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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  February 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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nbc 10 news at 11:00 beginning with division 2016 coverage of the iowa caucuses. ballots counted across the state. this is a tight race that's come right down to the wire. nbc news projected senator ted cruz as the winner of the republican caucus with 99% of the precincts in. cruz at 28% followed by donald trump at 24%, closely followed by marco rubio at 23% and a distant fourth place for ben carson at 9%. and tonight, one republican candidate has dropped out. that's mike huckabee. it is neck and neck on the democratic side.
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right now hillary clinton and bernie sanders are at 50% apiece with 90% of the precincts reporting. meanwhile, o'malley dropped out of the race on that side. lauren mayk with the latest. a big night for ted cruz. >> reporter: this is a big win for him. not by a huge amount but still it is very big. he's really been battling it out with donald trump for this. a live look from ted cruz's headquarters and waiting to hear from him tonight but we have still already heard from donald trump and another chief rival of ted cruz we heard from marco rubio. it was also a strong showing for him in iowa. you often hear there are three tickets out of iowa. there you go, one, two, three for the republicans and others in the race, as well, heading to new hampshire. on the democratic side, as you mentioned, a very, very tight race there between hillary clinton and bernie sanders.
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earlier tonight, before the results started to roll in, i went out to one of the caucus, a democratic caucus here in des moines. let's show you what it looked like. this turnout was huge. this was at the des moines social club here. that's what you are looking at. the turnout here so big not everyone fit in the space and they announced they would blow past the hour and a half they had this room. now, inside each camp sat in a different part of the room and for some this, this caucusing, this was a brand new experience. have you caucused before? >> never. first one. >> reporter: this is your first time? >> yes. >> reporter: do you know what to expect in there? >> no. i have an idea. i watched some videos. >> reporter: that was a bernie sanders supporter actually. there were quite a few of them. i want to draw your attention to the middle of the room. that's where the undecideds sat and martin o'malley folks sat and they would be targets tonight.
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might not be enough to get the 15% threshold and the other camp trying to bring them over. we have since learned, nbc news learning that o'malley is suspending his campaign and, of course, his supporters are now being wooed by others, clinton and sanders campaign. let's look at where hillary clinton's supporters gathering tonight at drake university. she has been campaigning hard in iowa getting help from former president bill clinton her husband and also her daughter chelsea. they joined her at a huge rally last night with a big turnout. she knows this is a tight race with bernie sanders bringing out a lot of young people. let's take a look at where bernie sanders supporters gathering tonight. this is also in des moines. he has been sending folks out canvassing. i saw some of them gathering at the headquarters here in des moines today. they had come from different parts of the country, all here,
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here to work for him hoping to get him a victory tonight. we still don't know what those final numbers will be but bernie sanders vowing that he will take this fight all the way to the convention. as, jim, you know, that democratic national convention will be in philadelphia so we'll see just how close to the convention this fight will get. for now, live in des moines, i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. jim? >> all right. stay with us for continuing coverage from iowa. lauren will have live reports starting at 5:00 tomorrow morning. meantime, new at 11:00, a fight at a philadelphia high school and caught on video. take a look. posted the facebook. appears to show a group of girls fighting at northeast high school in philadelphia last wednesday. you can see the attackers kicking and punching the girl in the face repeatedly. we checked with the school district. they tell us it started with an argument of two families.
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they say police arrested one student in connection with this video. we are getting a revealing new look into amtrak 188's final minutes. these grainy images show the moment it derailed in philadelphia last may. there's 160 documents detailing the investigation into the deadly derailment that left eight dead and more than 200 injured. nbc 10 investigators following this investigation from the start. here's investigative reporter mitch blocker. >> reporter: vivid new details emerge as we see what amtrak engineer told investigators. in his first interview days after the crash, he said the last memory approaching and passing the platforms in north philadelphia. six months later, the memory improves describing the train's final moments. quote, i remember holding on to the controls tightly and feeling like, okay, well this is it. i'm going over. so i tried to brace myself.
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the only visual memory i have from that sequence of events is i remember seeing objects fly in front of me. amtrak 188 going 106 miles per hour when it derailed around a curve built to handle 50 miles per hour. railroad and engineering professor and consultant dr. alan zarimski there's so answers. >> that's not a casual increase or a momentary distraction. that's not an i didn't pay attention and off i went. >> reporter: the ntsb documents show investigators realized the train system to slow it was missing at the derailment site. the fact it was revealed after the derailment. the doctor said from the start automatic train control could have prevented the crash. >> doesn't surprise me at all that the locomotive equipped with automatic train control but it was not on the track. >> reporter: the engineer said
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he was comfortable and spent three years five days a week running trains on the northeast corridor. right now, understand read both interviews with the ntsb and released in the report today and posted brand-new photos of the derailment scene. philadelphia police are hoping this surveillance video right here helps them catch three men wented for a brutal beating and stag over the weekend. randy gyllenhaal is live at northwest with the latest on this investigation. randy? >> reporter: jim, police have the crucial clue, the video of the chinese restaurant showing the entire e tack and more importantly it shows close-ups of the three suspects' faces. detectives say the customer was leaving lucky garden chinese take-out and three suspects push him back inside. the video shows one of the men holding a knife and the other
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beat him with their fists. >> started beating him? >> yeah. one of the guys with a knife and punched. he bleed a lot. >> reporter: the cashier working that night tells nbc 10 the attack lasted almost two minutes. the men stabbed the victim more than a dozen times as customers and workers begged them to stop. >>, like, stop, stop. we call police 911 now. >> reporter: the assault continues. the suspects steal the customer's watch and then repeatedly beat him with his own belt over and over. as a final insult, a suspect spits on the victim as they flee the scene. >> beat him for no reason. >> reporter: he showed the video to customers saying they don't think it was a random attack. >> looked personal. pulling out belts and laughing and they wanted to do that to him. >> that's sick. that's messed up. >> reporter: she lives in this neighborhood and gets take-out here all the time. she's hoping someone recognizes
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the faces so her favorite chinese joint feels safe again. >> i come here every day. i mean, that's sad. that's sad. >> reporter: northwest detectives say the three suspects sped away from the crime scene in a pontiac grand prix. no arrests have been made. meanti meantime, that victim taken to the hospital in critical condition. live in northwest detectives, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. a developing story in philadelphia's ritenhouse neighborhood. witnesses tell police the woman may have been kidnapped arguing with a man and that that argument turned physical. police believe the man and the woman may know one another. also developing in camden, police looking for a missing brother and cyst who are are just 1 and 3 years old. investigators telling us both were last seen with their mother at some point tonight. now police say all three are missing and they're hoping
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someone with information will give them a call. bill cosby heads back to court in montgomery county tomorrow, the lawyers trying to get sexual assault charges tossed out. as issue, a 2005 deal between former district attorney bruce castor whom you see here and a former defense lawyer for cosby. it was a promise not to prosecute cosby in exchange for his testimony in a civil case. but the deal was never put in writing so tomorrow a judge will consider it. if the judge upholds it, charges could be tossed. the former d.a. castor is expected to testify tomorrow. also tomorrow, a hearing in a civil case against bill cosby out west happening in california. judy heuth wants a judge to order cosby to give a deposition in her case accusing cosby of sexually assaulti ining her at playboy mansion in the 1990s. nbc 10 will be inside the courtroom or tomorrow's hearing. follow us on facebook and
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twitter for updates as we get them plus full coverage in the newscasts tomorrow on nbc 10. controversy continues to swirl over a proposed $100 million temple university football stadium. this afternoon, these protesters disrupted this forum with the university's president and athletic director. minimum wage activists say they don't understand why temple can't pay workers $15 an hour if they can afford a stadium. many others are concerned about the disruption to the neighborhood. we now know what led to a shooting that injured two teenagers over the weekend in bethlehem. authorities say a dispute over a girl led to the violence. the two are now charged with attempted homicide. investigators say ariza admitted to the involvement in the
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incident. one of the teens is still hospitalized tonight and more charges could be filed against the suspects. the blue cross broad street run is just a few months an i way now and registration is now open if you want a chance to compete. sign-ups began today for the 10-mile race but a lottery will determine who gets to take part and doesn't matter when you sign up. lottery selections are random so everyone will have a fair shot. you have until february 12th to enter and you can register on the website at you can watch the race live on may 1st right here on nbc 10. fighting crime from above? why police in one european country are enlisting eagles to help keep the skies safe there. plus, safety precaution that may have you paying more for your medicine. why some patients and doctors are against it. well, skies clear after a rainy start to the work week. we're tracking record warmth.
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i'll tell you how long it sticks around.
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back to decision 2016 tonight. we are covering the latest developments from iowa where those caucuses have been under way and it's been a nail biter. on the democratic side hillary clinton and bernie sanders are in a virtual tie with 50% each. martin o'malley dropped out of the race. on the republican side, nbc news projected senator ted cruz as the winner with 28% there. he's following by donald trump at 24%. marco rubio with 23%. and ben carson a distant fourth. as for new jersey governor chris christie he got about 2% of support and already left iowa for new hampshire. >> iowa's now in the rear-view mirror. what happens tonight will happen and what we need to do is focus on what's going to happen here in new hampshire eight days from now. that's what i'm focused on.
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>> nbc 10 looking ahead to new hampshire. george spencer will follow the candidates there getting read did it for the first primary election a week from today. look for george's reports beginning on sunday. a new plan to prevent deadly drug overdoses at pennsylvania schools. the first in the nas for the na rcan to the high schools. schools also have access to new educational materials as well as training. meantime, millions of allergy sufferers could be paying much more for the shots they need if the government group convinces congress to side with them. nbc 10's denise nakano is live with what it could mean for you. denise? >> reporter: sufferers, proposed changes could limit access to the medication and have you paying more. a nonprofit group working with the food and drug administration is fighting for tighter
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regulations but local doctors say it will come at a cost. melissa alvarez is a third generation as ma patient concerned about a proposal that could raise the cost of her medication. >> it would affect me negatively as far as my father and grandmother who come here. >> reporter: at issue is where medication is mixed. new guidelines recommended by u.s.p. forced them to outsource it. >> makes the injections much more difficult to access on patients' part. it will raise the part extremely high making it accessible on a financial basis. >> reporter: a spokesperson for u.s.p. says tainted injection misr mixed as a new england facility killed 64 people and sickened more. providers against the proposal
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are behind a petit n petition. doctors like mark gold steen say u.s.p is trying to fix what's not broken. >> one of the longest forms of therapy shown to be safe and effe effecti effective. >> the food and drug administration is considering the proposal and expected to make a decision by april. i'm denise nakano, nbc 10 news. well, the rain came in just in time for the afternoon rush. that wasn't exactly hopeful. that's the appetizer, though. we have record warmth on the way for wednesday and also a lot of rain and maybe even some flooding. we have a flood watch for parts of the area. right now we have dried out. we have fog around.
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45 degrees. the wind is 7 miles per hour. and the temperature as we go through the night -- generally above the freezing mark in philadelphia and then of course sun comes up and temperature jumps back up. average high's only 41. tomorrow we're going to be above that by 11:00 a.m. and then wednesday we just go crazy with the temperatures. right now, we are above the freezing mark. everywhere. even in the poconos. 45 in philadelphia. and 34 in pottstown. one of the cooler spots and clearing out and get below freezing and some places. most of the areas under a flood watch. this is wednesday and into thursday. and it's a combination not only of locally heavy rain and also the snow melt. so a lot of moisture in that snow that's left. and that adds flood threat. this is what it looks like right down the middle of the rush hour and some of the heaviest rain in the philadelphia area and zipped out of here west to east and totally gone.
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now we look back to the west for the next storm and this is really wranging up here. near blizzard in parts of the midwest and iowa's just about to get hit as they report from there tomorrow you will see it in the snow. there we are tuesday night and dry but by wednesday morning some showers. it really gets warm, though. record breaking warmth and then here comes that heavy rain that could potentially cause some flooding. more on that coming tomorrow. for tonight, clearing and colder. 34 for the low in philadelphia. 28 north and west and in the day tomorrow, lots of sunshine. we are seeing temperatures in the low 50s. not as warm as today. got to 59. still ten degrees above average. and then like i say going crazy. record warmth on wednesday. with the heavy rain cooling down thursday and into friday we have the coldest weather before we warm up a little over the weekend ahead of a potential
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storm with marginal temperatures for monday. so how do you take down rogue drones? the dutch are training eagles to do it. police training the birds to use their built-in killer instincts to take down drones like prey. you can see in the video, the powerful creatures snatch the drones out of the air and take them away from anyone they're threatening. sports is next.
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hey, i'm john clark. phillies pitchers and catchers report in 16 days. they have a lot of new faces
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including the general manager. he was in cherry hill tonight. he is excited to get to clearwater and finally see the club's prospects. >> i need to learn a lot. i haven't seen most of the guys play in person very much at all. so for me, on a personal level, i'm excited to get down there. >> warming up. phillies sports writers honored carly lloyd tonight. she is the face of women's soccer. her hat trick helped the u.s. capture the world cup last july and training for the summer olympics in rio now. she tells us being a role model is very important to her. >> myself and my teammates were an inspiration to all and that's a priceless stuff that people are wanting to be me and people said they were on the verge of quitting and kept with it because of me. that stuff is -- goes a long way. if i help inspire them, that's what i'm trying to do. >> we have a champion in the delaware valley.
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finally, a great scene today. >> here you go. that's for you. >> thank you. >> that is new eagles head coach doug pederson with dion. he's going to super bowl 50. that is amazing. he is 14 years old, battling leukemia, a big eagles fan and hooked up with the make a wish foundation and will have a great trip. i'm john clark. ♪ you like being picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+ video camera on the spot.
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we continue our decision 2016 coverage of the iowa caucuses. a look again at the democratic race which has been close all night. right now hillary clinton has 50%, bernie sanders has 49%. we want to take you live to clinton headquarters. this is drake university in des moines where hillary clinton is speaking to supporters. let's listen for a minute. >> who gets things done for people.
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i am honored to stand in the long line of american reformers who make up our minds that the status quo is not good enough, that standing still is not an option and that brings people together to find ways forward that will improve the lives of americans. i look back over the years of my involvement -- >> all right. again, that race still too close to call and on the republican side, senator ted cruz declared the winner. here's a live look at his headquarters where ted cruz is speaking right now, as well. >> and let me say our leadership team, our iowa state chairman matt schultz, what an extraordinary job. >> ted cruz followed by donald
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trump tonight in second place and closely followed there by marco rubio. with that, that is nbc 10 news at 11:00. full coverage coming up again in the morning at 4:00 a.m.
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kevin hart, noel fielding, tech expert joshua topolsky,


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