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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  February 3, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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yellows are heavier. the oranges up by new york are really heavy rain. some of that moved through earlier this afternoon. and you see again rain back to north and west. more to come from maryland. there's another view of the live radar, close into philadelphia area. and again, it's mostly light to moderate at this hour. but here's a little bit heavy of rain from chesapeake bay into sussex county, delaware, kent county. this business to go into new castle county come up i-95, may get into the philadelphia within the next hour. we have a flood watch in effect not only tonight but into tomorrow. we have not only the immediate rain but also the streams, creeks and eventually rivers that could go into flood stage. advisories for immediate but localized flooding in parts of chester, bucks, montgomery,
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burkes, lehigh valley, that's until 7:30 tonight. for more on the impact of all of this, let's go over to meteorologist sheena parveen. >> the temperatures are adding to this, too. heavy rain, snow melting and those temperatures are really helping out with all of this, too. we are in the 50s through the entire area. earlier today, not too long ago, just in the past hour, we were in the 60s in some spots but we have dropped down to 55 in philadelphia. 57 northeast philly. 54 allentown. we matched a record high in philadelphia, low 60s. these numbers with the rain helping to see that snow melting. and on top of that creating flooding concerns which we expect to continue as we go through the rest of tonight. that is going to be an issue as we go through the rest of the evening with the rain still in the area. and these temperatures really going to stay mild as we go through this evening. so even through the overnight hours and into tomorrow you see the numbers here.
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we are in the 50s for the entire area. atlantic city's coming in at 57 degrees still. so this is again another spot we're going to watch. the rain's not going to make it to the shore until we go into tonight. that's where it going to start heading. widespread throughout the area. as we go into the morning, we're going to see this rain coming to an end. coming up, more where the rain is, what you can expect in the seven-day forecast straight ahead. >> we sent our team of storm force vehicles to show you how the rain's affecting your ride home. tim furlong, where are you? what are you seeing now? >> reporter: we are on old baltimore pike in media delaware county. take a look. i hop you can see it. look how going down into a low spot, ridley creek. because of the warm temperatures, melting snow, rain today that we've had, it's not raping hard now, but you see the
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fog. glenn mentioned that, we're at a very, very low spot west out of media, elwin, by the riddle hospital, you can see the fog. as you're driving home, if you know somebody to head home, give them a heads up, be extra careful. roads are wet, slippery. it's foggy especially in the low spots, especially spots that had snow that has seeped into the lower areas. combine that with waterways, like the creek, you get a foggy spot. climbing up the hill, i don't think you can see how we're climbing as we go back up the hill, toward the exit to get off by the orchards if you know the area, and as you head back down to the mall complex, that is where we're talking about. the fog getting better and worse depending how high. out toward concord township flir the plaza, cheney road, those
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spots tough to see. we'll head out route 1. be careful as you get into the low spots near waterways warm temperatures, rain, melting snow, conspired to make patchies of fog. be extra careful. >> great advice. count on nbc 10 to send out traffic alerts and weather updates on the nbc app. track the rain with live nbc 10 first alert radar. and. >> other big story of the day. bill cosby back in court. right now, lawyers still inside making arguments about whether a deal was made between the county prosecutor and bill cosby's lawyer. we could know soon of a sex assault case against cosby will be dropped. nbc 10's rosemary connors live outside the courthouse. bring us up to speed. >> reporter: keith, right now the district attorney is trying to invalidate or discredit any
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deal made in 2005 by the former d.a., bruce castor, and cosby's attorneys. the key witness this afternoon, the woman who represents andrea constand, she's the one who claims bill cosby drugged and assaulted her 12 years ago. the attorney for andrea constand, the alleged victim, testified for the prosecution. delores troiani told the court she was not informed by the former district attorney bruce castor that cosby could never prosecuted. that's the root, whether a decision by castor never to bring criminal charges is valid. troiani testified that the wiretaps that constand and her mother conducted to record bill cosby on the phone were legal. as for cosby's self, he walked into court with his head held high and gestured to fans who gathered to show support. now the district attorney spent
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much of tmuch of the morning peppering the witness why an agreement was never put into writing, why never memorialized in a way, that could be a factor once the judge makes a decision. what happens in this case could also affect andrea constand's civil lawsuit against bruce castor. constand sued the former district attorney for defamation. the lawsuit claims castor attacked her credibility to bolster his campaign for district attorney a couple months back. during his testimony, castor accused constand of giving inconsistent statements and suggested she and her mother might have tried to extort cosby. constand's lawyer has denied those allegations. dre ka constand worked for the women's basketball team at tete. she claims the assault took home at cheltenham in 2004. constand was 31 at the time.
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she left temple university and work as a massage therapist in canada. nbc does not generally identify people who claim to be victims of sexual assault but constand agreed to have her name published. thank you for coming in. first off, in terms of the victim, andrea constand, how will court hearings affect her in the long run? >> well, she needs nothing short of a guilty verdict for cosby at this point. for her reputation to stand up at this point. because when castor went to testify, in order to tell the court why he did what he did, he basically smeared her reputation by saying that she waited one year for a -- to come forward. she also looked into a civil lawyer before coming forward, and basically, said she wasn't credible. at this point she needs i a guilty verdict. she needs the case to move forward, guilty verdict or known
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as the accuser that brought the causes forward and all of these other things that castor brought up will be used against her. >> is it possible the judge could toss out the deposition statement but allow the criminal case to go forward? >> he could but that would cripple the prosecution's case. talking about that would be a compromised verdict. the judge would be saying, hey you can't use the deposition because you got that by telling cosby you weren't going to charge him. however, you can still move forward with your case. but like i just said, you smeared the accuser in this case, and now you can't use the deposition. so basically what you're doing is leaving the prosecution only being able to use the evidence from 2005, which there was no physical evidence, you have all of these other things about the accuser, that's going to severely cripple their case. >> enrique, thank you for your time. we will continue to follow the latest developments from inside the courtroom and bring you updates as soon as they
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happen. also tonight, concerns about the zika virus led to a new warning right here in the united states. plus -- it's a common complaint among students, parents, teachers. now, pennsylvania says it's scaling back on school testing. those details next on n"nbc 10 news at 5:00". the weather team is keeping track of the heavy rain moving through and what areas are at risk for flooding. first alert traffic reporter keeping an eye on the roads. >> we have a rainy commute in process. still up ahead of us. looking at the schuylkill expressway now. you can see jammed end to end east or westbound. more updates when i come back in the next ten minutes.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> philadelphia police on the lookout for a hit-and-run drive of who ran down a mother and two children in south philadelphia. video shows 2001 red honda accord plowing through an intersection at broad and dickinson while the family entered the crosswalk. the car hit the mother, her 5-year-old daughter, and 4-month-old son, and kept going. >> scary, i guess. i got kids and we got friends who stay right here we cross
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this intersection all the time. it makes me want to be extra careful. >> we can report the children are in stable condition, their mother is in critical but stable condition. a burlington county high school teacher under arrest, charged with possessing child porn. david rodriguez a biology teacher. he uploaded several photos and videos containing child porn. rodriguez in the burlington county jail, due in court tomorrow. a bucks county high school basketball coach was fired for bumping a referee, has pleaded guilty to harassment. former neshaminy coach mailed in the citation and paid $300 fine and court costs. divine was ejected from the game january 5th, and the school board voted to remove him as head coach. he was allowed to return to his teaching job. seniors graduating from
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pennsylvania high schools spring will not have to take the keystone exams. today governor wolf signed a bill that postpones the exam requirements for the next two years. wolf said there's problems in the past implementing exams and too many students failing the tests even after taking them twice. the legislation requires the state department of education to look at other ways to test students to make sure they're ready to graduate. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with metrologist sheena parveen. >> well, the rain is continuing across the area. flooding concerns still exist this afternoon. and the rest of the evening. here's look at radar now. green shows you where we still have lighter but consistent rain falling. heaviest into cape may, down through sussex county, delaware. lewis up to milford, dover seeing heavier rain, too. stretching into the philadelphia area. breaks in the rain across the major interstates surrounding
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philadelphia, up to trenton, across 295. a break there but seeing consistent rain through bushes, montgomery, chester, delaware counties. a break closer to allentown and poconos. there's a back edge to then rain and we'll see it move through the area later this evening. you still see all of the moist heading our way. it's not going to be over any time soon. it streaming in from baltimore and washington and if we tack a wider view, you see more moving in. so where you see yellows and oranges, heavy rain. some of this could continue to move into delaware and south jersey before it leaves. we have more heavy rain in store before the night is over. the flood watch united states still in effect, all counties through lehigh as kro the major interstates, northern delaware, mercer county and looking at potential for flooding rains to continue. we do have one flood advisory through upper bucks, upper montgomery, chester, into the lehigh valley. this goes until 7:30. minor flooding on roadways
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expected in these areas. because of the rain we've seen, but not just the rain, also the snow cover that is melting because of the rain and warmer temperatures. so the flood threat will be for rivers, creeks and streets look i showed you. heavy rain with the melting snow is going to keep the threat high. especially areas north and west where we do have flood advisory. temperatures are still in the 50s, mostly mid to upper 50s for northeast philly. low 50s now pottstown and wilmington. we matched our record high in philadelphia today. this is why we're seeing a lot of the snow melting already across a good portion of the area. we have some left. so that's why the main concern is for the lehigh valley and bucks, upper montgomery, chester counties. we have that snow on the ground but with warmer temperatures and rain this is some of our biggest flooding concerns. aside from that i did mention creeks and river. schyulkill norristown, expected above flood stage tomorrow. the water covering river view
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boulevard. we would see possibly street closures. keep that in mine. close attention to the creeks and river as we go into tonight and tomorrow. line of rain continuing to move through. by 7:00 p.m. a long the jersey shore and delaware, we'll still have rain around 7:00 p.m., 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, showers lingering across the area. rain around, fog in place. for the earl will i part of the commute, 6:00 a.m., expect lingering showers and fog. later part of the morning commute, a lot of this starts to move away. we'll be watching for possibly another system as we go into tomorrow night. now it's the same system that's moving through now. look what's going to happen. if we go into thursday, friday morning, area of low pressure develops. a chance to bring us very early mix across the area. so we'll be watching that. then watching two other areas of low pressure pass by offshore. so we'll be keeping a close eye
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on if there could be snow with those as well. tonight, rain around some of it staying heavy, fog around the area, too. 50 for the low in philadelphia. 45 areas north and west. improvements, cloudy and mild, collapse of showers but a lot drier through the afternoon. temperatures around 50 degrees. watching for that early wintry mix friday. after that nice and dry as we go into the weekend. saturday, sunday great. super bowl sunday looks good. next week chance of snow possibly the best chance looking like tuesday. >> dealing with a lot of rain. check in fifth with first alert traffic reporter. jessica boyington. >> accidents are out of the way. accidents are off of the -- on to the secondary roads and off of the majors. some of the majors for you. here's the blue, conastoga red.
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slow go from schuylkill. it takes 34 minutes to northbound to the schyulkill expressway now. 95, slow in both directions as well. with that rain and added construction, southbound to the vine expressway into center city area speeds in the 30s. 26 minute trip. worst northbound. several scheduled openings for the bridge and seeing major delays we can't recover because of the openings back-to-back. toll plaza in this direction backed up tonight to route 73. delays at philadelphia international airport. 57 minutes traffic management program. check before you go. >> and donald trump calling for a do-over. why he says ted cruz's campaign committed fraud during the iowa caucuses. we'll tell you about that. live look from storm force
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10, approaching 76 it appears in conshohocken. we'll keep an eye on the roads and bring more first alert weather coverage on nbc "nbc 10s at 5:00".
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this is nbc 10 news. now to decision 2016. republican presidential candidate donald trump is accusing ted of stealing the iowa caucuses. rand paul is out of race and word rick santorum will follow. nbc 10 national correspondent steve handelsman breaks it all down for us. >> reporter: the iowa republican winner is campaigning now in a
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state where democrat bernie sanders is so popular ted cruz is joking they agree about washington. >> gosh, ted, you sound like bernie saying it's all big money and lobbyists and corruption. you know what, that's right. >> reporter: cruz wants less government. sanders, more. >> that solution is nuts. >> reporter: in pits field in a plant that makes firefighting coats marco rubio totted his strong third. >> we'll win the election. >> reporter: many agreed. >> he has a good chance to beat hill. >> reporter: that's important to you. >> very important. >> i think he remains me of a young kennedy which i think is good. >> reporter: in washington, rand paul quit the race. rick santorum canceled his events. donald trump charged ted cruz didn't win iowa, he stole it. telling iowans trump charge that ben carson quit when he hadn't. bernie sanders who will get secret service protection claimed he'd be a winner in november. >> bernie sanders against
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republican candidates, we are doing very, very well. we beat mr. trump by a whole lot, more than hillary clinton. >> reporter: clinton trailing sanders in polls here said, she will still fight. >> i just could not ever skip new hampshire. >> reporter: in fact, clinton is bringing in staffers from new york to beef up her effort. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, deerfield, new hampshire. >> before the votes are counted in new hampshire, nbc 10's george spencer will be there. live reports begin sunday night only on nbc 10. meanwhile, president obama visited a mosque today in baltimore. the first time the president visited a mosque inside the u.s. the president says he wants to correct a distorted impression be against mummerslim americans. it's not who we are as a country.
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michigan's governor wants $30 million to reimburse water payments made by flint residents facing an emergency over the lead contaminated water supply. this morning, governor rick snyder announced his plan to ask the legislature for the money in his upcoming budget. the first federal hearing devoted to the flint water crisis held today. lee anne walters led the push for water testing. she told members at a house oversight that proof wasn't enough for people in charge to address the problem. >> regardless of the information, and the fact that my son has lead poisoning the city still continued to tell everyone the water was safe as the epa sat by and watched in silence. >> fbi has announce the it's investigating whether environmental crimes were committed as a result of flint's water crisis. florida governor rick scott declared a public health
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emergency due to the zika virus. nine confirmed cases of the virus in florida. none of the cases involved pregnant women, all of the patients contracted the virus traveling to affected countries. nbc 10 following the latest development of bill cosby in court. trying to get the criminal charges against him dropped. we're waiting to see if the judge will make a decision tonig tonight. a live update from outside the courtroom. grab your umbrella if you're heading out tonight. heavy rain moving over the region and some areas could be at risk for flooding. the nbc 10 first alert weather team tracking what's happening in your neighborhood.
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nbc 10 tracking heavy rain on the first letter radar. warm temperatures, melting snow, could lead to flooding problems. speaking of problems, a live look at schyulkill expressway nearing vine and center city. traffic toward united states. rain falling out there, causing worse traffic during rush hour. update from sheena parveen. warm weathering a lot of rain, so of course some concern at least for flooding. >> yeah, keith, on top of the snow we have around, we are in some areas seeing a minor street flooding. i'll show you areas in a second.
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here is rain around currently. we have heavier showers now around cape may. so in cape may county, up through parts of sea isle city, yellows and oranges, heaviest rain. the rain continues for the rest of new jersey. it's very consistent at this point from wilmington up to trenton. we have the light rain but heavier showers starting to move into wilmington. major interstates very wet. and we are finally seeing a break for the lehigh valley. but this rain is going to continue though for suburbs north and west. more rain moving in, take a look around baltimore, washington. no notice yellow and red, possibly philadelphia area. this whole section sliding into new jersey and closer to the shore. heavy rain to the south. some could be moving into delaware and new jersey later on this evening. but we are still under the flood watch for most of the area. all of the counties shaded in
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green. flood watch still continues through tomorrow afternoon and evening for potential for flooding rains. earlier when i said some areas seeing minor flooding of roadways that's upper bucks, montgomery, chester and lehigh valley. these are some of the most snow packed areas, still areas we have snow on the ground with warm temperatures, rain, with the highest risk for flooding. so as we go through afternoonen and tonight, flooding threats for creeks, rivers and streets. snow melt, too. that is going on a big issue. take a look at temperatures. it's been warm all day. still in the mid to upper 50s. got into the low 60s through the area. so we did match a record high temperature in philadelphia. all of this contributing to that flooding threat. we're not done with the rain. not done anytime soon. it's going to continue for the rest of the evening. a look when the rain will leave and a chance of snow in the forecast. >> thank you. nbc 10 tim furlong dealing with
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rain live in storm force 10 checking out roads. where are you now? how does it look? >> reporter: key wanted to go on back roads. we went to a low spot. take a look, route 100 in chads ford where the river museum and hanks place restaurant, in that area there. some spots significant puddling. off to the left, camera does a good job of lightening it up, there's snow in that field. i've seen that field under water in the heaviest flooding, we're not that point yet. a lot of snow. what that means with the warm temperatures, heavy rain and the snow melt, we have a lot of areas that get foggy. so as we go higher and lower we hit patches where you have to slow down 10, 15 miles to get through the foggy part. the other thing we're seeing, puddling. a lot of puddling. snow running off into the low spots. look at the fog, hope you can see that. you can see the headlights, all
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you see is a blur of the headlights. low, near the brandy wine river and that means getting a layer of fog. we're going through a big puddle here. look at that. wow. yeah, rain not heavy but other stuff is causing us problems here. keep out on the roads and head back toward delaware area. tim furlong, nbc 10 news there rain isn't going anywhere any time soon. check in with jessica boyington. how's the commute look. >> big delays, keith. as we would expect. majors are okay. glad he took a look at back roads that's where you're seeing most rage problems in terms of accidents and flooding. majors are doing better but we have major delays. here are 422 around trooper road. 20-minute drive time. this is typically seven-minute trip. significant increase there. average speeds 23 miles per hour. on the westbound side, coming from the schyulkill expressway headed to 29 there, that's what you're going to face out the door on 422.
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a bridge closure. look at surrounding areas schyulkill expressway, falls bridge closed for rehabilitation work. that will be there until april. new construction project. right now going to back things up around the area on your way home. alternate is city avenue bridge expect big backup as well. 42 freeway in new jersey, route 41, the same delay in both directions but coming off of the area bridges into south jersey where we're seeing a lot of the delays. again, significant delays of the airport. 57 minutes with a traffic management program if effect for arriving flights. >> thank you. coverage of bill cosby in court for a second day. lawyers arguing if charges should be dropped. nbc 10's rosemary connors following this for us in montgomery county. what's the latest that you've heard? >> reporter: we know that the judge right now is in his chambers, presumably weighing everything he's heard over the past few days and coming up with a decision.
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the big focus today, from the prosecution's perspective, whether this agreement or decision by former d.a. bruce castor to never bring criminal charges should have been put into writing, memorialized in writing. as you can see, from our cameras, we've been here all day, cameras captured bill cosby coming into court this morning. i wouldn't describe the crowd who is gathering, greeting him, as a large contingent but a few supporters clanting words of encouragement like good luck, we love you, bill. testimony today, talk about what we heard. delores troiani represents andrea constand. troiani testified never made aware of any agreement in 2005, and that it would not have hurt her civil case if cosby had pleaded the fifth against self-incrimination. today we heard testimony from john schmitt a longtime lawyer for bill cosby, who said that there was a promise not to prosecute, they relied on that promise and that schmitt and other attorneys for bill cosby
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would have never let bill cosby sit for the civil depositions in that case brought by andrea constand and her attorney, delores troiani. live here, joined by wes oliver, a legal analyst for nbc news and us here at nbc 10. you've been inside the courthouse listening to testimony yesterday and today. the judge is weighing that testimony. what do you think is running through his mind right now? is it about whether this should have been put into writing, bruce castor's credibility? >> the issue is what does bruce castor's decision not to prs cute mean? telephone times bruce castor said there was no agreement, there was merely my decision not to prosecute. and does that mean that that decision is in perpetuity. would be unusual if it was. nothing in the press release that suggests it was. so, a lot of people now, today, talking about bruce castor's
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credibility. but bruce castor's credibility only goes to his assessment of the law as to what that decision not to go forward actually means. >> so what you're telling us is that it's unusual that a decision by a district attorney to never bring charges from this point forward in the future, down the road, that's unlikely? >> it's a very rare thing. i don't think i have heard of a prosecutor saying i will never bring charges against you even if a smoking gun comes up that were able to trace this crime back to you precisely. that would be a very unusual thing for a prosecutor to do. nothing in that press release he says is the four corners of the agreement that suggests in perpetuity we're never prosecuting you. >> wes oliver, helping us out here, thanks for being with us. a judge is in his chambers now. as soon as we have any decision
5:38 pm
on whether this case can move forward we'll bring it to you. live in norristown, rosemary connors, nbc 10. >> in the meantime, we want to get perspective from someone who has made a lot of decisions from the bench. appointed to the new jersey superior court, served on the civil side before transferred to the criminal side. retired from the court last august and joins us love. judge, thank you for taking time to be here. >> nice to be here. >> start the with the agreement between prosecutor bruce castor and the cosby legal team. you heard wes' thoughts and what are your thoughts on the agreement not being in writing? >> i think it's a problem. it wasn't signed, sealed and delivered. in new jersey we'd have the attorney general be involved with that, bring it in front of a judge to have the judge know that somebody was going to get immunity. i think it's a problem. that's why certain things have to be in writing. i think it should have been in
5:39 pm
writing. i think it's a problem. >> so let's put you back on the bench for a minute, if you'd so oblige us. how would you rule? >> i would let it proceed. one thing we keep hearing about mr. cosby, mr. cosby, that's fine. the victims have rights, too. if things have changed and this d.a. thinks he can prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt, that victim has a right to have that case go to trial. i would let the case proceed. now the whole other issue about the deposition transcript and deposition testimony, that's a whole other issue about whether that can be used in the case in chief. i don't think so. or whether it even could be used to cross-examine mr. cosby if he would testify. there are legal issues you'll hear down the road if the case proceeds. >> judge, thank you for your insight. appreciate your time. we'll continue to follow the latest developments here at nbc 10 from inside the courtroom and also bring you the updates as they happen outside the
5:40 pm
courtroom. still ahead, not watching the big game, you're probably watching the ads. ♪ what a man what a man ♪the. >> in my face! >> tonight, a sneak peek before the super bowl. see what will be different about this year's commercials. it may look like super bowl ads but minute n. movies created just for high school students. how young athletes are making their college selection announcements more and more elaborate.
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♪ i can't live living is without you♪ >> for some one of the best parts about the super bowl. we continue to get an early peek at some of the many ads slated for the sunday's game. costing advertisers $5 million
5:43 pm
for each 30-second spot. and instead of tearjerkers comedy will be a big trend in ads. >> favorite spot. favorite girl. >> ready, ready for this. >> you messing with the wrong -- >> that's of course comedian kevin hart. celebrities a bigger part of commercials this go-round. 33 celebrities are appearing in ads. back to what we've been talking about all day, something you need to be concerned about, first alert weather team tracking heavy rain that could lead to flooding. >> flood advisories out. more heavy rain for the evening. on top of that, warm temperatures and still that snow cover. i'll show you when it will leave coming up.
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a live look at this picture, the hallway leading to the courtroom, on left side of the screen, where bill cosby's hearing is taking place. the judge just called everyone back inside. as of now, we're awaiting his decision regarding whether sexual assault charges will be dropped or proceed to trial. a live picture, from norristown, montgomery county inside the courthouse. as soon as we hear the judge's decision, we'll make sure we get
5:47 pm
it it you. stay with nbc 10. investigators in somali trying to figure out what caused an explosion and fire that blew a gaping hole in a commercial airliner. take a look. somaliaa's ambassador to the u.n. was on board. captured this stunning cell phone video moments after the explosion. pilots forced to return to the airport for emergency landing. passengers putting oxygen masks on. two people injured. they haven't found any evidence of a criminal act. new york real estate heir robert durst pleaded guilty it a federal gun charge in new orleans. stemming from his arrest after a revolver discovered in his courtroom. guilty plea paves the way for extradition to california where he'll stand trial for murder. he'll serve a seven year gun sentence waiting for the trial
5:48 pm
for the death of susan berman. once in trouble with the law in our area. arrested for shoplifting at a wegmans supermarket back in 2001. the 72-year-old stole a sandwich, band-aids and a newspaper despite having hundreds in his pocket and $37,000 in his car. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> we have a lot of rain to get through before it leaves the area. light rain but some embedded heavier rain is causing problems out there, especially snow covered areas. we have a lot of fog around because of that, too. right now, in cape may, heavier rain right around sea isle city. that's moving up to atlantic city. even parts of the beaches in sussex county south of lewis. most of new jersey consistent light rain falling. wilmington through philadelphia. light rain falling.
5:49 pm
heavier pockets through lower montgomery county, northeast philly and stretching up towards trenton. we still have that steady, light rain. it is continuing for montgomery, bucks and chester but a cut-off for the lehigh valley and poconos. starting to get out of the rain. but we still have more moving in from parts of baltimore and washington. it's going to slide towards the shore and delaware beaches as we go into tonight. keep watching it move in. more rain to the south and west heading in the direction. quite a few hours left before it all finally clears out. here's the flood watch around the area. this is still up until tomorrow afternoon. potential for flooding rains. but we could see flooding carry over into tomorrow especially through areas north and west where we have the snowpack. and we have the rain still falling. the flood advisory up for lehigh valley, upper bucks, montgomery, chester. minor flooding on roadways there. here is a look at the area's biggest concern, the spot where
5:50 pm
we see the snow on the ground still areas with the rain. foggiest out of the area now. biggest flooding concerns for bucks, montgomery, bucks, lehigh valley. snow is melting and it still is with rain around. mid-50s for altown and ed aring. 55 philadelphia. near 60 in northeast philly. so these numbers are going to stay still mild as we go through tonight. so we're going to keep watching as we go into evening hours, overnight and into early tomorrow morning because this is a really what's contributing to a lot of that snow melting across the area, fog in place, and also the flooding. another concern that we're watching, rivers flooding across the area. creeks, rivers stream, an issue as we go into tomorrow morning. a chance into friday morning. we'll be watching this closely. talk a look how mild it is in atlantic city. even dover coming in at 57 degrees. it's still going to stay mild as
5:51 pm
we go through tonight. that's also another contributing factor to a lot of the snow melting across the area. we're going to keep watching this as we go through the next several hours. like i mentioned, watching streets, creeks and streams, a closer look at your seven-day forecast. >> back now to the montgomery county courthouse where we're expecting a decision in the bill cosby case. the comedian is inside. awaiting the judge's decision regarding whether cosby's sex assault charges will be dropped. this just in, we are just learned from one of our reporters inside the courtroom the case will proceed. that the charges, sexual assault charges against bill cosby will not be dropped. about ten minutes ago, if you're joining us, we learned that the judge entered his chambers to think about the decision after two days of testimony. now hearing, a live picture outside the courtroom, what
5:52 pm
you're looking at now, bill cosby presumably still inside. judge's decision, seconds ago, that the case will proceed, that the charges facing bill cosby will not be dropped. this is the only case, by the way, to result in criminal charges against the comedian despite dozens of women who have come forward to say they were drugged and assaulted and all stemmed from when he was arrest and charged last december. he was charged with drugging and violating andrea constand, a former temple university administrator in the suburban philadelphia mansion in 2004. for this, he could receive up to ten years in prison if convicted. today's proceedings, the first hearing if his criminal case, was simply to decide whether or not the charges against him would be dropped or whether proceed then to court. the judgene's decision, this ca
5:53 pm
will proceed now to trial. looking at a live picture in norristown inside the montgomery county courthouse. a team of reporters there in norristown. harry hairston. you were inside the courtroom. looking at now. two double doors on the left side of the screen. what was the reaction to the judge's decision? >> reporter: i have to it'll you the decision just came down less than five minutes ago. it was completely quiet in the courtroom. as i looked over at cosby's table a bit of expectancy on their faces but somber. the reason i say that, the judge had been saying most of the day, and he said just about 45 minutes ago, before he took a break, if he comes back and he rules in cosby's favor, he said he wanted everyone to be ready to decide if they were going to try to get kevin steele off of the case.
5:54 pm
well, you know now they're going to talk about whether kevin stee steele, they'll address the issue later on, but right now kevin steele was looking as though he was satisfied when i looked at him. of course you know, being quite happy. he argued very much that what bruce castor said as far as giving his word to bill cosby, that he would not prosecute him ever he argued that that was not possible, that bruce castor had no ability to do that and had no authority to do that without seeking the approval of a judge. of course, on the other side, bill cosby, the defense, they had argued that bruce castor had all of the room in the world and all of the power in the world to look at cosby's attorneys and say i promise you he will not be prosecuted and that was enough for them to rely on. of course that was not the decision. still up there now, there's a
5:55 pm
five-minute recess, i want to repeat. ko cosby's people looked as they were not surprised. >> what was bill cosby's reaction? were you able to see it? >> reporter: yes. i was sitting approximately about 15 feet from bill cosby, and it was pretty much emotionalness. earlier he had taken medicine, and i don't know what kind it was. i saw him pull out medicine and take some water to wash that down. sat still in his chair, didn't turn to his attorneys. all of his attorneys sat there with a look on their face as though they thought that those was something that was going to come down. >> harry, out of curiosity, what was discussed in the deposition? does that stay? is that admissible?
5:56 pm
ja let's talk about that deposition. there was something very interesting that kevin steele brought up, the district attorney. he said, in that deposition they talk about the confidentiality agreement that was in there. in that confidentiality agreement there was a part that was put in there that said or for the settlement, and when they talked about it in the deposition, talked about confidentiality agreement that was also mentioned during the deposition. that agreement saying, listen, constand will never file any charges against bill cosby and will not initiate charges filed against bill cosby unless contacted by law enforcement. cosby's attorneys fought very hard to get ta in a confidential agreement. kevin steele wanted to point out that they wouldn't have had to fight so hard to get that in that agreement if they already had agreement with bruce castor. so that was one of the things
5:57 pm
that the judge also took into consideration. >> harry, you know what? i've been thinking about this, 11 years ago you helped break the story with andrea constand, former temple university administrator first came forward, made these claims. seeing this through fruition 11 years later. talked to the same key players, bruce castor, at the center. what are your opinions about this? what have you thought about sitting 15 feet away from bill cosby, in a courtroom 11 years later? >> reporter: well, i have to tell you, it's surreal, a unique story for me to cover, i'll tell you that, 11 years ago breaking the story, andrea constand did have these allegations. and to see the ups and downs over the years where we would talk about possible other allegations against mr. cosby, and then all die out until the
5:58 pm
comedian would come out and talk. to finally see this is going forward with charges. it's one of these stories that, as a reporter, you wanted to follow all the way through but i didn't think it would take 11 years to get to the end of this story. >> welcome back in judge michael domio joining us to talk about what's going on inside that courtroom. judge, thank you for your time. i know there's a five-minute recess going on now. they've decided to proceed with the trial. what's happening inside that courtroom, in your opinion? >> probably talking about the next step as far as motions and things of that nature. i wholeheartedly as i said agree with the decision. victims have rights also. what you're going to hear about now is what's called 404b evidence. that's something you're going to start hearing about, there's going to be motions on it where they're going to try to bring in
5:59 pm
other victims, crimes alleged, wrongs committed by mr. cosby, try to make them admissible in this case. you're going to hear about that in the weeks to come. >> those other alleged victims, then, they might take the stand here, is that what you're saying? >> there's a legal evidence rule 404b, it's fraught with appeal possibilities. but in a case like this, especially when i say that i don't think that that deposition transcript's going to come in evidence, these other people alleging the same kind of signature crime, that is going to make or break this case. if those other people or one or two or five are allowed to testify in this case, that could be devastation for mr. cosby. >> looking at a live picture now in norristown. that's the montgomery county courthouse. we have not seen bill cosby leave double doors left side of the screen. that's the courtroom where we presume he still is. we have a team of reporters there at the courthouse.
6:00 pm
we'll continue coverage on nbc 10 at 6:00. guys? >> nbc 10 breaking news. >> right now, 6:00, as you've heard, the bill cosby case goes on. a judge just made that decision about ten minutes ago. ruled the criminal case will continue on the sex assault charges against bill cosby. tonight we have team coverage. good evening, i'm jim rosenfield. >> i'm jacqueline london. with the decision, the case moves to a preliminary hearing to see if prosecutors have enough evidence to prove cosby assaulted his accuser at his home in 2004. >> nbc 10's deanna durante live from outside the courtroom in norristown. harry hairston there as well. does this deposition go? >> well, at this point, yes it does. during the two-day proceedings the judge talked about the fact that this is something that the defense can also make a motion


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