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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 8, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EST

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nbc 10 breaking news. right now a police investigation is under way in chester, delaware county. we'll take you live to the scene. also -- >> i was like, wow,ç i'm goingo die. kind of felt like i was going to die at that point. >> saved from the ice. good samaritans are credited with rescuing three boys who fell into a partially frozen bucks county pond. right now we're tracking a coastal flood threat for parts of the jersey shore with high tide just a few hours away. 4:00 a.m., 38 degrees this monday morning, this monday after the super bowl. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. we are tracking some snow but we'll get details on that from meteorologist bill henley. he has his first alert forecast this morning. morning, bill. >> morning, tracy.
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there's a chance we'll see some snow in parts of the area. not everybody will see it today. the wind, that's a different story. it's already blowing at 21 miles an hour in philadelphia. you can see the wet weather is just offshore. that's rain offshore. winter weather advisories are in effect from ocean county to the north. central new jersey along the coast that will likely see snow showers this morning. during the day today, temperatures climbing into the low 40s. it will be dry at 6:00. mostly cloudy skies at :00. by noontime, 41 degrees with winds out of the northeast at 14 miles an hour. we'll go through the forecast hour by hour with the futurecast. katy zachry has first alert traffic. >> good morning, bill. if you're headed out at this early hour, you may see the dark streaks on the roadway, the pavement. that's brining that was done ahead of precipitation and weather we're going to get tomorrow. taking a look at your drive times, 76 free and clear of any issues as you head eastbound
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between the blue route and the vine street expressway. 95 southbound between woodhaven and the wivine, that will take u 12 minutes. 476 the blue route southbound between the schuylkill and 95, things are running smoothly. a live look at 76 at passyunk avenue, light traffic along 76. there's a local breath update i want to tell you about as well as construction issues on 95. i'll tell you about that in ten minutes. we're following breaking news from delawareç county. there's a large police presence in chester right now. nbc's matt delucia is live there. what do we know so far? >> reporter: quite a few police vehicles out here at the scene. the 1200 block of keystone road. i'll get out of the way. you can see what is going on behind us here. the chester police not releasing solid details about what happened right now. the activity is right up the road from where we are. take a closer look, video here, this happened shortly after
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2:00. initially police told us there was a shooting on this street. there's an suv that went up on to a sidewalk and crashed. investigators have been working around that vehicle for quite a while. there appears to be blood on the ground and a pair of sneakers on the street. the delaware conte d.a.'s office crime scene unit is out here. we'll continue asking questions and find out more about what happened. for now, the 1200 block of keystone road remains an active crime scheme. in chester county, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. a driver crashes into a home at 34th and fairmount in the mantua area of philadelphia. a judge will sentence a bucks county women for her role of the beating two of gay men in center city philadelphia last year. she could still get jail time for her conviction on lesser charges.
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two other defendants are serving probation after pleading guilty in the case. philadelphia police are looking for three carjackers who made off with a rental car. police tell us the three masked men with guns carjacked a victim at 9th and west luzerne streets just before 9:00. they got away with the victim's rental care. it's a black chevy cruz with ohio tags. to camden where police are looking for a killer. someone shot a man to death yesterday afternoon on mt. evesham avenue.t ão three boys were walking oa frozen pond in pipers place near chelfant yesterday. one of his buddies couldn't swim and was quickly going under the icy water. david bennett was one of several neighbors who came to the rescue.
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he and colin described the ordeal. >> that scream that you just know something went wrong. >> i was like, wow, ip going to die. kind of felt like i was going to die at that point. >> i threw everything out of my pockets and jumped in to try to get to them. >> it was so, so, so, so cold. you couldn't even imagine. >> i got an extension cord and used it like a rope. >> a rescue boat picked up one of the boys. a neighbor saved another. all three are out of the hospital. now to decision 2016. today is the final day of campaigning before the new jersey primary. polls show donald trump and bernie sanders with double digit leads in their presidential primary races. volunteers will be canvassing neighborhoods and calling voters to lock in support for their candidate. george spencer is in new hampshire. he found people are still focused on the election even more than football. >> i love football but politics is much more exciting to me than football.
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>> more exciting even than the super bowl? >> oh, absolutely. >> this has been going on for a while, the hype for it. it's a big deal. >> manchester will be the political hot spot in new hampshire today with at least nine campaign events scheduled there. nbc 10's george spencer is in new hampshire. you can watch his live reports through wednesday on nbc 10 news. meantime, hillary clinton's narrow margin of victory in the iowa caucuses is shrinking. a review by state democratic officials found new errors in the original count. clinton's win over bernie sanders is down it a fraction, just a quarter of a percentage point. sander has yet to concede the iowa results. and count on nbc 10 for complete coverage of decision 2016. ahead in ourç next half hour, e why senator marco rubio actually brought one young supporter to tears. it's 4:06 and 38 degrees from our delaware bureau. today philadelphia's former police commissioner starts a new job. charles ramsey will help law
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enforcement officers in wilmington as a public safety consultant for the city. ramsey signed a seven-month contract to help wilmington get a handle on gun violence. chicago has also hired ramsey in a similar capacity. five local parishes are entering a new program to determine if they have enough money and parishioners to stay afloat. it will determine if merging will make them more successful. they are entering the program. the other two parishes are in delaware county, sacred heart in clifton heights and st. charles borromeo in drexel hill. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> seven minutes after 4:00. a chilly start and a windy one, too. i'm tracking rain and snow.
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not everybody will see it today. we will all get the gusty winds and that could cause minor flooding at the shore. there's a coastal flood threat for today. right now, 34 degrees in doylestown. it's also above freezing in northeast philadelphia and millvale. everybody is dry this morning. we'll be watching clouds move through the area. there's a chance of snowflakes falling in philadelphia. that won't happen until late tonight. by then, we'll have dealt with the windy one. look at the winds now gusting to 28 miles an hour in philadelphia, topping 20 miles an hour at the shore. and this may lead to coastal flooding. clouds are overhead and with these clouds will come the chance of some wet weather. we actually have some systems, one offshore and another to the west. both will give us a chance of wet weather. the first one, this will likely drop some sno.o and some rain drops in new jersey. central new jersey, 10:00 this morning, snow falling, light
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snow, just pushing offshore by 2:00 this afternoon. could lead an inch or two at the shore and then inland, the clouds are breaking at 2:00. that's temporary. look at the scattered rain showers to start with. that's at 5:00. just some light scattered showers, at 7:00 this evening, harrisburg will see light snowfall. then as we go through the evening hours, a very light snowfall coming through philadelphia. 9:00 and it kind of falls apart overnight. there's a chance we'll see scattered snow showers during the day tomorrow as well. some wet weather ahead. not a lot. certainly not to start with. 34 degrees in mt. pocono, this afternoon 41 in reading and 38 degrees, above freezing all day in quakertown. a mostly cloudy day for doylestown, trenton and mt. holly. to the shore you'll see gusty winds for today. high temperature of 40 in cape may. rehoboth beach 41 degrees. atlantic city, 39. snow likely to the north of atlantic city. might see a few snowflakes at
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the marina during the day today, later this morning that is. westchester, drexel hill, swedesboro. late today, the possibility of snow. take a look at the next system that could produce snow when i'm back in ten minutes. let's check your ride to work on your way to work this morning. katy zachry has that. >> we're starting things off on a good note. the vine is not closed because of construction. very light traffic but no issues. i just brought this camera up to show you, if the vine is part of your morning commute, you're good to go. the falls bridge is closed, causing a lot of headaches in the area. take the city avenue bridge as an alternate. walkers.
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philadelphia. 19th street south is closed between the vine street expressway and the ben franklin bridge. be aware of that. taking a look outside at new jersey roads, route 42 at 41, looking free and clear. tracy, back to you. the future of north philadelphia could include a $100 million football stadium. temple university leaders want their own field on their own turf. we'll tell you what's happening today to bring neighbors up to spe speed. also -- >> take my new car. >> thanks, pop. >> did you catch this super bowl commercial featuring kevin hart? why it's already being called a winner.
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it's 4:13 and 38 degrees.
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with football fresh on the minds of many sports fans, neighbors in north philadelphia will get to hear an update on the proposed football stadium at temple university. the plan calls for a $100 million, 35,000-seat stadium to be built on campus in north philadelphia. the school's board of trustees will hold a public meeting at 3:30 this afternoon. the goal of the meeting is to decide the next steps in the stadium planning process. a meet for students last weekended early when protests broke out. university officials say the stadium will come at no costs to students, they say it will be funded by donations from alumni and friends. chipotle restaurants will open late to train employees on food safety measures. more than 2,000 restaurants will be closed until 3:00 this afternoon. the chain is tightening
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procedures after recent outbreaks of e. coli and neurovirus. new restrictions on construction cranes take effect in new york city today. this followsç the deadly crane collapse on friday in manhattan. failure to safeguard a crane site will result in a $10,000 fine. there will also be increased enforcement of pedestrian safety near crane sites. yesterday, mourners honored the wall street worker killed in the train collapse. david wick was crushed to death when a 15-story crane crashed on to a lower manhattan street. three others were hurt. an investigation is under way and the cause of the crash has not yet been determined. it's 4:15. the u.n. security council is promising to punish north korea for its launch of a rocket with possible nuclear capabilities. the 15-nation council called for significant sanctions at its emergency meeting yesterday. it said north korea used nuclear
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technology banned by the u.n. north korea said it sent a satellite into orbit over the weekend as part of a peaceful space program. the launch followed north korea's latest nuclear test last month. two people have been pulled out alive from a toppled high-rise apartment two days after a powerful earthquake shook southern taiwan. at least 37 people died, 100 more are still trapped beneath rubble. so far, rescuers have found more than 170 survivors. it takes nearly ten hours of digging to pull off one rescue. and super bowl 50 is now in the history books for more than one reason this morning. the denver broncos beat the peyton manning isn't saying for sure he's retiring. >> no, he's not, tracy. most people think he'll probably retire but he's choosing to wait. the focus remains on the team and not on him. it's a classy thing to do.
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manning went into super bowl 50 at the oldest starting quarterback at the age of 39. after the game he said he was still thinking about his football future. well, plenty to go gaga over even before the game started, then the denver defense became the stars, shuttingç down panthers quarterback cam newton time and time again. mcmanus went 3 for 3 in field goals. he chose temple over much bigger schools. his family went to watch the game. he has a lot to celebrate. >> once you get that first kick out of the way, it becomes another football game and you want to go out there and do your job. >> no matter what happens with me or anybody, this group, these coaches, these players will not be on the same team next year. this was a unique opportunity for this group. i'm grateful to be a part of it. >> peyton manning says he has some thinking to do before he decides if the super bowl was
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his last game. and fans took to the streets of i don't untown denver after the win to celebrate. traffic backed up for miles. dozens of police officers were on patrol throughout the evening. police made a handful of arrests overnight. pepper spray and tear gas was used to disperse some of the crowds. a victory parade is planned for tuesday. we'll continue to monitor and watch the situation in the digital operations center, i'm vai sikahema, nbc 10 news. >> thanks. 4:18. a lot of people only watch the super bowl to see the commercials. this year advertisers paid up to $5 million for 30-second ad during the game. that's according to "forbes" magazine. >> you look good. >> thank you. >> this is one of the most popular ads that played. that's according to "usa today's" ad meter. some 20,000 panelists across the country weigh in on the ad meter and the winning commercial formula this year had people
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laughing. this hart following his daughter on a date had the ad meter spiking. and in case you missed any of the best commercials, nbc 10 has you covered from prius to doritos to pepsi, see all of the ads on the nbc 10 app. after you watch them, tell us what you think on our facebook page. how an ad for colonial williamsburg stirred outrage on social media. and now that theç super bo is officially in the book, the national kourcouncil for proble gambling is bracing for its busiest time of the year. calls surge in the hours and days following the super bowl. it sees an average of an extra 1,500 calls on its national help line during the month of february. the american gaming association estimates $4.2 billion was wagered on the game and almost all of that was illegal. residents in one south jersey community say they couldn't get any help with
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health and safety concerns in their neighborhood so they contacted the nbc 10 investigators. mitch blocker went to check out the issue. he has a preview of the story you'll see only on "nbc 10 news today" at 4:00. >> from boil water warnings to the demolition of a moldy mobile home. residents say they've had enough. >> our home is only feet away from this home. >> reporter: they asked the nbc 10 investigator to step in when their voices weren't being heard. >> somebody has to speak up. we need help. >> we found numerous violations against the property management company and the township having trouble holding them accountable. >> we get reassuring statements that seem to satisfy us. but then when it comes to the implementation on the ground, implementation, they fall short of that. >> today at 4:00, you'll hear more about the problems and now that the nbc 10 investigators got involved how the management company plans to fix them. for the investigators, i'm mitch blocker. nbc 10 news.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 21 minutes after 4:00. a chilly, windy start this morning. but it is dry. i expect it to stay dry through the morning commute. 39 degrees in philadelphia. we're still seeing melting in the area. especially with that wind helping out. out of the northeast at 21 miles an hour. it's gusting close to 30 miles an hour. there's a real chill in the air. that's it so far other than some clouds. the clouds will be around for most of the day. the temperatures right now 35 degrees in pottstown,%ujzton is above freezing at 36. also 36 in wilmington. mostly cloudy skies. the temperatures wouldn't be coming down much more during the day today. but we're watching two systems. one offshore that could produce some light snow at the shore in central new jersey. and then to the west. and that is in the ohio valley, that's some rain and snow that could be coming together for our area for the afternoon and
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evening commute. mo carrierringringconnect 0 mostly cloudy skies and the northeasterly winds will be at 41 degrees. full seven-day forecast coming up in the next half hour. tracy? >> bill, thanks. with more winter weather and the
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way, follow the nbc morning time on twitter. our addresses are right there. vai and i will post links to the latest forecast. ask bill questions about the weather in your neighborhood and tweet jessica. she'll be tweeting weather related trouble spots along the morning commute tomorrow morning. let's check your morning commute this morning. katy zachry has that. >> i'll leave the heavy lifting for jess, tracy. taking a look at drive times in the wilmington, delaware area. 95 northbound between 295 and 495, that drive will take you 11 minutes, 10 minutes if you go in the opposite direction. no issues in or around the wilmington area. moving into new jersey, a live lookç at new jersey with the white horse pike. light traffic. that's a smooth commute if that's part of your ride this morning. going up to the lehigh valley, 78 at lehigh street, light traffic. 78 looks good, as does 309 and 22.
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the burlington bristol, the tacony palmyra and the ben frankl franklin, the betsy ross, everything is looking good. remembering a young hero in norristown. >> he's always been very brave and really caring and he loved his parents. >> see how the community is remembering a boy killed in a fire. plus, the effort is under way to prevent more fire deaths. next, a party with a purpose. find out why students spent part of their weekend raising money and helping a teacher in need.
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find out how much you can save by refinancing your student loans. we call it utopia out here. it's so peaceful! so peaceful! have a question about how much you can save? ask a citizen at 1-866-999-0218 or visit 4:26. families in montgomery county pulled off a fund raiser to support a teacher who suffers from a rare disease.
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nbc 10 was at mcguirk's pub and grill in ft. washington where students from the montessori children's house held a fund-raiser for teacher vanessa. she suffers from a rare condition that gave her her first stroke at the age of 26. the students with help from parents, organized this benefit hoping to find a cure someday. >> i'm so blessed to have an amazing family. i love the kids so much. these kids are the best. they really make me so happy. >> mcguirk's pub will donate a portion of last night's sales to the association. the auto show came to a close last night. car enthusiasts of all ages got to check out 700 makes and models from all over the world. auto show officials are telling us this year's event may be one for the recordç books. they tell us some 250,000 people
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came to the pennsylvania convention center during the nine-day event. good samaritans to the rescue. next, we're learning new details about two people who jumped in to help a little girl being attacked by a raccoon.
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nbc 10 breaking news. flashing lights, a large police presence and a lot of questions. we're live in chester where a police investigation is under way. looking for answers today, fire investigators will continue searching for the cause of this fire that kill a 12-year-old boy. seeing some rain and snow. temperatures will be above freezing but some


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