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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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a woman struck by a car and unresponsive when she arrived at the hospital. >> reporter: i am hearing that terrifying ordeal on route 9. a cracked windshield, a shoe on the highway makes for a horrific scene as a 50-year-old woman was hit in framingham. >>it's like you don't want this to happen. >>sources tell wbz the woman
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westbound. >> we didn't really see anything after she was put into the ambulance. someone cares for her and worries for her. reports that she had injuries to her head. police had to shut down this section of route 9 as accident reconstruction crews investigated. >>[ muffled audio ] is a crosswalk, many residents live in this extremely busy and dangerous area. many people crossover to get to the stores on the other side. >> i would not think about doing this. >> i worry about people doing this. it's not the safest intersection . >> reporter: does this make you think twice? >> it does. eibel tried not to cross there anymore.
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police are still investigating the accident. live in framingham wbz news. >> a wbz exclusive tonight. [ overlapping speakers ] a dunkin' donuts worker was intentionally scalded after this woman through a hot cup of tea on her. fortunately, she will be okay. this happened november 14 at the dunkin' donuts. we have more on that story. looking for a woman who attacked another woman that was scalded with a cup of coffee just like this. she smiles in the surveillance video but the worker that was attacked by her has a different impression. jeanetta did not want her last name used works of the dunkin' donuts in roxbury. in the year and a half she has worked there, nothing prepared to for how she was treated two
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>>we have good people and bad people but i never expected this. >> it started with the woman customer order tea and some of the tea escaped the bag. >> she said she didn't want that . she wanted her money back. i tried to give her her money. she wanted drama. >> reporter: another employer -- employee ga hurled the cut at jeanette and hit her with the scalding hot tea. police subscribe -- describe her burns as substantial. officers need help with the identity of this woman. jeanette would rather never see her again. >> i would rather she leave me alone. >> reporter: the woman faces a serious charge of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. the dangerous weapon was the hot liquid. reporting live back in boston,
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students raised concerns about a bus driver's behavior behind the wheel before deadly crash. johnthony walker was driving too fast and went off the designated route and killed -- and crush the bus killing six students. a letter has been sent home -- a letter has been sent home has been vandalism at this school with flash because and other racist items. in reno, nevada, two drivers get into an argument over a walmart parking space and police say one man shot and killed the other. in memphis, three people were arrested it opened fire outside of the mall. one person is in critical condition there.
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deals to be found. wbz jim smith was at the mall. >> ? deck the halls with boughs of holly ? 'tis the season to be jolly ? >> reporter: a daylong quest for the best bargains right here. e after black friday that compares to what the prices are today. >> reporter: they showed up just after midnight but it didn't stop there. the plaza has been hacked all day and into the night. >> we saw a brief lull for two hours but we are now even busier now that we were at 6:00 a.m. >> reporter: there's a certain method to the madness. comfortable shoes helping you
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a challenge. do you like this? 3 i love this. this is great. >> reporter: you don't mind the crowd? >> the crowds a rough. my buddy actually hopped over this. >> reporter: all of the well- known large chains are doing a brisk business. if you get out here, think of it as more than just shopping. >> it's great. i've gotten to meet a t while. >> reporter: it's a social thing. >> yes, it is fun. >> reporter: it's very busy here at the south shore plaza. if you weren't able to get there, the plaza will have extended hours through out the holiday season. in braintree, jim smith wbz news. weasels letting those we have also seen lots of sales online. it's up more than 11% from last year, all of the black friday sales.
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chosen as the white house counsel for president-elect donald trump. t.j. mcfarland will beatty national security advisor. in the meantime jill stein, green party candidate has formally filed for recounts in wisconsin, and plans to also filed claims in pennsylvania and michigan. the wiscsi a chilly punch, friends and family came out to raise money for the ezra swarts -- ezra schwartz memorial fund. it was not all about remembering the horrors of last year. the focus is about changing lives in the future.
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sharon. to my dad had the idea of running into the lake. >> reporter: it took on a different meaning last week when ezra schwartz was killed in a palestinian attack last year. >> he went on a mission to help beautify a park and that is where the attack happened. this was a drive-by shooting, a terror attack. >> reporter: it was one week before thanksgiving. that friday would've been a small family tradition and turned into a memorial. this year they came again. >> we are back here again in memory of ezra schwartz. >> as well as -- his mother was here once again. >> he would laugh and scream and probably be dunked three times. [ laughter ] >> he would have loved it. he was a really great guy with
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if he could see this, he would be smiling. >>you would see all the smiles and hooting and yelling. that's the best thing to have fun in his memory. >> all of the money raised during the turkey dunk will go to the ezra schwartz memorial fund to help build a baseball field tournament, as well as -- ezra schwartz is favorite -- ezra schwartz's favorite sport. tom brady didn't practice yesterday or the day before but he was on the practice field today. he's questionable for sunday's
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the injury is related to the hit he took against the seahawks but he's not making a big deal out of it. >> bumps and bruises just like everybody else. everyone is doing something. it's this part -- it's that part of the year. >>rob gronkowski is still questionable for this week as well. [ name indiscernible ] has been ruled out with a foot problem to >> mike: >> you can join us 11:34 patriots game day. it now has a 4:25 kickoff for the game. the fifth quarter is on my tv 38 right after the game. carrying on a tradition in
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caught on camera, a wild scene inside of a restaurant. a robber holding a gun to a worker said in the worker fought back. than the rubber pistol whipped him and ran out the door. solved a cold case. the family of a teenage murder victim is hoping this will be the case. we are live in bellingham with this story. >> they are trying to raise enough money to exhume her body to pursue dna evidence but tonight was also about stirring up old memories in the hopes of
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with the band rocking, the family held a unique celebration, a raffle and silent auction combined with a plea for help, one last we for help to solve that murder. >> [ indiscernible - low volume ] >> reporter: the 19-year-old was sexually assaulted by a group of men after leaving a bar and then she was apparently seen hitchhiking but she never returned home to bellingham. her naked body was found in a ditch along 495 several days later. >>[ indiscernible - low volume ] >> reporter: now her body wants to exhume her body to search for dna evidence. they claim the district attorney will not pay for it.
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>> especially if teresa's remains were well preserved, there's a chance we could get dna from her fingernails or elsewhere on her body. >> reporter: this could open up a floodgate of memories for young girl with a once bright future >> [ background noise ] we are not alone anym >> the das office released a statement saying they continue to investigate this murder and take any and all steps they believe will advance this case. we are live in bellingham, the louisa moeller, wbz news. massachusetts governor charlie baker is calling this green friday, urging people to buy their christmas trees be five years, joe brady operated
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across park street last year to get to his lot when he was kicked -- he was hit and killed. this year his family opened up a lot of their own to keep his legacy alive. >>he is now watching from over there -- up there work joe loved this. --. joe loved this. >> the new lot is at scenarios roofing -- are you going to get your tree the weekend after thanksgiving? >> we are not because we are doing a real tree this year. >> it wouldn't last that long. >> last year our tree lasted way longer than we thought. >> go get it. >> i might as well.
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it feels like this season, christmas time, i can't believe it. thanksgiving has passed and now black friday today. we have another chance for rain or drizzle, more areas of fog tonight into the first half of the weekend. this is a good thing because we are very low on rainfall. the deficit is 11 inches below where we should be here in boston. the dry conditions have not gotten better. they haven't gotten any worse compared to last week. the drought monitor does update every thursday. we will keep you updated on that. we had extreme it although it's not widespread for tomorrow. the second half of the weekend is looking drier. for sun lovers, you will have a little bit of everything in this weekend's fun -- forecast. a live look at the doppler radar shows some showers still, cape cod, the islands, no real big rainmakers until tomorrow. there will be a center of low
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11:00, and even into tomorrow morning, you will notice drizzle crossing felt these are massachusetts and bringing us possibly -- southeastern massachusetts and possibly bringing us some rain. some cooler rainfall could allow for some snow flurries as well but sunday will be drier and we will see more sunshine for weekend. we are looking at 1/4 mile or less in some areas. the fog could be an issue for the early hours of the morning tomorrow. temperatures are in the 30s and 40s, warm enough that we are not concerned for anything to freeze on the roads. the temperatures will stay right around 39 degrees with some drizzle and fog in late rain chances primarily in south eastern massachusetts.-
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the high temperatures will be in the 40s. sunday is looking like a better one for this weekend. it will be a brisk breeze picking up. see lovers -- sea lovers, we have nice weather but affable snow in some snow in some of the higher elevations. we could have one to 3 inches of accumulation in some areas. there was a doubleheader at the garden today. you will probably need a hug
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will come back everybody. we had something else to be thankful for on this
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practice field today. >>at metlife stadium on sunday, they will be meeting up with the jets. everyone has been concerned about tom brady. he's listed with any injury. it was great to see him participating in practice although he is questionable for sunday. remember he missed the first month of the season and that didn't slow him down. >>i've got a lot of football stored up. if you can't practice, then you can practice. you do the best you can do until you get out there. if i get my shot on sunday, i will do it. >> just do the best you can do. gronkowski is also questionable. game day will start at 11:30 in the game kickoff will be 4:25. post game show will be on my tv 38.
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celtics doubleheader. they hosted the tough sown in tenniel -- san antonio spurs today. the former [ indiscernible ] goalie gets caught out of position. jurich gets tied at 1. -- here it gets tied at 1. this is goalie interference. he wasn't too happy about at out him going 1 on 2. the bruins were at least playing with a lot of emotion unlike last month -- last night. they finally get one through. david does it again. that was his 12th of the season. that ties it at 1. the kids were happy. only 70 seconds later, the cheers go to frowns.
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have last -- lost 4 out of the last 5. playing me second home game of the season for [ name indiscernible ], a 14. -- 14 point leads. san antonio came back. here was three. smack -- points. team-high 24 points and they were down 3 with 1 minute to go. [ indiscernible ] the celtics lose 1-103 putting an end -- 109-103 putting an end to their winning streak. >> [ indiscernible - low volume ] >> every possession counts.
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they play well together at this , as 18. it's almost watching -- like watching a machine play. >> this team will make you pay for it when you make mistakes. >> we made mistakes in the spurs capitalized on them. that's what it was. >>this was tough. [ indiscernible - low volume ] we need to get better. college hoops, in on a three-game winning streak. easel -- the eagles lose it, they dropped 3-2 on the season. >> that was the best you could do. at least tom brady was playing today. and accidental invitation to a family thanksgiving and it was accepted. the teenager that's at the center of this viral story says
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strangers all because of a mistake in text. the grandmother accidentally texted the teenager thinking the phone number belonged to a family member. sheet -- he texted her back saying she had the wrong number but could he still come for dinner. she said, that's what grandmothers are for. she made good on that promise. jamaal didn't miss his family thanksgiving. he went to both. he didn't think that -- he thought that two servings of
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he says there are more nice people out in the world any previously thought. up next an update on the
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road.
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and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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it sounds like this weekend is going to be 50-50. >> the first half will be gloomy and drizzly. we will have some showers, which is what we are experiencing right now. we will have fog reducing visibility in the morning hours before sunrise. keep that in mind if you are out and about early tomorrow. by sunday we will have better weather ahead, 45 degrees and a chance for a flurry in the wind picks up on the northwest. it's okay. at least we will see some sun and then more sunshine for monday. >> [ overlapping speakers ] [ laughter ]
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>> yes, i will be okay. >>she wasn't going to answer. captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: elijah, hey man! good to have you on the show finally! >> stephen. it's really great to be here... again. >> stephen: again? you were her before? >> yep. >> stephen: are you sure? >> i mean yeah, there's video to prove it. >> stephen: i mean, i get a lot of guests coming through here. >> what? you don't remember? it was only a few months ago. >> stephen: mmm-- >> you know, i mean, after the show, you stopped by to tell me how great it was to have me on the show. >> stephen: doesn't sound like me. >> well, i don't think i want to say what that says about a host who can't remember his guests. >> stephen: well, i would like to say, that i say, i would love for you to say what is says, because i think it says


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