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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  February 8, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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nbc 10 breaking news. >> crime tape, flashing lights and a heavy police presence. nbc 10 was first on the scene in chester, delaware county. new at 6:00, we have the audio recording that one woman says captured what happened. >> peyton manning and his broncos bucked cam newton and the panthers to win super bowl 50. it was a game that broke a lot of records. the question on everyone's mind this morning is, will peyton retire. a live look at west wildwood and a church damaged by flooding from the blizzard. this morning, threat of more coastal flooding, high tide is between 6:30 and 7:30 this morning. it's 6:00 a.m. right now.
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37 degrees. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. let's bring in nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley. >> we're seeing the gusty northeasterly winds special at the shore. gusts more than 20 miles an hour. temperatures above freezing for everyone from philadelphia, millville, doylestown, toms river. there's a shore storm, just offshore, that's going to produce some wet weather for ocean county to the north. accumulating light snow, 1 to 2 inches. but it is the wind that is going to cause problems,ç wrapping around that same storm. we're likely to see minor flooding at the coast this morning. and again this evening. and through the day, windy and mostly cloudy. you might see a hint of sunshine, not a big warmup. we're in the upper 30s right now. that's where we'll be at 8:00. and just a few degrees warmer at 11:00. dry at 2:00 this afternoon. that first storm system misses
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us but there's another system to our west that could start producing some scattered showers for the evening commute. we'll go through the futurecast hour by hour when i'm back in ten minutes. katy zachry is keeping an eye on the traffic first thing this morning. >> we know things could be different this time tomorrow morning. right now, the important thing is things are clear and dry. a live look outside right at 95 at academy road, southbound where traffic is moving smoothly as it heads into center city philadelphia. look at your drive time on 95 between that stretch southbound between woodhaven and the vine. the schuylkill expressway eastbound between the blue route and the vine street expressway, that's about 13 minutes. the blue route southbound between the schuylkill and 95, that's a 14-minute drive. no issues to report on any of our majors. that's good news. a look outside, this is in new jersey along the camden/pennsauken line, route 38 right at route 70. things are running smoothly, light traffic there. if you're headed on the 42
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freeway northbound between route 55 and the walt whitman bridge, that will take you a quick five minutes. vai and tracy. >> thanks. back to breaking news we've been following all morning in chester, delaware county. >> nbc 10 was on the screen about three hours ago. it's still a very active scene. matt delucia has been out there. you spoke to a woman who says she was on the phone with one of the victims when she heard gunshots. >> vai and tracy, we'll hear from her in just a moment. you mentioned this is still an active scene. i'll step out of the way here. you can see what is going on. i made several calls, left a message with the chester police commissioner. i'm waiting to hear back. as you look at this location here, the 1200 block of keystone road. a lot of police around here. nbc 10 was first on the scene. we managed to get close-upç vio of the scene from a distance. take a look here. this was about a few hours ago, about an hour ago when we were here waiting for in smfgs, a group of people came up to me, claiming to be family members of two men, a woman told me her
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brother and cousin were driving that suv you see in the video and they were shot several times here around 2:00 this morning. the woman tells me she got a phone call and explains what she heard. take a listen. >> i got the call from my little brother's phone, richards. they said the cops were chasing them. i said where were you at? near the elementary school. i said what did you do? they said nothing basically. he said i got my hands up but they gonna kill us. they tell me they love me again and then you hear over a hundred shots ring out. >> i listened to the recording that this woman made with her cell phone. i heard several pops. there was yelling as well. take a listen to this audio for yourself.
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>> that is just a portion of the recording here. the woman tells me that her cousin is dead and her brother is in the hospital. but police will not let them in or give them information. again, at this point, we have made several attempts to get information from chester police. they are being very mum about what is going on out here. all we know is that there was indeed a shooting. that is the only thing confirmed by police. we do see the d.a.'s office crime scene unit out here as well. this group says they are looking for answers, any kind of answers right now. we're putting together audio from police radio that some of the radio communications by officers. i heard that this morning. that's what triggered me to come out here and see what was going on at the scene. hopefully we'll get that for you coming up in the next 30 minutes. live in chester, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. decision ç2016. there's just one day to go before the new hampshire
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primary. polls show republican donald trump and democrat bernie sanders with double digit leads in their presidential primary races. volunteers will be calling voters across new hampshire to lock in support for their candidate. nbc 10's george spencer is in new hampshire. he spoke with both the candidates and the political curious. >> just being here coming from cleveland, i've never been here before. i was excited to be part of the process. >> i see it's a friendly political discourse here. you know, republicans and democrats get along. >> they're willing to talk, huh? >> oh, absolutely. >> manchester will be the political hot spot in new hampshire today. and at least nine campaign events are on top. hillary clinton's narrow margin of victory in the iowa caucuses is shrinking. a review by officials found new errors in the count. sanders has yet to concede the iowa results. and right now, nbc 10's
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george spencer is in new hampshire for the primary. you can watch his live reported today, tomorrow and wednesday on nbc 10 news. 6:07. very excited fans in denver. after the broncos victory at super bowl 50, traffic was backed up for miles. police made a handful of arrests. pepper spray and tear gas was used to disperse some of the crowds. peyton manning is still thinking about whether or not to retire. ♪ >> fans went gaga before the game started and then the denver defense became the star as they shut down panthers quarterback cam newton and temple stur brandon mcmahnus went 3 or 3 in field goals. he west to west penn high school and then chose temple over some
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much bigger football schools. oneç panther not celebrating i panthers quarterback, cam newton. >> he seemed to be sort of in shock at the press conference. >> they just played better than us. i don't know what you want me to say. >> when he was asked about what sympathy he had for his teammates? he stood up without a word and left the podium. happening today, there is a chance of coastal flooding down the shore. here's a live picture of the west wildwood bible church. church leaders are still cleaning up from a few weeks ago when the blizzard of 2016 caused flooding. high tide is between 6:30 and 7:30 this morning. and right now the wind is picking up and there is a coastal flood watch. let's find out more about that with meteorologist bill henley. bill? >> tracy, the threat is for minor flooding. could be some spots where it comes down and looks more
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impressive, moderate flooding. right now it is dry on beach avenue. that's a live view from beach avenue from the marquis de lafayette hotel. the winds, they are gusting now to 25 miles an hour in atlantic city. strong northeasterly winds are pushing the water onshore and making for a potential flooding situation this morning and again this evening, at times of high tide. between 6:30 and 7:30 this morning. there's the storm. that's rain offshore. you can see snow working into the north. the coastal flood watch for today from delaware in through new jersey as this storm misses most areas. inland we'll see the clouds from that storm. mostly cloudy and 34 degrees in mt. pocono. 41 in reading. for the philadelphia area, trenton, mt. holly, upper 30s this afternoon with mostly cloudy skies. at the shore you'll see the gusty winds, watch out for palestiner flooding for rehoboth, cape may and atlantic city. inland, a mostly cloudy day. dry this morning.
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there's a chance we'll see scattered showers develop this afternoon. low 40s for westchester, drexel hill and swedesboro. rain and snow showers heading into this evening. we'll go through the forecast hour by hour when i'm back in ten minutes. start of the workweek. it's been a relatively quiet morning. you have an accident to report on 202. >> nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter katy zachry has the details. where is it, katy? >> it's been a relatively quiet morning. king of prussia, route 202 southbound where it meets up with the ramp 76 westbound. i am seeing traffic in to area pick up. be aware if that's part of your morning commute. septa, not long ago tweeted an alert for anyone traveling to the airport, train 405 going to the airport arriving at terminal e and f is arriving 30 minutes late. whether you're being dropped off at the airport or need that train to into get center city
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philadelphia or 30th street station, be aware it's running 30 minutes late. this is 95 at broad street where traffic in both directions is running smoothly. no issues to report along 95. any of the overnight construction that was on our pennsylvania or new jersey roads has since cleared. vai and tracy? >> thank you, katy. 37 degrees for most of the delaware valley. 6:11. three boys on a sunday adventure find themselves in trouble when they fell through thin ice. >> it was so, so, so, so cold. like you couldn't even imagine how cold it was. >> hear from one of the boys and one of the neighbors who helped rescue them from icy waters. they become as big as the game itself. "usa today" has dubbed a winner and there's a philly connection. find fantasy shows.
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just about 6:15 this monday morning. rescuers pulled two more survivors from the rubble of a deadly earthquake that shook southern taiwan on saturday. one of the survivors was shielded under the body of her husband. both were rescued from a toppled high-rise apartment building. it was one of several buildings that collapsed during the 6.4 magnitude earthquake. 100 more people are still missing. rescuers have found more than 170 survivors. philadelphia's former police commissioner starts a new job today. >> charles ramsey will help law enforcement officers as a public safety consultant for wilmington. chicago also hired ramsey in a similar capacity. today investigators in norristown plan to interview the family a 12-year-old boy killed after running back into his burning house to save his dad.
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they're trying to piece together what happened last friday when a fire broke out at their house on markley street. with the cause still unknown, authorities cannot say how or if the fire could have been prevented. volunteers from the red cross went door to door trying to help other families learn from the tragedy. >> you should create a safety plan so when you do get out of the house you have a meeting place. >> sanford harling died after running back into the house to save his dad who he thought was trapped inside but his father, who is recovering from hip surgery, had already escaped the flames by jumping from a second floor window. it's 6:16 and 37 degrees in philadelphia. happening today, new safety measures go into effect in new york city to try to prevent this from happening again. this crane collapsed in manhattan on friday morning. killing a man. the new rules will enforce a safety mode for cranes when the forecast predicts winds of 20 miles an hour or more. there will also be new rules for
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pedestrians walking near big cranes. city officials say it could take weeks or months to determine why the crane collapsed. it was being lowered during strong winds. the funeral for the man killed by the crane was held yesterday. he was eulogized as a man of kindness and generosity. he was getting ott of his car on friday when the crane came crashing down on him. 6:17 this monday morning, february 8th. >> nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter katy zachry, what are you seeing? >> this is a great shot behind me around airport circle. route 38. it's a nice shot. it shows you the transit on the roads, a couple different majors coming together. things are looking really good in this neck of your woods. the 42 freeway, things are running smoothly as well, if you're headed northbound between 55 and the walt whitman bridge. that drive still five minutes. montgomery county, a look at your drive times along 422.
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we had a disabled vehicle earlier. it wasn't tieing anything up. that's since cleared. route 29 and the schuylkill expressway, that drive will take you nine minutes, two minutes less in the opposite direction. 202 southbound there is an accident where it meets up with the ramp for i-76 westbound. be aware of that. it looks like it's going to be cleared soon. but still, it might slow you up a bit and cause you to tap the brakes. look at your drive times in pennsylvania. they've crept up in the last few minutes, still, everything is in the green, 95 southbound between woodhaven and the vine, the average speed lower 50s. the schuylkill expressway as you make your way eastbound between the blue route and the vine street expressway, that drive will take you 14 minutes. average speed for theç blue roe southbound between the schuylkill expressway and 95, average speed right now is in the mid-60s. looking good there. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 18 minutes after 6:00. clouds are overhead.
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it is dry this morning. but we're watching a storm that is likely to produce flooding this morning. for philadelphia, dry and 38 degrees. winds out of the northeast at 13 miles an hour. those are the winds coming from that coastal storm. and they will stay with us this morning. the pocono mountains, snow is on the ground. it's going to be above freezing this afternoon. but you're not beginning to see much sunshine today. 34 in pottstown, 37 in wilmington. atlantic city is 39 degrees. clouds overhead, those clouds will produce some snow showers, first in new jersey along the central and northern coast of new jersey. that's the coastal storm. then our attention turns to this for our area later this afternoon. tonight and into tomorrow. and there are question marks for tomorrow. for today, 7:00 this morning, you can see snow falling in toms river and atlantic city. could be minor flooding at the shore, even at that hour. but by 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, those waters will be coming down.
6:20 am
the high tides are at risk this morning and again this evening. 39 degrees, clouds over philadelphia. that first batch of snow is out of here by 1:00 this afternoon, completely misses trenton, northeast philadelphia and wilmington. later this afternoon, we'll be watching for scattered showers. that's at 4:00 today, rain and snow showers in the area. and then steadier, light snow at 11:00 tonight. minimal accumulation is possible with that as the temperatures will be cooling overnight tonight below freezing. we'll see spotty snow showers tomorrow morning, again, minimal accumulation. we're looking for an inch or less for most spots. later tomorrow, that could change. we're watching a system that may come together with more snow for us. it's a lot of disagreement in the models. stay tune for that. mostly cloudy skies, light showers this afternoon, this evening, snow and rain showers.ç snow showers tuesday morning. the big question mark is tuesday afternoon and evening.
6:21 am
38 degrees on tuesday. by wednesday, 40 degrees. that's as warm as it gets midweek. by later in the week, it's much colder. by this weekend, we're looking at frigid temperatures, highs in the 20s. morning lows, sunday morning down to 5 degrees. all right. thank you, bill. 6:21 this monday morning. we've heard presidential candidates say controversial things. >> voting advice from donald trump is turning a lot of heads this morning. >> if you're not going to vote for me, do not vote. >> hear the rest of trump's message to voters in this year's presidential election. coming up in 15 minutes. we continue to follow breaking news out of chester, delaware county where police are in the middle of a neighborhood investigating a shooting. nbc 10's matt delucia is live on scene. he'll have an update for us in about ten minutes.
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6:25 this monday morning. residents in one south jersey community say they couldn't get any help with health and safety concerns in their neighborhood, so they contacted the nbc 10 investigators.ç investigative reporter mitch blocker went to check out the issue. he has a preview of the story you'll see only on nbc 10 today at 4:00 p.m. >> from boil water warnings to the demolition of a moldy mobile home. residents say they've had enough. >> our home is only feet away from this home. >> reporter: they asked the nbc 10 investigators to step in when their voices weren't being heard. >> somebody has to speak up. we need help. >> we found numerous violations against the property management company and the township having trouble holding them accountable. >> we get reassuring statements that seem to satisfy us. but then when it comes to the implementation on the ground, implementation, they fall short of that. >> today at 4:00, you'll hear more about the problems and now
6:26 am
that the nbc 10 investigators got involved how the management company plans to fix them. for the investigators, i'm mitch blocker. nbc 10 news. good morning. it is 6:26 on your monday. a live look outside. 95 at girard avenue. the right side of your screen is traffic headed northbound. we're not seeing as much volume as, take a lack at the left side of your screen, traffic southbound is starting to build a little bit. i'll have an update on drive times. i'll have that in a moment. first, let's get a check of your weather. >> that's glennwood avenue, north wildwood. minor flooding is possible, gusty winds. you can see the waves this morning. the greatest threat this morning between 6:30 and 7:30 at the shore, we're approaching that time right now. and it's not just the coastal flood threat we're tracking this morning. there's a chance we'll see more snow. i have your hour-by-hour
6:27 am
forecast just ahead. good morning, i'm matt delucia, live in chester, delaware county on the scene of a confirmed police involved shooting. you can see that scene behind me. we also have new audio. we'll play that for you coming up right at this break. i'm deanna durante in north philadelphia. talks are continuing tódeze @(t% the campus of temple university about the college getting its own football stadium. city leaders say they want community input and that may happen today.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> we have breaking news this morning. nbc 10 has just confirmed there was a police-involved shooting in chester overnight. and one person is dead. plus, temple university will hold a meeting as it moves
6:31 am
forward with its plans to build a football stadium on campus. the threat of flooding. you're taking a look at the back bay in west wildwood, awfully rough there. coastal storm and its impact on the jersey shore will have that coming up. i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson, "nbc 10 news today," just after 6:30. meteorologist bill henley with your first alert forecast. he's tracking rain, snow showers and we're watching for the potential of coastal flooding. bill? >> we felt the wind all morning long and it's continuing. we're watching for minor flooding during high tide along the jersey shore. it's a possibility in the next hour and again this eveningç a the high tide and some strong northeasterly winds will combine to produce minor flooding in many spots. but there could be some isolated spots of moderate flooding. 13 mile-an-hour wind in philadelphia. a bit stronger for atlantic city and wildwood. coastal flood watch for the jersey shore and the delaware beaches. there's one other thing. it's from the same storm.
6:32 am
this is a winter weather advisory for ocean county and to the north, if you're doing traveling, you're likely to see snow. the first rain drops and snowflakes are moving into those areas. inland we'll see the clouds but it stays dry for philadelphia. 38 degrees at 8:00. by 11:00, mostly cloudy and a little bit warmer. not by much. the northeasterly winds will keep the temperatures down. dry into the afternoon hours. i'm tracking the chance of showers this evening, rain and snow showers. we'll go through the future cast hour by hour when i'm back in ten minutes. katy zachry is watching the monday morning commute. katy? >> it's become a busy commute on 95 especially southbound. this is the northbound side where we're seeing less volume than we're seeing southbound. this that is affecting drive times on 95 southbound between woodhaven and the vine, that will take you nearly 20 minutes. 76 eastbound between the blue route and the vine street expressway, that drive time is
6:33 am
up as well, 19 minutes. as i was coming out here, i got word of a disabled vehicle on 76 westbound, the opposite direction just before you hit the exit for glad wynn. moving into new jersey, a live look outside where things aren't nearly as hectic as they had on 95. this is a look at 78 and route 30. route 38 and route 30 in camden. tracy and vai. 6:33. we have breaking news. nbc 10 has just confirmed that the shooting in chester that we've been following throughout the morning is a police-involved shooting. >> this new information is just coming in to our newsroom. nbc 10's matt delucia was first on the scene, live in chester. mtçt, walk us through this. >> we just got the new details in the past few minutes. one person is dead, following this police-involved shooting, another was injured. take a look at the scene behind me. it is still very much active out here right now.
6:34 am
the person who was shot and injured, he was shot in the ankle and is expected to survive. you see here on the 1200 block of keystone road, this is still very active right now. take a listen to the police radio from 2:15 this morning, around the time this all happened. the response to what was going on here. >> that was keystone, shots fired. they have one on the ground, one in the car. i don't know if they're still looking for some. >> proceed with caution, under control. tell them to block keystone. all accounted for. >> that was police radio. we were able to get close-up video of the scene. earlier, a group of people claiming to be family members of two men came up to me. a woman told me her brother and cousin were the ones driving in that suv and were shot several times. the woman tells me she got a phone call and explains what she heard. >> i got the call from my little brother's phone. he said the cops was chasing him. i asked him where were they at?
6:35 am
near the elementary school. that's when i said what did you all do in they said nothing basically. they don't have no weapons or nothing. that's when my brother said i got my hands up, sis, but they're going to kill us. the next thing you know, they tell me they love me again and then you hear over 100 shots ring out. >> and woman tells me that her cousin is the man who died and her brother is the one in the hospital. the d.a.'s office crime scene unit is here as well. and this group that says they're family members are looking for answers as to what led to this police chase and shooting. we are working to get more information as well. but, again, just to reaccount for you, within the past few minutes we have confirmed this was a police chase that resulted in an officer-involved shooting. as soon as we get more information we'll pass that along to you. live in chester, i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. happening today, leaders at temple university will be talking about what comes next as they makeç plans for a stadiumn campus. nbc 10's deanna durante is live in north philadelphia with more
6:36 am
on what we can expect today. morning, deanna. >> reporter: this plan so far does not appear to be backed by city leaders. i founded this tweet from city council president daryll clark. he says that temple university needed to include north philadelphia in community stadium discussion, have not seen it. could they see it today? community members are invited to -- [ no audio ] so they are going to be holding that meeting again later today in which they are going to be talking about some of the plans for temple university to build its own football stadium. back to you. >> thank you. 6:36. new information about a traffic stop that ended with a chase and a crash. police now say there's only one suspect in the case. they're no longer looking for a second suspect. only nbc 10 was there as officers handcuffed the drivers in east falls. it started with a traffic stop early sunday morning in
6:37 am
overbrook. the driver suddenly took off, hitting an officer and dragging him a short distance. the officer was not hurt. police later spotted the driver near the target on city line avenue and chased him to a nearby bridge where he crashed. philadelphia police also looking for three carjackers. they tell us the men with guns carjacked is the victims at 9th and west luzerne streets just before 9:00. they got away with a rental car, a black chevy cruz with ohio tags. and let's check in with bill henley, talk about the flooding issues that people down the shore may encounter this morning. >> strong, gusty winds. there's a storm offshore that's kicked up the winds. now we're at high tide between 6:30 this morning and 7:30 this morning and again this evening at high tide. we could see minor flooding. the temperatures are above freezing in philadelphia, 38 degrees. the winds gusting to 24 miles an hour, millville, 25
6:38 am
mile-an-hour, northeasterly winds will king up the surf and shore. it's coming from a storm that's going to just create a glancing blow for portions of new jersey. the coastal flood threat for the delaware beaches, kent and sussex county into cumberland, cape may and atlantic and into ocean county. the coastal flood watch. the wet weather is going to miss most of the region but the central new jersey coast this morning will see some snow showers. inland, though, you'll see clouds to begin with from mt. pocono, 34 degrees. 39 in allentown and low 40s this afternoon and reading. a dry morning, cloudy for doylestown, trenton and mt. holly. at the shore, the temperatures peaking in the low 40s. the strong, gusty winds create minor flooding conditions this morning and again this evening. watch out for some areas of deeper water, isolated spots. inland, clouds and 40s, low 40s for philadelphia and drexel hill. mainly dry during the day.
6:39 am
this evening, we could see the first of some scattered showers, rain and snow showers that become all snow later this evening. we'll go through that in more detail when i'm back in ten minutes. about 20 minutes before 7:00. time to get an update on the crash that katy first reported on 202 a little while ago. >> what do you know now? >> in the king of prussia area. that crash has cleared and you're tree to move as you normally would throughout 202 southbound. it was right near the juncture of 76, schuylkill expressway westbound. that's good news around there. unfortunately for those drivers who take the falls bridge to work, that's become a nightmare as we're hearing. the city avenue bridge is your alternate. that can get backed up during the morning rush. the falls bridge is open till april for repair work. it's open to walkers and bikes but not cars. take a look at the drive times on the pennsylvania turnpike. on the other majors they're
6:40 am
creeping up because of increased volume. here on the pa turnpike, things are steady, westbound between route 1 and the exit for valley forge, just about 23 minutes.ç eastbound, it's about the same. threey unboys are back at home after falling through thin ice. >> he was drowning at that point. i hopped back in and i got him and pulled him up on to the drain. >> hear one boy describe the scary moments in this icy pond. plus, presidential candidate marco rubio, well, he makes a young girl cry. what he did that caused an outburst of emotion when we come back.
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6:44 am
through thin ice in bucks county. >> it happened on a frozen pond near pipers place in chalfont. david bennett was one of several neighbors that came to rescue him. he and colin described the ordeal. >> it was so, so, so, so, so cold. you couldn't even imagine how cold it was.ç >> trying to get them, a couple other neighbors came over. we were able to get one out with a branch. >> neighbors saved one boy, a rescue boat picked up the others. all three are now out of the hospital. today a judge will sentence a bucks county woman for her role in the beating of two gay men in center city philadelphia last year. a jury acquitted kathryn knott of felony charges in december. she could still get jail time for her conviction on lesser charges. two other defendants are serving probation after pleading guilty in the case. just about 6:45. the family of a woman murdered
6:45 am
by her husband will fight to keep him in jail. rafael robb is up for parole. he was convicted of beating ellen robb to death with a chin up bar in their upper merion home in 2006. he's serving a ten-year prison term. ellen robb's family will talk about their efforts to keep him in jail for the remainder of his sentence. decision 2016, polls show donald trump still leading the republican field just one day before the new hampshire primary. >> and the presidential candidate isn't exactly shy about reminding people about it. trump got a rousing welcome at this rally yesterday. he told the crowd he won saturday night's gop debate. he also had this nontraditional message for voters. >> if you're not going to vote for trump, don't go out. a lot of people say -- a lot of these politicians say, it's not important who you vote for. i feel differently. if you're mott going to vote for me, do not vote. >> most polls show trump with a double digit lead in new
6:46 am
hampshire. well, you've heard the saying no crying in baseball. well, the same applies to politics. unless you're a first-time voter and get a hug from your favorite candidate. marco rubio met with his supporters in new hampshire yesterday. he posted pictures, brought them to tears, literally. >> this is how i felt about one direction four years ago. i support 97% of his policies. i don't care about the other 3%. >> the 18-year-old added that the senator's good looks, well, they're just an added bonus. on the democratic çside, hillary clinton ran into stiff competition in new hampshire yesterday. >> it was a little girl's mother who told clinton her daughter didn't want the candidate to win because she wants to be the first female president. >> i think i'll make it easier for you. >> clinton told the family when she wins the election it will be that much easier for the little girl to be president in the
6:47 am
future. hillary clinton later left new hampshire to visit with people in flint, michigan. she called the lack of clean water unacceptable and immorale. >> bernie sanders has a solid lead on clinton in new hampshire according to most polls. nbc's kate snow asked the vermont senator about criticism he's taking over foreign policy. >> "a," it's nonsense, "b," it's the same thing used in 2008 against barack obama. who is this young senator? he doesn't have any experience in foreign policy. didn't work then, won't work now. >> sanders showed his funny side over the weekend during the cameo with his look-a-like, larry david, on "saturday night live." george spencer will have live reports from new hampshire today, tomorrow and wednesday. which company had the best
6:48 am
commercial? >> a philly native representing hyundai won big on the advertising side. >> oh, you look good. >> thank you. >> you're the guy taking my little girl out, huh. >> "usa today's" ad meter spiked when thousands of panelists watched this commercial featuring comedian kevin hart. the most popular commercials were funny ones like this one. beyonce announced her new world tour after her super bowl performance. she'll start in april, coming to the link in philadelphia june 5th. tickets go on sale next tuesday. did you like the performances during the game, what about the commercials? tweet us and let us know. ifç you're not sure which ones you liked in terms of the commercial or want to see them again? we have them all on the nbc 10 app or now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> just about 11 minutes before
6:49 am
7:00. we have a cloudy start this morning and the wind is blowing. temperatures above freezing in philadelphia. but it feels like it's in the 20s with that gusty wind. right now, 38 degrees. clouds are keeping the temperatures pretty level this morning. really haven't budged since we've been on the air at 4:00 this morning. winds out of the northeast at 13 miles an hour. stronger at the shore. here's where there's a risk of flooding, minor tidal flooding with gusty winds. coastal flood watch in effect along the coast for new jersey and much of delaware. 30s for wilmington, wrightstown and toms river, 37 degrees. montgomery county, getting close to the freezing mark in blue bell at 34. you might see a break of sunshine just a hint of it during the day today. one storm system offshore, another to the west. the first one producing the flooding at the shore and also some light snow. at 7:00 this morning, you can see a glancing blow from the system that stays mainly offshore for central new jersey
6:50 am
and to the north, very light snow that will be pulling away by noontime. cloudy and dry in philadelphia. and dry through most of the afternoon. that's 3:00 today. but look to the west and you can see some scattered showers developing, rain and snow showers at 8:00 this evening. very light showers with minimal accumulation this evening and a possibility first thing tomorrow morning we could have slippery conditions but very light snowfall here. the computer models suggesting for tomorrow morning by the time the commute is winding down at 8:00, an inch on the ground in wilmington would be lancaster and reading and close to an inch in philadelphia. we'll be watching that one closely, especially later in the day. for today, mostly cloudy one, showers scattered very light this afternoon, upper 30s and low 40s today. tomorrow morning, cold enough for sticking and some sliding for sticking and some slidin sc start with. 29 degrees, 38 the high temperature. the big question mark is late in
6:51 am
the day. it looks like it's going to be on the dry side. by wednesday, 40 degrees the high temperature. then get ready for antarctic blast that starts moving in on thursday. the real cold waits until the weekend. look at friday morning, 15 degrees, saturday and sunday, high temperatures in the 20s. sunday morning down to 5 degrees. the coldest air of the season so far. >> that's the kind of cold that stays your breath away when you walk outside. let's get you to work. >> seeing your face and looking over at katy. she's shaking her head when she hears the words arctic blast. >> i'm keeping my eye on the cameras throughout the jersey shore. bill showed you the line of weather that's just along the shore. i'm not seeing anything so far, still a pretty shot, the garden state parkway right around summer's point. no issues there. there was a disabled vehicle on 76 westbound as you make your
6:52 am
way to gladwyne. i am seeing heavy drive times. this is a live look at 95 northbound side, running smoother than the southbound side on the left side of your screen. 95 southbound between woodhaven and the vine, 20 minutes. 76, the schuylkill expressway as you make your way eastbound to center city philadelphia, that's about a 25-minute drive. coming up, a check of the day's headlines and the stories you need to know as you head out the door. including a police-involved shooting in chester, delaware coun county. eli manning caught on camera looking less than thrilled about his brother's super bowl win.
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6:56 am
we're following breaking news, police in chester are investigating an officer involved shooting. >> nbc 10's matt delucia was first on the scene this morning as reporting throughout the morning. fill us in, matt. >> vai and tracy, we're on the 192 1200 block of keystone. there was a police pursuit that ended with a shooting just after 2:00. we have video from the scene from a little bit earlier. one man is dead we're told, one is injured. that man is shot in the ankle and is expected to survive. that information coming from the city of chester. we spoke to a woman claiming to the sister and cousin of the two men. the investigation is still under way, almost five hours later. the delaware county crime scene unit is here and we're working to get more information as well. for now, live in chester, delaware county, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. i'm deanna durante, live in north philadelphia where temple university officials are set to discuss a plan to build a
6:57 am
stadium here on campus. coming off of temple's successful football season last year, the university president says he wants to build on the momentum, creating a stadium to bring alumni back, some of whom haven't been here in years to see the growth of the university. the plan is not met with fullç city support. the mayor and city council president say so far they are not on board today. community members are expected to be at the meeting. will they be able to talk and voice their concerns? that remains to be scene. live on campus of temple university, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. chipotle restaurants nationwide will be closed until 3:00 p.m. today. employees have a meeting on food safety changes. the chain is tightening procedures after recent outbreaks of e. coli and norovir norovirus. nbc 10's george spencer is in new hampshire following the candidates and talking with voters before the new hampshire primary on tuesday.
6:58 am
you can see his reports later today. did you happen to see this video? what do you make of it? that's eli manning in the back of the row there, his mother next to him. everybody is clapping and cheering. eli not sure. he's back there with his father archie and trying to figure out what's going on. eli has two rings, now his older brother, peyton has two rings. >> and this exploded, peyton manning kissing, not his wife but papa john. he hadn't even put on his hat yet. i'm katy zachry with a look at the roads right now. a live look behind me at 59 at girard avenue, northbound things are running smoothly despite a disabled vehicle over in the right-hand shoulder area. it might be causing you to tap your broakes a bit. southbound, look at that, just stacked.
6:59 am
a lot of brakes being tapped as you make your way into center city philadelphia. look at that drive time, it's not the worst that we've seen by any means. on 76 eastbound, though, drive times 24 minutes as you make your way between the blue route and the vine street expressway. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> right now, a live picture from west wildwood where they're concerned about coastal flooding. water coming over the bulkhead in the bay. it is high tide thereç right n. meteorologist bill henley has more on this possible coastal flooding. >> a storm offshore producing strong, gusty winds. high tide this morning and evening with the possibility of minor flooding. winds gusting to more than 20 miles an hour. coastal flood watch in new jersey and delaware. and so the north, a little bit of snow from the same storm system for ocean county and then to the west we'll be watching those showers. we could see some of those later this afternoon and this evening.
7:00 am
get up to the minute information on the nbc 10 app including weather and traffic. >> thanks for watching. good morning. rocky mountain high. >> pressure and cuts. the ball is out. in the end zone. >> the denver broncos win the super bowl, upsetting the carolina panthers, 24-10. peyton manning, the oldest winning quarterback in super bowl history. was it h last game? we'll ask him this morning. plus, all the highlights from the game. >> vaughn miller did it again. >> the star-studded halftime show. and, of course, the commercials. >> puppy monkey baby. fighting back. >> you said the same thing three or four times. i'll say it again. >> marco rubio forced to defend why he repeated the same message four times during the


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