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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  February 6, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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we are following breaking news this morning. police in philadelphia are investigating the shooting of a cab driver. we're live on the scene with details. >> he tried to save himself. >> also this morning a montgomery county community mourns a young hero who died trying to rescue his father from a house fire. how neighbors are helping this grieving family. let's take a live look outside over philadelphia. you can see the museum of art off into the distance. we have a cool dry weekend ahead of us but wintry weather may return next week. good morning. welcome back to "nbc 10 news today." thanks for being with us. i'm rosemary connors. it's 5:30 on this saturday.
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let's get a check on our weekend weather with meteorologist karen thomas. very quiet out there >> we're feeling like february for sure. you'll want to bundle up. temperatures are mainly in the 20s. and we just have a light wind out of the southwest right now. we're looking live at cape may, new jersey where it's dry but some of the area back roads especially, sidewalks and secondary roads may have a little bit of refreeze on them. so be careful. some patchy ice out there is possible. 24 degrees in atlantic city. 27 in wildwood. 23 in millville. almost 30 degrees in georgetown. we got that light windsor factor in a wind chill this is what it feels like out there. feels like 22 in philadelphia. feels like the teens up in the poconos. we'll be dry today across the region. sun and clouds for the most part. mainly sunny for a good portion of the day. clouds rolling in later on today. 43, 45 degree high temperature reading which is about average this time of year.
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we'll get even milder for tomorrow. i'll be back with more in the forecast. now back to that breaking news from philadelphia's point breeze neighborhood where a cab driver was shot overnight. nbc 10's drew smith is live at the scene to fill us in on what happened. drew? >> reporter: yeah, rosemary still early in this investigation. we saw detectives out here looking over this cab car. it's parked here right in the middle of morris street. a lot of damage to the front of the car. beside a shooting happening here there was significant damage to at least two cars here and as well as to the cab. i was just speaking with a witness on scene. she was talking to police. they had taken a statement from her. they have in one of her homes here when she came out and saw the damage to the car. she said there were two passengers in the van here and they had gotten out. but right now police are looking for the people involved in this shooting. again, it's still early on in this investigation. we'll go ask some more questions
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of police and hope to update you when we see you again in 30 minutes. live in point breeze, i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. a little boy killed in a fire in norristown is being called a hero. he died trying to save his father from a raging house fire. the boy rushed back into his burning home yesterday morning looking for his dad. the father escaped but the boy did not. 12-year-old sanford harling went back into the house on markley street. his father was recovering from surgery and harling thought that he might be trapped. but the father had jumped from a window. >> whole family just nice knit family. >> he was active in school, in this community. >> a go fund me page has already raised more than $15,000 for the
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family as they are in the process of making funeral arrangements and looking for a place to live. sky force 10 was over a house fire in delaware county last night. the flames started just before 7:00 along mccormick avenue in ridley park. no one was hurt. investigators are trying to figure 0-what sparked this fire. special equipment helped rescue a man in newark new castle county. where he fell down an embankment last night. sky force 10 was over the high angle scene along red mill road and old mill road. crews spent about 20 minutes retrieving the victim from the embankment. his injuries are nonlife threatening. we have some new information about a robbery and a high-speed chase we brought you exclusively on thursday night at 11:00. police identified the suspect as henry david iii. he's accused of stealing cell phones out of verizon story in
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philadelphia, tying up employees and leading police on a chase for more than 25 miles. only sky force 10 was in the air to catch the crash at the end of the chase. the driver's car went into a cul-de-sac and then into a ditch. davis is now in the hospital recovering from his injuries. he's charged with several crimes. police tell us they were able to locate the suspect because store employees had put tracking devices on the stolen phones. now to a warning for parents in philadelphia's omni neighborhood after an attempted luring there this week. a 10-year-old boy was walking his dog on wednesday morning along the 5300 block of north 3rd street. a driver stopped and asked the boy if he wanted candy. then the driver tried to grab him by the arm. the child ran home and reported what happened. a pike county man is behind bars accused of sending explicit images to a 14-year-old montgomery county girl.
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investigators searched cory kivki kimble's phone. >> declaring bankruptcy what atlantic city's mayor said his city will have to do if it's forced to pay millions of dollars owed to the borgata. a judge ruled the city must pay the casino back in terms of tax refund. the borgata says it will stop making current tax payments until the case is resolved. atlantic city is dealing with deep budget problems caused by years of decline for the casino industry. state officials accuse the city of over spending and financial mismanagement for decades. lawmakers are considering giving the statewide ranging power -- wide ranging power over the city's operations. if that happens the state would gain control of selling off city
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assets including land. as thousands of people in flint, michigan continue to use bottled water, some gop lawmakers are calling for a probe into the federal response to that city's water crisis. still ahead the criticism that prompted them to act. plus this -- a major boat show is back at the jersey shore and this year with new incentives. >> going to be very helpful for this show and all the dealers involved. >> reporter: i'm ted greenberg why buying a boat could cost you thousands of dollars less.
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good morning. i'm meteorologist karen thomas. waking up early this morning, chilly one out there for sure but we're dry. just be careful we could have some refreezing on sidewalks and secondary roads. maybe hit a little icy patch here and there. take it easy if you're out driving or walking this morning. live look at the city skyline.
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temperature reading in philadelphia 27 degrees. we just have a light wind out of the southwest factored in, so feeling quite chilly out there but what we would expect for a february day for sure. forecast is looking pretty nice. temperatures across the region will be warming up into the mid-40s across the area. only 22 degrees right now in wo woodbine. satellite radar showing we're dry, will remain dry. just a few light clouds as we move on through our saturday. all in all, really nice forecast. sun and clouds across the region. dry conditions. 43, 45 for high temperatures across the area. winds out of the southwest five to ten. i'll be back with more in just a bit. this morning we have some new information on a mass killing in chicago. police now say they believe six family members found beaten to death inside their home on thursday were targeted for murder. the victims include four adults and two boys ages 10 and 13.
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police say the killings could have happened during a robbery or domestic incident. they also say there's no sign of forced entry and that the home had not been ransacked. let's head to florida where police are investigating a deadly shooting in a mall parking lot. one man was found dead near the mall's entrance last night. a second man was wounded near a car. police say nobody reported hearing any gun shots. crews in arizona have recovered the body of a man who fell into a sinkhole. witnesses say the man disappeared in a farming field after walking behind his vehicle there. the hole that swallowed the victim was 50 feet across and 15 feet deep. the field was being irrigated at the time and may have caused the sinkhole to arise. some republican lawmakers are pointing the finger at the environmental protection agency in the flint, michigan water crisis. three u.s. senators are blaming the epa for not taking action or warning the public about the contaminated water. the epa says it was lied toby
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michigan environmental officials about corrosion control measures. yesterday the first michigan state employee was fired over the crisis. republican state lawmakers have been criticized over refusing to send hundred of millions of dollars in emergency aid to flint. the time right now is 5:42. 26 degrees. flyers lose a key player for a month and the super bowl excitement builds. >> it's a very special opportunity to be playing in this game. >> manning's amusings. quarterback peyton manning talks about the possibility of winning two super bowls with two different teams. we'll have more on his comments. more on the flyers. it's all coming up in sports.
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5:44 on this saturday. temperatures outside right now in the mid-20s.
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as you can see, not much wind happening out there. very different story from what we saw yesterday morning when we had that rain and wintry mix. we'll be quiet this weekend. but some wet weather could return for the start of the work week. now to decision 2016. the republican presidential candidates are getting ready to spar with each other in a debate tonight in new hampshire. the primary there is on tuesday. the latest survey shows senator marco rubio is gaining some ground. the nbc/"the washington post" maris poll shows donald trump leading in new hampshire witho in second place. rubio will join trump, trouz, ben carron, jeb bush, chris christie and john kasich for tonight's debate in manchester. new jersey governor chris christie is hoping to finish in the top tier of those candidates in new hampshire. he told rachel maddow there's distinct differences wean iowa and rhode island. >> iowans are very back.
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new hampshire more emotive. new jersians, i know immediately when i walk into the room how i'm doing. new jersey folks will interrupt you in the middle of an answer that's crap. >> right now governor chris christie is pulling in the single digits in new hampshire following a tenth place finish in the iowa caucus. nbc 10 george spencer is heading to new hampshire for the primary. can you watch his live report starting night on nbc 10 news at 11:00. and if you're heading out early this morning you want to bundle up and take it easy on the sidewalks and secondary roads. could have a little bit of refreezing. we're in for a dry weekend forecast today and tomorrow. we are tracking a bit more snow. we do have a couple of systems that are building for monday, tuesday early wednesday morning. more on that in just a bit. yeah really feeling like february come wednesday,
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thursday, friday, the upcoming week in terms of temperatures. temperatures will be tumbling just a bit. currently at 27 degrees officially at the airport. winds out of the southwest at five miles per hour. temperatures across the region in the 20s. coldest spot in the poconos at 20 degrees. look at that, 23 degrees in millville, 24 in atlantic city. just one tick below 30 in dover. so temperatures will be slow to rise. but we will get a little bit of a warming bump as we move on through our saturday. factor in a calm light wind out of the southwest right now and it is feeling quite chilly for sure. so just a few cirrus clouds around. we'll be tdry. we're watching the systems come together late sunday night into early monday morning. systems coming in from the central plain states and the models are not completely together on this in term of just who gets rain who gets snow. this is for monday. this is one snow model that
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we're watching. so sunday into monday morning. so by 11:00 a.m. monday this model has south jersey southern delaware up into central jersey getting a little bit of a rain/sleet mix moving in but stay dry north and west of philadelphia and by monday night this other system we get a little bit of phasing where the systems come together and feed energy off of one another. this is one model. they are not all in agreement that we get this much snow. looking like maybe scattered snow showers monday night into tuesday morning and as we pick up 5:00 a.m. tuesday looking like philadelphia northwest as well as southeast here of philadelphia getting a little snow. still trying to put things together with that system. we know systems are out there. we have to see how they track. sun and clouds, dry today. 43, 45, a nice crisp february day. our average high temperature this time of the year is 42
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degrees. we're right there. little milder tomorrow. closer to 50 degrees for a high temperature with sunshine. then things get a littling for mond -- a little interesting for monday and tuesday. we're looking for a mix of scattered snow showers, light accumulation on tuesday, few scattered flurries wednesday morning. that's the way it's looking right now. we'll keep a very close eye on those systems. look at the temperature readings getting colder by thursday at 33 degrees, 36 for friday. hey, just when the flyers are playing their best hockey of the season getting in the playoff chase they lose sean for a month lower body injury. flyers called up nick cousins to take his spot. couturier left in the second period. the flyers record is much better when he's in the lineup. without him they are 2-5-2.
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he leads the team in plus minus. he reaggravated an injury but does not need surgery. >> it's big loss for us but we got other guys that will fill in, and need to pick up the slack. no one will replace him. >> he's a huge piece to this team. you know, he brings it to both ends for us. place pk, pp. time for other guys to step up. >> reports say flyers will play penguins in an outdoor game next year and two years later back here in philly. penn state wanted too much known have it. take a look. over 7,000 fans in reading to see bobby clark and six decades of hockey. there they are with the puck drop. the orange beat the white 9-4. as i said over 7,000 fans there
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to see it. there's danny there scoring a goal. sixers last night in washington. smith left the came towards the end of the fourth quarter. hurt his ankle or hurt. time winding down in the first quarter. gary neal beating the buzzer. the wiz up. then a verse alley-oop. too many wizards. to the window, to wall. sixers lose 106-94. they have lost four in a row. dallas police last night opened an investigation into browns quarterback johnny manziel for domestic assault. his ex-girlfriend got a protection order against him yesterday. she told police that he hit her an johnny's agent dumped him as well. johnny's dad is worried that johnny is suicidal. he tells "the dallas morning
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news" if john doesn't get help he won't live to see his 24th birthday. strong quote. sunday super bowl could be peyton manning's last game. if the broncos beat the panthers peyton will be the first quarterback to win a super bowl with two teams. >> it's a very special opportunity to be playing in this game, like i mentioned and to be playing in super bowl 50. if you have any appreciation for the history of the game and certainly you've watched super bowls and played in super bowls, had a sibling played in super bowls it does make it maybe even more special. >> and he would match his brother eli with the two super bowls. i'm john clark. enjoy your weekend. after trying brookside crunchy clusters,
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@carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it's something you earn. brookside. talk about delicious.
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today you can do yourself and someone in need a favor by touring the battleship new jersey in camden everybody who brings a can of soup with them this weekend gets 20% off
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admission. officials will donate the soup to the food bank of new jersey. tours run from 9:30 to there being. in the pocono mountains help in fight of breast cancer with a visit to camelback ski resort. they hope to turn the mountain pink. skiers, snowboarders and snowers are encouraged to wear pink. there be special activities all day long. it promotes a healthy active lifestyle and early detection in stopping the disease. new tax break is in place just in time for the atlantic city boat show which is going on right now in atlantic city. ted greenberg has the details. >> reporter: with a price tag of $340,000 kim fink isn't in the market for this beauty but she could see herself owning a boat some. >> i like being able to go onto
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boats. >> reporter: close to 500 are on display at the annual progressive atlantic city boat show which opened wednesday at the resort's convention center. >> we're expecting a booming business. >> reporter: comstock yacht sales is sure customers know why they will pay less. as of monday a new law cut new jersey's 7% sales tax on boats in half to 3.5%. and put a $20,000 cap on that tax. >> this was an incentive to buy a boat this year. >> with the savings in sales tax you pay for your slip for the season. >> reporter: it's designed to help new jersey boaters better compete with those in other states. >> they leveled the playing field. very helpful for this show and all the dealers involved. >> reporter: boat dealers and show organizers believe lower fuel costs will drive sales this year. they say as prices have come down, interest in boating has gone up. >> when you own a boat and near the water, now you're going to
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be more apt to go out and use the boat more because the prices are lower. >> reporter: the boat show runs through sunday and enlarged its display space by 20% this year. more room to get aboard a water bound investment, or just let a dream set sail. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. at 5:57 on this saturday we're following some breaking news. a cab driver was shot and wounded in philadelphia overnight. nbc 10 drew smith is live on the scene. drew? >> reporter: we understand police are looking for who did this. we just spoke with a witness who was just speaking with police. we'll tell you what she had to say coming up. a cold start to our saturday morning for sure. we could have some slick spots out there as well with a little bit of refreezing overnight as our temperatures are quite chilly in the mid-to-upper 20s right now. are checking in at 30 degrees in philadelphia. i'll be back with your full forecast after the break. ♪
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that breaking news is in philadelphia a few hours ago somebody shot a cab driver. this morning police are looking for the gunmen. we'll have a live report from the scene.
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reputation at stake. police open up an investigation into possible hazing at a high school in chest county. now authorities are focusing on the football team. and students say it's damaging their academic image. debate showdown donald trump is coming off the bench and making a return to the stage but the republican may have a new target tonight as marco rubio is surging in the polls just ahead of the new hampshire primary. good morning this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's 6:00 on this saturday. let's get the right our weekend weather first. we'll get to breaking news in just a moment. we check in karen thomas. a little bit cold out there. >> you want to bundle up. especially if you're heading outside this morning. the winter parka, hat, gloves a good idea as temperature readings right now in and around upper 20s. 30 degrees in philadelphia. clear skies out there waiting for the sun to couple. beautiful live shot of boat house row. 24 degrees in the northeast. 23 in. 20 in wrightst


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