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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  February 7, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EST

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>> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. a philadelphia police officer is dragged during a traffic stop. that leads to a chase and then a crash. detectives have the man in custody but they are still looking for a woman connected to the case. details in a live report. with alley known former tavern in south jersey goes up in flames. there was a close call on the scene that could have really cost firefighters their lives. we'll explain next. it's a sunny sunday for skaters at the blue cross river rink on penn's landing. the skies will be clear this morning but we are expecting some clouds and snow during the week ahead.
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good morning this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's 9:00 on this sunday. meteorologist karen thomas has more on our weekend weather. karen, we're wrapping up on a high note. >> definitely, rosemary, i like the way you say that it's a beautiful sunday forecast and it is a nice way to wrap up our weekend weather wise. of course everybody is so excited about the super bowl this so your travels there no worry. look at these wonderful skiers already out, camelback mountain in the poconos. temperatures pretty chilly out and about this morning. we're staying on the cold side of things but plenty of sunshine to warm us up. 32 in the poconos, upper 20s north and west of philadelphia. 36 in wildwood, 33 in atlantic city. temperatures will continue to rise. we have a calm wind right now. really just a light breeze in lancaster, wilmington, millville, out of the northwest. what we can understand for later today, really mild forecast and
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sun and clouds. so we just want to enjoy that because our temperatures are projected to reach that 47 to 50 degree which will be above where we should be this time of year. i'll be back with snow talk in just a bit. this morning we are following a developing story in philadelphia. police have one man in custody and searching for a woman after investigators say their car dragged an officer. it all began as a traffic stop in philadelphia's overbrook at 50th street in lancaster avenue. according to investigators the car pulled away from the officer. police spotted the car nearby at city avenue and monument road and chased after the driver. it all ended in a crash on the city avenue bridge heading toward lincoln drive and kelly drive. nbc 10 live at southwest detectives where they are investigating this case. fill us in, drew. >> reporter: rosemary, our cameras right there as police put one of the people in that, into one of their advance like this one you see pulling off
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here. witnesses tell us on the scene they saw a woman leaving complaining she was involved in an accident. police are looking for her but haven't caught up with her yet. they didn't find one guy, nbc 10 captured exclusive video of officers handcuffing him. we're plurg his face until police charge him. in overbrook an officer pulled the car over and then got dragged as it pulled amp. the officer did not report significant injuries. using the license tag police spotted the car on city avenue. they tried to stop it but the car did not come to rest until it smashed into two other cars on the bridge. listen to witnesses describe the search for the woman. >> the cops are driving back and forth, spotlights signing them up, checking the driveway down here, shining lights up in the grass and everything to see if she walked up that way or anyone that way, see if they find anybody. >> the good news this morning, even with all that damage, the officer getting dragged away, it appears there were no significant injuries to anyone
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involved in this chase. i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. firefighters had to call for help after the south jersey tavern collapsed while they were inside. they did make it out safely. flames roared inside gil bear's tavern last night. firefighters set up defensive positions on 2nd street to make sure flames didn't spread to nearby homes. the bar is destroyed. witnesses reported small explosions, as i mentioned. at one point the entire third floor collapsed falling into firefighters below. >> one on the ladder. >> we watched them pull two guys back when it happened. it was so chaotic hen it happened. it was scary. >> after the collapse
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firefighters stopped working so they could account their crews. no one was hurt here. in montgomery county investigators to look for the cause of this house fire that killed a young boy trying 12-year-old sanford died in the flames. flap in -- flames in norristown. we're hearing from loved ones. he went back inside the house on market street to save his dad but his father had jumped from a window. sanford played for the norristown youth eagles football program. the team's coach remembered him in a conversation with nbc 10 last night. >> very friendly, just hardworking, especially out here on the football field. he wasn't one of those kids with god-given ability, he to work for his, and he did. neighbors have been leaving balloons and flowers on the porch of the burned out house in sanford's memory. a go fund me page raised about $27,000 to help his family. today at 1:00, the american red
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cross will host a fire safety walkthrough at the scene of that deadly fire. the red cross will join the fire department to offer important tips to keep you and your family safe and out of danger. this morning temple university police searching for three people in connection to a racially charged incident that happened right here on campus. somebody threw a swastika and racial slur near a car on the street. we've blurred some of the images. temple police want to you take a good look at the photos from a security camera. these pictures were released just last night. campus police are calling these three men persons of interest. they are asking anybody who can identify them to give police a call. in a statement temple university says it condemns the use of these sim polls and language in the strongest terms and the university will make every ever to identify those responsible and will hold them accountable. new this morning, a
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14-year-old girl is recovering at children's hospital of philadelphia after being attacked by a bulldog. police tell us the dog bit the girl on the face and arms in a house on pemberton street last night. other children who were inside the house called 911. when police arrived they say they were forced to shoot and kill the dog because it charged after them. now to decision 2016, the republican presidential debate in new hampshire is in the books, with senator marco rubio polling second in tuesday's primary. riff like chris christie took no time taking aim. >> you have not been held accountable purchase. >> your city had a snowstorm and you didn't want to go back. they had to shame you to go
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back. >> more on the debate coming up this morning at 9:30. anybody interested in speaking out for or against a new football stadium alt temple university will to do so tomorrow. that's when they will hold special public meeting. it ended last week when protests broke out. plans call for the $100 million stadium to be built on campus in north philly. right now they play their home football games at lincoln financial field. looking for something to do? you may want to head to convention center, bring the kids. this is the last day to check out newest and most exotic and probably most expensive cars. it's all happening at philadelphia auto who. the event ends this afternoon. you can test-drive several models of including jeeps out there. also meet members of the 7 offers dance team, they will be taking photos and signing autographs. it is game day. still ahead preview of 50 matchup and take a look at some
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of the celebrities who will be at the stadium. a puppy trapped in the middle of a busy highway during rush hour gets a new leash on life.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> good morning, i'm meteorologist karen thomas. starting things off on a chilly note but plenty of sunshine right now. whatever your plans are this sunday morning, just bundle up. i think you're going to like the forecast. as we head outside, we can see the sun is shining. really no clouds to speak of. plenty of high pressure in place. we expect the sunshine to stay with us for most of the day as our temperature readings are on the cold side of things right now but we will be turning more mild as we wear on through our sunday. right now still polit chilly short and west of philadelphia.
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it is 35 officially in the city. 36 in millville, 33 atlantic city, chilly 34 in southern delaware. satellite radar showing we are dry. can you see the cloud edge moving from the south to the north. right now plenty of sun, really no clouds to speak of in philadelphia. but you can see moving up from the south we do have a shield of clouds heading our way. 47 to 50 degrees for high temperatures across the region. we'll call it a nice day, will certainly be mild. we are expecting precipitation in the forecast. i'll be back with a look at the seven-day and all the details in just a bit. alicia keyes wrapped up super bowl and parties last night. she performed super bowl city, part of san francisco served as a hub for fans leading up to game day. many fans ended up waiting all
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day just to see the singer perform. now attention to levi's stadium, where the game will be played not far from san francisco. nbc's jay gray has the latest on super bowl 50. all the hype is just about over now. it is finally game day by the bay. >> super bowl 50, our team, denver broncos, what an opportunity and experience of a lifetime. >> fans reached a feared pitch. the teams say they are pumped up and ready to play. even these rough players are ready for the puppy bowl. these rough players are ready for the annual puppy bowl. lady gaga will sing the national anthem, beyonce and coldplay will join bruno mars at halftime. >> it's such a big event.
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there's nothing bigger for a band. >> for now the only question left, who will win. for that you've got to turn to the experts. while la la the panda is going with the panthers. no surprise who the horse is going to pick. shasta, the otter, well, is waving the broncos flag, sort of. none of the animals were hurt during the pick which is strictly for fun and should not be used for wagering purposes. jay gray, nbc news, santa clara. a high school in mullica hill will get super bowl watchers ready for the big game. this morning hundreds of students at clearview regional high school are making and selling hoagies. if you're looking for hoagies for a super bowl game, this might be a good option. last year they raised $10,000.
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lost and found on a freeway in arizona. this scared pooch found herself in the middle of danger. thankfully transportation officials did, too. they spotted the dog on top of a highway median holding on for dear life. they stepped in and rescued the job. after trying to find the owner, now dottie is ready for adoption. it didn't take long for her to find a new home. >> tears slide down your face, is she going to be okay. many years ago i had a dog that looked like dottie. when we saw her huddled on that median, our hearts went out to her. more than 50 people filled out applications to adopt dottie after her picture was seen on the local news. they say a picture is worth 1,000 words. the image of starving sea lion pup in a california restaurant is causing quite a bit of buzz because it speaks to a groerng.
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hundreds of sea lions are desperate for food. the ocean water is getting warmer because of el nino. that means the food the satisfactory lions need like sardines are pushed away to colder water. they are left starving so much so they are walking into restaurants and back yards in surge of their next meal. wildlife experts rescued nearly 50 sea lions this year alone. we're just a little above freezing outside, a little girl attacked by a raccoon recovering after she was saved by a good samaritan. now montgomery county health officials are searching for that man and not just to say thank you. we'll explain coming up.
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full of energy, hoping to find a family to support and encourage him throughout his life. nbc 10's vai sikahema introduces us to jay. >> this is jay. >> reporter: jay is an outgoing, adventurous teenager. he has a passion music. we headed to the place fortunes. he had a great time singing his songs and learning some new riffs. >> jay is a big ball of energy. he's a great person to be around, fun, articulate, inquisitive, able to brighten up anyone's day. >> jay is a very skilled guitar
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player. he finds joy tapping into his creative to write songs. he plans on working in the music industry in the future. >> i strum the ar. i see something i would want to write down. i would basically play and write at the same time. >> a forever family for jay would be loving and supportive in reaching his goals. >> i think it would change a family's outlook on life and their perspective, seeing him and how he would be really resilient. with all that he's been through, still like a family -- a quality a family could take away from jay and ultimately make him stronger. >> he's ready to share his leg with a forever family. jay is this week's wednesday's child. >> love that smile. if you'd like to make jay's dream come true or any wednesday's child go to the website,, search
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wednesday's child. call national adoption center 1-866-do adopt. now nbc 10 first alert weather. >> take a look at the forecast on super bowl sunday. forecast not looking too bad at all. we'll call it nice and mild for today as temperatures will be rising in the mid to upper 40s, close to 50 degrees. we are tracking more snow, however, in our forecast. you'll see that in the seven-day. more arctic air really feeling like winter midweek towards the end of the week. for now 45 degrees, our official temperature reading, winds calm in philadelphia. temperatures across the region, it is chilly outside. you are going to want toel up if you're heading out this morning, 29 in allentown, 35 in philadelphia, 35 here in dover and 36 degrees in millville, new jersey. 33 along the shore in atlantic city. not much in the way of the wind department to speak of. our winds are calm for now.
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we'll be picking up as we move through the afternoon out of the north at 5 to 10 miles per hour later today. we are dry. we'll call it quiet and cold for now. you can see the leading edge of clouds from the south. that's all due to a low pressure system developing off of the carolina coast. you see it down there with the clouds. we also have another low, bunch of energy up here in the great lakes that will be developing and moving our way. we can see in this particular model for tomorrow cloud we can anticipate for sure, this system will stay off the coast, that will skirt very quickly up to the northeast. however, by tomorrow night we are looking for energy from the west to develop a low off the coast. then this energy here bringing us snow showers, a mix further south you go, then extreme delaware, south delaware as well as south jersey. some showers mixed in by tuesday morning. some snow showers hang on. that's really going to be the
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call for tuesday as it looks like this low will be off the coast as well. on and off snow showers throughout the day tuesday. wednesday morning resid flurries left over, the system gets out of. for today, though, dry, sun and clouds very. 47 to 50 degrees for high temperatures across the region. so if you're traveling this evening for the super bowl, maybe headed to friends' house or parties, take it easy on the roadways but weather will be cooperating. 49 for a temp today. we turn colder tomorrow. yes, you may get some afternoon, early evening rain shower mixed in with some snow flurries and then we're looking for on and off snow for tuesday. really no big deal at this point but we'll keep a close eye on that system and make sure the track will be everything, make sure it stays on the track we're seeing now. flurries wednesday morning, then turning much colder to the end of the week. rosemary. >> we'll be rachiwatching it. thanks, karen. guess who is the new target
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among presidential candidate. the senator surging in the poll. >> you have not been involved in a consequential decision where you had to be held accountable. you simply haven't. next the highlights from last night's gop debate before the new hampshire primary.
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there are concerns about rabies after a good samaritan
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fought off a raccoon that attacked a young girl. earlier in the week the victim was walking home from school when the raccoon lunged at her. animal control officers captured the raccoon. the animal tested positive for rabies. doctors gave the girl a preventive rabies shot. she's doing fine recovering at him. officials are worried the man who saved her could have been exposed to the disease. so montgomery county health department is urging the man who fended off the raccoon to contact them and get checked out just in case. 35 outside. when we come back on "nbc 10 news today," a routine traffic stop ends up with a police officer being dragged and chased and a crash. more with this case. drew. >> rosemary, we're looking into the kind of trouble the driver could face in this case. we're also talking about a woman who escaped. you'll hear from an eyewitness who actually interacted with her. that's next.
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a man is in custody this morning after police say his car dragged an officer who was
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trying to make a traffic stop. it all ended in a crash and a william on the run. a live report on the investigation is just ahead. out of time. >> the gop debate really hees up. the presidential contenders go on the before their last matchup before the new hampshire primary. good morning, welcome back to "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's just after 9:30 on sunday. let's get to the forecast first. meteorologist karen thomas has some good news for us this morning. karen. >> yes, indeed, rosemary. we're winding up on a nice mild note today. we reached 44 yesterday for high temperature. it was a nice day. today we'll be a little warmer by the time it's all said and done. we do have plenty of sunshine right now as we look live the art museum is looking cool and crisp. temperature readings are bumping slowly, bumping upward, 35 in philadelphia, freezing in the poconos. down along the shore, 33 in atlantic city, 36 in wildwood,
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still hanging onto 34 in georgetown. southern delaware. wind speed not too bad, really don't have to factor in much of a windchill and winds will stay light as we move through sunday. nice forecast all in all. clouds will thicken later today. we do expect coastal systems to be moving northeast monday, tuesday, and wednesday morning. more details on that in just a bit. >> we'll check back with you shortly. thanks, karen. philadelphia police say two people in a car dragged an officer, tried to escape, and then ended up crashing. police have one man in custody but they are searching for a woman who may be connected to this case. nbc 10's drew smith live at southwest detective with some more information. >> reporter: rosemary, as you said, police have one man in custody. we are here at police trying to ask what kind of charges could he face. don't have an answer yet. original call came out assault
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on police officer. nbc 10 there capturing exclusive video of officers handcuffing a man and walking him to the police wagon. we've chosen to plur his face until we learn more about the possible charges. they found him on the ramp coming off the city avenue ramp. the car crashed after a brief chase about five miles past the original traffic stop. police say another woman was in that car. listen to what a witness says about seeing that person leave the scene. >> saw the one female apparently police are looking for walking down the street, talking on her phone. she was upset about being in the accident and everything. i was trying to figure out if she was involved or not. she kept walking. >> police out there for a while. they were driving up and down the streets, had search lights out. they even used canine units but they able to find that woman. that search continues now. live at southwest detectives, drew smith, nbc 10 news. now to an nbc 10 exclusive. the family of a philadelphia cabdriver describes his painful
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recovery after being shot on the job. police say passengers opened fire on him and those gunmen are still on the loose following the shooting in point breeze early yesterday morning. three bulls struck alex destin, two in his head, another lodged in his arm. according to police destin was driving three passengers when two of them opened fire. surveillance video showed the cab running a stop sign before crashing into parked cars. destin managed to get help while the passengers took off. his sister-in-law spoke only to nbc 10 how it unfolded >> the boy said give me money. he said he don't have the money. at the time they took a gun and put it in his head. i don't understand how people can come and try to take the money and try to kill somebody. >> we checked in with penn presbyterian center where alex december continue is recovering. he's listed right now in fair condition. now to decision 2016, the
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the republican debate in new hampshire is done. governor christie cy had some of the most memorable moments during the final four before tuesday's primary. nbc 10 national correspondent steve handelsman has a recap from manchester. >> surging in new hampshire polls, marco rubio was defensive knowing he would be slammed for being a first term senator. >> the experience is not what you did but how it worked out. >> reporter: the attack came from governors. >> you have not been involved in a decision where you had to be held accountable. >> reporter: chris christie and governor jeb bush. >> you learn this. you learn it by doing it. >> we're going to win. >> reporter: trump who skipped the iowa debate and then lost the vote was aggressive. >> let me talk. quiet. >> reporter: trump reporting every undocumented immigrant got slammed by governor kasich. >> i can't even imagine how we would even begin to think about taking a mom or dad out of a
9:36 am
house, when they have not committed a crime since they have been here and leaving their children in the house. that in my opinion is not the values we believe in. >> reporter: ted crump grabbed hard line and solution. >> in short, what we're going to do, we're going to build the wall, triple the border patrol, increase -- actually since donald enjoyed that, i will simply say i've got somebody in mind to build it. >> reporter: what's first in trump's mind is a big win tuesday, his first. rubio's dream, grabbing number two. for the other five, the dream is moving up to take on trump, which means pushing rubio out of the way. i'm steve handelsman nbc news, manchester, new hampshire. >> to democrats, hillary clinton will take a brief break from new hampshire campaigning to hold a town hall in flint, michigan. clinton plans to add the crisis of led poisoned water in flint as an example of racial and
9:37 am
economic injustice. polls show bernie sanders with a double digit lead on clinton now. senator bobby casey in new hampshire. he'll be campaigning there for democrat hillary clinton ahead of the primary. casey plans to lead several get out the vote events with volunteers. he endorsed last april. polls show former secretary of state is trailing bernie sanders. nbc 10's george spencer heading to new hampshire for the primary. you can watch his live report this evening on nbc 10 news at 11:00. just about an hour from now or so, "meet the press" will be on and you can hear from presidential candidate hillary clinton. she's doing to be stopping by "meet the press," which is stationed in new hampshire. she'll do that before she heads to flint, michigan. chuck todd will be sitting down with donald trump and bernie sanders. the discussion gets under way here on nbc 10 all right. talking about bernie sanders. from the campaign trail to cameo on "snl," last night he took on
9:38 am
host larry david. you saw it on nbc 10. take a look >> i come from a wealthy family. i'm going to pop in that lifeboat. >> hold on, hold on, wait a second. i am so sick of the 1% getting this preferential treatment. >> sounds like socialism to me. >> democratic socialism. sanders worked some of his campaign message in the skit about which group of people sloob sav should be saved from a sinking ship. north korea's overnight rocket launch triggers an emergency meeting of the united nations. we'll have the latest just ahead. in sports a last second temple win helps coach fran dunphy reach a milestone.
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>> announcer: now, your nbc 10
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first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> okay. camelback mountain looking so -- look at this picture. a live shot, skiers are out, bundled up this morning because it's 32 in the poconos. will be warming up just a bit but skiers want to get on the slopes before the super bowl. great day to do it. a beautiful forecast on tap. 31 in allentown, trenton, 35 in philadelphia, 33 in atlantic city right now. we're holding steady in mid-30s and central and southern delaware. not much in the way of the wind department. over in the poconos if you are headed to the, northwest wind at 8 miles per hour. really feeling quite comfortable, temperatures will be bumping upward, 47 to 50 degrees for high temps across the region. call it nice. sun and clouds will stay dry until the overnight hours. i'll be back with details on a snow system headed our way. tell you more about that in a
9:42 am
bit, rosemary. >> thanks, karen. an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council is being held in just about an hour to address the north korean missile launch. you can see the white speck in the sky from the rocket. north korea state media reports the launch sent a satellite into orbit. critics say the long range rocket is meant to test technology for a missile that could strike u.s. and u.s. mainland. u.s., south korea, japan and china are all criticizing the launch. this comes after north korea's alleged test last month of what is described as a hydrogen bomb. staying overseas rescuers -- turkey under pressure to open its border. s of thousands of refugees looking for place to go. southern turkey has been closed since friday. the governor said turkey will give aid to the displaced but will not open the gates unless there's an extraordinary crisis. the rescue continues in taiwan after that powerful
9:43 am
earthquake pulled down buildings. officials now say at least 26 people died in the quake. crews are trying to get to dozens of victims still trapped in what's left of a high-rise apartment building in the city of tainan. dozens more still missing. back here in the u.s., it could take weeks to figure out exactly what brought down this construction crane in manhattan on friday. investigators are hoping the crane's computer will offer clues. the collapse in lower manhattan killed one person and badly injured three others. a construction crew was trying to lower the crane when it crashed and collapsed through several cars and buildings. investigators believe high winds may have played a part in all this. right now they are looking for surveillance video from nearby buildings and poring over twisted steel on the crane for any defects. they are going to be sweating for a good cause in cherry hill. the 12th annual katz jcc spinathon running until noon.
9:44 am
dozens of spinners will cycle to raise heart awareness, also raising money donated to american heart association. it's 9:43 on this sunday. super bowl 50 is just hours away. panthers quarterback cam newton is already taking home some honors before the game is even played. we'll talk about it after the break. patients across the country have spoken.
9:45 am
they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at slash eastern. cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now.
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kids and parents celebrated the love of reading at the community college of philadelphia this weekend. authors and illustrators read from books at african-american children's book fair. er andraye event. good sunday morning. we're checking your weather this morning, calling it a nice mild day today, temperatures bumping into the mid to upper 40s, close
9:47 am
to 50 degrees. we are tracking snow in the seven-day forecast. we'll get to that after that, midweek to the end of the wiebe, arctic air poised to move into the area so ready for cold. 35 now. winds of calm, relative humidity factor of 17%. temperatures across the region on the cold side for sure. ticking upward ever so slowly, 32 poconos, 35 philadelphia, 36 millville and 35 right now in delaware. temperatures will continue to move upward. we have nothing but sun right now. so we're quiet and cold. what we're seeing on satellite is an edge of clouds pushing up from the south. that's all due to a low that is developing off the carolina coast and will be headed to the northeast as we move on through overnight tonight into tomorrow. we're checking out in the great lakes, a bit of energy there as well. here is the low. should stay well oft coast for overnight tonight into early tomorrow. could bring a shower or two to
9:48 am
southern delaware and parts of south jersey but mainly no big deal with that system. it moves very quickly up to the northeast. we check into monday night into midnight tuesday, going bo tuesday morning, that energy from the great lakes will develop another low off the coast. this system right here is expected to bring us really just a mixed bag monday night into early tuesday some snow philly north and west and south and east and extreme south looking like a mix and some rain. as we move on through tuesday morning we're looking like snow showers on and off and that will pretty much be the picture for our tuesday. that's the way it looks right now with an accumulation of 1 to 3 inches of snow by the time it's said and done by wednesday morning early. however, if that low were to track further west and come inland just a bit, we could expect more snow on tuesday. we're watching it. after wednesday we pick it up from there. very cold arctic air trapped in the extreme north.
9:49 am
it will be poised to move into our direction wednesday, thursday, friday, and saturday. so temperatures pretty comfortable right now. we will be turning colder as we move through the workweek. we'll call it nice, 47 to 50 degrees for high temperature across the region and winds will remain light. whatever your super bowl plans this evening, have at it. temperature cooperating, 49, turning colder tomorrow. a chance for snow showers, rain showers late tomorrow into tuesday looking like snow showers on and off tuesday. as i said, light accumulation right now but will keep checking that system to make sure the track stays where it is. >> thanks, karen. tonight nfl will crown champion as carolina panthers meet denver broncos in super bowl 50. you're looking at levi's stadium in santa clara down the road from san francisco. this is where the broncos and panthers will kick off the big game at 6:30 tonight.
9:50 am
peyton manning will quarterback, of course, for denver. cam newton will call the for carolina. we'll have more on him in just a moment. to a live look at penn's landing. watch the super bowl on big screen tvs at the blue cross river rink. parents watch the game and the kids can go ice skating and play arcade games. let's get more on the super bowl and the rest of your sunday morning sports good morning to you. i'm danny pommells comcast sports net. the season award, no surprise cam newton named league mvp. also eight new inductees into the pro football hall of fame. terrell owens is not among them but roman catholic product marvin harrison is joining brett favre, ken stabler and others. to the ice now. flyers face off with washington capitals at noon on nbc 10. yesterday took on rangers in the first act of a double dip at the wells fargo center. a little controversy in this one. wayne simmonds cross checked in the back of the head by ryan mcdonagh.
9:51 am
simmonds responds with a left jab that folded up mcdonagh like a cheap tent. down he goes. he did not return. simmonds got a penalty, hockey's version of an ejection. he's pretty salty about it. what the flyers miss in third period, tight at one, a pretty pass to white, henrik lundquist hit short side. flyers 2-1. franchise record for rookie defensemen. twenty seconds left. oh, my, yandle with mason one-timer ties at two. flyers get a point, losing the shoot-out 3-2. sixers honoring late, great darrell dawkins halftime with the game against the mets. all about chocolate thunderers. sixers dunking like dawkins with this one. throws it down with left hand. jeremy grant off the miss. sixers up one late. t.j. mcconnell getting a start for schmidt, steal covington, underneath, finishes two hands. sixers win 103-98.
9:52 am
meanwhile college hardwood, top ranked oklahoma up set by kansas state, second ranked north carolina lost both their games this week. so it's possible villanova could be number one in the land with the new associated press poll released monday. cast did their part, even without daniel out again with a concussion. first half jalen brunson, sicky smooth freshman. you think it wouldn't be a close two minutes to play. a money three giving nova 72-60 victory. st. joe visiting florida trying to rebound from loss. first half diondre denver, more moves than a u-haul truck, he had 16. saint josephs 82-60, 19-4. temple and central florida,
9:53 am
looking for 517th career win and a in history. drama, all up two trying to hang on with a.j. with three, no. davis, a three-pointer. that comes off. a.j. davis sends it into overtime. yes, that is good. but look at it again, the ball still in his hand when the clock hits triple 0, temple wins 62-60 they survive and dunphy is the winninges coach in big five history. college hoops, penn a winner, lasalle and drexel both lost. that's sports. i'm danny pommells from comcast sports net.
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9:55 am
ringing in the year of the monkey in center city. clouds came out to redington market in center city at the chinese market with food and fun.
9:56 am
the chef showed folks how to cook up traditional holiday foods. people tine artistic activities and crafts, plus listened to traditional music. if you missed out, don't worry. the party continues today. this is video from last year's chinatown. later on two lion dances in center city at 1:00 and 2:00 in the afternoon. it may be the beginning of february but in rehoboth beach, hundreds of people preparing to take the plunge into the chilly atlantic. it's part of delaware's largest fundraising event special olympics delaware, lewis polar bear plunge. this is the 20th year for the event. since its inception the plunge raised more than $8 million. 9:56. nbc 10 news continues with another half hour of news. nbc 10's drew smith live at southwest detectives with more information on an officer dragged following a stenographic stop.
9:57 am
drew. >> reporter: rosemary, good morning. we'll tell you how that officer is doing this morning. we'll also show you video from the scene and destruction caused by all this. that's next. taking a at our forecast, high pressure in control so we've got plenty of sunshine for your sunday forecast and mild conditions outside. chilly right now. so if you're heading out, you're going to want to bundle up. but temperatures are climbing above average for our afternoon. i'll be back with details on the rest of our sunday forecast plus a look at what we can expect in the way of snow after the break.
9:58 am
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a traffic stop turns spoke something of a wild ride. an officer dragged from a car. it all ends in a crash on a philadelphia highway. we're live with an update on the officer's condition. >> so chaotic when it happened and scary. >> witnesses described the chaotic scene as a former bar in south jersey goes up in flames. firefighters did make it out of the burning building despite a collapse. the golden anniversary game, super bowl 50 gets under way in just hours. we are counting down until kickoff. good morning welcome back to "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors, 10:00 on sunday. begin this morning with meteorologist karen thomas. she's tracking a clear and bright sunday for us. karen. >> absolutely, rosemary. we'll call it mild. whatever your plans are, redding to the river rink, auto show, cape may. look at this live shot of the beach and oc


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