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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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i heartless crime, food stolen from a food pantry, a broken truck and a community rallies to restock the truck. the race to repair a boston neighborhood after breaks. stolen off of an armored car. i'm glad that i could save my sister. >> an unbeatable sister act. an 11-year-old knew just what to do to save her baby sister. it is a stormy night out there. the umbrellas are up and puddles are growing and we are getting soaked on this side of heavy rain.
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i am lisa hughes. >> let's get to eric who is tracking the storm. scattered throughout the course of the evening, the heaviest rain has been dispatch which is approaching new york state right now, so that approaching long island. many of this will get -- much of this will get to the region as we sleep tonight. we will see the in increase a little bit. it's mainly gusting 20 to 30 miles an hour and the strongest guest will be toward cape cod and the emmitsburg we aren't expecting damage, just gusty. 50 degrees in new bedford. here's a look hour by hour for the rest of the night, heavier downpours between 1 am and 3 am, maybe even enough to wake you up. the last of the rain showers at about 7 am tomorrow, very mild, near 60 degrees, cooler to the north and was.
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the 60s won't stick around for too long. we have a wintry chill in the forecast expect the same system that's getting us will of the rain hit the deep south hard. a tornado art rate -- outbreak killed 5 and injured dozens of more. tens of thousands are still out of a teenager is now charged with mothering -- murdering his mother. the 18-year-old stabbed her inside the home. the boy's grandmother escaped. we have these breaking details now. >> reporter: as you look behind me, you will see the house has the lights back on. investigators are piecing through the crime scene, still at this hour. it only took about eight hours from the time the 911 call was
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teenager is being charged with first-degree murder. on the outside, this home seems to be covered with holiday cheer. crime scene tape around it is a sign that something sinister happened inside, a mother stabbed multiple times according to police. they believe the person holding the knife was her son. >> i knew it was something bad, only bau and screaming and she said 911, 911. >>marian witnessed the frantic moments that follow. when she -- she heard the 18- year-old grandmother running outside. >>she started pulling me toward the house. >>the grandson came lunging at us and i pulled her out of there >> when emergency crews arrived, the sun was sitting outside on the deck. >>they assisted quickly.
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around the backside of the deck and went inside the house and came out and put him on top of the car and sat on him until the caps got here -- cops got here. >> the sun was taken in for questioning to -- questioning. >> for it to end this way, this is tragic and we need to find out what happened. reporter we are told that investigators recovered a knife at the scene before arresting frantz polynice he will be arraigned in the morning. reporting live in brockton, nick giovanni the bbc news. a chef is now one of three people facing charges for robbing a food bank. >> they stole a lot of food that was made for needy families . >> that food pantry is now asking for help. >> reporter: thankfully it appears the community is heeding the call for help after police say a man who cooked
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>> everyone here is so cordial and warm. it makes you feel like a part of the family. >> reporter: the car for food pantry, a faith-based helping hand for the needy. this is all in one building built on trust. that trust was broken when the >> i couldn't believe it. i came in one day and they said dave is not inherently more. >> chef david lavoie and his girlfriend as well as her daughter are charged with larceny and conspiracy. >>[ muffled audio ] we were notified by the town administrator's office that there was suspicious activity going on. >> reporter: in september police set up surveillance at the area showing him stealing
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to other items. the chef has since resigned, shock to the people he served for 6 1/2 years. >>wonderful, he was like everybody's uncle, a super guy. >> reporter: now they are starting fresh, encouraging food donations to the pantry on maine street. there is one other way to help there's going to be another food drive next week at carver high school. live in carver, louisa mulder, wbz news. parts of chinatown in boston on this tonight. crews have been cleaning up four hours after a big water main snapped, sparking manhole fires and street evacuations. about a dozen businesses have to close and tonight they are trying to get back to normal. katie brace is live in chinatown with the latest.
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finished refilling the hole where the water brain -- water main broke. it broken front of that business that is just starting up. when you came down -- a river greeted these business owners. strike out a time when we were just getting things going and coming up on the holiday season -- >> reporter: he woke up to a when he arrived, a water main had groped at his front door. he took pictures. they cleaned up the 4 to 5 inches of water that ruined expensive bags of coffee. >>[ indiscernible - low volume ] >> reporter: it was fortunate this didn't affect anyone's water supply. that's especially a relief to those in the adjoining apartments. the water also caused three
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sent thick, toxic smoke into the air which sent in evacuation order for hundreds of people. >>[ background noise ] >> reporter: it was several nearby restaurant at the edge of chinatown that took the brunt. he opened his restaurant just 14 months ago. >> [ background noise ] we had no control over this. i am hoping there's a silver lining. >> reporter: the silver lining is the city wants to fix all of this as soon as possible. they have to repave the roads and fix the 5 looks -- sidewalks. the restaurants have to be approved by the health department before they can reopen. 25 to 30, we're not talking about the age but the speed limit. police are hoping that changing the speed limit from 30 to 25
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the trump transition goes past the white house. donald trump says he will turn the business over to his kids. he says he will be holding a news conference with his children on december 19 to discuss the fact that he will be leaving his great business in order to fully focus on running the country, in order to make america great again. senator elizabeth warren questioned whether he can separate business from the presidency >> this is not about formal ownership. this is about whether or not you've got the conflict of interest, whether or not donald trump is actually working for the american people or just working for trump enterprises. >> tomorrow he will make good on a campaign promise. he will travel with mike pence to announce a deal with the carrier company. they had been planning on
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start of a thank you for. nancy pelosi may be considering a thank you tour as she hangs onto their position on capitol hill. she's been in charge of the democrats since 2002. there have been letter sent to several mosques around the country. letters have been written to " the children of satan" work it says, donald trump will do t juice. police say they are ready to provide extra support and security if they are asked. two more generous donors have left rings in a salvation army kettle. woman dropped off three rings outside of a walmart and another donor dropped off a diamond ring. one of the rings is appraised at upwards of $700. >> when we open up the kettle
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different noise. it was different. it didn't seem like coins. when i looked inside, there was a diamond ring. >> just a few weeks ago, the salvation army raised nearly $27,000 from an auction of 60 pieces of jewelry that were donated over the past two years. from giving to taking and taking off of the goldmine. a thief taking off with a bucket of gold. an 11-year-old becomes a lifesaver, lesson she just learned helps are safer baby sister. bella checks -- bill belichick's difficult decision, three key players not practicing today.
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so far the demonstrations
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after prosecutors decided not to press charges against the police officer who shot and killed a black man. this was back in september outside of a apartment complex and touched off days of protests. the police officer, who was also black, was determined to act lawfully. it was determined that scott was armed at the time of the shooting. his family claimed he was unarmed and waiting for his child to come home. watch as this man stalks an the guards are looking so he goes in and swipes and 86 pound bucket of gold and then takes off. he starts bobbing and weaving and eventually has to put the bucket down because it's a heavy. it was worth 1.6 million dollars. and 11 old world -- an 11- year-old girl was wise behind
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her newborn sister started choking. liam martin has the story. >> reporter: those clues from newborn miranda are still a really for a very anxious mother. >> it wasn't so scary. >> reporter: she witnessed her daughter at two days old choking on formula. i heard her spitting up and then all of a sudden it wasn't coming out. she wasn't breathing. >> she wasn't taking in any breath. >> reporter: 11-year-old, alise fabregas who had just taken cpr classes. she was indeed listening. >> i'm going to have a sister. want to take care of her in that situation. >> there he was -- there she
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her sister choking. >> she said, mom calm down. this is what you have to do. turn this way. >> i told my mom to patcher back so she could spit out. >> reporter: miranda spit up the formula and is doing just fine with a very composed sister and a very relieved and proud mother. connect your sister saved you. >> your sister saved you. >>when she took this class, he told her this might be the most important class of her life. that turned out to be true. >> absolutely! she's a winner! it was raining buckets earlier tonight. >> it was pouring. you could see the street flooding in chelsea. in the words of a chief meterologist i know, it's going
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no shortage of rain over these last couple of days. these are totals from today. we had just about 1-1/4 of an inch of rain in these areas. thanks to all the weather watchers bringing these reports . the lower end totals have been toward massachusetts. they are fairly meager right now. it is still on track for most of us to get one to 3 inches of total rain. here is the storm system making its way through the eastern united states. we are watching this batch of heavy rain moving across new york city and through long island sound. this will be crossing the area
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some talons -- some areas will have a very wet night. the temperature spike, it's right on the east coast and it's going to sneak on up to southern new england, especially for the southeastern portion. it will be nearly 60 degrees as you walk out the door. over the next several hours, by 6:00, moving through. by 8:00, they should all be gone. if they mainly dry commute for tomorrow morning. it will be raining after that. it will be a very mild december 1. in the 50s at the bus stop, a little cooler north and west. camberwell into the -- well into the 50s, we will definitely hit 60 in hyannis. still well above average for this time of year.
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the last 16 out of the 17 month a feature of a very temperatures -- have featured above average temperatures, on trend for a record-breaking year. it will be breezy and the upper 40s over the next few days. the reinforcing shot of cooler air over the weekend will make it feel more wintry. a high of 44 on saturday, partly to clouds the -- partly cloudy skies. it will be blustery throughout the weekend, i don't think quite strong enough -- it will be quite strong enough to cause any major problems. it looks like the next chance
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the wednesday-thursday timeframe. i was honored to see the first celebrity game contester communicating without speaking was what a third of people with autism have to do. it was so helpful for so many people who don't know where to turn. any of offense between the celtics and their opponents at the garden. >>wasn't enough for them to get a win? we will have the highlights of -- was it enough for them to get a win?
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there was a lot of talk about how many games the celtics could win this year. they are struggling. >>they had shot after shot
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>> the defense was missing. here's the deal, you have to play defense. the celtics took on the pistons at the garden and all five pistons starters had double digits before the fourth quarter even began. let's start the first quarter. here's the jumper. , said 40 he had a big night. 19 points, eat -- 8 rebounds. this one doesn't count but check out the circuit shot from behind the backboard . then they went on a run.
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they went on a run of their own. with less than 4 minutes to go, detroit tops the green, here's the final. >> if you are playing a team that is physical and feeling good about themselves. you have to get into their space. we didn't quite do it enough of the time. >>i there. the way that they were shooting, there was no room for error. the patriots -- the patriots squad got back to the practice field.
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julian edelman were all absent from practice today. the wiseguys in vegas aren't taking l.a. seriously. the patriots are 2 touchdown favorites but don't tell them that. they have a lot of a lot of explosive players. >> they are a tough group of guys and they played a lot of close games. >> we have a team coming in here that's a good team. they fly around offensively. they are well coached. >> a lot of explosive players where if you don't handle them, they can do a lot of damage. >> really talented and really well coached. it can be a real challenge. >> a lot of experience there in a very tough matchup for
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>> they are very physical and they have a lot of explosive skill players as well. overall, i would say it's a very talented group at every position. >> and they say it with such straight faces. two touchdown favorites, that's what i am saying. that's sports for now. >> no cracking a smile. [ laughter ] it's one of the most beautiful sounds of the season. >>holiday pops opening up with a special guest. [ bell clangs ]
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was the night before december in symphony hall was alive with the sounds of the season. >> the glorious sound in the twinkling lights -- >> ? tonight mayor walsh was reading 'twas christmas.
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pouring rain tonight but it won't impact tomorrow's commute. we will be well into the 50s tomorrow. and in the colder air is here for the weekend into next week. we are just about ready for some snow. >> this is more like reality. see you tomorrow. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs >> hi, stephen. >> oh, hi lauren cohan from "the walking dead." thanks for being on the show tonight. >> my pleasure. you look really down is there it's just-- look, can a question? >> of course,. >> stephen: i've been fighting this one zombie pretty seriously for months and he has never once tried to eat my brain or rip out my guts. i guess what i'm asking is how do you know when a zombie is into you? >> stephen, what zombie wouldn't want to eat your flesh? >> stephen: i am well marbled-- >> besides, if this zombie doesn't want to tear off your face, you know what? there are plenty of zombies in the sea. >> stephen: really, they're in


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