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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 4, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EST

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fog danger. take one look out the window. it's pretty clear. visibility is at or near zero across much of the area. several homes are evacuated as pdw fixes a gas leak and bill cosby. good morning. i'm tracy davidson. let's get right to bill henley with the weather. bill? >> it's thick out there, tracy. look at blue bell, zero visibility.
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quakertown, pottstown usually is the area where you get thicker fog. most of new jersey is reporting thick conditions. wildwood, a mile. it could thicken up before we see it clear out later today. 40s and 50s, a really warm start this morning. it's going to stay mild as the day goes on. fog to start with. 51 degrees. 50 degrees with the cloud starting the to break and the fog starting to disappear by mid morning. by lunchtime, 52 degrees. we've got the forecast, neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. >> thanks. the best vice ofbested a the best advice take it slow. >> reporter: take it slow. people will encounter
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treacherous roads. we're right along lancaster avenue not far from the line. visibility is very, very limits. you can barely see a quarter of a mile in front of you, much less than that east into chester county, delaware county, even along 476 where there are large highway street lights lighting up the roadway there. you can barely see in front of you. this is a morning where you're going to want to use your low beams, fog lights and high beams. if you do, you realize you see even less with those on. we have a large pile of snow here at lancaster avenue. flooding, which we thought would be a major issue for some areas, not as much right now. fog has overtaken that concern this morning. we're going to be talking about fog, showing you areas where you need to be aware. we'll be back in about 25
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minutes with an update. >> thanks. let's check in with road conditions across the area with first alert traffic jessica boyington. >> here you can barely see past these signs here as vehicles make their way by, so that could be potentially dangerous driving position this morning. here is another accident in montgomery county. we will be keeping our eyes on it this morning, tracy. >> right now, 4:03. we're following breaking news. pdw cruise are trying to clean up gas leak. it caused several families there to evacuee. here's a live look at the scene. this started after two residents reported smelling gas outside of
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their home, officials say they took one person to einstein medical center. we still don't know that condition. bill cosby will be back in court after the judge ruled his case can move forward. a judge decided an immunity deal ten years ago is not valid. he waved to fans as he left last night but didn't say anything about his condition. he's accused of drugging and sexually assaulting a person. they found the case too flawed to trial partially because of inconsistency. he said he used the immunity to get him to answer questions in a civil case. in that deposition he admitted to giving drugs to women before having sex with him. lawyer says they would never have let him sit for that deposition if they thought it
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could be reopened in the future. they plan to appeal. at least 60 women have filed suits. right now he's only facing criminal charges. a retired superior court judge tells nbc 10 some may be called to testify in the montgomery county case. >> because there's strength in numbers. other wooids you get down to one victim, he said, she said, and that's it. >> the judge adds it would take time before other accusers could testify. his court date right now is scheduled for march 8 to decide if there's enough evidence to go to trial. it's 4:05 and it's 53. we're getting a lot f reaction to the cosby ruling on our facebook paging. >> here's what pair a dine said. he will not receive a fair trial. the judicial system isn't
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designed to give a fair trial to him. marian asks how fair can you be to a molester of over 40 women. what do you think? share your thoughts with us. you can reach out on twitter, tweet us about the cosby case or any of the other stories. our addresses are on the screen. happening, the imminent domain other margate. they're against the state taking over lands to protect the dunes. today's hearing will focus on the state's effort to use eminent domain to use those dunes. that means the government could take the property for a private project. right now new jersey's minimum wage is 8:38. that mean as full-time minimum wage worker makes less than $18,000 a year. now, couragely new jersey has the highest minimum wage rate in
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our area. delaware is at 8:25 an hour. in pennsylvania it's equal to the national minimum, which is 7:is $7.25 an hour. this morning we have information on a deadly shooting. witnesses say they opened the door of the hope and just started firing. witnesses say the gunman opened the door and started shooting into the living room. there were at least ten people in the home including children. the victim died from a gunshot wound to the head. no one else was hurt. police are looking over surveillance video from near the scene of the crime. happening today in philadelphia, the fbi will recognize an agency that helps at-risk youth to get back on their feet. covenant house will receive the fbi director's community service award. the director's leadership award is based on anti-crime efforts
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that have an impact on the community. and right now on and the nbc 10 app, you can see ourgy cal exclusive, faces of homeless youth. you'll hear of real life stories of kids in philadelphia struggling to cope, living in the city without a place to stay, and how leaders are trying to help. eight minutes after 4:00. most of the rain has ended, but not all. and much of the area still has much of the rain. drier air arrive this afternoon. that's when we'll see some breaks of sunshine. another round of wet weather later today. a few sprinkles, very light stuff in northeast philadelphia. look at philadelphia in allentown with fog and 44 degrees and 59. the temperatures are elevated. the humidity is high. we still have some snow on the ground and it's still melting. look at the fog. that's low clouds over center
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city. that's a view from the loews hotel camera. now northern new jersey at the shore. ocean county as they exit atlantic city. we could see a return of showers again this afternoon. fog thick to start with will ease for allentown, quakertown, and reading. climbing into the 50s. not much warmer than it is right now. fog will disappear during the day. a mostly cloudy morning. showers along the coastline. showers to start with and then showers are back this afternoon for cape hay and rehoboth and in philadelphia, a foggy start. philadelphia, drexel hill and wilmington seeing it. we should see some breaks of sunshine come this afternoon. go through the futurecast hour by hour when i'm back in ten minutes. >> all right, bill. we'll see you then. thanks. it's about ten minutes past
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4:00. let's take a look. first alert 4 jessica boyington is watching the vine street expressway, right? >> that's right. and we're watching the visibility as well right around 24th street. you can actually see our camera lens are also covered in water. you can see slippery conditions there as well. water really sprays out from underneath as well as not being able to see that far in front of you. that's something to watch out for this morning. watch out for turns, off ramps. here's the schuylkill expressway. no problems with the times. discuss kill to 95 is a 15-minute drive time there. as for mass transit, no problems or delays so far for your morning, and i'll be back in the next ten minutes with your morning drive commute. >> jessica, thanks. a train slammed into a car last night in montgomery county. a car hit a minivan at waverly and gladwin.
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no one was in the train and no one was hurt. it's the second time. a septa train slammed into a car early yesterday morning. >> it's 11 minutes past 4:00 and 55 degrees outside. we have news about the decades-old disappearance of etan patz. hear why the parents want it thrown out. there's a phone scam hitting our area, and some say it is only getting worse. we'll tell you wait's all about and what you can do to protect yourself.
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it's 4:13 and crews here at dpw are trying to clean up a gas leak. several families have been evacuated. and we have a first alert warning. here in wayne county, visibility is at zero. we'll get an update from meteorologist bill henley in just a few minutes. this morning the irs is scrambling to fix a computer problem that shut down its electronic filing system. a hardware issue happened. you can't file electronically. you can file through turbotax or h & r block but they'll hold onto the returns until the system is back up and we'll continue to check with the irs and let you know when the system is working again. meantime this tax season comes with another curveball.
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irs imposters. officials with the consumer protection agency say their phones have been ringing off the hooks with people posing as tax experts. matt delucia is there to complain. matt? >> reporter: consumers here in bucks county are raising the alarm because of the frequency of these unsolicited phone calls. they seem to be getting worse. the folks here are already getting here the complaints. a lot of robocalls. some are threatening saying you owe taxes to the irs. some threaten prison time if you don't pay right away and these are definitely red flags to look out for. they say from 2014 to 25020-inch 15 the irs scam complaints shot up by nearly $50,000 and bucks county consumer protection agency says this year is shaping up to be even worse. >> it's a shame. a lot of people last year have fallen for the scam and it looks like this year we might have a
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lot of victims too. it's by far the biggest irs scam we've seen come through because it's successful. >> and it's not just happening in bucks county. people are getting these calls throughout our area. different area calls. they go through robocalls until some take the bait and some are. some have issued their own alerts about this. basically it comes down to this. the irs will not call you without sending you a letter in the mail first. i'm getting more tips for you on how to protect yourself. for now i'm live in bensalem, matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." >> matt, thanks for that. now to decision 2016. the democratic candidates will square off at a debate tonight. it follows a town hall last
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night. vai has more on that. vai? >> it's the first in the nation primary. last night bernie sanders and hillary clinton stated their positions in a nationally televised town hall. the two answered questions from new hampshire voters at the event hosted by cnn. sanders disputed clinton's claim to be a progressive, but clinton said her core is as liberal as sanders. >> we share a lot of the same big progressive goals but we have different ways of going about them. >> i do not know any progressive who has a super pac and takes $15 million from wall street. >> the democratic national committee which has been under pressure to sanction more debates has announced it's adding three more following tonight. they include a debate in flint, michigan, on march 6 and two more in the spring. bernie sanders will now get secret service protection.
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homeland security officials say they have authorize it following an official request from the sanders campaign. it will be an adjust for sanders who keeps a low profile and adjusts his schedule on the fly. senator pat toomey is backing marco rubio in the republican presidential race. he said rubio has the best chance of winning and he also thinks rubio will be a strong candidate in pennsylvania where supporters have voted democrats since 1988. the republican field is schaller this morning. two more candidates have dropped out. former senator rick santorum is announcing he's dropping out and endorsing marco rubio and rand paul has announced he's also dropping out of the white house race. that leaves nine candidates running for the gop president. i'm vai sikahema. i'll have more at the top of the
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hour. >> nbc 10's george spencer picks up our coverage from new hampshire and you'll see his report starting sunday on nbc 10. coming up, see what donald trump is being honored for while on the campaign trail. 4:19, we have new information the disappearance and murder of etan patz. he disappeared on his way to school. now the parents want a judgment. the judge rules that jose ramos was responsible for the death in a civil case but now patz's parents they say their son's killer is pedro fernandez. he was tried last year but jurors could not reach a verdict. his trial is set to begin later this month. a tornado leaves a path of destruction in tennessee. take a look at the damage from tuesday night's storm in alamo.
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the tornado was about 3 1/2 miles wide with winds up to 120 -- 110 miles an hour. the town's high school, middle school, and five homes were damaged. no one was seriously hurt. 20 minutes after 4:00. temperatures in the 50s right now. but look at what we've got. fog is thicker in some areas than others. that's the warm air still with us and the midwest left over from the rain and the melting snow. 54 degrees right now in philadelphia international. a little bit of a breeze out of the southwest. that will shift during the day. that's going to help clear out the fog even at the shore. seeing some fog to start with and some showers at the shore as well. look at these temperatures. 50s for pottstown, wilmington. here's where we're seeing fog
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the thickest. 49 trees in westchester. a few scatters showers, just a few sprinkles moving through philadelphia right now. the showers a little more impress ivg at the shore. offshore is where we'll see heavier rain. we'll be watching the shore because there's a possibility of rain later today. clearing skies. skies will slowly clear out. we'll get some sunshine at noontime today but the futurecast shows clouds coming back in this evening. then overnight tonight that wet weather will linger right along the coast. that's at 11:00. and some of it could come inland. that's as colder air moves in. there's a brief period of snow that may come down in parts of new jersey for early tomorrow. for today you'll see fog to start with and plenty of it. fog and mild temperatures and afternoon clearing as the wind shifts. look ahead toward the weekend, tracy, when i'm back in the next
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half hour. >> the weekend. i like to look forward to that is correct bill. thanks so much. just about 4:22. warning you you're going to face fog before you head out the door. jessica boyington takes a look at that. >> you can see -- you can barely actually see the roadway. i thought this was the roadway right in there. it's actually the shoulder because you see cars moving through here. still drive time of eight minutes. no problems there. you can see clearly reduced visibility is going to be a problem this morning. i'll have more drive times when i come back in the next ten minutes, tracy. >> thanks. it's a special day for good will. this morning they will open the first goodwill store and donation center. this there are more than 400 nationwide. it's 4:22.
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now the attorney general is concerned. also -- ♪ next, a lesson in love and respect. see why students are saluting their school assistant principal.
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4:25 and 30 degrees outside. let the eating begin. wing bowl 24 starts tomorrow
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morning at the wells fargo center billed as one of the largest wing eating contest. part of the proceeds will go toward the fraternal order of police survivor's fund. fans at the kosher grill will have an option. here's a picture of the kosher grill that will be up and running for all arena events starting monday. the kosher grill will be closed on friday nights, during saturday events before sundown and over passover. it's located behind sections 121 and 122 next to flyers experience. students and staff after a camden county school are showing support for their assistant principal who's being deployed oversees. the elementary school gave le wain williams a huge send-off. he's in the national reserves and headed overseas for six
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months. >> i've seen a number of people leave and you don't leave like this. when you have over 700 students sending you off like this, regardless of what happens down range, i'm going to be okay. >> senior master sergeant williams has been in service for over ten years. a first alert has been issued. it doesn't look too bad in philadelphia but many are seeing vifgt at quarter mile or less this morning. jessica boyington is watching for fog on the fog cameras this morning. doesn't look too bad. >> doesn't look too bad, bill. maybe pockets. we will check in with montgomery county when i come back at 4:30. shipping out, hear why today we'll learn why this ship's days are numbered.
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take it slow as you head out the door this morning. as you take a look at 95, a first alert is in effect because of fog creating dangerous conditions in our area. and in philadelphia's west oak lane area, residents are forced to evacuate. shipping out. its days are numbers. it's 4:30. good morning. i'm tracy davidson. let's talk more about the fog and


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