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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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it's a new day in columbia... and with our eyes open, our spirits awakened, we stand together, united and strong, for our... mizzou! there are over 480,000 college athletes,
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no autographs. no private jets. no fan clubs. no hall of fame inductions. instead, they will walk away with something much more valuable. >> adam: coming up on "the post game show" rick, b.j. and i will tell you about the conference races being determined today. ? and if you want to be free, be free ? ? 'cause there's a million things to be ? ? you know that there are ? ? and if you want to be me, be me ? ? and if you want to be you, be you ?
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>> cbs sports presents "the jeep post game show." >> welcome to the jeep post game show. i'm adam zucker. tonight on "frosty the snowman" >> adam: tonight, only cbs. in the game you just saw missouri beat arkansas 28-24. joined by rick neuheisel and brian jones. how about the tigers in the second half. >> brian: how about the defense for the tigers. the defensive coordinator has to be pleased. gave up 120 on the ground in the first half, only 35 in the second half and gave up austin angle a sack. >> rick: bret bielema has to go
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they've got to get physical. this is a defense that gave up nearly 400 yards on the ground last week to tennessee. arkansas was trying to throw the ball too much. it's going on cost them >> adam: missouri gets to lift that 180-pound battle line trophy. the apple cup. winner takes the pac-12 north. >> brian: they got off to a great start. jake browning finds john rolfe at the back of the the >> adam: first time since 2001 both teams are ranked for this meeting. spoilers, rick. ioplaying spoiler on nebraska. >> rick: hawkeye fans going "wamight have been." 75-yard jaunt by wadley gets them off to a great start. they're taking care of the cornhuskers which means wisconsin will represent the big ten for the west in the championship game in indianapolis. >> adam: if the cornhuskers can't come back. nebraska had won the last three
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strong. the big win over michigan. another spoiler. north carolina needing this win. >> brian: fourth and 20. i don't think rick neuheisel has a play called for fourth and 20. bug howard just barely outside his reach. >> adam: n.c. state gets the win. that means virginia tech is the coastal division champ in the a.c.c. they'll face clemson. n.c. state goes to a bowl. they had lost five of sings coming in. to the trying to win the west against toledo. >> rick: trying to get the bid. see if they can keep alive in the new year's six bid. >> adam: broncos defense doing the job on the high-powered toledo team. logan woodside 41 touchdowns on the year. boise state trying to stay alive for the mountain division. they can't figure out air force.
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bret baldwin recovered by tyler weaver. nothing like special teams getting in the act. >> adam: going to the fourth quarter now on cbs sports network. boise state needs the win and needs wyoming to lose to mexico new mexico to take the mountain division. we'll tell you the on tom
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nly requires a few minutes of your time. now, you can securely share your financial information with the push of a button, giving you an accurate and custom mortgage solution without missing a beat. [drum line sfx: rocket] quicken loans. proud supporter of college athletics. [sfx: rocket (whisper)] >> adam: welcome back to "the jeep post game show." over on cbs sports network it's boise state and air force right now, fourth quarter, followed by a basketball double header, starting with number seven virginia and iowa. back to the scoreboards. sometimes you have to move back just to move forward. is this it for charlie strong at texas, b.j.?
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watch this poor angle. what are you waiting on, go get it, no, kenny hill, second score of the day, t.c.u. up 17-9. >> adam: all the boosters with the money and the noise. his players love him but they're trailing t.c.u. at home, 17-9. and the man that so many thought would go to texas now linked to the l.s.u. opening, tom herman and het >> rick: trying to complete the job at houston. memphis had other plans. 19 seconds left, you can see a big celebration for the tigers and is this the last game in the tom herman era? >> adam: at houston at least. big numbers in the game but that's the kind of game that we've seen charlie strong lose before as well. the question where does tom herman end up? a lot of reports link him to the
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group of five destination, herman is going to go somewhere. the question is, is it l.s.u.? if texas is open will heind endup there? >> brian: it's good to be wanted and he's sitting had a good seat, power teams like l.s.u. and texas in the hunt, if i'm texas, forget that you are texas, get this arrogance out of your mind. you're not texas. charlie strong to gut the program. he had no talent to speak of. he recruits years and you are getting your heads radial every now and then but they're not being drubbed like a season ago, they have been close in ault games this season. >> rick: if it's true that jimbo fisher has turned down the l.s.u. offer then tom herman if in fact this ends up as it will, you will have ultimate leverage between l.s.u. and attempts >> brian: i think they should keep charlie strong at texas. let him finish the job. >> adam: ed orfwe ron according to reports had a meeting with
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post game show." here is a look at what's coming up tonight on cbs. a reminder. tomorrow it is "the home depot s.e.c. on cbs." the iron bowl. number 13 auburn. number one blchlt coverage begins at 2:30 eastern -- number one alabama. >> adam: for all of us, have a great evening. we'll i tomorrow. dltd
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hey julie, i know today's critical, but i really... ...need a sick day. dads don't take sick days. dads take dayquil severe: the... ...non-drowsy, coughing, aching, fever, sore throat, stuffy... ...head, no sick days medicine. >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news at 6:00. >> violence break out during black friday shopping.
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turning holiday shopping into chaos. >> a team is grounded and running out of time. and a story of overcoming obstacles to follow your dreams. how one woman is helping people with disabilities, one sweet treat at a time. crowds of people getting up early, braving the wet weather to get their hands on that perfect gift. today was all bargains. stores dropping their prices on big ticket items. not everything going smoothly. in modesto, california, a group of people brutally attacked one another. fortunately, nothing like this here at home. jim smith is live. all peaceful there, jim? >> no problems here at the south shore plaza.
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likely state in the country to experience black friday violence. these shoppers are in a good mood and a lot of them have been at it all day long. >> people are upbeat, festive. >> we got great deals on electronics and toys. >> reporter: black friday in full swing at the south shore plaza. thousands of shoppers marathon. a day long quest for the best bargains. >> the prices can't be beat. you'll never find anything after black friday that compares. >> reporter: the plaza has been packed all day and into the night. >> we saw a brief lull for maybe two hours, but it's picked back up and we're busier than we were at 6 a.m.
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pack patience. finding a parking space can be a challenge. >> reporter: do you like this? >> i love this. this is great. >> reporter: you don't mind the crowds? >> my buddy almost hopped over a little kid. >> reporter: all of the chains are doing brisk business and if you get tired think of it as more than shopping. >> it's fun. i got to see a lot of people i haven't cote years. you see people running by. >> reporter: it's a social event. >> it's fun. >> reporter: busy, busy, busy, into the night. the south shore plaza is open until 10:00 tonight. they'll have extended hours throughout the holiday season. jim smith, wbz news. police say the man behind a violent robbery at a newton gas station has turned himself in.
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skinner armed with a rifle pointed at the cashier. a man accused of being drunk when he crashed into a state trooper's car appeared in court. he rear ended a cruiser on 93 south just before exit 11 b in milton. he a key member of the trump team was named today. k.t. mcfarland served as an official in the reagan white house. jill stein formally filed for a recount in wisconsin, making the deadline by a week and a half.
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give trump the presidency. they are giving hacking as the reason for the recount. the mother of the brady bunch, florence henderson, has died. she began her role when the brady bunch aired in 1969. and she took on roles on broadway. she spoke at recently. and she suffered from heart failure. the beloved actress was 82.
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tonight a young woman with down syndrome is too busy knocking down barriers to even acknowledge her own disability.
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and her dreams don't stop there. >> reporter: spend a few minutes in the kitchen with collette and you'll see her passion. >> i love to bake. >> reporter: her chocolate chipped cookies dipped in cinnamon. don't try to find out the recipe. >> it's friends and family kept telling her, this is a really good cookie, you could sell this cookie. >> it's hard to find a paying job. >> reporter: she decided to become her own boss and her cookie business took shape.
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>> she's never accepted that. >> reporter: her daughter has refused to acknowledge her disability. >> happy thanksgiving. give me a smooch. >> an attitude that's helped her land her first client in the neighborhood. the owner of the golden goose sells her cookies inside the market. >> we have to chase the employees away 'cause they want to eat th. first step for collette but she wants to sell them nationwide. >> you want to be a big company, don't you? >> that's my dream. >> reporter: not for the money or success but so she can hire people with disabilities. >> reporter: if there's a gift you can give a child, it's that kind of strength.
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another door that might be a greater path for her. >> and now it's done. >> reporter: ryan kath, wbz news. >> she is looking for a business partner to invest in her dream. and she has a website and she's taking orders. and the samples we had in the newsroom went fast. it was a but perfect for staying inside, watching football, or going shopping. visibility is reduced in many spots inland, under a quarter of a mile from bedford to worcester. in worcester county, it's almost zero visibility in some spots. no heavy, heavy rain at this point over boston. the drizzle is still around, and most of the heavy showers
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still light rain along the seacoast. getting a little bit of snowfall. additional showers will move in as we get into the overnight forecast and tomorrow morning. and temperatures will stay warm enough that we're tracking all rain. and not expecting slick conditions. a foggy cool -- overnight tonight the showers continue to be one of the stories. we'll have drizzle, mist, fog reducing visibility, even for saturday morning. waking up to another surge of moisture. and you may see a burst of sunshine here and there. and most of the showers around the eastern half of massachusetts and a few showers monday morning and that's moving out for sunday, and
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first half. highs tomorrow are very seasonal, mid- to upper 40s. here's the weekend planner for saturday. rain to the south and east. a chance for an isolated flurry. we have colder air in the atmosphere. if you're heading to the north, it's a good weekend for it. sunday, 36 and a chance for snow primarily in maine and new hampshire. temperatures in the 40s through next week rain tuesday to wednesday. patriots fans are worried about an injury. is this serious? >> you never know. patriots preparing for the jets. the two teams meeting in new jersey. the question indeed was would we see tom brady who missed
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he practiced friday but he's ruled as questionable with a knee injury. the 17-year veteran quarterback knows questions are raised when he misses back to back practices. >> i don't want to get into it much. it's just bumps and bruises like even else. >> i feel like football stored up. not that it's -- if you can't practice, you can't practice and you do the best you can do until you get out there. and when you get out there, you do the best you can do. not much to elaborate on. top of the hour coming up. we have patriots all access. we sit down with malcolm
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now segment. start your day with patriots game day. pats and jets kick off at 4:25. flip over to the post game show on my 2538. bruins host calgary tonight. highlights at 11:00. a sure sign that christmas is coming. santa ditched the sl charles. and starting today, the galleria is giving away free photos. every child will get a digital download and three prints. i think every person has a photo on santa's lap crying. going to be nice this
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if you're out and about. >> thank you for watching. see you tonight at 8:00. and right back here at 11:00. >> quijano: black friday sets a record. not at the stores but through mobile apps. >> any store that has an app, i use it. >> quijano: also tonight, will it be rudy or romney? the public squabble continues w secretary of state. up in flames-- arson arrests are made as wildfires rage across israel. a $1 fix could save lives in a car crash. our investigation has prompted congress to demand action. and-- >> look at all this space? >> quijano: steve hartman and the story of a woman's dream come to life. >> reporter: they call her mama shu, and they say she'll


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