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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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. a man shot by lynn police during a robbery investigation is dead. that shooting shut down part of the busy lynn way. nicole jacobs is live with the detales brianna, chris, the roadway here is back open after hours of being closed but as you mentioned the district attorney's office has confirmed for us late this morning the suspect has died from his injuries. just before 4 a.m. in lynn a robbery turned into much more. an individual claimed he was armed with a firearm,
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violence struggled ensued. and police were called on the hunt for an alleged armed robber. >> man possibly has a weapon on him maybe a gun. >> the minutes responding officers locating a man fitting that description. >> they found a vehicle with his hands in his pockets. he continues to move towards them leading one officer to retaliate. >> police tell wbz was rushed to mass general hospital where he under went surgery but died from his injuries. but the investigation on lynn way snarled the morning commute for hours as lanes in both direction were completely shut down where evidence markers littered the streets and k9 continue to search for clues while clerk two recovers from a night of struggle and danger on the job . he is okay he is shaken up but okay.
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this encounter the suspect in this case who again has died from those injuries he has not yet been identified this situation remains under investigation by the direct attorney's office that's the very latest from lynn, nicole jacobs. this noon a storm watch weather alert will take a live look at the radar, heavy rain moving through our area could make for a very messy afternoon and messy evening co with the details, barry. we don't have to worry much about any icing going on this afternoon we had a few icy roads we'll concerned about the rain which of course is falling right now, not too heavy in spots therain is coming out of pennsylvania into southern new england as the afternoon goes along in terms of our stormimpacts for the rest of
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about perhaps localized flooding as we have heavy rain giving us some impact this afternoon on the roads. no title what solve we don't have to worry about that damaging wind that's possible in some locations on cape cod coming up for tonight because the national weather service has a wind advisory down here the winds may become rather gusty over night between 5 p.m. and midnight with possible gusts out of the southwest at 45 to 50 minute the wind down there that's all now look at risen above 32, safely above that freezing point it is going to be colder much colder out here than it will be in boston but certainly have the rain through the afternoon as the elements of heavy rain moves through and the temperatures gradually rise we're still in the mid and upper 30s go into the lower 40s we'll have our highest temperatures coming up note the time stamp this heavy rain goes right through the afternoon commute and into the evening hours as well before it tapers off we have another round of rain to deal with
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thanks very much on the next couple rounds of rain you can get your weather any team check out the cbs boston weather app it is free in the google and apple app stores. developing right now, investigators searching through this wreckage of a deadly plane crash on board a brazilian soccer team 6 survived but 70 others died they were scheduled to play in cup final, three soccer players one flight attendant and one journalist are the only survivors of the crash. columbian rescue crews worked in the dark using flashlights in the heavy rain and mountainous terrain the survivors pulled were rushed to near by hospitals as daylight came scenes showed the debris and workers care ring bodies of victims up the hill side.
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including a first division brazilian soccer team. they recorded this before the flight took off the club was scheduled to play tomorrow after reaching the finals of the soccer competition for the fester time. the journalist covers south american soccer. >> to be pulled down from the perch is heart breaking, i long time for it to digest. the plane was 5 minutes away from its final destination when the crew declared electrical emergency they show the final moments as it circled over the area before disappearing. the tragedy is hitting people in brazil, especially hard the team from the small city was in the middle of a fairytale season. the city government declared
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soccer players are showing their support the team tweeting out our thoughts and prayers are with them, the community and all of the devastated by last night's tragedy. developing this noon raging wildfires surrounding a tennessee town forcing thousands to get out the fire started in the smokey mountains and quickly spread by strong winds about 100 homes have been damaged or destroyed the national guard now in the town of gatlinburg helping a deadly crash on route 1a north a silver car flipped in the middle of the radulate last night one person died the roadway was shut down for several hours as investigators reconstructed that wreck police haven't seen who the victim is or what caused that crash. police arrested people including a wage protest in cambridge the group protests in front of the mcdonalds in front
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raising minimum wage to $13 an hour, other rallies are being held at logan airport. and rushed to a hospital after a fire burns through their home the fire is still under investigation. they have learned the man was lighting his pipe when it started he was flown to a boston area hospital with severe burns a next door neighbor and two police officers helped pull him to safety. >> yeah it fire, yelling and screaming so ran over and pulled him out. the man's daughter was taken to the hospital for treated for smoke inhalation. a woman who says her son was sexually assaulted on the school bus is still looking for answers even after meeting with officials they held a forum for parents to discuss the
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most didn't find out until weeks later they immediately called police and the parents involved but many explained their frustrations with the process. i had never gotten a call from the principal or anybody i only talked to social workers. we got no answers, my child is not safe here, no one's child is safe here. a school released a statement saying in part, it is implemented safeguards to protect children since the incident. classes have resumed at an attack on campus, federal investigators want to know if that was an act of terrorism this suspect 18-year-old abdul rizak al taran. a law enforcement tells cbs news he reisn'tly posted on facebook he was sick of the way muslims were being treated everywhere. police say he plowed his car into a group of people and jumped out stabbing some of the crowd he was shot and killed by
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services his pick, georgia congressman tom price, he is an outspoken critic of obamacare. the president elect also just allowanced elaine chow as transportation secretary, she previously served as labor secretary under president george w. bush. married to senator majority mitch mcdonnell, trump is expected to meet with mitt romney for a second time the former massachusetts governor is being considered for texas is reporting its first case of zika, this may have been transmitted by a mosquito in the state the patient is a woman who lives near the mexican border but hasn't travel today a zika hot zone. the first cases on the u.s. mainland were reported over the summer in miami. a deer hunt is underway, hunting allowed from 30 minutes before sunrise until 30 minutes after sunrise, continue
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they open deer hunting in blue hills to help control the deer population which can hurt the habitat and other wildlife. coming up two local youth football teams qualify for nationals but they need extra help to make it to the field their story ahead. helping ors the local football player on a drive for donations is all an effort how it is unfolding today in one area high school. also ahead getting in on the action tom brady's son in the spotlight how the little
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to make history but need some help. two eagles teams earned spots at disney world but the cost of sending both squads to florida is challenging for many of the families so hoping to raise $60,000 this week. >> my family is struggling to get the money. >> you want to make sure your kid makes it and get what they
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>> i think because we do a lot for the community, we're hoping that the community rallies behind us. the team hopes to leave for florida by bus this friday if you'd like to donate go to we have posted all of the information, speaking of florida it is going to be in the mid-50s on the first day of december, right? it is going to be that way we'll have warm weather coming up tomorrow that's for sure, i should say thursday, first of december? first day of meteorological winter. in the meantime it will be messy and yucky we'll have this rain falling looks like it will come council come down heavy at times it is raining out there not terribly heavily in boston but there are places coming down a little bit harder good afternoon everybody here is what's going on with the rain we've been seeing elements of rain move into boston, early there were some
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roads across massachusetts now we have that heavier rain that's what's pluming in our direction that's what we'll have through the afternoon community into the evening hours as well. current doppler, right down here starting to move into western connecticuit southwestern massachusetts that will be expanding as the afternoon progresses the rain will get heavier and ponding in some roadway where is the leaves may be clogging the drains by 5:00 looking a few 10th of an inch of rain not a huge amount as we get into the evening hours they'll still come down more a half inch to an inch of rain happening from this first episode or round of rain coming in tomorrow we have more rain that's going to add to the totals by the time we get all through with it, it will be 1, 2.5, 3 incheses, the tier toletals will be to the
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deal with this evening we have the commute this afternoon rain some will be heavy on into the evening hours so allow extra time for travel for sure, there shouldn't be any rain falling tomorrow morning so we're in good shape little or no impact but for the wednesday after commute there will be some impact because rain will be falling again there could be a touch of rain but much milder and the rain will be ending on thursday morning which impact at that point so right now boston is 44, humidity is up there the wind is light out of the southeast, wind is going to start really blowing quite a bit over the cape coming out for this evening but not too much this afternoon watch the thursday go up as we go through the afternoon, raining almost continuously through the afternoon into the evening hours look what we get the high temperatures that is going to be happening this evening when i want goes into the middle and low 50s these are the temperatures right now, the
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when we get sunshine back on thursday, 55 to 60. low temperatures tonight will be happening in the early morning hours 45-50 rising up tomorrow to the upper 40s to the north, to the mid-50s to the south we'll have that rain to deal with here comes some of that rain coming through this afternoon watch the time stamp the heaviest rain in the early evening hours then it tapers off over night not sure it is going to clear up, it will be low level moisture we'll have the next batch of rein coming in tomorrow a li b morning more so coming up in the afternoon so that's when i want starts raining again as several systems affect us here is my 7 day accuweather forecast, we'll have rain heavy at times this afternoon and evening then it tapers off no rain tomorrow morning and most of the region could be a little drizzle or a touch of light rain, there we go, chris and brianna on thursday 56 to 60 degrees as the sun comes out in the afternoon then it gets
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storm next week looks like rain up here snow upnorth. today is giving tuesday at one high school students came to class armed with armfuls of canned good. part of an effort to gather hundreds of pounds of food. we have reports from ducksbury. as students poured into ducksberry high school these quickly filled up with cans. >> i was expecting it to be successful but definitelytops my expectation i love to see my classmates participating. james donahue is a sophomore who organized the whiteout to wipe out hunger food drive to bring in a food or cash donation. we got over 3 boxes of food and full box of money too so we definitely topped last year. all the food collected will be brought here to the food
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she is beyond grateful students for their help. >> it makes my heart smile and there is goodness all around us if we look for it and i do see it often. giving tuesday, encourages people to donate items or their time to charity. something where people are thinking beyond the microscope and looking beyond is what it means to be a good citizen. >> he is happy to know his school makes a good difference. >> there are people in my own town across massachusetts across the world that are hungry and struggle to put food on the table and i feel efforts like these is like that. wbz news. the food drive is part of
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nonprofit organization the group will be holding 114 food drives for the next two weeks run by students. they have really great parents. coming up find out how you can experience the world like coach bill belichick including a special seat at the patriots
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. well soon you can be like bill, the bill belichick foundation is going to let you play the ravens from belichick seat raffle tickets are $1, for 500 you get a signed baba framed hoodie with the sleeves cutoff by belichick look on tom brady takes the spotlight. and the surprise show came in. >> bennie just walked?
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>> what do you want for christmas? a skylander. did you watch your daddy play? yeah he was playing against the green guys i don't know what they are called but they are very good how did you think yourdad did. >> he flipped his chest, and flipped too and he got even more hurt. >> maybe you'll tell us what was wrong with him. >> i don't k donkey. the things your kids call you ben is turn 7. be sure to catch patriots all access we'll take you inside the locker room after the pats win over the jets and you can start your sunday with patriots game 11:30 pats play at 1:00 after that turn to the post game show. she already may run the
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kids with autism, dr. mallika marshall introduces us to a couple with this penguin. the superstar release add holiday collection, she is inspired by her album lemonade with sweatshirt, and sweatpants and more with lyrics from lemonade. >> what do that hoodie? one of my favorite colors. a lot of rain, rain this afternoon some could be heavy, especially for the first half of the commute goes to 50 to 54 won't be in the rain for the morning commute but raining again for the afternoon not all that cold in the short term. be sure to join us for our next newscast at 5:00, see you
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>> sharon: [ sighs ] what do you think of my outfit? >> dylan: it looks good. >> sharon: no. i mean, is it right for court? i want to project the right image. >> dylan: maternal? >> sharon: exactly. maybe i should just put my hair >> dylan: no, we just have to be truthful. we got to speak from our hearts, and we got to tell that judge how much we love that little boy and we just want to spend some time with him. >> sharon: i'm really praying this works out. it was so hard leaving christian at chelsea's the other day. >> dylan: leaving him? what are you talking about? >> chloe: all ready for court,


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