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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 25, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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live from the channel 4 studios in baas boston this is wbz news at noon. >> those clouds aren't going anywhere. but the dreary weather isn't stopping bargain hunters on this black friday. >> sho metro area. but will the weekend be a washout? here's your forecast. >> it looks like mainly a drizzly, dreary afternoon but no icy roads anywhere. that's good news. certainly no sunshine either. we're looking at the temperatures which is sort of split. west of the i-95 corridor it's barely up to 40 most spots.
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those temperatures may inch up a little bit more. we've got a little bit of mist and light rain. a little bit of that drizzle around the region. it's not going to be any heavy rain anywhere this afternoon. it's not going to be a washout this weekend. over south eastern massachusetts there's a chance of rain coming up tomorrow. then it gets windier on sunday and the sun should make more of an appearance at that time. more on the weekend weather coming up in just >> thank you. the holiday hustle and bustle is on. shoppers flocking to stores across massachusetts today looking for the best bargain. >> reporter: according to the national retail federation about 137 million people across the u.s. plan on shopping this weekend. which is an increase from last year. here at the south shore plaza there has been a steady stream
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opened at midnight. the reason they say is simple. the deals cannot be beat. the holiday season is in full swing at the south shore plaza. as black friday shoppers scoop up deal after deal. >> we got great deals on electronics and toys. >> the doors opened at midnight and in flooded a sea of people ready to shop all night. >> it was a sea of humanity, it was packed. >> they've been braving it for 30 years. the tradition started with her mother. and now they're passing it on to their kids. >> family, i don't know tradition. just to make it feel special. my daughter is here. >> according to cbs news online sales for black friday are expected to top $3 billion for the first time ever. but shoppers we talked to here at the south shore plaza say they like coming to the mall to spend time with their families. >> it encourages our family time. this is the only time we shop
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last. >> some of it is the deals are better this year. the weather, we got a little snow in the air early. it always gets people into the mood. >> what are this year's hottest items. >> the stores like apple and anything electronic is going to be popular. >> but after pulling an all nighter at the she may have snagged the smartest sale of all. >> i just got 1100 count cotton sheets for money. i am thrilled. >> the south shore plaza will be open until 10:00 tonight. the general manager recommends checking out the sales online first coming up with a game plan and wearing comfortable shoes. >> a deadly black friday shooting in new jersey to tell you about. one man was killed in a parking lot. his brother was also hurt in that shooting. police say it happened around 1:00 this morning. they have not said what led up
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led to a deadly shooting there. officers say the argument broke out around 6:00 thanksgiving night. both people involved had guns. a 33-year-old man was shot and killed. >> a man is being held without bail charged with mowing down three police officers. he made his appearance in court about an hour ago. >> his family was there in force saying he couldn't have done this. here's the latest. >> reporter: the defense attorney says this mistaken identity. he says that 34-year-old vincent weaks was at home with his girlfriend at 1:00 a.m. when this crime happened when those two officers were hit and the other two were dragged. he appeared before a judge moments ago. i want to get you video from inside the courtroom. he's charged with assault and
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all of this stemming from an incident wednesday morning when they say he was behind the wheel of a car matching the description of a man with a gun in dorchester. police say when they approached that video and asked the driver to get out he sped off and allegedly injured the officers. he's known to police, in fact he has three open cases in this court alone and is on probation for all of them. he has eight defaults on his record, still his mother says turning his life around. let's listen. >> he done turned his life around. he was doing good. >> and bail was set at $75,000 for weaks. he's due back in court next month. >> a man is being held on $5,000 cash bail after a crash
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cruiser. he's facing oui chargers. he's accused of rear ending the state police cruiser night. this happened just before exit 11b in milton. that trooper suffered neck and back injuries but was treated at the hospital and released. >> police identifying the man killed in a wrong way crash wednesday night. police say keating was driving the wrong way when he crashed killing himself and injuring a car. >> i didn't want somebody's thanksgiving ruined. flashing lights so on coming traffic would see the lights and react before something like that happens. >> police are trying to figure out how and why he got on the highway going wrong way. the other driver has serious injuries. >> we're hearing a 911 call from a woman trapped inside a fire at a manchester building. >> i was in the bedroom. i heard a loud sound in the
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the alarms in the building went off. i went to go check the living room and i saw all the smoke. >> firefighters rushed to rescue the couple trapped in their home on elm street. sprinklers helped to stop the fire from spreading. a developing story, five men are under arrest for plotting a terror attack in france. the group was planning to strike as early as next week. according to prosecutors they were acting on orders from the islamic state based in iraq and syria. >> a california mom missing for three weeks has been found alive. she was discovered yesterday on the side of a highway. she was able to flag down a passing driver. she vanished three weeks ago while on a run. police are looking for two armed women driving a dark suv.
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chapter in the investigation. >> police say there is sensitive information that they're not able to reveal about the investigation just yet. >> the mother of two has been reunited with her family. >> the mother of the brady bunch has died. the tv legend passed away last night at a los angeles hospital. >> here's more on who became carol brady is being remembered. >> florence henderson was best known as america's mom. >> the washing machine has gone crazy. >> the stepmother, and nearly flawless matriarch of the brady bunch. that role was the crowning jewel of a more than 60-year career.
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>> rules are very important bobby, they're made to protect people. >> she said the character may have been too perfect. >> a lot of women say to me i really hated you. because my kids wanted you to be their mother. >> the show was among the first to introduce the audience to a blended family. though it ended in 1974 reruns and reboots kept the bradys and henderson in the spotlight for multiple generations. >> ire family. >> ten kids right? >> ten. >> born in dale indiana in 1934 they were reminiscent of the one she led on television. her affinity for performance brought her to the american academy of performing arts in new york city and then to broadway. ? [ music ] ? ? . >> there she started multiple
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florence henderson. >> what is the one thing that's the most different about you from carol brady? >> that's a very good question. first of all i've always worked. i've always had a job. >> but regardless of what that job was. to most of america florence henderson will always be mom. >> suspected of killing nine people at a south carolina church will stand trial. today a judge ruled 22-year-old dylan roof is competent. he's facing hate crimes in the deadly attack at a charleston church. nine people were killed. prosecutors say roof targeted his victims based on religion and race. he is facing the death penalty. >> trouble in the trump transition. the president elect's team is fighting over who should be
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list. but kellyann conway seems to be questioning his loyalty. >> coming up on wbz news at noon a family left pleading for answers in the murder of their loved one. now going to the next step to try to find her killer. and how they're asking the local community to help. >> and putting pot on hold, the new discussion at the statehouse that could business. >> also ahead arriving in styles with some bargains thanks to the
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a local family making a last ditch effort to crack a nearly 40-year-old cold case. a woman left a party in december
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again. she was found murdered in a ditch and her killer has never been found. now her family is hoping a new dna test could reveal a clue in that case. but to get that they need to exhume her body. >> we're being told the one last thing you can do is to exhume her to see if there could be any trace, dna evidence under her nails, something from a suspect. that's the one thing now that my family has focussed on. >> the so tonight her family will hold a fundraiser at the bellingsports club and they hope to celebrate how she lived. >> researchers at harvard have solved the mystery over the great molasses disaster. entire buildings were flattened when a storage tank ruptured in the north end. the loss of life was so great
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was so warmed and when it made contact with air it thickened making it difficult to rescue people. >> the boston globe reporting lawmakers are discussing delaying the opening of pot shops until may 2018. they're looking at pushing back the start date for when people can legally grow marijuana at their homes. it would still be illegal to possess the drug in this state. >> anybody heading afternoon plans, the shoppers, want to have the umbrella on hand? >> maybe just a coat with a hook. >> it's going to be slightly damp. not any heavy rain out there like you see right now. it's a dreary looking day. gloomy. clouds trying to show some bright spots in the overcast. but for the most part it's a misty afternoon for us. that's what we're dealing with. and we're looking at a month so
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thanks to these blue squares it's been a chilly week compared to last week where we had red squares and a mild week. we'll probably have a mix of red and blue squares next week. with all the below average temperatures we have had o, some snow events, and making snow at some of the resorts. many came online the day after thanksgiving. it is limited not all the terrain is open. and none of the glades. but a lot of areas open for this time of the year for your skiing pleasure for this weekend. check with your favorite resort. boston at 46 and the dew point almost matches that. the humidity is almost up to 100% relatively speaking. and northerly wind is very, very light. it won't be much wind all afternoon. how will the temperature change in boston?
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it. then levelling off, then slowly falling off late tonight. some periodic rain and mist still in the forecast and ending overnight tonight. off to the north and west it's the coolest in the upper 30s for the most part. then you get down into coastal massachusetts then you jump into the 40s. then from boston down to providence southeast of that flirting with 50 december tinned to go up a degree or two. t how much milder across the rest of the nation? 81 in orlando. contrast that to about 38 in minneapolis. pretty average temperatures for this time of year. and not much weather across the nation. a system on the west coast producing some rain but not a vicious storm by any means. we have weak low pressure centers in the east here. one offshore and one here keeping it rather moist for now. but eventually there will be a change so let's follow this
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afternoon. periods of mist and a little bit of rain. staying rather cloudy tonight. most of the rain will be over just a touch of mist possible. >> tomorrow there's another area of rain developing south. looks like it will come up over south eastern massachusetts. it may back up into the i-95 corridor. so that storm moves away and gives down eastai but not down here. and temperatures in the 30s for the north and west tonight. the around 41 in boston. highs tomorrow in the middle 40s for the most part so some good traveling weather going back to your destinations across the country. doesn't look like any significant for a while. and we'll have more and more sunshine breaking through sunday. but monday is the sunniest day. but don't get used to it because it rains later tuesday and
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that's it but we're not shovelling this one. >> ditching the sled, santa arriving if style. no snow, no sleigh, he came up on a boat. santa has a special treat for families starting today. they're giving away free photos with st. nick. >> each family that visits santa will get a free 4x6 photo of that image. that runs from today through first picture with santa. >> coming up at noon thanksgiving part two. >> it's the day of turkey sandwiches. are those left overs really safe? the surprising answer from experts next. >> and here's a look at our
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a warning for you if you're about to reheat some of last night's thanksgiving lastovers well experts say don't reheat rice or potatoes because bacteria rapidly grows in it when it gets to room temperature. food like stuffing should be tossed out. and when heating things up use
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cooks things more evenly. and toss everything out after 3 or 4 days. >> it's a thanksgiving to remember for an arizona grandmother after a texting mix up. >> we told you about the story last week. a woman thought she was texting her grandson but it wound up being a total stranger. they decided to share the holiday together anyway. >> she welcomed me to her house. that shows me how great of a person she is. i'm thankful for people like that. >> they say be grateful for this year, including each other. >> pretty cool. lifelong friends now. coming up prince harry at work. >> going to a tropical beach to lend a hand to sea turtles. >> it's a dismal afternoon out there no question. it's quite a bit colder to the north and west. temperatures out there mostly in the 30s near 40 degrees. let's check out one of them. joe out in clinton says only
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there. mid-40s in boston. near 50 on cape cod. not much change third-degree afternoon but how about the weekend? the forecast just a few minutes
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prince harry having some fun. >> he's on a two-week tour of the caribbean. this week he took to lover's beach to release sea turtles. harry worked with a conservation group to lend a hand. and the baby turtles back into the wild. >> just like barry burbank. he does that all the time. >> it's but it's out now there you go. not that there's anything wrong with a that. we've got 40s across the board here. stuck in place here. and not a lot of sunshine, a bit more breaks out on sunday. monday will be the sunny day. so just kind of a damp, dreary sort of afternoon. but no worries, no icy catches around this afternoon or anything like that. >> thanks barry. >> be sure to join us for our next newscast today at 5:00. we'll see you monday morning,
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>> dylan: we believe adam newman, the prisoner, is being aided and abetted by his wife, chelsea. [ camera shutter clicks ] we now have a lead on the car she and her son used to flee genoa city. it's a gray sedan, wisconsin plate tah 7m2, last seen headed west on market street presumably headed out of the city limits. now, if u if you have any information on its whereabouts, please contact the gcpd tip line -- the number's on the screen -- or our website. though the passengers aren't considered dangerous, it is urgent that they are found safely. >> chelsea: no. you are not turning yourself in. our new life, our new plans -- >> adam: compared to connor's health, none of that matters, babe. he needs to see a doctor. >> chelsea: okay, adam, you just need to just take a second and think about this. >> adam: his fever's not going away.


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