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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 30, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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mcginnest's many crimes. i'm liam martin. >> and i'm paula ebben. >> police reports show he threatened police officers in the past. christina hager is live in lynn. >> michael mcginnes was incarcerated 15 times and was just michael mcginnest's criminal record goes back years. he was hit by gunshots that killed him tuesday here in everett a couple years ago according to a police report he told police i got a 38 right here and i'm going to kill your expletive. he reached for his waistband and lifted his sweatshirt.
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tased him. he made several attempts to bite my left leg. and he threatened to kill me when he got out of prison. and he threatened emts, saying he'd rip their throats out. and he was combative, refusing to cooperate with orders and spit blood at officers. in malden last year, he threatened an officer in a cruiser. he said he would and shoot me. if he couldn't get my gun, he would do something that would make us have to shoot him. prophetic words now that lynn police shot him after he attacked a clerk in a convenience store. >> he was a young 18-year-old kid so he paid the penalty for it. >> the officer did the right
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the people around him. >> reporter: the lynn police chief said mcginness told the clerk he had a gun. when officers ordered him to show his hands, he refused to do so and that's when they shot. neither the police chief nor the investigating district attorney's office will say whether he did in fact have a gun on him. christina hager, wbz news. we have a storm watch tonight as we take a live at the wet ride home for most folks for the second night in a row. a soak -- never fun. eric fisher is here with a look at when the rain will let up. >> a bucket of yuck. rain moving through and a slow drive for sure. at least you don't shovel the rainfall. it's just green on the radar tonight. take closer look and you can see the rainfall sweeping up across the region. right now just a steady rain
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reaching up towards 495 corridor and around boston as well. heavier from uxbridge. and more steady rain moving in to central mass. middle of the night. plenty of heavy rain coming down and the temperatures will start to rise. and by tomorrow morning, much of southeastern mass will be around 60 degrees to start the day with 40s north and west. and highs tomorrow well in the 50s to around 60 for most. after that, pretty significant cooldown is on a feel of winter returns. we'll take a look at that coming up. dozens of airline passengers spent the night stranded at logan airport. 167 of them were on a flight from baltimore to albany that had to be diverted because of fog. it landed just before 1 a.m. but because it was so early in the morning. there were only two people working the ticket counter there. we've been standing in line
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i've asked for a cot for my child to sleep on three times and no one has brought anything. and no food, no water, the line has not moved, nothing. >> he's ready to fall asleep. eventually southwest got hotel vouchers for the passengers and they were rebooked on an 8 a.m. flight. the star gate for recreational marijuana may be delayed. pot was supposed to become legal on december 15th. it will not become legal until the certification of the election results. and secretary of state william galvin says the earliest is december 14th. that's because the election was late this year. and officials need to wait for all overseas and military ballots. and if you've got questions about the legalization of marijuana in massachusetts, we've got answers.
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on my tv 38, lawyer and yes on four advocate kim -- will be live in the studio and answer your questions about what happens come december 15th. president-elect donald trump's economic theme is taking shape with two key appointments formally announced today. a banker steve -- and wilbur ross for commerce. >> the dow is up nearly 800 points since before election day. jon keller is here tonight. >> no other way to describe it. wall street is calling it the trump rally. this big surge we've been seeing and add that to the news about carrier air-conditioning executives promising to keep hundreds of jobs in indiana that were isolated to move to
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for the president elect one that -- promises will continue once they implement the tax reform ideas. >> the tax plan has both the corporate aspects to it. lowering corporate taxes so we make u.s. companies the most competitive in the world. repatriating millions of dollars to the u.s. and we'll have the most significant tax cuts since reagan. >> we'll have to what incentives trump and pence offered carrier to keep the jobs in indiana. and there are a lot of big promises made in the campaign. and what are the potential pill falls. >> what goes up must come down. and the reagan tax policies created deficits and debt along with jobs and growth. wilbur ross claims that the
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debated plan that tax cuts generate enough revenue to cancel out losses. and here are other things to keep an eye on. wall street may be thrilled with the promises to cut industry regulation. but could that reopen the door to the flawed investment policies that triggered the 2008 crash. stocks have soared and the bond markets have declined sharply. and er unexpected. bad weather and terrorist attacks have tanked the economy before. they could do it before. and why is carrier looking to move jobs to mexico? because it's cheaper. the deal they are cutting now is not going to address that. >> paula, over to you. sad news to report from our boston broadcasting family. bonn bennett, one of the -- bob
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long illness. he's lived in newport beach, california for the past -- he was 89 years old. coming up. the new perk from netflix. and proof that the office pools sometimes pay off. say hello to the $420 million power ball winners. >> oh, my god. mom, calm down. this is what you have to do. >> this newborn and her 11-year-old sister was calm, cool, and collected. how she helped save her baby's life. and we're teaming up for a program called ask a lawyer. volunteer lawyers will be here at the wbz studios to take your phone calls and answer your questions about the law. the phone number is there on the screen. (617)787-7070 and the phone lines will be open from 7:00 to
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on the money watch, u.s. home prices are at a record high. the latest report shows the average home price for september was more than the peak set in 2006. home prices have jumped 5.5% over the last year. netflix users have been waiting for binge on the go. members can watch movies and shows off line later. you wouldn't need a wi-fi signal. make sure you have the most recent netflix app to access the new download button. >> dangerous for your time management. uber for laundry?
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to match those who don't have washers and driers with those who do. and the machine homeowners could get help with appliances. >> yeah. how could that go wrong? >> come into my home with your dirty laundry. >> these millennials don't want to own anything. why the bucket he stole was worth more than a million dollars. and the rain bucket is not worth a million they are filling up. checking on the weather watchers network. and temperatures in the 40s and getting the rain totals starting to come in. .19 in -- and a lot more on the way. we'll track it coming up. disturbing accusations against a man in wayland who stalked a school employee. the shocking things he did to
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this pipeline explosion lighting up the sky over kansas city, missouri. you can see the flames shooting into the air. the 10-inch line carryi underground. they are not sure what caused the rupture and no one was heart. surveillance video shows a thief walking up to an armored truck and grabbing a bucket of gold flakes. the bucket weighed 85 pounds. >> he went almost a half mile with the bucket. 85pounds. and check out the lightning strike in northern mississippi. a strong storm tearing through
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and there are reports that the high winds blew over some cars. and that would have to be hurricane type force winds to blow over a car. >> tornado force winds. they've had a few tornadoes. a couple tornadoes in metro atlanta this afternoon. >> down there they are getting hit hard. and you have a new stat on how warm it's been over the last year and a half. >> a very warm stretch. november ended up above average. and that makes -- if you take look at the whole year -- every month above average. and the last 16 of 17 months have all been above average in the boston area. april is the only really chilly one. a harsh start to the month. and we're on pace for the 5th warmest year on record around boston. we'll see how things go in the finalmont of the year. and temperatures in the 40s. we'll see the temperatures bump up overnight.
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pittsburgh. and 70 in richmond, virginia. and >> of us will hit 60 by tomorrow morning. a sprawling storm system. the cold on the middle of the country. and the severe storms have been around atlanta and upstate south carolina. and we'll get another round of rain. still some rain is moving up across the area. and basically either side of the pike. from boston to the berkshires and the rain will pick up in intensity as we head into the overnight. rounds of rain and scattered downpours throughout overnight. and winds start to pick up out of the east. it's going to be a storm yay evening. and the rain showers will continue until tomorrow morning. the last of the showers should be moving to the east. and not a big impact on the new york or the bus stop. and we should work in sunshine on a very mild start to the month of december. tonight areas of rain, 40s to the north and west. and temperatures climb into the 50s south of boston.
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half inch to an inch. and a few towns might get 2 inches of total rainfall. a mild afternoon. well into the 50s with partly sunny skies and our wind swings to the west. it's going to be breezy. and our sunset at 4:12 and temperatures start to fall. highs near the 60-degree mark. essentially south of boston. 57 in the city. 50 in worcester, and 54 in manchester, well above we start to step down the temps on friday. and partly to mostly cloudy skies and a blustery day on friday. and the colder air is going to sink in through the course of the weekend. saturday's highs low to mid- 40s. partly sunny, and the wind will make it feel cooler, breezy. sundays a mix of sun and clouds, breezy, and a high near 40 degrees. and the higher terrain will
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no major weather concerns just some chill in the air. and here's a look at the overall pattern. the colder air moving into new england. and watching the amply fying flow. the ridge is going to build up to the east. and by the end of the next week when the next storm moves in it's probably going to be a rainstorm. the wintry chill as we look to the weekend. a few flurries on monday. and the next approaching wednesday to thursday. a school yard shoutout to natick. we talked a lot about the weather and showed our video. and they were really curious about gravity, a lot of questions there. it will keep your grounded. that doesn't mean they get to throw stuff on the ground. >> thanks, eric.
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are the nation's latest millionaires. the group just cashed in the only winning powerball ticket for saturday's $420 million jackpot. each of them is going to get $1 million before taxes so probably nine or so afterwards. the news is life changing and not just for them. >> my wife and i talked about it. you see somebody while you're checking out krogers that looks like they need help. go ahead and swipe the card. >> we have four children. this is truly a blessing. >> i think god has put a huge responsibility on me as far as how this money is used. >> going to be a blessing to have this opportunity. >> there are always so many
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if you approach it the way that they are approaching it that's how you stay happy. >> i hope enough time has gone by that the people will focus on their plans and not fall into that. an 11-year-old girl is now a lifesaver. >> how she rushed into action to save her newborn sister. coming up at 6:00, breaking news. a brockton mother is found dead. and prosecutors say her son is the killer. we're live with the breaking details. > an elderly woman's purse. and tonight what she has to say to the man who made her a
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this is an unbreakable bond between a girl and her the 11-year-old rushing in to help when the newborn started to choke on formula. the baby only a few days old and still in the hospital. >> the family credits a cpr program taught in the middle school for the saving the infant's life. >> reporter: she is seven days old and as cute as they come. when she was two days old. there was a moment that you could have turned tragic if not for her 11-year-old sister. >> she had been spitting up.
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up. and all of a sudden, it wasn't coming out and it was so scary. >> reporter: that's when 11- year-old elisa took over. >> i told my mom to turn her at an angle and pat her back so the spitup could come out. and i also called the nurse. >> reporter: they are taught cpr at school. the health teacher thought it >> so cpr is what we put the primary focus on. but we do go over choking victims. in this case it was an infant and elise did a great job. >> two day old miranda was not breathing and mom was in a bit of a panic. >> you weren't nervous? >> a little but i tried to be in the moment and tried to save her. i didn't want anything to
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>> reporter: when elise was learning about cpr, what was she thinking? >> i was thinking i'm glad i'm learning this because i know i'm going to have a sister. what's in the future? paramedic? nurse? no, she wants to be a veterinarian and save animals too. >> nothing like big sisters. >> and that baby is absolutely adorable. stay with us. the news at breaking news tonight. a mother killed in brockton. and police are questioning her son. >> tracking areas of heavy rainfall and a mild start to the month of december. disturbing allegations against a stalker. a big break sends water gushing into downtown boston. the water so high it damaged some buildings. and ditching the skates for
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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz news at 6:00 starts now with breaking news. a mother has been killed in brockton. >> and prosecutors say her son did it. let's get right to chantee lans with the breaking details. shaw today -- >> reporter: the district attorney's office confirms that an 18-year-old may have stabbed his own mother. tonighe is calling the case horrific. >> the grandmother came screaming out of the house, wailing, crying. >> reporter: a family's life shattered inside 34 merit avenue. a mother loses her life after allegedly being stabbed at the hands of her 18-year-old son. the teen's grandmother ran out for help. >> i knew it was something bad
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911. >> reporter: the neighbor answered her door. >> she grabbed my hand and started pulling me towards the house. the grandson came lungeing at us. >> they assessed him real quick. he didn't do anything as far as i could tell. and they went into the house. came out and put him on top of the car and sat cops got here. >> neighbors who heard the commotion tried to console the grandmother. >> she kept trying to get back to the house. we had -- in the driveway and tried to keep her, you know, warm. >> reporter: the motive is unclear. >> we need to find out exactly what happened but a mother son relationship -- for it to end this way is terrible and tragic. and we need to find out what


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