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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  November 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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. breaking rite now at 4:30. a deadly crash on a busy road the efforts to reopen the area on a busy commute. the plane crashes with the brazilian soccer team on board the efforts to rescue several survivors. we need your help the big game. live from the channel 4 studios in boston this is wbz news this morning. good morning everybody thanks for joining us i'm katemerrill the roads are clear. there could be icy roads out there in parts of the area let's get to danielle niles. the icy spots will primarily be confined to well
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pink showing up in washington massachusetts it takes a trace of light freezing rain nothing falling to the ground just yet this is evaporating before it hits the surface, for your morning commute there may be a few spots outside of 495 this evening, it had been a high impact in terms of heavy downpours and localized flooding ponding of water the evening will have with areas of rain and downpours with a second round of rain that moves in and lingering showers fitchburg, manchester 39, at or below freezing north and west of boston 36 at logan airport all
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winter weather advisory for a coating of snow and a trace of light freezing rain across central new hampshire other than that let's look at the hour by hour notice a little pink some of the spots across northern worcester county, may see a slick spot or two, the rain moves in and it becomes steadier and heavier notice this is the map by 4 p.m. downpours for your evening commute will continue right on through the evening expect coming up. no issues on the roads a live look at the mass pike there are crews working inside the tunnel on the pike there is lane restrictions in both directions and the eastbound exit kor copley square is completely closed on northbound the two left lanes are closed inside the o'neal tunnel southbound right lanes are closed as well as exit 23 for purchase street this should
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police investigating a deadly crash in east boston route 1a was closed for several hours happened around 11:30 no word what caused the deadly crash crews worked threw the night. a plane killing a brazilian soccer team crashes in columbia 81 people on board police confirming there are 5 survivors but the st passengers were killed in that crash the plane crashed before midnight in the mountainous areas recent heavy rain is making it difficult for crews to reach the crash site. the soccer team was scheduled to play tomorrow in the final, the soccer federation canceled all activities. to a developing story in tennessee where raging wildfire consumed several structures including a 16 story hotel the
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park, gatlinburg and pigeon ford. the names spread due to strong winds much of the area was due to extreme route. a father and daughter rushes to the hospital after a fire burned through a home a man was lighting his pipe when it started. he was going to the hospital with severe bu neighbor and police officers help pull him to safety. >> they were yelling and screaming so we pulled them out. >> the man's daughter is taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. a woman who says her son is sexually assaulted on a school bus is still looking for answers. they hold a forum for parents to discuss the incident the school learned about the
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didn't find out for another two weeks, manyparents explain their frustration for the process. >> i have never gotten a call from the presence pal, i only talked to social workers. we've got no answers from these people here, no one's house is safe here. the cool released a statement saying it has protect children since the incident. federal investigators are looking into the attack on ohio state university was an act of terrorism. investigators executed a search warrant in the home of 18-year- old abdul latan. the student plowed his car into a group of people who gathered outside after a fire alarm went
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the suspect a law enforcement says our town recently posted on facebook he was sick of the way muslims are being treated everywhere. we spoke with an ohio state university from massachusetts who barricaded himself inside a classroom on campus, grace ashworth is on lowell she was having chairs stacked against the door for more than an hour. >> i'm so happy nothing happened to me and i wasn't happy all my friends are safe i'm still worried about all the people that were injured. the 11 people include a faculty and students who were injured, one is in critical condition, classes at the school will resume this morning. now to the trump transition another cabinet position has been filled. cbs learned tom has been selected as secretary of health and human service ifs confirmed
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president obama's health care law something trump has vowed to repeal. vice president mike pence says there will be a number of important announcements we do know trump will meet with mitt romney for a second time. the governor is being considered for secretary of state. yesterday retired general david petraeus met with the president elect at the trump tower also being mentioned as possible secretary of state the former cia director admitting to an extramarital affair. and saying she'll resign amit will step down once parliament comes up for the safe transfer of power opponents argue she is just trying to delay an impeachment vote, accused of colluding with a friend for personal gain.
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a nationwide protest calling for a $15 minimum wage several events are planned in cambridge followed by another protest at east boston memorial park near logan at noon then a third at the statehouse at 2:00 this afternoon massachusetts says the set to rise $10 an hour is$11 hour. and check in for permitted hunters began at 4:30, the dear hunt will continue tomorrow and december sixth and seventh last year testimony dcr started the first ever controlled dear hunt to help control the dear population. they say over population can hurt the habitat and other wildlife. after all that spending today is giving tuesday a
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local warner football teams could use a helping hand to make sure the national championship at disney world two dorchester eagles teams have earned a spot but the cost of sending both to florida is challenging many of the families, they set up a go fund me page and their hope is to raise $60,000 this week. >> i feel sad because my family struggles to get the money. >> it is kind of hufu your kid gets it, where they really want to be this is a bigaccomplishment. >> we do a lot for the community in the community we're hoping the community rallies behind us. they hope to leave for florida by bus this friday if you'd like to help him out head to our website surely that's a nicer gesture than buying a bunch of stuff online.
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his weekly radio interview. it is adorable. how would you like to watch a patriot's game from coach bigbelichick's sweet. and ride sharing services like uber and lyft. writing a bad review online without the fear of being sues the new protection for
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. it could soon be easier to post negative views online without repercussion. they could sign a clause and sue them, it is needed to guarantee freedom of speech in a growing online world. in today's money watch apple working on big changes for the iphone 10th anniversary, beyonce is launching a line ofmerchandise.
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kate today is giving tuesday, 71,000 people donated about $116 million to their favorite charities according to wallet hub utah and minnesota are the most charitable states massachusetts is actually on the list it is number 41. apple's next iphone could have a curved screen the wall street journal the 10th anniversary, apple has been under pressure to boossales they've slowed down. >> it is looking like a beyonce christmas, they released a collection inspired by lemonade there is a sweatshirt that says i sway all day, a shirt with a stocking filled with lemons and wrapping paper.
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kate. >> how would you not want to wrap your presents and jill and beyonce paper? >> it is boy shorts, endless options. jill thank you, appreciate it. endless options for beyonce christmas. i think i know what i'm getting you! very competing! >> i wonder which ones you are going to get me! we have a weather alert we want to bring in danielle niles, kind of a messy couple areas of rain, it is welcome news, there may be a couple of slick spots north and west of boston until 10 a.m. this morning that will have some impacts for a few communities here localized flooding in terms of heavy downpours will be likely for the evening commute that may have a higher impact today and no risk for a coastal flooding or damaging wind we may see gusts top out over 30 miles per hour who would be a strong wind
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same in worcester, it is the spots below freezing places like man chester 29, keen, 28, colder to the north as well that's why as this first batch of precipitation moves in, there may be just a trace of freezing rain that comes down at the onset right now, all that means is that there may be a few slick spots that develop where the roads are untreated and the temperatures below fr thermometer outside of 495, otherwise look at this rain filled in today hopefully have the umbrella, raincoat, it is going to pour late this afternoon and evening heavy downpours for your evening commute roads kicking up, reduced visibility we do clear most of the rain off the coastline by about midnight or before that tonight tomorrow morning's commute will be much quieter with areas of clouds that's before round two moves in showers develop by midday,
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tomorrow afternoon yet again the evening commute will feature heavier elements of rain these will taper off in intensity earlier on thursday morning, the commute on thursday will feature showers and the sun breaks out december first can you believe it? temperatures running in the 50s for many of us the blues an purple indicate an inch to 2- inch i wouldn't be see 2.2, 3, that includes today, tomorrow, very early on thursday morning. high temperatures it is a slow process we'll gradually make it into the 50s for many of us especially south of the pike, we'll hover in the 40s. areas of rain will tend to taper off over night tonight as lows actually will not be in
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us over night tonight stay steady at least and still be in the 50s for highs tomorrow it is a very mild stretch right through the middle part of the week as the sun breaks back out on thursday, friday, sun and clouds the weekend is looking good too cooler with highs in the low to mid-40s looks like next chance of rain after that comes in on monday, breanna? if you're head into the tunnel there are closures northbound 2 left lanes are closed heading southbound right lanes are closed 23 for purchase street is blocked off going southbound crews are also still working on the pike inside prudential tunnel there is lane restrictions and the eastbound exit, 22 is closed there will soon be more protection for people who use uber and lyft in massachusetts starting january 6th both uber and lyft will begin comprehensive background check on drives all drivers will have to pass a
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by april that deal was announced yesterday charlie baker said they'll set a standard with ride sharing drivers. 4:49 every monday night we hear from tom brady on westwood one radio. the pat's qb was doing the interview, his 6-year-old son ben took over the segment . sheldon richardson, he had a chance to kill me you know he laid off just walked in. how are you? good. are you getting ready for christmas? yeah. >> what do you want for christmas? a bunch of skylander. did you watch your daddy play yesterday? yeah he was playing against the green guys, i don't know what they are called but they are very good.
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>> he flipped his chest andtripped too, he got even more hurt, maybe he'll tell us what's wrong with him. i don't know he is like a donkey. all right. oh i just love that kid so much. he should have a weekly radio address. if you'd like to be coach belichick special guest, they are having a taking on the ravens december 12th, tickets are $1 each if you spend 100 you get a football signed by belichick, for $1,000, you get a signed and framed hoodie but coach belichick. >> if you let me go and watch it with bennie, i will definitely go and sign up for that how amazing would that be?
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ahead a chance a discovery on a cape cod beach. >> the priceless item found and how it brought two families together. we have a story on a boston woman with down's syndrome looking to get her cookie
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. breaking news just into our newsroom. police on the scene of a shooting in lynn one person was taken to mass general parts of the lynn way are shut down as police investigate. we have a crew on the way to that scene we'll bring you updates throughout the morning. the death of a 2-year-old girl is being investigated as a homicide. prosecutors in berlin new hampshire saying she died from un still looking into the circumstances surrounding the child's death. a man is recovering from a pitbull attack in revere, happened yesterday afternoon in an apartment on squire road the dog bit the victim's arm and right hand the animal is now in quarantine. not clear if the owner will face charges. the beaches of the cape make for special memories what a massachusetts woman found is priceless for a gold star father in oregon, liz was
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spotted a bracelet it was engraved with the name of a soldier, and kia which means killed in action she searched his name and found an article about his family so she called him. >> this is like the closest to a message in a bottle i've ever gotten in a weired way. it is john sending a message complying to me. when liz called started explaining what happened, i want didn't surprise me with her action. >> john was killed serving in afghanistan, family is trying to figure out who was wearing bracelet how they lost it. and in support for a cookie business, we told you about colette, she decided to become her own job her dream is to hireothers with disabilities
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cookieorders around the country. >> we keep telling her, you have the fame now but the hard work is coming soon. also heard from a local businesses that want to sell the cookies even potential investors. i'd say we all rally around her and buy lots of cookies for the holiday and make her more famous. especially if they are all good. a gift that took 30 to grow. how a woman is giving back this holiday season stay with
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. the town of rockport is celebrating christmas. molly johnson planted a sappling in her backyard 25 years later molly and the tree have grown tall and donated it to e doc square this saturday afternoon. they used to give us trees in arbor day in a little bag did you get one? >> i planted it and it died. it didn't do anything. oh well. top stories are all straight ahead on wbz the news at 5:00 starts right now. breaking news now at 5:00, one person killed when a car crashes in the middle of a busy road the latest on the
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brazilian soccer team crashes in columbia, the news coming in with several survivors. two local teams winning a spot for the national championship, they may not make it the high cost getting in the way how you can help out. it is wbz news this morning. good morning, 5:00 thanks for joining us i'm chris. temperatures could create icy roads in some spots let's get to danielle niles with this storm watch weather alert. those icy spots will primarily be confined to well north and west of boston you can see the pink showing up on the map where it is just cold enough all it takes is a little trace of some light freezing rain to cause some issues in spots. so we're talking about areas of rain filling in during the course of the afternoon, and the course of late morning for


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