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tv   WBZ News  CBS  December 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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11 hostages held at gun point just released from a florida bank. the suspect is in custody. the police say it started this morning when a man walked into a jacksonville credit union and robbed a bank. the first call after 9:00. the suspect took several hostages. the report was someone was shot but that has not been confirmed. 11 hostages free and the suspect is in custody. also breaking today, you can see power lines smoking. a transformer exploded on cambridge road leaving more than 600 people without power. right now the road is closed in both directions as crews begin the worken the -- work on the situation.
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a mother murdered and the police say her 18-year-old son did it. the teen's grandmother was there, too, but she managed to escape the violence. the teenager murder suspect just fatessed a judge. we're -- faced a judge. >> reporter: it appears this mother and son had some tension between them because, according to court documents, that mother was going to send this 18-year- old back to haiti. in fact, they went oh the airport on tuesday d refused to get out of the car. that's all in court documents this morning. i can also tell you that the 18- year-old went before a judge a short time ago. we'll take you to some video from inside the courtroom. although he did not stand in view of our cameras. we did learn in court today that the mother, 44-year-old was found in the living room of the home face down covered in blood. she had been stabbed in the
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the police arrived to that scene and found the 18-year-old sitting on the steps. he did instruct authorities, according to these documents, that she is inside. that is a quote. i can also tell you that according to investigators, he had minimal dialogue with those investigators when he was taken into custody. they, in fact, described him as stoic and, in many cases, looking off to the side. i can tell you we spoke with the mother of a 18-year-old. she says she was very shocked to hear the news. >> it is so hard to believe that this happened. we were just saying yesterday, where is he? he has been gone for a few weeks, and then we get this call. it is unbelievable. i just want to know if he is okay. it is really sad. >> we're dealing with a terrible, tragic situation where an 18-year-old person
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mother, and how do you get your arms around that? >> reporter: the district attorney says they have not yet determined a motive, even after interviewing the 18-year-old suspect. i can tell you that, according to these documents and information from the grandmother, the mother, who is now deceased, apparently enrolled her son in nursing school. he had stopped going to classes and had become depressed, she says, and it appears, according to these court documents, that in the days leading up to the mother's murder, that she had been pressuring her son or encouraging him to eat and he would refuse. that is the very latest from brockton, nicole jacobs, wbz news. police in washington state say the suspect in a police shooting has died. the s.w.a.t. team shot the gunman who was barricaded inside a tacoma home with two children inside. the children are safe.
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shot and killed when he responded to the home for a domestic call. a chase ends with a crash in brockton a police cruiser collided with the suspect's vehicle. the driver and passenger ditched the car and ran. the owner of the car was found in the back seat and is facing charges for posessing marijuana and a stun gun. the officer suffered minor injuries but is expected to be okay. the chase started with officers responding to shots fired. the vehicle, the driver took off. time to get a check of the forecast. the calendar might say december 1, but it doesn't feel like it. a live look at copley square. people are walking around with light jackets. and the temperatures -- oh, there go the kids, danielle! temperatures in the 50s and even some 60s around. you might want to enjoy it because the warmth is not sticking around. meteorologist danielle niles is
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everyone out and enjoying it. 57 in boston currently. this is more normal for the end of object as opposed to december -- october as opposed to december. and the airport is at 49. just shy of 60 from new bedford. a bit of a breeze out there. it is active. 20 to 30 miles per hour. that breeze has brought out the sunshine, too, and drier air, so you'll enjoy that bright blue sky with some clouds mixed in now. and the deck 495 now. we'll see partly cloudy skies through the remainder of the day today. no weather-related issues. the sun sets at 4:12 tonight. we dip back into the 30s and the suburb also probably be around -- suburbs will probably be around 40 downtown. the wind chill will be in the 20s at times. and then we won't be as warm, but still not bad. breezy, 50 degrees, chris, for highs tomorrow. we do turn chilly this weekend.
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a woman accused of convincing heritage boyfriend to take his own life. michelle carter is preparing to go to trial and we learn there had is new evidence in the case. we're live in taunton with details on this case. >> reporter: and chris, michelle carter's defense attorney will receive 20,000 pages of the facebook activity later on today and the judge kenned a request -- denied a request the defense says significant to michelle carter appeared in juvenile court with her attorneys thursday as both sides gear up for trial. carter is charged with involuntary manslaughter, accused of encouraging her boyfriend to follow through with his suicide attempt. in 2014, 18-year-old conrad roy was found dead in his pick-up truck from carbon monoxide poisoning. in court, the lawyers say facebook recently turned over 20,000 pages of roy's activity on the social media site.
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want to see who he was communicating with and what he was saying about his mindset. >> reporter: the judge approved the defense's request to consult with an adolescent development expert. the prosecutors say she convinced her boyfriend to kill himself. >> and understand the impulse controls that teenagers go through and the lack of control that they have over some of the things they do and say. >> reporter: and he say as large issue in this case is that both roy and carter were taking an and they also asked to speak to an expert on the drug. >> and the cause of his death could have been the medication that he was taking that increases the suicidal ideation, your honor, not the words of michelle carter. >> reporter: but the judge denied that request. >> and what that did to mr. roy. >> reporter: and he says he
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season on pursuing an expert on their own and the judge is hopeful this trial will get underway in february. reporting live from taunton, wbz news. today a controversy i can't believe gas pipe -- controversial pipeline running through boston will open up. it will begin running through the pipeline in west roxbury. the residents have been protesting this for two years. the neighbors fear it is only a matter of time before an explosion will happen. which runs that pipeline still has not turned over crucial safety plans. a crazy crash along the tracks in needham. a commuter trail train hit an employee's car parked too close to the tracks. this happened at the needham heights station. the car hit another one which also belongs to an employee flipping it over. luckily no one was hurt, but there were delays ton needham line this -- on the needham line this morning. today donald trump will
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indiana by visiting the company's plant. the sources say trump negotiated the deal himself. kenneth craig reports. >> reporter: and president- elect donald trump delivered on one of his campaign promises to save manufacturing jobs at this carrier plant in indianapolis. >> as someone who is not even yet president of the united states, he was able to negotiate something that was a major issue in the campaign. >> reporter: "fortune" magazine is report elect personally called craig hayes, the ceo of the parent company united technologies and promised corporate tax rate reductions that would far seed the $65 million the company would have saved with outsourcing. >> it starts with an attitude, this administration, this president, vice president elect is going to have open communications with business leaders. >> reporter: mr. trump's deal with carrier also covers headquarters and engineering staff and the company says it
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the facility here. >> and just last week we were just sitting down like what are we going to do next year? >> reporter: erica ferguson's husband has worked a the plant for 15 years. she believes mr. trump's deal will help him make it to retirement in a couple of years. >> i did vote for him, but i do support whatever he is doing right now because it is helping me and my families. >> reporter: united families gets 10% of its revenues from federal contracts. it has not said if that pl the jobs in america. cbs news, indianapolis. and julienne edelman is a new dad. he flew out to be with the baby's mother as she delivered. and he and the model ela rose welcomed their daughter lily yesterday. edelman is expected to be back in foxborough for sunday's game against the rams. coming up on wbz news at
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we're learning more about what brought down a jet carrying a brazilian soccer team in colombia. the pilot tells air traffic controllers he ran out of fuel and desperately needed permission to land. the tower radioed back this a plane with mechanical problemses with approaching. new development this is tennessee. authorities now believe they believe the blaze was started by humans. the flames have destroyed hundreds of buildings in the gatlinburg area. seven people have been killed. dolly parton says she is going to help the victims of the wildfire. she is setting up a fund that would provide $1,000 a month to family whose lost their home to -- families who lost their homes to flames. the park has been spared any significant damage.
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the 11-year-old has known for months that she was getting a baby sister, so she paid extra attention in the cpr and heimlich maneuver she took in school and when the little girl started choking on formula, she knew exactly what to do. >> she was like, mom, calm down. this is what you have to do. turn her this way, you have to pat her this way. i told my mom around. >> the baby will be just fine. she tells us she wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up so she can save animals as well. great story. time to get a check of our forecast now. and it is december 1. and i ripped the calendar page right off. i was like is this fall? >> it feels like the end of october. people are loving their lunch break today! >> i'm ordering you to go outside after work. soak it up, everybody!
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there. blue skies. there go the pigeons and we're talking about temperatures 55 to 60 degrees. you can get away with a fall jacket and the lighter gear today because it is pleasant in terms of temperatures. december 1 typically we will be in the mid 40s. by the end of the month we drop into the upper 30s. winter begins on december 21 with the solstice at officially 544 a.m. and -- 5:44 a.m. and the snowfall in december, nine inches. the last couple of years we hat of snow. less than that in 2014. we had nearly a foot back in 2013 and 3.4 inches in 2012. we'll see where we end up by the end of this month. it took all the way to mid january to get our first snow at logan airport last year. 57 degrees in boston and lawrence. 55 in taunton. we have actually cooled a little bit in the southeast part of the state where we were in the lower 60s this morning. drying out from the rain we had
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temperatures much colder. and look, a lot of the country is much cooler. up and down the eastern seaboard, that is where the milder air is in place for now and we will tap into some of that chillier air as we head into the upcoming weekend so between new and the remainder of the afternoon, you'll see a few building clouds in the sky. snow still coming down in the crown of maine right now. otherwise, we're waiting on that chilly air from eastern canada. so ou tomorrow, nice end to the week. the mountains, by the way, pick up a couple of inches of fresh snow by the time we get to friday, saturday, sunday morning, snow. great news for ski country there. they will be blasting the snow guns in full force, too. our weekend looks good, too. yes, it is breezy. yes, we have cooler air. but we'll be in the mid 40s. a little cooler on sunday with temperatures cooling down just
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international space station flying by this evening at 5:53. for three minutes. that's it. maximum high 68 degrees. there will be a few scattered clouds around in the sky. if you're outside, 53. you will be able to look up traveling from the southwest to the east-southeast. tonight we dip back into the 30s. we'll be right around 40 downtown, but you have to factor in the winds. there will be a wind chill in the 20s at times tomorrow morning. the kids want to be we rebound. recess time will be in the mid 40s. dry weather tomorrow. the ride home, a few building clouds. not as mild. the temperature also be in the upper -- temperatures will be in the upper 40s. just like today the wind may gust occasionally. high of 48 in fitchburg. 43 in worcester and lower 40s to near 50 on cape cod. looking ahead to the pats' forecast. 1:00 kick-off, sun and clouds. a little chilly. in the low 40s.
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30s. that's what you want to dress for. a few flurries possible by monday. it looks like we could get stormy weather in here for the middle part of the week. >> so the lesson is to enjoy today. >> major changes coming to major league baseball. the associated press reports the all-star game winner won't get home field advantage for the world series anymore. the pennant winner with the regular season gets that advantage. and it is an agreement re between the owners and the players' association. and the best cities, boston at two and new york city and pittsburgh, l.a. and chicago. the review by wallet hub looked at cities where a game is always on regardless of season. by the way, they found boston has the highest average baseball season ticket price at $54.79. and boston drivers are going to have to slow down. the city council voted to lower the speed limit on city streets from 35 miles per hour to 25
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on january 9. and riding a bike in boston is safer, according to a new harvard study. there was a 14% drop in injuries from 2009 to 2012. the study credits changes made by the city like expanded bike lanes and better signs. it adds the more bikes that are on the road the more aware drivers become. still ahead this noon, a healthier chocolate. the changes one popular company is making and what it could mean for your favorite treat. and we'll take a look for you right
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listen to this thin. nestle says it can cut the amount of sugar in his chocolate without changing the taste. necessarily -- nestle says it will adapt. and a warning about smart phones a cyber security firm says 1.3 million android phones have been infected with mall ware this attracts what the
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google warns customers to stay away from uncertified apps. massachusetts is ringing in the holiday season with some generous donations to the salvation army a woman cropped off three -- dropped off three rings outside of wal-mart, and another donor dropped a diamond ring at a kettle in waltham. one of the rings has been appraised at nearly $700. >> the next day when we open up the kettle and we're counting to bring it to the bank, we heard a different noise, and it was and -- coins. and when i looked inside, there was this diamond ring. >> few weeks ago the salvation army raised nearly $27,000 from auctioning off 60 pieces of jewelry donated other the past two -- over the past two years. up next on the wbz news at noon, a leap into the wild a camera in the woods capturing some rare moments. the video you just have to see. and danielle, you have some weather watchers out this
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day. the sun is shining. we have clouds that have built in, too, and temperatures are pretty mild for this time of year. and 54 degrees in marlboro and about .08 of rainfall earlier this morning. a beautiful early december day for, good point, putting up the christmas lights out there today. i'll let you know when the chilly air comes back when we peek at the seven-day straight
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coming up today at 5:00, white wine increasing your risk of cancer? dr. marshall takes a closer look at the new study showing a link with skin cancer. a wild look at the wilderness. ma action. first you see a black bear there wandering through the area, but then this is the cool part. a bobcat sniffing around, and it starts leaping and hops right across the stream. it looks like a scene out of like a haunting movie or something with all of the fog. >> not in west hampton. for sure that is pretty awesome. so the sunshine is out today. cooler air for the weekend. pretty quiet. >> i like what rudy said, put the christmas lights out.
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>> lily: have a good day, you guys! bye! well, the twins finally made it on time for their bus for a change. >> cane: [ wincing ] >> lily: whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. let me help you. hold on. let me help you. um, i have a question. crutches? >> cane: um, i'm gonna walk into the office on my own two feet today. >> lily: really, cane? is that such a good idea? >> cane: no. but i'm still gonna do it. hey. don't worry. i'm okay. >> lily: well, if you feel like you can handle it, i guess it's fine. i'm sure you've been bored working here from home all day. >> cane: it hasn't been that bad. >> lily: oh, really? >> cane: really.


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