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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  November 29, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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brazilian soccer team crashes in columbia, the news coming in with several survivors. two local teams winning a spot for the national championship, they may not make it the high cost getting in the way how you can help out. it is wbz news this morning. good morning, 5:00 thanks for joining us i'm chris. temperatures could create icy roads in some spots let's get to danielle niles with this storm watch weather alert. those icy spots will primarily be confined to well north and west of boston you can see the pink showing up on the map where it is just cold enough all it takes is a little trace of some light freezing rain to cause some issues in spots. so we're talking about areas of rain filling in during the course of the afternoon, and the course of late morning for
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map, and a lot of this is not making it down to the ground we're talking just a little trace that may slicken the roads in spots, north and west of boston, the evening commute will have a higher impact with areas of heavy rain and downpours tomorrow morning no impact it will be a dry start and then around 2, rain moves in so your wednesday evening commute will be wet again in spots and then thursday into the first part of the commute. 29 in keen, 32 in springfield for that reason the national weather service has herb shoed a freezing rain advisory, a trace of freezing rain that may have roads in spots a winter weather advisory is up for concord, new hampshire points north hour by hour a little pink showing up you notice well outside of 495 through late morning and then for the rest
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a.m., new time and ramps up from there heavy downpours around for your evening commute and temperatures slowly keyword, rise to around 50 by late in the day let's get a check on the roads thankfully they thinks are quiet right now. no issues right now, danielle. oh my gosh is it monday again? light traffic, your drive time to the pike is just 5 minutes no problems there. the rest of your commute from the south in great shape 95 24 north right up to 128, route 3 is open from brain tree, plymouth, to the expressway, chris and kate? breaking news police on the scene of a shooting in lynn one person was taken to mass general no word on their condition as you can see parts of the lynn way near shepherd street are shut down as police investigate this. these live pictures coming intous right now we'll bring
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middle of the road. let's get to the scene what's the latest. >> reporter: police tell us one person was killed in this crash route 1a was shut down for several hours as police investigate this deadly accident you can see the highway is now back open and traffic is moving smoothly the crash happened before 11:30 last night you can see in the video a silver vehicle upside down in the middle of the road the roof of the the side is dented and it appears the windows are broken you can also see a purse just outside the vehicle. boston police and fire rush to the scene and blocked off the road to traffic, they spent several hours reconstructing this crash one person has diedless have not released released any information about the name, age or gender the cause of the crash is under investigation. reporting live from east
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team crashes into columbia, 81 people were on board that plane police are confirming there are 5 survivors the rest of the passengers were killed when the plane crashed just before midnight. recent heavy rain is also making it difficult for rescue crews to reach the site that soccer team was scheduled to play tomorrow in a regional tournament final the south american soccer federation has canceled all activities. to a developing story, tennessee, where wildfire consumed 30 structures including a 16 story hotel the flames now at the edge of the dollywood theme park mandatory evacuations have been ordered for parts of gatlinburg and pigeon ford, fires spread quickly, much of the area is an extreme drought so some rain was expected to move through over night. a father and daughter rushed to the hospital after a fire burns through a tooksbury home, the cause of that fire is
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lighting hit pipe when it started he was flown to a boston area hospital with severe burns a next door neighbor and two police offices help pull him to safety. >> pretty much on fire, ran over and pulled him out. the man's daughter was also taken to the hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation. a woman who says her son was sexually assaulted is still looking for answers meeting for officials the renaissance charter school held a forum, learned about the alleged assault on november third but didn't find out for another two weeks the school says it immediately called police. many explain their frustration with the process. >> i have never gotten a call from the principal or anybody like that i've only talked to social workers. we've got no answers from these people here okay, my
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no one's child is safe here. the school released a statement saying in part it has implemented safeguards to protect children since that incident. classes will resume as officials try to figure out if an attack was an act of terrorism. students at ohio state university came together in prayer last night many had memories of monday's campus rampage fresh on their >> the basement, kind of scary because we didn't know much and couldn't get service in the basement. people barricaded themselves in classrooms moments after police say abdul razak intentionally rammed his car into a group of people outside. >> i think i saw three or four students get hit. authorities say the refugee then got out of the vehicle
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>> all three are on alert but severe bleeding. the officer is credited with ending the chaos. >> our officer was on scene in less than a minute and he ended this situation less than a minute. he recently transferred to ohio state after obtaining his associates degree from the community college in the spring they are looking into a post he allegedly made shortly before the incident saying he was sick treated the school's president is urging people not to rush to judgment. >> we don't know anything that would link us to any community, we certainly don't have any evidence to say that's the case. officials have searched his car and apartment complex and they are investigating the incident at the possibility terror attack, hena daniels cbs news. we spoke with an ohio state university student from massachusetts who barricaded
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grace ash worth is from lowell, the moments after the attack were terrifying she had chairs stacked against the door for more than an hour. i'm so happy nothing happened to me and i wasn't near the scene and happy my friends are safe i'm still worried about all the people who are injured. the 11 people include faculty and students one is in critical condition classes at ohio state will resume this morning. to the trump transition been filled they learned todd price has been selected as secretary of health and human services. if price is confirmed by the senate he'll help led to way to make president obama's health care law something trump vowed to appeal. president elect mike pence says there will be a number of important announcements we do know trump will meet with mitt romney for a second time the former massachusetts governor is being considered for a secretary of state.
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president elect at trump power in new york, he is also being mentioned as a possible secretary of state. the former cia director resigned in 2012 after admitting to an extramarital affair with hisbiographer and mishandle classified information. classified, check-in began at 4:30 hunting will be allowed from 30 minutes before sunrise until 30 minutes after sunset. the dear hunt will december 6th and 7th last year the dcr started the first ever controlled dear hunt to help control the dear population. they say over population can hurt the habitat and other wildlife. 5:09 right now, boston area workers are taking part in a nationwide protest calling for a $15 minimum wage. several events are planned the first at 6:00 in central square in cambridge followed by
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third at the statehouse at 2:00 this afternoon, massachusetts says one of the highest minimum wages in the country is set to rise from $10 an hour to $11 an hour on january 1st. it is 10 passed 5 on your tuesday morning two are among the best at the best earning a spot to play at the national championship. but it are asking for help. it is go-time for the dorchester eagles both undefeated teams followed by nationals in florida. >> i feel proud. >> definitely earned it, they definitely deserve it. >> they beat hartford saturday and now all 43 players are on a crunch to prepare and pay $500 each to make it to the field. >> it is kind of hurtful, you want to make sure you kid makes
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is a big accomplishment for a lot of kids. these 12 and 13-year-olds know what it is like to give back. we do a lot of good stuff for our city i'm pretty sure and hoping and praying that somebody will come through for us. >> when you get somebody something it comes back for you. that's our prayer. we all look out for each other that it leads to a they love this sport. >> as they have their site set on a national championship win. if you would like to donate to help the pop warner team go to our website it is giving tuesday so it is a perfect day to give back there. coming up from black friday to cyber monday, and now today giving tuesday. a closer look at the push to give back today where massachusetts ranks among the most charitable states in the country. more protection for people who use uber and lyft the new
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in the country danielle good morning. good morning chris, good morning everybody tracking areas of rain we have a weather alert for icy spots north and west of boston with just a trace of freezing rain for the rest of us have the umbrella pack the kids with the raincoat this morning, that rain is going to fill in as temperatures slowly rise into the 40s to low 50s today, round two of rain comes in tomorrow we'll time it all out hour by
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. first thanksgiving, black friday, cyber monday, today is giving tuesday. the goal is to donate time or money to a cause last year 700,000 people in 70 countries participated and raised more than $116,000 online and in honor of giving hub is releasing its annual list of charitable states. massachusetts didn't do too well we came in near the bottom and north dakota took the top three spots. came closely behind credit card anxiety when all these days catch up to us and your credit card gets declined.
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just a little bit. they donate their time and make up for it. with a couple of icy spots got you on alert mainly for the evening commute it is going to be a rough go in spots as we head through the evening hours with downpours and heavy rain moving in also outside of 495 that's where you'll keep a close eye on potentially slippery travel until 10 a.m. because the temperatures are below freezing and as precipitation moves little bit, just a trace a few hundreds of freezing rain can slicken the roadways in spots it is some impact north and west of boston localized heavy downpours a rough go in terms of reduced visibility for your evening commute, coastal flooding damaging wind not an impact giving you an early heads up what's going on 38 in boston currently 37 in worcester notice it is north and west of town where we're below freezing taunton is
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longer for the precipitation to move in for us, let's take a look at the satellite and radar notice north and west of boston that's where we're watching light freezing rain that may come down between now and late morning after that we're talking about the temperatures slowly rising the rain filling in heavy rain at that downpours around for your late afternoon and evening commute there may be some areas where there is still leaves blocking some of the drains may get poor drainage flooding heavy rain wraps up over all this is the map for your wednesday morning 8 a.m. looking cloudy and dry until round two moves in it arrives and showers of pockets of rain and ramps up again another impacted commute tomorrow evening with heavy downpours, thursday morning i do think there will be rain until 5 and 7 a.m. by 10 a.m. the sun is breaking out in a lot of spots the thursday
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wrapping up the rain at that point. total rainfall a good soaking here good news for the drought a tiny dent 1 to 3 inches of rain across southern end between today and lasting until thursday morning high temperatures, gradually rise to around 50 in boston 50 south of town and then hovering in the upper 40s the further north you go. the temperatures stay steady around 50 downtown, highs tomorrow into the 50s kind of steady the next couple of days for the first day of december on thursday as the sun breaks back out we'll be warm in the mid-50s pretty pleasant to end the week with sun and clouds on friday the weekend is looking dry but cooler with highs in the low to mid-40s and then the next chance of rain after this batch comes in on monday. briana? we want to remind you of a road closure in lynn, part of
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street our shut down try to avoid this area route 107 is a good alternative also checking route 1 not affected by this at all it is a quiet commute into the city there will be more protection for people who use uber and lyft in massachusetts. starting january 6th both uber and lyft will be having comprehensive background checks on their drivers all drivers in the state will have to pass a full criminal background check by april, the deal announced yesterday and governor charlie baker says it will set a standard on ride sharing drives. seat belts are meant to protect us in car crashes but for some drivers they can be harmful. researchers drives say 85 and older are 9 times more likely per mile to be hurt in a crash they are conducting crash tests
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with those fragile frames the goal is to have seat belts that automatically adjust to the people they are protecting. and giving relief to a family, she was walking on a beach when she spotted a bracelet engraved with the name of a soldier john pellen and kia, which means killed his action, she searched his family and called them. >> this is the closest to a message in a bottle in a message, hey, come find me. >> when she called and explained what happened, it didn't surprise me at her reaction because i feel that often. he died in 2014 he was killed in action, they were trying to figure out who waswearing bracelet in his
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giving out an injury update on his dad. celtic light it up the heat in miami we have that coming up
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. 5:24. tom brady's son taking over the interview. an morning spots. good morning everyone! celtics beat it, did it without holford, stayed for the birth of his baby girl. and here we go, brad stevens get tyler to start in the place and he played well 10 points on the board, and 27-12 in the second quarter, how about
5:25 am
points 8 assists celtics win 112-104. and doing the interview at the radio when all of a sudden brady's 6-year-old son benjamin takes over the segment. >> sheldon richardson, he had a chance to kill me and you know he laid off so it is a very, bennie just walked in. put bennie on. >> hey bennie how are you. good. did you have thanksgiving? yes . are you getting ready for christmas? yeah what do you want for christmas? >> skylander. did you watch your daddy play yesterday? yeah he was playing against the green guys i don't know what they are called but they are very good. how did you think your dad did? >> great. he flipped his chest and tripped too. >> he sure did he got flipped a
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maybe you'll tell us what's wrong with him. >> i don't know he is like a donkey. benjamin turns 7 next thursday. bruins take on the fliers in philly tonight that's sports for now i'm steve burton. leak a donkey really? out of the mouth of babes you know? he is a smart kid green guys are good just amazing. an update on breaking news for you part of the lynn way we have the latest on that. the latest on donald trump's transition a closer look at his meeting today with mitt romney. new concerns about the zika virus here in the united states, the state now saying mosquitoes there are spreading the decide. danielle you have a weather alert for us this morning? for areas of rain there may be a couple slick spots north and west of boston otherwise for the city, temperatures slowly rise into the 40s with
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dry, grab the wet weather gear as you head out the door i'll take you to the hour by hour precipitation forecast with round two of rain coming in
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at5:parts of the lynn way shut down the details coming in. one person killed when a car crashes in the middle of a busy road. and a plane crashes in columbia the efforts to save several survivors rain and freezing temperatures could create icy spots out there we'll get right to danielle with a storm weather alert watch heavy rain for the evening commute that will be the impact and weather alert for later today the areas shaded here in pink keep a close eye on the car thermometer that is where we
5:31 am
new hampshire, keen as well. that's for that reason the national weather service has issued a freezing rain and visery until 10 a.m. all the areas you see shaded here in pink a winter weather advisory the further north and east from concord new hampshire to portions of western maine. 38 in boston 31 in norwood there are a couple of pockets sitting at or below freezing that's a concernmp will be slow to rise by mid to late morning your planner goes this way moving in by late morning a few icy spots north and west of town the rain will become steadier through the afternoon temperatures slowly rise through the 40s heavy rain and downpours impacting your ride home with the temperature around 50 degrees, round one. round two of rain comes in tomorrow i'll have the hour by hour forecast coming up. the split is starting to
5:32 am
from brain tree to the mass pike route three completely clear. also checking out the pike eastbound lanes into the city wide open construction inside the tunnel has wrapped up it is 30 minutes from 495 to logan. breaking news in lynn this morning police on the scene of a shooting on the lynn way one was taken to mass general no word on their condition the lynn way from commercial to shepherd street is shut down as police investigate we have a crew at the scene we'll you updates throughout the morning. breaking over night police investigating a deadly crash in east boston that crash happened before midnight on route 1a north, a vehicle rolled over route 1a north was shut down as police investigates and no word what caused that crash. also breaking over night a plane carrying a brazilon
5:33 am
board, police confirming 5 people survived the rest of the passengers were killed. recent heavy rain is making it difficult for rescue crews to reach the site the soccer team was scheduled to play tomorrow in a regional tournament final the south american soccer federation has canceled all activities. the death of a 2-year-old girl over the weekend is being investigated as a homicide. prosecutors in berlin new hampshire say madison died from blunt force injuries no been arrested and police are looking into the circumstances surrounding the child's death. a man is free on $5,000 bail charged in a deadly crash near low can airport prosecutors say 24-year-old steve was drinking and high on marijuana when he slammed his car into a hotel shuttle back in august, two tourests from texas were killed yesterday he pleaded not guilty to vehicular homicide. south korea and the
5:34 am
mid-a growing scandal. made a surprising announcement once coming up with a safe transfer of power opponents argue she is trying to delay an impeachment vote for friday, accused of colluding with a friend for personal gain. the latest on donald trump's transition, mike pence says there will be a number of important announcements today trump will meet with the former massachusetts governor is being considered for secretary of state and cbs news has learned donald trump is selecting georgia congressman todd price to be health and human services if price is confirmed by the senate price will help lead the way to make changes to president obama's health care law. a massachusetts politician is backing change in power for the democrat house leader boston democrat steven lynch
5:35 am
congresswoman nancy pa paloski saying he can help after the election. and posting negative reviews without legal repercussion, headed to a voice vote headed to president obama's desk sign a non disparagement clse over bad reviews that they need freedom of speech in a growing online word. president signed a law for a crisis hot line for veterans making sure all phone calls and other communications get answered in a timely manner by a qualified person it comes after investigators say some calls went to voice mail and others did not get immediate assistance. new concerns about the zika virus health officials in texas are reporting the first case of
5:36 am
transmitted within the state. officials say the patient is a woman who lives near the mexico border because hasn't traveled to a zika hot zone or had contact with anyone who has the first case was reported over the summer in miami. 5:36 still ahead online sales bombing. and the iphones 10th anniversary the new look it is concerning, danielle u some weather watch earn. report temperatures at or below freezing in a few areas we're watching this closely especially north and west of town where temperatures are running below that magical 32 degrees, 29 in shirrly a light wind mainly cloudy skies who could see some icy patches and what we'll have to watch out for the evening commute later
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with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. it's time to turn things around. lower your blood sugar with invokana?. imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana?. ask your doctor about it by name. . announcement on breaking news in lynn, this was a police involved shooting on the lynn way, police are responding to
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suspect one man was taken to mass general hospital the lynn way is shut down as police investigate we have a crew on the scene right now we'll bring you another update shortly. in today's money watch gas prices in the state are falling aaa reports the average cost of self serve regular is down 2- cents to $2.06 a gallon, the same as it was a year ago to international oil exporters saying they won't cut down a production. which is good news for drivers that have been traveling all holiday season speaking of, just went through thanksgiving black friday, cyber monday today is giving tuesday which is obviously a nice thing talking about the dorchester teams two of them trying to get to disney world for the world championship. you can help them in their
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time you don't have to spend money i know a lot of people have spent money over the last few days. online shopping taking over on black friday plus beyonce is getting into the holiday spirit. apple gearing up for the iphone's 10th anniversary, jill wagner is live with those stories, jill. good morning chris and kate apple's next iphone could have a curved screen the wall street journal says that is one of 10 different prototyp working onto mark the 10th anniversary of the iphone apple is under pressure to boost sales which have slowed down since the first time ever more people have skipped the crowds black friday was the first billion dollars mobile shopping day in u.s. history, adobe says online shoppers spent $1.2 billion, that's 33% more than last year it is beginning to
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there is a sweatshirt that i sway all day, a shirt with a stocking filled with lemons and even wrapping paper. i appreciate it so should i get you that for christmas? no thanks. coming up the fbi investigating a strange incident on a texas bound flight. a woman pops up after landing wait until you hear what she did next. police are boston, a closer look at the
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. the holiday season is in full swing in boston this is the scene at copley square as thousands turn out to flip the switch tonight the festivities when charlie baker christmas tree. treesare getting hit and the holiday feel is in the air i get that the weather has not quite turned the page. we have a weather alert for today a lot of rain out there danielle. mild temperatures, except for early this morning where there may be a couple of icy spots north and west of boston that's where we're highlighting for an alert, the corridor
5:46 am
hundreds a little trace of light freezing rain to slicken the roadways with anything untreated that's the alert you notice rain filling back in to our south and west heavy downpours will be for our evening commute that will be an over all impact for many of us for the ride home, right now satellite and radar shows cloud in place, that's the pink, places stretching up to new hampshire, brookline back over the border, middlesex county make a couple pockets with light freezing rain, over towards concord, you get north of that there may be a couple of flurries those are the spots that are at or below freezing 30 in manchester 29 in keen that may have to contend with a few slippery patches. 38 in boston 37 in chatham, taunton citying at 30 here is the thing looks like the presip
5:47 am
temperature will be up 9 a.m.s notice the freezing rain to central and northern new hampshire, through midday and afternoon, that rain fills in it is going to pour as we head into the late afternoon evening that's why i say weather alert for your evening commute talking about heavy downpours reduced visibility the road spray will be kicking up puddles ponding of water low lying areas tomorrow morning's commute will feature clouds dry conditions and round two moves in pockets of rain fill back in once again heavy for the evening commute so another impacted commute tomorrow and then as we head into wednesday night the rain will taper slowly i think between 6 and 8 a.m. on thursday the rain wraps up and then the sun breaks out yesterday thursday morning's commute will be wet but a lesser impact in terms of the extent of the heaviest rain how much rain will fall?
5:48 am
and purples may be local higher amounts on the south coast welcome news for our drought- stricken areas a little dent in the extent of the deficit temperatures tot upper 40s north of town 50s to the south it is slow process today to get temperatures to rise but once they do they stay pretty steady tonight the rain ends fogdevelops and then tomorrow temperatures will be in the 50s december first can you believe it on thursday? we'll be in the mid-50s as the week, weekend looks good highs in the low to mid-40s the next chance of rain comes in on monday. decent right now we have slow downs on 93 south between route 110 and 93, clear as you make your way to bos traffic building on the bridge don't forget route 1a is closed in both directions between commercial and shepherd street police are investigating a
5:49 am
southbound you'll get off go around get back on and headingnorth get off at carolyn road and continue your ride. a deadly crash in east boston. details with our shooting in lynn our top stories with that breaking news. this was a police involved shooting on the lynn way police responding to reports of a robbery an officer fired at a suspect one man was taken to mass general hospit from commercial to shepherd street is shut downright now as police investigate we have a crew at the scene we'll bring you another update coming up. police say one person was killed in a crash here in east boston it happened around 11:30 last night you can see in this video a silver vehicle upside down in the middle of the road the roof of the car is crushed and it appears the windows are broken boston police and fire
5:50 am
off the road route 1a was shut down for several hours, it is back open and traffic is flowing smoothly the cause of the crash is under investigation. reporting live in east boston, wbz this morning. classes will resume as investigators look into whether the attack was an attack of terrorism. investigators executed a search warrant at the home old abdul razak, raton plowed his car into a group of people and began stabbing people police officer quickly responded a law enforcement source tells cbs news posted on facebook he was sick of the way muslims will being treated. a man accused in the south carolina church shooting will represent himself, they approveddylann roof's motion to
5:51 am
he open fire killing 9 people, he has trial was supposed to begin december 7th but delayed so he could undergo a mental health evaluation he faces 33 federal charges and prosecutors will seek the death penalty. and a run way in houston a woman popped open the emergency door walked down to the wing it is unclear why she jumped from the plane or whether she'll protesters will not be forced to move from the cam sites from the dakota oil pipeline that they won't take action after issuing evacuation on the land, sited harsh winter conditions and the unpermitted campsites are not zoned for people to live in. as the holiday shopping season gets underway, those
5:52 am
at risk, counterfeit apps are appearing to be brand name stores but actually facebook they are stealing social security numbers or credit card info, they are asking people to double check the apps people download. and michael sam is set to speak in worcester, the defensive end plays for the rams was on the dallas cowboys practice and played canadian football lead, the lexture is free and open to the public. tickets will go on sale friday, the massachusetts native will perform at four ballparks wrigley field, national park in d.c. and at&t park in san francisco, on sunday taylor will receive a kennedy center honor you can watch the kennedy center honors route here on wbz. we have a happy update a
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. good morning i'm kate merrill. >> we're following three breaking news stories at 6:00 a police involved shooting inland one shot the investigation is impacting traffic this morning we are live there with the latest. breaking a deadly crash on a busy boston road a car flipped on its roof. another breaking store a plane crashes soccer team on board the efforts to rescue self- survives. a raging wildfire inching closer to a popular theme park. a very busy morning we have a weather alert for you danielle niles is here with the storm watch. north and west of boston there may be a few icy patches that's what you want to be aware of. let's zoom in, rain that will be filling in for the rest of us during the afternoon there is a little bit of pink on the


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