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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 27, 2016 11:30pm-12:05am EST

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day and friday of last week? that's what we think, yeah. i was at a wedding in curacao last week. left monday, landed at jfk middle of the day friday. i'm telling the truth! i was at the ceremony! you can ask the bridesmaids i hit on. it's as we suspected. brendan farley's three-quarter alibi is 100% percent true. he was harassing bridesmaids in curacao. so, it wasn't him. a lucrative breakthrough in the field of cultured meat? well, i'm already going through the company reports for next century meats. i think you're bored with recovery because you're not saying what's on your mind. what's on my mind is that i'm bored. and that's exactly what you need to be talking about. that, and everything else you said yesterday. including the bit about being the smartest person in the room? see, recovery only works if you say what you're thinking.
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an arrogant jerk. i mean, will it be awkward? probably, but when's that ever stopped you? it's a better way to re-engage. i worked with a lot of clients before, and... every time sometimes tries to go it alone, it always ends badly. s... ? ? ? ? holmes: watson, you may want to compose yourself before coming downstairs. a salon of sorts is in progress. (man chuckles) it's so new! aye, so true, so true. now, we eat, uh, eggs, yes? these are cells taken from an animal. the chicken is presumably still alive.
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-hmm. man: oh, good morning. now, if we could only find those chickens. (laughter) (laughter echoes) (humming) watson: why is there some sort of world peace convocation going on upstairs? those are leading scholars of their respective faiths. we've had a very productive morning. we reached conclusions on some knotty issues. and now it's time to eat. jews and muslims are united by more than conflict, watson. both groups have labored under dietary restrictions for millennia. including very strict guidelines over the slaughter and consumption of meat. why would someone doctor research to prevent a lucrative breakthrough from being labeled as such? only, i now believe, if it was more profitable to have another label. are you familiar with the word pareve? uh, it's a kosher thing, right? mm. the laws of kashrut state that permissible foods are divided into groups-- dairy, meat. but there's a third classification.
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carrots are pareve. okay, so pareve is like... neutral? exactly, it's the switzerland of food. now, if shmeat is ruled to be actual meat, that obviously opens up the carnivore market, but it also subjects it to the gordian knot of halal and kosher certification. if it is a mere meat substitute, then it sits, forlorn, in the vegan aisle. but if shmeat can thread the needle, if it can be actual lab-grown meat, it would be pareve, neutral to the kosher and halal rules about meat. imagine, watson. observant jews finally being allowed a cheeseburger. religious muslims indulging in pulled-pork cubanos. there is what? over a billion muslims in the world. it's a huge untapped market. probably way more profitable for them to not label shmeat as meat. hence the doctored research. so, if joaquin pereya wasn't on board for faking the data, that would mean that whoever's
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uld have reason to kill him. and that would be... werner platz, ceo of next century meats. can we prove he was involved? we can if his coconspirator will talk to us. mr. farley, thank you so much for coming on short notice. i thought i already answered your questions. well, we had one set of questions for you when we thought that you killed joaquin pereya. we no longer think that. oh, okay. good. we now think that you were part of a conspiracy to kill him. bell: this is the intersection of 65th street and metropolitan avenue. street racers use this stretch of metropolitan. a concerned citizen tried to catch some of their license plates on camera. she overheard a patrolman asking for security camera footage, volunteered to share this. am i supposed to be looking at something? bell: that's your boss, werner platz. so?
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from brooklyn's best wurst. this footage was gathered the same night someone broke into the store and ground joaquin pereya into so much mince. we can place your boss right by the scene, on the night it happened. i've also had an informal peek at your banking records. "informal peek"? what does that mean? it means i have friends who are digitally nimble. don't look at him. he had nothing to do with it. we'll get an authorized look soon enough. they'll show a judge what we already know. someone recently paid as paid by a third party. we're already trying to link that to your boss. what does that have to do with joaquin? bell: werner platz wanted mr. pereya to alter his... shmeat so the fda would classify it as a meat substitute. then he could sell it to the kosher and halal markets. watson: but pereya was a true believer. he cared more about disrupting the meat industry than he did about the profits. he wouldn't make the change. so, platz killed pereya
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and that was you, mr. farley. bell: testify against werner platz. i already offered you one chance to get in front of this. you won't get another. and if i say no, what happens? you take that video to a judge. all that shows is werner driving down the street. why'd he pay my mortgage? 'cause i'm a great employee and i just got a promotion. you guys have nothing on me or you wouldn't be trying to get me to turn on him. it was a nice try, guys, but i'm going to leave my lawyer's number. don't call me again. so, brendan farley and werner platz killed a man and ground him into sausage... and not only do they get to walk free... they'll both be rich the moment the shmeat hits the market.
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i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great!
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my cookie exchange is super competitive. mine too! everything for the holidays. that's my stop & shop. we'll canvass the neighborhood he meat shop again tomorrow. perhaps we missed someone who saw werner platz carrying a body down the stairs. the patrolman went door to door twice. it's my party. i'll clean up. you should rest. you seem a little tense. i'm frustrated. uh, we found the people who broke into the leviathan. we arrested half of le milieu to get your brother off the hook. we brought down moriarty. i mean, these guys are not criminal geniuses. they're just a couple of idiots who killed for money. granted, it's not the perfect crime,
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it's not a... perfect universe, is it, watson? well, that sounds like giving up. i mean, i know no one's quitting. i-i just hate that these guys are getting away with it. we might not be able to prove our case in court... but that doesn't mean we can't punish them. what, are you gonna whip them with a cherry danish? no, i'm going to use this. we need to reconvene the council of rabbis and imams. i have no earthly idea. morning. we'd like to see the coconspirators in the murder of joaquin pereya. our lawyers are on their way here. i'm gonna do everything i can to sue you two for harassment. gentlemen, we have unearthed no new evidence against you. despite our best efforts, we are unable to prove that the two of you murdered joaquin pereya. then what are you doing here? we can make a compelling circumstantial argument that you are guilty and we did
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to the convocation of orthodox rabbis and the i.c.h., their equivalent in the muslim faith. are you familiar with those bodies? they're the ones who will be deciding whether or not your shmeat can be sold to the halal and kosher communities. they asked us to pass on a message. murder is not kosher. oh? and what is that supposed to mean? we demonstrated to the satisfaction of various religious worthies that your shmeat became eligible to be pareve by virtue of foul play. the imams and the rabbis have got no intention of rewarding murder. bless you with the labels that you seek and they're going to use their influence to see to it that other certifying bodies follow their lead. you can still sell it in the vegan aisle, but good luck staying in business. so, this is some kind of retribution. you are going to rob the world of our product because you can't prove your insane theories. maybe your shmeat will go to market. maybe it won't. the rabbis and imams have agreed to change their minds on one condition: someone has to be convicted
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i don't understand. but we don't need you to. our appeal is to mr. farley. he committed the actual murder. ground a corpse into sausage meat. all you did was fake some data. watson: when we explained that to our captain, he called the d.a. they're willing to be flexible. in exchange for your testimony, they will arrange a plea that sees you serve no jail time. holmes: he'll be convicted of joaquin pereya's murder. the shmeat will be, uh, deemed kosher and halal and you can participate in the profits n, don't listen to them. for all you know, they're bluffing. or you can remain united in relative penury. i mean, you know, he's really good to his partners. he skinned the last one and, uh... ground him into sausage. it's your choice, mr. farley. newswoman: details of a shocking crime continue to emerge as ceo, werner platz, is arrested for the murder of joaquin pereya, the chief scientist at his company.
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nearly scot-free in exchange for which the other is imprisoned for murder. satisfactory outcome? i'll take it. it's a random universe. ...of the actual murder... where are you going? a meeting. will you be following me to confirm? do i need to? ? life is like a storm ? ? when we find out, it's gone... ? okay, then. yes. it's nice to see you again. please. thanks. uh... (clears throat) hello, my name is sherlock and i'm an addict. all: hello, sherlock. i'm also... ...i'm the cleverest person in the room.
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that i've come to believe i feel boredom more acutely than everybody else... ? would you care at all? ? ...which leads me to my recent quandary... arrogance. my-my own arrogance, you know, to be precise. and the possibility that that might be an achilles' heel to my recovery. ? would you care at all? ? ponsored by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. veterans protest the american flag at a local college. >> and a firefighter hurt after trying to save a house join us
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. >> announcer: live from the this is wbz news. president trump, claiming on twitter, quote serious voter fraud in new hampshire, virginia, and california. he did not elaborate on what kind of voter fraud he's talking about. >> and trump also tweeted in addition to winning the electoral college, i won the popular vote if you deduct the millions who voted illegally,
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thank you for staying up with us. >> trump's former campaign spokeswoman made it clear she does not want former massachusetts governor mitt romney to be nominated as secretary of state. >> windy gillet is following all of this tonight. >> reporter: donald trump took to twitter sunday morning to criticize the recount effort launched by the green party that has the support of hillary clinton's campaign. he wrote, hillary clinton conceded the election when she called me just prior to the victory speech and after the results were the president elect also tweeted clinton's own words to trump during the campaign about accepting the results of the election. >> the idea that we are going to drag this out now where the president elect has been mag nan mouse to the obamas is pretty incredible. >> bernie sanders defends the recount effort in wisconsin. >> we probably could have every
11:51 pm
no one expects profound change. >> reporter: trump will interview candidates monday. mr. trump still needs to fill several cabinet positions including secretary of state. trump's former campaign manager made it clear sunday she does not think the nominee should be mitt romney. >> people feel betrayed to think governor romney who went out of his way to question the character and the intellect and the integrity of donald trump, now our president elect, would be given the most prestigious cabinet member, secretary of state. windy gillet, cbs news, new york. >> let's talk about sports. how about the patriots? tom brady earned his 200th career win against the jets. >> it required another late fourth quarter touchdown drive by number 12. our wbz sports director has more. >> reporter: the patriots came into the game needing a win
11:52 pm
new york leading 17-16 late, converting on the crucial fourth and four. first down with under three minutes to play. then on first and goal, brady and malcolm mitchell. beats rivas for the go ahead score. two-point conversion is no good. pats have a five point lead. time for the defense to step up and they chris long with the -- they do it big. chris long with the strip sack. ball game over. pats improve to #1k39 9-2 with a 20-17 win over the jets. >> it was a great win for our team. we didn't play as well as we wanted to, but we made the plays when we needed to, so it was the division game on the road.
11:53 pm
i thought they played well and we made the plays at the end. >> for tom brady it is career win number 200 as the patriots stay undefeated on the road. we'll recap today's win, and we'll go one-on-one with blount. guys? several people are without a home and a firefighter is recovering from burns after a building caught fire in dorchester, estimating at more investigators say an electrical problem on the first floor is to blame. >> reporter: everybody who was living here was able to make it out safely, but make no mistake about it, this was a terrible fire. the damages severe. people have been driven out of their homes. >> it's devastating. it's something that you have to experience ton what it's like. >> reporter: still stunned they emerge from a burned out three-story home now looking for
11:54 pm
residents of a huge apartment house on harlem and dorchester. victims of a fire on sunday. when the flames first broke out they were intense, tearing through the back of the structure. fire crews say it moved fast. >> the fire went from floor one up to floor two, and then to floor three, as well as to the attic. at that time, we made a good attack and knocked it down. >> reporter: fortunately, there were no major injuries, everybody got out safely, although one firefighter was treated for minor burns to his leg. investigators say the fire was power strip on the first floor. the red cross says eight people were living here. six adults and two children. >> i always say that it's not katrina to everybody else, but it is to them. it's like their own personal katrina. they've lost everything they've stored up when a fire goes through your house and burns everything that you own. it's something that -- it takes years to come back from. >> reporter: right now the
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$350,000. it's hard to say how long it will take to repair the home. jim smith, wbz, dorchester. people are looking for a man who stopped his car and tried to entice a child to come over to him. the suspect was about 20 years old and held up what appeared to be a play station four. it happened in the area of green and baldwin streets on saturday afternoon. the child walked away and the man drove off. police describe the car as a burgundy four-door with bumper stickers on the back. we saw more sun today, but it is still chilly. our meteorologist pamela gardner joins us with a look at the forecast. >> and temperatures already cooling off as we have completely clear skies. 37 degrees in boston. 35 in manchester. 31 in wooster, and 29 degrees in cane, and 29 in tonton as well. and we're mostly clear. our next round of rain doesn't push in until tuesday,
11:56 pm
have sometime before this system up and upper states moves in. partly cloudy to mostly clear skies and at the bus top tomorrow morning, the kids will need the heavy coast. 44 degrees by the afternoon. coming up i'll have the hour-by-hour timing in just a bit. an alert boston cop has arrested the man accused of ripping off a local church. security cameras at shrine captured the burglar grabbing an ipad and other things used for services. erik swanson was spotted wearing the same blue shirt, and red tie, and baseball cap and police retrieved several of the stolen items. a young woman is recovering after she was hit by a wrong-way driver on 495 in plainville. >> wbc's paul burton reports on her road to recovery. >> it's a miracle for us. >> oh, god, you have no idea.
11:57 pm
much worse. >> reporter: steven and his wife tanya have so much to be thankful for after their daughter was hit on 495. taylor says she knows she's very fortunate to be alive. >> it was really scary. i've never been in a car accident like that before. >> reporter: taylor was working late wednesday night and was on her way home to visit her parents in barnstable. a young man was heading north on highway around 2:00 a.m. the driver slammed head on into taylor who was driving the suv. >> she's a sweet girl, a nice young lady and she's delicate and she's beautiful and she was coming home to be with her family on thanksgiving and you know, to have that interrupted by this situation is -- you know what, it's a parent's biggest nightmare. >> the man did not survive. paramedics rushed taylor to rhode island hospital where she had surgery. >> i had a compound fracture in
11:58 pm
knee and pelvis was fractured. >> she's out of surgery. her leg's a mess and she's -- but she's got a good attitude. >> reporter: while the family's thanksgiving day plans dramatically changed, they're all very grateful taylor is alive. >> truly a miracle, a blessing. the most thankful thanksgiving i've ever had. >> i'm thankful for my family. >> paul burton, wbz news. state police say 22-year-old james keating of norton died in that crash. >> a manm after a crash in boston. police are trying to figure out why his car went over the guardrail of i-93 near exit 14 and tumbled down on to morrissy boulevard landing on top of another car. the driver of the volvo that went airborne, 50-year-old daniel lee of chatham died. the two occupants of the honda will be okay. still no arrests in the hit-and-run, but police towed a
11:59 pm
video shows a man being hit early friday morning as he was leaving the spot bar and lounge. the victim was hurled into the air and badly hurt. the driver never stopped. and police in new hampshire she arrested a man involved in robbing banks. michael giles robbed a td bank early this morning and held up another bank on bay street earlier this month. police also believe he tried to rob citizens bank on elm street year. police are looking for adelboro. this morning, someone held up the honey do donuts, and someone robbed the cumberland farms on friday. the suspect is an older caucasian man and police haven't said if they're related. and fidel castro died on friday at the age of 90. cubans prayed for castro as workers prepared for tributes in havana's revolution plaza.
12:00 am
attending public ceremonies there tomorrow. castro ruled the communist nation for nearly half a century. cubans are observing nine days of mourning. castro will be buried on sunday december 4th. a child is still in the hospital after a two-car crash in carver. paramedics air lifted an 8-year-old to a hospital in rhode island. the accident happened on re-tremonth. two other pe the hospital. and a driver of a cash crashed into a utility pole this afternoon. the road was closed while crews repaired the pole. an adult and two kids in the car were fortunately not hurt. that crash happened around 2:00 this afternoon. now to protests at a college in western massachusetts. hampshire college in amherst died not to fly the flag after the presidential election. >> we have the reason and why it
12:01 am
>> reporter: hundreds of veterans gathered at the campus, but the president is standing by his word saying that's not going to happen. [ chanting ]. >> reporter: hundreds mostly veterans chant their country's name while waving the american flag. their protests at the college is against the school's decision to lower the american flag. the removal happened earlier this month after the american flag in the center of campus was burned by donald trump. officials replaced the flag but it was lowered again. >> i would die for this flag. i fault fought for this flag. >> reporter: a group organize said the demonstration, and the flag stands for the extreme of expression and that's why they remove today. >> we're raising the controversy of the disagreement and getting us away from the underlying
12:02 am
the veterans. he argues it's a matter of respect. >> it's because of our veterans and many who have given the ultimate sacrifice and their families that we are able to lead the lives that we lead because of your efforts. >> and the president says students can fly their own flag around campus. in the satellite center, shathey land, wbz news. winter >> ahead a staple in south boston closes for the season but not before some got their last taste of summer. >> and we're going to have a dry start to the work week but i'm tracking some heavy rain in the sent of the country what's rain arrives, and how much we could see by mid-week coming up in the
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. winter is coming and here's a sign of that. sullivans in south boston served its last hotdog of the season. the castle island has been over for 365 days a year. you folks braved the wind to get a final taste of summer. >> another clear is that it is a lot colder. >> if you're planning to rake up


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