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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 30, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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a big mess and boston's chinatown with the motter -- a water main break. it forces evacuations. officials say several buildings had to be evacuated because of si let's get right out to the scene with the latest.>> it has been pretty chaotic down here for the last seven hours now. boston fire officials tell us three manholes caught fire as a result of the water main break. you can see the foam they used to distinguish the fire's. this may cause increased levels
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including the hospital. more than 100 people have been evacuated in all.>> water gushes down the street in chinatown after a massive water main break on washington street. the water quickly filled the roads and filled -- port into buildings. when the water was turned back on multiple manholes caught fire. it left broken pavement and the money mess behind. people heading forced to sidestep piles of mad and puddles of water.>> i have never seen it like this before. >> crews rushed to the scene to turn off the water. boston police diver to traffic around the area in the midst of the heck morning commute.>> i'm running late because of it it's a bizarre thing to see.
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of time >> neighbors worry it may take some time for things to get back to normal.>> it will take a long time to fix or cleanup.>> officials say restaurants were forced to shut down for the day. somehow three to 4 feet of water inside. this part of kneeland street and part of washington street are shut down for the foreseeable future. avoid this area if you can. breaking right now at noon and charlotte police officer who shot and killed amount -- and man at an apartment complex
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should store surveillance video today's evidence. the family claims he was unarmed and waiting for his son to arrive home from school when this happened. the shooting led tonight of unrest in charlotte. we are on the storm watch. as we take a live look outside over the city. heavy rains are we making their way into the >> that can make for a messy afternoon yet again and a long commute home. here's a first look at the accu weather forecast>> yesterday at afternoon he came down in buckets. just some left over dismal now and temperatures in the 40s but it will be held in place for most of the afternoon. here comes the next ripple of rain along and the next wave of disturbance.
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into the very first part of tomorrow morning. initially it will be liked. as we go through the afternoon we will get to the first part of the afternoon commute without too much heavy rain. most of the heaviest rain will happen this evening. we should squeak through most of the commute without too much heavy rain. it's the evening and overnight when heaviest should occur another soaker for many areas, more than 1 inch and we are up for a prolonged dry stretch and it will chilly side in the 40s. details coming up. to keep an eye on the storms you can check out the radar on the cbs boston weather app, you will get alerts and forecast. it's free in the google and apple app store's. several southern states are recovering from a bout of severe weather. three people were killed in alabama. three victims were all inside a mobile home and officials say there were more injuries and up to 20 other buildings were destroyed. severe weather is also being
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didn't see where possible tornado hit a home killing a husband and wife. that storm brought 1 inch of rain to the town of gatlinburg where they continue to battle a raging wild fire. authorities now say the great smoky mountain wild fire has killed four people and four dozen others have been hurt and 150 buildings have been destroyed. many homes being burned right to the foundation. while the rain has helped the wild fire situation the fire is still burning. when a fire broke out in a concord new hampshire home this morning. >> we a story.>> much of the fire was contained to the kitchen where it began the woman inside the apartment did jump from the second floor window. the chief said she landed on the roof of that doorway before rolling onto the sidewalk.>> i
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concord an early morning fire sparked chaos. she was one of five people inside the multi family home at the time. 6:20 according to officials and she landed on the roof of the doorway. >> she was alert and concepts -- conscious.>> he heard the alarm and knocked at the door.>> i heard a knock on she was knocking on it as she ran down the stairs. >> it began as a kitchen fire and was quickly knocked it down. >> we had fire pushing out of the second-floor window. you can tell from the street that we had a pretty significant amount of fire. >> while all the residents made it out several animals are unaccounted for. friend of the woman who jumped
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the american red cross is assisting the residents who are now displaced. >> i've been trying to stay calm in difficult situations. >> he credits his time in the army for that. he will stay in the hotel until it the smoke clears and fire officials determined how it started.>> the fire chief says it is unclear if the resident was actually cooking in the kitchen. part of the investigation. he says he is grateful that everyone was able to make it out and the woman who jumped is going to be okay. that's the latest from concord new hampshire. today five lawrence families are without a home. a mother trapped on the third floor had to be rescued by firefighters. approximately 20 people lived in the home and many were children. everyone got ought -- got out safety -- safely. the building has deemed a total
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pile of smoke and the fire put. i saw when the roof came down. i will try to help them. i will done it closed and stuff like that. >> one firefighter was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the cause is under investigation. the fire chief is he is accused of using public funds to fight by himself clothing. he was charged yesterday and they voted to suspend him without pay. each firefighter gets about $1000 a year for clothing. the town's board of selectmen chair believes he was using his and other firefighters clothing allowances for himself. he also bought several items of women's clothing. today president-elect
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a campaign promise. he reached a deal with the air- conditioning company carrier to keep 1000 jobs in indiana instead of moving them to mexico. some of the company's workers are praising the president- elect>> thank you for doing what you said you were going to do. when it comes to presidents -- presidential candidates, sometimes if not all the time, a lot of times they don't do what they promise they will do.>> tomorrow trump invites president president-elect pence will travel to indiana. trump is also revealing more about the future of his own company.>> marlie hall reports from us -- for us from new york. >> steve mnuchin he is the pick for secretary. >> our number 1 priority is going to be the economy.
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>> mintage and as a former goldman sachs executive who was the finance director for the campaign. the trump transition team also announced billionaire wilbur ross will be nominated for commerce secretary. the president-elect says he will hold a news conference on december 15 to discuss plans to leave his business empire while in office in a series of tweets mr. trump said i feel it is visually important as president to in no way have a conflict of interest with >> it's unclear if the billionaire plans to turn over his business holdings to his children are put them in a blind trust. transition officials tell cbs news that the plan does not include a release of his full tax return.>> police officer trim had dinner last night with mitt romney and future -- and reince priebus he said they had a wonderful evening.>> the discussions have been enlightening and interesting
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>> sources tell cbs news mr. trump is considering romney, retired general betray us and rudy giuliani for secretary of state. breaking news right now out of washington. house democrats have reelected nancy pelosi to serve as their leader. she is led the democrats since 2002 and ohio democrat tim ryan had challenged her following the parties to -- disappointing results in the election >> the patriots are back from a day off. a live look. their hard at work. the team preparing to face the la rams. coach belichick says it's a group they are not familiar with but have spent the last few days studying to prepare.>> they are a very talented group. a lot of potentially explosive plays or explosive players. they could do a lot of damage
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friday night at 7:00 right here wbz. and you can kick off your set -- your sunday with patriots game day. the rams and the patriots play at 11:00 and you can watch the fifth quarter. stranded at logan overnight how an entire plane of passengers went out -- went up stuck at the airport. essentials and boston get more expensive. the new plan in front of the city council. and a work tool that hits it big. the employees are now millions of dollars richer.
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today begins a four-day journey , to -- crowds lined the streets as a caravan pastor havana. the root is the reverse that castor and its rebels took when they took over the country back in 1959. his funeral will be held on sunday. protesters are refusing to obey a mandatory
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middle of the winter storm as they continue to push back against the construction of the dakota pipeline. a newspaper reports anyone delivering supplies to the protesters could face a fine of up to $1000 another messy night in store for us after a very difficult to me last night.>> we are seeing -- this time around most of the rain will come after the afternoon commute. although it will be raining somewhat this afternoon the heaviest looks to be ha that's better news than yesterday. we are in the last day of november and this will end up being close to slightly over the average or today. we will end up with a temperature of less 1.2 degrees for november. we're looking at the current temperature 47. that's what it should be for high temperature. we have a light northeasterly breeze not too much rain yet. how will it change good afternoon? rain will commence and it will
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the afternoon hours. the temperatures don't change through the evening hours. yesterday we talked about temperatures going up into the 50s. that will not happen tonight. only southeastern massachusetts will see a warming trend from what they have right now. that's despite of all the warm air we have a off to the southwest. buffalo is almost up to 60 degrees and richmond is 70. the warm air will combine to south eastern massachusetts. up here we will never get into the warm air and the wind will stay northeasterly. it will stay cooler. lows tonight in the 40s and high temperatures will not go into the 50s as we get sunshine breaking out in the morning as the clouds start to break. 54 to 58 for a high. the rain is mostly during the evening hours with heavy rain from time to time a second impulse comes in the early morning hours so another batch
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some of that rain will be heavy and after that the clouds give way to breaks of sunshine tomorrow morning then we see the temperature rising in the 50s. how much more rain? an additional inch at least in some places maybe 1.5 inches for tonight and very early tomorrow morning. thanks to this next low pressure which is reorganized to the south and will move up near cape cod. it will keep us on the cooler side of this storm. we will not warm up all that much air. have years -- heavier snow around maine and we will clear out and get weather for tomorrow. as far as the weekend goes if you're planning ahead it will be partly cloudy on saturday, seasonal around 45 and a touch chillier on sunday mix of clouds and sun around 42 degrees. 70s ahead looks like this. dry it and the middle part of next week we will be watching
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long ordeal is finally over for a flight filled with passengers who spent the night stranded at logan.>> 167 people were on the flight when it was diverted to boston. the jet landed just before 11:00 a.m. that because of the time it like -- at night the passengers were forced to wait hours to be helped. >> we have i have asked for caught from a child to sleep on three times and no one has brought anything no food or water. nothing has happened.>> southwest did give the customers vouchers to a hotel in boston but they had to be back at the airport for an 8:00 flight going to the grocery store may soon get more expensive. the city council is considering a proposal to require customers to pay five cents for all paper and plastic bags at grocery and
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would have to be ones that are thicker than 3 mm or can go to a compost pile. cambridge and somerville already have plastic bag hands. the boston city council will propose a speed limit on city streets from 35 miles an hour to 25 miles an hour. the toys for talk campaign is underway.>> collect new unwrapped toys at all state police barracks. you can also donate at most fire stations, walgreens stores , the toys will go to local families in need. still ahead a crazy crime caught on camera. >> a man grabbed a bucket out of an armored car and takes off. we have details coming up. tonight's call for action is teaming up with the mass bar association for free program called ask a lawyer.
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your questions the number is 617-7770 70. the call lines will be open from seven intel nine a clock
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a bold burglary in the middle of new york city. a thief makes off with a bucket of gold worth $1.6 million. it shows a man walking right up to the armored truck and grabbing the bucket and runs away with the goal. new york police say the bucket weighed 86 pounds. was nobody watching mad? >> how does that happen?>> here's proof that dreams do come true. >> a group of 20 coworkers and tennessee one last night $420 million powerball. the group decided to take a lump sum and each will get nearly $13 million for taxes. no word yet if they will retire from their jobs at an auto parts manufacturing plant>> they all got a big check. coming up checking out santos digs.
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to live like the big red man. you can find out next. it's starting to rain again so around to -- round 2, 40s to the north and 50s to the south. it will stay cool this time around and it will not rise like it did yesterday. will take a look at the
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h growling sound coming from our basement and our heating unit was blowing cold air. but we didn't worry about it, because our plan from homeserve covers costly repairs. a technician came to see if the problem was a loose blower belt or a faulty valve. he fixes all kinds of things like that. hey homeserve guy, was it a faulty valve? no ma'am, just a hairy snow beast. that was my second guess. you're right, honey. help protect your heating system with a repair plan and save 50% your first year.
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we are getting a look inside santa's workshop.>> his north pole a boat is on cello. it's described as being nestled on 25 idyllic acres constructed in the 1800s. including an oven with 12 different cookie settings. that's very important.>> where's the tway shed?>> i need a cookie right now.>>
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>> victoria: i can't believe this. >> billy: i know this is difficult to hear, vick. >> victoria: is it really so hard for you to be happy for me, billy? is it so hard to accept the fact that i've moved on? >> billy: travis slept with another woman. >> victoria: don't say that! >> billy: it's true. >> victoria: travis would never do something like that. >> billy: you felt it. when he was on his knee proposing to you in the park, you knew that there was something wrong. i could see it. the doubt in your eyes -- i >> victoria: what do you mean, you could see it? >> billy: i was in the park that day. i couldn't hear what was happening, but i knew. i could see the hesitation in your body. you didn't trust it. you didn't trust him. and you were right not to. >> michael: objection, your honor! >> leslie: on what grounds?! >> michael: the whole purpose of this hearing is the question of joint visitation of the minor child, and you ask for a restraining order! >> leslie: mr. baldwin's clients


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