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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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shooting but police say there's now a more complex picture of what happened. 18-year-old-- a student at the university. >> a male suspect drove a vehicle over the curb and struck pedestrians. he exited the vehicle and used a butcher knife to start cutting pedestrians. our officer was less than a minute. >> reporter: 28-year-old -- has been with the force not two years. he killed him within a minute of the attack. an osu senior says she was in class and got the emergency text alert. >> it's so unreal. you never really think anything like that is going to happen to your campus. >> reporter: the moments that followed the attack were terrifying.
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>> i wasn't calm at all. everyone was freaking out and making sure that their loved ones were safe. >> terrorism is not out of the question. >> reporter: we'll continue to make this the safest place we can make it. >> the quick reactions of the first responders likely saved many lives. classes are canceled tonight and they are expected to resume tomorrow. david-- as police continue to investigate the attack and we learn more about the victims and the suspects, we'll have the information on air and online. breaking now at 6:00, the death of a 2-year-old girl in new hampshire is being investigated as a homicide. police in berlin say the girl died from blunt force your injuries. police are looking into the circumstances surrounding the child's death.
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as they come in. revere sky eye over the area where fire officials say a pit bull attacked a man on squire road a short time ago. and the man suffered serious injuries to his arm. it happened near a karate studio and some other shops. a lawrence mother who overdosed faced a judge this afternoon. days after the overdose was ca plan to beat her addiction. we want to get right to jim smith who is live with an update. prosecutors wanted mandy mcgowan held on $10,000 cash bail. instead, she's been released but required to remain in rehab. mandy mcgowan hid her face. a heartbreaking video last
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overdose. her 2-year-old daughter was crying, frantically trying to wake her up. she was revived by two doses of narcan. >> there were two straws with a white powdery substance on them. >> reporter: mcgowan admitted her problem. >> if i knew i was going to be like that, daughter with me. she was released on personal recognizance and required to remain in a treatment program. >> this young lady obviously has an issue. she's dealing with the issue. she's done everything the department of family services has asked her to do. she's entered a program and is
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she's living with relatives in new hampshire. jim smith, wbz news. a driver who hit a hotel shuttle bah bus, killing two tourists from texas is free on bail. steven birnbaum pleaded not guilty to several charges. prosecutors say he was high on thc and had been drinking right before the crash. donald trump claims he lost millions of people voted illegally. and he says the -- christina hager is live at the state house. ? [ music ] ? >> reporter: i spoke with an election investigator who told me that since 2012, the attorney general's office has prosecuted only two voter fraud
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into the issue many, many times and never any evidence they say of organized fraud. donald trump and one of his infamous tweets being fact checked in the granite state. >> there's no evidence of widespread voter fraud. >> an answer to a sunday night tweet the president-elect fired off. >> serious voter fraud in virginia, new hampshire, and on this? >> do you have confidence in the electoral system in va? >> i do. >> as a republican, i think that there's a lot he has to curb in his i guess emotional speech versus practical speech. >> the state attorney general's office is looking into four
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place. and hillary clinton won here by 2700 votes. trump's tweet was part of his reaction to green party candidate jill stein's bid to recount pennsylvania, wisconsin, and michigan. it's a move that hillary clinton's campaign is backing. in new hampshire, election officials stand by the final count. >> reporter: the commission met today as they are required to and they had no appeals to take up. new hampshire's outgoing governor sent us this statement. his tweet is completely unsubstantiated and claims of voter fraud in new hampshire have earned politifact rating of pants on fire. that's the lowest rating given
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christina hager, wbz news. turning to the weather. a live outside. and we had a nice start to the week. cold but not frigid and in many ways, the sun saved the door for us. but an icy morning is in store. >> we're looking at all the warmth going back to space. 32 in plymouth. and we have a window for th cold air to set up shop. here you see it moving in from the west. and most of the storm will be rainfall. but we could see pockets of icy travel. freezing rain advices for western massachusetts. and if it were up to me, i'd extend it to the east. so clear right now and the clouds increase overnight
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10 a.m. tomorrow. and as the first rain moves in, it could freeze on contact. and areas of rev rainfall move in for the evening drive. another round of rain is on the way for wednesday. and we'll have totals coming up. >> now to the patriots and the comeback win over the jets. after the game. tom brady was unusual candid. >> when it comes the patriots safe next to nothing. after missing two straight practices last week, tom brady was able to play. and he delivered the 200th win of his career. >> he led the pats to the go ahead score with under two minutes to go. this morning on the radio he talked about playing through
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win. and if you don't feel you can do that you have to let the coaches know. i got out there and practiced friday and tried to show everybody that i could do it. >> he sure did. for more on brady and sunday's matchup against the rams -- on sunday we'll 11:30. lost but not forgotten. >> a local family received comfort but a mystery remains. and making the hustle and bustle a little more tolerable
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together a woman from falmouth and a gold star dad in oregon. >> and both of them believe that the connection is far more than blind luck. paula ebben has the story at 6:00. >> this is the honor room at the bell um home in portland, oregon. dedicated to john pellum who died in afghanistan. it was unusual when she was walking on a falmouth beach and found >> it has a name engraved and i wiped off some of the sand and i noticed a kia. >> it stands for killed in action. the name on the bracelet. special wrist john pellum. she called his father in oregon. it wasn't a shock. the family is used to getting messages from friends of their son. >> people from all over the
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>> this is the closest to a message in the bottle. >> when she called and started explaining what happened. it didn't surprise me at her reaction because i feel that often that -- and i affectionately look up and say now you're just showing off. >> the bracelet takes its place in the honor room. >> the learn who wore the bracelet to honor him and how it was lost on the cape cod beach. >> you can see what it meant to the person who found it and the dad. let's talk about the weather. things are about to change a little bit. >> sunny today and not so today. >> we're getting back in the groove of things. it's been very sunny.
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it rained on the 15th. and everything else has been drizzle or a light shower but nothing significant. we're running a big deficit for this november. this is a story we'll keep going back to. nearly every year has brought a big deficit. and 30 inches now in the boston area. that's a lot of missing water. the lakes and ponds have been so low. and we'll need a lot of rain. 20s anw and the overnight lows will be in the next few hours. as we have a big storm system in the middle of the country. some of the rain will run into the colder air. and that could lead to pockets of freezing drizzle for the morning commute. this could cause a bit of an issue for us. the leading edge of the cloud cover is scranton and arrives around midnight. we're back in the 20s before the clouds get here.
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essentially around bedford and an dover. and reaching worcester. we should be at or below freezing tomorrow morning. and any rain could freeze on contact. and keep a close eye on the weather to make sure that the roads are in good shape. the issue is that it will be so light. the main question mark is will anything reach the ground. and the first bit of rainfall tomorrow morning. 5 to 10 a.m. anything that does should freeze on contact. once we head to the afternoon, everyone is warming to above freezing. in the afternoon and evening, it's just rain. it won't be icy. and we'll see downpours nixed in especially south of boston. and this is going to be batch number one and it ends late tomorrow night. we're looking at temperatures that continue to climb. and by this time tomorrow we reach the highs 50s from boston south and staying in the 40s
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and the highs come late in the day. and then we have another round of rain moving in for wednesday. we start off dry for the morning. and afternoon and evening, areas of heavier downpours will move through. and that will linger. all told, a couple of different waves and significant rain. i think most of us will get 1 to 3 inches of total rainfall. and this is just a computer model. it's a rule. breaking down the commute, a chance for ice north and west for tomorrow morning. and the rain likely for tomorrow evening. and wednesday evening we bring back the heavier rainfall. and then things get quieter. friday looks dry and a chilly but seasonal weekend. if you have plans saturday and sunday. doesn't look like any travel problems. notice the temps are mild for
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50 on friday. and then it gets back to northerly on saturday and sunday. and a mainly dry weekend. david and lisa, over to you. the clock is ticking on cyber monday. and online retailers are celebrating. shoppers spent $540 million between midnight and 10 a.m. meaning we're well on our way to breaking an online shopping record this year. have you purchased anything yet? >> >> as have i. >> anybody buying a patriots jersey did an extra hard click. >> they're playing well. maybe it's that they are playing the jets. those games are always close. >> maybe it's that you're spoiled. >> happy holidays to you too, steve. [ laughter ] >> winning a division game on the road is never easy.
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makes it tougher. at this point in the year, they'll take it. and tom brady missed the first four games of the season. it was nice to see new faces. the wide receiver had a breakout game. less than two minutes to go. mitchell's playing time has slowly been on the rise. >> i just think it comes from practice. i try to work as to prepare for any opportunities. i never know when they're going to come but when they do i try to be ready. >> he shows up every day and works his butt off and is committed to the team. football matters. >> he's done a good job all the way back to the spring and training camp. he's always hung with it.
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>> it was nice to see chris long pitch in with a big play last night. long came into the game with one sack. and it was nice to see a big play in a key moment. >> it felt good. that's team win and a team effort. the coverage held up well on the play. and we just kept coming. and when it mattered we made a pl. and people have been getting on us about numbers and the bottom line is we're trying to win games. >> but it wasn't all peaches and cream. rob gronkowski -- he just returned after missing last weekend's game in san francisco with a chest injury. the browns dropped to 0-12.
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cleveland. after losing to the giants in cleveland, 27-13 and after the game. hue jackson got a little choked up talking about all the losing. >> being 0-12 is probably the hardest thing ever. i don't like this. i don't think anybody does. this is hard. this is a hard deal. i didn't be that's not what it is at all. so sometimes you just got to flip your thinking and think in a different direction. >> and celtics will be without al horford. his wife gave birth to a baby girl. congratulations. we got it good around here. >> and we're most grateful. the cbs evening news is
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>> and norah o'donnell joins us with a preview. >> reporter: geek to you david and lisa. new details on the attack at ohio state. what we know about the suspect who deliberately rammed people on campus. and cuba mourns the content of fidel castro. those stories ahead on the cbs evening news. still to come, look who airport. a surprise from some of the city's best musicians. and coming up on my tv 38, a wild scene playing out on the tarmac. while the plane is taxiing in. a passenger opens the emergency exit and walks on the wing and jumps off. the exclusive video and what happened next. this week, wbz is teaming up with the mass bar xerox for
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lawyer. volunteer lawyers will be here to take your phone calls and answer your questions about the law. the phone number, is 617, 787-
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we all know the holidays can be stressful. and certain sounds make your smile. >> the boston pops are doing their part. ? [ music ] ? >> the pops performed a mini holiday concert at logan's terminal b. they've done this before around the 4th of july. >> it's a great idea. >> a nice tradition.
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the cbs evening news is coming up next. >> see you back here for the wbz news at 11:00. >> o'donnell: attack at ohio state. >> we have man with a knife running around killing people. >> o'donnell: a student from somalia targets pedestrians as others rush to safety. >> i heard a loud noise, like a crash, and just saw people running. >> o'donnell: also >> i'm charlie rose in havana on a day of remembrance and reflection on the fiery and controversial leader of the cuban revolution. >> o'donnell: a warning on cyber monday: thieves are targeting smartphone apps. >> we found that there were hundreds of fake apps -- hundreds. >> o'donnell: and... >> i panicked. i thought she was gone. >> o'donnell: tossed 30 feet enter a drainage ditch. how did this eight-month-old


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