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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 30, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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there. >> they didn't do anything. and went around the back side of the deck and went in the house. and came out and put him on top of the car and sat on him until the cops got here. >> reporter: neighbors tried to console the grandmother. >> she kept trying to get back to the house. we had her in the driveway and tried to keep her warm. >> reporter: unclear. >> a mother, son relationship for it to end this way is terrible and tragic and we need to find out what happened. >> reporter: now, the mother's identity has not yet been released. the son is in police custody and being questioned. chantee lans, wbz news. as we check out a live look at the radar. heavy downpours in and around boston during the evening commute for the second day in a
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eric fisher is live with the details and the timeline. >> reporter: unlike last evening. the rain will be with us until sunrise tomorrow. we have one round of rain moving through at the moment. this is the heavier stuff that will move through in the middle of the night. the appetizer rain moving across the area. some of the steadiest rainfall in and around downtown boston. all wet and some heavy rain so it's another night of slow travel. it's another night where temperatures are going to climb as the night goes on as well. as we take a look at the midnight hours, temperatures in the 40s and low 50s. by tomorrow morning we're in the 50s, around 60 degrees in southeastern massachusetts. the last of the showers are swinging through around 7:00 to 8:00 a.m. for the commute it shouldn't be a big issue. we'll get a mild start to the month of december.
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tomorrow. and looking at 2 to 3 inches between what we saw yesterday and this evening. after this, a big cooldown is on the way for the weekend. we'll take a look at the wintry temps coming up. a broken water main makes a mess on the edge of chinatown. first the streets filled with water and then several manholes caught fire before people had to evacuate because of a carbon monoxide scare. david robichaud boston tonight. david-- >> reporter: there's a water main break that's patched up. and plenty of activity going on. ever source is here to try to get power restored. the hazmat unit is on scene. and the biggest problem may be some businesses that could not be opened for several days. >> reporter: the forecast calls
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onslaught. millions of gallons poured into the streets of chinatown. >> we had a 20-inch water main that broke this morning. and the residual of all the water got in the manhole system. and short circuited. >> reporter: workers use hoses and brooms to try to push the water and the mud out. >> it's gross and i've never seen it like this before >> reporter: a mess is one thing but this turned dangerous. there were three underground electrical fires set off by the cascading water. those sent thick, toxic smoke into the buildings. four buildings were evacuated, including 100 people from a hostel. firefighters used fairly new technology, fire and ice, a foam that adheres to the
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break in two weeks and unfortunately, it won't be the last. >> some of the pipes have been in the ground for decades. it's something we're working on but boston is an old city. >> reporter: traffic is still a mess down here. washington street closed between kneeland and boylston. boston police advising everybody if you don't need to be in the area, please stay away. or if you have to come in tot theater district, try to take public transportation if you can. live in chinatown, i'm david robichaud, wbz news. if this isn't a quintessential massachusetts photograph, we don't know what is. a dunkin' donuts employee wading into the flood water to make sure that the customer gets his coffee. >> a large regular. >> >> most of the patriots marquee players missing from the
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no brady, no gronk, no edelman. we have a closer look. i think we're starting to see a trend since tom brady hurt his knee against seattle. that was case today. >> reporter: the pats get ready for the rams and he hasn't missed any game time. as for rob gronkowski he left the game with the jets with a back injury and wasn't no julian edelman. and we'll check on him as the week goes on. the pats are looking to play their best football. >> it's the most meaningful football when it comes to crunch time. just want to play good football and get ourselves in a good position. >> trying to get in the playoffs and people are trying to keep their spot. that's when real football
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track at home, since 2001, the patriots after thanksgiving are 90-27. at gillette stadium. wbz sports. >> join us friday. we'll break down the game on sunday against the rams. sunday morning, patriots game day at lane 30. the pats and rams kick off at 1:00 and then the 5th quarter is on may tv 38 after the fire chief is off the job accused of spending money meant for firefighters. >> reporter: the chief spent the money on himself. the district attorney filed the charges and town leaders did not even know about the case until a reporter told them about it. they held an emergency meeting this morning. and voted to suspend the chief without pay indefinitely.
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here. and one woman jumped out of a second floor window to get away. she was hurt, not seriously, we're told. two therapy cats died in the fire. and a driver crashed into j.p. ryan's tavern. nobody was inside and the driver wasn't hurt. but there is extensive damage to the building. contractors have already been called in to begin repairs. the fbi is saying that th his classmates this week may have been inspired by isis. investigators say it's too soon to say if the rampage was terrorism. he stabbed students and staff members with a butcher knife before a campus police officer shot and killed him. eleven people were hurt. the pilot of the small plane that crashed into the
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of fuel. 71 people, including almost all of the members of a brazilian soccer team were killed in the crash. six people somehow survived. and no charges against the charlotte police officer who shot and killed a black man outside an apartment complex. he acted lawfully when he killed keith lamont scott. scott was armed with a gun at the time of the shooting. scott's family claimed he was un son to come home from school. after the september shooting there were two nights of looting and millions of dollars in damages. the prosecutor is asking the public to review the report before protesting again. donald trump tweeted he plans to step away from all of his businesses to focus on running the country. he wrote, i feel it's visually important as president to in no
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with my various businesses. he scheduled a news conference for december 15th to talk about the details on how he's going to sever ties with his business empire. and there is voter fraud in new hampshire -- and there's voter fraud in massachusetts. >> the people need to understand that the people from massachusetts could have gone out and voted that day. 100,000 all of a su election and 40,000 in my election all of a sudden, there's an election today. it's laughable. >> brown says voters should be required to have a new hampshire driver's license and pay taxes before they are allowed to vote. new hampshire officials insist there's no evidence of voter fraud. nancy pelosi's position is secure. house democrats reelected the california lawmaker who has held the leadership job since
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challenged her following the disappoints results in the election. and massachusetts congressman steven lynch and -- backed ryan. 14 arrests in 25 years. >> the man killed by winn police. turns out he was a suspect in this violent robbery and that's just the start of what we found. grab a racket. the sport that could help you extend your life. >> she was not breathing. mom. her days old daughter choking. how the newborn's sister stepped in to save the day. an elderly woman with a walker targeted. what she has to say to the thief who stole her purse. and we're introducing you to sisters searching for a forever home. they would love to be placed together. 9-year-old-- likes to bowl, roller skate, and go to the movies and 7-year-old faith
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worker. if you'd like more information about these girls, how to adopt them, or any other girl. go to our website.
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through the south. at least two confirmed tornadoes hitting alabama and there may have been four other twisters in the state. three people in a mobile home were killed there. and it may have been a tornado that killed a man and his wife. the national weather service says at least one tornado touched down with winds up to 150 miles per hour. and on top of all of that. tennessee is also dealing with the worst wildfires it's seen in 100 years. >> the scenes have killed now. 14 injured. hundreds of homes and buildings are just gone. >> flames were just everywhere, on both sides of the road, crossing the road. embers flying everywhere. it was a nightmare. >> more than 200 emergency workers are working on putting out the fire and clearing all the debris now. and while last night's storms caused some damage. the rain helped to control the
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and looking at the situation in tennessee, how rare is this to have fire danger in december. >> up to this point, they were looking at the driest fall on record. sometowns have seen no rain in two months. with most of these fires in the south have been set by people. arsonists or by accident. they are not naturally occurring. sad story. >> and the rain we got >> yesterday a soaking rain. and today more rainfall coming through. so far, a tenth of an inch to 4/10 of an inch across the region. the steadiest rain will be in the overnight hours. and a half inch to an inch and a half. you see the storm system across the eastern u.s. and you see the rainfall. it didn't move through tennessee earlier on. the first batch is sweeping through. and a slow go for the evening
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some of the steadiest rainfall, boston medford, waltham, picking up steadier rain. heaviest rains at the moment, preliminary mouth, duxbury. the temperatures are in the 40s. what we saw last night were rising temperatures. and we'll see that again this evening. especially after midnight. timing it out we'll basically be in and out of in rain picks up around midnight into early tomorrow morning. and tracking showers and downpours. the last of which should be exiting around seven to 8 a.m. not having a big impact on the morning drive and we'll work in sunshine. a mild start to the month of december. tonight, areas of rain and fog. 40s to the north and west of boston. and temperatures rising through the 50s elsewhere. and the wind will start to pick up out of the east. and it will start to get gust
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night. we need 2 inches of rain before midnight just to get back to average for the month of november. so it's great to see but boston is still very much in a drought. we need to start doubling average rainfall for a month. the showers end and temperatures will be very warm especially from boston south. some towns will be near 60. we stay mild midday well in the 50s. breezy out of the west. and mild for 4:12 is the earliest sunset. it stays close to that for a while. closer to 50 for the higher elevations of central massachusetts and southwestern new hampshire. on friday we start to bring in slightly cooler air. we'll see partly to mostly cloudy skies, temperatures in the upper 40s. we'll continue that stepdown as we head into the weekend. progressively colder air will be settling in.
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and sunday we see a mix of country and clouds, and highs around 40. and a blustery breeze for both days. and bundle up if you're heading to the patriots game. sun and clouds and the breeze will make it feel like the low to mid-30s. we might get a few flurries on monday. chilly on tuesday. and watching for the potential storm and no firm details on whether it gets here by wednesday or thursday later next week. on the health watch tonight. play sports and live longer. certain activities may help more than others, dr. mallika marshall is here tonight. and i think most people think running is the key to staying healthy, right? >> you're a runner. >> occasional. >> and i'm not necessarily talking about running. i'm curious to know if you do any of these other things.
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squash have the best chances of reducing your risk of death from heart attack or stroke. the study had a lot of limitations. so we shouldn't read too much into it. exercise can reduce the risk of death. >> it's interesting that the running doesn't help heart disease in this study. >> but it may. >> can >> i can. >> i sink like a stone. >> i'm very buoyant. >> something i didn't know. if you have trouble completing tasks on time, you maybe able to blame your parents. >> a new study found that people with consistent daily routines growing up were less likely to have problems with attention and time management
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schedules. researchers think it helps kids stay safe. have regular meal times, good bedtime routines, and organized extracurricular activities. >> i bet you have all of that at home. >> i have three kids and i have a master schedule and everything has to be laid out clearly for my husband. [ laughter ] >> that's a shot at your husband. >> my wife does the same thing. color coded on the e-mails. >> you spouses. a boston companies wants you to fly from new york to l.a. in three hours. the company is looking to build a supersonic jet. two other companies are looking to bring back supersonic technology, focusing on high end business travel. and thanksgiving is on a different date every year. why not halloween?
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to trick or treat on a school night. >> and stocks have soared since the election. and now he might have already saved a thousand jobs. and why it could take longer than planned for recreational marijuana to become legal in massachusetts. ? dylan: anybody can do parkour. our whole aim with the gym is to get people moving,
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with it. having blue cross blue shield, i've always felt comfortable being able to try something that i might not know if i'm going to land, because i've always had this security behind me. my name is dylan. i own hub parkour training center
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on the bz feed, should the date we celebrate halloween change year to year. >> one state representative thinks so. he filed a bill to celebrate halloween every year on the last saturday in october rather than on october 31st. supporters say the idea just makes sense. kids wouldn't be out trick or driving home from work. and it's easier for parents who don't have to rush home from work. >> i love that idea. >> i do too. >> i'm hoping we'll push forward on that. a new report says massachusetts is the best state in the nation to live in. >> the reason is simple. we have the wealthiest and most highly educated population and
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expectancies. massachusetts, connecticut, new hampshire, mississippi, west virginia, and louisiana are at the bottom. >> we're the best. >> not going to gloat in front of someone from mississippi but it's nice to be here. a popular taylor swift song could help your save a life. but only if you know the beat. ? [ music ] ? ? everything will be all right if ? >> performing cpr to songs with 104 beats per measure can save a life. >> staying alive i already knew that. but-- >> i did not know that. >> if someone is singing i feel like i'm 22 while they are trying to save your life. >> as long as you're not
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performing the cpr. a parrot in the philippines is a big fan of singer songwriter. ? [ music ] ? >> wow. the video of the bird singing has been viewed on facebook million times. that's very impressive. >> when the producer said the bird sings the song. yeah, just sounds like the song. but that was the song! would you let a stranger do their laundry in your home? the new service in the works. and 200 passengers stranded at logan airport overnight. why they had to wait hours to get help.
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what we've learned about the man shot and killed by lynn police during a robbery investigation. thursday on wbz this morning in the season of shopping, be aware of identity theft. >> how massachusetts ranks in cases plus tips to protect yourself. >> i'll let you know when cooler air moves back in. wake up with us tomorrow at
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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news at 5:30. now at 5:30, the violent past of the man shot and killed by a lynn police officer. a robbery caught on camera.
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mcginnest's many crimes. i'm liam martin. >> and i'm paula ebben. >> police reports show he threatened police officers in the past. christina hager is live in lynn. >> michael mcginnes was incarcerated 15 times and was just michael mcginnest's criminal record goes back years. he was hit by gunshots that killed him tuesday here in everett a couple years ago according to a police report he told police i got a 38 right here and i'm going to kill your expletive. he reached for his waistband and lifted his sweatshirt.


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