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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  November 28, 2016 6:00am-6:59am EST

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studios in boston, this is wbz news this morning. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kate merrill. >>and i'm chris mckinnon. hope you enjoyed the among holiday weekend. it's monday, november 28th. a crash between a logan express bus and a car sends several people to the hospital and causes a fuel leak. we're live with the latest. a dunk in doughnuts -- a dunk doughnuts employee at and donald trump now alleging voter fraud. the contest offering free super bowl tickets for life. >>that's unbelievable. again, it's a monday morning, back to school, back to work for all of you. the family has left the building, danielle. we still have some lowestovers -- leftovers in the fridge. >>i think i have about 10 pounds of turkey in the fridge. it's a quiet start as we head back to reality this week.
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most of us running in the 20s and 30s with mainly clear skies except for a few scattered clouds for northern worcester county. sunshine the -- once the sun comes up most of these clouds will fizzle away. high pressure is in control back to the west. areas of rain pushing through the great lakes and midwest. this will arrive to new england tomorrow. enjoy the quiet day while we have it. sun and morning. out of the 30s we climb, lunchtime 44 degrees. the wind jess lan 10 miles an hour for most of us. we'll be clear and quiet for the ride home. sunset at 4:13. speaking of drives, let's get you on the roads. danielle, we have some stop and go traffic on the northbound lanes of the expressway.
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granite avenue. the accident on 495 south just cleared. there is some residual delays. there's also more slow-downs on 93 south in methuen and closer to the city in woo burn. -- in woburn. a car and a logan express bus collide is sending several people -- sending several people to the hospital. >>no coal is live with the latest. >> reporter: kate, they've been and treat the right away. -- the road way since we've been here this morning. logan express bus typically do back and forth runs from here to the airport. fortunately in this case there were only minor injuries. i want to get to a photo just into the newsroom of the vehicle involved on fire.
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if that was the fuel from the bus or just that vehicle, but the crash all happened just before 1:00 this morning on eastern avenue in bellingham street in chelsea. you can see, again, the gray vehicle, the front end really smashed in and damaged there. we know three people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the cleanup crews were here as a result of that fuel leak. we know the fuel leak was also minor, but th and get things under way here for the morning commute. all of this still under investigation. there is no word yet if either driver will face charges. that's the latest from chelsea, nicole jacobs, wbz this morning. also breaking overnight a suspicious device found outside the u.s. embassy in manila. a street sweeper spotted what looked like a cylinder in garbage can and called police.
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police are expected to update us later this morning. in lester police are searching for a driver who tried to lure a child what looked like a playstation 4. anna meiler is live with the details. >> reporter: and, chris, police say a man held up the video game system and waved for the child to come to the car. police say the child was walking in the area of green street and broadway street saturday afternoon when a vehicle stopped on the other side of the road. that's when police say the child to his car. investigators say the child did not approach the car and walked away. police now want to find and question the driver about the incident. they're looking for a burgundy four-door vehicle with two red bumper stickers on each side of the bumper. the driver is described as a man in his 20s. police are looking for the han and the car to question the person about the incident.
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reporting live from lester, anna meiler, wbz this morning. a planned protest this morning over a pipeline in west roxbury. residents are fighting to keep the natural gas pipeline from being turned on as early as today. protestors plan to meet at center and grove streets at 8:00 this morning. for the past few years they have invoiced -- voiced concerns about the safety of the pipeline. the federally approved project runs through dedham and west rox bore. a lawsuit is pending in federal court. today donald trump is set to meet with more candidates for his administration and his former campaign spokesperson is making it clear she doesn't think mitt romney should be secretary of state. meanwhile the president-elect taking to twitter to protest a re-von. and he's now -- a recount. he's now claiming voter fraud. he wrote "serious voter fraud in virginia, new hampshire, and
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henna daniels has the latest. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump is slamming election recount as a scam. tweeting in addition to winning the electoral college in a landslide "i won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally." election officials will today to go over a possible timeline of a recount. meanwhile his transition team's debate over mitt romney assuming the role of secretary of state went onthe sunday morning talk shows. >>people think that governor romney who went out of his way to question the character and integrity of donald trump, now our president-elect, would be
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cabinet post of all, secretary of state. >> reporter: rudy giuliani has also been named as a frontrunner for the position. henna daniels, crabs news. over the weekend had not's campaign -- henna daniels cbs news. stein is pushing for recounts in pennsylvania and michigan. a worker attacked with a cup of hot tea and police are asking for help to locate the suspect. transit police say this woman go employee two weeks ago at the dudley square station and threw a cup of hot tea burning the employee. if you recognize this woman, you're asked to call mbta police. a rhode island man due in court today. police say he led them on a chase in a rental car and threw drugs out of the vehicle. officers say 23-year-old dislan day la rose a was -- de la rosa was arrested saturday.
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police arrested him. officers found $1,800 in cash in the car and several bags of cocaine in a culvert on the road. protestors calling for the regulation of two health board members today over an animal abuse case in westport. in july 1400 animals were removed from a farm in town after they were found living in deplorable conditions. according to the harold news, a protest group will ask carl santos and john coletti to resign at town meetings tonight. both are accused of failing to properly inspect the farm. their inspection duties have been revoked by the state. several people forced out of their homes after this fire in dorchester. a short circuit in a power strip on the first floor sparked the fire yesterday. the fire chief estimates damage at around $350,000. the red cross has stepped in to help the residents. >>when a fire goes through your
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you own, it's something that takes years to come back from. >>fortunately there were no major injuries. everyone inside the house got out safely, but one prior to was treated for minor burns to his leg. the patriots beat the jets, but it comes with a price. rob gronkowski left the game in the first quarter with a back injury and did not return, but we are told the injury is not serious. it was a big win for tom brady, >>levan reid has the highlights. >> reporter: good morning, everybody, for tom brady's 200th win, we got to see vintage t.b. 12. they were down 17-14 in the 4th and brady leads the team down the field for a winning score. tom always says he likes victories, and that was a solid drive. >>we stacked the receivers and dorell played over the top of
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flat and malcolm got in the end zone. it was a good play, a great call by josh, something we hadn't really shown, and we needed it at that time. >>at first i thought it was going to julian, then i realized he went reaching for it, so i thought maybe i should. >> reporter: so the 200th victory for brady ties him with peyton manning as the winningest qb in nfl history. next week he gets a >>tom brady posting a new post on his facebook today. you can see he is dressed as harry potter saying, wait, baltimore is a jets fan? >>that makes sense that baltimore would be a jets fan, right. coming up wbz this morning -- coming up on wbz this morning regulators raising
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system that could on the table here in massachusetts. and this bud's for all you football fans. a new contest that could make you quite popular with your family and friends. we'll tell you when we come back. good morning, everybody. sunshine today, quiet start for the week, a little chilly this morning. temperatures rising out of the 20s and 30s into the 40s for the kids at recess time, bus ride home, no weather-related issues and that includes for the vincent owen elementary school, the 5th graders. barry had a blast visiting you this week. they were an excellent group of weather-wise students. the school is one of only 49 in the state to be given the honor of 2016 commendation school by the massachusetts department of election and secondary education. they actually recently participated in a thanksgiving basket drive to support the wooburn food
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i love it. have a great day at school,
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. bud light is giving you a chance to win super bowl tickets
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sounds like something straight from willie wonka. if you find the golden can, take a picture with t post it on social media, hash tag sbtix for life and hash tag sweeps. six weekly winners will get a fair of season tickets to their favorite team and one grand prize winner will get super bowl tickets for life. who's going to on a right now? i mean, can you imagine? >>no, not just like one super bowl, for life. >>especially when the patriots are in the super bowl so much. >>i know i think it's well worth it. chris, we'll give you money when you get back. current conditions 34 degrees in boston. the real feel is in the upper 20s. winds 8 miles per hour right now. generally less than 10 miles per hour today. we have some 20s in the map as
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a/with a, 32 in concord. we've got lower 20s right now. 23 when you come to taunton, 28 in marsh field. 38 in chatham, middle 30s on the vineyard. skies clearing out nicely. we have a few scattered clouds. these will be departing and giving way to sunshine today. high pressure is in control. the next area of wet weather is across parts of indiana, western ohio. working in our direction. there's snow on the northwest side of it back through north and south dakota where they have winter storm warnings in effect. we are on the warmer side of the front. temperatures will be warming up over the next several days. today is dry and quiet. tonight clouds increase. the early part of our commute tomorrow will be dry, but rain will arrive mid to late morning and will continue through the afternoon and evening, some downpours for your evening
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weather gear with you even though it will be a dry as a result wednesday morning cloudy but dry it will be dry wednesday morning. the rain will fall steadily wednesday night into thursday morning. it's almost two rounds that come in. when all is said and done most of us will end up with 1 to 2 inches of rain, which is good for the drought. we need several inches of rain to put a dent in nonetheless all the rain is welcome news. some areas will see over -- will see over 2 inches. 44 in boston a little bit blow where we should be this time of the year. our average high for today 47. most of us top out 42 to 48 degrees this afternoon. clouds increase tonight, 37 downtown. and the highs tomorrow come into the 50s. the rain comes with some warmth through the middle part of the week.
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and the sun breaks out the first day of december and temperatures will be warm, in the mid 50s for most us. cooling off to end the week. the weekend looks dry and good with highs in the low to mid 40s. traffic is slowest on the expressway right now. a disabled car didn't help the situation. it has been cleveland it's 35 minutes from braintree up to the mass. pike. there's a two-car crash the shoulder at exit 28 on the mass. pike. we'll let you know when it clears. a new lead in a brockton hit-and-run. police have located and towed a vehicle that may have been involved. surveillance cameras show the man being hit early friday as he was leaving the spot bar and lounge. the victim was thrown through the air and badly injured. three massachusetts hospitals are under fire from regulators after failing to report patient deaths. mass.
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and u mass. member moral were among three hospitals checked last year. they failed to report problems with devices. the fda says it won't take action against the hospitals as they are trying to improve reporting practices. 6:19 right now. alert boston police officers helped track down a man accused of stealing from a local church. the suspect was captured on surveillance cameras breaking into the church stng ipad and other equipment the church uses during services. officers patrolling the area on sunday spotted a man watching the -- matching the description of the suspect. they arrested 33-year-old eric swanson of boston and recovered several items. there is a forum for parents tonight after a young student was accused of sexually assaulting other children on a school bus. they're holding a discussion to talk about parents' concerns and answer
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have. parents say they learned about the incident weeks after it was first reported to police. teachers may be subject to a new rating system. the education commissioner proposes student test scores not solely determine their ratings. instead the scores would be combined with the annual job review. they oppose using student test scores in evaluations because there are factors outside schools that online discounts today. >>and how shoppers cashed in at the weekend sales. and l. l. bean taking new steps to speed up production of their boots. and if you have a fitness tracker, you probably monitor your daily steps y 10000 may not be enough you probably monitor your daily steps. why 10,000 may not be
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. 6:24, boston area workers will enjoin protests for minimum wage. events are planned in central square, logan airport and the state house where a new bill calling for a bigger increase will be announced. massachusetts' minimum wage is along the highest in the country. it is cyber monday, and online sales $3.3 billion, 9% more than last year and nearly 27% more than 2014 when sales were at 2.6 billion. retailers are offering deep discounts today as are hotels and resorts. more people shopped over thanksgiving, but they spent less money, mostly because retailers offered big sales. americans spent about $289 on average, which is $10 less than
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keep up with demand for popular bean boots. the company has leased a 110,000 square foot building and plan to install a third injection molding machine to manufacture the rubber soles. the company is hiring 100 more workers in the new year to make the boots. the original boot was designed more than 100 years ago. on the health watch this morning if you have a fitness tracker, you may be trying to hit 10,000 steps that might not be enough. researchers found the 10,000 step goal came from a company back in -- in japan based on rates in the 1960s. you also need to consider how much exercise you get. >>forgot it. i'm going to get a hot dog. >>and get 20,000 steps? >>right, exactly. i guess what you're doing here, kate.
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>>it's a monday morning. sullivan's in south boston served its last hot dog of the season yesterday. they have been open 7 days a week in the spring, summer, and fall, a few folks braved the wind to get the final taste of summer. just have a hot dog and be done with it. >>i like it because it tells me what time it is. lots more on our next half hour. veterans protesting a massachusetts college and their decision to lower the american flag. and u.s. commercial flights beginning to cuba today as the country mourns the death of fidel castro. a look ahead to the possible changes and
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. breaking news right now at 6:30 a fiery scene after a logan express bus logan express bus and a car -- after a logan express bus collide overnight. a driver tries to lure a child with a video game system.
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way. the search for a missing teenager, police in braintree turning to the public to find this car who may need help. live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news this morning. good morning to you. 6:30 right now, i'm chris mckinnon. >>and i'm kate merrill. this is a hard monday to go back to work and school, danielle niles after a long weekend filled with food and i'm exhausted. >>lots of turkey, lots of pie, stuffing, leftovers. at least the weather is quiet as we head back to reality today and the sun will be signing this afternoon as well. 34 in boston, 33 in manchester, lawrence, 23 in taunt ebb. 38 in chatham -- in taunton, 38 in chatham. a little bit of scattered frost in the suburbs as well. mainly clear, a few clouds in the cape. a couple
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the clouds will be breaking apart and giving way to more and more sunshine this afternoon. 44 for high, a little bit cooler than average. today and tonight, dry, tomorrow morning, different story. i'm concerned with places like north of manchester and concord may start as just a trace of light freezing rain. this is 8:30 tomorrow morning. the rest of us just plain, old rain. we get a little lull showers before the rain fills back in. it will rain hard late afternoon people. most will be pushing out wednesday morning before the next rain arrives wednesday afternoon. i'll let you know rich am he did -- i'll let you know how much coming up. we have a class on 495 north starting to cause some delays. it's blocking the shoulder at exit 22 up to the mass.
6:32 am
we have a new accident on route 3 south in billerica blocking the shoulder at exit 29. you can see heavy delays there as well. breaking overnight a car collides with a logan express bus sending several people to the hospital. >>the crash also caused a fuel spill. nicole jacobs is live in chelsea with the latest. >> reporter: chris, they're still working on treating the fuel spill in the middle of the roadway. clean harbor crews are re on a detail crew to make sure this is a safe operation they can do, because it is a busy area. getting you to some video of a vehicle, actually, a post a vehicle on fire as a result of the -- a photo of a vehicle on fire as a result of the crash. it was in the area of eastern avenue and bellingham street in chelsea. you can see the gray vehicle, the front end completely smashed. we know three people were taken to the hospital.
6:33 am
the cleanup process of the fuel spill is a result of the bus. we're told a logan express bus leaked some fuel, and what is what they have been trying to clean up here along this roadway. taking it another live look, you can see it seems to be clear, but certainly there is more work to be done as we're hearing from the clean harbor crew. again, they are waiting for a detail officer to come to make sure they can do their work safely. also, i should add logan express does back and forth runs to and from the airport, in this case from braintree before they come here. it's unclear if that is what that bus driver was doing. it did not appear to have any passengers on the bus. that's the latest from chelsea, nicole jacobs, wbz this morning. in lester police searching for a driver that tried to lure a child with what looked like a playstation 4. anna meiler is
6:34 am
did and, kate, police say a -- and, kate, police say a man held up the video system and waved for the child to come over. the child was walking in this area saturday afternoon when a vehicle stopped on the other side of the rode and the man tried to use a playstation 4 to lure the child to his car. investigators say the child did not approach the car and walked away. police want to find and question the driver about the incident. police say they'r door large-style vehicle with two red bumper stickers on the back bumper. the driver is described as a man in his 20s, again, police looking for this man to question him about what they're calling a suspicious incident. if you have any information, call police. reporting live from lester, anna meiler, wbz this morning. today federal inspectors will be look at the pilgrim nuclear power station.
6:35 am
in 2019. the inspectors will update the public on their findings later this afternoon. president-elect donald trump taking to twitter to protest a recount in three states. he's now claiming voter fraud. mr. trump tweeted "voter fraud in virginia, new hampshire, and california," adding "i won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally." he also criticized the recount effort campaign. u.s. airlines will launched regularly scheduled commercial flights to havana today. they will run a one-hour flight from miami to havana. united, jet blue, delta, spirit, alaska, and southwest will offer flights from different u.s. airports in the coming weeks tens of thousands of cubans are expected to pay tribute to fidel castro
6:36 am
many cubans looking forward to better times in their home country. henna daniels has more. >> reporter: massive crowds are expected today in havana to pay tribute to found $1,800 in. mourners will be allow -- tribute to fidel castro. mourners will be allowed to sign a book. he had numerous critics abroad, but in cuba where he ruled for nearly 50 years, many people admired i am. manuel said he felt like he had lost a patriarch. but in miami's little havana where thousands of cuban exiles live more people are celebrating than grieving. this woman's parents are from cuba. >>we love the culture. >> reporter: cuba remains a communist nation under fidel's brother raul. they are planning a rally wednesday to demand freedom and democratic reforms
6:37 am
trump says he's looking forward to a cuba where all residents can live in freedom and promised to reverse president obama's executive order to normalize relations with cuba until the freedoms are restored. veterans are protesting a college that stopped flying the american flag. organizers described it as a peaceful demonstration of freedom holding up american flags and chanting u.s. college officials decided to stop flying flags after the main flag was burned by students upset with donald trump's election. they say the school's decision disrespects veterans and current military families. >>it's because of our veterans and many who have given the ultimate sacrifice and their families that we are able to lead the lives that we lead because of your efforts. >>students can fly their flags
6:38 am
hampshire's college's president told our sister station the flag will remain lowered for the time being and a discussion about what the flag represents will continue. members of the transgenderrer community in new england have a new legal resource. there is free legal help being offered for people looking to complete legal name changed and update identity documentation. the services are free of charge to those looking to change passports, driver's licenses, and their daughter was hit on thanksgiving morning. 21-year-old taylor mcbaron was driving to her parents' house around 2:00 a.m. thanksgiving morning when a wrong-way driver crashed head on into her. mcbaron was rushed to the hospital where she underwent surgery on her ankle. she suffered a fractured pelvis. her stepfather describes hearing the news of her crash. >>she's a sweet girl, a nice
6:39 am
and beautiful, and she was coming home to be with her family on thanksgiving, and to have that interrupted by this type of situation, it's the parents' biggest nightmare. >>state police say the driver, 22-year-old james keating died in the crash. braintree police asking for your help to find a missing girl that needs medical attention. 17-year-old disappeared from a hotel on friday. she was last seen wearing jeans and a gray sweater. if you have seen her or have information call braintree police. new details about a shark rescued after getting stranded on a chatham beach in 2015. the receiver detected the shark was off nova scotia last month meaning estill on the move.
6:40 am
the move. just ahead we'll have a check the day's top stories. and if you've seen -- we'll have a check of the day's top stories. and this woman through a cup of tea on a dunkin' donuts employee. the new favorites of candy canes if you're brave enough to try them. weather watchers checking in with temperatures on the chilly side. overall a pretty quiet start to the week. temperatures in the 20s and 30s right now. 28 degrees and the wind chill is 28 too. there's a heavy frost on the deck this morning. you may need an extra minute or two to warm up the car. on our way to 40s this afternoon. rain arrives tomorrow. i'll let you know what time when we come
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a seattle-based business is putting a unique twist on a
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canes have much different flavors, bacon, pickle, even wasabi, a box of 6 goes for around $7. >>but from what i understand there, the wasabi and the pickle are the same color, so you have to be very careful what you're getting. >>okay. good to know. >>with he didn't see your favorite coffee cake flavor. >>i think that would be great. it would be delicious. look at the a little deck of clouds over the skyline right now. we're in for plenty of sunshine today, quiet weather to start the workweek here. temperatures in the 40s for highs today, two rounds of rain on the way, one tomorrow and then one later wednesday into wednesday night. and thursday starts meteorological winter december 1st, and it will be mild with temperatures in
6:45 am
of us. 34 in boston right now, 28 in worcester. 28 in nashua right now. most of us in the upper 20s and low 30s. taunton at 23. 30 in falmouth. chilly start in the vineyard right now with a lot of cloudy skies. mid and outer cape as well. high pressure in control, no issues across the northeast or up and down the eastern seaboard for that matter. across north and south dakota. we are on the warmer side, so it's this next round of rain that comes in, it will be plain rain for most of us except for a touch light freezing rain north of concord early tomorrow. rain fills in by mid to late morning tomorrow and it rains steadily and at times heavily. tomorrow's evening commute will be slow in spots.
6:46 am
round of rain arrives late in the afternoon and evening with showers and downpores filling back in. those will -- downpours filling back in. 1 to 2 inches for many of us. it gives you a good idea, inch and a half, 2 1/2 inches for most of us. there may be a couple of higher amounts. no rain today, lower to middle 40s, normal for this time of year. sunshine and a west wind about 5 to 15 miles per hour making it feel a little bit cooler at times. 46 in the vineyard. we drop into the 30s downtown, upper 20s in the chilliest suburbs, mild through the middle part of the week and the early morning showers thursday and the sun comes back to end the week.
6:47 am
middle to low 40s. just before exit 43 you can see it's a rough ride down 93. there's another crash on route 3 south in billerica blocking the shoder at exit 29. there is a crash on 495 north in hopkington blocking the shoulder. delays on 495 and also on the mass. pike through framingham right now. breaking overnht crash in chelsea, a car and a logan express bus collide sending three people to the who want injuries. the crash also caused a fuel spill. crews are still working to clean up the area. police are investigating now what caused the crash. 6:47 right now on your monday. police searching for a man who tried to lure a child with what appeared to be a playstation 4. >>it happened in lester saturday afternoon.
6:48 am
four-door car with red bumper stickers on the back. anyone with information should call police. a planned protest this morning over a pipeline in roxbury. the protesters plan to meet at the center and grove streets at 8:00 this morning. they have voiced concerns about the safety of the pipeline and its environmental impact. a lawsuit against the pipeline a dunkin' donuts worker attacked with a hot cup of tea. police say this woman got into a dispute with the dunkin' donuts employee two weeks ago at the dudley square station. and they say she threw a hot cup of tea severely burning the woman. president-elect donald trump is meeting with potential of his administration today.
6:49 am
he fired off 2011 tweets -- 11 tweets yesterday alleging voter fraud. in one he wrote "i won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally." tom brady on the pat's win over the jets. plus bruin's goalie tuukka rask making 30 saves, bus
6:50 am
6:51 am
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the bruins trying to it appear a losing streak. >>plus the patriots win. steve burton has more. >>good morning, everyone. i don't care what they say, when it comes to the patriots and jets, throw the records out the
6:53 am
patriots and the jets, and the jets gave them fits again. it came down to one drive. pats down 17-16, under 2 minutes to play, brady finds mitchell for the go-ahead and the winning score. patriots improving 9 and 2 on the season and brady said it's never easy in new york against this division rival. >>it was a great win for our team. we didn't play as well as we wanted plays when we needed to. it's a division game on the road, it's always a tough team to play. i thought they played really well, and i'm glad we made the plays at the end. >>the pats are back home sunday to take on the rams. game day is at 11:30. pats and rams kick-off at 1:00 and the 5th quarter is right after the game. how about the bruins? they get
6:54 am
saves. they beat tampa yesterday at the garden 4-1, so good news for the b's as well. both the patriots and the bruins finished sunday in the win column, and that is something to be thankful for. i'm steve burton. back to you. it is 6:54 right now. >>let's check in with gail king in no, good morning, gail. >> reporter: good morning to you, kate morning coverage on fidel castro's death. we'll look at preparations and what this means for u.s. relations with the country. and a michigan map is here today in the studio. how he learned to walk again. the news is back in the morning.
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6:57 am
a rare sighting on the north shore, some spade foot toads. >>why is it so rare? >>researchers say they are elusive and are borrow up to 8 feet development they dig down by twirling their bodies like a -- they big down by twirling
6:58 am
it is monday morning after a long holiday weekend. sun and clouds through the morning. two rounds of rain, one tomorrow by mid/late morning, and then another later on wednesday into very early thursday morning. december 1st on thursday. we're going to be in the mid 50s. >>love it. what are we looking at on the roads. >>heavy traffic getting into the city on route s tobin bridge. give yourself some extra times.
6:59 am
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, november 28th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? president-elect trump denounces plans to recount the vote in three states. hillary clinton's campaign is now backing wisconsin after conceding the election. >> cuba mourns the life of a leader while miami cheers the death of a dictator. charlie is in havana today and takes a look at how fidel castro death could change cuba and its relationship with the u.s. warning for shoppers who use their smartphones on cyber money. how opening your app could put your information in the eyes of criminals. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds.


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