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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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911. >> reporter: the neighbor answered her door. >> she grabbed my hand and started pulling me towards the house. the grandson came lungeing at us. >> they assessed him real quick. he didn't do anything as far as i could tell. and they went into the house. came out and put him on top of the car and sat cops got here. >> neighbors who heard the commotion tried to console the grandmother. >> she kept trying to get back to the house. we had -- in the driveway and tried to keep her, you know, warm. >> reporter: the motive is unclear. >> we need to find out exactly what happened but a mother son relationship -- for it to end this way is terrible and tragic. and we need to find out what
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police remain on scene and the district attorney says a weapon was recovered from the house. the mother's identity has not been released and the son has not been charged. chantee lans, wbz news. a storm watch, round two, arrives. heavy rain moving through the area. there's a lot on the radar. and slowing down the evening commute for the second night in a row. and the mass pike -- well, it doesn't like that. we need the ra. months and months. >> eric joins us with all told -- >> some towns will top 3 inches between yesterday and tonight. so that's a pretty significant amount of rain. certainly the wettest since back in october. and here's a look at the radar. you can see the rain stretching up and down the eastern seaboard. and right now elements of heavier rainfall. i think the steadiest rain is going to move through in the overnight. and right now, certainly coming down around boston, the south
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and that reaches to sharon and norwood. and steady rain around boldton, clinton, and you can almost hear the ground soaking up the rainfall even if it's slowing down things on the roads. use caution. rain will pick up in intensity. manytowns will see more than an inch of rainfall. and isolated totals up to 2 inches of rain. and the temperatures will start rising and by tomorrow morning, 6:30 a.m. we're near 60 degrees southeastern mayor. and chillier to the north and west. and a limited impact on tomorrow morning's commute and a mild start to the first day of december. temperatures will be well up in the 50s for tomorrow afternoon. when it comes to the drought. 2inches of rain in boston to get back to average for the month. and we'll take what we're getting. colder air in the forecast moving forward. we'll take a look at that moving forward. news that pats fans may not want to hear.
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practice field. and these are big names. >> when it rains, it pours. tom brady, rob gronkowski and you'llian edelman. and this is multiple weeks brady has missed. he was dealing with a knee injury. and gronk had to leave sunday's game with a back injury. there's not been an update on him. practice. edelman was not at practice either. we'll see if it's serious. or maybe it's a maintenance day at this point in the season. >> that's what we'll hope for. disturbing accusations against this man, accused of stalking a wayland school employee he dated for a few weeks. and ultimately, people in the
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through the court -- >> reporter: flyers put on car windshields undermining the reputation of a local elementary school principal. >> that's horrible. that's a terrible way to try to get back at somebody. >> reporter: 49-year-old curt sand born is accused of stalking the woman who broke up with him after a brief relationship. the degrading flyer said the educator is a woman who alcohol, is promise accuse and she's a detriment to the students, taxpayers, and community ofwayland. >> i went through -- she went through a hard time and it's wrong. >> the flyers were found on cars at wayland high school and mailed to administrators at several schools. >> they were targeted to embarrass and harass her. >> reporter: the same day the
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cell phone records show he texted the woman 81 times. there was no comment at his home. he is now out on bail. he was on federal probation for bank fraud. >> his judgment is not on the normal scale. that's not something a normal person would do. >> the community turned in the flyers to police and made sure that the harassment was stopped. beth germano, new england and mosques all over the country are getting letters like this one. and the sending is anonymous. a center in california got the first letter. it arrived at other places of worship including one in providence, rhode island. the handwritten letter is
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the massachusetts chapter of the council on islamic relations is asking local police to provide more protection to massachusetts mosques. no customers inside the tavern when a driver crashed into the restaurant. you can see this accident caused a lot of damage. the driver walked away with no injuries and no word why the driver hit the building. a flood of trouble in at break sent thousands of gallons of waters onto the streets and into nearby businesses and apartments. this was a huge mess. you can see big hole where the water main broke. we're told that the break measures 20 inches. let's get right to david robichaud who is live on the scene tonight. robey-- >> that pipe has been patched but there's plenty of activity
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crews are inside the manholes, trying to restore the electricity. in the meantime, it may be quite some time before the businesses here can reopen. this is what happens when a city has centuries old water pipes running under the streets. kneeland street in chinatown under several inches of water. >> it's a little crazy and hectic. i come this way a lot. it puts a dent in plans for a lot of people. >> it got worse. all that water pouring underground caused electrical fires in at least three manholes, sending thick, toxic smoke into the air. >> the problem is migration. the smoke can migrate. and it brings the power into the building. that's a problem. >> reporter: it put a huge dent
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the best efforts to sweep out the cascading water. boston kitchen pizza was lucky. they were still able to serve some lunch to people who felt like stepping over fire hoses. >> we have 6 inches of water in the basement. the electricity and gas are fine. that's the only damage in the basement. we don't keep anything there. so it was god's blessing. >> reporter: as for the traffic, still a lot of restrictions and detours down here. washington street closed between kneeland and boylston. and kneeland is closed between tremont -- boston police will give us an update on the traffic conditions in a couple of hours. live in chinatown, i'm david robichaud, wbz news.
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>> coming up next, her message for a man who grabbed her purse and ran off. the sights and sounds of the season in boston. a holiday tradition. >> and we want to introduce you to this week's wednesday's children. meet alina and faith who are sisters and are looking for a home. they would love to stay together. alina is nine and loves being active and enjoys going to the music. faith is 7 years old and is a hard worker who loves her sister. both girls looking for families that are understanding and supportive. if you're interested in adopting them go to
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it was so fast i was
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elderly woman with a walker was targeted by a purse thief. he grabbed the purse and was gone in an instant. >> and police are trying to track down this heartless criminal. liam martin has the story. >> reporter: this 78-year-old woman in manchester likes to sit at the bus stop and watch the world go by. >> i come here when it's raining or whatever. and i walk around. routine was interrupted. >> he was like a bullet. >> reporter: she was leaning on her walker and reached for her purse and a man ran by and snatched it. >> it was so fast. >> reporter: inside that purse, just about everything. her i.d, credit cards, and a lot of cash. devastating for a woman who lives paycheck to paycheck. >> i don't feel any good, i'll tell you. not funny when you're broke.
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>> reporter: police are asking the public for help. >> purse snatchings happen from time to time. and this is a little bit more egregious based on the fact she was standing at a walker, looking through her purse. >> reporter: police don't have a suspect or a person of interest. 6feet tall, white. wearing a black sweatshirt and a black hat. if you know anything, call manchester police. >> we needed it. and glad it was in the middle of the week. >> feel the enthusiasm there. loving this. and it's not exactly beautiful weather but needed weather. and the rain totals working in tonight much like last night. we're sending in the reports. and still quite a ways to go. we'll get a good solid rainfall in the overnight. and we have a lot of work to do. and these are rainfall deficits for the year.
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northward to southern new hampshire and stretching to connecticut. and these are deficits after the rain we saw yesterday. there's still much work to be done. here's the storm system. scattered snow across the upper midwest. and the rainier side of the storm system. steady stuff has been moving across the region. i wouldn't call it a cold rain. taking a closer look at the heavier downpours. duxbury through hall this evening. heavy rain in marble head, beverly, danvers, manchester. and steady rainfall across central massachusetts and the idea is that we won't see severe weather or thunderstorms. just bouts of rainfall. and the temps will start to warm again. here's a look hour-by-hour. if you're traveling tonight. expect the rain. heavier downpours in the middle of the night. this is where we get the heaviest overall rain.
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7:00 and 8 a.m. a minimal impact. also looking at sun breaking out for tomorrow. and a mild first day of december. areas of rain and heavier downpours. 40s north and west of boston. and the temps keep rising up to 60s south and east of the city. and the wind is going to continue to increase. and it will gust over 20 miles per hour shortly. tomorrow morning, a mild start and the showers will end. cooler north and west heading into new massachusetts. and starting the day towards 60. as we look to midday. partly sunny, breezy out of the west. and well above average for us. and in the evening, the sunset is at 4:12 and it should be dry. highs close to 60 from boston southward. and then low to mid-50s across central mass and southern new hampshire. it's a good 10 degrees above average. and things drying out and
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and we reach the upper 40s. and then for the weekend, the colder air will continue to if you believe in on northerly -- to funnel in on northerly winds. high saturday 44. breezy and sunday looks dry and highs near 40 degrees. if you're heading out for the patriots, bundle up. all told not a bad day. just a wintry feel. and you'll be stopping in nantucket. the weather will probably not cancel any this week which is good news. and if you're thinking snow. the average first snow event is november 26th. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. and next week we could see flurries on a chilly monday. next system tries to move our way wednesday to thursday.
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preparing to host the rams. >> and he kept screaming in. >> straight from foxborough. >> should we be worried about the players not at practice. >> not yet. talk to me on friday. [ laughter ] >> no brady, no gronk, no edelman. they all missed practice today. it's too early to tell who is going to play. the patriots are gearing up for the stretch run. time for the december pig skin and this to put distance between them and the rest of the afc. the first step is trying to play winning football. >> we have five games left in the regular season. you can't get those back or make up for them. it's here and now and that's it. >> the rams game is an interesting one. they are young up and coming. a team that the pats really -- >> trying to get as familiar with them as possible.
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we have a lot of good material. just trying to prepare as best we can and get ready for them. >> chris long was drafted by the st. louis rams in 2008 and played with them eight seasons before signing with the pats this off season. he's looking forward to sunday. >> like i said. business as usual as far as playing a tough football team. regardless of the record, that's a tough group of guys, and they play a lot games. >> the game could also be special for tom grady. with a within, he becomes the winningest quarterback in history. friday at 7:00 we'll have the sights and sounds of the win over the jets. >> one, two, three. >> together on three. >> one, two, three, together.
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>> long game. got a lot of football. >> let's keep getting the football. let's go, boys. one good drive. >> it started sunday with patriots games day. pats and rams kick off at 1:00. and then the 5th quarter post game show. celtics are back in action at the garden taking on the pistons. al horford missed the game after the birth of his daughter. >> down in the third, each found the back of the net. they went to overtime and then a shootout. the ninth round.
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and david ortiz wins the award for the designated hitter. it's the 8th time he's won that. and bill russell received the muhammad ali legacy award. the cbs evening news is next at 6:30. >> and anthony mason joins us live with a preview. anthony-- >> hi, david, hi lisa. five are dead and dozens hurt as at least 13 tornadoes rip across alabama d they're headed next. plus the hunt is on for a killer mountain lion in california. and feeling a bit including issue -- slush issue. lower productivity may not be the only thing lack of sleep is costing you. that's on the cbs evening news in 10 minutes. who needs ice skates when you have socks.
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boston pops. they kicked off the holiday concert series tonights. we caught up with the musicians rehearsing. the program ends on new year's eve. >> it's so memorable. >> nothing helps to get into the holiday spirit more than giving back. and the u.s. marine corps doing just that kicking off the toys for tots program.
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long list of where to take toys. the boston children's museum is going -- in a cool way. >> the amazing ice skating event where kids can state indoors wearing just socks. nancy kerrigan was there to kick it off. that looks like a lot of fun. >> so it's not real ice. >> your feet would be very,
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t business. built for security. built for business. steve just got back from gillette. >> slow drives, rainy like crazy. >> are you saying you don't love a rainy night? >> i'd rather have this than snowing. >> did you see how he gave me a
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was little, eddie rabbit. >> drive safely. >> more eddie rabbit references at 11:00. glaim can deadly disasters in the deep south. >> we took off running. the wind picked us up and threw us glaim tornadoes and firefighters force thousands to flee. also tonight, a charlotte police officer shootingave black man that led to days of arrest. >> officer vincent saw mr. scott holding up a semiautomatic handgun. >> mason: hunt for a killer mountain lion. and the wake-up call about the high cost of sleep deprivation for productivity and longevity. captioning sponsored by cbs


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