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tv   WBZ News  CBS  December 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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sterling career. >> this one serious enough that's it may keep him off the field for the rest of the season. we have a team of reporters beginning with steve burton who joins us live. >> reporter: that is a scary thought. yeah, the news hit this team hard. rob gronkowski has been diagnosed with a herniated disc. he will have surgery tomorrow and scheduled to be out at least eight weeks. maybe longer. it is still uncareer when he suffer it could have been when he was crushed against seattle or last week diving to make a catch. this is his third since 2009. just a short time ago, we spoke with the doctor and he said the more times you have back surgery, the less chance you have to come back and play let alone return to the season. >> yes, not good.
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we evaluate players. once a disk always a disc because even when it is fixed, we down grade them, because we know this is going to happen again. it now is the third time it has happened again. if it is the same level as tough a guy he is, i'm not aware, certainly in my 16 years, i have never had a player still in the league who had three discs on one level. the question is though, what will the dur ra built dom back handle? he plays so hard. you have to block the way he does. people think tight ends run. they are an extra offensive lineman. if you ever watch him, a good of runner and catcher that he is, he is an incredible blocker and that is an enormous amount of pressure on your spine. the patriots have been here
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to defenders but this is it latest. the big boom from earl thomas happened in the seattle game. first didn't look like much, but getting crushed right there. he missed a game, but he tweets us back, something in his back. wasn't until he was trying to make a diving catch that his back was aggravated and he left the game. now about that initial hit, he saw nothing wrong. >> that was a big hit for sure, one on the hardest i got hint in my career for sure. just knocked the wind out a little bit. that is all. you ever get the wind knocked out of you, you know what that feels like. >> moving forward they will have to lean on bennett. the good news, he would be the feature tight end. >> keep in mind i mentioned before he will be out eight weeks, the super bowl is nine weeks away. that is the story here. back to you. >> it is a loss no question.
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>> jim smith is live. the fans have to be bummed out. >> they are but they are hopeful for another super bowl run. this is definitely bad news. the team and the fans will miss adynamic player who is one-of-a- kind. >> just amazing but he gets hurt all the time. >> that is not good at all. >> mood. news of rob gronkowski's greatest w0e's s. he is such a critical part of the team. he is not only one of the best tight ends on the patriots but in the league ever. it is not all doom and gloom. they are confident about a super bowl run. >> i think we can do it. maybe he will be back for the super bowl. >> maybe. >> you think they have a smoth? >> yes. patriots can to anything.
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bowl. who knows? >> it would be nice. >> it would be nice. >> health has been an issue. >> he is a big guy so stuff like that is going to happen, but it is tough. they have bennett. we'll see. >> big trouble for the team? >> i don't know. i'm sure bill will figure it out. >> he will figure out away. >> he always does. he always does figure out away but it would sure be better if big number 87. we'll see what happens. jim smith, wbz news. wbz is your patriots station. we'll have the latest on rob gronkowski's injury friday at 7:00. join us for patriots' all access. then game day at 11:30 with any late breaking developments as we count down to kickoff. there are other big injuries to the team. edelman and brady both not at
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a teen is charged with murdering his mother and prosecutors reveal what happened before the killing. christina hager has more. >> reporter: it was a tough scene in court today. according to the district attorney, the teenager was so troubled in court, he refused to approach the doctor for his arraignment. they had to force him. >> what made this nurse's teenage son allegedly turn on her so violently? >> i am interested in finding out what happened, what the motive is. >> the 18-year-old was out of camera's view during his court arraignment but this is his police mugshot. according to court documents the recent grad had been going through depression, stopped eating and days ago refused to board a plane when his mother bought a ticket for him to
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>> the grandmother said he was sick. >> she called 911. police stopped by to talk with her today. she says the victim's mother ran to her house grabbed her and pulled her to the murder scene to help. she saw him come out. we showed her what he looked like in court. >> does that look like what you saw? >> to me his eyes were really bugging like his eyes were really open wide family's home where a friend stood stunned. >> she is quiet, very hard working. she loves her family. she loves her friends. >> reporter: he is now being held without bail. in brockton, christina hager, wbz news. thank you. some heart pounding moments playing out on camera when robbers walk into a liquor store wearing masks and you can
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reaction to all this. this is all new at 6:00. >> he said put my hands up. and he smiled. hey it is all good. >> reporter: that was manny's reaction as two masked robbers barreled through the door of his liquor store last night. one armed with a handgun, the other a shotgun that was pointed right at his co-worker. >> get your hands off, give me the money. where is the safe. i said there is no safe here. you're not getting nothing. one of them wearing a mask out of the movie scream. he wasn't giving in. >> kept pushing him away like he had the gun. i said don't point the gun at me. i have kids and stuff so they come first. >> they pulled money from the register and ran. police believe the same two masked thieves seen e lear irr in the night lurking behind
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foiled by another clerk. >> my employee to come inside and call the police and they come within 2, 3 minutes. >> reporter: what worries police is the potential for violence here. would the robbers use their weapons and would they do it again? >> they are both armed with shotguns. >> he may not have been spooked but he wasn't taking any to an i team investigation. a man has been ordered to reimburse the government. he pretendnd his company was owned and operated by disabled veterans. he was sentenced for defrauding the government. the money he is ordered to pay back is what he made on his fraud. making a difference one family at a time.
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changing lives one family at a time. a massachusetts program helping low income single parents going to college. it is called one family
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helped hundreds of students. >> it is leading to education and opportunities forever life changing we met one of those grateful students. >> in surgical technology program and i just started this semester. >> the 29-year-old is doing that not just because she is smart and hard working, but also because through the one family program, she earned a scholarship that covers her tuition and gives her a monthly stipend and coaching and encouragement. >> i have the brains, i didn't quite have the financial stat thus there so having the one family give me that is everything. >> when she completes the program in college. i will be working in the operating room assisting the surgeon. >> she will have that job making a good wage. >> i love it. i think it is knowing that i'm helping people. >> whoa!
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son, four-year-old kai. all the scholars are low- income. some are homeless. she remembered when she would become a one family scholar. >> i am going to be able to finish college. i am going to get a degree. me and kye are going to be good. >> we feel once they have that credential and they have those good jobs, they can make a better life for their children and their children can do better t of his mom. she is one of about 91 scholars this year, the first person in her family to go to college and we're proud of her, too. >> you can hear how motivated she was. i have the smarts. i didn't have the money. now i have the opportunity. >> she said i have the brains. >> and yes, you do. >> so let's talk about today's weather which did to the feel like a december 1st kind of day. >> just a little wind, but the
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pamela. >> yes, in a lot of spots. saw some sunshine especially for the early part of the day. it felt wonderful. now that we got the rain out of here and we needed it, but today's high 57 degrees. well, above the average high of 46 degrees. for friday 50. still above normal. saturday, getting more seasonable here. then we cool off. sunday, monday into tuesday, a big pattern change with colder temperatures and a chance for day forecast in a minute. right now 50 in boston. winds from the west feeling quite brisk still. that is 16-mile-an-hour wind, but gusting up to 25 miles per hour overnight into your day tomorrow, too. we stay breezy. temperatures elsewhere in the 40s. 42 worcester. 51 for our neighbors in chatham. mostly clear skies to the north
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higher elevations and overnight we'll keep it dry here in boston, a few clouds. in the suburbs between 32 and 36. tomorrow 50 with that wind from the west gusting up to 25 miles per hour. meteorological winter begins today. it will feel like in the fall range here. saturday, sunday click things down. sunday 42. under mostly sunny skies, still cooler and. cooling trend continues into next week. a couple areas of low pressure here. one moving out to the north and east. one to the north will be close enough to us for friday morning that we could see snow showers in the higher elevations here to the northand west of the mountains and frein mountains as well and white mountains too. boston we're try. friday into saturday, looking good. showers offshore and a good
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weekend. it will stay breezy through saturday evening. partly sunny for the second half of the weekend. then we may see a few flurries as we head into monday, the first part of the week here. here is the seven-day forecast. 50 tomorrow and breezy. plenty of sun on the way for saturday. dry all weekend sunday's high 42. sunday 39. we keep it cold with temperatures, highs in the upper 30s, wednesday a chance for rain. uncertainty with the system, >> yes. >> those words hung in the air right there. >> [ laughter ] >> for cooler temperatures to cool video highlighting. this is in a backyard. that bobcat trying its best to stay dry leaping from rock to rock across the water. the very same camera was recording when a bear cub went running around the woods by itself. probably his mother not too far
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>> this is a gold mind. back to breaking news on rob gronkowski. probably going to miss the rest of at least the regular season. >> he had the herniated disc and will undergo surgery tomorrow. more on what this means for the team. he is such a huge part of the offense. >> reporter: no question. how fast can too much go by and will he come back after two months. multiple reports say rob gronkowski has been and be out at least eight weeks. two months. let's hope it goes by fast. super bowl is nine months away so that makes it a possibility he could play. tomorrow will be his third back surgery since 2009. former patriots' team doctor said the more back surgeries a player undergoes, the tougher it is to come back. he believes he won't rush back just to play in the super bowl.
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risk coming back. that yes, you hope he can be back for the ninth but there is the medical side and then with the knee and with the forearm, there is forces outside of medicine with this player in particular that they will be very conservative and they don't care if it is the super bowl or anything else. they will want to be slow. >> how much will they miss him? since he joined he has been patriots' touchdowns. the patriots know this feeling all too well. >> here is rob gronkowski appears to be going to the lock remember cool. this is another tough situation for the patriots. they may have the hardest match- up in the nfl and rob gronkowski, but keeping him on the field is an issue after suffering a hamstring injury in the preseason. it took him awhile. >> you have to be careful. you have to progress.
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i wish it was like that. i can't wait. i am going crazy out there again. >> once on the field, he flourished. 25 catches for 540 yards and three touchdowns. he looked unstoppable until this hit from earl thomas. rob got up from that hit and tried to make the game catch but that didn't happen, neither did him playing in san francisco. it was just a couple weeks ago rob didn't want to comment how healthy he and the pats were. >> i don't want to talk about it. [ laughter ] >> in hindsight that was wise. he has missed 18 games in 7 years because of injury and that number is going to increase. i'll say this is going to make nine surgeries since 2009. the body can only take so much. >> now eyes on bennett. >> that is even a touch and go situation. he didn't practice yesterday,
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stationary bike because he is dealing with ankle injuries, but he was out there on the field today. that is a good sign but he is banged up a little so not sure how effective he will be going forward but he is a prime time tight end so at least the patriots can lean on him as they foe forward. he is definitely a pickup. how about tb 12. after missing yesterday's practice, tom brady was back on good. so is julian edelman. he missed practice from a foot injury but his wife had a baby girl named lilly. congrats to him. a lot of news going on. pack to you. >> we'll keep our fingers crossed for rob gronkowski. a lot of news here, too.
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we'll have two big interviews in the broadcast tonight. president-elect mike pence will speak to us about saving jobs and america and changes that the american people can expect to see in the new ad minvation. and we will talk to the speaker of the house, paul ryan, who is going to tell us about his efforts to patch up his relationship with donald trump. those stories and the rest of the world news coming right up on the "cbs about ten minutes. the cheese stands alone. this time it is because its u
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say cheese. a 400-pound wheel of cheese rolling in today. >> part of the cheese parade. people really get into this. you see the crowd on the side there. they are cheering and waving italian flags for this cheese
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a mild, rich, buttery cheese with a slightly tangy finish and i would like to try. >> the smell? >> the smell is probably really
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so great weather not going to last too much longer. >> temperatures will take a slow tumble into the weekend and by next week in the 30s >> wintry. >> [ laughter ] >> not great. we'll have the latest on rob gronkowski coming up on wbz news at 11:00.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the president-elect already on the job. with the deal that saved hundreds of them. >> companies are not going to leave the united states anymore without consequences. >> pelley: also vice president-elect on donald trump shifting positions on immigration and prosecuting hillary clinton. did he just say those things to get elected? a so-called magical treatment for the anxiety and depression that come with cancer. >> from that moment, the fear of gone. >> pelley: and a new over-the-top light show at niagra falls.


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