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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 5am  NBC  February 6, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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right now on "nbc 10 news today" officials open a hazing investigation in chester county. why police are taking a look at the school's football team. >> debate night for gop. candidates will crisscross new hampshire before the state's first in the makes primary. a weekend off from any stormy weather. here's a live look outside over center city, philadelphia where we'll see a mix of sun and clouds later this morning. there's a chance that the snow may return in the coming week. we'll have details on that. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's 5:00 on this saturday. meteorologist karen thomas is
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tracking chilly conditions outside right now to start our weekend. good morning. >> yes, waking up early this morning you need a coat if you're heading out because temperatures mainly in the 20s, mid-to-upper 20s. feeling quite crisp as we look high atop the lowe's camera. 27 degrees right now in philadelphia. 20 degrees our reading up in mount pocono. 24 in trenton. and still very cold down along the shore line, 27 in wildwood, 28 in southern delaware. our winds not doing too badly at 5 miles per hour right now out of the northwest but the winds will be shifting as we move through the day. mainly calm across the region. what we can expect for our saturday forecast, dry. there's a term we're not used to hearing. dry. sun and clouds. 43 to 45 for high temperatures across the area and winds shifting out of the southwest 5 to 10. i'll be back with the rest of
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your weekend forecast and a look at the seven day in just a bit. a cab driver is shot in philadelphia. nbc 10 is live on the scene right here along morris street near 23rd street. the shooting happened just within the last 40 minutes. you can see here from our live picture that it appears as though the cab got into some kind of an accident. the cab driver a 38-year-old man is in stable condition. police are now looking for the shooter in this case. nbc 10 drew smith is on the way to the scene. we'll get a live update from him in the next half hour. police in chester county are looking into hazing allegations involving the football team at conestoga high school. the alleged hazing involved current and former players. the school district said it's working with law enforcement but so far the school has not conducted its own investigation. we spoke to some students who say the hallways are buzzing about the allegations but one
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senior said they are not true. >> the thing here is with the football, there are boys in the locker room, you know, like stupid things happen but nothing to the degree that's going around. >> the allegations come after a recent sexting scandal at the school in which one conestoga state of the union was charged with sending explicit images. one student said it's hurting the school's reputation. >> our students work hard. they get insane grades. to be back in the news for this negative stuff it's going to ruin the school's really good reputation. >> as for the alleged hazing the school district is telling parents to call authorities if their kids have any information. let's head to norristown, montgomery county where the community is mourning the loss of a 12-year-old boy who was killed while trying to rescue his father from a raging house fire.
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the boy rushed back into his burning home yesterday morning looking for his dad. the father escaped. but the boy did not. 12-year-old sanford harling went back into the house on markley street. his father was recovering from surgery and harling thought he might be trap. the father jumped from a window. harling did not make it out. >> kids like sanford they want to succeed, they want to be a part of positive things. sanford was resilient. just always active. always involved. >> as the family prepares for funeral arrangements a go fund me page has raised $15,000 for them. in delaware county an elderly woman is dead and her husband seriously hurt after this tree fell right on their house while they were sleeping. the tree crashed through the roof and into the couple's bedroom in their home. police tell us it took crews more than an hour to rescue the
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man. it's unclear if the weather played a part in bringing down the tree. now to a developing story from overseas. at least seven people including a baby are dead and hundred more are hurt after an earthquake struck taiwan early this morning. 26.4 magnitude quake toppled two high rise residential buildings. most people were asleep when the quake hit. video from the city of tainan show firefighters rescuing people from the rubble. crews used cranes to search dark areas of the collapsed building. people across the island of taiwan and as far away as mainland china said they felt the quake. back in our area sky force 10 was over this scene last night. this is in voorhees, camden county where a man was shot in front of his house. you can see a number of police officers combing the outside of the house, doing their investigation. there's no word on the victim's
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condition and what may have led up to the shooting. a clerk from 7/eleven is out of the hospital this morning after being shot during an attempted robbery in upper darby. this happened around 10:00 on thursday night. the suspect shot the employee in the leg and locked others in a freezer. police released this photo of the suspect. he's been called an urban terrorist. he escaped without getting any money. looking for something to do? two big events are wrapping up this weekend. you only have today and tomorrow to get to the philadelphia auto show. everything from classic cars to prototype vehicles are on display right now. down the shore the atlantic city boat show is in its final two days at the ac convention center. hundreds of water craft are on display. there are workshops, seminars and an indoor pond for casting lessons. let's take a live look at
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blue cross ice rink. they are gearing up four super bowl weekend. ice skagt and arcade games for the kids and brought in big screen tvs and $4 drafts will be on hand for adults. this happens tomorrow from 6:30120:30. a search for the missing, this morning the coast guard is combing the waters off of los angeles for three people believed to be on two planes that collided over the pacific. a deadly crane collapse in manhattan. we'll update the investigation and the after effects still being felt on the city's streets.
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. good saturday morning to you. we could have some icy patches out there especially on sidewalks and secondary roads
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from refreezing overnight because our temperatures are well below freezing right now. we did have some of that melting and runoff yesterday. so just be careful especially on the secondary roads. we're looking live now at cape may. chilly 27 degrees down there and folks just waking up maybe early this morning. you want to bundle up if you're heading outside. 21 in chester springs. 23 in washington township. colder still as we get closer to the pocono mountains at 20 degrees and as i mentioned it's in the 20s down along the shore line. 27 in avalon as well as wildwood and cape may. 23 degrees the closer interior south jersey that we go. so temperatures across the region will stay on the chilly side. we'll warm up a bit to 43, 45 degrees for high temperatures across the area. the good news we'll remain dry today. we just have a really on trend sort of february saturday with sun and clouds. forecast remains tranquil
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tomorrow but things start to get a little dicey. i'll be back with a look at that in our seven day in just a bit. >> democrats in the senate are urging president obama to boost the government's response to the zika virus outbreak. yesterday the senator sent the president a letter calling for him to come up with a plan to battle the spread of the virus both here at home and abroad. the zika health emergency began in brazil last year. it's causing birth defects in central america and mexico with one case in texas. mosquitos transmit the virus but growing evidence that it can be passed through others by sexual contact. cdc is out with new guidelines for pregnant women. they say if their partners have been in countries where the virus is spreading expectant mothers should abstain from sex, use protection until their partner tests negative for zika or until the baby is born. in other news, why no one seemed to be listening to a montgomery county residents, complaints about health and
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safety concerns. they turned to the nbc 10 investigators. our reporter went to check out their issues and here's a preview of the story you'll see monday at 4:00 p.m. >> reporter: from boiled water warnings to the demolition of a moldy mobile home, residents say they've had enough. >> our home son lie feet away from this home. >> reporter: they asked the nbc 10 investigators to step in when their voices weren't being heard. >> somebody has to speak up. we need help. >> reporter: we found numerous vjilation and the township having trouble holding them accountable. >> we get reassuring statements that seem to satisfy us. but then when it comes to implementation on the ground they fall short of that. >> reporter: monday at 4:00 you'll hear more about the problems and now that the nbc 10 investigators got involved how the management company plans to fix them.
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. once it hits daylight coast guard will resume searching for three people on board two small planes that collided off the coast of los angeles. rescuers found debris but no sign of survivors. the mid-air collision happened around 3:30 yesterday afternoon. searchers believe the wreckage may be in 80 to 90 feet of water. some streets in manhattan remain closed this morning after yesterday's deadly crane collapse. one person is dead and three others are hurt after the 15 story crane toppled yesterday morning. the crane was being lowered and secured because of winds that were topping around 20 miles per hour. but it slowly fell over instead. it smashed into several buildings on the way down before landing on parked cars that stretched over two blocks. >> it was like an earthquake
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sound. it was trembling all over. this could have been an incredible much bigger accident that could have killed so many more people. >> the collapse did kill a 38-year-old mathematician who worked on wall street. two by standers hit by debris are in serious condition while a third has minor injuries. an investigation into what caused the collapse is ongoing. now to decision 2016. tonight is debate night for the republican presidential candidates in new hampshire. the primary there is on tuesday. the latest survey shows senator marco rubio is gaining some ground. the nbc/"the washington post" maris poll shows donald trump and with marco rubio in second place. speak being of chris christie, the new jersey governor is hoping to finish in the top tooer tier of candidate. he said there's distinct
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differences between voters in new hampshire, iowa and his home state. >> iowans are very laid back. new hampshire, more emotive. new jersians i never have to wonder how i'm doing. i know immediately when i walk in the room. new hampshire folks won't sequester interrupt except with laughter. new jersey folks will interrupt you with like that's crap. >> governor chris christie is polling in the single digits in new hampshire following a 10th place finish in the iowa caucuses. george spencer is heading for the primary. watch his live report starting tomorrow night on nbc 10 news at 11:00. nbc "meet the press" tomorrow morning moderator chuck todd will talk with hillary clinton, donald trump and bernie sanders. that's tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. right here on nbc 10. voters backing bernie sanders in his home state of vermont are not only feeling the burn, they say they are feeling the sting of their own support.
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some voters are getting tatoos which some shops are providing for free. the imprints are simple and direct something supporters say reflect sanders' campaign philosophy. sanders has a double digit lead over hick in neighboring new hampshire. good saturday morning. i'm meteorologist karen thomas. let's look at our weather headlines as we're getting up this early saturday. we are in store for a dry weekend. so we're going to have mild conditions as we move on through our saturday and sunday but tracking a bit more snow for the early part of our coming work week and then feeling really like winter towards the end of next week as our temperatures will be plummeting. you'll see that in the seven day. 27 degrees right now officially at the airport. our winds out of the southwest at five and temperatures on the chilly side out there for sure, 20 degrees right now in the
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poconos, 23 degrees in mount holly, 24 in atlantic city. look at that just climbing to 30 degrees in southern delaware. winds are fairly calm. moving from the southwest in just a bit. five miles per hour right now but calm just about every where else. wean that light breeze out there it's factoring in a bit of a wind chill. we're starting off on a cold note. few cirrus clouds around but we're mild today, tomorrow as this model shows us we're looking ahead to monday for more snow. well the potential is just one model projection, the models have not come together on this system. this is a potential that we get some wet weather coming into the jersey shore and southern delaware by monday morning. two different systems here. but monday morning could be a little wet and then we finish off monday evening into monday overnight with a bit of snow, this model projection anyway has
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snow picking up again for the philadelphia area tuesday morning. you see that time stamp there at 5:00 a.m. we're watching it. it's going to matter just how closely the system track and how quickly they deepen. sun and clouds today. dry. 43 to 45 across the region with winds out of the southwest. five to ten miles per hour. we'll go ahead and show you the seven day forecast because it is interesting from a weather perspective. 45 for our high temperature today. 48 tomorrow. so even a little milder tomorrow. but then things get interesting for monday as we watch these systems coming in from the central plain states. could develop into some light snow with a rain mix for monday depending where we are in the region. more rain towards the shore. more snow shower activity towards philadelphia. tuesday another system could last into early wednesday morning with some snow shower activity there. we'll keep watching it. we're cold towards the end of the week. 5:20 on this saturday.
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now to an event that's just as competitive as the super bowl, but a whole lot messier. competitive eaters from across the country flocked to the wells fargo center for wing bowl 24. the big winner molly skylar of nebraska. she may weigh only 125 pound but devoured 429 wings. that's more than 77,000 calories. here's what she had to say after taking the crown. >> i'm happy. i won last year. i'm ecstatic. >> she also took home a ring and $10,000. how did you feel when you walked out of there? >> upset. >> confused? >> dorney park cuts ties with a long time worker who has special needs.
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and you can get a polaroid cube+ video camera on the spot. police in lehigh valley need your help finding people who broke into dorney park. police say four people broke into dorney park in allentown last weekend. they climbed 200 feet to the top of the dominator ride and took a blue and white dorney park flag. if you recognize the suspects call south whitehall township police. dorney park is back tracking after it said it would not rehire a long time employee who has special needs. park management said they would welcome him back. as nbc 10 george spencer reports it only came after tens of thousands of online supporters expressed their outrage. >> reporter: you can almost feel chris emery's excitement last spring his first day of year 12 as a dorney park employee.
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it's a photo op that won't be repeat this spring after chris was not rehired for the first time since he was a teenager. >> i was very angry. >> reporter: chris's mother said her 29-year-old son lives with golden heart syndrome leaving him with physical and learning differs. he's been able to clean park bathrooms never taking a sick day. but yesterday's group interview and team building exercise left him confused. >> she said he didn't do anything wrong. she goes but he doesn't fit into what we're looking for. >> reporter: what did you think? >> i miss my friends. i miss getting my number 12 snoopy pin. >> reporter: the only in world rushed to his defense. former co-worker wrote this facebook post condemning the park's decision. it since has been shared more
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than 20,000 times. today dorney park reversed course saying it ovals all its associates and would welcome chris back. >> it was kind of scary just because you don't realize how powerful social media is. >> reporter: the emerys say chris won't be returning not this year and tough as it is this dorney park longtimer is now thinking of other job options. >> like a giant. >> reporter: maybe a grocery store. >> grocery store. mcdonald's. >> reporter: you would work anywhere? >> yeah. >> reporter: chris's mother said she's not looking for anyone to boycott this park. that was not her intention. but she does hope park owners will adjust their interview practices so chris's embarrassment isn't repeated. reporting in allentown, george spencer, nbc 10 news. it was an evening of hope for families with seriously ill and disabled children.
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the kelly ann dolan material fund held their fundraiser at the pine crest country club. it helps families caring for children with severe illnesses or physical or cognitive challenges. here's a follow up to go red day yesterday which is the american heart association's annual effort to raise awareness of women's heart health. today the enterprise center in mount laurel is holding the sixth women's health expo. that runs from 10:00 to 2:00 p.m. heart disease is the nation's number one killer. this weekend philadelphia is helping to support the heart association mission with the annual philadelphia heart ball. that's tonight at the market street marriott in center city, philadelphia. judge >> it's 5:27. a cab driver was shot in philadelphia overnight. drew smith is live on the scene. drew? >> reporter: rosemary, detectives are trying to figure
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out who did this. we'll show you the other damage on this block when we come back. >> be careful on the secondary roads this morning. we could have some icy patches on sidewalks and the back roads because of some refreezing overnight. plenty of ice right here as we look live at the blew cross river rink. a fantastic day to put on the skates and get out there today as we look for dry conditions today and tomorrow. but the long term forecast gets kind of interesting. you want to stay tuned for your full forecast after the break.
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we are following breaking news this morning. police in philadelphia are investigating the shooting of a cab driver. we're live on the scene with details. >> he tried to save himself. >> also this morning a montgomery county community mourns a young hero who died trying to rescue his father from a house fire. how neighbors are helping this grieving family. let's take a live look outside over philadelphia. you can see the museum of art off into the distance. we have a cool dry weekend ahead of us but wintry weather may return next week. good morning. welcome back to "nbc 10 news today." thanks for being with us. i'm rosemary connors. it's 5:30 on this


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