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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  February 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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6:00 a.m. in the middle of the night, beginning of the morning rush. ending by 10:00 a.m. not a long lasting event here. we have low visibility though and possibly slippery roads when the snow is coming down at its hardest. you can see the rain coming down and spreading up toward new england, solid area pretty much. and it goes way back down south. but there's no snow with this thing yet. a little bit unusual. but the problem is you can't pretreat the roads because it's going to start as rain. and that's what's happening. it's going to be spreading to the north by 8 to 2 a.m. it's just raining. temperatures are in the 40s. and then the colder air comes in, rain changes to snow between 2 and 6:00 a.m. and 6 to 9 a.m., the snow ends west to east. so watch this temperature go down, it's going to take a while after 2:00 a.m., there it is. a change can be to moderate rain
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to moderate to heavy snow just like that. and how much snow is likely to fall, meteorologist sheena parveen has more on that. >> parts of the area will get more snow than others because some won't get any. that's the important thing is where is the heaviest wet snow going to fall? that will be reducing visibility the most. here is a look at a map with snow totals we expects. 2 to 4 for southern delaware, kent county, sussex county, cape may county and south jersey, cumberland, gloucester and camden counties. we could see locally higher amounts especially if this snow starts coming very heavy. heavy wet snow, never good for the morning commute. 1 to 2 inches around new castle county to the major interstates up to philadelphia that will be extending through the major interstates into trenton, up to an inch the farther north and west you go for bucks, montgomery and chester counties. the impacts during the morning rush, this is what you can expect as the snow is falling.
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so, areas north and west, that will expect the least mainly grassy accumulations and that lighter snowfall in some cases. grassy accumulations mainly near trenton, philadelphia, down to parts of wilmington in new castle county. low visibility at the same time that the snow is falling so remember that. also in new jersey, heavy snow at times, heavy wet snow, visibility will be low especi especially if we see heavy bursts. grassy accumulations with temperatures being a little above freezing but if we have heavy enough snow which we expect in some cases then that could certainly be sticking to the roadways for the morning commute. we'll be watching this slowsly. glenn will have a closer look at the timing. >> sheena, thank you. with snow in the morning schools could delay the start time. now is the time to download the free nbc 10 app. you can receive text messages once your school delays or cancels classes. we'll go on the air tomorrow at 3:30 in case schools make that call early.
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>> our other big story we have new information now about the driver killed as he crossed the lanes and crashed into a school bus this morning. the bus flipped on its side in fairfield township. children inside had to climb out the emergency exit. they are all okay but an elderly aide was hurt. ted greenberg spoke to witnesses to a frantic scene. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: stunned witnesses heard screeching metal, then screaming from this school bus flipped on its side. >> you couldn't make out. everybody was frantic, scared. >> there's a school bus and a car. >> there is a school bus filled with children? >> yes because they are coming out. >> 911 calls started pouring in around 7:45 this morning. right after state police say the driver of this suv crossed into oncoming traffic on route 49 in fairfield township and struck the school bus. four students between the ages of 11 and 17 were on board, they
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were badly shaken but not seriously injured. >> the one girl was a lot of shock. they were holding her, actually holding her up. >> the suv driver, larry waller of bridgeton, died at the scene. >> he is a good dude. a real good guy. the only thing is power for you. >> the children were headed to a special services school outside the city. rescuers rushed them to a medical center to get checked out and 82-year-old bus aide is in critical but stable condition at cooper in camden. >> i have two small ones. it's sad. my kids had questions. they are scared. somebody lost their life. >> the four kids on the bus are now out of the hospital and home with their families. larry waller leaves behind a 9-year-old daughter of his own. ted greenberg, "nbc 10 news." >> a warning tonight for people who run or jog along the
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schuylkill river trail. police have stepped up their patrols after three armed robberies in four nights. all of the victims have been men. the first two robberies happened sunday night, nine minutes apart. a group of five teenagers robbed two people on that trail and then took off on bicycles. last night the teens struck again. two of the suspects are in custody. >> new at 6:00, five fights in the past few days prompted the abington school district to send a letter home. students videotaped the fights and sent us the video. all of these happened at abington senior high school. in one case a resource officer was punched. no one else was hurt and no weapons used but now the police presence is beefed up at that school. >> also new at 6, two people in custody for soliciting at this massage parlor. they were providing sex for money at the body of zen. the arrest followed a joint investigation by radnor police
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and pennsylvania state police. investigators are still sifting through evidence to see if they need to make more arrests. >> tonight philadelphia police are looking for whoever shot two people in kensington. a neighbor says he heard 6 or 7 shots outside his house all around 1:30 this afternoon. one of the victims was shot in the head and is in critical condition. new information this evening about just how many people signed up for affordable health care this year. the department of health and human services announced this afternoon more than 12.5 million americans got market place insurance coverage for 2016, that includes 4 million new people who signed up. just last week aspoke exclusively with president obama at the white house about the push to get more people in our area to sign up. philadelphia's in the run forge the most people signed up this year. more than 291,000 people in the philly area enrolled in a plan, the president will soon announce the city with the highest enrollment and the commander in chief promised to visit that
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city. >> in less than three hours the democratic presidential candidates will square off one on one in a live debate in new hampshire. a new nbc news poll that came out in the past hour shows bernie sanders with a 20-point lead on hillary clinton in new hampshire. the live debate is at 9:00 tonight on msnbc. a busy day for republican contender ted cruz, cruz began the day holding a town hall inside the showroom of a car dealership in portssmith, new hampshire. one of four town halls scheduled across the state. he is continuing his feud calling trump ratted after his second place finish in iowa. donald trump is also in new hampshire working to regain momentum following his second place in iowa. the republican front-runner held a town hall this morning butñr unlike cruz he did not mention his chief rival today. instead he stuck closely to the issues. >> count on nbc 10 as we count down to the new hampshire primary. george spencer will pick up
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coverage this weekend live from new hampshire, look for his reports starting sunday night. >> bill cosby's legal team has a month to get ready for his next court date. we brought you the judge's decision yesterday at 6:00 that the criminal trial will move forward in the sex assault charges dating back a decade ago. women's groups are weighing in. >> reporter: yesterday's decision not just a victory for the prosecution but women's groups and groups that deal with victims are also applauding it. >> it's a very critical case in that it really exemplifies the reality that sexual assault happens. and sexual assault happens in all segments of society. and offenders can be anyone, including a person who is a celebrity. >> long time executive director of the montgomery county victims services center says she has been watching the bill cosby case for years. >> whether it is going through a
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criminal justice system or not, is not our focus. our focus is that trauma that the victim has suffered and the importance of making sure that they have the support needed to heal. >> she was in the same office of the victim support in 2005 when prosecutors declined to charge cosby. >> i think not as much focus in terms of what happened. we were all very hopeful that victims' rights will be upheld because that's our focus. >> since the judge's decision wednesday night, to go ahead with criminal charges against bill cosby, victims groups across the country have reacted. snap, the survivors network of those abused by priests had a statement, we hope this will encourage other prosecutors and police to pursue older rape cases. the fact that it's getting to the criminal justice system is half the battle. it's important for all cases to be heard by prosecutors and police, so that the voices of the victims can be heard as
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well. new at 6, two companies among 21 in the garden state fined for operating without a license. an undercover investigation led to today's announcement by the new jersey division of consumer affairs. master movers and raul's moving in pleasantville have 30 days to get a license. call the division of consumer affairs to find out if a mover is licensed and if there are complaints filed. a written estimate is also required by the state. next, real big waives for the ss yew united states. why it's the moving from philadelphia to new york. >> we are calling from the tax crime investigation unit. >> may sound like a scam to you but a lot of people fall for it. the latest phone call trick targeting people. >> plus, i'm tracking snow for the morning commute tomorrow. how much are you going to get in
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your county? first alert forecast is next.
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this iconic ship docked in philadelphia for decades now saved from the scrap heap. crystal crewses a luxury travel
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company announced plans to overhaul it. it will spend at least $700 million to have it set sail again. this is what a makeover could look like. the ship could sail around the world in 2018. >> the "ss united states" is ready to make history again because so many people from the world over refused to give up on her. >> the "ss united states" will no longer call philadelphia home. the ship will be moved to new york. >> another blow to the city of wilmingt wilmington. capital one is eliminating its mortgage operations in wilmington. the 109 employees can apply for current open positions. these layoffs a month after dupont adowjounnnounced it woul jobs. a chef is opening another restaurant in center city. he plans to open 24 in a few
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months in the 2400 block of walnut street. our partners at the philadelphia business journal say the restaurant will put out signs this week that say 24 would fired fare but what's on the menu, that remains a mystery. >> a phone number you don't recognize. someone claiming to be from the irs but turns out you're a target. >> we first told you about this this morning on nbc 10 and we received a number of e-mails and calls saying they also got that same call. so we sent tim furlong to get answers. >> it's just a scare tactic that people need to be aware of. >> pete got one of the scam calls he admits it weirded him out at first. >> wanted to warn me the police were on the way for an unpaid tax situation. >> most of the scam calls basically involve a caller saying he is with the irs, you owe money you need to pay or face legal problems. a viewer sent us a call he got.
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pete googled the number and learned it was a scam. it's hard to know how many have been duped into paying. hopefully you won't be. >> don't freak out and don't answer questions. >> that's the advice from barbara where they received lots of calls from customers. if you get one of these calls, don't give up any information. her advice, >> we tell them to call h & r block or a tax office, that they are never going to get a call from the irs. the irs does not do that. >> the irs would only reach you by mail. that's important to know. your tax preparer or accountant they can help you be sure you're in the clear. a number of gave me the numbers that called your home. i did call a couple of these back, i got nothing. no recording, no nothing. be safe. when that phone rings. tim furlong, "nbc 10 news." >> they are very aggressive and determined speaking from experience so hang up.
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also today, the irs is trying to fix problems with its software to file taxes on line. yesterday there was an outage caused by a hardware failure. the irs said that it does not expect this to cause major delays getting refunds. >> there could be some delays tomorrow morning as a result of this rain changing to snow, just in time for a portion of the morning rush. that's why we have a first alert out for those few hours that we're concerned about. the rain changing to snow overnight especially in philadelphia area, new jersey, and the shore regions themselves. the morning rush with wet snow, some low visibility at times. so, visibility is fine, i-95 now, but if it's snowing hard enough, if you're here, you can't even see out there. and that creates extra problems during the rush hour. 48 degrees right now, winds
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northwest at 8. we're not close to getting snow yet but things are going to change. now at 8:00 p.m. the rain starts spreading through the area, 8 p.m. to 2 a.m., it's raining. temperatures in the 40s. but 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. that's when it starts changing to snow. temperatures drop into the 30s, they don't have to drop to 32 degrees to change to snow. i've seen it snow as warm as 46 degrees. in this case, let's say about 38. 6 a.m. to 9 a.m., the snow ends. from west to east. so like i said only a relatively brief period of time. you can't even call this a storm. the winter weather advisory for much of the area until 10:00 a.m., tomorrow, does not include the poconos. there's live radar showing light rain in parts of delaware and south jersey. this area of moisture stretches all the way back hundreds of miles, into north carolina, you see its bulging back out here so.
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this western edge, if you extrapolate it is going to come here toward philadelphia so that area is going to expand. not just at the shore. the temperatures of course going to be critical. 48 degrees, all right, that's too warm. 42 in pottstown, 37 in mount pocono. it's going to take a while for the temperatures to come down. watch this. as we go through the evening, first of all the computer models underestimating the rain that's occurring right now and the next few hours ooixt it's going to be more widespread than that. there it comes. then we see a change over to snow. and look how fast that happened. within a matter of an hour you can take a much of the area from rain, heavy rain to heavy snow just like that. over a large portion of the region. it's a little above freezing about everywhere as you see, and that could be enough for most of the snow to melt on the roads. the roads are warm. if it's hard enough that will reduce visibility and make for
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some slippery spots especially on untreated or untraveled roads. but look, by 9 a.m. it's practically out of here. how much fall, 2 to 4 inches sussex count i, cape may, atlantic county. locally higher amounts. 1 to 2 inches in kent county, new castle county, salem, gloucester, philadelphia, northern burlington, mercer county. so not a big storm at all. just that stinking timing. the rain develops changing to snow late. 34 for a low in philadelphia, 32 north and west. tomorrow we have early wet snow, then clearing, so after 10 a.m. it's pretty nice day. in the 40s and whatever fall sts going to melt. then a nice weekend. super sunday. monday, the clouds increase and then a chance of a little more
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significant snow by tuesday. i'm john clark. demarco murray want out of philly. we sit town with the new birds defensive coordinator.
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i'm john clark. eagles running back demarco murray want to stay or go? he and the birds headed to a stare down. dimarco says last year was the most frustrating but he is committed to the birds. >> i do. obviously something from me, you
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know, not the last impression i want to leave in my mouth and the fans and working tremendously harder to try and prove from individual standpoint and as a team standpoint as well. >> i sat down with the eagles defensive coordinate e he is going to let the players be aggressive. switching from a three-four to a four-three to pressure the quarterback more. >> just like a poker player you have to play the hand, the cards that are dealt to you, you have to play the hand that's dealt. >> jim schwartz has a full house of players and says he is going to create a defense that fits what they do best. >> i think i've taken pride in the nfl over course of my career being able to get a lot out of players. there's not many players that someone else has gotten more production out of than me and the staff i've been on. so, hopefully we can do the same here. >> he hopes to do that with arguably the birds best player fletcher cox. he wants to set fletch free, to attack. >> playing in a different system
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last year, he wasn't asked to be a penetrator, he wasn't asked being a pass rush mode. he was sort of eating up blocks and falling off on tackles. i remember him a couple years ago when the eagles drafted him and he was an attack player. >> jim was the head coach in detroit and he can help doug pederson in his first time in the job. >> everybody thinks you're ready but you're not. i think i can be a good sounding board. doug's going to make his own way. >> jim grew up 90 miles away in baltimore, a blue collar town. he fits in, he knows the passion for football here. >> i used to tell our team in detroit when we came here there's no better place to play in the nfl. you have to embrace the crowd. there is no better place to win. >> the defense should be betterment i'm john clark. we're right back.
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rain turning to snow overnight for the latest on the timing watch tonight at 11:00. >> we'll be on the air early at
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3:30 tomorrow morning. tune in then. nightly news with lester shot next. tonight, facing off. hillary clinton and bernie sanders clashing tonight in their first one-on-one debate on msnbc. in a battle over who is more progressive. while marco rubio becomes a bigger target in new hampshire. taking the fifth. with a smirk the former ceo who raised the fight of the drug 5,000% refuses to testify before congress. later calling committee members imbeciles. invisible threat. it can only be seen on infrar infrared. the massive leak that forced thousands from their home. nbc news takes you to the source with an exclusive view. and super bowl security. we take you inside the enormous operation to protect the big game, in the air, aboard blackhawks, on the land and a


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