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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  February 9, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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when i take her blow driver and blow it into my shoe before i leave the house. this is nbc 10 first alert weather. >> live team coverage across all three states this morning. we track snow and icy spots on your morning commute. >> here's a live look from cape may this morning. flooding is a threat at the shore as we get closer to high tide this morning. >> and a look now at the nbc 10 first alert weather radar. as you can see, this is a very unorganized system. it's going to mean off and on snow plus different conditions depending on where you live. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. i'm tracy davidson. 5:00 a.m. and 31 degrees in philadelphia. we are issuing a first alert along the shore along with potential for icy roads during your morning commute. watch the bottom of your screen for school closing and delays. let's get you updated with
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meteorologist bill henley. >> there. >> reporter: scattered showers overnight. with the temperatures falling and more snow on the way, we could see slipping and sliding, especially in delaware and south jersey where there's wet weather in the area. colder areas north and west are seeing wet weather overnight, you may see icing this morning. the temperatures will be climbing. at the shore, it's a totally different threat. what we saw yesterday, flooding is once again going to be an issue today. as far as wet weather, rain an snow, that's rainhto the south. it's moving into colder air and portions of delaware. it's really falling apart now in southern new castle county, delaware. that's rain over dover. pretty dry for most of these areas that are colder this morning. allentown and pottstown right now. there were a few scattered showers overnight. that could produce icing this morning. wilmington, right at 32 degrees. it's above freezing for dover. cape may getting rain at 38 degrees. here it is, a cloudy start but snow will be developing as we go through the day.
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look what happens to the temperatures. 32 degrees at 7:00. by 10:00, 36. it's a waiting game, still in philadelphia at that hour. by 1:00 this afternoon, 38 degrees. snow coming down. we'll be mainly destined for grassy surfaces. a lot of that will be melting as it's falling. we'll go through the forecast region by region when i'm back in ten minutes. jessica boyington watching first alert traffic. >> we are on 95 right now. this is right around girard avenue. no problems in either direction, the southbound drive time still in the 60s and a 14-minute drive time from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. the southbound lanes moving along nicely still so far for this morning. in the opposite direction, always a bit better than heading into center city. an accident out in hatboro on north work road and east county line road. mass transit, no problems or delays that are weather related so far this morning. the paoli thorndale train 9569 is canceled due to mechanical
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problems. another update in ten. our team coverage continues with nbc 10's matt delucia, live in newark, new castle county. northern delaware could get 1 to 3 inches by tomorrow morning when this is all over. what's it like there now? >> tracy, just wet roads at the moment and a little dusting from a little bit of the snow that fell last night. you could see some of that out here on the parking meters and trash cans. east main street, doesn't look too bad, just a little wet. with temperatures below freezing, you always have to worry about icing. we see snow covered cars, in fact, we need a snow brush in some areas of the region. but at this point we're just seeing some slick spots out there on side streets, breaths, overpasses, deldot says it's been working overnight to make sure the roads and highways are safe. they put down a brine solution yesterday. one thing deldot is trying to
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remind everyone, what you're doing with the snow when it piles up on your property, residents and businesses have been pushing that on to the road. that's creating hazard conditions for drivers. as far as what we're seeing right now, no snow falling at the hour but deldot says that normal schedule today. that would be the d.a.r.t. transit service. of course we'll keep an eye on the conditions out here as they develop. for right now, really just take it easy on the roads out there. you have to get that snow brushed to get some of the snow off your windshield and windows. live in newark, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. nbc 10's katy zachry is live with stormforce 10 right now in quakertown, bucks county. roads slick and wet out there? >> yes, you know what, we encountered on 611 as we made our way from horsham to doylestown, light rain. in quakertown, it's dry for the
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most part except for the coating of snow, that light dusting of snow you see newly on these car wind shields and hoods. we aren't seeing any of the snow stick to the pavement, which is good. as these cars go by, as we head toward the morning rush time, the threat of ice is minimal if we don't have moisture on the roads. did i get an update from septa. they tell me at this time there are no service interruptions or alerts. they are advising travelers to be cautious when getting on and off of the vehicles, just anticipating any slick conditions that could be at the stations throughout the area. also penndot has hundreds of plows and salt trucks out on the roads both local roads as well as state highways just to ensure that everyone's morning commute is as smooth and as safe as possible. we're going to continue on going north and west, showing you the suburbs. and any icy conditions we encounter. reporting live in quakertown, katy zachry, nbc 10 news.
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>> salt trucks on the move in bucks county. now let's show you the jersey shore. a new moon combined with onshore winds will push water from the back bay into neighborhoods. high tide is expected after 8:00 this morning here in atlantic city where we spotted people moving their cars to higher ground last night this comes after coastal flooding yesterday morning and damage during january's blizzard. >> if it comes, it comes, there's nothing we can do about it. >> officials in atlantic county say they expect this morning's high tide to be worse than yesterday. in pennsylvania, hundreds of trucks and plows are ready to go. penndot tells us they're ready. last month's blizzard dug into the third of the usual 80 tons used. >> could be dealing with this storm well into wednesday. slow down, leave plenty of space between you and the vehicles in front of you. give our plow trucks ample room
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to operate. >> penndot tells us each plow truck takes up to three hours to complete its cycle. if you don't see a truck immediately, chances are it is on its way. (v ahead of the wintry r with the nbc 10 app. along with the live weather radar you get the nbc 10 first alert frafts. voting is under way in the new hampshire primary. >> it began at midnight. the town of dixville notch, population 9 continued its tradition of voting as soon as primary day begins. the community is near the canadian border and you can see the results in just a second here on the video. it's easy because they just wrote it all down. john kasich topped the republican vote 3-2, sanders swept all four democratic ballots. campaigning across new hampshire wrapped up late last night. protesters turned out to meet
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them. trump and the other white house hopefuls made one last pitch for votes. one political tourist said it was a stark contrast to the iowa caucuses last week. >> they're not as open as they are here. here we speak up. there they hold it inside. >> no caucuses today with direct primary voting for the presidential candidates in new hampshire. nbc 10's george spencer is in new hampshire. you can watch his live reports on new hampshire's primary today and also tomorrow. right here on nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> eight minutes after 5:00. we are watching for icy spots this morning. had a few showers overnight. most of that melted but now the temperatures are falling. tracking rain and snow in delaware and south jersey. that's where the activity is right now. it will be moving into the rest of the area during the day today. coastal flooding still a big threat for delaware and new
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jersey. 30 degrees right now with clouds in reading, philadelphia's cloudy and 32 and wilmington, also cloudy and 32 degrees, just enough cold in the air to produce some ice and to make for snow blowing. once again in the pocono mountains, that's the voo you from camel back. no snow being made by mother nature. not in philadelphia. look to the south. it's been a rain/snow mix. you see dover, they've been reporting rain in the area, snow mixing into portions of south jersey. most of the area will have to wait until later this morning and this afternoon to see some snow moving in. by then the temperatures will be warmer, 35 in allentown and reading. quakertown, 34 degrees. clouds overhead and snow this afternoon for trenton and mt. holly, most of that will be melting as it comes down with those warmer temperatures. but in colder areas, we could see a better chance of accumulation, mainly on grassy surfaces which tend to be colder. a mix of rain and snow from cape
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may into vineland, dover will be right on the edge with temperaturecç in the upper 30s. look at the low 40s for philadelphia and swedesboro while it's 35 degrees in westchester. good chance that we'll see accumulating snow in the westchester area as we go into the afternoon hours, especially. the futurecast, hour by hour when i'm back in ten minutes. 5:10 this tuesday morning. ted greenberg had a shot yesterday in one of his reports that showed a car stalled in floodwaters. we can't overemphasize enough, do not drive your car across flooded roads. >> you know if it's on your way where the usual flooded roads are. jessica boyington is watch something right now. usually people know those are sort of the places that always are the first to flood, right? >> absolutely. definitely good advice not to drive your car through an area that appears flooded. take that extra time and detour yourself if there isn't already a detour in place. we have two reports of flooding in new jersey right now.
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one in brooklawn, route 130 at 551, all lanes closed and also another logan township, right around 130 also at route 322, one lane closed being reported there. here's 295. this is over in west deptford around route 130. no problems here. all lanes moving along nicely. if you're heading southbound from the 42 freeway to the delaware memorial bridge, no problems. average speeds in the 60s. we'll all moving along with no delays. woodbine, new road construction layout, route 50 at route 49. this was in effect since yesterday. tracy. a deadly police involved shooting in delaware county. nbc 10 was first on the scene yesterday. we'll tell you what we could learn this morning about that shooting. plus, let's try again. pennsylvania governor tom wolf will propose a state budget for
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next year even they we still don't have one for this year. we'll tell you what he's pushing for.
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5:14. this is the nbc 10 first alert weather radar. look at that. we've issued a first alert today because of flooding concern at the jersey shore along with the possibility of slippery roads for your morning commute. two towns have declared a snow emergency, abington township and
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spring city has been under a snow emergency since 1:00 this morning. that would be in effect until 11:00 a.m. on wednesday morning. meanwhile, today, pennsylvania governor tom wolf will present his budget plan for next year even though the state has gone seven months without a budget for this year. wolf is set to unveil his spending plan at the capitol later this morning. he'll talk about two paths the state can take, one where education funding is a priority or another where money for education and services is cut. republican lawmakers said wolf chose to veto their budget in june and make education cuts in december. the governor wants to know what you think about his proposed budget. he's holding a facebook town hall this afternoon. the live stream starts this afternoon at ç3:30. post your questions now. tap the nbc 10 app or logon to our website at for a link. meanwhile, happening today, president obama will release his
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spending plan for 2017. this will be the president's final budget proposal as he prepares to leave office next winter. he is expected to include money to fight isis as well as fund education, criminal justice reform and job creation. many believe this budget has little chance to be adopted as the president faces stiff opposition from the republican-led house. 5:16 and 31 degrees in philadelphia and temple university is moving forward with the plan to build a new football stadium on its north philadelphia campus. yesterday the board of trustees approved $1 million fors a feasibility study. the plan calls for a 35,000 feet stadium at a cost of more than $100 million. in delaware, the national guard will host its 33rd annual prayer breakfast. it's held the tuesday before ash wednesday and is open to all faith communities. guard officials call it a time for personal reflection and community outreach. new information about a traffic stop that ended with a
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chase and a crash. this man, kevin cooke, faces charges of aggravated assault, simple assault and driving without a license. only nbc 10 was there as officers handcuffed cooke in east falls on sunday. police say he took off after a traffic stop in overbrook, then allegedly hit an officer and dragged him a short distance, eventually crashing. the officer was not hurt. the family of a murdered montgomery county woman is renewing their fight to keep her killer in prison. rafael robb is up for parole again. the former university of pennsylvania professor was convicted of bludgeoning his wife ellen to death as she wrapped christmas presents in 2006. he was sentence up to ten years behind bars. >> the defendant has not demonstrated any sorrow for this. he has not taken responsibility for this. he has continued to be unrepentant. >> ellen is serving a lifetime sentence in her grave. and this man must fulfill his
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entire sentence. >> robb won parole in 2013 but the decision was reversed after a national outcry. we now know the cause of a bus crash that killed an elementary school principal. susan jordan died while saving kids from a runaway bus near indianapolis last week. police now say the driver of that bus had left the driver's seat without putting on the parking brake. police say it will be up to the prosecutors to decide whether or not to charge the bus driver. flint, michigan family becomes the first to sue the city and state for lead poisoning. s sophia's parents say the 2-year-old has high levels of lead inç her bloodstream from tainted tap water in their home. the corrosive river water was not properly treated and caused lead from old pipes to seep into drinking water. the crisis in flint caught the attention of health officials in pennsylvania.
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18 cities reported high levels of lead exposure in children. the pa department of environmental protection analyzed the state's public water system and found that drinking water is not the source of the lead. there are more than 150 public water stems in pennsylvania. none had exceeded epa standards for lead. 5:19. we want to continue to reminded you, there could be icy spots on your ride to work this morning. >> jessica boyington is checking all the roads, including the majors. jessica? >> that's right. we are on the schuylkill expressway right now, right around 202. so if you are heading into center city, take a look at this drive time. you'll still be okay, 13-minute trip. speeds starting to drop into the 50s. no backups. eastbound from the blue route to the vine, 13, hasn't budged yet. in montgomery county, we're seeing reports of hazardous road conditions, this could be slippery, icy, sink hole.
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we'll keep you updated for now. upper hanover on knight road and markley road. area bridges are doing okay. we have speed restrictions on the commodore barry, the ben and the betsy ross. that's down to 35 miles per hour. the walt is nice and clear heading into philadelphia this morning. another update when i come back in the next ten. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 20 minutes after 5:00. clouds have arrived in philadelphia. we saw snow showers overnight but the major roads have been treated. as jessica and katy have been mentioning this morning, icy spots could be found as the temperatures have come down. 32 degrees. what came down overnight largely melted on the hard surfaces, like sidewalks and driveways but if it didn't dry up, it is freezing this morning. at the shore, different story. that's rain that's falling in cape may as the temperatures are in the upper 30s right now. we're going to see a mix of rain and snow to the south but more likely this morning and into
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this afternoon, that's when we'll start to see snow showers, pottstown, 29 degrees, right at the freezing mark for wilmington and northeast philadelphia. chester conte, look at the spots, just below freezing, bran brandywine, westchester and fair meadow farm. at the shore, coastal flooding between 7:30 and 8:30. high tides for delaware and south jersey. also a flood threat along the delaware as jessica has been reporting this morning. already some flooding going on. as far as precipitation, this is a really loosely organized system that is trying to push into theç area. we've seen some mixing to the south in delaware and south jersey. now light snow just very light snow pushing into south jersey. in new jersey, portions of cumberland and salem counties at 9:00 this morning will be getting light snow. look at the temperatures above freezing this is one of the snowfalls that will be melting for much of the areas is it comes down. the grassy areas, more likely to see that little bit of
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accumulation during the day today. as we go into the noontime hour, not much changes except some rain mixes in to millville and light snow is still falling in salem county. snow as we go into the afternoon. the atmosphere will be colder than the surface temperatures, 38 degrees at glassboro with snow at 3:00 in the afternoon and staying above freezing into the late evening hours. that's when it starts to fall apart later in the commute. this is what we're expecting, up to an inch in the south jersey area, 1 to 3 inches in philadelphia. and there's still a possibility of seeing an area of higher accumulations into southeastern pennsylvania, northern new castle county and northeastern maryland. during the day, we'll start off with clouds but periods of snow will be moving in. there will be rain drops, too, parts of south jersey and delaware. for the seven-day forecast, it will be clearing out for tomorrow as far as precipitation is concerned, breezy and mostly cloudy, 39 degrees. here comes a blast of cold air,
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starting to move in on thursday. then it turns frigid on friday morning down to 15 degrees. some of the coldest air of the season that we've seen will blow into town for the weekend. morning temperatures, sunday morning down to 2 degrees. all right. thank you, bill. 31 degrees in most of philadelphia at 5:23 this tuesday morning. as bill said this weekend we could be dealing with some of the coldest temperatures of the year. just ahead, we'll show you winter life hacks that you can pull off to possibly help you save money. plus, taking action. we'll tell you what a school board in montgomery county is doing today in the wake of recent school fights. this nbc 10 first alert winter weather update is brought to you by buckmans, your cold weather experts.
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5:26. australian japanese stock markets close d sharply this morning. we go to cnbc business news and landon dowdy. >> good morning. it could be another wild ride for the markets is what it means. futures are slightly lower. japan selling off sharply overnight, following monday's action in the u.s. and europe. the nikkei dropping more than 5% as the yen touches its lowest level versus the dollar in more than a year. investors are fleeing towards safe havens such as the dollar and u.s. bonds amid concerns about a global economic
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slowdown. u.s. stocks were sparked by a fresh drop over oil prices and european banks. the dow has been down more than 400 points, closed off 178 monday to 16027. the nasdaq following 79 to 4284. tracy, back over to$çyou. >> landon dowdy with cnbc. thanks. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> 31 degrees at 5:27. tracking some rain and snow showers this morning. and some slippery spots expected in our area. the temperature has fallen just below freezing. that's a live view of center city from the adventure aquarium. it is a first alert weather day. jessica boyington is watching the roads in the first alert traffic center. >> we are watching for slippery spots around the area. here's state road, right around cottman avenue. you can see no real problems through that intersection but if you look closely into the center, you can see it's looking a little bit wet. watch going around turns and
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heading on the off ramps. we have speed restrictions on area breaths. i'll cover those when i come back at 5:30. >> i'm katy zachry instead stormforce 10. we passed a message board on 309 alerting travelers to winter weather conditions. we're making our way north to allentown. we've seen wet spots along 309. we're looking for ice. more in just a few minutes. good morning, i'm matt delucia, live in newark, delaware. flurries out here on east main street. we'll give you an update on what the deldot crews are doing to get the road ready for you. that's next.
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