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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 29, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news at 5:30. we have a weather alert at 5:30. heavy downpours and wind out there. the wet weather started this afternoon. and it's going to stick around for a few more hours. we really need the rain so this is in some ways good news. i'm liam martin. >> and i'm paula ebben. eriche the storm. >> the ecology of the area. and ugly day but much needed rainfall. these are the rain deficits, very, very steep. and anyone who traveled over the holiday might have noticed the reservoirs, ponds, lakes, missing a lot of water. much needed rainfall tonight and temperatures are starting to warm. the heaviest rainfall south of the pike. and we should see the biggest
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travel. watching the winds starting to increase. gusts approaching 30 miles per hour. and they could reach 50 as we head into the overnight. the first half of the night. and in particular, cape cod, the south coast and the islands. main issues, localized flash flooding on the roads for the commute. and then as we look to the overnight, some of the potentially damaging wind gusts. and tomorrow, another round of rain moving in. liam and paula, back overnight just a horrific crash in columbia. >> this is the plane right there carrying a brazilian soccer team to their biggest match ever. it slammed into a hillside and 71 people were killed and six survived. if crew declared an emergency and the plane lost radio contact during an electrical failure.
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4:00 in the morning. >> reporter: claudia has been watching since before dawn from the cell phone store in framingham. and she's constantly on social media. >> everybody changed the profile pictures give them the support because the soccer, it's like a number one in brazil. >> some changing their profiles to show the team logo with a memorial ribbon. on a plane headed to heaven. >> everybody is happy, everybody is making fun. >> 300,000 brazilians live in massachusetts and many have settled here. in just about every store front. business owners were tuned in to the news of the tragedy. >> they are loved by everyone in brazil. just not by the people -- but
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>> here in framingham. they are spreading word of the tragedy. they are the largest portuguese speaking radio station outside of brazil with 350,000 listeners tuning in. >> brazil is one big team when it comes to soccer. we have the players and we have the cheerleaders, and you know, this moment we are all part of that team. >> in framingham, david robichaud, wbz news. it has become a familiar cycle. president-elect donald trump sends out controversial tweets that seem to coincide with unflattering news stories about him. jon keller is with us tonight. some people think he's flying off the handle. and others see these as calculated maneuvers. >> i think the president-elect is crazy like a fox.
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sometimes it's knee jerk. but his expert manipulation of the media was a hallmark of his campaign. within hours of his loss to ted cruz in february, he tweeted cruz didn't win iowa, he stole it. that's why he got far more votes than anticipated. that baseless charge kept cruz on the defe local supporters as he cruised to victory in new hampshire. an actor in hamilton addressed the vice president. >> the theater must always be a safe and special place. the cast was rude to a very good man. apologize. >> the uproar over that overshadowed coverage of can $25 million settlement he had to agree to in the fraud case
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bad news, serious bad news. in comes an odd or bizarre tweet. >> and the media follows it. >> like lemmings. >> you think he's making a conscious effort to distract when there's a negative news story. >> reporter: one more example from early this morning. trump reacted to tv coverage of protest. nobody should be allowed to burn the american flag, if they do, there must be consequences, perhaps loss of citizenship or a year in jail. that took the spotlight off the extensive piece on the massive potential conflicts posed by trump's business interests around the world. a topic democrats have been trying to pounce on. so this process works and he's
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until and unless the media decides we have got to prioritize our coverage. s the called the tradition. an annual event honoring some of the world's best athletes to benefit the sports museum in new england. steve burton is live at the garden where the festivities will start in less than 30 minutes. >> tradition, yes, tradition. drew bledsoe, everyone shaquille o'neal. and there's another local legend being honored. holy cross' -- sat down with dan roche. >> goldy lock balm was a throwback. he never came off the field.
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back. wide out. on defense i played corner, safety, outside -- i returned punts and kicks. >> lock balm did it all at holy cross. putting the school on the college football map. >> i viewed every practice, game, or class as an opportunity. >> he and -- spoke at the downtown harvard clubhouse about how it he finally got national notice. >> i think a lot of people related to it because the era of peopled that played both ways could relate to the story. >> reporter: he was so good that he finished 5th in 1986 and third in 1987 for the heisman trophy. awarded to the best college football player.
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aa school. >> can you imagine a player from holy cross being a finalist for the heisman trophy nowadays? unbelievable. it should be an excellent excellent piece. >> speaking of throwbacks, quoting fiddler on the roof. >> tradition. [ overlapping speakers ] still not sure what you want to buy someone for the holidays. >> the most wanted gift of the season. and teens swarm a new england convenience store with one goal, to rob the place. and helping others on this giving tuesday. meet the local high school football player recruiting his whole school for one big
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wanted gifts. the iphone is the most decembered present of the year. the mac book and xbox come out on top. but fit bits and hoverboards are dropping in popularity. a website was set up to get people their money back. friday is the last day to fi a claim. go to old radioshack gift have you cut your cable cord? tomorrow a it's will launch a new stream -- at&t will launch a new streaming service. taylor swift even has her own show on the network. subscriptions start at $35 a month. and some won't have access to the major broadcast stations.
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is helping local children with autism. and tallying up all the rain across the area and certainly a beautiful sight. actually, it's ugly but nice to get the rainfall. a quarter inch in lexington. and a half inch in belmont, new hampshire. and3/4 at gardner. we'll take a look at the rain for the you and time it out
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my guest list just tripled. my cookie exchange is super competitive. mine too. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great!
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wow. everything for the holidays. that's my stop & shop. this is home surveillance video capturing two thieves ransacking a nevada home. and look -- in broad daylight. the owner was out of the country and says the crooks may
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hartford convenience store. a group of kids storming the store to steal candy. there were too many of them. >> if you think running 26 miles is hard, try doing it on ice. dozens ran the antarctic marathon battling temperatures of four below. there's not world. >> can you imagine running 26 miles in that. >> actually i can. four below, it's nothing. it's antarctica. >> they are pretty close to the pole there. >> that's wild. we had quite the dreary day today. >> and tonight kind of ugly and
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tomorrow. but we've had quiet times in the weather department. and you don't shovel rainfall, that's for sure. an inch on the connecticut shore and a half inch in worcester. and seeing decent totals coming in. and we'll watch the numbers tick up and get another batch of rain tomorrow. here you see the live doppler radar. scattered showers in new hampshire. and same story for northern worcester county. and the heaviest rain is southeastern mass. stretching towards cape cod, steady rain and the islands. and approaching the mid-50s now towards the islands so much warmer in the southeastern corner of the state. many locations from the pike southward will make a run at 60 this evening. we'll start to feel very mild. the cold is persistent across new hampshire. and in far northern
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to hang on. just kind of the way things go. this is round number one. snow has been coming down at a good clip across the interior of maine. and the next wave is developing with severe storms and a chance for overnight tornadoes. when it gets here, just rainfall for wednesday. and also tonight we're watching for stronger gusts that could be up to 50 miles per hour on the south coast, cape the islands. the wind advisory will be until midnight tonight. we track the rain by 8:00 focusing on eastern mass. and by 10:00 tapering off the showers and might get clearing but any clearing would form locally dense fog. foggy areas before the next round. tomorrow afternoon and evening, scattered downpours and areas of rain and maybe a few cracks
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thursday morning. tonight's low temperatures. falling from the low 50s south and east and upper 30s north and west. tomorrow morning, fog but no rainfall out the door. midday, showers start to develop and most of the rain looks to be tomorrow afternoon and into the evening with the heavier downpours moving through. below 50 for areas north of the pike in the afternoon. after that things quiet down a little bit. mildth friday we start to get a little bit cooler with partly sunny skies and much chillier as we move into the upcoming weekend. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. near 50 on friday. and only low to mid-40s for this weekend. so a feel of winter but no issues if you're heading out for shopping or decorating. >> the weekends are short. special services make a
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but the services come with a hefty price tag. one local couple delivered a child friendly robot to make the services a lot more affordable. dr.mallika marshall takes a closer look. >> reporter: this 8-year-old has autism. and his family couldn't afford the services he needed. >> children with autism need 40 plus hours a week and who is going to pay for that to lori and her husband greg put their heads together along with households materials and gave birth to tabby. >> reporter: a lot of work went into the design of the robot. syrup colors and by the way, who doesn't love a penguin. >> reporter: he's more than a penguin.
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belly. >> the parent can run it. the teacher, the nanny, the babysitter. >> and much more affordable. >> i see the robot evening out the playing field. perhaps insurance is giving you 10 hours a week. the robot can supplement. >> when the teacher did not have to use the paper and pencil. they were >> reporter: a pilot study in melrose showed kids responded positively. >> it's designed to the point where it could be commercialized. within a couple of years, we could get something like this. >> everything that they think about there's a purpose. and everything that they did with the penguin is exactly
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the massive food drive at a south shore high school as teens tout the importance of giving back. new details in the police involved shooting in lynn. what we've learned about the robbery suspect and his past who was shot and killed by police. and a new place to eat, drink, and shop. a first look at boston's new
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? dylan: i was un-athletic and very sedentary in my lifestyle. and then i found parkour and something about it clicked. then i stopped drinking soda and eating sweets and eating all the junk food. e heavier and i'm not going to be able to jump as far. my name is dylan polin
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>> after cashing in on black friday and cyber monday sales, now it's time to give. >> on giving tuesday, students came to class with armfuls of canned goods. a classmate organized that incredible effort. >> reporter: as students poured the cardboard boxes filled up with cans. >> i was expecting it to be successful but this definitely tops my expectations and i love to see my classmates participating. students were encouraged to wear white and bring in a cash or canned donation. >> we got a full box of money.
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to the duxbury food pantry where they help 200 people a month. mary lou o'connell is beyond grateful for their help. >> it makes my heart smile. it lets me know that there's goodness all around us and i do see it often. >> reporter: this drive falls on giving tuesday, a global day of giving that encourages people to donate items or time to charity. the high school principal is proud to see taking part. >> people are thinking beyond their own lives and looking to other people in need. i think that's what it means to be a good citizen. >> he's happy to know the school is making a difference. >> there are a lot of people in my own town and across massachusetts and across the world that are hundredery and they struggle to -- hungry and
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the table. >> that kid is awesome. the food drive is part of project 351. a youth service nonprofit organization. and that group will hold 100 of these student run food drives across the state. >> for the 351 cities and states in massachusetts. and so many kids want to be a part of an effort like that. much more still ahead. >> the news at 6:00 starts right now. now at 6:00, a wbz alert. >> tracking areas of heavier rainfall and stronger winds and a round of rain on the way for tomorrow. a fast moving fire in lawrence leaves almost two dozen people without a home. aaron hernandez files a lawsuit. who he blames for a breach of his jailhouse phone calls.
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news at 6:00. now at 6:00, a weather alert. heavy rain is moving through parts of the area, slowing down the evening commute and bringing the chance of some flooding. and this is going to be a one, two punch. >> round two comes tomorrow. and with it more rain. let's get to eric fisher with more. >> a gloomy day and pockets of heavier rainfall. a slow go all across the area. it makes a of year that it's dark after 4:00 and it's harder to travel. the heaviest rainfall is south of the pike over the last couple of hours. scattered in nature north of the pike. we have the heaviest rainfall through bridgewater and middleborough. and heavy rain around fall river. and it's going to be a soggy night for the next couple of
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56 in norwood. the cold in worcester county and southern new hampshire. everyone else warming up. and it becomes a mild rain. and gusting to 32 in beverly. some of the peak gusts until midnight could be as high as 50 miles per hour. a wind advisory is out. and the strongest on cape cod and the islands and cape ann could see strong winds. localized flooding on and heavier downpours and stronger winds that peak this evening until the middle of the night and then start to subside. tomorrow a round of rain moves in. and we'll share your reports coming up in a few. this is making a mess of the evening commute. giving you a look at the traffic maps. you can see a lot of red and a lot of advisories on the road as we give you a live picture of the zakim bridge.


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