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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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56 in norwood. the cold in worcester county and southern new hampshire. everyone else warming up. and it becomes a mild rain. and gusting to 32 in beverly. some of the peak gusts until midnight could be as high as 50 miles per hour. a wind advisory is out. and the strongest on cape cod and the islands and cape ann could see strong winds. localized flooding on and heavier downpours and stronger winds that peak this evening until the middle of the night and then start to subside. tomorrow a round of rain moves in. and we'll share your reports coming up in a few. this is making a mess of the evening commute. giving you a look at the traffic maps. you can see a lot of red and a lot of advisories on the road as we give you a live picture of the zakim bridge.
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right now. eastbound is very slow. if you're headed out in the next little bit. give yourself extra time. and download the cbs news boston app. breaking tonight. two dozen people are out of their homes after a fast moving fire in lawrence. >> everybody got out safely and one firefighter was injured paul burton is live on the scene now. this fire behind me is completely out and the fire officials tell me the building is a total loss. everyone made it out safely and five families tonight are without a home. cell phone video captures the intensity of the fire that ripped through the home in
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came down. >> reporter: this mother of three children breaks down. her kids are safe and her belongings are gone. >> on tuesday afternoon, a fire broke out inside this 3 1/2 story home in lawrence. inside was a mother on the 3rd floor. >> we did find a woman on the right side 3rd floor of the building. the crews helped her evacuate the building. we fighting effort. >> smoke and flames billow out for hours as firefighters scramble to contain it. one woman suffered a seizure and was transported to the hospital. most of the renters were at work. and now more than 20 people -- many of them children -- are without a home. >> if i can donate clothes -- i'm in the neighborhood. i feel sad.
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fire officials tell me that they are going to be investigating this for many days to come. one firefighter was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. the fire remains under investigation tonight. live in lawrence, i'm paul burton, wbz news. police are working to identify a man who died in a crash in methuen. the driver of a lumber truck hit a victim who was riding a motorized bicycle. ofrs afternoon and witnesses say the driver did come back to the scene. no charges were filed and the crash is still under investigation. also breaking tonight -- >> shots fired, shots fired. >> very tense moments recorded in police transmissions as an officer shoots and kills a robbery suspect. and that man has an extensive criminal record. christina hager is live in lynn
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this. christina-- >> reporter: the district attorney's office just released the identity. he is michael mcginnest. a 41-year-old. and he went in the gas station before 4:00 this morning. and stole $150 before the shooting. >> shots fired, shots fired. >> reporter: those shots fired, the lynn police chief explains. >> one of the his weapon. hitting the individual. >> reporter: the gunshot that turned out to be fatal hit a suspect who started the morning at the gas station convenience store claiming he had a gun and getting into a physical scuffle with the clerk. that turned into a manhunt. >> this man possibly has a weapon on him. maybe a gun. >> reporter: it ended just down the block. >> the individual had his hands in his pockets and the officers ordered him to show his hands
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that's when the officer fired. >> reporter: hours later, the store opened. >> something of that magnitude happening is shocking. >> reporter: it has employees thinking about their own security. >> more alert and always be with somebody else. >> at another convenience store -- >> i feel bad for the next store. i would advice to get like a rv overnight shift. i hope, i hope that it will be more police activity during the night shift around like parking lots, swing by like ever half hour, one hour. >> reporter: according to the district attorney, the lynn officer who shot the suspect fired his gun twice hitting him in the upper torso. the district attorney's office
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in lynn, christina hager, wbz news. aaron hernandez filing a lawsuit over jailhouse phone calls that were hacked before his murder call. >> reporter: hernandez is suing securis technologies. someone hammed in shortly before he was to go on trial for the murder of odin lloyd. it's unclear who hacked the calls, but they family or friends. and the sheriff's department did not report that breach to prosecutors or to hernandez's defense team. he said he has civil rights were violated. the defense team says he's seeking damages and they'll determine the amount at trial. securis has not commented. hernandez was convicted of first-degree murder and is serving life in prison. in tennessee, three people
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wildfires that have scorched areas in the great smoky mountains. 14,000 people were evacuated from the tourist town of gatlinburg. it's the largest fire in the last 100 years in tennessee. tonight president-elect donald trump will meet with mitt romney for a second time. he's on the short list to become secretary of state. and trump is also meetin senator bob corker. the president-elect chose elaine chow as transportation secretary. she's the third woman appointed to the cabinet. the 27th annual firefighter of the year awards. among those recognized. four lynn firefighters who battled the state's single deadliest fire in 2014. four family members were killed when flames ripped through the
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>> this crew was knocked to the floor by the smoke and the intense heat and forced to crawl through the rooms with zero visibility. >> reporter: authorities say the heroic efforts led to two people being pulled from the home alive. the house was later demolished. plastic bags are banned in cambridge and somerville could be next. the goal is to get bring their own reusable canvas bags. city officials will be discussing the ban tomorrow night. this is unlike anything boston has seen before. >> it's a new food market with a celebrity chef as our tour guide. it's the 15th annual tradition right here at the garden. and the rain coming down across the area this evening.
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look to tomorrow. nasty travel conditions, we'll take a look at the forecast
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eat, drink, and shop. it is a great day in boston if you love italian food. this is long awaited and open for business. it's a new 45,000 square foot italian marketplace. >> this should be a national holiday. >> there are world and the one on boylston street is going for a bit of a boston flavor. the sights and smells in this place will knock you out. it's an italian marketplace spread over three levels of the prudential center. >> reporter: they have four restaurants.
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opening. >> first time i came to boston to check this location out, i felt like i was in europe. >> you can buy fruits, meats, vegetables. you can take a cooking class, eat dinner. really incredible concepts. many of the items are imported and there's a big emphasis on local, especially the seafood. >> how we can thug our italian way. and making sure that's boston italian. >> eat a lee is a new downtown option. >> very supportive of local producers as well as representing some of the best from italy. >> and if you're making pasta. you have to answer the big
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gravy? >> my italian friends call it gravy. >> you can learn italian recipes and it's a great place to spend some time in the mozzarella lab or make pasta by hand. >> a mozzarella lab. that was the best idea ever. >> wear a white lab coat with marinara sauce all over it. >> field trip. turning to it was wet and windy and ugly. >> we're in for another batch of this tomorrow. eric is here with more on the pasta weather. >> absolutely. this is the italian season. good hearty food. the temperatures are climbing. the wind is out of the south. and more wind through the next few hours.
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always appreciate. natick reporting .66. a half inch in shirley. and a half inch in nashua. and here's our live doppler radar. and the back edge is starting to move in to central massachusetts. and the heavier rainfall is south of the pike and across southeastern mass and rhode island. the heaviest rain. heading down to new bedford, west port, and dartmouth seeing heavy rain. the cape and the sides it's been steady. actually going to see clearing behind it. and here comes the next wave. actually, some very dangerous severe weather in mississippi, tennessee, and alabama tonight as the system gets going. for us, our temperatures are climbing well into the 50s. and much of southeastern mass will reach readings near 60 for
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overnight. slowly eroding the cold in new hampshire and northern mass where it's been awful out. 36degrees and raining is not fun for anybody. winds will be strongest to cape cod and the islands. we could see peak gusts 40 to 50 miles per hour there. as we track the rain, most of it by 8:00 and focused on eastern mass. by 10:00 we're just about done. and the last of the showers will be moving off to the east. and any clearing to areas of fog. we are dry in the morning and the afternoon brings the return of rain tomorrow through the evening and into tomorrow night. scattered downpours and areas of rain. and we'll continue to add to the rain totals. the last of the downpours exiting on thursday morning. tonight's temperatures an initial rise through midnight. and in the 50s in southeast mass and in the upper 30s to
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west of boston. above 50 degrees south of the pike. and below 50 degrees north of the pike. and a fairly mild day as we approach december. most towns by the time things end on thursday, 1 to 3 inches of rain. we need 2 1/2 to get back to average for the month of november which tells you how quiet it's been. and towards the end of the week, a mild day on thursday. a bit of cloud cover on friday. and we start th will move in towards the weekend. highs a little above 40 on saturday and sunday. it will be dry and definitely a winter feel. don't anticipate any storms to be around and great news for a cool event. the ice rink starts on friday night. it will be chilly and cold at night so good weather to maintain the ice if you're thinking about checking it out.
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patriots game on sunday. the next storm chance is tuesday of next week. david and lisa, back to you. it's a big night at the garden where the sports museum is having the national event. >> steve burton joins us with a patriots legend. >> the guy next to me doesn't need any introduction. a lot of guys being honored but drew bledsoe is front and center. and good to see you. >> my wife and i grew up here, man. it's great to be back. >> and speaking of history, let's go back in time. let's talk about some highlights. >> we had some really good ones, man. when we got out here, the patriots had not been very good
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of guys. >> the miami game -- >> busted my finger. didn't know it was broken. >> put a pin in your finger. >> and these young guys hurt their pinkie and have to go out. back in the day we just played. we did that and we were able to win against the bills. >> and then our good friend -- won the game playoffs. [ overlapping speakers ] >> how about the minnesota game? >> that was -- i was 22 years old, man. parcells let me throw it the whole second half. my good friend kevin turner, may god rest his soul who passed away far too young.
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>> i got to double back to my hometown of walla walla, washington. >> did you see brady try to make the block. >> that block was awful, dude. dive early so they can't see it on film. >> you look healthy. and you have a son football. >> i have a son playing lacrosse and my second guy is playing for cougs. >> and you're being honored with shahidullah shahid and -- >> i got hit a lot but i'm --
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shaquille o'neal and hulk hogan. >> great to see you. >> for sure, for sure. >> i think brady got the message. >> come on. shaquille o'neal, yes, former bruin -- and bill lee, the spaceman. and lay la ali. it should be a great night at the garden. the tradition to benefit back to you. that was fun. >> that was fun. the cbs evening news is coming up at 6:30. and norah o'donnell joins us with a preview. >> reporter: tonight on the cbs evening news inside the tennessee wildfire that's forcing the evacuation of america's most visited national park. and what caused a plane carrying the brazilian soccer team to crash?
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back. those stories ahead in about 10 minutes. still to come, the unmistakable voice is signing off. and we're giving this beloved member of our bz family a spend sendoff. a free program called ask a lawyer. volunteer lawyers will be here to take your phone calls this wednesday. all for lines will be open from 7:00 to
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? dylan: anybody can do parkour. our whole aim with the gym is to get people moving, and want to have people understand that you own a body. we can do some crazy things with it. having blue cross blue shield, i've always felt comfortable being able to try something that i might not know if i'm going to land, because i've always had this security behind me. my name is dylan. i own hub parkour training center
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tonight somewhat re-luck at that particular timely we say congratulations to one of the best. >> we all love diane stern who is retiring after 30 years on wbz radio. she is a leader. a mom, a great role model.
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privilege working in boston. in truth, the privilege is to all of the people who got to work with her. and she just signed off 15 minutes ago. standing room only in the newsroom. and just one of those lovely people that you see and know they're great. >> and somebody who is all about giving back. so fortunately we'll see her. >> she does great work in the community. it's christmas tree season. and fire officials say to be a safe holiday. >> they want you to know how fast a tree can become engulfed. and how little time you might
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ready to head out when others head home. at eversource, we prepare for ugly weather all year long... upgrading technology, managing vegetation,
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on us. we're ready for winter, and we want to make sure you're ready, too. visit to learn more and sign up for storm updates. and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter. ever new england. eversource. >> round one of the rain will end in a couple of hours,
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during afternoon and evening. >> we'll see you back here later tonight. >> have a great tuesday night. >> o'donnell: a race against the flames. >> go, go, go, go! >> o'donnell: wildfires turn deadly in the great smoky mointins. thousands run, hotel hotels ands burn. >> this is a fire for the history books. >> o'donnell: also tonight-- a soccer team's cinderella story ends in tragedy. dozens were killed when thijet went down, but there were survivors. donald trump makes more cabinet picks, including the man who intends to blow up obamacare. and why would they put a mop bucket in a museum? >> the proverbial drop in the bucket to do it once, but when


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