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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  February 8, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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tracking snow and coastal flooding. this was the scene in west wildwood about three hours ago showing coastal flooding along popular and e. avenues, and some light snow is heading our way. here is a live look at the radar. you can see it approaching from the west and penndot is deploying its trucks to treat the roads ahead of the expected snow. here is a live look now in the honey park section of philadelphia. those trucks are all lined up ready to go and nbc 10 meteorologist glen "hurricane" schwartz. >> we'll be watching snow for an extended period of time and most
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will be a nuisance, but some could be causing significant accumulation. we do have cloudy skies right now and the snow at the shore is very light and we just missed this huge storm out in the ocean. so any snow that we're predicting has nothing to do with that big storm out in the ocean and it's this organized, but large area out in the middle of the country and the leading edge of that coming in west virginia now and that will be moving in our direction and at the same time the wind is blowing offshore and we have a coastal flood warning until evening and coastal flood advisory farther to the south. as far as the snow is concerned at least tonight and into tuesday it's generally on the white side, most of it melting as it falls. tuesday night is the most likely time for accumulation.
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the temperatures are well above freezing and that will be the case as we go into this evening when the first round of light snow moves in, but during the daytime hours today, it looks dry and the temperatures at or above 40 degrees and only slowly going down during the evening hours. this first area is offshore and then we watch the next come in from the west and it's kind of disorganized and generally on the light side. that's just the beginning and we'll have the rest of the timing coming up in the seven day in a few minutes. >> jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg is live in ocean county where emergency measures are under way to protect homes in lbi. tell us about those measures. >> well, those measures is because of severe beach erosion and we have light snow falling on long beach island, but you can see the bigger issue here is this significant flooding.
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this is high tide here on long beach island and you can see that the water goes all of the way across long beach boulevard. we're at 84th and the boulevard in long beach township and you can see what happened to one of the drivers who decided to take his chances and drive through this water. the car appears to be stalled out right there in the middle and the water goes all of the way across the boulevard and it's filling up the side streets here, as well and certainly a risky situation to try to drive through it. this is all saltwater that came out of barnegat bay and you can see the waves being created here because of the large truck that just drove by. high tide happened a few hours earlier south of here. we've got video from cape may county we want to show you. this is from west wildwood which is still reeling from severe flooding in the january 23rd nor'easter. our cameras captured water from
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the back bay pouring into streets. a protective barrier wall was destroyed in last month's storm. concrete blocks have been fed up there as a temporary measure. in ocean city, i am told this morning's high tide was a foot lower than the worst one on january 23rd and we did see flooding this morning in ocean city comparable to what we saw in the october nor'easter. coastal sections of atlanta county saw high water including atlantic city and vetner. getting around by car became difficult in areas and the flooding forced police to shut down several streets, and as you heard glen just say we're not out of the woods just yet. minor tidal flooding is expected in cape may county with moderate flooding in atlantic and ocean counties and widespread moderate coastal flooding in all three counties during tomorrow  morning's high tide. as i mentioned all this water that you're seeing in long beach
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township on lbi, this is from the back bay, but some communities are already seeing significant beach erosion, as well including the holgate section of long beach township where beachfront homes were left vulnerable after the january nor easter and we showed you dramatic images of them very close to a non-existent dune at that point and right here on nbc 10 news and most of the dune was destroyed and i am told that temporary dune built after that storm has now been washed away. a third of that temporary dune near 125 truckloads of sand are being dumped on to the beach there today and tomorrow to build back as much of a protective barrier as possible between those homes and the ocean and we have been seeing several of those trucks come by here on long beach boulevard headed down to the holgate section of the island which is all of the way at the southern end of lbi. we're going to head down there
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next and survey the situation there and really an emergency situation because they need to get more sand on those beaches to provide more protection for those homes. that's the latest live on long beach island and i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> pretty amazing pictures. thank you, ted. we are helping you keep track of this approaching snow on the air and make sure you have your nbc 10 app on your smartphone and tablet. you can also follow radar and check out our live cameras. >> the we are following breaking news involving former philadelphia eagles star lesean mccoy. several sources confirm mccoy was involved in a bar fight with off-duty police officers over the weekend. we are told the incident happened at 2:30 sunday morning at the recess lounge located on second street and two off-duty police officers were
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hospitalized as a result of this bar fight. our partners at comcast sportsnet got a copy of the police report detailing mccoy's involvement along with three other people. mccoy who plays with the buffalo bills was not arrested. there is an investigation, but no charges have been filed. of course, stay with nbc 10 and the nbc 10 app for updates on this breaking news. >> a chase leads to a police-involved shooting that leaves one person dead and another wounded. the delaware county district attorney is investigating. 12th and keystone and that's where we find deanna durante. fill us in. >> reporter: vai, take a look at street here on keystone. you can see the markings left by police investigators before they cleared the scene here taking with them a lot of evidence and you can take a look across the street here and that is where the car that came to a rest smashed into this parked car and careened up here on the sidewalk all during what was a
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police-involved shooting. >> they just basically said that the cop came behind him and hit the lights on him and he started chasing. >> her cousin and brother were in this black suv. she says they called her once police began pursuing them and she said she recorded parts of that phone call. the cell phone recording, you can hear talking. t police sirens and gunshots and what we don't know is where the men were when the call was recorded. the car came to rest on the side of keystone before 12th street and neighbors didn't know what was happening until they heard shots. a lot of them. >> myself and my husband heard the bullets and what we did, we rolled off our bed on the floor because we were afraid that one would come through the window. >> reporter: the police markings are all over the street, sidewalk and through the window where many bullets went flying and what we don't know is what led to the shooting and why so many shots were fired and she wanted to get that information from her brother. >> i said, what did you all do?
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nothing, basically. they don't have weapons or nothing and i've got my hands up. i've got my hands up. >> reporter: again, this here is the area where that suv came to a rest and it's the house down on the corner here. this greenhouse there and that is where one of the bullets went through the glass there. police tell us they can't comment about this case right there and the delaware county district attorney is looking into exactly what happened here this morning. reporting live in chester, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. an attempted robbery led to a shooting that left a man in critical condition and police shot a victim once in the head at 54 and master streets in west philadelphia late last night and officers rushed him to penn presbyterian hospital and police are still searching for one suspect. philadelphia police are looking for the driver who crashed into the home of the city's mantua neighborhood at
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fairmount avenue. no one inside the home was hurt. >> three boys are recovering from hypothermia after falling through thin ice yesterday in buck's county. colin orr was one of the boys who needed rescuing near piper's place in chalfont. the boys were walking on the pond when the ice cracked under their weight and they fell in. bill bennett came to the rescue. he and colin both described the ordeal. >> so, so, so cold, like, you couldn't even imagine. >> i was trying to get them to the grate. a couple of neighbors came over and we were only able to get one kid out with a branch. >> one boy, a rescue boat picked up the others and all three boys are now out of the hospital. new information about a track stop that ended with a chase and a crash and there was one suspect in the case and are no longer looking for a second. only nbc 10 was there as officers handcuffed the driver in east falls and this all
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started with a traffic stop yesterday morning in overbrook. police say the driver suddenly took off and he hit an officer and dragged him a short distance. the officer was not hurt and police spotted the driver near the target store and chased him to a nearby bridge where he crashed the car. today a judge will sentence a buck's county woman for her role in the beating of two gay men in center city, philadelphia. a jury convicted kathryn knott of felony charges in december. she could still get jail time on lesser charges. two other defendants are serving probation after pleading guilty in the case. today neighbors in north philadelphia will get to hear an update on the proposed football stadium. it calls for $100 million, 35,000-seat stadium to be built. the school's board of trustees will hold a public meeting this afternoon. the goal of the meeting is to decide the next steps in the
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stadium planning process. a meeting for students last week ended early when protests broke out. university officials say the stadium will come at no cost to students and they say it will be funded by donations from alumni and friends. right now they play their own football games at lincoln financial field. the final push for votes. a look at what candidates on both sides of the aisle are doing this morning and what some of the republicans are still saying about saturday night's debate on the day before the pivotal new hampshire primary. high anxiety owe the high seas. a nightmare trip for passengers after a storm slams a cruise ship that started a voyage in new jersey. snow is on the way for most of our area. i'm tracking a system that will hang around for quite a while. just how much snow we're going to get. i'll let you know what's in store just ahead.
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here's a look at the radar and in the middle of the screen there is a big, disorganized mess and the timing of it coming in just minutes. >> meanwhile, penndot is deploying its trucks to treat the roads ahead of the expected snow as you take a live look at the yard in south philadelphia where they're preparing those trucks and filling them with salt, ready to go. in decision 2016 with one day to
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go in the new hampshire primary. donald trump is holding four campaign events today. his first event started about an hour ago. he held a townhall meeting at an elks lodge in salem, new hampshire and later he'll hold two other townhall events and trump will cap off the night at a rally in sports arena, new hampshire and marco rubio is running second in the latest nbc news wall street journal marist poll of new hampshire votes are. he held a town hall meeting in nashua, new hampshire. he said his campaign had its best fund-raising night that evening. rubio took heat from rival chris christie for repeating the same line from president obama several times. this morning, the new jersey governor again took aim and christie was on the campaign trailing hudson where he held a town hall meeting there and
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earlier he told msnbc's morning sdwroe that rubio's debate said he could only recite scripted talking points. >> that's what he does all of the time. marco gets told what to say and he repeats it. that's what he does. >> christie also said rubio does not have the leadership skills or experience to be president. >> and ohio governor john kasich took questions from voters at a townhall event at a place of public library and working across party lines. and happening now, vermont senator bernie sanders is campaign in new hampshire, as we take a look at the live rally there, obviously. the american legion has asked sanders campaign to stop using their emblem on the campaign flyers. sanders' campaign has not yet commented on that matter. his democratic rival former secretary of state hillary clinton has a campaign event in
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manchester that begins in 45 minutes. clinton visited people in flint, michigan yesterday. she spoke to a church congregation about the lead poisoning problem in flint calling it unacceptable and immoral. george spencer is live from new hampshire for the primary. watch his live reports right here on nbc 10. president obama will release his final budget tomorrow on the same day as the new hampshire primary. normally the budget is released on a monday, but the white house says it was pushed back a day so hard-working administration employees could take a play to watch the super bowl and the president is asking congress for emergency. it will be used to expand mosquito-controlled programs and vaccine and testing. a royal caribbean cruise ship that set sail from new
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jersey hit rough seas. the anthem of the seas was tossed around by waves and winds off the coast of the carolinas. the crew told passengers to take cover in their cabins. the ship was on its way from new jersey to florida and the bahamas and there were no reports of injuries or structural damage to the ship, though many objects were tossed around. we'll have much more on the rocky tides straight ahead at 11:30. hurricane-force winds developing rapidly with this storm and that's why that ship got caught by surprise. generally, they go around the big storms. we're tracking some snow in this area and coastal flooding which already occurred and more will be occurring here and a frigid weekend. let's not forget about the that. a lot going on this week and we have cloudy skies and it's 41
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degrees and the wind is north-northeast at 14 miles an hour making it feel like 33. and the temperatures across the rest of the area generally in the upper 30s to the low 40s across the region. now as we go through the afternoon temperatures are not going to go up that much and then it's not going to plunge. by 11:00 tonight it's still 32 so any snow that falls during the evening hours will generally be light and then melt. there is that monster storm out in the ocean and we just missed the edge of it and we saw ted greenberg seeing flakes in longbeach island and that's about as close to us as the snow got, but it was just on the edge of that huge storm. this is a huge system, too, but as you can see, it's not very well organized. we've got a patch here and we've got a patch here and one here. so the leading edge is the first thing that we're looking at and that will be moving in mostly
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tonight. temperatures again, 40-plus during the day today. the first snowfall to fall will be melling and as long as it stays light it will continue to melt and for the high tide tonight it will be an even higher tide coming tomorrow morning and the coastal flood advisory farther to the south and 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. tonight and 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. tomorrow. as we go through the afternoon, again, way above freezing everywhere and no snow until this evening and it's generally on the lighter side and temperatures get close to or a little bit below freezing north and west and there could be some slippery spots and untreated surfaces especially there, but you don't see anything that well organized and there's not a solid area blue that would indicate real significant snow. so there's really not a whole lot by morning. there's not a whole lot during the day tomorrow. there's some of the significant
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snow by chesapeake bay tomorrow afternoon and then tomorrow nig night, that's more to the south around our area and the amounts of snow i'm not that impressed with. by 11:00 tonight, virtually nothing. by tomorrow morning, maybe an inch of snow. a little bit more on redding and no significant snow around the day tomorrow and most of the issue comes tomorrow night and into early wednesday, this particular model was generally given one to three inches and the greater amounts of snow and chester county, new castle county with the most and then here it comes. later on during the week and over the weekend the coldest air of the season is going to be coming in here. wait until you see how low those temperatures go. temperatures into the low 40s today with the light snow coming
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tonight and the seven-day forecast, periods of snow tomorrow and especially tomorrow night and then it's breezy as the arctic air starts to come in by thursday. by friday it's windy here and over the weekend, temperatures may not get out of the teens and low temperatures in the single digits and windchills below zero and maybe well below zero. >> you mentioned ted greenberg and he's standing ankle deep in water on the road. >> that's not the end of it. >> long beach island and that's amazing. >> another high tide tonight and an even higher high tide tomorrow and it's three days worth of onshore winds plus the new moon makes the tide higher to begin with. >> eyes wide shut and mouths wide open. the way you're sleeping could have you spending more time in the dentist's chair. we'll explain still ahead.
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plus hoping to make a chipotle run for lunch today? well, you better come up with another plan. yet restaurant chain has closed 2,000 restaurants for part of the day.
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how you sleep can affect your dentsal health. new zealand researchers found people who breathe through their mouth when they sleep face a higher risk of tooth decay. mouth breathing can dry up saliva which normally serves as a coating and protects teeth.
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after a calm and mild weekend big changes are coming up. here is a live look at cape may, new jersey where parts of the shore saw coastal flooding this morning and glenn is tracking the system that will bring more snow to the shore and throughout our area. the timing and what we can expect just ahead. winter is hard on your nose.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather. we are tracking snow as well as coastal flooding and this is video shot within the hour in long beach township on long beach island in ocean county, new jersey. coastal flooding is a problem in other jersey shore towns as well as you can see in this video shot before 8:00 this morning. the ocean is right back up to the back door in margate,
11:31 am
atlantic county and light snow is headed our way and here is a live look at the first alert radar and you can see it there approaching from the west, that band of green at nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. >> we do have these issues to deal with and totally separated and what's going on with the coast is related to the storm that's offshore and the snow in our forecast is from that system headed from the west. well, the flags are blowing and the colder air is trying to come in with the northerly winds and eventually it will be cold enough for snow. you can see a lot of clouds here and these patchy areas of white indicating some snow, but it is obviously not that well organized except for the leading edge is fairly well organized here and a mix of rain and snow depending on the elevation and that's moving in our direction and will be affecting us tonight
11:32 am
another high tide at the jersey shore. the reason for coastal flood warning and the high tide between 7:00 and 8:00 and not quite as high as it was this morning and certainly not enough to cause flooding and the coastal flood advisory and as far as the snow is concerned and much of it is going to be on the light side tonight and during the day on tuesday. limited snow accumulations and also a fair amount of it melting in much of the area. tuesday night has the best chance of accumulation with this particular system, to the low 40s right now and not going to be going up and much during the day and by 4:00 and any precipitation and that will come later on during the night and more on the timing and the snow totals with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> we'll see you then, glenn. we're helping you keep track of
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this approaching snow on the air and anywhere you go. make sure you have the nbc 10 app on your smartphone and tablet. it's a free download that sends you weather warnings as they happen and follow radar and check out the live cameras. and we follow breaking news this morning involving former philadelphia eagles star running back lesean mccoy. several sources confirm mccoy was involved in a bar fight with off-duty police, philadelphia police officers in old city. this happened over the weekend at 2:30 sunday morning at the recess lounge on second street and two off-duty officers were hospitalized. our partners at comcast sportsnet got copies of the police report detailed mccoy's involvement along with three other people and mccoy who now plays for the buffly bills was not arrested and there is an investigation and no charges have been filed and of course, stay with nbc 10 and nbc ten's app for updates on this breaking
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news. a police-involved shooting leaves one person dead and another wounded overnight in chester, delaware county. the gun fight followed a police chase. nbc's deanna durante has an update on the investigation. what can you tell us? >> reporter: we do know now that three different departments were aiding in this crime scene here as well as the developments that happened around 2:00 this morning. chester city, chester township and upland police all here on the scene which has been cleared and the police investigators have left here on keystone street in chester just before you get to 12th street. we can tell you there was a black suv that police say that they attempted to stop and that black suv apparently crashed into this car here and landed here on the sidewalk. take a look at video shot from very early of the car on the sidewalk and the windows appeared to be shot out and multiple shots according to witnesses that they heard and some people were inside their homes and they were sleeping when they woke up and heard
11:35 am
several shots being fireded. >>. >> my husband and i heard the bullets and what we did is we rolled off the bed on to the floor and we were afraid they would come through the window. oh, my god, it was just a mess. so what we did, we just waited until everything had calmed down and then we started looking out of the windows watching the cops. >> we can tell you, one man has died and another was shot in the ankle. city officials tell us they don't believe his injuries to be life-threatening, but they say this is a very active investigation and just to give you some idea as to the depth of this crime scene here. the car came to rest here on the sidewalk. you see the glass there, but a house down the street here. this greenhouse, that is where one of the bullets is believed to have gone through a second-floor window. the mayor's office and chester
11:36 am
police say they do hope to release more information later on today. reporting live in chester, deanna durant, nbc 10 news. deanna, thank you. a mardi gras parade ends in violence downtown and gun fire erupted during the parade. two people were shot to death and four others were hurt. police have not name good suspects or given a motive for the shootings. two boys died and six others were injured after they snuck into a professional bobsled park in canada and they crashed on the course. nbc's morgan radford on why they may not have been strangers to the course. >> looks like we've got some people here that may have jumped the fence. >> reporter: 17-year-old twins jordan and evan caldwell killed after their toboggan crashed on a high-speed run. >> six teenagers, all males entered the property after
11:37 am
hours. >> they snuck in with their own sled. the track used in the 1988 winter olympics is almost 5,000 feet long, but the caldwell brothers were likely familiar the family says they had actually worked at the park as hill ams scanning tickets and welcoming guests. on this particular night there was something the boys didn't expect. >> part way down the group hit the large gate. two of the males died at the scene. >> 14 turn, 60 seconds, hitting the gate at breakneck speed. it was the fastest sport on ice reaching up to four times the force of gravity. the park ceo doesn't know how the boys got on to the property. >> we have a staff of ten full-time security personnel. >> an employee called emergency crews just after midnight saying several people were injured. >> the remaining six were taken to the hospital for injuries
11:38 am
ranging from minor to serious. >> our boys jordan and evan were bright lights the caldwell family said in a statement. we are grieving their loss, but confident in their new home in heaven. nbc news, los angeles. new safety measures go into effect in new york city to prevent this from happening again. this crane collapsed in manhattan. this happened friday morning and one man was killed and the new rules will enforce a safety mode for cranes when the forecast predicts wind of 20 miles per hour or more. there will also be new rules for pedestrians walking near cranes. city officials say it could take weeks or even months to determine yet crane collapsed. it was being lowered during strong winds. >> a rough ride for passengers caught in a storm off the royal caribbean cruise ship off the coast of north carolina. the weather service has issued a warning for hurricane-force winds and some passengers told them the ship's crew told them
11:39 am
about the storm and they would try to beat it. conditions were far worse than anyone expected. >> a royal caribbean cruise ship hit rough waters. the anthem of the seas making its way south from new york to the bahamas ran into severe weather, forcing the crew to change course and head to port canaveral, florida. royal caribbean releasing a statement saying in part, in an abundance of caution the captain asked all guests to stay in their stateroom until the weather imyou have proved and there was no damage to the ship due to weather. passengers went to social media and shot videos of toppled furniture and other minor
11:40 am
damage. >> nervous relatives began calling about their loved ones onboard, but the ship was not in need of assistance. we have been in continued communication with the ship and will continue to do so to ensure anthem of the seas gets to port safely. >> many while, passengers confined to their cabins were eager to share their frustration. i don't think i've ever missed land this much. in other news, i wish i'd taken those swimming lessons. >> that was nbc's natalie morales reporting. north koreans celebrated their controversial long-range rocket launch with a parade and fireworks. state-run television, krt showed video thousands of citizens and soldiers along with high-ranking government officials attending the rally in the capital the day after it launcheded a long-range rocket carrying what north korea called a satellite. south korea, other neighbors denounced the lunch as a missile
11:41 am
test. the rocket lunch has renewed international condemnation. it is being used to test technology for a long-range missile. rescuers pulled an 8-year-old girl alive from rubble this morning more than 60 hours after a powerful earthquake hit taiwan. a woman believed to be the girl's aunt was rescued 20 minutes later. the official death toll from saturday's 6.4 magnitude earthquake has now risen to 38 with more than 100 people still missing. >> now we have some snow that's headed this way for much of the area. when is the snow going to come down the hardest and when is it going to move out of here and i'll break down the timing and i'll let you know what to expect where you live just ahead. many people clean their dentures
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sgloofr residents in one south jersey community say they being not get any help with health and safety concerns in their neighborhood. so they contacted the nbc 10 investigators. investigative reporter mitch blocker went to check out the issue. he has a preview of the story you'll see only on nbc 10 today at 4:00. >> from boiled water warnings to the demolition of a moldy mobile home. residents say they've had enough. >> our home is only feet away from this home. they asked the nbc 10 investigators to step in when their voices weren't being heard. >> someone has to speak up.
11:45 am
we need help and we found numerous violations against the property management company and the township having trouble holding them accountable. we get reassuring statements that seemed to satisfy us, but then when it actually comes to implementation on the ground, implementation they fall short of that. >> today at 4:00, you'll hear more about the problems and now that the nbc 10 investigators got involved and how the management company plans to fix them. for the investigators i'm mitch blacher, nbc 10 news. they will close restaurants for four hours to address employees about food safety issues and the food borne illnesses that have put a major cramp in its bottom line. several competitors include most southwest grill hope to capitalize by offering special promotions. hold that trophy. super bowl 50 makes history as
11:46 am
the denver broncos come away with a 24-10 win over the carolina panthers and age did not slow down broncos quarterback peyton manning and at age 39 he is the old of the starting quarterback in history and the oldest to win a super bowl. ♪ plenty to go gaga over even before the game started and then the denver defense, they became the stars. they shut down the panthers and their quarterback cam newton and temple alum brandon mcmanus went 3 for 3 in denver and mcmanus went to north penn high school in landsdale and chose to go to temple over much bigger football schools. his family went to watch the game, but mcmanus has a lot to celebrate. once you kind of get the first kick out of the way it just becomes another football game and you want to go out there and do your job. >> no matter what happens with me or anybody, this group, these
11:47 am
coaches and these players will not all be on the same team next year so this was one unique opportunity for this group and i'm very, very grateful to be a part of it. >> peyton manning says he has some thinking to do before he decides if the super bowl is his last game. meanwhile fans took to the streets in downtown denver to celebrate. traffic was backed up for miles and dozens of police officers were on hand for patrol. police made a handful of arrests overnight and they used pepper spray and tear gas to break up some of the crowds. one person not celebrating today is cam newton. he seemed to be in shock at the post-game news conference. take a look. >> they just played better than us. i don't know what you want me to say. and when he was asked what sympathy he had for his teammates, he stood up without a
11:48 am
word and left the podium. >> the duchess of cambridge came up with a program to help children deal with mental issues. kate middleton tapeded a video for a charity as part of children's mental health week. she and her husband prince william want all of the children to get mental health support during difficult times. >> many of us are incredibly fortunate that the issues we face in childhood are ones we can cope with and learn from, but for some children learning to cope with life's challenges can be a struggle. charity workers say kate's involvement is helping to remove the stigma from mental illness. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. we have a whole lot going on with the weather this week and from snow to coastal flooding to the coldest air of the season, skiers will be pretty happy about all of this and we'll get
11:49 am
some snow in the next couple of days and then you can make snow for quite a while. we're tracking snow falling at some point over the next two days. coastal flooding, we had some this morning and more coming and frigid weekend. that's a sure bet across the entire area. right now we have cloudy skies and the wind is 14 miles an hour making you feel like it's in the 30s like nothing compared to the way it will feel by the weekend and we're into the low 40s this afternoon and dropping slowly through the 30s tonight and so most of the night, if we see some snow it's likely to melt at least in the city, but in some areas north and west there could be some accumulation on untreated surfaces by morning. not a lot and maybe just enough to cause a nuisance. we're in the upper 30s to the low 40s across the area right now and this is what we're watching. it's a big, wide, disorganized mess and so it doesn't have that
11:50 am
much potential to come together and create a monster storm like the blizzard or the storm crushing new england right now with near hurricane-force wind gusts and this is the leading edge and that is more organized than anything else and that's coming this way. we have more coastal flooding that will occur from atlantic county up the coast. minor to moderate flooding for this evening's high tide and the coastal flood advisory farther to the south and a higher tide tomorrow morning and it's all enhanced by the new moon that is happening today. in fact, bad timing with that lately and for later on today, we're generally dry then as the evening goes on there is a greater and greater chance of light snow developing and after 7:00, 8:00 tonight and after midnight there will be some areas to go below the freeszing mark and again, slippery
11:51 am
conditions on untreated surfaces, but area that's most likely to get the greatest amount of snow say little weird. now about new castle county and delaware in chester county and the closer you are to baltimore it looks like the heaviest of the snow will end up and take a look at that as we go into tuesday night and then the temperatures are going down a little more significantly and a little better chance of some of it sticking. computer models are variable on this and starting to come together a little bit for not much snow by the morning rush, maybe an inch and maybe more to the west and not much snow accumulating during the day tomorrow. a lot of it melting as it falls, but after dark tomorrow that's when you see the numbers go up a little bit and lesser amounts in burlington, ocean county, maybe
11:52 am
one to three inches to the east and two to four inches farther to the west and we'll update this this afternoon as some of the new data comes in. for today, temperatures into the low 40s, just cloudy and breezy and the light snow coming tonight and here is mostly light snow on tuesday into tuesday night and then it starts to get cold, colder by thursday and then really cold as we head toward the weekend. those are temperature, and not the feels like temperature, because the feels like temperatures will go to zero over the weekend so get the heavy coats read. >> i have to tip my hat to glenn here. not only does he call the weather, he does a good job calling sports and he went for denver because cam newton would not be able to take care of the
11:53 am
defense. >> he would be rattled by the denver pass rush because he was rattled by the eagles last year. >> speaking of getting rattled, looking at the flood zones there along the coast, that's going to be a problem throughout today, tomorrow. >> right. you get the high tides about every 12 hours and so the high tide tonight may not be quite as high as what we saw this morning, but then tomorrow's high tide has a chance of being just about as high as what we saw this morning and you saw this morning it wasn't very good and we're being looking at colder temperatures as we've seen all winter. >> frigid air mass. >> thank you very much, glenn. we'll be back with more. stay with us.
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our chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz with a final look at the weather. we have several issues to deal with this week. we have snow moving in tonight. it's going to be off and on tomorrow into tomorrow night. we'll be updating the snow totals this afternoon, getting more specific. it's trickier because it's a disorganized system as opposed to the blizzard which was one solid, organized system and the frigid air coming over the weekend and the coastal flooding and a look at the temperatures over the teens.
11:57 am
>> for highs. >> thanks, glenn. thanks for watching nbc 10 news, i'm have a sick hevai sikahema,l of us, have a good day.
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