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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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causing problems for the evening commute. we want to give you a live look at 93 right now close to the sake um bridge. you're looking at the mass pike. the slowest traffic moving westbound but no picnic eastbound either. i'm lisa hughes. >> and i'm david wade. >> by the time the rain moves out. ou chilly. and seeing areas of heavy rainfall move through. the snow lover -- interior maine is where we've seen significant snowfall. you can see a closer look at live doppler radar and the rain is heaviest on the south side of the pike. and it's where we have the warmest air as temperatures have been climbing into the 50s. eastward to taunton, fall
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heavier rain. steady on the cape and the islands. and scattered north of the city and heading into southern new hampshire. this morning we saw icing in northern massachusetts and southern new hampshire. it's 39 in manchester. very cold rain. and parts of southeast mass will hit 60 degrees this evening as temperatures warm the wind comes up. and now we're gusting over 20 miles per hour. and the wind will continue to increase so a wind advisory for the south coast, the cape and the islands. and peak gusts 40 to 50 miles per hour. and there could be isolated damage through the midnight time frame. the main issues just localized flash flooding and the heavier downpours. and the stronger winds towards the cape and the islands. by the time we hit 8:00 it's mostly in eastern mass. and by 10:00 starting to exit. and drier towards tomorrow morning. one issue tomorrow morning
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in overnight tonight. another round of rain follows this for the day tomorrow. for the latest on the storms and your weather any time check out the cbs boston weather app. a deadly crash involving a cyclist. the person on the bicycle was hit by a lumber truck and the truck driver said he didn't see the bike until >> reporter: investigators still trying to piece all of this together. obviously, a very sad story. state police are telling us the bike for some unknown reason went off the sidewalk and came into contact with this big truck and that's when the bicyclist was killed. >> there was cops everywhere. >> a gruesome scene at the 495 interchange. a man on a bicycle killed after
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>> the victim's body was covered and remained at the scene. a shocking sight for everybody. >> i saw all the cops and the body laying on the ground. and all the cops trying to do their job. it's pretty sad how this happened. >> the bike came in contact with the flat bed lumber truck and the victim was struck or run over. the truck was stopped at a red light. and the driver didn't know he hit anybody. that victim is late 30s or early 40s. >> they had the whole thing blocked off. i tried to get off the highway and had to go all the way around. stopping the rain -- a pretty big truck. that's really sad. certainly is. and police telling us at this point in their investigation, the bicyclist appeared to be
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the investigation continues. at this point no charges filed but police are continuing to look into this. lawrence firefighters with their hands full this afternoon battling a blaze on east haverhill street. paul burton is live in lawrence with more tonight. paul-- >> reporter: the fire is out and fire officials tell me this home, this multifamily home, is a total loss. everyone made it out safely and more than without a home tonight. a mother of three children breaks down as she watches the home go up in flames. fortunately, she and her kids are safe but all the belongings are gone. >> a huge amount of smoke and then the fire. it was -- i saw when the roof came down. >> reporter: on tuesday afternoon, a fire broke out
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and haverhill streets in lawrence. this cell phone video shows the intensity of the blaze. inside was a mother on the 3rd floor. >> we did find a woman on the right side floor of the building. we continued with the firefighters effort. old building, approximately five units. a >> one woman suffered a seizure. >> it's an important intersection of the city. it's a building that just the last couple years they finally redid it and it looked really beautiful. >> reporter: they rushed home to see all that they owned in the blaze. >> i feel sad for them. i will try to help them. especially like i live around
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they just need help. the kids will need clothes. >> no word yet on a cause. fire officials believe it may have started on the second floor. one firefighter was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and is expected to be okay. i'm paul burton, wbz news. >> police had no choice but to shoot and kill a robbery suspect as the man was running from the crime scene. the suspect got in the convenience store clerk, claimed he had a gun and took off. when police arrived he refused to show his hands. >> reporter: it started at this gas station around 4:00 this morning according to police and ended with the suspect shot and killed by police. he's a white male who has yet to be identified. >> shots fired, shots fired.
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from the weapon of a lynn officer and they were fatal. the target was a suspect who started the ordeal at this gas station, convenience store, says the chief. >> went in there, claimed he was armed with a firearm. attempted to rob the store. a violent struggle ensued. >> this man possibly has a weapon on him. maybe a gun. >> reporter: it ended just down th in his pockets and he refused to show his hands. >> that's when the officer fired. >> reporter: hours later, the store opened. >> something that -- it's shocking. >> reporter: he works at an auto shop down the street. >> usually we don't get that much bad things happening, just
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convenience store next door -- >> i felt bad for our neighbor here. >> reporter: the manager reviewed security procedures and told employees never put up a fight. >> be safe and then call the cops after they leave. >> reporter: the clerk who got in the scuffle with the suspect is shaken but thankfully, he is okay. as for the suspect who was shot and killed, police are working on notifying his family in lynn, christina hager, wbz news. a father of four tells police he just panicked and took off after he hit and killed a man in front of a bar in brockton. 39-year-old milton cansalves confessed to hitting and killing sergio -- >> the judge ordered $10,000 cash bail. boston police are investigating a crash on route
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of the road, killing the driver. reconstruction crews began their work and no word on why the driver lost control but it was wet at the time. three people have been killed in a fast moving wildfire in tennessee. the flames have forced thousands of people to evacuate the town of gatlinburg and the fire has destroyed homes and businesses and a 16 story hotel. it's dry and very windy in tennessee right now. the national guard is now on scene. >> go, go, go, go, go, go. >> hit the gas, hit the gas. >> this driver was lucky to get out. he's surrounded by a forest of flames. the fire temporarily blocked the only way out and at one point the sparks were flying over the windshield. eventually, the driver and passenger got out. they weren't hurt. but police are trying to move
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video like that again. it's believed that the attack at the university was terror related. brook silva-braga is on campus. >> reporter: professor william clark is slow on his feet after getting hit by a car on the university of ohio campus where he teaches engineering. the car sliced his right leg and flipped him into the air. he considers himself outside lucky. >> very fortunate he hit a concrete planter. if that had not been there, he'd have plowed into 30 or 40 people. >> he was a student from somalia. he drove over the curb and hit several people and then got out wielding a butcher knife. a university police officer
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hundred feet in that direction. >> reporter: investigators are looking into whether it was an act of terrorism. he has facebook posts that include the following. if you want us muslims to stop carrying out lone wolf attacks, make peace. >> the ohio state students we spoke to seemed classmates. >> this is just something that happened from one person. not something we can blame on other people. >> students are leaving messages of love and hope, promising to stay buckeye strong. president-elect donald trump is getting ready to go on a thank you tour. they'll appear in cincinnati and then another appearance in new orleans.
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elaine chow for transportation secretary. she was is 2nd tear of labor for president bush. tonight what went wrong in the heartbreaking plane crash that killed a team of young athletes. >> the brazilian community is in mourning. preserving positive messages at boston bw is trying to make sure that more people enjoy the words of inspiration. and tom brady's son benjamin takes over a radio interview and the results are adorable. a first look at the new italian marketplace giving bottlians a new -- bostonians a
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off. benny just walked in. hey, benny, how are you? >> good. did you have a good thanksgiving? >> yes. >> are you getting ready for christmas? >> did you watch your daddy play. >> he was playing against the green guys. i don't know what they're called but they're very good. >> how did you think your dad did? >> he tripped too. >> he got tripped a few times. >> and even more hurt. >> maybe you'll tell us what's wrong with him. >> i don't know, he's like a donkey. >> not sure what he meant by that. spend your sunday with us.
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when benjamin is the quarterback he's not going to be able to be that free with his words. >> listen, kid. clamp down a little bit. >> you're cute now but don't say anything more. >> from a donkey to a duck. >> this was a gross day no question about it. but we absolutely need it. it's something that the whole area can use. and in boston, temperatures are getting warmer. 51 in the city. the humidity is also on the rise and the wind out of the south at 18. it's going to get pretty mild for most locations. here's a look at the rain totals. a half inch from kathy in worcester. frank in foxborough reporting a third of an inch of rain so far. just a slow go everywhere. it's wet and chilly in spots.
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and far northern massachusetts where the cold has been locked in. and we had that icing earlier on in the morning. the heaviest rainfall is south of the pike. and that's where it's going to stay. focusing in towards the south coast, the south shore, and reaching over to providence, the yellows where we have heavier downpours and steady across the cape and the islands. much needed. from the mid-50s in new bedford. and we climb to 60 and 30s in nashua and far northern massachusetts. i think you'll bump up to the 40s but that's as warm as it gets. and generally speaking the mild air is in control over the next couple of days. this is batch number one moving through. and batch number 2 getting started in the form of severe weather. and much needed rainfall will come to tennessee where they had the wildfires around
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surface. the south coast, the cape, and the islands, and the peak gusts will be 40 to 50 miles per hour. and in terms of the rainfall, most of that moving quickly. by 8:00 we're focusing on eastern mass. and the last of the showers will be leaving and we may get a little bit of clearing. we could get a bit of sun to start the day. and we could see areas of dense fog. that will be something to watch for the morning commute. and tomorrow afternoon. and some scattered downpours and areas of rainfall likely again before that wraps up on thursday morning. a repeat performance of what we've had today. overnight lows in the upper 30s to around 40 to the north. no icy areas, and eventually by tomorrow morning we reach the low 50s towards the cape. but most of the night will be very warm. 40s north of the pike, 50s south of the pike.
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here? if we get 2 1/2 inches of rain in boston, that would get us back to average. this is where we're at. we need the rain. thursday, mild air and well up in the 50s. we start to dry out. and friday the cooler air starts to move in. we'll see clouds and still not that bad. upper 40s to around 50. this weekend the chilly stuff starts to move back in. the good news is high pressure is travel weather and any plans should be just fine. here's your accuweather 7-day forecast. mild on thursday and mild on friday. much chillier for the weekend. and the next potential storm for tuesday of next week. it was already a rainy day and the newsroom is losing a bit of the sunshine. our colleague, diane stern is retiring after 33 years at wbz
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nobody wants to see her go. she's covered it all in greater boston. a story teller with a great mind, a big heart. and we are going to miss you. >> my ear is trained to hear diane and anthony silva in the afternoon. both of them are gone now. and diane does a lot of great work in the community. >> she's definitely still in the community but we don't get to hear he have a bad experience and write a bad review. >> and soon you'll be able to do that without being sued. and a bold crime in broad daylight. a thief caught on camera ransacking a home. why the homeowner thinks the man knew no one would be around. and a robot penguin helping kids with autism.
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illegal is headed to the president's desk. the measure is necessary to guarantee freedom of speech in a growing online world. if you go to a restaurant, there's no contract. but if you hire a photographer, they can say you can't post bad reviews. the sticky note project is moving online. >> encouraged people to share positive notes on post it notes. 2500 of these uplifting messages are on a website, subway therapy to share the support and the inspiration with a larger audience. >> this started in new york.
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activated cameras in a kansas park they thought they'd capture images of mountain lions. >> pranksters dressed up as animals, monsters, and santa claus. and the cameras took the pictures over three different nights and the officers called the costumes creative. no mountain lion was ever seen but obviously, the people realized the cameras were there. is that the abominable snowman. >> that's mountain lion protection. >> we'll be back at 6:00. here's a look at what's coming up for the wbz news at 5:30. a huge food drive at a south shore high school. we meet the student behind the effort. and donald trump with a controversial tweet but is it a distraction from bigger issues?
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it down. and nearly an entire soccer team killed in a crash. the brazilian community is coming together in the wake of the tragedy. and we're teaming up for a program called ask a lawyer. tomorrow night, wednesday night. volunteer lawyers will be here in the wbz studios to take your phone calls and answer your questions. (617)787-7070 and the phone lines will be open from 7:00 to
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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news at 5:30. we have a weather alert at 5:30. heavy downpours and wind out there. the wet weather started this afternoon. and it's going to stick around for a few more hours. we really need the rain so this is in some ways good news. i'm liam martin. >> and i'm paula ebben. eriche the storm. >> the ecology of the area. and ugly day but much needed rainfall. these are the rain deficits, very, very steep. and anyone who traveled over the holiday might have noticed the reservoirs, ponds, lakes, missing a lot of water. much needed rainfall tonight and temperatures are starting to warm. the heaviest rainfall south of the pike. and we should see the biggest


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