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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  February 5, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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friday morning, 35 degrees and those temperatures will drop as we get through the day. take a live look at i-76. this is the westbound lanes in philadelphia. the storm will produce different results across our entire region. we're tracking the totals county by county. it may not be different dramatically but it will be different nonetheless from neighborhood to neighborhood. >> this morning we're seeing wet snow in parts of our region. >> good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. closures and delays areç startg to come in. school closures and delays. you can see those running at the bottom of your screen. we have first alert team coverage this morning. meteorologist bill henley is tracking what's happening. traffic reporter jessica boyington is watching the roads from all of her cameras. let's start with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. glenn? >> it started as rain just about
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everywhere in the area, now it is snow throughout the area. the temperatures, though, are above freezing throughout the area. looking at the same cameras to see if things are changing. we're looking for the visibility, see how far we can see. the better we can see, the lighter the snow is, the lighter the snow is, the less likely it is to stick. here we are live at city avenue. the traffic is moving just fine. that main road just wet but the snow is accumulating on some of the side areas, certainly on the grassy surfaces. that will continue across much of the area. the radar shows the entire region has the snow. the lighter the color, the lighter the snow. berks county, lehigh valley, very light. parts of philadelphia much lighter than others as you can see, the darker blue indicating a little bit heavier snow. we still don't have real, real heavy but this is all relative.
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around the abington area, up toward the pennsylvania turnpike and the lower portion of montgomery county, a little zone of somewhat heavier snow. a little bit heavier snow continues in parts of kent and sussex counties and more in ocean county right now. and we continue to check the visibility. when it is less than a half mile, it would be considered. now the visibility still one mile at philly international. as long as those visibility stays up there, the snow will continue to melt. now, bill has more on what to expect. >> well, glenn, as you mentioned, there have no heavy snow but there are some spots heavier. we're focusing on now parts of new jersey, gloucester and camden. burlington county you can see the snow there. our futurecast showing this area will see the accumulating snow and see heavier snow for the grassy surfaces as the morning progresses. 6:30, the temperature just below
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freezing in glassboro and tabernacle. the air has cooled faster than the ground has cooled. you're not going to see a lot of accumulation on the roadways, especially the majors but those side streets could eventually see accumulation but grassy surfaces and anything else that's been sitting outside and getting colder overnight will get that accumulation, too. by 7:30 in the morning, still coming down at a good rateç in tabernacle. though it's not much colder and salem, snow lightens up at that hour. little egg harbor, the heavier snowfall. temperatures, 34 degrees at 9:30 in the morning. we'll see the temperatures rising as this system tails off. what to expect in this area. rain has changed over to wet snow, accumulations will be very limited on the streets. more likely on grassy surfaces and started just around 3:00
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this morning, it will continue until 9:00 and quickly taper off after 9:00. low visibility and slippery roads can be expected during the morning rush. i'll take a closer look at the impact at the shore when i'm back in just a few minutes. right now, jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> and with these slippery roads, snow or not, they are causing accidents right now. route 1, northbound around 213. we do only have one lane getting by at least right now. just a few moments ago they did have all lanes blocked off to traffic. a few police officers on the scene of this accident. it is pushed over into the shoulder. we are losing a few lanes because of it. no huge backup behind it, at least right now. cars are moving slowly up towards this point. no gape or delay if you're heading on the southbound side by that scene. we got a tweet from delawaredot. 495 northbound and southbound, the speed limit is being lowered down to 55 miles per hour due to the weather. we're seeing speed restrictions
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on the new jersey turnpike and the area bridges. here's route 55 at deptford center road. this looks absolutely terrible. this is actually supposed to be headed northbound toward 55. we'll see a big delay there later on in our morning. i'll check in with the area bridges when i'm back in ten. now let's head down the shore. matt delucia in atlantic city. last time we saw you you had a rain/sleet mix. on the radar we've seen that's pretty much moved out. rig >> right. it's changing over from sleet to snow. we're getting bouncy precipitation that's dominant when you get sleet. it is starting to stick more on the boardwalk surfaces here. it is slippery as you move around the area here. as far as the roadways, you hear jessica talking about some of the conditions throughout the area. i'm looking at the department of transportation from new jersey, just within the last half hour.
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they are doing plowing and salting operations now on the atlantic city brigantine connector and the atlantic city expressway and we've been hearing in the last hour about speed prestrictions onç the garden state parkway. jessica has been talking about that because of salting operations there. they're getting ready to get the jersey shore prepared for the snow that is starting to arrive. we're starting to see the surface of the boardwalk kind of have that glazey look to it. it's starting to change from the brown wood and you start to see more of the white as this precipitation starts to stick on to the surface here and we're starting to see more of that come every few minutes or so. so we've been talking with a couple people out on the boardwalk right now. at least this isn't like it was a couple weeks ago when we had the blizzard. the jersey shore as bill and glenn have been talking about that we're expecting to see most snowfall amounts in this general area. star the roadways when we were coming in, wasn't too bad at this point but once you start
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getting the snowfall, you have to be careful. a lot of the salt and brine trucks haven't been able to be out there because of the rainfall. we've had steady rainfall throughout the morning until we started seeing the changeover. for now i'm live on the boardwalk, atlantic city. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. matt and many of our reporters and photographers fanned out across the tri-state region. nbc 10's rosemary connors is live at broad and walnut in center city this morning. >> vai, we've just seen that changeover as matt was talking about in the past 15 minutes or so. you can see as it's coming down, it's a thicker, wetter snow. take a look at the streetlights. that's how you can see the snow coming down. it appears as if it's falling heavily but take a look at the ground here, it's not sticking. earlier i did see crews out salting the roads, just as a pry caution. things are up and at 'em early
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this morning. a lot of people have umbrellas out. they're anticipating that it's going to be a wet precipitation. they just want to be prepared as the day continues. we talked to a few folks this morning, and they say given the fact that we had a blizzard a few weeks ago, they can take this weather in stride. >> this is not that bad compared to what we've had. i've been in worse than this. i'm 57 years old. this is nothing really. you just have to get up and do things, you don't know what's slippery and what's not. >> i was prepared for the weather this morning. i was prepared for it. winter weather doesn't malter to me. it's philadelphia. it's this time of the year. >> this time of year, the hoods are up, the boots are on. you heard what those guys said. be careful. no need to go quickly or rush this morning to get to work. everybody should take it easy.ç again, it's unclear what may
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still be slippery this morning, what may be treacherous as you head out on the roads. reporting live in center city, rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> you see the big flakes. that's what happens when the temperature is at or above freezing. it tends to happen a lot in march and april, spring type of a snow event. and after sunrise, you get some of the sun's rays coming through helping to melt things as well. let's show you the radar and show that just about the entire area is under snow right now. the darker the blue, the heavier the snow. we have a couple of bands developing with a little bit heavier snow. that one that came into abington just a little while ago, it is moving to the east and perhaps a little bit weaker than it was just 15 minutes ago. the heavier area in delaware,
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starting to move into delaware bay. that will go into cumberland county. a little bit darker blues coming up cape may county today atlanta county. burlington county, you can see the northern portion of the county definitely heavier than the southern portion. as you get closer to the new jersey turnpike and 295 over mt. laurel, that's where some of the heaviest snow is right now. this is all relative. nobody is reporting the visibility low enough to be officially considered heavy. look at the bottom left of the screen, though. that is the back end of this system. that is moving this way. we have a couple things going for us here. we have sunrise coming up and also the system is going to be moving out quickly. the temperature is borderline. 31 at kennett square, 32 washington township and wrightstown. the lower the temperature is, the greater chance of it
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sticking. reading, the snow is so light, it's not dropping the temperature down. same thing with allentown. so we're going to get lower temperatures in new jersey than we are in the northern western suburbs just because of how heavy the snow is right now and how it's going. once again, high visibility in reading and allentown. it could snow all day and not accumulate at that kind of level. but one to two-mile visibility that you're seeing around the philadelphia area and new jersey, that's enough to start accumulating but now millville is the first place reporting lower than one mile visibility. that's the heaviest snow reported on the map right now. >> all right, glenn, thanks for that. 5:41. we've been talking about visibility which can make driving a challenge. we've been following the accident on route 1. >> jessica boyington, bring us up to speed. >> no big delays behind this
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accident scene. this is what could happen if you don't obey posted speeds. it's slippery. some spots have a little bit of snow accumulation as well. route 1, northbound around 213. one lane getting by this scene right now. police activity there. you can actually see if you look closely some snow starting to accumulate in the area and they have crew there trying to get this accident scene cleaned up for now. over into new jersey, route 70 in manchester, this is route 539. so interesting camera here, over the intersection. not just confined to the majors. we have snow accumulating in the intersections there as well. i will check in with area bridges when i come back. i'm cydney long in evesham township, burlington county where conditions have deteriorated in the last 20 minutes. slush on the sidewalk, now it is
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completely coated. also, a major change which will be a concern for your morning rush. snow also coating the roadways out here along route 70 and 73. the salt trucks, the plow trucks are out in force, along with you on your morning commute, we'll continue to stay out here and monitor these conditions as we move through this friday morning commute.
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it's 5:45. we want to give you a look at the road conditions this morning there. different depending on where you are. nbc 10's drew smith is in stormforce 10 trying to give us an idea. he's in delaware county. drew? >> we're heading towards chester right now. i'll give you a live look at interstate 95 southbound. you can see there's a lot more traffic on the northbound lanes right now. we actually just saw our first accident here on the roads. a large van smashed into the guardrail. if you think that the roads aren't slippery this morning, that candice spell that for you right now. right now, we are seeing a lot of that heavy snow falling but not sticking to the roads. there's been a lot of rain here. it is actually wet. i will tell you, compared to when you're coming in around 5:30 in the morning, on a normal day, it seems like there's more
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traffic. that's because people are driving slower. that's good because a lot of the agencies in our area are telling people to slow down. we're actually going to head toward new castle county. we're in delaware county right now. we'll see you again in just a little bit.ç that's the latest from live stormforce 10. drew smith, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> it started as rain, has changed to snow and these are big, wet, sticky flakes, more like a spring type of snow in the area. it looks very beautiful to many of us as long as it's not causing problems. but as you can see, i-95 in south philly, the visibility is decent. we can see the lights in the distance. the cars, of course, moving pretty nicely. the radar shows just how extensive the snow area is.
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the lighter the color, the closer to being white, the lighter it is. upper montgomery county, upper bucks county, western chester county, it's very, very light. not enough to accumulate. but those darker blue bands as they move through give you a burst of snow. it happened in the abington area. that is moving through. cheltenham getting more right now. everything is relative. the darker the blue, the heavier it is. we have a patch over delaware bay moving right into cumberland county and heavier snow in northern burlington county than in the southern portion of the county right now. on the back edge of the storm, continuing to show itself in the lower left portion of the screen. as we go through the morning, we see very, very little north and west. allentown, the poconos, reading, temperatures above freezing. the snow so light it would just
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melt. the darker blue in this case, too. by 10:00 a.m. it's pretty much over in philadelphia and wilmington and all points north and west. by 11:00 a.m., it's over just about everywhere except for around atlantic city and ocean county. visibilities are coming down a little bit in parts of the area. blue bell, doylestown, coatesville, less than two miles. now it's down to three-quarter mile in mt. holly and philadelphia itself. this is accumulating rate of snow, especially, again, on the grassy surfaces as the temperatures are borderline or just above freezing. >> glenn, they're above freezing at the shore, too. i'm taking a closer look at points along the coast. the heavier blues just offshore. that's where the stead der snowfall is this morning. as far as ocean city is concerned, the radar looks impressive but on the ground this is what we've got this morning. this is a live view from the boardwalk, looking to the south.
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it's a bit damp. not much more than that. as the morning progressesç we' see the temperatures come down. that's when we're more likely to see accumulation from atlantic city, ocean city and into areas to the south, including cape may. hamilton 31 degrees at that hour. even colder at 7:00. that's still before the sun comes up. once the sun comes up, even though the snow will be coming down and the temperature will start to come up, 33 degrees in hammonton. accumulating snow in atlantic city. it's the colder spots that will see the accumulation first. the roadways will be in fine shape through most of the morning, even at the shore. the boardwalk will likely see some accumulation, cars sitting outside will see the accumulation. by 10:00 in the morning, above freezing for hammonton and atlantic city. the warming trend will continue at 11:00 as the last snowfall starts to taper off. what to expect at the shore.
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rain, still spots of rain, changing over to wet snow through 11:00 this morning that's when you'll see wet snow and there will be accumulation, even in the later morning hours. it will tend to taper off. the heaviest will be first thing this morning into the midmorning hours. low visibility and some slippier roads. large area of 2 to 4 inches, some locally heavier amounts are possible, mainly on the grassier surfaces. go inland and you can see the 2 to 4 inches well into new jersey, spreading into gloucester, camden and burlington countys. as far as philadelphia and wilmington are concerned and the immediate suburbs, we're looking at 1 to 2 inches mainly on the grassy and colder surfaces. as glenn mentioned, less off of north and west as it is lighter there and it will be ending sooner there. >> we've been on the air since 3:30 this morning. in a couple hours we've seen it deteriorate. it's interesting how different it is.
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on the boardwalk, there's little to nothing there and in evesham, it is really coming down. and big flakes, too, because it is wet. >> it is very wet snow. we've been following an accident along route 1. >> jessica boyington has the details. >> we did have an earlier accident blocking off most of the lanes. one was getting by. northbound around 213, it just cleared out of the way. no problems or delays north or southbound. reports of a vehicle that's spun out, i'm not going to say this will be the last one we'll see today. 42 northbound around the black horse pike. the camera is looking at 42 around 41 in deptford. just before that scene right there. no backup or delays because of that. definitely slippery conditions. when you see cars go by,ç wate is spraying out from underneath them. northbound from 55 to the walt whitman is still a five-minute
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trip. no increase in those drive times. we are seeing some reduced speeds on the area bridges because of the weather. 35 miles per hour on the ben, the walt and the betsy ross bridge. i'll be back in the next five minutes with more checks on the cameras. >> taking a live look at burlington county, evesham township. the snow is starting to come down harder and build up on the ground. it wasn't the case an hour, hour an a half ago. parts of south jersey and the shore are expected to see some of the heaviest snowfalls today. this nbc 10 first alert winter weather update is brought to you by buckmans, your cold weather experts.
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good morning, everyone. it's jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. right now we're looking live at the vine street expressway. right around 8th street. you can see our camera lenses are still covered in the rain water, reduced visibility for sure. slippery road conditions. we want to stress taking your time to get off of the ramp, getting on and off the majors, you'll see slippier spots. reports in new jersey of some problems there.
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i'm going to check in with the drive times and the area bridges and reports of flooding, i'll tell you where when i come back in the 6:00 hour. >> jessica, thanks. as you head out the door, we want to keep you updated on the storm as it moves through. get the updated first alert forecast and customize the weather for your neighborhood with the nbc 10 app. it's a free download, easy to do and it will send you weather warnings and alerts as they happen. >> we have you covered county by county. >> we are live across the entire area. right now, stormforce 10 is checking road conditions. first, this is a look at the mid-county tolls and stormforce 10 is also out showing us what it looks like. we are seeing wet snow causing low visibility in sh areas. we have issued a first alert because of the current conditions happening right now during the rush hour. again, we're talking low visibility, our live team coverage continues at 6:00.
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nbc 10 first alert weather breaking news. a winter storm is here. take a look at this live picture. this is evesham, burlington county, where wet snow is falling. at times it will come down hard and fast depending on where you are. this is creating wet roads and poor visibilities for your commute. >> a live look now at philadelphia. this is a morning event. the snow will start to taper off a little bit later. the temperatures aren't too cold. don't expect a lot of the snow to stick. here's a look at it. take a look at the first alert radar. we've been tracking it through the night. the storm is different depending on where you are in terms of accumulation. we have teams all across pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. 6:00 a.m. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. this is going to be different depending on where you live. as for the timing of all of this, the trouble will be during the morning commute.


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