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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  February 4, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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switch to better. switch to fios. nbc 10 breaking news. and that breaking news, a frantic scene in cumberland county this morning after a deadly crash involving an suv and a school bus with children onboard. nbc 10's ted leeburg is live in fairfield township. ted, sort this out for us. >> reporter: well, vai, good morning. you can see that the school bus is still here. it's about to be towed away. they're getting ready to put it onto that flatbed tow truck. it was involved in the accident with a toyota rav 4 which is on the back of that other flatbed truck. the driver of that suv was killed and pronounced dead here at the scene. this happened shortly before 7:45 this morning here on commerce street in fairfield
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township just outside the city of bridgeton. officials tell us four bridgeton school district students between the ages of 11 and 17 were on the school bus along with a driver and a bus aide. witnesses saw those children climbing out the back door of the bus following the crash. officials tell us all of the students and the bus driver were taken to medical center in vineland with minor injuries. the bus aide took cooper in camden with more serious injuries. people who live nearby were startled by what they heard and saw. >> it was a really big like crash. like you just heard metal. and then it was a lot of screeching. they were getting out the back of the bus. a lot of them were coming out the back. it was a bunch of screaming. couldn't make out any words. crying, screaming, everybody was frantic. >> couple kids were in shock. they put them on the gurneys and took them away to the hospital. one girl was definitely in a lot of shock. they were actually holding her
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up. >> reporter: but again, we're told by state police and school district officials that those kids are okay. the name of the suv driver who was killed has not been released. new jersey state police are here, troopers here are conducting their investigation. so far they have not provided us with any information about what may have led to this terrible crash. we're going to stay here and continue to gather information. as soon as we get that we'll bring it to you. live in fairfield township cumberland county, ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> ted, thank you very much. you may need to get around that area there. time now for a check on traffic with jessica boyington. jessica, help us out. >> well, vai, you can see that bus was in the process of being towed out of the way. so we may have a little more or leave a little earlier than thought, but for right now we know it's an accident investigation underway and that area's still not cleaned up the 800 block of east commerce is still closed. your best bet for an alternate is here irving avenue. that's one of the biggest major
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roads running by that scene. otherwise you can just follow the local detours. here's route 422 around 29, major accident involved right in here on the westbound side. one lane getting by that area right now. and a little bit of a backup behind that. use some caution. on montgomery avenue upper merion closed due to a large pothole, vai. jessica, thank you. the fog meanwhile has lifted. and we are dealing with pretty mild temperatures throughout our area today. here's a live look at actually the philadelphia art museum. we got off to a foggy start this morning. this is what it looked like in wayne, delaware county. this is around 4:00 a.m. you can't see too far down that road. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. looks much better, glenn. >> yeah, vai.
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the fog has lifted. the clouds do remain. we're not going to be seeing sunshine during the day today, but it's already mild. it doesn't have to warm up very much to still be a very mild day for february. as a matter of fact, you can see all of those clouds just streaming up from the southwest. the rain is well offshore. but this moisture train goes all the way down to georgia and some of this moisture from north and south carolina are moving this way. it's 51 degrees in philadelphia now. into the mid-40s north and west. and so it is way too warm for snow at least for now. but things are likely to change as we go through the night tonight. okay. it's pretty mild today. mild this evening. temperatures in the 40s. and then you see rain break out especially in new jersey and delaware. the closer you are to the coast the heavier the precipitation's going to be. and as it gets heavier and the atmosphere cools down, the rain
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changes to snow late tonight and into early tomorrow morning. question how far to the west that snow is going to occur, but it also looks like these temperatures remain above freezing. so we're talking about a wet snow, a little slushy on some of the grassy surfaces. temperatures fairly level during the day today. not dropping a whole lot until that rain starts tonight. more on the timing and how much snow to expect with the seven-day in a few minutes. all right. see you then, glenn. five west oakland families are back home this morning after an overnight gas leak forced them to evacuate their homes. crews worked for several hours to fix the cracked gas main on 21st street. in philadelphia, police released three new videos this morning as they try to solve crimes across the city. the first shows a gunman shooting a man outside sugar and spice in frankford tuesday
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morning. the victim ended up at a hospital where he told police about the shooting. the shooter is still on the loose. also look at this new video of a gold suv that police say was involved in a shootout in logan friday night. the suv pulled onto west clarkson street and someone inside fired at least eight shots at a back car parked on the street. passengers in that car fired back as the gold suv drove away. it's described as a newer chevy equinox that may have bullet holes. and the black car started to follow several blocks later. it crashed into parked cars and flipped over on taber road. one man was taken to the hospital in critical condition. if you have any information about this shooting, you're asked to call police. and here's the third video. police are trying to find this man who they say robbed two food stores in fairhill wednesday morning. you can see him jumping through the drive through window at the dunkin donuts on west lehigh
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avenue. he pulled out a knife, threatened the cashier and took money from the register. a few hours later the robber pulled off a similar crime at k & s food market on north fifth street. bill cosby will be back in court next month after a judge ruled his case can move forward. after two days of testimony the judge decided an immunity deal from ten years ago is not valid. cosby waves to fans as he left the courthouse in norristown last night but did not say anything about the judge's decision. he's accused of drugging and sexually assaulting a temple university employee. it's a case that dates back a decade. during his weeks -- this week's hearing, former montgomery county district attorney bruce castor testified he found the case too flawed to prosecute back in 2005 partly because of inconsistencies in the accuser's story. he says he used the immunity agreement to get cosby to answer questions in the civil case. in that deposition cosby admitted to giving drugs to
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women before having sex with them. cosby's lawyers say they would never have let him sit for the deposition if they thought the criminal case could be reopened in the future. and they plan to appeal. happening today in burlington county, a high school teacher charged with possession of child pornography will have his first court appearance. david rodriguez was arrested yesterday. authorities say he used an online cloud service to upload photos and videos containi inin child important. rodriguez is a biology teacher at cumberland regional high school in bridgeton. we left a message for the school superintendent but have not heard back yet. and happening now in trenton, lawmakers are introducing a bill there to raise the state's minimum wage to $15 an hour. right now new jersey's minimum wage is $8.38. that means a full-time minimum wage worker makes less than $18,000 a year. currently new jersey has the highest minimum wage rate in our area. delaware's slightly behind at
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$8.25 an hour. in pennsylvania meanwhile it's equal to the national minimum at $7.25 an hour. the s.s. united states will not only be saved from the scrap heap but it will sail the high seas again. crystal cruise announced this morning they are buying the famous ship which has been docked for decades in south philadelphia. the cruise line will renovate the ship and transform it back into a full fledged luxury passenger vessel. in 1952 the ship broke the transatlantic speed record. well, let the eating begin. 30 competitors will weigh in today for wingbowl 24. the eaters will appear at chicky's and pete's later this afternoon. wingbowl 24 starts tomorrow morning at the wells fargo center. it is billed as one of the world's largest wing eating contests. a portion of the proceeds will benefit the philadelphia fraternal order of police survivors fund. fans of the wells fargo center will soon have a kosher option when it comes to game time food.
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here's a picture of the kosher grill. it will be up and running for all the arena events starting on monday. the kosher grill will be closed on friday nights during saturday events before sundown and during passover. it's located behind section 121 and 122 next to the fan experience. fight night, it's their final showdown before the new hampshire primary. but hillary clinton and bernie sanders got a head start last night. a look at how things are heating up between the two remaining democrats. what's in store for tonight's debate and why donald trump is accused ted cruz of stealing the election in iowa. plus, watch the reaction of a scorned former drug ceo as he refused to testify on capitol hill today. glenn. it's not feeling like winter outside right now despite all the clouds. i am tracking a system that could bring some winter weather to parts of our area tomorrow. we'll let you know what to expect where you live just ahead.
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in decision 2016, hillary clinton and bernie sanders have their first one-on-one debate tonight in new hampshire. it will be broadcast live on msnbc. meanwhile, on the republican side senator marco rubio is giving fellow senator ted cruz something to worry about. nbc's tracie potts is following it all from washington. >> reporter: a new 7 news/boston
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university massachusetts poll out this morning puts marco rubio on the move in new hampshire, now number two ahead of ted cruz. he's questioning how cruz won iowa. >> ultimately i think it goes back to what i've said before and that is the willingness to say or do anything. >> reporter: the leading republican, donald trump, is claiming he could have won iowa if ted cruz hadn't sent out questionable mailers and spread false rumors that ben carson was dropping out. >> you know, these politicians are brutal. they're brutal. >> i wake up every day and laugh at the latest thing donald has tweeted. because he's losing it. >> reporter: tonight's msnbc debate is hillary clinton's last chance to take on bernie sanders face-to-face before new hampshire votes on tuesday. >> but it's about our records, hey, i'm going to win by a landslide on tuesday. >> reporter: sanders has a double-digit lead here. he's hammering clinton on her six-figure speeches. >> i do not know any progressive who has a super pac and takes
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$15 million from wall street. that's just not progressive. >> reporter: her response. >> that's what they offered. >> reporter: from the democrats the new poll shows clinton gaining but still far behind. rick santorum dropped out and endorsed rubio. rand paul and mike huckabee dropped out. no endorsements from them yet. from washington, i'm tracie potts, nbc 10 news. and you can watch the two remaining democratic candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders squaring off at a debate tonight in new hampshire. you can watch it live starting at 9:00 tonight on msnbc. and remember you can count on nbc 10 to bring you news, to bring you insight as well as analysis from the campaign trail. george spencer picks up our kovr coverage this weekend in new hampshire. you'll see his reports starting sunday night on nbc 10. former pharmaceutical ceo
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schrekli exercised fifth amendment right when he went before house oversight committee this morning. he was widely scorned for hiking the price of a life saving drug by more than 5,000 percent. and leaders and diplomats from 70 countries including secretary of state john kerry are meeting in london to pledge money for the victims of the u.s. civil war. the u.s. committed about $900 million much going for food and shelter for syrian who is have sought refuge in neighboring countries like lebanon. they will also discuss educational projects to help the refugees. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> now that we've gotten rid of practically all our snow, our eyes turn to see if we have any other chances over the next 24 hours. it's mild again today. it's way too warm for snow at the moment, but we are likely to
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see some snow in at least parts of the area by daybreak tomorrow. and some winter cold coming next week if not some more winter snow. we have cloudy skies out there now. it's 51 degrees. the wind is 17 miles an hour. and it is still 10 degrees above the average high for this time of the year. and it's mild everywhere again for this time of the year. 40 in mt. pocono, 40, west chester, those are the cold spots. there's no sunshine. still the cold spots out there. the warm spot 52 degrees in atlantic city. we did tie the record of 62 yesterday. we're 11 degrees colder than at this time yesterday. dover's 13 degrees colder. but it was ridiculously warm, record warm yesterday. and so that kind of a cooldown still doesn't make it cool. how much snow is left? officially not much. we've got just a touch up in lehigh valley and the poconos
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and parts of burks county. we see all sorts of clouds over the entire area, the rain has moved out, the fog has moved out, but look at this area of clouds moving up from the southwest. now, some of this precipitation down in virginia and north carolina is going to make it up the coast. and the temperature of course is going to be critical to see what type of precipitation falls tonight. so we are in the mid-40s to low 50s now. and as we go through the afternoon, temperatures don't really change very much from where they are now. they may go up a couple degrees north and west. and it stays dry until this evening. and then it looks like some rain breaks out, especially delaware, south jersey. later this evening, close to midnight. look at the temperatures.
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in the 40s. but as the atmosphere gets drier and the precipitation gets heavier, pulls down some of that cold air from higher up, and low and behold the rain changes to snow. and the temperatures drop, but they're not dropping all the way to freezing mark. this is a type of wet, slushy snow that kind of sticks to everything but would melt on the roads. and there by friday 10:00 a.m. or so it's gone. so what to expect, we have rain changing to snow late tonight. the heaviest snow will be close to the shore where we're talking a couple of inches, maybe a little bit more small slushy accumulations out of this. this is not going to be the fluffy type that blows in the wind. cloudy but mild this afternoon. temperatures in the upper 40s to the low 50s. then tonight we have the rain changing to wet snow. temperatures generally staying
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above the freezing mark. and the seven-day forecast, well, you can see a pretty nice weekend there. temperatures close to 50 degrees. that's way above average. and then we have a chance of some snow early next week followed by cold weather. thank you, glenn. skyforce 10 has launched and it is hovering live over breaking news. thomas edison high school in the hunting park section of philadelphia is on lockdown. now, the preliminary information we're getting is very sketchy but authorities are telling us they have a report of a weapon that's inside the school. we are making phone calls and working to gather information on this. and of course stay with nbc 10 and nbc 10's app for updates on this breaking news. here's some news guaranteed to put a smile on your face. free dental care for kids. okay, well maybe that's just news that makes parents smile. we'll tell you where you can get your child checked out for free tomorrow. and later, encouraging news for millions of americans.
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researchers say they're one step closer to developing a cure for type 1 diabetes.
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♪ i had an injury to my neck. it wasn't as serious injury it was a herniated disc. anything that could go wrong went wrong.
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i've been in the hospital twenty three times since. the bills started to pile up. i had nothing to give. we had nothing in the refrigerator. i would be dead and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for pond lehocky. february is national childrens dental health month. and tomorrow dentists in our area will be helping kids get the dental care that they need. it's all part of give kids a smile day. dr. howard lasin is a cherryhill dentist once again involved with the program. doctor, thank you very much for
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coming in. >> nice to see you. >> i see you work with kids because you have the props. i like that. tell us what this program is all about. >> well, we're celebrating our 14th year of give kids a smile. it started 2002 in st. louis, missouri by two dentists. it is to provide dental care to the underserved of the nation. this time we'll be again in c camden county college in blackwood, new jersey. we'll be there from 9:00 until about 4:00 or 5:00 i guess. >> tell me some of the reasons that you think parents typically don't stay on top of their children's dental health care? i suppose if you don't have money, it's just easier to go only when you have an emergency, right? i'm guessing that may be one of the reasons. >> that's definitely true. you know, dental care is a difficult thing for many parents to pay for.
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and sometimes expensive. and to be able to provide care to children is very important to us as dentists and as health care providers. so it's a lot when the children don't complain. sometimes people assume that the teeth will fall out any way and they'll be okay. >> and i'm guessing people just view it as perhaps a luxury item. but what are some of the biggest issues you see with children and their teeth? >> well, according to the cdc and preventive -- prevention, they classify dental decay as the most chronic disease in children. one out of four children in the united states have dental decay that is untreated. it is a very serious concern to us because it can affect their day, the way they eat, the way they sleep, the way they
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function in school. dental pain if you ever had it is not very comfortable at all. it can be very, very debilitating. >> you have an abscess tooth there's nothing more painful than that. besides the event tomorrow, what are some other options that parents may have at their disposal for dental health care for their kids? >> well, it's an ongoing program. the ada is celebrating its 75th year of dental health month. and there's ongoing program throughout the nation. what i did is i went online to the ada and new jersey dental association. and you can click on sites where they have sites for tomorrow where we'll be or around the state in pennsylvania and in new jersey, in the tri-state area. but there's other avenues, there's clinics in south jersey. and i know in pennsylvania too the dental schools.
11:27 am
so there's always avenues to try to get help. but this is an ongoing issue for us as dentists we're very concerned about providing care to the underserved of the state. >> well, we appreciate you coming in. you came last year and you always come in to let people know especially those who are underserved about this opportunity to get help the dental health care they need for their kids. camden county college is one of the more than eight locations participating in give kids a smile tomorrow. dental care for children 12 and under being offered at the school's dental hygiene campus in blackwood township from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for more information go to our website at or check out the nbc 10 app. >> nice to see you again. >> thank you very much for coming in. >> for you, sir. >> is that for me? you telling me something? >> not at all. >> thanks a again. nice to see you. we continue to follow breaking news and developments on that breaking news in
11:28 am
cumberland county. this after an suv collided with a school bus with children inside. we'll have a report from the scene. we'll have that just ahead. and it's not just the nfl's biggest game. it's the super bowl of pigging out as well. before you indulge during the big game, hear about the popular food a dietitian describes as calorie and fat grenades. many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean,
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in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
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nbc 10 breaking news. and that breaking news, a deadly crash in south jersey. and it involved a school bus with children onboard and an suv. nbc 10's ted greenberg shows us the scene in fairfield township. >> reporter: well, these are the two vehicles that were involved in the crash. a school bus right there you see going on to the back of that tow truck. and an suv, a toyota rav 4. and the driver of that suv was
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killed and pronounced dead at the scene. this happened shortly before 7:45 this morning here on commerce street in fairfield township just outside the city of bridgeton. officials tell us four bridgeton school district students between the ages of 11 and 17 were on the school bus along with the bus driver and a bus aide. witnesses saw those children climbing out the back door of the bus following the crash. officials tell us all of the students and the bus driver were taken to vineland with minor injuries. the bus aide took cooper in camden with more serious injuries. people who live nearby were startled by what they heard and saw. >> it was a really big like crash. like you just heard metal and then it was a lot of screeching. >> they were getting out the back of the bus. a lot of them>)z coming out the back. a bunch of screaming. you couldn't make out any words. crying, screaming, everybody was frantic. >> some kids were in shock.
11:33 am
put them on gurneys and took them away to the hospital. one girl was in shock they were holding her up. >> reporter: the name of the suv driver killed has not been released. so far new jersey state police have not provided us with any information about what may have led to the crash. in fairfield county, ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. we have an update on breaking news we brought you. skyforce 10 is live over huntington park at edison school where the school is on lockdown. authorities received a report of a weapon inside the school. you see police cruisers on the ground. police are trying to find that weapon on campus. stay with nbc 10 and the nbc 10 app for updates on this breaking news. well, the fog has lifted but the mild temperatures they're sticking around. here's a live look now at the
11:34 am
jersey shore from our camera at the marquee delafayette hotel in cape may. we also saw dense fog in parts of our area this morning. this was in berwyn, chester county. you can see how thick that fog was in that shot. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast where the fog has lifted but the warmth stuck around. >> yeah. it's not quite as warm as yesterday when we tied a record with 62, but it's still way above average for this time of the year. despite all the clouds that have lingered across the area. the visibility is fine. the fog is gone as the winds shifted, but you can see all of these clouds coming up from the southwest. and eventually there's going to be some moisture coming up from that direction as well. some more serious moisture in the form of rain, at least at the start. you can see that it's plenty warm enough for rain and not snow at the moment. 51 degrees in philadelphia.
11:35 am
47 in allentown. 45 degrees in reading. and as we go through the day today the temperature if anything goes down a little bit this afternoon. but the cloud cover continues as we go through the day. then this evening some of that moisture thickens up and rain starts to break out. delaware and in new jersey temperatures way above freezing. as the colder air comes down, the precipitation gets heavier, the rain changes over to snow. closer to the coast the more snow you're going to get. more on the timing of that, how much to expect and what to expect for the weekend with the seven-day in a few minutes. all right. thank you, glenn. checking out our nbc 10 headlines. five west oak lane families are back home this morning after an overnight gas leak forced them to evacuate their homes. pgw crews worked for several hours to fix the cracked gas main on 21st street. a high school teacher charged with possession of child
11:36 am
pornography will have his first court appearance today. authorities say david rodriguez used an online cloud service to upload photos and videos containing child important. rodriguez is a biology teacher at cumberland regional high school in bridgeton. and crystal cruise announced this morning that they are buying the ss united states which has been docked for decades in south philadelphia. it's been in danger of being sold for scrap. the cruise line will renovate the ship and transform it back to its full fledged luxury passenger vessel restoring it back to the old days. if you live in bucks county, by the way, be ware as nbc 10's matt delucia explains imposters are targeting homes there calling and pretending to be irs. >> i would say this is the all-time most successful tell marketer scam that i've ever seen before. >> hello? >> reporter: and anyone can get the call, even if you're on a do
11:37 am
not call list. with tax season ramping up, robo dialing machines are hitting every area code in the delaware valley. people on the other end claim to be calling on behalf of the irs. they aren't friendly. and some demand immediate payment while others may threaten jail time. >> it's first of all the irs really wouldn't contact you this way. but it's definitely people at the other end that are bullying consumers. >> reporter: bucks county's consumer protection director says the complaints are rolling in. >> we know we have victims in bucks county. and there's victims across the country. >> reporter: the federal trade commission says nationwide complaints went up by 50,000 from bl>b2014 to 2015. the problem is getting worse. the irs says this, it will never call before sending you a letter, demand that you pay taxes without giving a chance to appeal, require you to use a specific payment method, like a debit card, or ask for a credit or debit card number over the phone. for a guy who deals with this
11:38 am
all the time, he says it's difficult to stop but he does offer one big tip. >> don't call back, don't argue with them, don't tell them that you know it's a scam because they will just call back time and time again. and they have the time to deal with this. >> reporter: matt delucia, nbc 10 news. and this morning the irs is scrambling to fix a computer problem that shut down its electronic filing system. a hardware failure forced several tax return processing systems to shut down including the e-file system. that means right now you cannot file an electronic tax return. the agency says you can still file your returns through other companies like turbo tax or h & r block, but they will hold on to the returns until the system is back up. we will continue to check with the irs and let you know when their system is back up and working again. meanwhile, in decision 2016 iowa caucus winner ted cruz held a campaign event this morning in
11:39 am
portsmouth. a new poll now puts him in third place in new hampshire behind fellow senator marco rubio. and rubio took voter questions this morning at a town hall event in stratham. both current senator pat thume -- says rubio could be a strong general election candidate in the keystone state. ohio governor john kasich held a town hall in pelham, new hampshire. he's hope ago strong finish in the granite state can help ignite his campaign. reminder, you can watch the two remain k democratic candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders squaring off at a debate tonight in new hampshire. you can watch it live starting at 9:00 tonight on msnbc. remember, you can count on nbc 10 to bring you news, insight and analysis from the campaign
11:40 am
trail. george spencer picks up our coverage this weekend in new hampshire. you'll see his reports starting sunday night right here on nbc 10. more breaking news. skyforce 10 is live over a three-alarm house fire in wyncote, montgomery county. you see smoke billowing from that roof and the windows. we're told the house is vacant. there are no injuries. but we're working to gather more information on this home. of course stay with nbc 10 and the nbc 10 app for updates on this breaking news. meanwhile, a colorado hospital is asking thousands of patients to get tested for hiv, hepatitis b and hepatitis c after they suspect a former employee committed a crime. officials at the englewood, colorado, hospital found a former operating room worker may have stolen a syringe holding pain medication. he allegedly replaced it with another syringe. the hospital suspended the
11:41 am
worker when it learned of the accusations. authorities aren't saying how patients may have been exposed but they say that surgery patients may have been put at risk. well, the denver broncos and carolina panthers hit the field sunday night. most of america will be hitting the buffet line. as nbc 10 national correspondent erica edwards reports, super bowl parties often include a lot of unhealthy treats. she looks at the biggest offenders and offers tips for slightly healthier game day goodies. >> reporter: the only thing that gets football fans fired up more than their favorite teams playing in the super bowl is the food that goes with it. >> chips, beer, yeah. >> na chos. >> hot dogs, hamburgers. >> reporter: the typical super bowl is so consuming, a person can consume as many as 2,000 calories on game day. >> i start my diet the following morning. >> reporter: one of the biggest culprits is the chicken wings. three to five of these little
11:42 am
guys can have as many as 300 calories. and no one only eats three to five wings. >> chicken wings are basically calorie and fat grenades. >> reporter: clinical dietitian suggests replacing wings with chicken tenders. also swap out sour cream and dips for greek yogurt. and stick with light beer. >> the higher the alcohol content of the beer, the higher the calorie content of the beer. >> reporter: and the best defense against an entire bowl of chips and dip ending up on your end zone is a plate. experts say fill it up once then turn your back on the buffet table and get back into the game. super bowl sunday is considered the second largest day for food consumption in the country. so you know it really is just one day. dietitians say it's fine for most people to indulge a little and get back on track on monday. reporting in charlotte, north carolina, clearly without any bias whatsoever, im erika edwards, nbc news. is your kitchen a mess or it as neat as a pin?
11:43 am
what the condition of your kitchen could say about how many pounds you've been putting on. mild conditions again today, but i am tracking the system that should bring some wintry weather to parts of our area. what you can expect and when just ahead.
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some more breaking news. skyforce 10 is live over this three-alarm house fire. this is in wyncote, montgomery county. this is greenwood avenue.
11:46 am
we're told that the house is vacant and that there are no injuries but we're working to find more information. you see firefighters there on the ground. smoke billowing from that home. of course stay with nbc 10 and the nbc 10 app for updates on this breaking news. could a cure for type 1 diabetes be on the horizon? scientists are already testing one possibility on diabetic patients. new brunswick based johnson & johnson joined force with viacyte to come up with the stem cell treatment. a capsule filled with stem cells is implanted under the skin. they turn into insulin producing cells. if it's successful in patients, it would amount to a cure ending the need for frequent insulin injections and blood sugar testing. and if you're trying to watch your weight, you might want to clean up your kitchen. that's right. researchers asked one group of stressed out women to wait in a cluttered kitchen while another group waited in an organized
11:47 am
kitchen. both rooms had bowls of cookies. and in just ten minutes the messy kitchen group, they ate twice as many cookies as the group in the clean kitchen. well, happening today, it's world cancer day. an annual event to raise awareness about the disease. to do that organizers want to get as many people as possible talking about cancer today. it's already working. the #worldcancerday is trending on twitter. our next guest wants you to talk about world cancer and dreams of getting rid of it once and for all. a 17-year-old high school junior and cancer survivor, wrote a book several years ago and brought her book with her. and ellen, the executive director of the east pennsylvania chapter of the leukemia and lymphoma society. thank you both for being here. >> thank you. >> let's go back, when you were a little girl you were very sick. tell us about that. >> one weekend i woke up and was
11:48 am
feeling really sick, was really pale. i couldn't do much. and i went to st. christophers and they told me i had a virus that would go away in ten days. that friday i went with my grandparents. and she noticed how sick i was. so she took me to a different hospital and from there they took blood and i ended up at st. christopher's again, but this time on the oncology floor and they told me i had leukemia. >> wow. this is not your first time here at the station. you were here as a little girl about four or five years ago when you were 12. i think we might have some video of that. hopefully we'll pull it up here. but then you end up writing -- there you are. look at you. do you remember that day? >> yes. >> i think you were sitting in the very same studio in the same very chair. >> i got so scared. >> yeah. you were probably nervous. you look great. >> yeah, thank you. >> but now you're a veteran of television so it's not a big deal. tell us about the book that you
11:49 am
wrote. >> well, i wrote a book, my journey with cancer. it just has like the basics from when i was sick to being in the hospital, losing hair to tell you about -- to getting better. >> ellen, this is world cancer day but you're calling it deana day. what do you want people to know about this wonderful and pretty young woman? >> well, several things. first of all, the book is terrific. she is so candid in her description as what it was like to go through treatment. and yet it was so upbeat. i want people to look at her and to see how, you know, successful she's been. and how close -- how far we've come with the cure for cancer. years ago, you know, in the '60s and '70s the cancer that deana had would have been a much different outcome. and now it has a 90% cure rate.
11:50 am
>> tell me real quick how your book is raising money for your organization. >> well -- >> hold your book up. we want people to see it and buy it. there it is. >> well, the book is now on kindle so it's easier for people to download. and, you know, some of the proceeds from the money from kindle will go to the leukemia and lymphoma society and then the rest will go to us. >> well, deana's book, how my sun got its smile, is sale online. proceeds benefit the leukemia and lymphoma society. we'll have a link at thank you very much for coming in. >> thank you for having us. >> you come back in a few more years and just kind of keep track of your life that way. thank you very much, guys. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. a lot of rain and record warm temperatures, at least in parts of the area yesterday. that's gotten rid of pretty much all the snow.
11:51 am
but we are still mild, unseasonably mild again today despite all the clouds. we are tracking some wet snow that is going to hit a good bit of the area overnight. and winter like temperatures next week if not some more snow. now, you can see all those clouds out there. it looks kind of threatening, but it's not going to be doing anything this afternoon. 51 degrees. the winds north-northwest at 17 miles an hour. and as we go through the night tonight you're going to see these temperatures drop just a little bit. as you can see here during the afternoon 53 degrees and then this evening we're dropping into the mid 40s. so how could it snow? well, in some cases it can snow while temperatures are in the 40s. it's not going to stay in the 40s if that happens. the temperature then drops into the 30s. but it certainly can start in the 40s. you can see we're in the 40s now. 46 at pottstown, 45 blue bell,
11:52 am
45 kenneth square. 45 washington township and wilmington, 51 mt. holly, northeast philly. so it's pretty mild everywhere. 51 in dover and also in beeach haven with northwest wind. that's why the fog is gone, winds have shifted. you can see the clouds from the southwest but you don't see anything on radar close by. we're starting to see a little bit of an increase here in parts of virginia. and i've kind of tilted the map so it's a little easier to see where it's going. it looks like it's headed mostly toward the shore. and those are the areas that are going to get the heaviest precipitation. but you're also going to get a lot of rain. so here we are this evening and the rain is starting. and southern delaware and south jersey it will break out across much of the area and we're going to be seeing some pretty significant rain for a good bit of the night with temperatures in the 40s. and then all the sudden it's going to change to snow. and it could change to heavy wet snow suddenly. and it could also happen in
11:53 am
philadelphia area all the way to the shore. and how much snow? we have different computer models generally showing more toward the shore, couple of inches there. maybe slushy inch around the philadelphia area. but that's the european model. but one new model that's just in shows up to three inches of snow in parts of the shore area and little bit of slushy accumulation even around philadelphia. so, again, updates this afternoon as some new data comes in. the european model updates in a couple hours. cloudy but mild today. high temperatures in the upper 40s to the mid-50s. tonight, we have rain developing. but it changes to wet snow. if it's going to do anything for the morning rush tomorrow, it's going to be snowing, not raining. but the temperature may stay above the freezing mark. and then the seven-day forecast the early rain to snow tomorrow and then a really nice weekend, above average temperatures. and then it gets colder again
11:54 am
next week with some chances of snow especially on tuesday. we'll be right back.
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today on nbc 10 news at 4:00, getting illegal guns off the streets of philadelphia and making the city a safer place. the nbc 10 investigators got an inside look at how legal guns
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are passed from hand-to-hand from undercover agents busting the bad guys. thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema for glenn "hurricane" schwartz and all of us here at nbc 10 have a great day.
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[knock at door] >> deimos: mr. hamlyn. i certainly didn't expect to see you on my doorstep. >> landlord: i was in the neighborhood, so i thought i'd just drop off the lease. >> deimos: [chuckles] wow, hand delivered at this time of night. quite the personal service. >> landld: it's a straightforward, boilerplate contract, no hidden clauses, so if you could just go ahead and sign it, i can get you moved in. >> deimos: why don't you come on in? please. you know, after i saw your place, i saw three others. >> landlord: we could talk about the rent. >> deimos: you didn't let me finish. none of them were furnished and yet they all cost


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