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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  November 28, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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and crews trying to clean up a fuel spill. we're live with the latest. a dunk in doughnuts worker attacked with a hot cup of tea. president-elect donald trump is now alleging voter fraud in three states, including new hampshire. the patriots beat the jets, but the win coming with a price. what we're learning about gronk's injury. live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this news this morning. i'm chris mckinnon. >>and i'm kate merrill. it is monday november 28th. the long holiday weekend is over. there's still some turkey probably in your fridge, danielle, but the kids are going back to school today. >>i think i have 10 pounds of turkey left in my fridge. do you want a turkey sandwich? i hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving and a great
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morning, 20s and 30s. 27 in taunton, 38 in chatham. skies mainly clear except for a few clouds. the clouds will give way to increasing sunshine throughout the afternoon. rain for tomorrow. it's mountain midwest right now but will be sliding east and will bring us a damp tuesday. the dry conditions will be today, a quiet start to the week. sun and clouds, 32, sunrise 6:51. it will be fair and cool. the winds generally 10 to 15 miles an hour. sunset at 4:13 and temperatures in the upper 30s. we'll time out the rain coming up. let's get you on the roads. it's starting to pick up, but things still look pretty good here. this is a northbound look. your drive time great, just 10 minutes up to the pike.
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495 all the way to logan airport. thank you, brianna. breaking overnight a car collides with a logan express bus sending several people to the hospital. >>the crash also caused a fuel spill. nicole is live with the late yeast kate, they are still working on the -- nicole is live with the latest. >> reporter: indicate, they are still wo the logan express buses run from braintree to the airport until they come to this area to park for the night. fortunately in this case only minor injuries here. we'll get you right to some video showing you the crash that happened just before 1:00 this morning in the area of eastern avenue and bellingham street in chelsea. you can see the gray vehicle's front end is completely smashed. three people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries.
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fuel leak to deal with. all of that is being cleaned up right now just in time for the morning commute. again, at this point it is unclear if either driver will face charges. all of this remains under investigation. we're live in chelsea, nicole jacobs, wbz this morning. breaking overnight a suspicious device found outside the u.s. embassy in manila. crews safely debt en no -- detonated it. police are searching for a driver that tried to lure a child with what looked like a playstation 4. anna meiler is live in lester this morning with the details. >> reporter: police say a man held up the video game system and waved for a child to come to his car. police say the child was walking in the area of green street and baldwin street saturday when a vehicle stopped
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tried to use a ps 4 to lure the child to his car. investigators say the child did not approach the car and walked away. police now want to find and question the driver about the incident. police are looking for a burgundy four-door large-style vehicle with two red bumper stickers on the back bumper. the driver is described as a man in his 20s. police are looking for this man and car to question ab incident. if you have any information, call police. reporting live from lester, anna meiler, wbz this morning. the president-elect getting back to work after the holiday weekend. today donald trump is set to meet with more candidates for his administration. his former campaign spokesperson is making it clear she does not think mitt romney should be secretary of state. the president-elect taking to twitter to protest a recount
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electoral college in landslide, i won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally." in another, serious voter fraud in many states: wendy gillette has more. >> reporter: donald trump took to twitter sunday morning to criticize the recount evidence launched that now has the support of that now has the support of hillary clinton. the president-elect also tweeted clinton's own words to trump during the campaign about accepting the results of the election. >>the idea we are going to drag this out where the president-elect has been incredibly magnanimous to the clintons and obamas is pretty incredible. >> reporter: former presidential candidate bernie sanders
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a recount. no one expects profound change. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump will resume interviewing candidates at trump tower monday. he still needs to fill several positions. his former campaign manager made it clear that she does not think the nominee should be mitt romney. >>people feel betrayed to think that governor romney who went out of his way to question the character and intellect our president-elect, would be given the most significant cabinet post of all, secretary of state. >> reporter: former new york city mayor rudy giuliani has also been named as a frontrunner, wendy gillette, cbs news, new york. a dunk doughnuts worker attacked with a hot couple of tea. police say -- with a hot cup of tea. police say this
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if you recognize this woman, you are asked to call mbta police. a rhode island man is due in court today. police say he led them on a chase in a rental car and threw drugs from the vehicle. officers say the man was stopped for speeding saturday. when the officer approached he allegedly took off passing other cars. after a short pursuit he got out of the car. police arrested him. they say they found $800 in cash in cocaine in a culvert along the road. several people forced out of their home after this fire in dorchester. we know what caused the fire now. investigators say a short circuit in a power strip sparked the fire. the fire moved quickly with intense flames burning through the back of the house. the chief estimates damage around 350 touchdowns the red cross has stepped in to help -- the chief
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help the residents. >>it's something that takes years to come back from. >>fortunately, there were no major injuries. one prior to was treated to r minor burns to his leg. -- one prior to was treated for minor burns to his legs. the cuban dictator fidel castro died friday at the age of 90. his death has many cuban exiles in the u.s. looking forward to better times in their home country. henna more. >> reporter: massive crowds are expected today to pay tribute to fidel castro. mourners will be allowed to sign a book of condolences. the iron-fisted former dictator had numerous critics abroad, but in cuba, where he ruled for nearly 50 years, many people admired him. victor manual said he felt like he had lost a patriarch, the
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exiles live, more people are celebrating than grieving. yvonne add rogue he see's parents are from cube -- evon rad rogues' parents are from cuba. kine exiles are demanding a rally on wednesday to demand freedom in cuba, henna daniels cbs news. president-elect donald trump says he looks forward to a cuba freedom. he has promised to reverse president obama's executive order to normalize relations with cuba until the freedoms are restored. a planned protest over a pipeline in west roxbury. some residents are trying to keep the pipeline from being turned on as early as today. the protesters plan to meet at 8 this morning. for the past few years they voiced concerns about the safety of the pipeline.
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roxbury. a lawsuit is still pending in federal court. the patriots beat the jets, but it comes with a price. rob gronkowski left the game in the first quarter with a back injury and did not return. we're told the injury is not serious. although it was a big win for tom brady, the 200th of his career. >>it came down to a 4th quarter drive. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. for tom brady's 200th win, we got vintage t.b. 12. brady and the pats were down in the 4th and brady leads the team down for a winning score. tom always says he likes victories, and that was a solid drive. >>we stacked the receivers and dorel played over the top of it. and we did a good job and malcolm made a nice catch in the end zone. it was a great call
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we needed it at that time. >>at first i thought it was going to julian, and then i realized he wasn't reaching for t so i thought maybe i should. >> reporter: so the 200th victory for tom brady ties him with peyton manning as the winningest quarterback in nfl history. i'm levan reid, wbz sports. tom his facebook page. >>i love that he wins the game and then immediately draws up this picture and puts it on facebook. >>t.b. times. , got to love it. >>he can do it all. coming up, veterans protesting a massachusetts college. plus new developments in an animal-abuse case on a westport farm. if the cooler temperatures weren't enough, we've got
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danielle, good morning. >>so sad as we head towards december. weather-wise today we're going to be enjoying sunshine and cooler-than-normal temperatures. upper 20s and low 30s and sunshine will boost us into the 40s for the bus ride home. and that includes the 5th graders at the winston-owen elementary school. barry had a great t week. they were an excellent group of weather-wise students and they participated in the thanksgiving basket drive to support a food pan treatment their mascot is the owl and it's only 1 of 49 schools in the state to be given the honor of 2016 commendation school by the massachusetts department of elementary and secondary education.
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. winter is coming, and here is the sign. sullivan's in south boston served its last hot dog of the season yesterday. the store has been open 65 years, 7 days a week in the spring, summer, and fall. a few folks braved the wind out there to get the final taste of summer, but it won't be too long
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them serving their first hot dog of the spring. >>i like how you're just going right to spring. >>i'm trying, but thanksgiving is now over, so what's next, the holidays. >>december 1st on thursday, can you believe it? >>i can't believe it. >>it's going to be in the 50s to start december. >>okay. >>i feel like that should be able to ease us into the winter months here. current conditions are running in the 30s right now. 35 in boston. the upper 20s, wind out of the west at boston, 7 miles per hour right now, so making you feelal a little bit cooler. worcester sitting at 28, 34 in manchester, 31 in laconia, 27 in bedford, upper 20s from marsh field down to plymouth and 30s for cape cod with a good amount of sunshine today. there are a few clouds right now, but they will
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and mid and outer cape. nothing going on across the northeast, then you encounter rain from the gulf coast states stretching into the great lakes. snow on the northwest side and pretty heavy snow in parts of north dakota and south dakota. this whole disturbance is going to be working our direction, but we will be on the warmer side this time around. what does that mean for us today? not a lot. good amount of sunshine, high pressure in control. clouds increase tonight. tomorrow morning morning rain moves in and it becomes steadier during the day. tomorrow evening will be a damp commute. they're out of here wednesday morning, but the clouds remain, and then one more wave of low pressure arrives wednesday evening, so rain will fill welcome back in wednesday evening as light rain fen ramping up to linger into very early thursday morning. it's welcome news because of the drought. this is just one depiction, but most areas for
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rainfall combined will see 1 to 2 inches, even in locally higher amounts possible. a little bit unsettled through the middle of the week. you want the wet-weather gear tuesday and wednesday. highs today, mid 40s in boston, blow where we should be this time of the year. most of us topping 42 to 48 degrees today. clouds increase tonight. upper 20s in the chilliest suburbs with the low to mid 30s with a calm wind tonight. in the 50s and we'll stay there through the middle of the week. it thursday the showers come to an end. mid 50s for december 1st and cooling off for the end of the week. highs in the low to mid 40s for saturday and sunday. you will have you will have no issues on route 16789 and it's the same story on 93 south. from the south, no problems still. drive time on the
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12 minutes from the split to the pike. veterans protesting a massachusetts college that stopped flying the american flag. organizers described the event at hampshire college as a peaceful demonstration of freedom. they held up american flags and chanted "u.s.a." early this month college officials decided to stop flying the flags after the main flag was burned by students se election of donald trump. >>it's because of our veterans and many who have given the ultimate sacrifice and they are families that we are able to lead the lives we lead because of your efforts. >>springfield's mayor and others at yesterday's rally say the school's decision disrespects veterans and current military members. college officials say they are open to peaceful discussions on their decision. protesters calling for the resignation of two health board
5:20 am
in july 1400 animals were removed from a farm after they were found living in deplorable conditions. a protest group will ask two members to resign at town meetings tonight. both men are accused of failing to properly inspect the farm. their inspection duties have been revoked by the state. new details about the great white shark res sued in the summer of 2015. a receiver detected the 7-foot shark nova scotia last month evening estill on the move. >>going the wrong way,. >>absolutely. coming up, it was a tough game for the pats against the jets. >>how tom brady scored in the 4th quarter to seal the win. and a big night for the b's, 30 saves, but was it enough? and this week wbz is teaming up with the mass.
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volunteers lawyers will be here wednesday night to take your phone calls and answer your questions about the law. the number 617-787-7070. the phone lines will be epifrom 7:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. -- the phone lines will be open from 7:00 p.m.
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5:24 on your monday. the brew ins trying to snap a losing streak. >>steve burton has more on your morning sports. >> reporter: i don't care what they say when it comes to the patriots and jets, throw the records out the window because it just doesn't matter. the jets gave them fits again. this came down to one drive. pats
5:25 am
for the winning score. patriots improving 9 and 2 on the season and brady said it's never easy in new york against this division rival. >>it was a great win for our team. we didn't play as well as we wanted to, but we made the plays when we needed to. it was a division game on the road. it's always a tough team to and i'm glad we just made the plays at the end. >> reporter: the pats are back home sunday to take on the rams. they kick-off at 1:00 and the 5th quarter is right after the game on my tv 38. how about the bruins. 30 saves. the team leading 13th
5:26 am
bruins finished sunday in the win column. that's sports for now. i'm steve board en. back to see. >>it makes monday a lot easier -- back to you. >>it makes monday a lot easier. how police tracked down a man accused of stealing from a local church. and a new england company doing some soul searching. the big move to give l. l. bean a boost. good temperatures climbing into the 40s this afternoon. we climb into the 40s in boston by midday for most of us. i'm tracking rain for tomorrow and wednesday. we'll take you through the timeline straight ahead. we're following breaking news this morning, a car and a logan express bus crash in chelsea. three people have been taken to the hospital. crews working overnight to
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. breaking news right now, a crash between a logan express bus and a car sends several people to the hospital and causes a fuel leak.
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trump now alleging voter fraud in three states. a man accused of stealing from a local church. now police tracked him down. live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news this morning. good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm kate merrill. >>and i'm chris mckinnon. monday november 28th we are rolling right along towards long weekend. >>we're still in the turkey days, a food coma a few days later. 35 in boston right now. mid 30s manchester, 28 in worcester, 27 in taunton, and in the 30s on cape cod. a lot of sunshine today once it comes up. there are scattered clouds from metro west into southern new hampshire and a few more low
5:31 am
outer cape. this is our next disturbance, rain and heavy rain at that. this area of wet weather will work in our direction for tuesday. high pressure is in control until then. sun and clouds, sunrise at 6:51 this morning. 44 through lunchtime, fair and cool with winds 5 to 10 miles an hour. a little cooler than we should be this time of the year. mostly clear for the ride home. sunset at 4:13 in the upper 30s. we'll time out when the rain arrives coming up. we're starting to ping, tobin bridge filling in but drive times still normal on route 1 and on 93 south. take -- pike is still in great shape. route 9 looks good as well. breaking overnight a car and a logan express bus collide in chelsea. three people taken to
5:32 am
crews were called to the scene at eastern avenue and bellingham streets to clean up deasil fuel that leaked from the bus. police are still investigating what caused the crash. 5:32 right now. president-elect donald trump taking to twitter to protest a recount in three states. and he's now claiming voter fraud. mr. trump tweeted voter fraud in virginia, new hampshire, and california adding "i won the popular vote if you deduct th millions of people who voted illegally." he also criticized the recount that now has support from hillary clinton's campaign. police are searching for a man who tried to lure a child with a playstation 4. the child walked away and the man drove off. the driver appeared to be about 20 years old in a burgundy four-door car with two red stickers on the back.
5:33 am
their daughter was hit by a wrong-way driver thanksgiving morning. taylor mcbaron was driving to her parents' house around 2:00 a.m. thanksgiving morning when a wrong-way driver crashed into her. she was rushed to the hospital where she underwent surgery on her ankle and also suffered a fractured pelvis. her stepfather described hearing the news of her crash. >>she's a sweet girl, a nice g beautiful, and she was coming home to be with her family on thanksgiving, and to have that interrupted by this situation, it's the parents' biggest nightmare. >>state police say the wrong- way driver, 22-year-old james keating died in the crash. three massachusetts hospitals under fire from regulators after failing to report painter deaths.
5:34 am
fda last december over concerns about contaminated instruments. officials sound 15 of the 17 medical centers were late to report patients hurt by the devices or failed to report the problem at all. the fda says it won't take action against the hospitals as they're trying to improve reporting practices. a forum for parents tonight at a charter school after a young student was accused of sexually assaulting other students o they're holding a discussion to talk about concerns and answer questions about the incident. parents say they learned about the incident weeks after it was first reported to police. alert boston police officers helped track down a man accused of stealing from a local church. the suspect was captured on surveillance cameras breaking into st. anthony's shrine stealing into the church. officers patrolling the area sunday spotted a man watching
5:35 am
33-year-old eric swanson of boston and recovered several items. members of the trans gender community in new england have a new legal resource. they are offering legal help to update documents and provide representation to trans gender people looking to complete legal name changes and update identity documentation. the services are free of charge to those looking to change their passports, driver's license, and birth certificates. teachers may be subject it a new rating syem reports the education commissioner proposes student test scores should not solely determine a teacher's rating, instead the scores will be combined with the annual job review. the mass. teachers association opposes using only student's performance. candy canes getting a makeover, but will you like it? will you be shopping online
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at the discounts and sales ahead on money watch. police are looking for a man they say tried to lure a child using a playstation in lester. i have a description of the vehicle coming up. weather watchers check in with temperatures on the chilly side, 20s and 30s for most of us right now. let's check in just west of boston, 32 degrees says larry in natick with clear skies overhead right now. we'll come into the 40s this afternoon, but change for termination rain on the way. change for tomorrow with rain on the way. we'll time it out
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5:39 on your monday morning. boston area workers will join protests calling for higher minimum wage fighting for 15 dollars an hour. events are planned at several places where a new bill will be announced. massachusetts' minimum wage is among the highest in the
5:40 am
$10 to 11 dollars an hour january 1st. l. l. bean opening a new building for their popular boots. they have leased a 110,000 square foot building installing a third injection molding machine. they are hiring 100 more workers to make the new boots. the original boot was designed more than 100 years ago. a new twist on a holiday favorite, but will sailing into the week, a closer look at what to expect this cyber monday. jill wagner is live with today's money watch, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris and kate. markets open after the holiday, the dow jumped 68 points friday. the nasdaq rose 18. it's cyber monday. online sales could hit at least $3.3 billion, 9% more than 2015, and nearly 27% jump from 2014
5:41 am
billion. retailers are offering deep discounts today as are hotels and resorts. just in time for the holidays, a seattle company is putting a twist on a classic holiday treat. they have created some unique candy canes with flavors like bacon, pickle, and coffee. a box of 6 goes for about $7. >>our meteorologist danielle thinks th cake. that's an appropriate morning candy cane. >> reporter: oh, i love that idea. but i just feed -- i just like the top of the coffee cake. >>yes. it can be the coffee cake crumble flavor. >> reporter: exactly. >>jill, thank you. i think that's genius. >>i think so too. here's the thing, do they look any different between the flavors, or is it that mystery pick and
5:42 am
i don't know. still ahead this morning, a rare find on the north shore. lining up overnight, the hot item people across the country are trying to get their hands on >> reporter: three people taken to the hospital after a logan express bus and car collide in chelsea. coming up why some crews remain on the scene this
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star wars fans in california waiting in line overnight to score tickets. rogue one star wars story is the new film. tickets went on sale at midnight. the new film folks on a group of spies trying to steal plans for the death star. rogue one premiers december 16th. i bet you the get the tickets to sell the tickets to make some money. >>probably. there was one guy trying to work a light saber there. he couldn't get it to turn on. danielle, it is monday morning. we're getting back to work and school. how are we doing out there? >>pretty quiet to start the workweek. temperatures will be in the 40s for highs today, plenty of sunshine too. we change as we head into tomorrow. two rounds of rain on the way,
5:46 am
steadier during the afternoon and evening and another round wednesday late in the day and then thursday starts meteorological winter with a mild start with temperatures in the 50s for the middle part of the week. 35 in boston right now, 28 in worcester. 30 in nashua, 27 in bedford, in the lower 30s from beverly to 28 in marsh field. 30 in falmouth mainly cloudy skies metro west through southern new hampshire. overall it's quiet across the northeast down through the mid atlantic up and down the easter sa board. not the -- the eastern seaboard. heavy snow in parts of north dakota on the backside of the low. we are going to be on the warmer side, and that means as precipitation moves in tomorrow, it will be in the form of rain for most of us.
5:47 am
late morning. this is the late afternoon and evening tomorrow. rain heavy at times, lingers until tuesday evening and the first part of the overnight, and then wednesday, morning looks dry with a lot of clouds and then what's going to happen is late in the day we get another round of rain that fills in. scattered showers and downpours come in wednesday evening and will linger into the pre-dawn thursday. welcome news because of the drought, of course. most of us ending up wit 2 inches of rain tuesday and wednesday, and may be some higher amounts, up to 3 inches in a few areas. highs today in the 40s, most of us 42 to 48 degrees. it'll be 44 in boston, a little shy of where we should be this time of the year. clouds will increase tonight, but we stay dry. 37 do you want, upper 20s to mid 30s in the suburbs. highs tomorrow climb into the 50s for many of
5:48 am
through midweek. wind from the south-southeast tomorrow. we stay in the 50s through wednesday and wednesday night with the rain coming in our temperatures may spike wednesday night into thursday morning and then the sunshine will be breaking out thursday afternoon. friday we turn cooler to end the week in the upper 40s but that's normal for this time of year. right now both weekend days are looking good, a blend of sun and clouds, dry, cooler with temperatures topping out in the low you will hit some slow traffic on 93 oth from exits 48 to 43. -- on 93 south from exits 48 to 43. to our south, the split is starting to get bogged down on 128 and on route 3 by the union street exit, drive time, 15 minutes from the split to the pike. thank you very much. the search for a driver accused of
5:49 am
sending several people to the hospital. >> reporter: i'm nicole jacobs live in chelsea this morning where a logan express bus and car collide, and you can see right now they continue to treat here a fuel spill as a result of the crash. i want to get you to some video of the crash that happened shortly before 1:00 this morning on eastern avenue in bellingham. you can see there is extensive damage we know three people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. it does not appear there were passengers on the bus, but there was a minor fuel leak from the bus, which crews continue to treat here this morning. taking a live look here this street sweeper has been going by several times cleaning up the sand that was put down as a result of the fuel spill. it is unclear if either driver will face charges in the crash. we are told it is still under investigation.
5:50 am
nicole jacobs, wbz this morning. police in lester are searching for a man they say tried to lure a child using a playstation 4. police say the child was walking in the area of green street and broadway street saturday afternoon when a car pulled up and parked on the opposite side of the road. investigators say the driver, believed to be a man in his 20s, held up a video gaming system and waved for the child to come over to the car. police say the child did not approach the vehicle and walked away. police say now they want suspicious incentive a description of his vehicle coming -- about the suspicious incident. i have about i have a description of the vehicle coming up. investigators say a short circuit in a power strip parked a fire yesterday. the fire moved quickly burning through the back of the house. the chief estimates the damage around $350,000. federal inspectors will be
5:51 am
a team of about 20 inspectors will begin the third and final inspection. the plant is set to close for good in 2019. the inspectors will update the public on their findings later this afternoon. police in manchester, new hampshire have arrested a man accused of robbing several banks. investigators say michael giles robbed a t.d. bank early sunday morning and held up another bank on bay street earlier this month. police also believe he tried to rob last year. somebody held up the honey do doughnuts on county street yesterday. the cumberland farms in the same strip mall was robbed friday. officers searched a neighborhood yesterday, so far no arrests. following the death of fidel castro celebrations are occurring in miami. his brother declared the country to observe
5:52 am
he is expected to be buried december 4th. patriots come up with a big win against the jets, but rob gronkowski was injured reportedly injuring his back. his return was labeled as questionable, but he did not come back in. we're told his injury is not believed to be serious. scientists in britain say lab mice who have certain receptor genes were protected against obesity when fed high-fat diet. and a new study suggests a dangerous link in the high-risk medication. researchers say a medicine that's often used to treat anxiety could be causing more falls among the elderly. doctors say electronically described default dosages were too high for geriatric patients in about 57% of cases. otters and children are
5:53 am
it's not just a fun photo op. it is a new form of therapy. 7-year-old hanna heavens has a gastrointestinal disorder. the otters are trained to interact with kids with severe or terminal illnesses to help improve the child's psyche and outlook. so cute. >>who wouldn't want to swim with them. >>look that little guy swimming around. it's one of christmas parades in the country. >>it was the city's 64th annual christmas proud. the red sox mascot was there to wave to folks. mr. and mrs. claus also making appearances. this year's theme was tra tradition of christmas -- the theme was tradition of christmas.
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5:56 am
. a rare sight of one of the hardest to find toads. this man snapped shots of this towed on plumb island. >>the state's severe drought may have contributed to making them harder to find and can last a
5:57 am
environments. i was wondering what happened to that towed thing. i noticed they were just all of the sudden gone. >>dry, sandy environment sounds a lot like miami or something. i'd much rather be out there than plumb island. >>exactly. your top stories, weather, and traffic are straight ahead at 6:00 a.m.
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studios in boston, this is wbz news this morning. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kate merrill. >>and i'm chris mckinnon. hope you enjoyed the among holiday weekend. it's monday, november 28th. a crash between a logan express bus and a car sends several people to the hospital and causes a fuel leak. we're live with the latest. a dunk in doughnuts -- a dunk doughnuts employee at and donald trump now alleging voter fraud. the contest offering free super bowl tickets for life. >>that's unbelievable. again, it's a monday morning, back to school, back to work for all of you. the family has left the building, danielle. we still have some lowestovers -- leftovers in the fridge. >>i think i have about 10 pounds of turkey in the fridge. it's a quiet start as we head back to reality this week.


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