, and in the evening, still a chance of a shower or two. rainfalls tomorrow, a university of an inch at the most. this weekend, a storm tries to develop to the east and looks like it's taking most of the rain east, and a slight chance of showers on saturday. a mix of sun and clouds and colder air for sunday.
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snow is in maine where we could see half a foot across interior maine on sunday. for us, a slight chance of showers and flurries and breezy and chilly on sunday, and highs near 44 for the second half of the weekend. a preview of next week, monday, dry and chilly and tuesday, an interesting setup, might be just enough cold air around here. we could have a wintery mix, ice and snow with the rainfall. that will be a tricky day next ek up the eastern seaboard and bring us our best chance of decent rainfall in a while. we need 2.5" just to get us even for the month of november. we have not made any of progress on the drought. tuesday, chilly but warming up with the rain on wednesday and thursday. katie, over to you. >>thank you so much, eric. let's talk about the lottery. no winners last night.
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because it doesn't mean you didn't win anything. the next drawing is saturday night. the estimated jackpot is up to $403 million. straight ahead, an award- winning artist showcasing boston's beauty. a closer look at his latest creation and the local lawmaker he said gave him his first big break. and tonight at 6:00, a deadly runway crash, and the unthinkable move that another driver made drop. holiday shopping kicks into high gear. before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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from office spaces to city streets to one of the biggest landmarks in our area, artwork by a former tomorrow in and designer for the navy starting to show up in boston. adam o day's work has hung in the u.s. capitol, and it seems that he is now having his day here. >> it's like, man, this is really the best view. it's like all different architecture. >> reporter: what adam o 'day love boss boston is the beam wh live here. >> they have boston pride to
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native game here 15 years ago and credit his big break to mayor marty walsh. >> one of the first things he did in office was to have a gift for opposing politicians and dig -- dignitaries. i just entered a picture of like the mass pike and landmarks and that pretty much sums it up. >> reporter: just like his participating beat out dozens of others and the communities kept coming. murals next to fenway bark and more than 100 art shows and galleries from province town to cam bridge. >> and it opened tons of doors, perhaps this. >> reporter: his impressive
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finishes is a modern day cathedral, finished with one brush and plenty of yellow and green to represent the bruins and the celtics. >> people always ask me, what is it like to be a boston artist or someone working in boston and i feel like it's the same for me, for you, anybody. apart from working extra hard and by doing something, you know, that's truly your own. it's so small to make your way here. it's not like new york with endless possibilities. it's a tiny nucleus. it's a grind, for sure. but i love it operate operate o 'day finished another mural in south boston saying he wants to conquer the outside of the garden with a big bruins' bear next. you can learn more on we have much more still
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now. now at 6:00, dramatic details in a deadly wrong-way crash. what one driver saw and how he tried to stop the crash from happening and let the shopping begin. some stores are open as black friday shoppers rush to get the perfect gift for the price and remembering a fallen state trooper at today's thanksgiving day game. we begin with the shopping frenzy. just hours after the big turkey meal, thousands of people are already hitting the stores. let's get out to chantee lans
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katie, not everyone has had their meal. people have been lining up since outside at 5:00 p.m. yesterday. their motivation may vary but determination is all the same. excited shoppers fill best buy to continue a new nationwide tradition that replaces thanksgiving with black friday. how do you get here? >> drive and park your butt in a chair. >> reporter: hundreds waited in line to wednesday. >> i have been in stores where i couldn't get a tv and i would say, not even being like 50th in line. >> reporter: these two have been first in line for several years. neither of you had thanksgiving dinner? >> no. >> no. >> reporter: you're okay with that? >> i'm okay with that, yes. >> we'll go home and be taken
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and patience is key. although determined, motivations vairy. >> this year, laptops. >> reporter: this woman traveled from cape cod to toys r us for her 11-year-old son. >> he is autistic, and he knows what he -- it's hard. >> reporter: why -- why is it hitting you like that right now? >> it's just -- he for much. >> reporter: back at best buy, it was a successful early black friday shopping day for many. did you get all the things you wanted? >> we did. a 50" tv, 4k. >> awesome. >> reporter: and although the doors just opened, there is still plenty of time to shop here at best buy. they close their doors today at 1:00 a.m.


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