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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  February 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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talking to legal experts about this case and joins us now with a closer look at what could unfold in court. >> reporter: cosby's attorneys are fighting to get these charges thrown out based on a verbal, not written promise that cosby would not face criminal sexual assault charges. in a case that has captivate add national audience, cosby will be front and center tuesday, former d.a. bruce castor will stand up for him. >> it doesn't get any better than having the district attorney at the time say i made this deal and it should be honored. that's as howerful as it gets. >> bill brennan has no stake in the game. this is what caster told nbc 10 last year about temple employee andrea's sexual assault allegations. >> at the time i remember thinking that he probably did do something inappropriate, but thinking that and being able to prove it are two different
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things. >> reporter: at stake tuesday a deal never in writing in which caster promised cosby's council he would not be prosecuted criminally. it was exchange for testimony in a deposition in which cosby admitted sexual contact after giving quaaludes to the accuser, information that resulted in compensation in her civil suit. >> in exchange for that promise not to prosecute mr. cosby gave up the most valuable right a citizen has, the right against self-incrimination. >> the victim's attorney say they were never advised of a promise not to prosecute and his since then lawyer has passed. we asked why wouldn't council have insisted a court filed document in writing. >> it's possible mr. cosby didn't want anything in writing, he was the most popular man in america and if you get into the formality of immunity agreement which this is not, immunity infers guilt. >> so tomorrow this could go one of three ways, the judge could
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dismiss the charges and grant the defense motion and therefore we would see appeals. it could go the other way to say the verbal agreement is not binding, a decision is not guaranteed, the judge could take it all under advisement and set a enough date for his answer. >> cydney long, thank you. coming up we'll talk live to a legal expert about how common a verbal agreement is and of course nbc 10 will be inside that courtroom for tomorrow's hearing. follow us on facebook and twitter for updates as we get them. full coverage in our newscasts. >> right now nbc 10 is counting down to the iowa caucuses. in less than three hours people will gather around the sight cast the first votes of this presidential election. the results from iowa could play a big role in how this race unfolds. so we sent lauren mayk from philadelphia to iowa, to see what the candidates are saying on the campaign trail and how the voters are responding. she joins us live in des moines.
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lauren. >> reporter: well, denise, we're live in des moines, iowa tonight. over the past few days we have been in council bluff, in urban dale, in ames, so have the candidates, trying to reach every possible caucusgoer before that 7:00 deadline. we're just hours from the first results of decision 2016, and the republicans say it's anyone's race to win. >> we recognize we're not the front-runner. we know we're an underdog. >> today poll shows donald trump clinging to a 5-point lead over ted cruz. but trump told the "today" show he's not claiming victory yet. >> i think everybody in the race is a threat. you never know what's going to hawaii it's politics. >> dr. ben carson down played expectations saying anything over 10% is a win for him. >> they are going to be saying, look, do you guys want to listen to your heart or do you want to listen to the pundits. >> even tighter race on the democratic side. with hillary clinton and senator
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bernie sanders in a statistical tie. clinton's final pitch to caucusgoers, experience. >> i am a better candidate and thanks to you i will be a better president. >> sanders' position, change. he's rallying the younger generation of voters. >> if thousands of pof people, have given up on the political process, many young people never participated f. they come out we're going to win. >> i think the young people are going to do it. >> reporter: one thing that has been a bit surprising, how many were still undecided even just this past weekend. that means all of these last-minute rallies and meet and greets, they are not wasted. for now live in des moines, iowa, lauren mayk, "nbc 10 news." >> thank you, lauren. and the iowa caucuses are very different from the primaries we hold in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. starting at 7:00 tonight voters
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gather around 1,000 different locations around the state. they form groups and listen to speeches about the different candidates, before casting their votes. and despite their influence as a first voting state less than 15% of registered voters take part in the caucuses. >> once those iowa voters make their choice it's on to new hampshire and the first primary. msnbc would host the debate this thursday, hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley expected to attend. that will begin at 9:00 p.m. and nbc 10 will be in new hampshire. george spencer will follow the candidates and talking to voters before the primary. his live reports begin on sunday night. only right here on nbc 10. right now, though, update on your first alert weather. the nbc 10 radar showing rain is in our area. >> chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with a closer look. >> yeah, looks like the heaviest of the rain is moving through
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right now and things are going to be improving just about every minute past this time. in philadelphia and points just to the west you can see the back edge of this already showing up on the radar. but this cluster that's come through has really strengthened over the last couple of hours. two hours ago it was nothing but light rain and now you can see some of this orange here indicating heavy rain and this is just south of philadelphia for the most part, right along the delaware river, and into gloucester and camden counties, gloucester city itself getting some really heavy rain here. the temperatures are near 50 degrees so a mild rain, no threat of icing or change to snow or anything like that. but it does drop off into the 40s as the rain intensifies, 46 now in wilmington where we're in the 50s a little while ago. and the futurecast computers do not show this moving pretty rapidly out of the way by 6:00
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it's pretty much gone in pennsylvania and delaware, and we're just seeing it end in south jersey. 8, 9:00 tonight. then the temperatures start to drop to the north and west, we could see a little bit of refreezing up in the lehigh valley. not in philadelphia area. temperatures will stay above freezing, we have record warmth and also a lot heavier rain than this on the way with the 7 day in a few minutes. >> tonight the nbc 10 investigators take a look at new documents just released on the deadly amtrak derailment. for the first time we're getting a look at what the engineer behind the controls saw before and after the crash. >> mitch blacher live in our digital operations center with more from brandon bostian's interview with investigators. >> at first he told investigators he didn't remember much. in a second interview he described in detail how he tried to stop the train.
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in multiple interviews with investigators amtrak 188 engineer brandon bostian said he didn't take any drugs, was getting plenty of sleep and felt comfortable at the controls before the derailment. he told investigators quote my memory is of making three manipulations of the brake control. the first one, a 10-pound reduction, realizing almost immediately it was a more serious situation and going directly to full service. and then when i realized that the train engine was tipping over i put the train into emergency. amtrak 188 was going 56 miles per hour over the speed limit when it derailed. the ntsb documents show in days of the accident investigators realized the train's safety system that would have slowed amtrak 188 was missing at the derailment site. it's a fact the nbc 10 investigators first revealed the day after the accident. railroad and engineering professor dr. zirrimski said from the start automatic train control could have prevented the crash. >> doesn't surprise me at all that the locomotive was equipped
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with automatic train control. the surprise it wasn't on the track. >> bostian also told investigators that he remembers the train running too slow on a straight away right before the derailment site. he says he doesn't have any idea how the train got up to 106 miles per hour. live in the digital operations center, mitch blacher, nbc 10 news. >> i remember initially bostian was saying i don't remember much but it seems the second interview he remembers more. is he the focus now of this investigation? >> jim, he certainly is the key to finding out what happened. and his interviews, the one days after the crash and the one six months later, they are consistent. and the ntsb, they have plans for another hearing in april where we will likely learn more. >> thank you. eight people were killed when that train crashed including a naval midshipman, a software arkt tekt, a bank executive and more than 200 people were
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injured. coming up, nbc 10 spoke with a survivor of the crash and how it is still affecting him to this day. >> other stories on "nbc 10 news" at 5:00. philadelphia police arrested and charged a suspect for a septa bus stabbing. they say william smalls turned himself in on saturday just a day after a fight broke out on the route 56 bus on torresdale avenue. it was caught on video. police say the suspect couldn't pay so the driver told him to get off the next stop. but he refused. and that's when he and another passenger started fighting in an argument that spilled into the street. investigators say the suspect eventually stabbed the victim and then ran off. a truck driver has pleaded not guilty to aggravated man slater and other charges in a crash that seriously injured tracy morgan and killed morgan's friend. kevin roper appeared in a new
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brunswick courtroom. that crash happened on the jersey turnpike in june of 2014. roper was driving a walmart truck that slammed into a van that morgan was in, another man in that van was killed. federal investigators say roper had not slept for 28 hours before the crash. roper's lawyer disputes that. this comes as morgan is preparing to go on a stand-up comedy tour. the picking up the pieces tour launches later this week in indiana. the comedian will also make several stops in our area including atlantic city, wilmington and reading. >> now to a dream come true for any sports fan. so, why'd the eagles pick this young man to go to the super bowl? we're going to have his inspiring story coming up. plus, should temple have its own football stadium? live on campus as students bring their concerns to school leaders. new information for customers of chipotle, what they want you to know about that dangerous
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outbreak next at 5:00.
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>> is the steeka virus is considered an international emergency by health officials. the world health organization made the declaration about three hours ago. they will ramp up efforts to fight the outbreak as evidence mounts that the virus could be causing birth defects. the world health organization predicts up to 4 million people
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could be infected with the virus over the next year. >> the investigation into the chipotle outbreak is over. in two separate outbreaks at least 60 people in 14 states became sick. 22 people had to be hospitalized. the centers for disease control says investigators were up able to find a single food item or ingredient that could explain the outbreaks. according to a company spokesperson, chipotle made every effort to improve the safety of all of its food. as you probably know nbc is your home for sunday night football. now you can catch more games here. the nfl is expanding thursday night football, and the new deal means five thursday night games will air on nbc next season. they are negotiating with a separate streaming rights deal to be announced soon. >> to college football. should temple university have its own football stadium? students are taking their questions and concerns to school
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leaders. >> the proceeds spekt of gettsp. the proposed stadium would cost $100 million to build and hold 35,000 people. critics raised concerns about the cost and potential impact on neighbors around campus. >> doug shimell is joining us live where students and protesters making their voices heard. doug. >> reporter: yes, the protesters say they show up at these student forums because it's going to be the neighborhoods that are left with this stadium, not the students. >> where is our community. >> i'm sorry guys but -- >> reporter: they feel they have been shut out of temple's decision over a stadium. >> they have a chance to have voices be heard but most of the students aren't going to be here when the huge stadium, the community members living here for 30 years will still be there. >> why in 2016 are we talking
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about a stadium, why is this suddenly a priority. >> temple student government convene add q and a forum with the president and athletic director. >> whether it's tuition rates going up or anything of financial status, we just want to make sure that students' concerns are heard and questions answered. >> reporter: activists with the 15 now minimum wage group say they do not see the logic in a new stadium. >> we've kind of been bet the response temple don't have enough money to pay and out of nowhere they have $100 million for a football stadium. we think it's an issue of priorities. >> reporter: but it isn't just students versus community on the stadium. glenda grew up near temple and is now studying social work there. >> because if you were to really ask us which would we rather have, a football stadium or lower tuition, trust me, the majority would say lower
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tuition. >> reporter: the activists say as long as they keeping excluded from the meetings they will keep showing up live at temple university, doug shimell, nbc 10 news. >> back in test you may recall the mayor opposed the idea of a new stadium because of the potential impact on the community. he encouraged the school to work on a deal with the eagles. right now temple plays its home games at lincoln financial field. the school reportedly paying the eagles a million dollars in rent. nbc 10 reached out to the mayor's office and told us the mayor met with the university and encouraged them to continue their community outreach so that residents' voices are heard and their concerns are addressed. today is the second unseasonably warm day in a row. this time we've got rain coming in and it's just in time for the afternoon rush.
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it will be moving out quickly setting us up for record warmth toward the middle of the week, also heavy rain and a flood watch has been issued for that second event. this is just the appetizer now. we've got rain across the philadelphia area, temperatures down to 50 degrees. that's still nearly 10 degrees above average. for the high. and the wind has been down to 5 miles an hour. the temperature in philadelphia, gradually and slowly going down, but as you can see that stays above the freezing mark. so we're not talking about a change over to sleet or snow or freeze over or anything like that in the city itself because it's going to stay too warm. it will start to cool down north and west down to 42 in pottstown, 46 in allentown. because we still have a good bit of snow, especially in the northern suburbs, north of the pennsylvania turnpike even, along i-78, that's one of the reasons for this flood watch
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because when you melt a lot of snow that's as if you got a day's worth of rain. that keeps building up. we're going to lose pretty much all of the snow that is left when you combine the heavy rain with the warm temperatures with the very high humidity wednesday and into thursday. you can see this rain moving through, and the heaviest of that rain has just about exited philadelphia now and it's in camden and gloucester counties moving in, burlington county now. and you can see another round of heavier rain through philadelphia, this one just south of the city. gloucester city just got hit hard, mount laurel getting hit hard, time after time. this is the area that's really getting it. camden county getting some pretty heavy rain. it's not going to last all night. you can see this is the back edge of the whole thing so it's overall in the big picture a relatively small area. now, this is a big storm.
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this one with snow in the rockies and about to create near blizzard conditions in iowa, for tomorrow, and then it's going to bring the rain our way for wednesday. by 6:00 it's already moving out of pennsylvania and delaware and going to take a couple hours till it moves totally offshore. then we wait for the next system that's going to come in. that's the bigger storm. the temperature is incredibly warm on wednesday, we're melting all that snow. then heavy rain comes in as you can see this could be another case where the afternoon rush is affected by the heavy rain and if you get over an inch of rain and you're melting all of this snow, there is a threat of some flooding and not just local street flooding. could even be some of the streams and rivers. as we go through wednesday, very mild air is here. but the cold air is not that far away. and it starts coming back on thursday and into friday. but the arctic air doesn't quite
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get in there. and then we watch for a potential storm toward the beginning of next week. a lot of records could be broken on wednesday, phillies record of 62, looks like it's going to be broken and southern delaware could actually get up to 70 degrees on wednesday. clearing and colder after that, rain moves out the next few hours, 34 degrees for a low in philadelphia. 28 north and west. then for tomorrow, a lot of sunshine. not as warm as today but a pretty nice day. highs in the low 50s, 10 degrees above average. then it gets warmer than that on wednesday with the heavy rain, we cool down some on thursday, and more on friday. then we go right back up over the weekend and there's that potential for a storm early next week. >> thank you. the awards keep coming for soccer star and hometown hero carli lloyd. nbc 10 talks to carlie as she gets ready to receive another honor here in philadelphia. caught on camera, a close call
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for officers in new jersey. what happened after the fiery truck started rolling right toward them.
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>> a memorial service was held for a pregnant woman who died in that massive snowstorm we had. she had been shoveling snow. 18-year-old brie ana was
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pregnant when she sclapsed and died. her baby died as well and a family member told nbc 10 she had a heart condition. no official cause of death has been released. >> really close call for a police officer in north jersey, the officer dodged a burning box truck on the highway. police dash cam video captured the whole thing saturday. the driver pulled over on route 15 and got out after seeing smoke and flames as police got on the scene the truck began rolling backwards on its own. watch the center of the screen. you see one officer emerge from the smoke there, barely getting out of the way before the truck drifted across the highway and hit the guardrail. the officer had minor injuries but is going to be okay. incredible. today the ntsb released thousands of documents, interviews and photographs on the deadly amtrak derailment. >> they are giving us new insight into what the engineer saw. what about the survivors?
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nbc 10 asked them how the crash is still affecting them and what they think of the engineer's explanations. >> is nbc 10 goes behind the scenes at the iowa caucuses.
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newly released documents detail the investigation into the deadly derailment of an amtrak train in philadelphia in
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may. >> the ntsb released a total of 160 documents that include transcripts of two interviews investigators had with the engineer brandon bostian. he told investigators by the time he realized the train was going too fast for a curve in the track it was too late. amtrak 188 was going 106 miles an hour when it derailed around a curve built to handle 50 miles an hour. eight people were killed when the train crashed. more than 200 others injured. nbc 10's deanna durante spoke to a survivor, you also spoke to lawyers representing more of the victims. what is their take on this? >> reporter: the survivors we did speak to both over the phone and via satellite said they had not had time to look at the documents. one says he doesn't plan to but he does want to know what happened that night. >> when the trains shake, there is that momentary terror you think oh, my god it cannot be
5:31 pm
happening. >> he has ridden amtrak since the crash though he said the ride is not always easy. >> when the train goes like this, yeah, it shakes me up a bit. >> he was on his lap top. he skris computers flying. >> i was walked off the train by a philadelphia police man. thank you, philadelphia police department. i lost my glasses, i'd lost my phone. >> on the outside he may seem recovered but says it's a struggle emotionally and physically and says to this day he has not received an apology from amtrak. thousands of pages were released by the ntsb. they give no cause for the derailment but include transcripts of the interviews the engineer gave. one in the days after the crash where he said he couldn't recall events after passing the north philadelphia station. a second from november where brandon says he recalls speeding up, applying brakes and recalls when the train began to tip. >> after months passed after the
5:32 pm
accident, he now has a sudden memory. >> while attorneys say those will be key in the case, he doesn't plan to read the document. not now. >> what i hope comes out of the ntsb process and out of the whatever legal process follows it is two things. one is, some justice. and two is changes in the way amtrak operates so that this doesn't ever happen again. >> reporter: two civil attorneys, tom klein and robert mongolusi are representing a number of victims. they say those statements will be very key to their civil case against amtrak and that train engineer. the engineer brandon bostian has been suspended without pay since the crash. right now on the nbc 10 app you can read both of his interviews. they were released in today's
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report. we've also posted new photos just released from the derailment scene. well, we had dry unseasonably warm weather for most of the day, the rain has moved in just in the last couple hours in time for the afternoon rush. congesting things even more than usual. you can see the rain covers much of the area now all the way into central delaware and just about to get to the jersey shore. the heaviest of the rain has moved east of the philadelphia area, east of the delaware river and in some cases east of the new jersey turnpike. you see philadelphia now we're not seeing the yellows and oranges that we did a half hour ago. that has gone across the river. and that is in burlington county and camden counties and again, generally east of the jersey turnpike and 295. and the back edge of this, you can see already, so it's a limited area, it's just you know, bad timing for the commute
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home. it knocks the temperatures down into the 40s but that's well above average for this time of the day at this time of the year, not close to the freezing mark so it's not going to change to snow or anything. by 6, 7:00, it is ending from west to east. we're starting to see clearing far to the north and west by 8, 9:00, when the temperatures will really start to drop. could be refreezing in the lee high valley. they are going to lose more of that snow that they had. of course, when you lose all that snow, and you get a lot of rain on top of that you've got a flood threat. that's what we have wednesday, more about that and record warmth with the seven day in a few minutes. >> the deadline approaching for philadelphia students interested in attending a private or catholic school to get financial help. march 1 is the deadline for applications for the children's scholarship fund philadelphia. it helps children in need attend
5:35 pm
quality tuition-based schools. this year 5500 students are receiving the scholarship money at 160 area private schools. and the application process is pretty simple. >> it literally takes three minutes to complete. we don't charge a fee and once they do that a family's entered into our lottery, and will be conducting the lottery shortly after march 1. >> applications are being accepted right now for 2,000 scholarships to private or parochial schools. you must be a philadelphia resident to apply. go to or check out the nbc 10 app for more information. students at st. monica school spent part of their day putting together breakfast bags. the food going to several social service agencies. seventh-graders coordinated a bake sale. proceeds benefit a syrian refugee family. students spend time supporting their communities, the poor,
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sick, and others in need. >> bill cosby says he had a deal and tomorrow his lawyers will argue the criminal charges against him should be thrown out. but is a verbal agreement enough? geel to our legal expert for answers next on "nbc 10 news" at 5:00. and later, a one of a kind day for a special young man, see how the eagles and the make-a-wish foundation pulled off a special surprise.
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>> tomorrow will be a key day in the criminal case against bill cosby. >> his lawyers will go before a judge and argue the charges against him should be dropped. their argument around a supposed deal made with prosecutors back in 2005. they say cosby agreed to testify in a civil lawsuit and in exchange the testimony would not be used to pursue criminal charges. listen to what the former district attorney told nbc 10
5:39 pm
last year. >> created the scenario he would have to answer questions, obviously they got the information that they needed and she was compensated monetarily. >> well, we want to bring in our legal expert now, attorney enrique. >> you heard what bruce castor said but he doesn't appear to have an agreement in writing. how unusual is it that there is nothing in writing? >> well, it's very unusual. this is what the argument is of the montgomery county district attorney's office saying listen, an immunity or agreement not to prosecute is done in a specific way, needs to be in writing signed by a judge, signed by the parties. the district attorney's office basically saying you made the mistake of believing that you weren't going to be prosecuted because you weren't being prosecuted currently and now of course the cosby camp is saying listen, listen to what caster said. he said that he created this scenario so he put us in a position to rely on this, and he want forward the civil case to
5:40 pm
be able to go forward. we relied on it. we took what he said and he is the district attorney, not an assistant district attorney and because what if he said we believed it and we went on and testified. he created this scenario as he said and the scenario went through. >> the judge is going to hear from caster tomorrow. if the deposition is kept out of the case, could this case move forward anyway without it? >> yes, it could. now, you still have the actual merits of the case. the judge has to make a determination whether or not the deposition can be used as the prosecution in their case in chief, however, you have to remember if bill cosby testifies and he says listen, you know, i never used quaaludes or gave her drugs or i don't know anything to do with any of this, the prosecution could still stand up and use his deposition as a prior inconsistent statement that he made under oath. they could impeach him on it and cross-examine him on it. so either way, even if the judge says you can't use the statement in the prosecution's case in
5:41 pm
chief, it doesn't mean he can't possibly use it to impeach him if he says something different in his testimony. >> will be interesting what a judge decides tomorrow. thank you. >> and nbc 10 will be in the courtroom for tomorrow's hearing. follow us on facebook and twitter for updates and full coverage on our newscasts. >> up next nbc 10 talks to carli lloyd live as she gets ready to receive another honor. winter is hard on your nose. from first sniffles to endless runny noses. puffs plus lotion is soft. they help soothe irritation by locking in moisture better
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so you can face winter happily. a nose in need deserves puffs indeed. and try puffs softpack today.
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she's the pride of new jersey and one of the tom women soccer players in the world. for carli lloyd one to be remembered being honored by the sportswriters association and comcast sportsnet john clark is there live in cherry hill.
5:44 pm
>> such a big night for carli. >> it really s. it's just another award for carli lloyd. i can't think of anybody else who had a better year. you go back to the moment when you won the world cup gold medal and score three goals in the first 16 minutes, how has your life changed from that moment on? >> well, that happened on july 5 and i honestly haven't stopped since then. it's been great. i can't complain. i haven't had a lot of sleep but so many appearances, so many opportunities to meet athletes, actors, actresses, it's honestly been incredible. life has changed tremendously for me. >> you have president obama tweeting at you, you have athletes and also entertainers tweeting at you. you say you've gone nonstop since then, have you had a chance to take a breath and understand how special all of this is what you've done? >> yes and no. shortly after, you know, you
5:45 pm
want to reflect on it a little bit. but at the same time, so many great threatathletes don't rest their laurels. for me i want to keep going. like the more success i have the hungrier i become. so i can't dwell on what's happened. i have to be in the present and look to the future and want to keep getting better. >> and you growing up here in delran, new jersey you looked up to soccer stars, now when you have little kids wanting to be carli lloyd, what does that mean to you and has that hit you yet? >> i think that's the biggest thing that's been great to see. so many young girls, boys, adults even, myself and my teammates were an inspiration to all. i think that to me is the stuff that people are wanting to be me dress up for halloween, have a jersey, you know, i had some people say they were on the verge of quitting and kept with it because of me, that stuff
5:46 pm
goes a long way and if i can help inspire them that's what i'm trying to do. >> we were with you this morning still training, it hasn't stopped. you have rio coming up. if you are able to win a third gold medal at rio in the olympics, would that be it, would you ride off into the sun set or you want to keep going? >> yeah, no, i was up at 7:00 a.m. today training at 8:00 a.m., getting it in. i don't want to stop. i mean, i definitely have another four years in me. 2020 olympics in tokyo is the goal. but first and foremost have to qualify next -- this month actually, we're in february. once we do that, we'll get moving on to the road to rio. >> we don't have many champions in philadelphia right now. we appreciate what you've done for us and everybody very proud of you. thanks a lot. congratulations. carli lloyd joining us. back to you. >> telling it like it is there. we sure know. thank you. >> powerhouse. hometown hero, star. congratulations. it's a day runners have circled
5:47 pm
on their calendars. >> today the first day you can enter a lottery for the blue cross broad street run. it's not the last. registration for the race continues through february 12. and it doesn't matter when you sign up. lottery selections are random so everyone has an equal shot. you can get registered heading to if you're not running, you can watch the race live on may 1 right here on nbc 10. we got close to 60 degrees. 59 officially in philadelphia, then the rain came in just in time for the afternoon rush. that 59, we're going to beat that by maybe 10:00 a.m. on wednesday. we've got record warmth coming in and heavy rain during that day and into wednesday night. heavier than what we have seen already today. 50 degrees, the wind is light. temperature down a little from
5:48 pm
yesterday at this time because of the rain. down into the mid-40s, westchester, pottstown, allentown, reading, mount pocono is in the 40s, going to lose a lot of snow up there. and not be happy about it. 57 degrees atlantic city international. 64 yesterday and set a record. more records are on the way. the forecast in philadelphia as we go through the night tonight, temperatures gradually going down but staying above the freezing mark in through the morning rush. and then we've got the issues wednesday and into thursday. so this flood watch is not in effect because of the rain that's been falling today. covers most of the region, it's rain and all that snowmelt. the more snow on the ground the greater the threat of flooding as we go into wednesday, wednesday night. here is that area of rain coming through. really expanded over the last few hours and got heavier too. now the heaviest of the rain is mostly in burlington county,
5:49 pm
pretty much ended in philadelphia, heavy rain has. now we're into lighter rain for the next couple of hours. and even the heavier rain moving out of eastern township about to move out of mount laurel. and continuing in through burlington county. that will move into ocean county and the back edge of this is just tapering off to a drizzle over a couple hours from now. now, this is the next storm that's going to affect us, creating a lot of snow in the rockies and it's going to dump snow in iowa tomorrow as people are reporting on the primary. that's going to bring rain into our area. that's the system that's going to do it for wednesday. in the meantime, by 7:00 you can see most of the rain pretty much over, and it is all offshore by 9:00. so there's not going to be an all night thing. into wednesday, it is probably in the 50s first thing in the morning, and then we jump into the 60s and then here comes the
5:50 pm
rain. some of this is likely to be heavy. probably at least an inch of rain out of this. and if it comes down real hard like this orange would indicate on top of the snow cover that we still have in the lehigh valley and the poconoings especially, we could get flooding out of that. and we certainly don't need that much rain. we're going to be breaking records on wednesday, philadelphia's record is 62. predicting 66. look at warrington, delaware, 70 degrees. some of these records are going to get shattered into wednesday. today's record was 70 so we didn't get close to that. the rain early tonight, then clearing and colder 34 for a low in philadelphia, 28 north and west. during the day tomorrow, a lot of sunshine, really beautiful day. temperatures in philadelphia 50, about 10 degrees above average. then it gets really warm on wednesday, and really humid. that snow is just going to
5:51 pm
disappear and then again the flood watch for much of the area. then it cools off thursday and especially friday. and then warms a little bit over the weekend ahead of a storm for early next week. the iowa caucuses get under way in just over an hour. >> "nbc nightly news" will have full coverage. lester holt joining us live tonight from des moines, iowa with a look at what's coming up on the broadcast from iowa. good evening, lester. >> hey jim and denise, we're setting the table for a big night of coverage. what the candidates and volunteers are doing right now to get their supporters out to the caucus sites. we'll drill down on the latest polls and look at what victory or the size of a loss can mean to the field going forward. and we'll walk you through exactly how a caucus here works when we see you tonight for "nbc nightly news". >> thank you. we'll see you at 6:30. coming up next, the thrill
5:52 pm
of a lifetime. how the eagles created a super day for he and his family. >> all new on nbc 10 news at 6, water worries after the fallout in flint, michigan. tonight, we look at how local water departments are making sure the same thing does not happen here.
5:53 pm
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5:55 pm
leukemia. he got the thrill after lifetime. >> it was made possible by the philadelphia eagles and the make-a-wish foundation. and our nbc 10 cameras were there. >> young nicholas and his family are headed to super bowl 50 courtesy of the eagles. >> let's take a look. what we got here. super bowl 50. huh? you want those? >> yeah. >> time i get to spend with kids like nicholas, just kind of touches at my heart strings. >> nicholas received a tour of the complex including the team's draft room. >> you're on the clock. >> weight room. >> measure the health. >> that's cool. >> and locker room where he sat with his favorite player where darren sits before each game. >> it's cool. >> a special moment came at lunch with the pair of eagles
5:56 pm
defenders. >> head out later? >> thursday. >> the eagles connected with nicholas via the make-a-wish foundation and truly enjoyed making a special day for a special young man. >> so excited and it is one of the best things that i'm fortunate to be able to do. >> nicholas is in a battle for his life so this opportunity is one his family will treasure. >> it's going to mean everything just for me, him and his sisters actually spend good quality time and to have fun. make the most of the time we have and just go to the super bowl and have fun. >> the family will leave for san francisco on thursday. nicholas says he will be rooting for the panthers. >> he looks so relaxed with the players too. >> keeping his cool. an experience of a lifetime. >> so nice. coming up next on "nbc 10 news" at 6:00. our first look at images taken
5:57 pm
on board amtrak train 188 that show the moment the train derailed. tonight the nbc 10 investigators pouring over a pile of evidence never seen before. glenn. well, we're tracking rain tonight and record warmth as we go through the week. that's coming up. >> daxtians heading to help flint, michigan. asking the experts is that dangerous water problem that could happen in our part of the country.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
"nbc 10 news" at 6 begins with decision 2016 and the iowa caucuses, all kicks off in about two hou5bae and when it's all over, we're going to get our first glimpse of where the candidates stand in the crowded race for the white house. let's take a live picture from iowa's capitol building. iowa getting its first crack at picking our next president. nbc 10 is dedicated to bringing you complete coverage throughout the political season. lauren mayk traveled to des moines to cover today's caucuses. a lot on the line tonight. >> reporter: yes, jim. this caps months in cases years for these candidates of work here getting to know iowans, introducing themselves, it all
6:00 pm
comes down to this final day. i got a chance to see inside a campaign headquarters, pizza boxes and all. in a des moines grocery store parking lot the crush of reporters waits outside the bus for the senator in a tight race with hillary clinton. >> this is a national campaign. we are in this to win at the convention. >> for now it's the last day to make the case in iowa. where sanders is promoting a distance from wall street money. >> the reason i think we're going to win is our average contribution is $27 apiece. we don't get wall street money. we don't have a super pac. >> reporter: this is inside sanders headquarters. there is phone banking, there is food of course, and there is the final push to get people out to caucus. he is attracting younger voters but not 20-year-old emma. >> who are you sporting? >> hillary clinton. >> when did you decide that? >> about four years ago the day


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