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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 28, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> announcer: live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz news at noon starts now. breaking news. a heavy police presence at ohio state university right now. students were told to run, hide, fight after report of an active shooter on campus. several people sent to the hospital. still a very serious and active scene there right now. >> let's get over to jim sm breaking story. jim what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, kate, we want to take you to the scene because obviously this story is still developing, even as we speak. the shelter in place has been lifted on campus. we do know one suspect has been shot and killed by police. there were reports that police were still looking for a second suspect. at least nine people now have been transported to the hospital. one of them is in critical condition. we do not know the cause of their injuries at this time, scene still active, of course.
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a second s.w.a.t. team just arrived less than an hour ago. the fbi and atf are also on the scene and you can see police in this video putting on their tactical gear. police also still going in and out of buildings on campus. students have been either evacuated told to shelter in place in their dorms or classrooms. our cbs affiliate said this all starred around 9:30 this morning when a red suv ran right into the chemical state's campus after the fire alarm was pulled. then police said two people jumped out of the car, one armed with a knife, the other with a gun. ohio state emergency management just sent out this tweet just before 10:00 this morning. you can eye alert. active shooter on campus. run, hide, fight. watch hall 19 and college. watch hall is a materials science and engineering building. the phrase "run, hide, and fight" is standard protocol for
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it means "run, evacuate if possible, hide, get silently out of view, or fight as a last resort." take action to disrespect or incapacitate the shooter if your life is in imminent danger. students report seeing people running and hearing gunshots. our affiliate in columbus, ohio, wpns, spoke with a student moments ago. >> i was walking to class and i just heard a bunch of people screaming and then -- a lot of people running. and was struck by a car. she told me that, uh, that they -- the fire alarm was pulled in watch hall, that there was a car waiting for them, and it just -- like -- plowed through some people. >> reporter: they were hit by that car, joe? >> yeah, they were hit by -- they were hit by a car. that's how everyone was injured. i called about 30 minutes ago because i heard people were saying people were getting shot
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all. i was -- i was right there and i can tell you right now that -- uh, i did not hear a gun go off, especially not multiple times. but people were struck by a car. >> reporter: okay, so from where you were, you didn't hear any gunshots and the folks who were injure word injured by that car slamming through the wall of watch labs? >> yeah. so the car, um, from what i can tell because, uh, a very good friend of , works in that building and he said his friend said that the fire alarm was pulled, a bunch of them just walked out of the building casually and a car just went after them. it seems like that's how people were seriously injured and i talked to a person who was minorly hit. she was running away, um, but there was -- there was no gunshot. i don't think people were shot, at least multiple people. >> reporter: again, this
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shelter in place has just been lifted at ohio state university. however, of course, all classes have been canceled. ohio state the third largest university in the country with nearly 60,000 students on its main campus. a massive undertaking to put that school in lockdown. again, a suspect is dead, police might be looking for another suspect after reports of gunshots on campus and, again, repeating the information as we have it right now, nine people transported the hospital, unfortunately one in critical condition. we will continue to follow the latest and bring you updates as you get them. i'm jim smith, wbz news. >> jim, thank you. we want to bring in security analyst and former boston police commissioner ed davis on the phone right now. thanks for joining us. >> hi, kate, thank you. >> a report of a shooter on a campus like ohio state, this massive-sized campus, very difficult for police to sort out what's going on. what do police do in a situation like this when they
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>> well, kate, ohio state is the third-largest campus in the united states. and i'm certain just like we do in boston that there are good working relationships between the local police and the, uh, security department at ohio state. there's cleary a massive response by police, fire, ems, and, uh, federal and state authorities so this appears to be very the fact the school has sent out pages and tweets telling people to "run, hide, and fight" is consistent with the training and shows the school has spent some time in preparing their students and their employees for just this type of situation. we're only 90 minutes or so into this right now. there is information that's coming out that's very
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see any public statements on it. >> can i ask you a question. when you hear the fbi and atf are involved with the investigation, that seems pretty quickly for federal agents to get involved in this. does that signal in addition as far as who might have been this act? >> not at this point in time, chris. it's protocol for those agencies to respond to you can tell the scene is being worked very actively. there are people inside and there are detectives and administrative people from all the agencies involved meeting to determine who is going to be in charge of this. is this just an incident involving a, uh, disgruntled employee or someone who, uh, who has a problem with the school? or is it something that, uh is
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-- you know -- pulled the fire alarm first and then it seems as though the assaultive behavior took place after that, but it's very early to guess right now. no agency has taken control of this just yet. >> interesting insight this noon from former boston police commissioner and wbz security analyst ed davis. ed, thanks for your time. we appreciate your insight on this. >> thank you, kate. we have more breaking news right now at noon. a man hit in a in that crash. that crash friday morning was caught on camera and shows the man being hit as he was leaving the spot bar and lounge. the driver turned himself in over the weekend. so far, no charges have been filed. developing this noon, lester police are searching for a suspicious driver who approached two children. >> police said that man used a playstation 4 to try and lure the kids and now the boys'
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>> reporter: police want to find and talk to the driver and find out exactly why he was leading boys over to his car. the boys' parents did not want to show their face on camera but want to share their story so other parents can be on the lookout. >> it's unnerving, very -- rattling because -- you try so hard to keep your kids safe and this happens. >> reporter: a mom and dad in lester don't want to show their faces on camera but want to alert other parents about something tt neighborhood when their sons were delivering popcorn for the boy scouts on green street and baldwin street saturday afternoon. >> my oldest was closer to the ronde and a car pulled over to the road, waved him over -- >> displayed a ps4 box, wavedded him over again -- my son didn't go over or do anything. the guy just took off from there. >> reporter: the one comforting part about ten counter is the older son knew how to react.
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>> they called 911 right away. police said they're now looking for the driver described as a man in his 20s to question him about the suspicious incident. they're asking the public to be on the lookout for a burgundy four-door large-style vehicle with two red bumper stickers on each side of the back bumper. in the meantime, the family said they're going to be extra careful. >> we stand outside with them, wait for the bus, just to be safe. >> just keeping an eye on every car that pass down the road right now. >> reporter: hoping they'll get answers soon. >> i want to know what this person's intent was -- if it was malicious, i'm hoping something will be done. >> reporter: lester police are following several leads and ask anyone with information to give them a call. wbz news. >> annona thank you very much. also developing this noon, the state of new hampshire responding to allegations from president-elect donald trump about voter fraud there. this weekend, trump tweeted series voter fraud in virginia,
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serious bias, big problem. that's what he said. today, the governor's office responded, saying the complete is unsubstantiated and claims of voter fraud in new hampshire have earned politifacts rating of "pants on fire." this as the possible chase for mitt romney as secretary of state parks debate among those closest to the president-elect. elect mike pence arrived at trump tower, where president- elect donald trump is holding more meetings to fill his administration. >> a busy week. get ready. buckle up. >> reporter: among his visitors, former cia director david petraeus. the retired general is something considered for secretary of state. petraeus resigned in 2012 after admitting to an extramarital affair with his biographer and mishandling classified information. mitt romney, another contender
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trump loyalists. >> we don't even know if he votedded for donald trump. he and his consultants were nothing but awful to donald trump for a year. >> the president-elect will meet with romney and senator bob corker of tennessee at trump tower tomorrow. corker is considered a long shot to become the nation's top diplomat. the president-elect slamming hillary clinton's campaign for getting involved in green party candidate jill stein's recall effort in wisconsin, michigan, and evidence widespread voter fraud, tweeting sunday, "i won the popular vote. if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally." independent fact-checkers determined that claim to be false. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. a swampscott man is due in court to face manslaughter by vehicle charges in a deadly crash with an airport shuttle. police said steven burnbaum slam into the shuttle and was
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in the crash. and chelsea police are investigating this fiery crash between a car and logan express bus. the accident happened at eastern av and belling hamm street. three people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries and the crash did cause a fuel spill. the patriots defeat the jets but came with a price. gronkowski left in the first quarter with a back injury and didn't come into the game. tom brady has been dealing with knee issues but said he's feeling good today. >> playing as long as i have had, you know, you just -- dealt with a lot of different things over the years and, um, you know, they're all a little bit different, you know. it's -- when you want to go out there, you want to be productive and help the team win and if you don't think you can do that, you know, you got to -- you know, let your coaches know that.
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to that so, you know, i got out there and practiced friday and tried to show everybody that you know, i could do it. >> the pats are back home sunday to take on the l.a. rams at gillette up patriots game day at 11:00 sunday on wbz. the kickoff is at 1:00 and "fifth quarter" is on tv 38 right after the game searching for sales. cyber monday underway but are americans being stingy the cash this holiday? a special thanksgiving for the family of beach in massachusetts is reaching out with unusual
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>> announcer: closed captioning brought to you by exit realty. we are hiring and training new and experienced agents. visit our website today. we want to get back to breaking news we told you about at the top of the newsca the hospital after reports of an active shooter on the ohio state campus. one of them is in critical condition. we now know one suspect has been shot and killed by police. the school sent out tweets warning students to "run, hide, fight." the scene is very active but the shelter in place has been lifted. we, of course, will continue to follow this breaking story and will bring you the latest as soon as it becomes available. back here at home, we want to check our forecast.
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>> okay. >> it was okay. >> we're getting acclimated. >> we're going to be okay, barry. it's not going to be terrible. >> let's look outside, chris and kate, and it's a nice and sunny day. we haven't had a full sunny day in a while. today is a full day of sunshine. a lovely shot there of the charles and we're looking at november almost concluding here after today, just a couple more days, and the mean temperature 1.2 above and typically we look at all of november is a little above average like 1 to 1.5-degree above average, we tend to get, during the winter, average snowfall, like 40 to 45 inches. however, we do end up getting snow and below average temperatures in november, we end up getting sometimes big snow and cold winters like we had in 2014 and 2015. so that's an interesting data to look at and we'll see how that all shakes out, but it's
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now, looking pretty nice in boston. it is 43, the humidity is 49% right now, and wind is west at 99 miles per hour so we should be light wind for the afternoon as it slowly drops off. the temperature throughout the afternoon going up probably up in the range of getting finally in the mid-40s or so, possibly 45 or 46 this afternoon. that's in most location around boston. pretty nice across most of the nation, warm across the south, not all that cold. it's coldest in the intermountain region out west has been falling. in some plays, snow in the last 48 hours. we're not going get any snow, at least around here, but rain is on the way from this system that will arrive here in a little bit tomorrow morning but most of it after the morning commute is tomorrow afternoon when we get most of the rain. i'll show you that shortly it will chill off tonight, even though we will have high, thin cloudiness this afternoon, may add to a very colorful sunset because of those wispy clouds coming in. it will go down to 25 to 30 in
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to 35 to 40 by dawn, hopefully negating any chance of an icing or freezing rain situation as the rain develops. now, these high temperatures tomorrow, low to middle 50s will happen very late in the day or even tomorrow evening as it the warm air finally flow in here and the rain will come in from this system in the midwest. it will churn right along so a little bit of rain tomorrow morning, a little ice and snow way up north, but that rain will evolve into a steadier, heavier rain tomorrow afternoon for the afternoon commute. it's going to come potential of 1 to 2-inch of rain not only from this system but on wednesday we get another system coming right along through southern new england to give us some additional rain of 1 to as much as 2 to 2.5 inches. my accuweather forecast shows you that. we have the rain starting tomorrow, little bit in the morning, most of in it the afternoon and most of the rain on wednesday will be in the afternoon and evening. partly sunny, 56 on thursday and cooler at the end of the week. back to you, chris kate.
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online sales could hit at least $3.3 billion on cyber monday >> that's 9% more than 2015 and nearly 27% jump from 2014 when sales were at $2.6 billion. retailers are offering deep discounts today as are hotel and resorts and more people shopped over the thanksgiving weekend but ended up spending less money, mostly because retailers offered those deeper discounts. americans spent about $289 million -- or $2 $10 less than last year. that would be a lot. this week, wbz's call for action is teaming up with the mass bar association for a free program, ask a lawyer. on wednesday night, volunteer lawyers will be on the wpz studios to answer your question about the law. the phone number is 617-787- 7070. phone lines will be open from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. coming up this noon, a message from he beyond? >> the find on a cape cod beach
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or visit us at ? >> welcome back. a portland, oregon, family has a special reason to give thanks, and it's thanks to a
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brace let on the beach, engraverred with the name of a soldier, john pelham and the initials k.i.a., killed in action. she searched online and found a news article about the family so she reached out. >> this is, like, the closest to a message in a bottle i've ever gotten but in a weird way. i think it was john sending a message. "hey, confined me." >> when liz called, and started explaining what happened, it didn't -- it didn't her reactions -- because i feel that often. >> john was killed in 2014 while serving in afghanistan. his family said they continue to get message from friends of john's. they said they feel in a way that's him reaching out to them. pretty nice story.
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inds of things like that. hey homeserve guy, was it a faulty valve? no ma'am, just a hairy snow beast. that was my second guess. you're right, honey. help protect your heating system with a repair plan and save 50% your first year. homeserve. service for the unexpected. we want to update you on that breaking news at ohio state university. a spokesperson for the school said the nine people taken to the hospital have either stab wound or were hit by a vehicle. students said a fire alarm was pulled at one of the campus buildings and when they went outside, a red suv drove right towards them. students also report seeing two people get out of the car, one armed with a knife, the other with a gun.
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suspect is dead. the shelter in place on campus has been lifted. we will have much more on this story for you on the wbz news at 5:00. before we go, one last check of the forecast from barry. >> nice afternoon, sunshine-y, 45 or so, not too much wind and the first of two round of rain starting tomorrow, wettest in the afternoon and again another round coming in on wednesday. >> all right, barry. thank you. be sure to join us. our next newscast today at 5:00. >> we will be back tomorrow morning starting you can join us then.
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>> chelsea: [ gasps ] well, hello! >> nick: hey. thank you so much for doing this. >> chelsea: oh, are you kidding me? it's my pleasure. hello, little man. we are gonna have so much fun while your dad's out doing boring stuff. >> nick: [ laughs ] >> chelsea: any word from dylan? >> nick: uh, no. nothing. >> chelsea: i'm really hoping he'll reconsider. i mean, he just doesn't strike >> nick: you know, he seemed pretty serious. >> chelsea: i was hoping, you know, giving him a few days to think about it, he'd reconsider and realize that suing for visitation is a bad idea. >> nick: that's what i'm hoping, too, but i got to be cautious. i can't take any chances when it comes to my kid. you know, i thought i lost him forever. there's no way i'm letting him go now.


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