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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  February 3, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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buckingham and this is going to portions of mercer county as well. rainfall rate, how hard is the rain coming down? that's more than a half inch per hour. north and also south. within the yellow and orange area, if it would stay in one spot, you would get that much rain if an hour. a couple of hours would be enough to cause flooding. that's why we have a flood watch in effect for the area. that goes into tomorrow. even after the rain stops, some of the rivers will continue to be going up. and there's already a flood advisory for parts of chester, burkes, montgomery, bucks, lehigh valley. that is until 7:30. ponding on the roads, localized flooding from the heavy rain falling right now. and will continue over the next several hours. metrologist sheena parveen has more on impact. >> temperatures have been a big problem with this, snow melting, too, with heavy rain, so,
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temperatures well above the freezing point. we've seen more melting today. 58 in philadelphia. we have already been in the low 60s. 60 degrees for northeast philly. 61 now in mt. holly. in fact, we matched a record high temperature in philadelphia. look at these temperatures and look at the radar, you look at areas that still have snow, and we are definitely seeing melting in potential for more flooding through the evening. here's how much snow is left across the area, north and west of philadelphia. our biggest concern, this is where we still have snow cover. this is our biggest flooding concern through upper montgomery, bucks county, lehigh valley with heavy rain. what we're looking at now, aside from the snow and the rain, we're talking about creeks and rivers rising. this is for the schuylkill rival boathouse row. flood stage top line. bottom line is an action stage. if the river were to ride in between two lines, that's where
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kelly drive would be flooded and closed between north ferry road and falls bridge. here's what you see with the river forecast going at that point by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. we'll be watching closely. we expect it to be rising. we'll talk more about heavy rain coming up. take a live look at conditions in montgomery county. storm force 10 along lafayette, heading towards norristown. it's foggy. roads are wet. rain's coming down, impacting visibility out there. >> jessica is watching the roads for trouble spots. it's a mess. >> it is a mess. flooding, reduced visibility, accidents all over the place. a couple on the p.a. turnpike, 95, around 420, vine shoot expressway backed up end to end. an accident around the vine street expressway. here's the schuylkill
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expraesway. 33 minutes, westbound or eastbound from the vine expressway, completely in the red. also delays, not even rain related. this is 73 approaching the bridge. a bridge opening now, toll plaza here scheduled for 4:15 take betsy ross as alternate. delays at philadelphia international 57 minutes due to a traffic managing program for arriving flights. nbc 10 tim furlong checking on conditions in claymont, delaw e delaware. >> reporter: it's rainy. look out the front of storm force 10, it's no the coming down as hard, including the video from the dashboard of my car from a gopro camera in wilmington at the top of the newscast coming down in sheets, horizontal rain. raining lightly here as we come
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off of the corridor. we'll start heading back here in a minute. for the next couple of hours we'll make a big loop through the viewing area to get a look at conditions. if you see something on social media, if you see something flooding and put it on social media, get it to us, maybe a spot to look, we'll try to do that. here in claymont, birch tree lane, not too bad. that's a good thing. it was dangerous here. everybody was literally slowing down. some people pulling off to the sides of the road on i-95, streetlights out on pennsylvania avenue into the city of wilmington. it's not a perfect day but we'll keep you posted on what's it like. live from storm force out on the various parts of our viewing area. live in storm force 10. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> count on nbc 10 to send out traffic alerts and updates on the nbc app. track rain with live nbc 10 first alert radar.
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now to the case against bill cosby. today the district attorney who brought a sex assault charge against the tv star is making his case to the judge to convince the judge to take cosby to trial. that hearing isn't over. district attorney kevin steele working to explain why the charges against cosby should stand. >> nbc 10 live team coverage inside and outside the courtroom. rosemary connors outside the courthouse now. what's happening? >> reporter: well, the latest witness to testify is delores, she represents andrea constand, the alleged victim. the one who brought the civil lawsuit against bill cosby. testifying this afternoon that she was unaware of any kind of immunity deal or agreement and that she believes that one did not exist. earlier today the prosecution made every effort to drive home their point that an agreement or promise of this kind should have been memorialized in writing.
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this case, of course, all about bill cosby. but today he sat quietly listening to testimony and waiting for the judge's ruling about whether or not this charge of aggravated indecent assault should have been filed in the first place. for a skd day, bill cosby walked into the montgomery county courthouse amid shouts of support of fans eager to catch a glimpse of the embattled comedian. john schmitt, a longtime attorney for bill cosby, testified about his knowledge of the plan by former district attorney bruce caster, not to prosecute in 2005. schmitt told the court he and cosby's other lawyers would not have allowed cosby to sit for a deposition if there were any chance cosby would face criminal charges. the prosecution hammered the defense witness with questions about lack of an explicit written agreement. the defense claims press release
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is sufficient. again, the prosecution called this verbal agreement unreasonable because it was not in writing. the district attorney kevin steel went on to say, quote, a secret agreement that permits wealthy defendant to buy his way out of a criminal case isn't right, end quote. rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. >> the charges at center of today's hearing stem from allegations of that former temple unit university employee, andrea constand. she claims cosby drugged and violated her in 2004. former district attorney bruce caster decided not to file criminal charges at the time but says he believes her story. constand has sued the former d.a. for defamation in civil court. harry hairston still in that courtroom listening to every word and watching every reaction. as soon as court ends, count on him to give a full account of
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what's happening now. 4:30, a local attorney joins us with new insight in this case. we'll send out alerts with any important updates on the nbc app. this just in. a burlington county high school teacher under arrest charged with possessing pornography. david rodriguez uploaded several photos containing child porn. he's in the burlington county jail due in court tomorrow. this just in to nbc 10. a philadelphia police van collided with a car while transporting two shooting victims to the hospital. other police officers picked up victims and got them to penn president byteria presbyterian. they're the -- >> philadelphia police on the lo lookout for a hit-and-run drive who ran down a mother and two children in south philadelphia.
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we told you about this yesterday on "nbc 10 news at 4:00." surveillance video shows 2001 red honda accord plowing through an intersection at broad and dickinson while the family entered the crosswalk. the car hit the mother, 5-year-old daughter and 4-month-old son. and that car kept going. the children are in stable condition, their mother is in critical but stable condition. authorities in atlantic city aring looking for clues connected to i grisly discovery. a man's body found on the ground at pennsylvania and redding avenues, outside the housing complex. the man's name hasn't been made public and how he died remains unclear as well. the major crimes squad from the atlantic county prosecutor's office is involved in the investigation. new information on a bucks county high school basketball coach fired for bumping a referee. he's pleaded guilty to harassment. court records show the former
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neshaminy coach mailed in the fine and court costs. the school board voted last week to remove him as head coach. he was allowed to return to his teaching job. vandals caught on camera at temple university. now police need your help to track him down. today, police released new video of five teens breaking into a university building on north broad street. this was back on january 9th. the group spray painted floors and walls, they also broke mirrors and computer monitors. you're asked to call police with any tips. rail service back up and running after a train hit a cab on the tracks in conshohocken. two people on the train treated for minor head injuries. no one in the cab and no word why it was. 0 the tracks. six years after the high-profile death of a rutgers university student the case is back in a new jersey courtroom today. appeals court is hearing arguments in the case of ravi.
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sentenced to 30 days in jail after spying on his roommate. attorneys want his conviction tossed out. but the state says the sentence was too lenient. he used a webcam to spy on his intimate encounter with another man. ravi faced ten years in prison. >> decision 2016 coverage. the list of republican candidates running for president is getting shorter. former pennsylvania senator rick santorum expected to suspend his campaign. nbc news spoken with several of santorum's top aides who say he will make two big announcements tonight. senator rand paul of kentucky dropped out earlier today. video of him leaving his office on capitol hill hours after making the announcement. expected to focus his attention on his senate re-election campaign which he is favored to win. democratic candidate bernie
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sanders will soon have secret service protection on the campaign trail. agents will begin traveling with the vermont senator within the next 24 hours. the new security likely 4 be an adjustment for sanders who keeps a low profile and adjusts his schedule on the fly. after finishing second, donald trump is accusing ted cruz of fraud and calling for a do-over. trump posted on twitter, quote, either a new election should take place or cruz results nullified. a previous tweet accused cruz's campaign of telling iowa voters ben carson was quitting the race to steal carson votes. senator cruz on the ground campaigning in new hampshire. he responded to trump's accusations on twitter and repoted a youtube individu vide >> hillary clinton i think is a terrific woman. i'm biased because i've known
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her for years. >> bernie is contesting iowa results. maybe he should go back and join the ds. they love trump care. george spencer will pick up coverage in new hampshire. look for his reports beginning sunday night. local businesses are getting help getting their services online ahead of the democratic national convention in philadelphia. the dnc committee and google held their first workshop at the kimmel center. hal of the city's small businesses do not have a website. owners learned how to build one and how to make their businesses available through google search and google maps. overseas, investigators in somalia trying to figure out what caused an explosion and fire that blew a gaping hole in a commercial airliner. take a look. the ambassador to the u.n. was on board this flight captured this cell phone video moments after the explosion yesterday. pilots forced to return to the
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airport for an emergency landing. so far, they've not found any evidence of a criminal act. an apology in the court today from the surviving inmate whose escape from a new york prison captured the country's attention last summer. sentencing sweat to additional 3 1/2 to 7 years. sweat shot and captured june. he and richard matt cut their way out of the maximum security prison with saws a worker smuggled to them. their escape sent off a three-week manhunt. today, sweat apologized for scaring people in the area. >> i'd like to apologize to the community and people who felt fear and felt it necessary to leave their homes. >> prior to the escape, sweat was serving a life sentence for murdering a sheriff's deputy.
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skelly in federal court on conspiracy fraud. hiking the price of a life-saving drug by more than 5,000 percent. >> here at home the bill cosby case a big talker today. his lawyers are in court, fighting to have the sex charge against him thrown out. >> the case has become a spectator sport for some people. nbc 10's rosemary connors has that part of the story. >> reporter: the comedian heard words of encouragement as he enters the courthouse for the second day of testimony. >> good luck. >> i'm here to support bill cosby and let him know that he's loved out here. >> i don't like when people criticize bill cosby. he's a nice man. i don't know why they waited so long. >> reporter: that's exactly the concern former district attorney bruce caster discussed yesterday on the stand.
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he testified that he did not file criminal charges against cosby in 2005, in part, because dre k andrea constand waited a year. for that reason and others he did not believe a jury would find constand credible. >> i would have reported it right away. >> reporter: lori, who runs the counter at the kaf taye, a stone's throw from the courthouse, has a different view of both criminal and civil allegations plaguing cosby. >> it's like somebody that was even molested as a young child and never talked about it until later in life. >> reporter: the high-profile case across the street has generated more business for the cafe. and the staff is grateful. even if that means extra chaos outside the courthouse. professional photographers and public trying to snap a shot of the celebrity at the center of it all. >> so many people. helicopters, it's exciting at the same time. >> reporter: rosemary connors,
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nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> plenty of rain there and across the rest of the area. we have a blood watch in effect into tomorrow for much of the region. not only the heavy rain but also the snow melt that we've seen over the last week or so. and if we had had this a week ago, well, it would definitely be much more serious as you can see. we have had rain covering much of the area for much of the day. and the flood watch continues across the entire region. we're having a little trouble with the computer. trying to -- it appears frozen at the moment. can we go over to max 3 and see
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the radar here? >> max 3. showing radar over the last several hours. and what you nonotice everythin moving from southwest to northeast. and it's not making much progress moving down toward the southeast. so it just keeps raining over the same areas. now, fortunately, we don't have as much rain falling that's heavy as we did earlier in the day. that would have made this a lot more serious. because you can see, it's moving in this same direction southwest to northeast along what we call like a train track. we call it training. and everything is set up right in this direction and you can get hour after hour after hour
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of rainfall like that. combination of the snow melt, plus this, plus all of the high humidity is creating this issue. now, we're not talking about major flooding on any of the rivers or creeks but we are showing the potential for flooding rains. that goes into tomorrow because we're seeing some of the rivers go up, even after the rain is over. so we have that heavy rain along with the melting snow and the rivers and creeks and the streets. it starts with streets, then creeks go up and then the rivers finally. now, calculation show that it's possible that the schuylkill river, right near kelly drive, could go high enough tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. to cause it to flood a little bit. and that would shut the
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potentially shut down kelly drive for part of the morning rush. s that one thing we'll be following through the night. down 54 in philadelphia now. 60 in northeast philly. 61 mt. holly. we've gotten up to 62 in philadelphia. this is an area where the most concern is, areas in the blue especially dark blue with greatest amount of snow still on the ground. we've got to melt that snow. it's got water in it. and that adds just like that much more rain that is falling. and even with the snow gone, in the philadelphia area, over the last week, there's been more and more moisture going into the ground and seeping into the creeks and rivers. an example of what the projections are for kelly drive by tomorrow morning. now it goes above this line,
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kelly drive flooded and closed between north ferry and falls bridge. so it's not quite into flood stage. not flooding anybody's house but that could be enough to shut it down to traffic. and that's near 7:00 a.m. here's the futurecast, and there's that band of rain, in this case, it's heavier than it really is right now. continuing to move toward the southeast as we go through the evening. this is going to be a slow process, take hours before it moves to the coastline and we have some lingering showers behind. let's go to the forecast. we'll call for rain to continue for much of the night tonight, some of it on the heavy side. and then drier weather for tomorrow. but it's still going to be relatively mild with a high near 50. we'll have the rest of the seven-day forecast later. there it is. we have another system for early
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friday, could be a wintry mix, even snow toward the shore. saturday and sunday look good. nice weekend. and then we have a chance of a coastal storm developing by tuesday producing some snow. so that's another thing that we've got to be watching. >> all right. a home improvement store putting out help wanted call. >> who's hiring, how you can apply. a shocking car crash caught on dashboard camera. the car goes kidding with a couple and their baby inside. the miracle witnesses found inside the wreckage. we continue to follow breaking news in norristown where bill cosby is fighting to get the sexual assault case against him dropped. that hearing still going on. nbc 10 inside the courtroom. harry hairston saying the judge will make a decision tonight. a live update at 4:30.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> a family miraculously escaped the crash when the car careened on its roof across the highway in england. the car flipped, left a trail of sparks before hitting the blue car. the truck driver who caught the crash on the dash cam pulled over and found a baby survived in the backseat. the parents okay in the front seat. just amazing. all aboard for your small dogs and cats. >> amtrak extending and expanding the pets program. take a look, amtrak making its pets program permanent on eastern trains including the northeast corridor. also allowed on the weekend trains in business class there are restrictions, only one cat or small dog allowed on trips up to seven hours and must be in
4:27 pm
enclosed carrier. both the pet and carrier cannot weigh more than a combined 20 pounds. heavy rain falling across the area and could cause flooding. >> chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz tracking the rain. i-95, south philly, a wet commute tonight. you can count on nbc 10 to monitor the roads. winter is hard on your nose.
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nbc 10 first alert weather breaking news. we begin with the rain that could bring flooding later today. live look outside. wet weather's going to create a headache for evening commute. >> let's go straight to nbc 10 first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz to find out what's happening now.
4:31 pm
>> continues to be raining. over the entire area, we don't see this a whole lot, where it is raining from the poconos to the shore and everywhere in between. most of it is on the light side. the green colors, but the yellows and oranges, heavier rain, we get pockets of that that come through every once in a while. as you can see the motion, movement from southwest to northeast, if it wants to end, it's got to go that way. remember the blizzard that wouldn't end because all of the echoes were moving in the wrong direction. this is one of the cases, moving in the wrong direction. you can see it's wet, just a couple of pockets of moderate rain. more heavier rain down in central and southern delaware. again, moving to the northeast. so it's moving into sussex county, kent county delaware. the flood watch is in effect for much of the area. that goes into tomorrow, there could be river flooding.
4:32 pm
and aerial flood advisory just until 7:30 for just localized heavy rains from parts of chester county, burkes, montgomery, bucks, lehigh valley. more on the hour to hour forecast when this moves out with the seven day if a few minutes. >> storm force 10 is tracking conditions. norristown, live look, it's wet. heaviest of rain has stopped from nor ritztown. >> jessica is watching the roads. >> trouble spot everywhere heading out the door. you're going it see a delay or pass an accident anywhere you go. vine expressway, back the from 95 to the schuylkill expressway. earlier accident cleared but delays remain. better westbound into the schuylkill expressway.
4:33 pm
76, new jersey, off of market street. coming off the area bridges, major delays into south jersey. no problem into philadelphia here. also delays for mass transit. westbound service delayed around 4th due to an accident blocking the tracks. >> count on nbc 10 app. track the rain with our live nbc 10 first alert radar on our app. big story following today, will bill cosby's sex assault case go to trial? the district attorney who charged cosby with sex assault is trying to convince the judge to let it go to trial but kos cosby's lawyers arguing charges should be thrown out. the issue, whether cosby promised immunity deal. >> constand's lawyer testified in court today. deanna durante continues team coverage with the latest
4:34 pm
development from the courtroom. >> reporter: constand's lawyer not only told the court that no immunity deal existed. she didn't want one. she wouldn't want bill cosby to be able to take the fifth or avoid doing that. she says if that happened, when the case went to court, the only testimony the court would have heard would have been her client's a major win, which is why she never signed off on any immunity deal. >> reporter: the battle continues between the two sides, bill cosby's defense lawyers continue to try and paint a picture he could never be prosecuted for crimes relating to former temple employee dre kra c andrea constand. today, cosby's personal attorney testified he felt cosby had immunity. he was told that by cosby's former criminal defense attorney but no writings exist. prosecutors call constand's
4:35 pm
civil to civil attorney. she used stern words for the former district attorney who declined to charge cosby. he slandered the victim in asking the judge to deny the motion to toss the case, kevin steele said a secret agreement that permits a wealthy defendant to buy his way out of a criminal case is not right. that is not a commonwealth and prosecution standard. she also testified that when were beginning to look at case again, it was only four days after the cosby deposition had been made public. she says that the district attorney, at the time running for the position, kevin steele came to visit her in her office in chester county, wanted to know if constand would agree to participate in the case was reopened and she says she also turned over the civil case file when prosecutors asked for it. deanna durante, nbc 10 news.
4:36 pm
>> no decision yet. help us understand what's happening inside the courtroom, bring in our nbc 10 news legal expert. >> no matter how the judge rules, you can't help but wonder if this is a game changer for future cases like this. >> it definitely will. the judge himself said there's no case on point that covers this scenario. i would tell you, this is probably known as the cosby rule. no matter what happens, we'll all know going forward what can take place between a district attorney and another attorney as far as what you can rely on, as far as verbal agreements to prosecutor or not prosecute. probably taken in to appeals no matter what happens. no matter what, this is going to be very interesting making new law going forward. >> so, what's your take on whether an oral agreement is enforceab enforceable. >> an oral agreement is enforceable but you need partial performance.
4:37 pm
cosby had done nothing after being assured he wasn't going be prosecuted, you can argue he didn't rely on anything and he should be able to be prosecuted. how far you have partial performance. he did what caster wanted him to do which was testify. he so he testified. there was performance. therefore the oral agreement should be upheld as far as i'm concerned. >> you're thinking on the defense meeting its burden, that's how the judge ruled? there regardless of what happens this case will be tied up in appeals for the foreseeable future. i believe there is performance, he relied on and did what caster wanted cosby to do based on the oral agreement. i believe this oral agreement should be enforceable in this particular circumstance. >> enrique, thanks for weighing in. a parent's mood can have an impact on their child's education. >> how depression can impact performance in school.
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plus, stopping bedbugs from biting. the shift that shows we may be losing the fight against these insects.
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ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel. home depot is on a hiring spree, hiring more than 80,000 seasonal workers for spring. 1500 hires will be right here in philadelphia. the part and full-time jobs include operations and cashier positions, also jobs at distribution centers. logon to new research suggests that children may struggle more in schools when they have a parent with depression. that included more than 1 million children born in sweden. a parent's depression was linked to declining school performance. the most significant impact was among girls whose mothers had been diagnosed with depression. this may make your skin crawl but a new study suggests bedbugs becoming harder to get
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rid of because certain chemicals used too widely caused the bugs to develop resistance to insecticides to kill him. companies may try to start using different chemicals if they notice bedbugs on surfaces already treated. students wished a temporary farewell to a beloved school leader. >> the special send-off for their hero in uniform getting called to duty. and i'm tracking a lot of rain moving through the area bringing us two flood threats. who can see the rising waters and when the rain's going to move out next.
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it has been an emotional day at one school in camden county but one full of pride. >> students and staff sent assistant principal off in style as he gets ready to deploy overseas. take a look. ♪ stand up next to you♪
4:46 pm
>> that man in uniform is la wayne williams, assistance principal, senior master sergeant in the air force reserves. williams headed overseas for six months. his school gathered to wish a safe and speedy return. >> my leader in my unit, i've seen a number of people leave. they don't leave like this. over 700 students sending you off like this, regardless of what happens, i'm going be okay. >> a reservist for 20 years. he's got all of those great kids behind him there. >> i know. and our teachers and prince pales work so incredibly hard. so when you see that type of recognition and the love that he's getting from their students, that's going to carry him well through the next six months overseas. >> what a role model for the kids. >> shall we talk about the weather. >> great video. >> rain in our area, flooding threats. take a look at this.
4:47 pm
listen to that. this water fall in bucks county is releasing its fury here. seeing heavy rain across the area and a flood threat which is why we've declared today a first alert weather day. glenn? >> some areas it doesn't take very much of the water going over the edges of the banks to create certain problems. we're not necessarily talking about flooding houses and major type of flooding. but more of a nuisance type and nuisance type could be a big nuisance if you add it up during rush hour. radar over the last few hours. you can see the heavier rain, yellows and oranges we saw earlier, that's moved up to new york for the most part. we have pockets of moderate rain. but the problem here is it's moving right up i-95. the same line. so, if you want it to end, it's got start moving that way. which it hasn't done.
4:48 pm
this is what we call training. it was heavy rain, continuing to move up that line, then we'd be talking about potential major flooding. but this is definitely an issue for the afternoon rush. this is less than a quarter inch per hour in this darker green area that you see here. we take few hours just to produce even one inch of rain. the problem is, it's not moving out of the area. some of the heaviest rain has gone past trenton in west. winds in new jersey. again, that continues to move the general rain area is not moving. and as we go in even closer, you'll see that that's the issue. now, we've got a couple of flooding problems that are going to be occurring, not in the next few hours. this is tomorrow. that's why the flood watch goes there. the schuylkill at norristown is
4:49 pm
low now, there's flood stage after 7:00 a.m. tomorrow it's going up into flood stage. water begins to cover and close river view boulevard in west norriston. that's a localized problem but happening during morning rush coulder more serious. here's the perkiomen at graterford. that goes up fast, not into serious flood stage but you may have to have a few evacuations in shwanksville. park avenue looks like it will be flooded as a result of that. this area gradually moving to the shore but going to take a while. we're not going to clear out completely. still lingering showers happening throughout the night tonight and into tomorrow. and then as we go into thursday night, early friday morning, there's disturbance going to move along the front, causing rain right now, and it may be
4:50 pm
cold enough to produce a band of snow, wet snow, may melt as it falls. but we have to keep an eye on that one because sometimes along the coast there's moisture to deal with. we've got rain, some heavy tonight. foggy, still kind of warm, 50 for the low in philadelphia, 45 north and west. during the day tomorrow, clouds linger and we could see early showers especially. temperatures level throughout the day. right around 50-degree mark. seven-day forecast, there's thursday night early friday, wintry mix, rain, wet snow especially new jersey, southern delaware. then pretty nice weekend above normal temperatures. then next week, there's more significant coastal storm that could be bringing snow to parts of the area. tricked into giving money to liars. >> what officials in delaware say is happening. next, the scam that pulls on heartstrings. how experts say you can avoid
4:51 pm
becoming a victim to all phone scams.
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♪ i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for shady brook farms®. we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics,
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that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) shady brook farms®. no growth-promoting antibiotics, just honest, simple turkey. >> this is nbc 10 news. the delaware attorney general's office issued a warning about a new phone scam. >> urging donors to donate to a local fire department. tim furlong has the story how you can protect yourself from scammers. >> reporter: most of delaware's firefighters are volunteers. so when many got the call asking for donations it seemed like a good idea to chip in. but richard new right away, it is actually a phone scam. >> members of the delaware
4:55 pm
volunteer firefighters association received calls and neighbors received calls and people saying asking for funs from delaware volunteer firefighter association and the burn center. >> reporter: delaware's attorney general has already looked into this and, yep, it's a con. phone numbers show up as local. they've been traced out of state. most no longer work. >> the number you have dialed is not in service. >> disappointing thing it does make it harder for the fire. cans trying to do this legitimately. >> reporter: it's not clear how many got scammed but the a.g.'s office says in delaware volunteer fire companies do not ask for money over the phone, most don't knock on doors, they send pledge envelopes to your home. if you get a call, never give your credit card or bank information. >> we want people to support local fire. cans we want to make sure they're not getting taken advantage of. >> reporter: envelope's a good way to send a check. >> come to the firehouse, give to someone directly squl. >> reporter: volunteer fire companies don't want you to get
4:56 pm
scammed. best thing is say -- >> good bye. >> reporter: tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> nbc 10 news at 5:00 is next. >> the big question, will the judge rule? inside the courtroom, lawyers argue over the criminal case against bill cosby. a live update next on "nbc 10 news at 5:00." flooding concerns across the area. we have a lot of rain to get through before it comes to an end. we'll track showers for you, let you know what to expect for the rest of tonight and who has the biggest threat for flooding for the rest of the evening, straight ahead.
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this is nbc 10 news first alert weather. >> right now 5:00, heavy rain hits our area right in the middle of the evening rush. you can see it all right here on the nbc 10 first alert radar, all of the green. a look outside, right now at ben franklin bridge. rain mixes with warmer temperatures and melting snow could lead to flooding problems. our team of nbc 10 first alert meteorologists standing by with information. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. what's the outlook here? >> in addition to rain, that picture that you showed showed fog as well. that's another issue to deal with at times during the night. you can see on live radar, just covered in rain. it means everybody seeing some rain at the moment. most of it is on the light to moderate side. those are green colors.
5:00 pm
yellows are heavier. the oranges up by new york are really heavy rain. some of that moved through earlier this afternoon. and you see again rain back to north and west. more to come from maryland. there's another view of the live radar, close into philadelphia area. and again, it's mostly light to moderate at this hour. but here's a little bit heavy of rain from chesapeake bay into sussex county, delaware, kent county. this business to go into new castle county come up i-95, may get into the philadelphia within the next hour. we have a flood watch in effect not only tonight but into tomorrow. we have not only the immediate rain but also the streams, creeks and eventually rivers that could go into flood stage. advisories for immediate but localized flooding in parts of


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