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tv   WBZ News  CBS  December 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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tom brady talks about losing his top weapon. >> life without gronk. why there is still hope for another super bowl run. >> a headless body found near the banks of the river. >> an older man robbed in a vicious attack in his home. >> facebook live at more than 100 miles per hour comes to a crashing end. >> and a young baker with down syndrome takes a bide out of the international market we begin with a huge blow to the patriots. the team announcing tonight that it
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they're confirming that he will have back surgery tomorrow. >> we have live coverage beginning with steve burton and new information just released on gronk's injury. >> reporter: this is a big deal which is why the patriots and the gronkowski family have released a statement. gronk is scheduled to have back surgery tomorrow. he will be able to play football for the remainder of the 2016 season. we look forward to his return." so it's another season cut short for rob gronkowski. >> reporter: the pats' offense is on the its best when gronk plays at full power. but he's
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since 2009. tonight tom brady talked about the loss of his top target. >> the last few days, everyone is thinking about him and what he's gone through. it's such a difficult sport. it's hard to see people that you care about go through injuries. but i also know the results that he had and that will never change with him. he'll be as determined as ever to get back and get better as soon as possible. >> reporter: the former patrio gronk's injury is to a disk that's already been repaired in the past, it would make recovery even more difficult. >> what happen s is every time you take out a piece of the disk, the vertebrae get closer and closer together. the closer they get, two things happen. one, it lets nerves get pinched more. so you end up having leg pain. also as the vertebrae get closer, they start rubbing and that causes a lot of back pain.
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>> we have a lot of good players on our teamlosing gronk won't make things easy. >> we have a lot of good players on our team. >> brady said even without gronk they will not give up on trying to take home another super bowl championship. the patriots have played 22 games without gronkowski since he came into the league in 2010 in. those games, the team has had some success, 15 and 7. jim smith picks up our coverage outside of gillette. >> reporter: four super bowl championships can be a confidence booster. that's why despite the bad news on gronk, fans here still think their team has a good shot at a championship. still your upset to see the big guy sidelined. >> i think belichick and brady
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pats fans would be panicking right about now. you would be wrong. it is true that gronk, the greatest tight end on the planet, is now out for several weeks and may be sidelined until next season. patriots nation is note giving up hope. >> i think we're gonna do okay. i think with mitchell and bennett and edelman. >> hopefully martellus bennet can step up and take on some of that role. anytime you lose have an impact on the time. >> reporter: the pats are losing perhaps their most dangerous weapon. >> we got plenty of weapon, ready to flow through. >> reporter: why does gronk get hurt so often? he's fans think it's just gronk being gronk.
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athlete. >> he plays so hard and he's such a physical player that he really brings the impact to the defense. and naturally some injuries are gonna come from that. >> it is true, he place 100 miles an hour. but the fans say that is also what makes him such a great player. over hoping he gets well as soon as possible. >> nobody want but fans have a lot of confidence. >> we asked our facebook followers if they think the patriots could win the super bowl without gronk. the discovery of a headless body. live in lawrence with the
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>> reporter: a woman made the discovery, now the family of a missing 16-year-old is scared he may have been murdered. a father's frantic run to where a body was found by the merrimack river. he does not know if it was his son. >> did this belong to your son? >> i don't know. i just grabbed it >> reporter: a woman walking her dog mid-afternoon found the headless body of investigators recovered the head nearby. and after searching for hours, they left with bags of evidence. >> everything is going through my mind. scared, nervous. i can't even focus. >> reporter: the body has not been identified. a small crowd gathered scared it was that of lee manuel paulino. the teen disappeared in mid-november.
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in case, let me go investigate. >> reporter: the family posted flyers on facebook for his return. >> i don't know what to think. >> reporter: his father is devastated but is holding out that his son is alive. >> i hope it's for the best. i hope it's not him. >> reporter: the district attorney's office says until the medical examiner makes a positive identification, they will not speculate on who it might be. this is an isolated case. fida look over the common where the tree was lit tonight. springlike temperatures today. cooler air moving into the weekend. >> we had a high of 57 for the first day of meter logical winter in boston. and some the low 60s. 44 degrees in
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clouds still hanging on into the cape and islands. those will move out overnight. temperature it will be gusty but beautiful. as we get into the weekend, that gradual cooling trend will continue. temps dip into the 40s, eventually the 30s for the donald trump kicking off a victory tour, thanks voters in the states that helped him win the white house. >> in a surprise moment trump at that really made public his pick for defense secretary. ? ? [ music ] ? ? >> reporter: during the first
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announced a key cabinet pick. >> mad dog madame as our secretary of defense >> reporter: a retired marine general, james madison is known for his battlefield experience in iraq and afghanistan. >> they say he's the closest. thing. to general george patton that we have it's about time. >> reporter: mr. trump was in ohio not asking supporters to vote for him but thanking them pleased to see the news this week, mr. trump brokering a deal with carrier corporation to keep some 800 jobs in indiana. >> from the get-go, nobody else would. >> reporter: hundreds of carrier jobs will still move to mexico. indiana governor mike pence explained why mr. trump could not protect all of the workers. >> this change in their business policies was set into motion many months before he
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>> reporter: indiana is offering carry $7 million in tax incentives, and mr. taxes and fewer regulations. president trump threatened to impose sharp tafrs on any company -- tear evers that moved its company overseas. some are criticizing him for backing off that promise and giving carrier tax breaks instead. the requiring women to register under the draft. they can volunteer in the military but aren't required to register. all men have to register for the draft within 30 days of their 18th birthday. there is disagreement in congress about this move. the governor of tennessee declaring a state of emergency. devastating wildfires continue to burn through that state. the death toll has risen to ten.
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up without bail tonight charged with murdering his mother. prufrtds say -- prosecutors say he stabbed her to death inside their home on wednesday. he was going through depression. his mother tried to put him on a plane back to haiti but he refused. new rules for duck boats in boston. they are required to have cameras and sensors and a law prohibits drive the governor is looking forward to reviewing the bill. on facebook live, driving more than 100 miles per hour. tonight providence police say that man is in serious condition after crashing into a garbage truck. the man's facebook live video shows him weaving in and out of traffic before crashing. the 20-year-old losing control
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robbers who held up a liquor store wearing scream masks. surveillance video shows them pointing a weapon right at employees. the thieves grabbed money and ran. tazed and tied up. >> a local man hospitalized after a home invasion. >> president obama getting into the comris spirit. >> and success for a baker. >> warm temperatures this afternoon. high of 57 degrees in boston for our first day in december. things start to go downhill after the weekend. [ bell clangs ] celebrate the holidays with delicious dunkin' coffee. stop by dunkin' donuts for two k-cup boxes for $15.99 or 3 pounds of packaged coffee for $19.99.
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be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'. robbers tied up a man using his own responders and used a tazetory shock him.
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>> the 71-year-old victim is recoveringr to shock him. please are looking for three suspects. >> the 71-year-old victim is recovering. >> reporter: friends told me that victim underwent surgery tonight on his hip. the result of an injury he received during this brutal ordeal. >> he's been through a lot. he's had cancer years ago, he beat that. he went through all the treatments. guy don't bother nobody. >> reporter: on wednesday night, men invaded his home on mass avenue. >> they took his wallet, license, his army picture. all that type of stuff. his keys to his truck. the guy is petrified to go home now. >> reporter: they tied him up by his own responders, tazed him -- suspenders, tazed him, and demanded he turn over the gold. he was able to free himself hours later and called the
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he had coins, a lot of coins, a lot of watches, clocks. >> reporter: rocky says the news was a shock to his makeshift family, a group of guys who hang out at this coffee and don't beut shop -- doughnut shop. he is a collector, an antique enthusiast, a loveable loner. >> it has to be somebody that heard somebody say something or something. >> reporter: and suspects remain -- and the three suspects remain on the loose tonight san ta joined the president for a special event at white house. >> he wished that americans will care for the sick, hungry, and treat one another as they would want to be treated this holiday season. also a tree-lighting on the common
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>> first day of meteorological winter, feels more like early fall. pretty nice with the sunshine out there too. for snowfall, the month of december as we enter into this next month. by the end of the month, we should have around 9 inches of snowfall in boston. last year we had less than an inch. the only above resorts in maine and new hampshire starting to see more snow. our high temperatures are going to stay pretty decent over the next 24 hours. 50 degrees for friday. average 46. we see the decrease here over the next several days, going through the weekend, and into next week as highs dip into the upper 30s
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temperatures are starting to cool off. a few clouds lingering on cape cod in the islands. terms down to 44 degrees. 37 in worcester, 47 in manchester. temps running with 39 degrees, even though the actual temp is 44. wind coming from the west making a difference. wind chills will be a factor, making it feel a few degrees cooler than that actual low of 37 overnight. 32 to 36 degrees wind staying strong into tomorrow too. high temps around 50 degrees. the north and west, mid to upper 40s. and for the weekend, temperatures start to fall. sunday 42. it will be dry for any outdoor plans that we
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area was low pressure, helping to give a little bit here. and mountains creating snow showers in the higher elevations. 9:00 am friday morning, all dry in boston. west northwest wind continues as an area of low pressure spins to the north here. and additional showers expected for ski resorts. we're nice and dry in boston. high pressure moves in from the midwest here. into the weekend, saturday, 5:00, snow and snow showers. 35 for saturday, sunday 32 degrees, a few flurries or snow showers for both days this weekend. the 7-day, 46, sunday 42. and continue with the decrease in temps. monday 39. chance for flurries. tuesday 38. wednesday
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disagreement in the forecast models, stay tuned. gronk is out for the year.
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>> it's a big hit for the patriots, the patriots and the family have announced that rob gronkowski is expected to have back surgery tomorrow. they'll wait and see how it goes but they do not expect him to be back this season. he sustained a
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in a pulmonary contusion to his lung. the statement also says he received medical clearance to return to play two weeks later for the jets on november 27th. "it has been determined it is in his bes surgery." here's what tom brady had to say tonight. >> such a mentally tough person, physically tough, great energy and spirit about him. we're all wishing him the very best. and nobody wants gronk not out there. everybody wants him out there every game but that's
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>> edelman also returned to prashg he was in laz yesterday for the birth of his daughter. martellus bennett was back as well. i sat down with gronk in an interview for game day. since he's had so much bad luck with injuries, i asked him if he knew how much that worries him getting hurt every sunday. >> when you take a hit, people in this region almostd realize how valuable you are to this football team. [ laughter ] >> not while i'm playing. i'm not thinking ooh, is everyone okay up there? [ laughter ] >> i just play football. so that's pretty wild though. i'm just playing football. >> much more on patriots
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7:00 on wbz. after the game, head over to my tv 38 for the postgame show. bruins and hurricanes tonight. b's down 1 with 30 seconds left, this shot gets kicked in by a carolina player to tie it at 1. it went to overtime then the shootout so the bruins win, the patriots lose a key player in gronk. a woman in boston with down syndrome is seeing a lot of
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this is a great colet has received orders for 25,000 cookies! [ laughter ] >> her first client, theen goose market. they are lending its kitchen and employees to help her keep up with the demand. she bakes 500 cookies a day and says just be patient with me. >> remember the day we had the small sample, they were gone like that.
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>> 50 degrees tomorrow, clouds and sunshine, maybe a sprinkle. breezy into the weekend. cooling trend kicks in. for saturday 46, sunday 42. all dry. so hang
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