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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  November 27, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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right now at 5:00 breaking news overnight. one driver suffers life-threatening injuries in crash. a woman found dead inside her apartment with three young children still alive. there is a winning power ball ticket. we'll tell you what state is sh of the biggest jackpots on record. >>live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news this morning. good morning. it is sunday, november 27th. thank you so much for joining us. i'm nicole jacobs. as we close out the long thanksgiving day weekend, we turn to meteorologist pamela gardner with what we have in store today. >>good morning to you. in the
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will be fantastic with more sunshine. starting off with temperatures in the 30s under a partly cloudy skies in boston, 37 degrees through lawrence. worcester 33, and 36 oppose for friends in taunton -- 36- degrees in taunton. breezy conditions. high of 46 degreeses this evening falling back to 42. we have a few as high pressure settles in, we'll clear out later this afternoon. rain chances will move in. we also have milder temperatures on the way. when we'll see highs back in the 50s in our 7-day forecast. we're following breaking news this morning out of boston. state police on the scene tell us one person involved in a two-car crash received
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morrisy boulevard on repeat it start to this morning. -- street this morning -- this morning. we'll keep you updated. a woman was found dead inside an apartment and three children were also found inside alive. this morning wbz sean phalen's has the latest -- shante lynns has the latest. >>i'm hoping it's not trauma. >> reporter: boston police apartment complex. 3:30 saturday afternoon they received a call from a neighbor. when they arrived they found a woman dead. three young children all under age 4 were also inside. >>it's unfortunate. the children have been taken to the hospital, and we're just waiting to examine the body. it's a death investigation. >> reporter: police say the
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on her. right now detectives don't suspect foul play. >>it's a tragedy, but i'm hoping it's more of a sudden death, but we don't know that right now until we investigate further. >> reporter: the idea of the woman has not yet been released. outside of boston police headquarters, wbz this morning. police in braintree need help finding a missing 17-year-old girl. officers say ivy coolis disappeared friday. police say she is mentally disabled and diabetic without her medication. if you've seen her, call braintree police. a child is in the hospital after a crash in carver. the accident happened on carver around 3:30 saturday.
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brockton bar. a driver slammed video a man, tossed -- slammed into a man and tossed him into the air. >> reporter: if you look closely you can see some spray painted markers, a grim reminder of what happened early friday morning. it was past closing time and a man was walking you have to bar with some friends. when he got -- you can see a car in the video. we are not showing what happened next because it's graphic. an instant later he was hit and thrown into the air. the car kept going and left the scene of the you can see people trying to help, and those who were with him appear stunned. the owner of the bar gave police the video. >>they have the video. we were were forthright with that.
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them. we hope this guy can make it. it was a bad impact. >> reporter: the man was taken to a local hospital and transferred to boston where necessary bad shape. saturday night police towed a vehicle, the vehicle they believe may have been involved. the victim is described as a brockton man around 25 who also has family living out of the country. those relatives are said to be on their way to the u.s. >>this is a main thorough , and -- that is main street and people don't abide by the speed limits here. >> reporter: the owner of the bar says the traffic situation is so treacherous his security staff will act as crossing guards helping people cross the street during nighttime hours of operation. at last report police tell us the condition of the victim is extremely critical. in brockton, jim smith, wbz this morning. police in dartmouth are
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this man is accused of beating a customer with a gun and then taking off with his money. it happened inside the store on state road last night. if you recognize this armed robber, call dartmouth police. right in time for holiday shopping a $403 million lotto ticket was sold. chances of winning, tv 12 is -- t.d. 12 is missing practice this week, but early reports say it looks like he'll be good to go for today's game. the pats are on the road against the jets. drove has more. >>good morning, everyone. -- dan roche has more. >>all signs pointing to brady being ready for this afternoon's
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brady returned to practice friday after missing wednesday and thursday with an undisclosed knee injury. he said he was happy to be back at practice but did not say much else. should he suit up for this afternoon's game, he'll be vying for career win 200 which would tie with peyton manning for all time. >>i love winning games. that's why we i've just been a part of so many great teams and played with great coaches. nobody can win a football game by themself. you need to the of help from a lot of people. everyone's got a very important job. you never know when your number's going to be called. you've got to count on the guy next to you. >>and more possible good news, rob gronkowski may suit up.
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that matthew slater and cyrus jones have been ruled out for the game. i'm dan roche, wbz sports. plenty more news, weather, and sports straight ahead on wbz this morning. a long night of celebration for many in miami last night following the news of fidel castro. we'll have more from the people who are celebrating in the united states and those mourning his death in cuba. if cyber monday we'll tell you why where you live could effect how
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. celebrations in miami's little havana saturday following the death of a dictator. former cuban leader fidel castro died friday night. people around the world are reacting to his death. he led a successful communist revolution in 1959 and railed against the united states for decades. don champion reports. >> reporter: huge crowds celebrated well into the night
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word of fidel cass tree death spread. this woman's family fled to america when she was 11. >>this is a meaningful day that he is dead. >> reporter: there are mixed emotions in the crowd. some people say he kept their family's oppressed for decades and they have waited for this day for a long time. >>he's not going with god. >> reporter: castro ruled cuba nearly health forced him to hand over power to his brother raul in 2006. he imprisoned critics and committed human rights abuses. joe hey huau who fled cuba recognized his power. in cuba elian gonzalez, who was at the center of an international
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remembering castro. on state-run tv he said castro became like a father figure to him. students unfurled a huge flag in his honor in this university. don campian -- champion cbs news, miami. for many the news was welcomed. the owner of the havana restaurant left cuba in the 1950s and came to boston. he says the dictator's death brings new hope. >>what a relief. people suffered a lot from him. he divide families. a lot of time died -- a lot of people died on
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cuba. >>more than 11,000 cuban americans live in massachusetts. cuba is scheduling a week of events to mark castro's death, and we'll have continuing coverage both on air and online at we want to turn to the weekend many people just spent shopping. >>and today many people have been traveling from their thanksgiving destinations. what's >>easier travel weather. finally the mist, fog, dreary conditions long gone. as high pressure settles in, woo he will have lots of sunshine this -- we'll have lots of sunshine this afternoon. we're still experience something snowshoers in the higher elevations, as low pressure sits over that location. the rest of the day it will be dry and sunny, and just a tad on the cool side.
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hour from time to time. we have a sustained wind from the northwest at 25 miles per hour. temperature 37, real-feel, 28 degrees. we're 35 degrees in manchester, 37 in lawrence, 36 degrees as you head out in falmouth, and the wind gusts between 25 and 26 miles per hour for had spots. this is primarily -- in some spots. this is cape clouds expected, otherwise, we're mostly sunny and 46 degrees for the high. beautiful day and very seasonal for this time of the year. 45 for bed food, a high of 46 in plymouth, 45 degrees in p town. low temperatures around the freezing mark here in boston but in the upper 20s for some. a bit of a frosty start tomorrow
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hour-by-hour forecast notice we're mostly clear and wind picking up from the northwest. mostly sunny for overnight tonight mostly clear. no weather worries tomorrow. looking dry with the next system moving in in the form of clouds for tuesday morning, but then a big area of low pressure will move through the great lakes and ohio valley for rain tuesday into early wednesday. this is in the warm of a -- this is in the form of a warm front. we'll get some much-needed rain. maybe about half an inch of accumulation for the rainfall totals there. monday forecast highs, again very comparable to what we'll experience this afternoon, low to mid 40s across the board and plenty of sunshine even to the south and east on the cape and islands.
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monday. temperatures stay mild monday, 44 tuesday, 52 with the scattered rain off and on wednesday. i think more dry spots than rainy spots, 53 degrees and then a better chance for widespread rain thursday, and a high of 55. >>thank you so much. planning on doing some online shopping during cyber monday? wbz's kate merrill explains where you live could effect the e kids, amy deavala plans to do all her shopping online. >>i don't have time, so online is the only thing i do ever. >> reporter: what this mom doesn't networks the price she sees isn't always what everyone else sees. we did an experience with producers at our station
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same, but we found -- the same item at the same time. we found the price of this was $399 but here in boston, the price was $438. the type of device you use can also make a difference. we looked up a knight at an orlando hotel on travelocity. the price on a laptop was $132, but it was just 119 on a smart phone. out of our group, two quoted 119. >>a lot of people believe price discrimination is illegal and that's not true. >> reporter: this professor did a survey testing 16 online retailers on travel sites and found on nine sites customers saw different results. wilson says when you log onto a website, companies can see your search history, the type of computer you use, even the location where you're logged on
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>>i would not be surprised if companies are experimenting with strategies this holiday season. >> reporter: what can you do to get the best deal? always check the prices on both your desktop and your phone. you can also try to hide who and where you are by using a virtual private network. some are free, some can cost $20 a year. >> california, so maybe they'll have better rates out there. >> reporter: anything to make the holiday budget go a little further. kate merrill, wbz news. a hungry bear visiting a new hampshire neighborhood looking for a snack. the close encounter one man had coming up. president-elect donald trump speaking out about the election recount by jill stein, his thoughts and the candidate who's joining the recount as well.
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. new photos of a close encounter with a bear in new hampshire. a homeowner posted these pictures on facebook. bruce preston says he had just taken in his bird feeders when security cameras captured this black bear standing in the very same spot. perhaps he was not too pleads with the removal of his snack. preston is no stranger to bears. he says he makes noise every time he goes out into his yard just what does a pony and a salvation army kettle bell have to do with each other? coming up how the two teamed up to raise money for a good cause.
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. an unusual sight at a salvation army red kettle spot. tinker, the bell-ringing horse and his side kick tallulah are drawing crowds in wisconsin raising money for the red kettle campaign. still to come this morning,
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right now vandalism at a harvard high school. the patriots on the road headed to new jersey to take on the jets. we'll tell you who's in and who's out for today's game. and a weather pattern change. finally tracking some sunny days in the forecast. live from the channel 4
5:30 am
news this morning. good morning, everybody. it is sunday, november 27th. thank you so much for joining us. i'm nicole jacobs. as you head home from your thanksgiving festivities, we turn now to the weather with pamela gardner. >>we have some easy travel out there. high pressure will be in control the next couple of days. we've had clouds, drizzle, foggy conditions and even some er you're on the cape. there you may see some clouds and drizzle. temperatures starting off in the 30s for most. boston 37 degrees, but there is a breeze from the northwest making it feel like 28 degrees in boston. bundle up as you head out this morning. later today you'll want sunglasses. and the clouds that are there will evenlyally disburse.
5:31 am
and the ski country. otherwise, we're dry and sunny. 46 degrees for the high and a little bit of a northwest breeze. more sunshine on the way monday. tracking a warm-up for midweek and also more rain chances. i'll have the timing in a bit. we're following breaking news this morning out of boston. state police on the scene tell us one person involved in a two-car crash received life-threatening injuries on morrisy boulevard around 1 this mornin driver involved in the crash was injured and taken to the hospital. we'll keep you updated on the story as more information becomes available. the time now is 5:31. we're checking top stories. police have not released the name of a woman found dead inside a mattapan apartment where children were also found inside alive. all three of the kids in this bismarck street home are under the age of 4 and are
5:32 am
police haven't said if the dead woman was their mother. at this point police say it appears the woman was not the victim of a crime, although her death is still under investigation. police have towed a vehicle that may have been involved in a hit-and-run in brockton. it happened early friday morning as the man was leaving the spot bar and lounge with friends. this video given to police shows the impact, but we are not going to show it because it is very graphic. the man was thwn witnesses say the car never stopped. funeral services will be held sunday december 4th for cuban leader fidel castro. here in massachusetts congressman jim mcgovern says now is the time to remove all restrictions between the united states and cuba. president-elect donald trump says castro's death is an opportunity for cuba to shed toe
5:33 am
-- totalitarian rule. police are searching for a person who spray painted this campus. >> reporter: brum field high school students in harvard are letting their voices be heard through the stroke of a brush. on saturday the students led by the senior class came together to take positive. >>this was put on there yesterday. that isn't us. this is us. >> reporter: on thanksgiving night under the cover of darkness, someone defaced the school rock with vulgar and racist images. the vandalism devastated not just the school but the entire community. >>getting the rocked defaced was insane. >>we had tried to paint the rock in a way that was promoting peace and positivivity, and i
5:34 am
negative and hateful. >>this hurt everybody. this didn't just hurt a few people. >> reporter: on saturday students faculty and parents rallied together to repaint the rock. >>seeing people of all ages from the underclass men to kids from other schools to parents and administration, it's amazing to see everybody here. >>what we're doing this afternoon is who we are. >> reporter: now that eave removed the negative message with a fresh coat of students will come up with a more positive message, one that the entire town harvard stands for and believes. >>it's important that we come together and show people this is a community of love and hope and not about hate. >>these students have been hurt. their community has been hurt by it, and they are not going to just watch. they're going to stand up and make their voices heard. >> reporter: a class, a school,
5:35 am
wbz news. a 9-year-old connecticut boy with autism who went missing in texas has been found dead. marcus mcgee went missing thanksgiving day. the boy is the nephew of former university of massachusetts basketball star marcus handby. police say he was found in a lake behind his home. co results in wisconsin is being supported by hillary clinton. >> reporter: hillary clinton's campaign team announced saturday it will participate in a recount of the presidential election results in wisconsin. jill stein is calling for recounts in several states that helped donald trump win the white house. her party has raised almost $6 million and filed paperwork friday for a recount in wisconsin. >>we do not take money from
5:36 am
pacs. this comes from the american public. >> reporter: clinton's campaign attorney posted a blog saying now that a recount has been initiated in wisconsin, we intend to participate in order to ensure the process proceeds in a manner fair to all sides. if jill stein follows through as she has promised and pursues recounts we will take the same position in those states as well. the president-elect called saying "this is a scam in an election that has been receded, and the results should have been respected instead of being challenged." clinton's team said it has not found any evidence of tampering with election technology. now that the recount is happening, the campaign wants to ensure it's legally represented in the process.
5:37 am
who's out for today's patriot game. still to come in sports, dan roche breaks it down for us with what to expect against the jets today. and we have beautiful weather in store for you for this second half of the weekend and the end of a long holiday weekend. lots of sunshine, temperatures boosting into the mid 40s, but a little bit of a breeze. how long the sunshine sticks around coming up, but first we have some weather trivia for you. when atlantic hurricane season come to an end? the first day of fall, the first day of winter, november 1st or november 30th?
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. good morning, everyone. as the patriots get set to meet the jets this afternoon here's what we know. s been ruled out while two super stars traveled with the team and could be a go. tom brady missed two practices this week but returned friday. he was listed as questionable with a knee injury, but it would be a surprise if he doesn't play. meanwhile rob gronkowski could also take the field while missing last week's game. 7 of the past 8 meetings between these teams have been decided by a touchdown or less, so the
5:41 am
meeting lightly. >>they've got a good defense, had a good defense a long time. they always are in the game right there, and they find a way to create turnovers. they're a real good football team. >>they certainly are. meanwhile running back dion lewis will be playing after tearing his acl last november. last week against the 49ers he had five rushes for 23 yards and three balls for an additional 26. he sat down with steve burton and said he feels as good as new. >>i'm still doing the same moves di last year. it's just timing them down and the speed, probability biggest thing right now. at the beginning of the game it was fast and it started slowing, usually that's how t the more plays you get the -- that's how it is. the more plays you get the more it slows
5:42 am
patriots game day at 11:30. the game also right here on wbz. don't forget our 5th quarter post game show right after the game on my tv 38. bc needing a win taking on wake forest. late in the first quarter, wilson takes a hand off, eagles up 10-0 at the half. the eagles have 14 unanswered the 3rd quarter. then the eagles back on top 17-14. final minutes, same score, a chance to tie it up, but the field goal attempt no good. the eagles would also intercept a pass in the final seconds to secure the victory, 17-14 the final. the eagles close out the regular season 6 and 6 which means theory bowl eligible. bc hoops in action last
5:43 am
consolation game. bc had its last lead of the game with just over 14 minutes to go. the spiders 10-0 and 24-6 in that half to pull away and then 67-64. and division 1 play-offs, congrats to unh. the wildcats win 46-21. the bruins back in action this afoo bay at the garden. i'm dan roche wbz sports. last winter mother nature gave us a break. the year before that, of course, we will never forgot that epic snowfall, record breaking. so will this year record breaking? >>i think it's going to be different. the whole weather team decided to go for a ride to hash out our predictions at a local coffee shop.
5:44 am
suburban hooked with a satellite dish that allows us to be live from anywhere in the country. i'm meteorologist eric fisher. this is meteorologist and mobile weather labs getting coffee. >>what do you think, jill? we've got leafless trees showing up. the e-mails are starting to come in. >> reporter: i don't think we're going to get off as easy as we did last year. >> reporter: no. >> reporter: it's not li >> reporter: this winter, i mean, some winters it's clear. you kind of have a good strong gut feeling, and this is not one of those winters. >> reporter: i feel like last year it was clear-cut. we had a strong el ni?o where's this year we don't. although it kind of opens the door to cold care coming out of canada, the
5:45 am
couple of big storms, maybe a morive pattern. we're not looking at anything record breaking but maybe a shift back toward more typical winters. >> reporter: a christmas eve that's not 70 degrees. >> reporter: this year with the weak la nina that we seem to have, we tend to have a storm track coming across the great lakes. >> reporter: more clippers. >> reporter: i think the main take-away is kind of classic new england winter. we haven't had that in a while. >> reporter: we're not going to have all fluff storms like two years ago. we're going to have a variety of different type storms. >> reporter: that's also important when it comes to the drought. when we had record snow we had average precipitation. >> reporter: what's the water content? >> reporter: some sloppy snow would be a good thing this year. >> reporter: the hardest part of a seasonal outlook is to get amounts. boston somewhere
5:46 am
>> reporter: i'm thinking north and west of boston we'll probably end up getting more, maybe close to 60, 70 inches. >> reporter: that sounds about right to me. in the cape and the islands, they've some big winters. >> reporter: so this year we're going to we go slightly below everyone else, which is typical. >> reporter: around 30 or so. >> reporter: let's put some flakes up in northern new england. the northern snow track potent y go with a lot more than they had last year. >> reporter: closer to a more typical winter and probably not the end of the world winter we had two years ago, and not the easy pass we had last year either. cheers. >> reporter: cheers. >>i know this is new england. i know it is supposed to snow. it is supposed to be cold, but i am going to say we're going to have an easy winter. >>i think, yeah, at least compared to two years ago. we
5:47 am
i think we all agree on that one. thank you to the folks at fuel, the shop we were at down the road here from our studios i think in brighton technically. great folks there, the coffee shop was amazing. >>i need some fuel coffee this morning. >>don't we both. we're tracking the potential for a little bit of rain as we get into the mid part of next week , however, the next couple of days are going to be dry which is good because it's been so gloomy fo this thanksgiving holiday long weekend and we've had some drizzle and clouds. that's going away. we'll have sunshine the rest of today, but the drought conditions continue to get worse over the weeks and weeks. now we're at an 11-inch deficit in boston, a little above -- 17 inches below where we should be in manchester. drought conditions all across
5:48 am
week. it looks like my clicker has frozen. i think this clicker needs some coffee too, i guess. temperatures today starting of the -- starting off in the 30s and 40s, and we will continue to see some chilly conditions this afternoon even though we'll have some sunshine. temperatures will be in the mid 40s. wow, the computer completely froze up, so i'm going to restart this other computer if i can or let's to there i have i can't because my second computer -- let's do trivia because my second computer has also frozen. >>i think we're being punished. live television at its finest. >>so much fun, not. let's do trivia. we'll get to the 7-day forecast in a bit. when is the atlantic hurricane coming to an end? what do you think?
5:49 am
winter, november 1st or november 30th. >>november 30th. >>right on the money. >>i feel like i maybe studied that in school. >>yes and it started june 1st so now we're at the end. and no hurricanes right now in the atlantic. >>very nice. >>wrapping things up. we'll get you the 7-day forecast in a
5:50 am
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. the weather forced sant clause to ride onto the boston common instead of flying in. he was scheduled to be on a boston med flight chopper yesterday to deliver a holiday message, but due to weather conditions, he arrived by ambulance to greet her on the map, but now lady gaga is toning it down, more on her interview coming up in a
5:53 am
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. no one can draw attention like lady gaga. her guardee gowns, flam didn't go personality and enchanting voice have -- flamboyant personality and enchanting voice have made her a super star. >> reporter: it seems like you're more lady gaga now than ever. >>really?
5:56 am
tomorrow? >> reporter: >> reporter: there was a time when the one thing you could count out from lady gaga was outrageousness. after all she put meat dress in the fashion dictionary. her six grammies are proof she wasn't style over substance. it was just part of the package. her latest solo album called "joanne" is a ne down diva. ?[music]? >>i think that when people see me with lots of makeup on and less of what i was doing before -- >> reporter: there's a sense you've evolved into anything else. >>right, it's less now, but i don't know that you can put a label on growth. i'm just me, just growing up. i'm 30. it's what i want to do now.
5:57 am
plus, quilting heavy metal style and casey affleck. those stories and more this sunday morning right here on wbz starting at 9:00 a.m. stay with us. more news, weather, and sports coming your way right
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. right now at 6 breaking news overnight. one driver suffers life-threatening injuries in a crash in boston. a mattapan woman found dead inside her apartment. the latest on the investigation. there is a winning power ball ticket. we'll tell you what state is cashing in on one of the biggest jack record. live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news this morning. good morning, everybody. thank you so much for joining us. today is sunday, november 27th. i'm nicole jacobs, and we have got some good weather and some rainy weather on tap for this week. we turn to pamela gardner. good morning. >>good morning.


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