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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  February 2, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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202, no issues to report, no overnight construction. if you're headed between route 30 and 76 headed northbound or southbound, you have a smooth ride ahead of you. also taking a look at the new jersey turnpike right now, if you're headed between route 1 and the exit for valley forge, it will only take you 23 minutes in both directions. none of that overnight construction is tieing anything up on the turnpike in pennsylvania. heads up for drivers in and around the philadelphia area who may take the falls bridge in east falls, that closed yesterday. it's scheduled to re-open in ç april. they're doing emergency bridge repair work. it is open to bikers and walkers. if you drive, you're out of luck there. taking a live look in south philadelphia, 95 at island avenue around the airport, if you're headed to the airport, you're going to want to call ahead. from what i can see right now from my computer, nothing is majorly delayed. 4:30. we're following breaking news. presidential candidate hillary clinton wins the iowa democratic caucus. nbc news called the race less
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than an hour ago. it came down to just five votes. hillary clinton and bernie sanders were tied all night long, both with 50% of the vote. nbc 10's drew smith is following this breaking news. live in our digital operations center. drew? >> a very narrow victory for hillary clinton, just one precinct not reporting. the candidates themselves acknowledging this was a historically close race. speaking to reporters while the race was to close to call. clinton was cautious in her remarks but called it an unbelievable night and a great campaign to start. she said she was breathing a big sigh of relief. but even in the second place spot, sanders had a big night, playing up where his campaign started and where it has progressed to now, taking on a big-name candidate and finishing neck and neck. over on the republican side, polling had shown that texas senator ted cruz was slipping behind trump. he had surged to first place earlier in this contest but last night, a strong showing. take a look at the numbers, 28% there to lead the field.
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trump taking second at 24 and marco rubio, the senator from florida also with a strong third place finish at 23%. if we have this sound, let's listen to ted cruz's remarks overnight. >> iowa has sent notice that the republican nominee and the next president of the united states will not be chosen by the media. >> and donald trump is on to new hampshire where he is polling in first. of course rubio and cruz hoping the momentum in this contest can 4-gt)imary that first ben carson also weighing in overnight, saying in this letter that he put out that contrary to media reports, he is not going to drop out of the race. he is going to continue on to new hampshire. so of course, the race, it's a whole new step now. a whole new phase in this campaign, especially after some surprising results last night. live in the digital operations center, i'm drew smith, nbc 10
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news. >> drew, thanks. lauren mayk is in iowa this morning continuing to follow these developments. see her live report starting at 5:30. nbc 10 is also looking ahead to new hampshire. george spencer will follow the candidates there as they prepare for the first primary election next week. you can see george's reports beginning on sunday. it's 4:33. 38 degrees in philadelphia. 31 degrees in doylestown. a judge will sentence chaka fattah jr. today. he was found guilty of 22 counts of fraud. prosecute irs say he lied to banks to get business loans to support an extravagant lifestyle. he could face almost six years in prison. fattah jr. is the son of congressman chaka fattah who is married to nbc anchor renee chenault-fattah who is currently on leave from nbc 10. a disgraced comedian bill cosby will ask a montgomery county judge to dismiss the
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criminal case against him. it all comes down to a deal they say former prosecutor bruce caster made with cosby in 2005. that stems from a sexual assault complaint filed by andrea constant. in the testimony cosby admitted that he gave her three pills before engaging in what he calls consensual sex acts at his philadelphia area home. from our delaware bureau, governor jack markell will officially recognize the work of his state's national guard during last month's blizzard. 300 soldiers an airmen were called to duty to help with evacuations and transportation. that same storeç caused significant flooding as you know for several jersey shore towns. the question about how to protect them remains unanswered. ahead, hear about a state plan that has some residents their communities will become ghost towns. and what eagles fan can
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forget this? remember this? our own vai sikahema took it to the giants when he was a bird. ahead, we'll share vai's very special football honor that happened this weekend. chilly this morning, a few icy spots to be found but they will not last. 38 degrees at 4:35. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast just ahead. coughing disrupts everyone's life. that's why there's delsym. delsym's advanced time release formula helps silence coughs for a full 12 hours. all night... or all day.
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don't even think about it. cough if you can hear me. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike? it works on his cough too. cough! it works on his cough too. mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs for 12 hours. let's end this. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. 4:37. skies are clearing out. the temperatures have been coming down. we are going to see some sunshine today, a few icy spots you may run into them this morning. and then this afternoon, the temperatures nowhere near the 20s and 30s we have right now. we'll be in the 50s later today. 28 in mt. pocono, 38 in northeast philadelphia. atlantic city 36 degrees.
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our skies have cleared out nicely. we'll see sunshine today. right now in philadelphia international, 39 degrees with the north wind at 9 miles an hour. that's impressive. a northerly wind usually cools us down. it has a bit. we're running 5 degrees cooler than yesterday. the coolest air is north and west, above freezing for philadelphia but chester springs is at 29 degrees. icy spots in coatesville, allen township, pottstown, blue bell below freezing right now. very close to the freezing mark in newark and mt. holly. not enough of a buffer above freezing to say there's no ice to be found there. the colder spots and surfaces always tend to be colder than the air. so don't be surprised if you do a little slipping and sliding to begin with. the light northerly wind blowing in philadelphia will stay with us. it's going to help to keep us dry today and give us lots of sunshine, though it willç hold our temperatures down. close to 60 degrees yesterday with bright sunshine on the way.
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we will see a nice warmup for february, for groundhog day. we should be in the low 40s. 50 for pennsburg, camel back 47 and 58 in bethlehem this afternoon. souderton 50, morristown 52 today. at the coast, close to the 50 degree mark with northerly wind. it will be 48 in avalon, low 50s for smyrna and fimilford. philadelphia will warm into the low 50s. 53 in the city. thorndale 50 and 48 in wilmington this afternoon. looking ahead toward the weekend, well, we will be in the near 50 degree range. en joy this while it's here today. 50 to 54 degrees this afternoon. mild today, record warmth and rain on the way for tomorrow. got the seven-day forecast with the timing when i'm back in ten minutes. >> bill, thanks for that. 4:39. let's check your ride to work, especially if you travel the 42 freeway. first alert traffic reporter
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katy zachry has a look at that. katy? >> when i saw you not too long ago we took a look at the 42 freeway as we're headed northbound between route 55 and the walt whitman bridge. that will take you five minutes. taking a look right now in deptford, new jersey, the 42 freeway at route 41 where traffic is running just as smoothly as it is as you head north on 42 freeway. there's construction around the 295 area. taking a live look right now outside at 76 at glad wynn, we're seeing some of the headlights and taillights on the road. light volume on 76, no issues to report if you're making your way in or out of center city philadelphia. your drive times, pennsylvania, 95 southbound, things are great there. there is construction northbound if you're trying to enter 95 northbound from girard avenue, that exit is blocked. be aware of that. southbound we have no issues. 76 we just showed you a picture of that and 476, the blue route southbound between the schuylkill and 95, that will take you about 15 minutes.
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tracy? >:ú)páy, thanks. we continue to follow breaking news out of iowa. nbc news named hillary clinton the winner of the democratic iowa caucus. bernie sanders and clinton are both statistically at 50% of the vote. but just before 4:00 a.m., we learned the latest totals that clinton edged out a win with five votes over sanders. all of the attention this weekend next is being focused on small states like iowa and new hampshire up next. and next, hear why size matters so much on the national political stage. an we have new information about this canine and human crime fighting team. find out why these two officers could remain partners after all. your heart loves omega-3s.
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but the omega-3s in fish oil differ from megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body. megared. the difference is easy to absorb. ♪ i've been a turkey farmer my whole life...
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and i raise turkey for shady brook farms®. we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) shady brook farms®. no growth-promoting antibiotics, just honest, simple turkey. i'm lauren mayk in des moines, iowa. it was a victory for ted cruz over donald trump, heading into new hampshire while the democrats fought it out in a
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very tight race. it packed caucuses. i was inside one of those. i will show you what it was like inside. i'll be live here in des moines starting at 5:30 a.m. with the very latest. for now, in des moines, iowa, i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. today in washington, president obama and house speaker paul ryan will meet. this will be the first face-to-face meeting since the wisconsin lawmaker became speaker of the house in october. the men are expected to discuss issues including isis, the budget and the nation's heroin epidemic. 4:44. a day care director in florida is charged with child abuse this morning and a warning that this video you're about to see, you might find it disturbing. it is disturbing. cell phone video shows kimberly reed hitting a boy with a stuffed animal and then holes him about three feet in the air and drops hill. the co-worker sent him the video and reed was arrested and charged with child abuse. u.s. immigration laws could soon silence the music at one
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minnesota school. here's the story. feds could force a music teacher there to return to her native canada when her visa expires this month. school officials reached out to the state's u.s. senators in an effort to get uxe immigration department to extend the teacher's visa. so far they've not had any luck. >> it's not about me at all. it's just for the kids. i mao en, even if i can't stay, the kids are going to be without music or without a teacher because there's no one else in this area. >> here's the kick. if she was a science teacher or librarian, immigration law would let her extend her visa. music teachers do not get the same benefits. new information about a retired ohio police officer fighting to keep his beloved canine. officials have found a way to let him keep the dog. we told you about matthew hickey yesterday. he's the former marietta, ohio officer who feared that his canine partner ajex would be auctioned off because hickey retired from the force, then they started a fund-raising campaign so that he could get
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him back in the auction. but the police chief now says hickey can simply sign up to be an auxiliary officer. that way state law would allow him to keep his partner. 4:46 and 38 degrees in philadelphia. let's check traffic right now. focused on 95, first alert traffic reporter katy zachry has that. >> i just want to highlight an on ramp closure that could affect things as we get into the morning rush on 95 northbound. the on ramp from girard avenue on to 95 northbound is closed. there are plenty of detour signs in place as part of a long-term construction project. it might add five or ten minutes to your morning commute, especially when things get so jammed there. something else to be aware of in and around the philadelphia area, east falls, the falls bridge closed yesterday and it's closed through april 1st. that's when it's scheduled to re-open. they're doing emergency repair work to the structure of the bridge. bikers and walkers are allowed to cross that there. chester county, a live look,
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dark look at route 202 at paoli pike. we had an issue around this time yesterday along 202 northbound in this area. everything is free and clear of any issues right now. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> ç13 minutes before 5:00. it's gotten chilly outside. the temperatures have come down as skies cleared out. that's mostly clear view, looking towards center city. you can see a little bit of a breeze. the wind has shifted. it's more of a northerly wind today. that's going to give us a cooler afternoon. it was near 60 yesterday. 39 degrees right now, nicely above freezing for philadelphia. but some of the suburbs have dropped below freezing. at the shore, mainly dry now. but a few spots that stayed damp overnight could be icy this morning with temperatures in the 20s for reading and pottstown. just above freezing for trenton and wilmington and nicely above freezing at cape may, 40 degrees. satellite, it's clearer this
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morning. we'll see bright sunshine today. but tomorrow these are the clouds that are moving in. behind the clouds, that snow and rain. by the time it gets here, it's only going to be rain because the temperatures are going to take off as this storm makes its way east. it's going to tap into much warmer air to the south. we'll see another wind shift tomorrow. stronger southwesterly winds that will help boost our temperatures. byhood night tonight, the rain falling in northwestern pennsylvania. then it starts in the morning, 6:00, just a light scattered showers. the heavier rain will still be to the west. that will be due in during the afternoon hours. you can see some spots of more moderate showers to heavier showers in the allentown area, 10:00 tomorrow morning. then tomorrow afternoon we see that heavier rain move through, ending by tomorrow evening. that's tomorrow. for today, you'll need your sunglasses. leave the rain gear at home. sunny skies and a mild afternoon, at least 10 degrees warmer than normal.
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temperatures in the 50s today, heading for record territory tomorrow. but it's going to be windy, wet and warm. 65 degrees, the high. heavy rain at times in the afternoon. even a flood threat, especially north and west, there's still a lot of snow on the ground. 65 in the afternoon wednesday, then gusty winds will clear things out on thursday, as far as rain is concerned but clouds will be çlingering. 49 degrees thursday. bright, sunny skies friday. a colder morning friday and again on saturday morning. but the afternoons are looking pretty good with temperatures near 50 degrees saturday and sunday. we're watching monday, clouds will be back and there's a chance we'll see rain and snow develop for our area. just a chance. this is video out of california where powerful wind gusts sent a 150-foot palm tree crashing through the roof of a tiki restaurant in the ventura.
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the tree narrowly missed four people seated on the patio. the restaurant owners say about eight guests had just left the patio area when the tree landed. no one was hurt. ten minutes before 5:00, from our jersey shore bureau, the garden state is expanding its push to protect families in flood prone areas. now there are fears at least one part of the jersey shore could become a ghost town because of that effort. the state's voluntarily blue acres buyout program has been expanded to include downtown ship and cumberland county. under the program, the state buys homes in high-risk flood zones, demolishes them and preserves the land. down's mayor tells nbc 10 without bayside homes, the rural community's already small tax base could be wiped out. >> we're not going to have revenues left. i don't see anything else except bankruptcy. >> the state says it only buys
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from owners willing to sell and the homes are valued at their pre-sandy prices. police are searching for three men who brutally beat and stabbed a customer at a chinese restaurant in the north philadelphia. the violent attack was caught on surveillance cameras but we want to warn you, the video is graphic. it is from the lucky garden takeout on north broad street from saturday night. three guys tackled the customer and stabbed him more than a dozen times. at one point, the suspect's whipped the victim with his own belt fromç stealing his watch. the attack lasted nearly two minutes as bystanders beg for the men to stop. >> one of the guys had a knife. he bleed a lot. >> it did look personal. they are pulling out belts and laughing like it's funny, like they wanted to do that to him. >> that's sick. oh, that's messed up. >> here's a closer look at the guys police want to identify. they believe the man was targeted by the group. at last check, that man, the victim, was hospitalized in critical condition.
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it's nine minutes before 5:00. breaking news out of iowa. next in a live report at 5:00, hillary clinton is the winner the oo i wa cauciowa caucuses. all night long, she and bernie sanders were in a dead heat. and next, honoring vai. he sure made a name for himself as an eagle. next, see how he is now part of football immortality. megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body. megared. the difference is easy to absorb.
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i almost everything. you know,ke 1 in 10 houses could get hit by an expensive septic disaster. but for only $7 a month, rid-x helps break down waste. avoid a septic disaster with rid-x. good tuesday morning. i'm katy zachry. keeping an eye on the roads for you, there's a disabled vehicle in franconia township aloss cow path road at west alliance road. be aware of that if that's part ev of your commute. this is 76 at market street, traffic is moving smoothly in both directions. there is a new plan to prevent deadly drug overdoses at pennsylvania schools. the state will become the first
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in the country to supply the heroin antidote narcan free to all public high schools. each school will get one carton of narcan nasal spray. schools will have access to new educational materials and training. this is the same spray being carried by officers across delaware county. they are the first in the country to do so. pennsylvania is still operating without a budget as the stalemate continues into the second month of the new year. but nbc 10 has learned that governor tom wolf already has the framework for next year's spending plan. >> i'm giving my 2016-'17 budget address a week from tomorrow on february 9th next tuesday.ç and we still need to have a balanced budget that makes the investments we need to make in pennsylvania for the 2015-'16 year that still has another five months to run. >> the governor went on to say, the math has to add up for the budget to be balanced and for a budget this year to be passed.
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the debate over proposed $100 million temple university football stadium drew angry demonstrations. >> where's the community? >> i'm sorry, guys -- >> protesters disrupted a question and answer forum with the president and athletic director yesterday afternoon. members of the surrounding community are concerned about the disruption it would cause to the neighborhood minimum wage activists demanded to know why temple can't pay workers $15 an hour if it can afford a new stadium. the deadline for financial help is approaching for philadelphia families hoping to send their kids to private or catholic school. march 1st is the deadline for applications for the children's scholarship fund philadelphia. it helps children in need attend quality tuition-based schools. this year 5,500 students are using the scholarship money to attend. 160 private schools in the area. the application process is simple. >> it literally takes three minutes to complete.
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we don't charge a fee and once they do that, a family is entered into our lottery and we'll be conducting the lottery shortly after march 1st. applications are being accepted right now for 2,000 scholarships to private or parochial schools. you have to be a philadelphia resident to apply. go to or check out the nbc 10 app for more information. today richard allen, the founder of the african methodist episcopal church will be honored with a forever stamp. this is the 39th stamp in the blek h black heritage series. the ceremony will be heard at mother bethel ame church in neighborhood. richard allen was born a slave in 1760 but bought his freedom and went on to become a preacher and a leading social activist. well, philadelphia sports writers honored carli lloyd as athlete of the year.
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she attended the philadelphia sports writers association dinner last night. her hat trick helped the women's soccer team catch the world cup in july. she said being a role model is very important to her. >> myself and my teammates, we're an inspiration to all. that to me is the priceless stuff that people are wanting to be me. i've had some people say they were on the verge of quitting and they kept with it because of me. that stuff goes a long way. if i can help inspire them, that's what i'm trying to do. >> and speaking of honors, take a look at this video. this nfl -- >> whoa. >> rookie card. how about that we dug up. this guy got specially recognized this weekend. vai sikahema was inducted in the polynesian football hall of fame in hawaii on saturday. here's vai with his wife at the ceremony. he was celebrating in style.
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we have that picture as well. that's awesome. vai was the first native of tonga to play in the nfl. he made the pro bowl twice as a return specialist. if you're an eagle fan you can never forget this, against the giants in 1992. >> very nice. >> congratulations. welcome back. >> i should have been inducted before. i always had impeccable timing. left and beat the snowstorm out to of all places hawaii. >> i want to celebrate you now but -- >> it was nice to be involved in a hall of fame that includes troy polamalu and junior seau. >> we're very proudç of you. "nbc 10 news today" at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. nbc 10 breaking news. >> as i stand here tonight breathing a big sigh of relief. thank you, iowa.
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>> breaking news on nbc 10 news this morning. historically close, nbc news has called hillary clinton as the democratic winner of the iowa caucuses. it was a win by the slightest of margins. >> tonight is a victory for the grass roots. >> it's a different story across the aisle. a record-setting win for conservative senator ted cruz that deified nearly all the polls leading up to the caulks. cosby in court. the legendary comedian will stand before a judge today in montgomery county for alleged sexual assault. we are live in norristown this morning. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. 5:00 a.m. and 38 degrees in philadelphia. let's begin with meteorologist bill henley in the first alert weather center. morning, bill. >> morning, tracy. temperatures below freezing for parts of the area. not everybody is seeing tha


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