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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  February 4, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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midnight. temperatures in the 40s. they will be dropping but it's going to take a while till they drop far enough for the rain to change to snow. when that happens it could happen like that, go from moderate rain to moderate snow, just in the matter of minutes and start accumulating. then the snow ends, 6 to 9:00 a.m. we have temperatures in the 40s now, watch what happens as we go through the night, all of a sudden the rain changes to snow and the temperatures drop through the 30s. that's for the morning rush, at least for parts of the area. for more on exactly what to expect a closer look if you'll see snow where you live and if so how much with sheena parveen. >> glenn, this is all depending on where you live like we know, but the overnight hours into the early morning commute, it is an important time to be watching the snow and how much will be falling. of course the impacts on where you live. so here's what we expect as far
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as snow totals. if you are in new jersey and delaware you'll see the most out of this. about 2 to 4 inches. let's zoom in. we could see locally higher amounts. this is parts of sussex county. cape may county, cumberland, atlantic county, 2to 4 inches. we could have higher amounts. we get closer to the philadelphia area, 1 to 2, we'll be more on the enof this less amount of time the snow falling so this is mostly new castle, kent county through the i-95 corridor into philadelphia interior sections of new jersey. so the closer you are to 95, that's where you'll see 1 to 2 inches. still 2 to 4 through much of new jersey and that is going to extend to trenton. about up to an inch so the impacts in these areas this is what you can expect. mostly grassy accumulations for bucks, montgomery and chester counties. philadelphia to trenton, mostly grassy accumulation.
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as the snow falls visibility gets low so that's going to be an issue in the morning, especially into new jersey, wet snow, heavy at times so be very careful on the roadways and all of these areas, really. coming up glenn will look at the timing of the snow, the impact as we go through the morning commute and also what you can expect for your weekend. >> sheena, count on nbc 10 to track this snow and rain and send out alerts on the nbc 10 app. this could impact buses in the morning so you find school closings and delays on our app. and the team will be on the air at 4:00 a.m. with the latest forecast and traffic impacts as well. >> 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with a terrifying ride for students. their school bus flipped on its side after colliding with an suv. witnesses called 911 for help. >> it flipped over. >> yeah. a van hit it. it flipped over with kids on it. >> this new cell phone video from a witness at that scene
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shows the children just moments after escaping from their overturned bus, following the crash. the children on the bus are between the ages of 11 and 17, they are all okay. >> man behind the wheel of the suv did not survive. officials tell us he died there at the scene. the bus and the suv crashed around 7:45 this morning on state highway 49 in fairfield township. sky force 10 was live over the scene a short time later. nbc 10's reporter ted greenberg joining us live from fairfield township with the latest on the crash and the victims. >> reporter: jim and jackie, this afternoon a bus aide is in the hospital, she was critically injured. right here is where the bus ended up on its side. new jersey state police tell us it appears that suv was headed west here on route 49, when it slammed into the school bus going the opposite direction. >> see the kids. >> reporter: rosalynn captured
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this after several children climbed out of the emergency exit of their flipped over school bus. >> they were screaming. i know one of them was in shock. >> is anybody hurt? >> definitely has to be. >> reporter: 911 operators fielded a flood of calls around 7:45 this morning, right after state police say the driver of this suv crossed into oncoming traffic on route 49 and struck the school bus, the suv driver, 43-year-old larry waler of bridgeton, the father of a 9-year-old girl, died at the scene. >> a good dude. a real good guy. the only thing. >> school officials tell us four students between the ages of 11 and 17 were on the bus, headed to a special services school outside the city. rescuers rushed them to a medical center with minor injuries along with the driver, an 82-year-old bus aide is in
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critical but stable condition at cooper in camden. >> they were scared, petrified. you know. they were autumn shaken. >> reporter: investigators are trying to determine what led to the collision. brittany's kids take a different bus but today she decided to drive them herself. >> i guess you got to hug them extra tight. you don't know. you don't know what happens minute to minute. >> reporter: the four kids who were on that bus are now out of the hospital. school district administrators tell us they are arranging counseling services for those children. i'm ted greenberg, "nbc 10 news." now to three stories you have to see for yourself. sky force 10 over this water main break in philadelphia. you can see the water rising under these train tracks, over frankford avenue near sedgley. some drivers look at that taking a risk trying to drive through that water. nbc 10 is working to figure out when that water main will be repaired. sky force 10 over montgomery
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county today as crews worked to put out a house fire, the home over 100 years old. it's along dpreenwood avenue. you see the flames from the air. firefighters were called here just before 11:30, no one was hurt. no word on how this fire started. >> now to new video from bucks county. what things looked like in the parking lot of the post office in south hampton. the truck caught fire before 8:00 this morning. we're trying to find out if anything was in that truck. but no one was hurt. and it's not clear how the fire started. >> there's a new warning for meem use the schuylkill river trail. police are teping up patrols after three different armed attacks since sunday. cydney long is live on the trail in the fair mount section of philadelphia to explain what happened. and who police are looking for. >> reporter: jacqueline, police are looking for a group of young men, 16 to 20, they were on their bicycles on sunday night put on foot last night and looking for anyone who has
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anything of value, in fact, in all three of these crimes, over a stretch of four nights, all of the victims were shown a gun. >> it's scary because i do run this course all hours of the night. i like running after midnight but it's something to be concerned about. >> reporter: anthony is reacting to three armed robberies in four nights. the first two happened sunday night, nine minutes apart on the trail in which a group of teens robbed two people and got away on bicycles. so far all of the victims have been men. >> approach them, display handgun and demand belongings from them. ultimately they get the phone, lap top and ipad. >> reporter: it has runners and walkers we spoke to on edge. >> i don't go at night like i said i keep my music down low, i don't carry a lot with me. i have $5. they want that they can have it. >> reporter: last night the group was more aggressive. >> prior to leaving they actu actually ask to unlock the
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phone. punching and kicking him before fleeing. >> reporter: police increased patrols and after a foot chase caught two of the juveniles. >> very disturbing. you look at the handgun is a bb gun so that is troubling, the fact that they know they are trying to intentionally scare people. >> the victim might not know it's a bb. >> absolutely not. if they are a police officer that responds to this, you have now this could turn into a tragic incident. >> i'm prepared to either run or you know, yell for somebody to help me. you know. i'm not afraid to ask for help. >> that's good advice. police are also asking walkers and joggers to be extra cautious, to be aware because two or possibly three of the robbers remain at large. coming up at 5:00, why these incidents have become a scary reminder to a woman who frequents the schuylkill river trail, almost daily. cydney long, "nbc 10 news." philadelphia police are hoping surveillance video will help them find the suspect who killed a man in a frankfurt house full of children.
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investigators say the gunman opened the front door of the house on east file more and fired shots into the living room. there were about 10 people in the house including four young children. so far police don't have a motive. new information on an investigation into possible cheating at pennsylvania's state police academy in hershey. the police commissioner revealed today that the investigation started in december, he also says there's already been dozens of interviews and extensive collection of evidence. the news comes a day after the governor confirmed reports of the investigation. the current class of cadets is scheduled to graduate next month. from our delaware bureau now, capital one is laying off more than 100 workers in wilmington as the bank eliminates its mortgage operations there. earlier it announced it would cut 2100 jobs last year. >> some new jersey lawmakers and working families fighting for 15
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in trenton, supporters to raise the minimum wage met today. the legislation calls for an increase from $8.38 an hour to $15 an hour. it would go into effect immediately. if governor christie signs it into law. pennsylvania's minimum wayne stands at a federal minimum of $7.25 an hour. there is a bill in the state senate that would ratz to the $10.10. delaware raised the minimum wage to $8.25 last summer. lawmakers in the first state proposed a bill to raise it to $15.05 by the year 2023. >> this just in. new jersey's acting attorney general is resigning to take a job at rutgers university. the associated press reports that john hoffman will be senior vice president and general counsel. he has been the top cop. his office focused on gang violence and addiction in the
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state. >> to decision 2016 now. with five days to go until the new hampshire primary, tonight the first one-on-one showdown with hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders and the first debate since monday's historically close iowa caucuses. the stage is set for tonight's msnbc debate at the university of new hampshire, nbc political director and motor rater chuck todd will moderate. it will focus on the differences between the two democrats and their positions on workers rights, and easier access to health care. republican candidates will debate saturday. you can watch the two remaining democratic candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders tonight. watch it live at 9:00 tonight on msnbc. and you can count on nbc 10 to bring you news, insight and analysis from the campaign trail. nbc 10's george spencer picks up our coverage this weekend in new hampshire ahead of tuesday's primaries. you'll see his reports starting sunday night here on nbc 10.
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the irs says its electronic filing system is still down but it hopes to have it back up and running later tonight. a hardware failure forced several tax return processing systems to shut down including the e-file system. the agency says you still can file your returns through other companies like turbo tax or h & r block. if you drive a honda listen up. honda is recalling another 2.2 million vehicles because the takata air bag inflators can explode. this is for the driver's side air bags in honda and acura models as new as 2016. honda is to provide loaner cars for free because replacement parts won't be available until late summer. find the list of recalled vehicles on our nbc 10 app and also on >> the american red cross is
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asking people to hold off on donating blood if they have traveled to zika affected countries recently. the warning after brazil health officials confirmed a hospital patient contracted the virus through a blood transfusion last year. blood banks recommend donors who have been to latin america to wait 28 days, how long the virus is believed to stay in the bloodstream. now to the case against bill cosby, his next court date is scheduled for march 8 after a judge's ruling yesterday that the sex assault charge against him will stand. it's a decision that women's groups are applauding today. nbc 10's deanna durante live with reaction. >> not just women's groups but groups that deal with victims in general. they say that this case is a huge victory for those victims. >> whether it has gone through a criminal justice system or not is not our focus. our focus is the trauma that the victim has suffered and the
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importance of making sure that they have the support needed to heal. >> mary was the executive director of the victim services at montgomery county in 2005. she's been watching the cosby case closely for years. >> not as much focus in terms of what happened, we were all very hopeful that victims' rights will be upheld because that's our focus. that's our mission. we want to make sure that victims of crime have justice. >> since then more and more women have come forward claiming an assault by bill cosby. the victims and women's groups are reacting to a judge's decision allowing the criminal case to move forward. the survivors network released a statement that reads in part we hope this victory will encourage other prosecutors and police to pursue older rape cases. >> it's a very critical case in that it really exemplifies the reality that sexual assault happens. and sexual assault happens in
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all segments of society. and offenders can be anyone, including a person who is a celebrity. >> reporter: cosby's lawyers vow to appeal. the point is that cases need to get to the criminal justice system she says that the voices of victims can be heard. from our jersey shore bureau, council members can no long year city owned vehicles. the change follows questions about the necessity and cost. the council president says the cars can be redirected, sold at auction or given to a youth charity. >> philadelphia's moving forward with efforts to reform the city's criminal justice system. the council president today announced the members of a special committee that will work to make philadelphia's criminal justice system more efficient. the members include a former deputy police commissioner, the head of the city's public defenders association and advocate for prisoners rights.
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>> the historic united luxury liner has been thrown a life preserver. officials with the company crystal cruises signed a purchase option for the ship to be based in new york city. these are renderings here what if the company says the vessel will look like if it is financially feasible to repair it as a passenger ship. for now the company will cover the $60,000 a month cost of caring for the vessel. well, another mild day out there. hard to believe it's going to be snowing in a short period of time relatively speaking. a first alert for parts of philadelphia, south jersey, delaware. the rain already beginning. changing to snow in the middle of the night. generally 3 to 6:00 a.m., ending by 10:00 a.m. that means it's going to affect the morning rush in many areas, low visibility and possible slippery roads.
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right now we have 50 degrees. a long way from snow temperatures. wind northwest at 10 miles an hour, the northwest wind will bring in somewhat colder air. so, as we go through the afternoon, we're going to be finding the temperatures, let's go back to that, now till 8:00 p.m., the rain spreading south to north, from 8:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m., it's raining with temperatures in the 40s. then the temperatures drop into the 30s. from 2 to 6:00 a.m. and then all of a sudden it's going to go to snow. and it will go to kind of heavy wet sticky type of snow. and ending by 9 or 10 a.m. as you can see. so, it's a lot of this is happening in the middle of the night. you wake up in the morning look outside, that wasn't there when i went to sleep. and that's why the winter weather advisory for much of the area because of the timing of this affecting the morning rush.
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the live radar showing some rain in southern delaware, parts of south jersey, some of it is already reaching the ground and that area extends way down to the south. and there's more warm moisture spreading up. of course, there is no doubt there is rain. look at that. it's solid rain. nobody is seeing snow right now. one of those unusual kind of patterns. and it's not one of those cases where you can pretreat the roads because it's going to start as rain. 50 degrees in philadelphia, 40s, even 39 mount pocono. but as the evening goes on, here comes the rain. and the temperature drops slowly for a while. look at that. 1:00 a.m., raining. 40-plus. but here's the change over. it comes pretty much north to south as the colder air comes in and you go from the rain, darker blue is heavier snow. so, it can really reduce the
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visibility for a while. especially in new jersey and extreme southern delaware, farther north and west you are the less snow you're going to get. and then it's over. 10:00 a.m., that's it. it's not like a big storm or anything like that. but how much snow? 2 to 4 inches, locally higher amounts. sussex county, delaware, cape may, atlantic counties, the new jersey counties have the best chance of getting locally higher amounts. just inland from the shore in atlantic couldn't and ocean county, for example. 1 to 2 inches, a little closer to philadelphia area, including philadelphia. that will include new castle county, much of kent county, salem county, camden, northern burlington, and up to an inch north and west, but again, the timing is still the issue. that's what makes it kind of a tricky situation that we're going to. so the rain developing, changing
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to snow late tonight. temperatures generally staying above freezing everywhere. so a lot of this is just going to melt on the roads. maybe not all of it. early wet snow, then clearing and breezy. temperatures in the afternoon getting into the 40s. so everything's going to melt again. then we have a beautiful weekend here. a super sunday. and then we climb up on monday. another system comes up the coast, this could be more substantial. but does not look like a giant thing yet at this point. and some snow likely on tuesday before we get really cold after that. >> still ahead here, a story about guns on the streets of philadelphia as you've never seen before. >> we have exclusive undercover video of illegal gun sales and what'sing done right now to get those guns off the streets and make our city safer. >> plus, a famous rapper visits
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school children. the message meek mill has.
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>> a rap star gave a surprise visit to students in southwest philadelphia. >> meek mill. >> rapper meek mill greeted students at the charter school this morning. meek mill grew up in north philadelphia. he spoke about the importance of hard work. >> you know that hard work pays off. i want to see you all, check out, i'm there representing you. hand shake. >> meek mill attended strawberry mansion high school. he is scheduled to be sentenced tomorrow on a parole violation.
4:25 pm
>> nbc 10 is getting an inside look at how philadelphia's working to get illegal guns off the streets. >> somebody killed my son for a few dollars. just rob him and let him live? no. that's how bad these guys are. they don't have no respect for life. >> next we'll show you undercover video of the dark side of philadelphia, guns on the streets like you've never seen before. and what the federal government is doing to help keep you safe. >> i'm tracking a storm that's going to bringing us rain and then snow moving in tonight and could impact the morning rush as well. that includes going to work and school. i'll have the latest timing and snow totals next. >> a major boat show is back at the jersey shore, and this year with new incentives. >> it's going to be helpful for the show and the dealers. >> why buying a boat could now
4:26 pm
cost you thousands of dollars less.
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right now, a first alert weather warning. big changes are heading our way, the first alert radar is tracking a system that will bring us rain and snow in a matter of hours. quite a contrast from what we saw today. >> here is a look at interstate 76, everything looks good, it is dry out there. no precip right now. the system moving in could make the morning commute messier but it depends on where you live. our team is tracking the storm. >> let's begin with glenn "hurricane" schwartz and glenn, this is starting to move into parts of our area? >> yeah, the rain has started in
4:30 pm
southern department delaware, it looks threatening, and of course it would start as rain if that mild. but we've got a first alert out for tomorrow morning because of the timing of this, it's kind of a backwards storm where there's going to be more snow to the south and east. so south jersey and the jersey shore and also philadelphia area are going to be affected. the rain beginning over the next several hours changing to snow in the middle of the night including during a portion of the rush hour. and ending by 10:00 a.m. low visibility and some slippery roads possible. but just wet now and they are going to be wet roads for a while. you don't often see radars like this coming into snow later on, but it's the case. there is more moisture coming up from the south and then the cold air comes in. so, first the rain spreads across the area. it's rainy, a good bit of the night with temperatures in the 40s. then as the temperatures drop,
4:31 pm
the rain changes over to snow, it can still be above the freezing mark, and snow. and that will happen overnight. big wet sticky flakes. and then the snow ends from west to east between 6 and 9:00 a.m. so again, the timing of it is what is the trickiest part. nbc 10's sheena parveen is taking a look at how much snow you're going to see. >> that's right. we expect that snow overnight and into the morning hours so temperatures will be at least cold enough to support that snow falling but the question is how much will accumulate. so here is a look across the area now. we expect the most in new jersey and delaware, so this would be around 2 to 4 inches, if we zoom in here you can see some spots would be showing about locally higher amounts in these areas. 2 to 4 for such says county, cumberland, atlantic counts and could see higher amounts here, too, the farther you get inland closer to the i-95 corridor, 1 to 2 inches through parts of new castle county, also through the philadelphia area, and these
4:32 pm
would include areas like i-95, 295, 76, 676, 1 to 2 inches up to trenton and to about 1 inch for montgomery, bucks and chester county. as far as the impact for the morning commute, mainly grassy accumulation to the north and west of i-95. closer to the philadelphia area, up toward trenton, wilmington, grassy accumulations but as the snow is falling visibility will be low. especially in new jersey, wet snow which will be heavy at times and low visibility, i think there will be quite a bit of problems on the roads for new jersey and parts of central and southern delaware with that snow falling at the time of the morning commute with it being so wet we're going to see low visibility sticking to your windshields, to grassy surfaces so be very, very careful in the morning and for some of you if that snow is falling during the morning commute you may want to wait a little long irbecause that visibility, again, is going to cause problems for that morning rush. coming up a closer look at the timing and what you can expect
4:33 pm
for the weekend. >> and count on nbc 10 to track this snow and rain and send out alerts on the app. thislwj1ç could impact buses in morning so you can find school closings and delays on the app and the nbc 10 team will be on the air at 4:00 tomorrow with the latest forecast and traffic impacts as well. all new at 4, for the first time the nbc 10 investigators will show us undercover video of illegal gun sales in philadelphia. the nbc 10 investigators have been looking into that dark side of the city. >> investigative reporter harry hairston tells us where the guns come from and how hard it is for law enforcement to get them off the street. harry. >> reporter: for weeks we've been going through the data and sitting down with those responsible for removing illegal guns from the streets. it's a battle that seems to be a stalemate as victims and their families call for more to be done. >> he always wanted to living in
4:34 pm
philadelphia. >> michael loved the city. the vibrance. >> 32-year-old's energy was endleen endless until july 1, 2012. >> our lives changed forever. >> he was out with friends in society hill. at some point they were separated. hagan was found on the sidewalk, shot dead on fourth street. >> somebody killed my son for a few dollars. >> hagan was one of 285 victims of homicide by firearm in 2012, that number went down to 198 in 2013. but went up in 2014 to 207. and rose again last year to 233. authorities believe many of the homicides and other gun crimes were committed with illegal firearms. >> a criminal or someone else who shouldn't have it, then i'm saving a life. >> and silhouette for our
4:35 pm
interview this agent works undercover. finding and buying illegal guns. >> i've gone into homes where it's like an open flea market where we had 15, 20 guns spread out on the table. >> he's on the front lines of the atf effort to remove illegal guns from our street it is. >> guns are sold in every neighborhood. >> the atf field office shared some of its undercover videos of illegal gun sales with nbc 10 investigators. the feds asked that we blur the faces to protect additional investigative efforts. atf tells us a hidden camera recorded a convicted felon selling a shot gun, according to the atf the weapon was sold twice before on the black market. the seller was charged and sentenced to 16 months in prison. >> reaching into the back of the car, grabbing a card board box. >> this video captures the sale of illegal weapons openly on a philly street. the feds tell us the rifle in
4:36 pm
this box is stolen, and the seller is a felon. atf says the rifle was put into an undercover agent's car. as part of this sale, and others, federal prosecutors charged the seller with illegally selling firearms. he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 92 months. >> we are specifically focusing in on the most violent criminals. >> sam is a special agent in charge of philadelphia's atf field office. he tells us at least half of the guns on the black market in philly are stolen or from straw purchases in pennsylvania. the other half are from out of state. >> but what we refer to as the iron pipeline, interstate 95, spans from up the new england area all the way down to florida. >> the most recent atf report from 2014 shows in pennsylvania, the feds recovered almost 9,000 illegal guns. a third of those were found in philadelphia. >> what you've had is an existing inventory of illegal guns in the city that span years
4:37 pm
if not decades. >> and there have been plenty of victims in philadelphia. according to philadelphia police, in just the last three years, there have been more than 19,200 crimes using firearms. authorities were unable to tell us how many illegal guns were involved in these crimes. and the atf says illegal guns keep coming to town. >> sometimes feels like an uphill battle like we're never going to win but you have to keep on trying. >> makes you sad and angry that this keeps happening over and over again and that these guns are out on the streets. >> michael hagan's passion for philadelphia has been transferred to his parents but in a different way. they are working to make the city safer by speaking out against illegal guns and pushing for tougher sentencing. >> when you lose one of your children to gun violence, it you know, it never heals.
4:38 pm
it just don't. >> michael hagan's case has gone cold but his family remains hopeful. new information will become available. they are offering a $50,000 reward. others say more work needs to be done. we've also put together an interactive map of all of the firearm crimes over three years. to check the area you live click on this story and for the investigators, harry hairston, "nbc 10 news." >> thank you. still to come on "nbc 10 news" at 4, some changes on the way for something your kids may covet. mcdonald's changing what's in your child's happy meal. >> what will be in the box instead. the change you can make in your kitchen that might help you eat less and lose weight.
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mcdonald's is trading in its
4:42 pm
popular maep meal toys for children's books. it's the third time the fast food chain served miniature paperbacks. me estimate it will have handed out 50 million books. >> a study suggests that a messy kitchen can make you eat more. one group of women in a cluttered kitchen, another in an organized kitchen. both had cookies. the group in the messy kitchen ate twice as many. the researchers say cluttered environments can lead people to eat more. >> we know a storm is moving in now that could bring us a messy morning. >> first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking rain and snow. >> that's right. it depends on where you live. parts of the area could see a few inches of snow, others see practically nothing. i'll break down when and where that snow is going to fall next.
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4:46 pm
a new plan to help homeless veterans in delaware, a nonprofit group is targeting a vacant nursing home to be the state's largest facility dedicated to housing homeless vets. the delaware center for homeless veterans has an agreement to buy the former leighton home for $1.8 million and will be the first in the state contracted by the government to provide substances diced permanent housing for veterans. >> new life to an old shopping center. a $2 million renovation of the williams town shopping center is nearly complete. it is on the black horse pike near main street. the highlight is a new trampoline park. the rest of the complex is getting a new roof and facade upgrade. we have wet weather moving in tonight, at the shore it's already started raining in places like cape may, atlantic city and that will spread through the area. we've got a first alert out
4:47 pm
because it's going to change to snow as we go through the late night and early morning hours. includes the morning rush. some low visibility when that snow comes in, going to be the big wet sticky flakes coming down on i-95 and other roads like that. after the rain hits, so they can't pretreat the roads like they normally do before it snows. 50 degrees now, the wind is northwest at 10 miles an hour. and here's the timeline. as we go through it, over the next few hours the rain spreading throughout the area. it's going to be rainy with temperatures in the 40s through much of the night, 8:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. the rain is changing to snow. as temperatures drop into the 30s. don't have to drop to 32, but they got to drop a little bit. 6 to 9:00 a.m. the snow ends. from west to east. and the western areas are going
4:48 pm
to have less snow and fewer hours of snow. and that's why there is no winter weather advisory for the far northern and western areas, the rest of the area does have. and it's until 10:00 in the morning. it's not a big storm here. the live radar shows rain in south jersey, and up toward new york city. and this area of moisture extends to the south. there's not a single flake of snow in this whole system right now. and you may think it's crazy, it's 50 degrees, we've got rain moving up the coast and we're predicting snow. well, it's more like a spring type system where the colder air is coming in on the back side of it. 50 degrees right now in philadelphia, 40s across most of the rest of the area. of course way too warm for snow. and so, as we go through the evening, you are seeing green all over the place, rain. occasionally yellow, a little heavier rain. but then the middle of the night it starts getting colder for north to south. here comes the rain changing to
4:49 pm
snow, watch the temperatures drop as it happens but they are still above freezing. a lot of this is going to be melting on the roads unless it's coming down real hard. then the snowflakes are falling on top of other snowflakes. it can accumulate even on some of the major roads if it's coming down hard enough. as you can see, the temperatures are up, so as soon as any heavy snow stops, going to start melting again. so there's limited area and limited time of problems. but 2 to 4 inches, locally higher amounts from sussex county delaware up the jersey shore, cape may, cumberland counties. 1 to 2 inches closer to the delaware river that includes philadelphia, salem county, new castle county. northern portion of burlington, camden counties, much of mercer county as well. up to an inch north and west. farther you go away from the coast, the less snow there's going to be. and wa kind of accumulations,
4:50 pm
we've got some wet snow, heavy at times with the low visibility. most likely area for problems right there. backward storms more to the coast. the rain develops, changes to snow. late tonight, generally after midnight. temperatures may never get down to freezing for the whole thing. through the day tomorrow, wet snow, clearing much of the day it's going to be sunny. and temperatures in the 40s. then a really nice weekend including a super sunday. the skies cloud up on monday and then we can get another round of snow on tuesday from the little stronger system. and it gets really cold after that. >> a new law could help you save thousands on the cost of a boat. >> the region's biggest show gets under way, nbc 10 is looking into how it's becoming more affordable to be a boat owner.
4:51 pm
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a new tax break in time for one of the region's largest boat shows. those look tempting. >> that one. yeah. also filling a boat with gas will cost you less. ted greenberg reports from atlantic city. >> reporter: with a price tag of 340 grand kim fink isn't in the market for this beauty. but she could see herself owning a boat some day. >> i like being able to go on the boats and seeing all of the different ones. >> close to 500 are on display at the annual progressive atlantic city boat show which opened wednesday at the resort
4:55 pm
convention center. >> we expect a boom in business. >> john is making sure customers know why they will now pay less when buying a boat. as of monday, a new law cut new jersey's 7% sales tax on boats in half to 3.5%. and put a $20,000 cap on that tax. >> we normally come to the boat show but this was more of an incentive to buy a boat this year. >> with the savings in sales tax you are paying for your slip for the season. >> the tax break is designed to help new jersey boat dealers better com beat those in other states. >> they levelled the playing field. it's going to be very helpful for the show and the dealers. >> boat dealers and show organizers believe lower fuel costs will also drive sales this year. they stay as prices have come down, interest in boating has gone up. >> when you own a boat and you're near the water now you're going to be more apt to use the boat more because the prices are lower. >> the boat show runs through sunday and has enlarged its
4:56 pm
display space by 25% this year, more room to get aboard a water-bound investment, or just let a dream set sail. ted greenberg, "nbc 10 news." we need boating weather now. >> that would be great. >> "nbc 10 news" at 5 is next. >> all new, don't be fooled by fake phone calls. >> we are calling from the tax crime investigation unit. >> scammers finding more ways to convince people they are with the irs. what you need to know before you get one of these calls. who doesn't like free stuff especially when it can protect your health. now dozens of locations are offering free dental care but for one day only. >> and we're tracking snow as we go into tonight, right now we have rain moving in but later that's going to change. we'll look at when you can expect it and how much is going to fall outside your door.
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
right now at 5:00, the nbc 10 first alert weather team's watching the radar very closely tonight. we're going to see some rain in the next few hours but by the time you wake up, it may turn to snow. and that could cause problems as you hit the roads to head out to work or school. the nbc 10 first alert weather team following the latest developments for your neighborhood. let's start out with chief
5:00 pm
meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. give us a better picture when the rain starts and also when it could snow. >> well, in the philadelphia area it's going to take several hours before the rain starts, it's started here in cape may. the sand is kind of wet already. parts of south jersey and delaware have seen some light rain. nobody's getting snow now or at least till midnight. we have a first alert for tomorrow morning because there is going to be snow. it's going to affect philadelphia, south jersey, the jersey shore especially, the rain is spreading now until 8:00 p.m. and changing to snow generally 3 to 6:00 a.m. and ending by 10:00 a.m. it's not a big long lasting storm. but the timing affects the morning rush with low visibility and some possible slippery roads. look at the radar, you can see the rain moving right up the coast. extends all the way down to the carolinas, plenty of moisture coming up.


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