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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  February 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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no growth-promoting antibiotics, just honest, simple turkey. you left somebody there to almost die. a mother and two children. >> tonight, new surveillance video shows the car that plowed into a family. tomorrow a judge could decide whether to throw out the case against bill cosby. why a former prosecutor spent the day attacking the accuser. good evening. >> we eat'll get to those stories in a moment. first a nbc 10 first alert and here's the reason why. radar shows the rain to arrive tomorrow and combine with the snow still on the ground we could be in for some flooding.
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>> let's bring in meteorologist sheena parveen. sheena, when will the rain get here? >> most of the heaviest rain here for the evening commute tomorrow. important to note because of the timing. yes, we have first alert weather day out for tomorrow and even into parts of thursday morning. a flood watch through the area, heavy rain moving in. with the snow covered areas with the heavy rain on top of it, yes. we are looking at a high potential for some localized flooding and watching that going through the day tomorrow. here's the flood watch. trenton to wilmington. interior parts of new jersey and parts of the lehigh valley. wednesday evening through thursday evening with the flood watch, potential flooding rain. street and creek flooding here. here's snow up to the north and the rain's going to start to move in. mostly the middle of the day and afternoon hours but there's a chance for a few around for the
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early part of the day. by noon, mid-50s. scattered showers around. heavier rain in the evening and talking about record high temperatures. so take a look at this and the timing coming up. tonight's new video could bring police closer to finding the driver who ran over a mother and her two young children and kept on going. >> this crash happened south philadelphia this afternoon while the family walking in that crosswalk. right there. nbc 10's denise nakano live at the accident investigation department. they have a good description of the car they're looking for? >> reporter: yes. the police narrowed down the description and looking for a 2001 red honda accord and not sure if it was a woman or man driving and they know it struck a family and kept on going. surveillance video captured the moment a car plowed into the
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child and mother and hit the mother, her 5-year-old daughter and 4-month-old son as they tried to cross dickinson. >> you left somebody there to almost die. a mother and two children. >> is she okay? >> hear panic from a witness in the seconds that followed before 1:00 p.m. watch as people ran to the family including city sanitation reverend paul moore. >> mother had her baby with her. the mother was like this. just like that. holding the baby. >> reporter: moore held the youngest victim until emergency workers aive radio. others tended to the 30-year-old mother and her daughter who was thrown 20 feet into the street. >> a mother. she didn't care how hurt she was. my children. she was like, ugh. my children. >> reporter: other cameras show clearer shots of the car a few blocks from the accident scene. take a close look at the 2001
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two-door red honda accord. missing a side mirror. investigators have that mirror. they need your help connecting the driver to it. the children are in stable condition. the mother in critical but stable condition and detectives are hoping to speak with her sometime tomorrow. reporting live in north philadelphia, denise nakano, nbc 10 news. tomorrow bill cosby will be back in a montgomery county courtroom trying to get his sex assault case thrown out. the lawyers say the previous district attorney promised cosby immunity and the current district attorney is violating that agreement. >> randy gyllenhaal is live at the courthouse. there's a potential problem with that immunity deal. >> reporter: yeah. in court today, we learned that immunity deal was never actually put into writing. it was more of a promise from the former d.a.. we also learned why it was offered in the first place. this is huge crowds of both the media and the circus of onlookers gathered here in
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norristown. when comedian bill cosby left the courthouse, he waved to dozens of fans outside. who cheered for him to stay strong despite the sex assault charges against him. >> he should not be charged. >> yeah. framed. frame bill. >> reporter: inside the courtroom, all attention on former district attorney bruce castor who claims he made an immunity deal with cosby but never put it into writing when the allegation surfaced. he promised that the state would never file criminal charges as long as cosby testified in a civil lawsuit. today, we learned why castor made that deal. he testified that the alleged victim had tainted credibility because she waited a full year to contact police. she mire hired a civil attorney and conducted possibly illegal wiretaps of the cosby phone.
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he believed the story. >> at the time i remember thinking that he probably did do something inappropriate. but thinking that and being able to prove it are two different things. >> reporter: a judge must now decide whether that immunity deal will hold up but legal experts say castor's testimony today could help cosby's case. >> so in order to justify what he did, he had to take the position to smear her to make the accuser look bad. >> reporter: but here's the rub. since castor never actually put that immunity deal into writing, the prosecution says it's void and these charges should go on as planned. the judge even asked castor at the end of the court hearings today, why didn't you put it in writing? castor replied he didn't think it was necessary. that judge could decide if that deal is thrown out tomorrow. live in norristown, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. the son of a local congressman is serving a
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five-year sentence on fraud. he was sentenced this morning. prosecutors say he lied to banks to get business loans to support an extravagant lifestyle. the son of congressman fattah at this morning's sentencing and says it's nothing more than a smear campaign against his family. >> let me say this. this is a person of great familiar faith and our family is stronger than any of the forces that are against us. >> congressman fattah accused in an unrelated case of misusing federal grant money. his trial is scheduled to begin may 2nd. congressman is married to nbc 10 news anchor renee fattah. she is on leave from the station. new at 11:00, cheating a allegations of dozens of pennsylvania state police cadets. 40 or more may have been caught cheating in the training. the investigation may also
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include recent graduates. state police officials released a statement saying they don't comment on active internal investigations. current cadet class is scheduled to graduate next month. a 24-year-old man is behind bars after allegedly pointing his gun at an officer in west philadelphia. the incident happened near 55th and arch streets around 6:30 tonight. police say one of the officers fired a single shot which caused the suspect to drop his weapon. the suspect was later arrested after a short pursuit. neither the suspect nor the officers were injured. 7-year-old boy recovering after he was shot in the face with a bebe gun. police say the young boy has a minor injury on the cheek and taken to the hospital and expected to be hock and no one's been arrested. a warning from a bucks county school district after a stranger tried to lure a child into the car after school today. the pen ridge school district sent a letter to parents saying
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the man in the 20s drove up to a middle schooler at main street and tried to get the child into the car. he was driving an older gray or tan sedan with a brown and white dog in that car. the child did not respond and the man drove away. school officials plan to review safety measures with students over the next few days. tonight, police in university city are on the lookout for a man who exposed himself to a student. happened on the university of pennsylvania campus last night. a woman told police she saw a man walking toward her on locust and he was exposed. she called cam pause police but the man got away. a heads up for drivers tonight. you might want to steer clear of i-95 south. traffic is being diverted from three lanes down to one while crews perform barrier work. sky force 10 over the section of 95 about an hour ago and you can see the massive backups this is caused. work is scheduled to continue
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until 5:00 a.m. health officials in dallas reported the first known case of zika virus spread through sexual contact. they say the patient became infected after having sex with someone who caught the virus after traveling to venezuela. mosquitos are the main transmitters of the virus. the spread prompted the world health organization to declare zika a public health emergency. despite the state's unsettled budget situation, pennsylvania governor wolf is making a push for millions of dollars for public funding for schools. $200 million to be exact. made the announcement in a visit to green elementary school today on top of the increase to basic education included in the current budget compromise that has yet to be approved. pennsylvania ranks 45th in the u.s. in state funding for public schools. new information on a man whose dog diagnosed after the truck plunged through the rice
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on a frozen river. andrew mayer's lawyer says the client will apply to a pretrial intervention program that would allow him to avoid jail time. mayer faces criminal mischief and animal cruelty charges. police say he was doing donuts when the kris cracked. mayer and a passenger escaped unharmed. remember this? the aftermath of last week's blizzard in norristown, montgomery county. people snowed in for days. snow removal took so long a member of the council publicly apologized. tonight the council met with neighbors to talk about why it took so long to clean up after the blizzard of 2016. they said they weren't ready to handle so much snow. last month's storm dropped more than 30 inches in norristown. tonight neighbors voiced the frustrations. >> all the small townships surrounding get taken care of. but norristown seems --
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[ applause ] -- norristown seems to be neglected. we need answers. >> the council promised to beef up the emergency management plans and invest in new equipment to handle future storms. a warning for anyone who's eaten at several popular restaurants in the area. why your personal information might be at risk. the man accused of posing as the pope. six more weeks of winter or an early spring in punxsutawney phil weighs in. why the forecast is getting the fair share of scrutiny. sheena? >> and we'll see about that. but in the meantime, tomorrow, we have some heavy rain moving in. so make sure you grab your umbrella before you leave. i'll show you the timing and who can expect most rain and flooding concerns.
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topping our decision 2016
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coverage, on to the next one. 24 hours after the iowa caucuses reshuffle the race for president, the focus is now on new hampshire. and here's a look at where the race for delegates stands on the republican side. they need 1,236 dell gats egate ted cruz has the most with 8 and followed by donald trump and marco rubio with 7 delegates. today cruz rolled into new hampshire riding on the momentum of yesterday's victory and told supporters at the church that the win means that grassroots conservatives not the establishment will determine the gop nominee. the texas senator also took aim at trump. >> six weeks ago donald trump was saying every day that i was his friend, he loved me, that i was terrific, that i was nice. and now i'm an anchor baby. >> as for trump, he was also in new hampshire today accusing the cruz campaign of playing dirty tricks on him as caucus sites last night. latest new hampshire gop poll
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trump with a 22-point lead. on the democratic side, hillary clinton pulled off a win in iowa. she has 30 delegates while bernie sanders has 21. takes 2,383 to win the democratic nomination. both democrats hit the ground running in new hampshire today. tonight, clinton campaigning alongside former congresswoman gabriel giffords. clinton is enthusiastic earlier today. >> new hampshire's going to have to decide who can go toe to toe with the republicans to make sure they don't wreck us again! >> the sanders campaign says he's raised about $3 million in the past 24 hours, the most it's raised in a single day. the democrats will face off in their next debate thursday night. count on nbc 10 to bring you the latest from the campaign trail. george spencer will pick up our coverage this weekend in new hampshire. look for his reports beginning
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sunday night. new at 11:00, check your credit card statements. nationwide data breach affecting at least nine restaurants in our area has investigators concerned tonight. our partners at "the philadelphia business journal" report hackers installed devices and the breach affects three in philadelphia and including morton's steakhouse, chart house and mccormick and six in south jersey including golden nugget atlantic city. mainly between may of 2014 and december of 2015. for a list of all affected restaurants, head to or log in to the mobile app. california man's in trouble tonight. he's accused of posing as a priest to steal thousands of dollars from churchgoers and some who wanted to come here to see the pope. police arrested irwin maynet.
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investigators say he officiated at ceremonies and taking donations and police say he kept that money for himself. tonight the "l.a. times" said he sold more than two dozen trips to see pope francis here in philadelphia. last year between $500 and $1,000 each. a tram ride down the atlantic city boardwalk got more expensive. the once $2 ride is now $2.18. the additional money being charged to riders comes courtesy of a state of imposed luxury tax. the company that runs the tram slapped with fine for not collecting the tax for months. so can we look forward to an early spring or another six weeks of winter? >> most famous groundhog answered the questions for us today. >> yes. >> there is no shadow to be cast! an early spring is forecast! >> you heard it. spring's coming early. at least that's the word from
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hux t punxsutawney phil. winter will soon be over. and thousands packed in to gobbler's nob for the big announcement. he's been wrong about two thirds of the time. not a lot of science involved there. right? >> not much accuracy. where there is accuracy is with sheena parveen. >> it did look sunny where phil was. we have to see about that. the weather pattern will start to change again and getting colder and before that we actually have a record warmth in the forecast for tomorrow. first alert out. that is going to bring also the flood watch around with heavy rain on the way with the warm air and only going getting both of them out. heavy rain here in the afternoon. now, the concern is the snow-covered ground still because with that heavy rain and such warm temperatures we do expect to see some flooding across the area. so here's a look at the highs
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tomorrow. the record high for philadelphia 62. forecast is 64. and most of the rest of the area should be near records or be matching records tomorrow and that comes with heavy rain. that warm air from the south on the warm side of this big weather system with snow well up to the north and that is going to stay to the north. that warm's going to move in tomorrow. the rain's going to come with it. right now, dry and for the morning commute we could see rain and the bulk and heaviest later in the afternoon and the timing is not good and just keep it in mind before you leave work tomorrow. flood watch for all the counties in green. parts of the lehigh valley. basically from trenton down to wilmington and interior new jersey and including philadelphia. the main areas that we are really going to keep an eye on are ones with snow cover. north and west of philadelphia. needing an inch to an inch and a half for these areas to flood and that's pretty much what we expect tomorrow and burkes and chester county we do expect
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about an inch to an inch and a half there. some areas close to two possibly. northern delaware and new jersey we could see from half an inch to an inch in some spots and watching for localized flooding. the timing has it approach for the morning commute. 8:00 a.m. and most north and west and then the early afternoon we see more of that rain moving in. evening commute 5:00 p.m., heavy rain and. temperatures in the 60s. and then by 6:00 p.m., the rain towards the shore and the delaware beaches, clearing as we go into thursday morning and thursday morning commute looks dry and the heavy areas of rain we're concerned about and then next week. we are watching one storm system which computer models here showing the possibility for snow. this would be a week from today. so we are just going to keep our eye on that going into the next seven days. for tonight, though, clouds increasing. not as cold. 32 north and west and then tomorrow we have the record warmth. mid to low 60s.
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heavy rain and mostly for the afternoon and evening commute. so just keep that in mind. and then we get colder for thursday and friday. the weekend looks pretty good and watching that snow for next week. stubd. sports is next.
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hey, i'm john clark. the eagles continue to lock up key young players they believe can turn the team around. tonight defensive end vinny curry. he gets a five-year deal for a reported $47 million. yeah. pumped up. 23 million guaranteed. that's a big deal for him. they hope he gets after the quarterback more in new defensive swartz's 4-3 system.
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they were looking for a head of player personnel and suspended that process for now and probably looking to fill the role after the draft in april. so, it will be roseman, donahoe and pederson picking the players. what happens if they disagree on what player to take? >> i think at the end of the day you have to rely on the football guy, the ones coaching them every day. i think you have to rely on the guys going to be, you know, with them every single day in meetings, on the practice field, on the bus rides, on the plane trips. you know? leave it up to the football guys to make those decisions. and then, and then you go from there. >> he is going to have a say. flyers back from the all-star break hosting the canadiens tonight and steve mason says it decides their season. power play here in the first. nice passing. wayne simmonds on the receiving end. 1-0, flyers. later in the first, another
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power play. it is braydon schenn this time. 2-0 flyers. third period now. we're tied 2-2. they cannot stop the wayne train. simmonds, second goal of the night. his sixth in the last eight games. 3-2 flyers. but then gudas with a five-minute mayor for this. left of the screen. a game misconduct. gudas, smashes the stick in the hallway. just destroys it. the flyers with a major penalty kill here and a one-goal game that was huge. mason coming up big. and reed seals it. flyers 4-2, nice win over the canadiens and the sixers say they probably won't be active before the nba trade deadline in about two weeks.
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well, tomorrow, we have that first alert day out because we
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do expect some flooding across the area. heavy rain mostly for the evening commute and a flood watch in effect and at least the weekend looks good right now. >> that is great. >> thanks for joining us. ♪
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new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+ video camera on the spot. ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- danny devito, khloe kardashian, musical guest colin hay,


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