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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  November 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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. good morning i'm kate merrill. >> we're following three breaking news stories at 6:00 a police involved shooting inland one shot the investigation is impacting traffic this morning we are live there with the latest. breaking a deadly crash on a busy boston road a car flipped on its roof. another breaking store a plane crashes soccer team on board the efforts to rescue self- survives. a raging wildfire inching closer to a popular theme park. a very busy morning we have a weather alert for you danielle niles is here with the storm watch. north and west of boston there may be a few icy patches that's what you want to be aware of. let's zoom in, rain that will be filling in for the rest of us during the afternoon there is a little bit of pink on the
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rain? some of the leading edge is not making ut down to the ground just yet, watch that car thermometer, polices, back up into wilson and new boston, where there is some precipitation coming down, it is likely to be just a trace of freezing rain will slicken the roadways in a few spots creating icy patches for that reason freezing rein advisory up until 10 a.m. all the areas shaded in pink, middlesex, winter weather advisory the further north and east. 33 in boston, couple spots sitting at or below freezing keen, manchester at 31, 32 in lawrence and 32 in spring fold as well. between now and mid-morning those showers continue to lift north and east we get a few filling in from metro west steadier rain fills in by 11 to noon tomb, ramps up from there
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commute with heavy downpours around ponding of watt -r on the roadways temperatures slowly rising into the 60s the rain will continue to fall hard and that's round one round two comes in tomorrow we'll talk about the impacts coming up we'll get you on the road. 24 north it is sluggish right up to 128 still no slow downs on route 3 your drive time from the split to the mass pike is under20 minutes no w no, shoes on route 1, 128 or route 3 right now. we start with breaking news police on the scene of an officer involved shooting in lynn and the investigation is em pacting traffic. let's get to nicole jacobs live on the scene with the very latest. a very active scene with this information we're getting confirmed from the police chief this was an officer involved
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the condition of the person shot you can see the stretch is blocked off at this investigation continues you see several officers convene police tape blocking the area i can tell you police were confirmed they were called to this area to investigate a robbery it is unclear exactly where that robbery might have taken place upon coming to this area we did see some police activity at a gas station at commercial street again this is impacting traffic it appears there is a lot of traffic diverted to the lynn way it is near the harbor auto sales the gm truck taking a live look on the lynn way it is completely blacked off from shepherd to
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police involved shooting lynn police are here as well as state police they continue to investigate this situation we have not been told yet the extent of the injuries with regards to the person who was shot we hope to have that information for you as soon as we get it. nicole jacobs wbz. a vehicle landing on its roof in the middle of a busy road? we are live with the this, anna. >> reporter: police tell us one person was killed in that crash route 1a north was shut down for several hours as police investigated this deadly accident you can see the highway is now back open and traffic is flowing smoothly. the crash happened just before 11:30, you can see a silver vehicle upside down in the middle of the road the roof is crushed the side is dented and
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broken you can also see a purse just outside the vehicle, boston police and fire blocked off the road to traffic they spent several hours reconstructing the accident. one person has died police have not released any information about the victim's gender, age or name the cause of the crash is under investigation. reporting live from east boston, wbz this morning. breaking over night a main carrying a brazilon soccer team crashes, 81 pe board police say only 5 people survived that crash the jet went down before midnight in a mountainous area recent heavy rain is making it difficult this morning for rescue crews to reach the site the soccer team was scheduled to play tomorrow in a regional tournament final the south american soccer federation canceled all activity. to a developing story in tennessee where a rage wildfire consumed 30 structures including a 16 story hotel the
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dollywood theme mark mandatory evacuations have been ordered for gatlinburg and pigeon forge they spread quickly due to strong winds much of the area is an extreme doubt some rain is expected to move through over night. a father and daughter rushed to the hospital after a fire burned through a tewksbury home the cause of that fire is under investigation but wbz learned the man was lighting his pipe he was flown to the hospital with se next door neighbor and officers pulled him to safety. >> the daughter had him, yelling and screaming and ran over and pulled him out. the man's daughter was being treated for smoke inhalation. a woman who says her son was sexually assaulted by a 6- year-old on their school bus is still looking for answers after a meeting with school o'fors the charter school held a
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didn't find out for another two weeks the school says it immediately called police and the parents of the kids involved many parents explain their frustrations with the process. i have never gotten a call from the principal or anybody like that i've only talked to social workers. we got no answers from these people here, okay, my child is not safe here. the school released a statement saying part it has implemented safeguards protect children since the incident. classes will resume at ohio state university as whether an attack on campus was an act of terrorism. prosecutors executed a research warrant, police say student plowed his car into a group of students and got out of that
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an officer responded shooting and killing him. arto new mexico recently posted that he was sick of the way muslims were being treated everywhere. we spoke with a student who barricaded inside a classroom. grace is from lowell, says is moments following the attack were terrifying she was in lock down with chairs stacked against the door for more than an hour. i'm so happy nothing the scene, i'm still worried about the people who are injured. they include faculty and students. president elect donald trump filling in another cabinet position, that tom price will be announced as secretary of health and human services he still needs to be confirmed price has been an
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vees president elect mike pence says there will be a number of very important announcements today. we do know that trump will meet with mitt romney for a second time the form egovernor is being considered for sec tear of state. yesterday retired jen, david petraeus met at the president elect in noxious also being mentioned as a possible secretary of classified information. coming up on wbz the controversial hunt getting underway in massachusetts. a new safety protocol, to protect passengers who use ride shearing services like uber and lyft. writing a bad review without the fear of being sued the protections of customers. and the top warner super bowl but need your help to make
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we've got you on alert a couple of icy spots pack the umbrella raincoat for the kids even though it is dry rain moving in temperatures slowly on the rise, heavy downpours for your evening commute i'll let you know when that will be impacted and your community
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. today is giving tuesday, a chance to help others. two local teams could use the helping hand to make it to the championship at disney world, two teens earned a spot but the cost of getting both spots to florida is challenging so they've get up a page and their hope is to raise $60,000 this week. i feel bad last time we were struggling to get the money. >> it is hurtful you want to member sure your kid gets it b this is a big accomplish. >> i think we do a lot for the community and in the community we're hoping the rale, if you'd
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our website, all the enfoe is posted right there. a couple bucks . a little bit goes a long way. what else you're going to do the weather is terrible so might as well sit at home, make a couple of donations the weather today and tomorrow will have an impact on several commutes not just this morning where we have icy spots but this evening areas of re tomorrow, evening's commute will be impacted we have a storm windchill weather alert possibly icy spots are jenrry outside of 495 in through southbound new hampshire, cool enough if a few spots where we may get's sy patches impact,localized flooding and downpours will have a bigger impact coastal flood and damaging wind is low impact
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our drought situation. rain filling in, a little pink showing up brookline, 495, watch the car thermometer, especially 93, manchester to concord, route 89 a very light glaze coming down anything right around or below concord sitting at 30, worcester is the freezing mark same in boston mid to upper 30s cape cod as well we get a shower from metro west pockets of pink from manchester into the lakes region otherwise rain fills in becomes steadier and pours this is the map, heavy downpours ponding of watt e, reduced visibility, budget
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it will take longer to get home. >> tonight the rein wraps up, and by midday early afternoon it will pour for tomorrow evening's commute and the rain tapers off, and still be a wet start but the sun breaks out first december of december, temperatures will be in the 1 to 3 inches, wouldn't be surprised if we saw the south coast topping at around 3 u.n. the temperatures, we slowly that's the keyword, 50s south of town, 40s north of town, they stay pretty stead detonight we stay right around 50 with rain ending and patchy fog developing highs tomorrow
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fourth north and west have the wet gersh the sun breaks down temperatures in the 50s, we turn cool efor the upcoming weekend dry highs in the low to mid-40s next round of potential rain on monday bria northbound a. and an officer involved shooting in lynn on route 1a chosed between commercial streetsh could use side streets to get out and around, but consider it off limits at least for your morning commute. there will soon be more protection for people who use uber and lyft, they'll begin comprehensive background checks on their drives all drives will have to pass a full criminal
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governor charlie baker says it will set a national standard on ride sharing drivers. 6:18 seat belts are meant to help us in car crashes but some can be harmful, drivers 85 and older are 9 times more likely to be hut in a crash. they are studying the amount of force with smaller seat belts that adjust to the person they are protecting. protests on the first of fouraker hunts check in began at 4:30, hunting allowed from 30mens before sunrise until 30 minutes after sunset the dear hunt will continue tomorrow and december 6th and 7th last year
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control the dear population that over population can hurt habitat and other wildlife. boston area workers calling for a $15 minimum wage. several events at 6:00 about 20 minutes in central square followed by a park at logan, and 2:00, massachusetts does set to rise from $10 an hour to $11 an hour. it could be easy to post negative reviews online, now this is headed to the president's desk some websites make them sign a nondisparagement and have an
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over his weekly radio interview. -- also ahead the celtics try to beat the heat without al horford, we'll tell you the
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. want to be coach belichick's special guest? the bill belichick foundation
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his suites raffle tickets are $1, if you spend $500 you'll get a football, $2,000, you'll get a hoodie, and 5,000, you'll get a jersey signed. 5,000 for him to cut the sweatshirt? all right. every monday night we hear from tom brady on westwood 1 radio. last doing his wokely interview his 6-year-old son took over the segment. >> he had a chance to kill me, he laid off it is a very. heys bennie how are you? did you watch your daddy
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know what they are called but they are very good. how did you think your daddied yesterday? great he flipped his chest and tripped too. he got tripped a few times too. and got even more hurt. >> maybe you'll tell us what's wrong with him. i don't know he is like a donkey. like turns 7. tell us more, like how exactly was he hurt what other detales i think he needs his own radio show. he is a junkie of course. be sure to watch patriots we'll take you tornado the locker room with the win over the jets and patriots game day, playing
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the celtics taking on the heat, staying in boston for the birth of his second child, a baby girl. heavy plays well outscores the heat. isaiah thomas, celtics had 6, boston wins 112-104. our next half hour of news including concerns about the zika virus in the and surprising announcement from south korea's president. an officer shotting in lynn? we'll have live updates after the break.
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. breaking news at 6:30, a shooting in lynn we'll have the latest. a car flipped on his roof in east boston what we're listening about this
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cape cod beach the priceless item that brought two families together but one mystery they are still trying to solve. this is wbs news this morning. thanks for joining us. we have a weather alert this morning we want to tell you about it is going to be wet and soggy for the next couple of days danielle. definitely is kate and chris. my biggest concern is north and west of st patches possible. and a little bit of wink showing an the map, soe just a little bit of a light sprinkle the temperature at or below freezing framingham and you want to take it slow along 93
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freemont, manchester, concord light pockets of freezing rain and additional ones filling back, ash field, williams- luster, all the areas in penning the further knot and east you go for. and this evening, though, rain and downpours high impact for your evening then thursday morning range is wrapping up between 6 and 8:00 a.m. 38 in boston, we're above freezing, notice at 32. taunton at 32. 31 in manchester, that is the magical number watch out for a few icy spots rain fills in for lunchtime temperatures will be
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rain and downpours with temperatures around 50. this will be a different story tonight. mass pike in good shape for the most part there is back up through framingham looks like that drive time has doubled on the expressways 95 also hoe canton, all the way up to 128 route there you are between weymouth. mison the scene of an office involved shooting in lynn and the investigation is impacting traffic let's get out to nicole jacobs live on the scene. the police chief coniforming for us here the suspect in this case has been shot and taken to mass general hospital where he is under
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officers continue to be here on the scene if you take a look you can see evidence markers as they continue to investigate. we know authorities were called to this area for the report at one of the robbery, we saw the shooter, it is unclear if that was the location already the call cake from it is something police are investigating. no officers were injured in this situation the one suspect was shot at surgery in yen rale. no word what led to the initially robbery call, all of that is unclear why police were forced to shoot this suspect. again taking a live look here on the scene at lynn way, i can
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shedderrered straight all blocked off, so it is creating a bit of a back up here a bit of a mess in this area, the investigation is ongoing so that takes priority for investigators here we do know minute police and state police are here determining what led up top shootings. break over night a deadly crash in east boston vehicle landing on it roof. we have the latest for this, ashes northbound a. >> reporter: police tell us one person was killed in that crash, the freeway was shut down for several hours while police investigated this sent,
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happened before is 1:30 b you can soe a silver soak upside down the roof of the car is crushed and it appears you can see a purse just outside the vehicle boston police and fire rushed to the scene. spent several hours reconstructing this accident. one person has died nobody has said about the name gender b. a plane crashes in columbia 81 people were on board, police say only 5 survived the main crashed before midnight. and the south american
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south korea says she'll resign. and making the announcement saying he'll step down once parliament comes up with a plan. opponents argue she was trying to delay an impeachment vote, aprindine flounced decisions for personal gain. after saying he didn't vote for the says he calls mr. trump before thanksgiving and oned a happy holidays baker previously stated he would not accept the job the boston democrat steven lynch say he is representing tim lion who is charging nancy harty sy.
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american workers and can help the party move forward. and up proving the crisis hot loin making sure all phone calls to the veterans aphysical therapied after federal investigators say some calls went to voice mail and others did not get assistance. new concerns about the zika virus, the firs transmitted within the state the woman who lives near the mexico order hasn't had any want with anyone who has the first case were reported over the sum in miami. they question a woman who jumped out of a flight, the plain was taxiing when they
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jumped off. no word whether she'll face charges. the death of a 2-year-old girl being investigated as a homicide, that she died from blunt force injuries, no one is arrested and police are looking into surrounding the death. police say this ha in quarantine it is not chloroif the dog's owner will face charges. cape cod looking for special memories what they found is priceless, liz was walking on a falmouth beach when she started a bracelet, named for the soldier she searched his name and found an article about his family and
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this is like the lowest to a message in a bottle i think it is a message, hey, come find me. >> when liz called, it didn't surprise. john was killed in afghanistan, his family is trying to fig you out who is wearing the bracelet in his honor and how they lost it in th including parts of tennessee. the race to save a the park. and a gift that took 30 years to grow how a woman is giving back to the town, you're following a weather alert. kate for north and west a few icy patches and this
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around that 32 grow mark, brian from belmont sid it is @ degrees the rain is freezing on the decks we'll time out the rain hour by hour through mid- weak when we come back.
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. welcome back the town of rockport is celebrating christmas with a special donation. the tree donated was donated by a woman who had it for three decades, molly got this in kindergarten and 29 years later they have grown quite tall, donated the 27-foot tree to the town. i don't think they still do that give little trees in bags anymore. they did that when i was a kid they should still do it.
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talking about winter weather in some spots. we have a weather alert. a few icy patches this evening it is a slow go for your evening commute, possible icy spots until 10 a.m., north and west of boston, with just a little bit of light frozing rain all it takes is a trace to slicken the roads, some impacts north and east localized flooding that will have a higher impact because of the aerial coverage will be extense i have. not a concern which is good news there. let's taboa look at the live satellite and radar picture this is what we're concerned springfield into southeast vermont this will continue to move east, places like
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continue to see light freezing rain we already have that up and town route 93, slow go from concord new hampshire back to the lakes region it is a little bit of wintery weather near conway with bursts of snow changing to freezing rain. traveling along 990 -- 38 in boston it is that 32 that magical 32 degrees we'll watch closely, 32, keen is at 30, concord, 30, taunton at 32s it will take a few hours until erise for the most of us a steady rain fills in by tomb time even a commute home heavy downpours redoused visibility
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commute will be dryer oaf all but round two of rein moves in by midday and tomorrow afternoon again for your evening commute there will be problem 9s of heavy rains 10 a.m. it is out of here most wrapping up on how much range is going to fa news for new england obviously a little drop in the bucket which is the over all deficit we've experienced. temperatures climbing slowly into the 50s, north and west of boston, once the temperatures rise they stay mild around 50, foggy conditions develop highs once again tomorrow will be in the 50s for most of us again upper 40s north and west of town, mid-50s for thursday as the sun comes back out, we'll
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evening's commute too, by the way, friday quiet end to the week, weekend looking good sun and clouds a little cooler highs in the low to mid-40s next chance of any wet weather comes in for the start of next week, brianna what's going on? we have a three car crash north in bolton at exit 27 on the off ramp at root 117 this happened moments ago not creating much back up we'll let you know if that changes we have heavy delays on route 1 heading southbound it is to bumper in peabody, saugus, on the bridge, give yourself extra time if this is part of your commute. breaking news in lynn where police are investigating an office involved shooting on the lynn way, an officer fired at a suspect one was taken to mass general. police investigate ago deadly crash in east boston a
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on route 1a north. the vehicle rolled oaf landing in the middle of the roadway, route 1a north was shut down for several hours as police investigated and no word what caused the crash. 6:48 a father and daughter rushed to the hospital after a fire burns right through their tewksbury home the official cause is still under investigation but wbz learned the man was lighting a pipe when it started. he was flown to a hospital a next door neighbor helped to safety, his daughter was treated for smoke inhalation. a raging wildfire in tennessee, the flames at the edge of the dollywood theme park, mandatory evacuations have been ordered for parts of
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>> cbs news said tom price will be announcing as sec tauroof health and human services still needs to be confirmed by the state trump also set to meet with mitt romney. beyonce is launching a new heine just in time for theholidays. if you're doing holly shopping on your smartphone a fake app to watch out for. the bos boston woman with down's syndrome looking
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. as the holotay shopping season gets underway, cyber security experts are warning those buying on a smartphone might be at risk, new counterfeit apps are appearing to be brand name stores but fake, being used to steal social security numbers or credit cardinfo they are asking people double check the apps they download. first it was black friday,
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to donate time or money to a cause, last year 700,000 people participated and raised $116,000 online. in honor of giving does wallet hub is releasing the most chary table state. ? m ma did not do so welshes came in at north dakota took the top three spots. it is looking like a beyonce christmases releasing a holiday clothing collection inspired by her recent album lemonade, there is a shirt that says i slave all day, and wrapping paper with the look at beyonce with a cow by cat. aren't quite sure what it is
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a closer look what's coming up at 7:00 on "cbs this morning." ahead on cb southbound this morning we've tracking the tennessee wildfire. and how the company fights cyber criminals during the busy holiday season the news is back
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. boston woman with down's syndrome is overwhelmed by the help with her cookie business. she had help with fiending a paying job and she decided to become her own boss, her dream is to hire others with disabilities since the story aired she rece she is going to be so busy, we are hook, you have the fame now but the hard work is coming soon! she has heard from local businesses that want to sell her cookies even potentials investors too! looks deli south carolina hillary clinton. it is going ton florida
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comes back out we'll be in the mid-50s. all right speaking of the commute, yeah lynn way is closed right now in both directions here that's a live look from sky eye between commercial street and shepherd street, consider this just off elements for your morning commute rite now. a messy tuesday and wednesday in store for everybody so bundle up. "cbs this morning" is coming up next on wbz we'll see you on facebook live in 30 minutes
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my guest list just tripled. my cookie exchange is super competitive. mine too. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! my family really needs to be wowed this year! standing rib roast! wow. everything for the holidays.
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? good morning, it is tuesday, november 29th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." two big breaking stories. a plane carrying a brazilian soccer team crashes in killing 75 people. remarkably six survive. plus out of control wildfires threaten thousands of people and tear through homes, businesses and schools near tennessee's great smokey mountains. >> and the student who toked a crowd at ohio state is angry about muss lips now administrators want to know if he had any terror connection.


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