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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  WCAU  February 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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hits our area in the middle of the evening rush. taking a live look at i-95 in wilmington and you can see the snow coming down. here is another live look at i-95 where drivers are facing more snowfall, this one picking up some during the evening commute. a live look at conditions in center city philadelphia. traffic out there as people are trying to make their way home. nbc 10 is keeping an eye on the roads for your drive. >> right to first alert meteorologist sheena parveen for an update on conditions in your neighborhood. >> we're seeing the snow falling at a good clip in the philadelphia area. we have rain mixed in farther south, but here's what the radar looks like. there you see the picture again. it's falling that this band moving through will be providing accumulation through the area, so you see the darker purple moving across 76, 95, 676, and this is that more moderate snow falling i showed you. down to springfield to
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gloucester, west deptford, norristown and notice this darker shade, moving into montgomery county and through reading and berks county. that is the moderate snowfall. it extends north and west on the lighter side. but phoenixville seeing a good clip of snow. we have the rain/snow line across salem, wilmington seeing light snow fall and this rain/snow line is to the west of vineland and we expect these areas to kind of continue staying as rain with temperatures warmer. dover seeing the rain, georgetown seeing heavy rain, then we have areas of snow trying to mix in. through tonight periods of snow, some moderate to heavy. that will be lowering visibility. heavy enough with temperatures below freezing. that could certainly be sticking as we go late into tonight. speaking of temperatures, here they are. 31 in pottstown. that's below freezing. philadelphia 35, wilmington 32. these are the areas with untreated roads that we could see the snow sticking to so be
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careful if you're driving. for the rest of this evening. 6:00 p.m., the snow around still, 34 degrees, by 8:00 p.m., steady 34, we still expect that by 10:00 p.m. not a major drop around the philadelphia area but still a chance for snow showers by 10:00. then we're looking ahead to a much colder weekend. this is really cold air moving in. i'll show you that forecast coming up. >> thank you. let's go to nbc 10's tim furlong who is live in university city. tim, i see the snow is blowing around out there. >> reporter: it is blowing around, swirling around and you see big flakes. you can see the size of the flakes on my hot. my photographer said that's the best way to show it. they get on you though and kind of wet sue it's wet heavy snow at this point but here in university city with all of the buildings it swirls. you can see people dealing with this now again it's horizontal snow where we are here coming right at your face which is not a good thing. it's really not sticking to the roads. i want to take you to the street here. as you come down you can see it's really not a big deal at this point.
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it's just wet. i talked to deldot and i was asking about the road surface. they were in the upper 30s but they were concerned as penndot is and new jersey concerned about the road surface temperatures as they start dropping down again when it's going to accumulate and have a problem. so a guy on a bike like that is going to start slipping around. at this point so far so good. it's a nuisance, visibility not great. it's hard to see some of the buildings in center city but again, when you're driving it's going to come right at your windshield. tim furlong, "nbc 10 news." >> and nbc 10's deanna durante is keeping an eye on the road in storm force 10. what are the conditions where you are now? >> reporter: they are ever changing because we have been on route 252, darby payly road and we saw a lot of heavy snow. you can see the trees are covered but the roads are wet right now. and penndot says that's good
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news how they want them to be. visibility on the highways are well, diminishing a bit. it's getting darker but you have the snow. it does make it a little tougher to see so you want to take it slow. penndot saying right now because the temperatures are hovering above the freezing mark on the roads at least, that is keeping things wet and not freezing over. be careful out there. this weather is causing flooding along the coast. you're looking at bay water flooding onto reed avenue in sussex county. this is what it looked like on about every street on the bay side. in atlantic city streets are still flooded from the morning's high tide. the back bay spilled onto side roads for the second day. the water left some strand and fairmont avenue. >> a lot of water. i can't go back. you know. so i just keep going. so the car is low.
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>> we're just a few hours from the next high tide. and ted greenberg is monitoring the situation. we'll have a live update later in the show. nbc 10 is following breaking news on the zika virus. the delaware department of health has announced its first positive case. the state says an adult female got the virus while traveling but do not believe pregnancy will be an issue. we also found out about two confirmed cases in pennsylvania, more information is expected to be announced at 5:30 tonight. officials in new jersey tell nbc 10 they are not releasing information unless someone tests positive for the virus. with spring break around the corner the zika virus is affecting travel plans. and doug shimell spoke with a travel agent about that and joins us live from bucks county. >> reporter: travel experts advise everybody to check those spring break itineraries to make
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sure where you are going does not put you or someone you love at risk. >> thanks for calling. >> reporter: the first thing durrel brown did is figure out where her customers are in the warning zone. >> because of the technology we can track our clients. i can sort of tap into the program and say how many clients do i have going to brazil, how many do i have going to puerto rico. >> reporter: certain countries in the caribbean, central america and northern south america are under advisories for the zika virus which can cause birth defects. >> we did have a client who decided it new goo to the caribbean this year because they didn't want to take the risk. >> reporter: many destination wedding parties and other events are having to decide whether to find another location or simply tell pregnant guests to rethink making the trip. >> if people are saying hey, i want to go to the caribbean, it's cold, it's miserable, i want to get out of here, we can
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say that's great, you're not expecting a child, are you? >> reporter: as more countries are being added to that travel advisory list, travel agents say airlines are now starting to allow pregnant women to make changes to their tickets without having to pay high change fees. doug shimell, "nbc 10 news." >> thank you. let's travel north with our coverage from new hampshire continues. voters could change the course of the presidential campaign. this is a live look at hudson where the polls close in less than two hours. george spencer is also in new hampshire. george, this is a big night. what's the anticipation like where you are? >> reporter: keith, if yesterday seemed busy it's a different level. only the streets the canvassing teams and sip wavers making presence known and in campaign headquarters across this state each team knows that tonight's
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results could be make or break. >> it's really steady, very good. >> reporter: the large number of undeclared new hampshire voters seem to have made up their mind, the turnout is on track to set a record. >> i totally decided once i heard ted cruz speak himself and that's who i voted for. >> i believe in what bernie stands for and i felt that i needed to go with my beliefs. >> reporter: donald trump could score his first election win, the front-runner has taken some heat for repeating a vulgar word in a campaign stop yesterday but on msnbc this morning he said if he keeps winning he'll clean up his language. >> you get to be president or just before the attitude would change very much. >> reporter: chris christie, marco rubio, john kasich, ted cruz and jeb bush all fighting for second place. >> hello. >> reporter: as hillary clinton hopes the polls are wrong, giving her a win or at least putting her closer to sanders
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than the polls suggest. >> we're going to keep working, literally until the last vote is cast. >> sanders was confident enough to relax. >> usually i like to take nice quiet walks. >> reporter: as soon after the polls close tonight we are going to know, you are going to know the strength of national democratic front-runner hillary clinton and who will emerge as the primary challenger on the republican side to donald trump, there is certainly a lot for us to watch up here tonight. >> george, governor christie spent time and money in new hampshire. based on your conversations with voters there, has all of that work made a difference? >> reporter: it seems to have had some impact. the question is whether it has had enough of an impact. we were at a town hall meeting for christie yesterday that was packed. a small coffee shop about a half hour south of here, crowded with christie supporters. i talked to one woman leaving a polling place today who said she voted for christie, she'd always
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liked him. the question is whether it will all be enough, making the second place finish here is tough with as many competitors as christie is facing. back to you guys. >> we'll know in less than two hours. george spencer live in new hampshire. thank you. george of course will join us throughout the afternoon and evening. then look for his reports tonight on the results in new hampshire on "nbc 10 news" at 11:00. >> right now at 5, police need help finding the driver of a vehicle involved in a hit and run that claimed the life of a 24-year-old woman. it happened at ninth and hay street. police say the woman was hit by a vehicle described as a black nissan sedan. police recovered a car fit that description blocks from the scene. the driver is on the loose. >> today governor tom wolf gave lawmakers a piece of his mind. >> if you won't take seriously your responsibilities to the people of pennsylvania, then find another job.
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>> as pennsylvania sets a new record for no budget, leaders are already at odds over spending for next year. nbc 10's lauren mayk is live in harrisburg to show us how this could affect taxpayers coming up on "nbc 10 news" at 5:00. new video from the nightclub where police say lesean mccoy was involved in a fight with two off-duty officers. >> making it easier for college and high school students to apply for college. how one is taking the focus off of test scores. and our first alert weather coverage will continue. nbc 10 tracking snow during the evening rush. this is a look eight at i-95. drivers attempt to make their way back to their homes, back to their destination. our team will have the latest next on "nbc 10 news" at 5:00.
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i want you to look at this live picture. this is why you've got to be careful in the snow. if this camera can zoom out if it's possible, it appears that a tanker truck slipped on route 3. you're looking at the tail end of it appears. it's being towed at the moment,
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as soon as we know more about this tanker crash and the traffic backup as a result, we'll get it to you. so count on nbc 10. there is the fuller picture now. that's route 3 in west goshen, chester county near the bypass. now to new video of a bar fight that involved former eagles star running back lesean mccoy who has yet to be charged or arrested. two off-duty philly police officers were injured in that brawl at recess nightclub. tmz sports provided it to us. watch closely, that is lesean mccoy wearing a tark t-shirt. it appears friends try to hold him back. they are now reviewing it. meantime, bouncers who broke up the fight are interviewed. a source tells nbc tep police have forwarded charging paperwork to the district attorney's office for review. >> we expect to get more about a deadly police shooting in chester tomorrow. the district attorney's office will talk to the media about
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what happened early monday morning. police stay they were chasing two men in an suv, that chase ended here on keystone road. police shot and killed one man, a second man was also shot. he is okay. governor tom wolf called it a crisis and a ticking time bomb. pennsylvania still doesn't have a budget for this year, but governor wolf is talking about his proposal for next year. nbc 10's lauren mayk is live in harrisburg tonight. lauren, the governor says this impasse could still have real kongss not only on schools but people's taxes. >> reporter: keith, the governor said this was not a threat but he did lay out some very serious consequences. one republican lawmaker, though, called it fear mongering, the governor did not win over everyone today. in fact, at one point he was booed. >> we need a budget.
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>> when governor wolf's budget address for next year veered into a story about the budget that still isn't done for this year things got loud. >> then half the republican leadership walked away. they walked away from the table and went home for the holidays without holding that final vote. they still have not held that final vote. >> the governor ad-libbed. >> yelling will not make it go away. >> his speech spoke of dire consequences to a budget deficit, but the tone irked republicans. >> it doesn't help. >> representative quinn says she wanted more budget in the budget address. >> it was lacking dollars. i was really surprised at how politically charged it felt very divisive to me. >> the governor warned teachers could lose jobs, class sizes could go up. democrat senator hughes said people need to hear it. >> sugar coat it was very direct he was on point. people need to understand that. >> the tough talk didn't sit well with everyone. >> if you won't take seriously
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your responsibility to the people of pennsylvania, then find another job. >> including party leaders. >> the most absurd politically motivated remarks that i've ever seen. >> this senator is the senate majority leader. >> are you less willing to work with him now than at the beginning of the day? >> my job as leader is to work with the governor, work with the house to try to get things accomplished so. we're prepared to do it. but he made things a lot harder today. >> now they are working on two budgets. now you may remember that at one point the governor and republican leaders, they had come to an agreement, that sort of just fell apart. well, this, this new budget that the governor is proposing, this is built on top of that framework, so we'll see how this one dutz. for now live in harrisburg, lauren mayk, "nbc 10 news." >> thank you. soon standard itzed test scores will not be mandatory for incoming freshmen at the university of delaware part of a
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pilot program, it only applies to delaware residents, those applying to the university will be able to choose whether or not to submit their s.a.t. or a.c.t. scores. the change goes into effect for freshmen entering in the fall of 2017. here's a live look at a snowy commute for drivers headed down i-95 in south philadelphia. nbc 10's glenn "hurricane" schwartz joins us from outside the studios with the latest. glenn. >> reporter: well, it is timely snowing and at a decent clip. the problem is the visibility. you can't see that far. so that may have some impact on the afternoon rush. as you can see, the roads are just wet. not only city avenue, the main road, but even the side road monument road, and that snow is melting as it hits. even as it hits my glove there's
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a lot of moisture content in it. the temperature is well above freezing so we really don't have that much of an issue of accumulation on any paved surface. around the philadelphia area as long as the temperatures stay as warm as they are. it is continuing to come down, if it snows like this for about an hour we might get about an inch. but this is not going to be lasting all night. sheena, you got more on that. yeah, that's right. we don't expect it to last all night but it is coming at an inconvenient time. here is the radar, you see the snow, the rain to the south. take a look at philadelphia. we showed this camera about 15 minutes ago and the snow is still coming down just as good as it did before except now the visibility is a little bit worse. you see it's kind of foggy looking too. that's going to be an issue through the rest of this evening especially this heavy band
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moving through. this is really the heaviest band of snow we see through the area right now. through philadelphia, 676, 76, approaching cherry hill, gloucester about to get out of the heavier band. philadelphia is still in it. it's approaching abington, norristown seeing that and it's extending into berks county. we're going to continue to watch this band of snow. this is the one that will be lowering visibility the most and providing i think the most accumulation as we go through this evening so. norristown across the p.a. turnpike, 476, this area trying to get a little bit of a mix, but i think for the most part we're seeing that snow falling at a good clip like you saw with glenn and that i think is going to continue to cause slower travel this evening. so you definitely want to take your time. light snow around wilmington. we have breaks in south jersey. the rain through southern new castle, kent and sussex counties, even heavy rain around georgetown. we have the mix across the area and that snow will mostly stay
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around parts of wilmington and north of that. for the rest of this evening, periods of snow, moderate to heavy. low visibility will be an issue. some of this could be sticking late when temperatures drop below freezing. so not everybody is seeing that in the moment but if the snow does continue later on tonight like some of the models are showing with temperatures dropping that would be an issue, then 31 in pottstown, that's below freezing, 32 in reading. 34 philadelphia, a lot of this melting 35 northeast philly around 37 for millville. a look at future weather, for the rest of this evening, snow moves in, 8:00 p.m. we expect snow showers around. then by 10:00 tonight we expect even more in the way of snow showers, but again this is not a lot of accumulation at the most we would see 1 to 3 inches across the area. tonight, periods of snow, mainly melting, 31 for the low in philadelphia, 28 degrees areas north and west, then tomorrow it will be a windy cold day but we'll pretty much be clearing out. 39 to 42 degrees. then we go into the weekend.
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temperatures i was hinting to single digit lows. the wind chill that's going to be even colder. >> donald trump says he wants to build a wall between the united states and mexico. and now he is revealing how much it will cost. that's coming up. >> and a live picture from the germantown section of philadelphia. not many people out but the snow continues to fall. our first alert weather team coverage continues on "nbc 10 news" at 5.
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take a look at this live picture. the snow coming down right now i kenter city philadelphia. that's market street, you see the roads a bit wet out there. you may not be sticking but if you hit the roads and your car you want to slow down. the snow is making it difficult to see. you can tell just from looking at this shot. our first alert forecast is just minutes away. fbi officials have hit a road block in the investigation of the san bernardino shooting suspects. the director james comey says one of the phones recovered from farook and tashfeen malik cannot be opened. comey spoke at a hearing. he says the phone locked by
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default and can't each be opened by the phone's maker. >> elsewhere the water crisis continues in flint, michigan and today a special counsel in charge of who is responsible say the charges as serious as involuntary manslaughter could be in play. the tap water was contaminated after the water source was switched from detroit to the flint river. the mayor of flint announced a $55 million propose to remove lead piping from the city's water system. it's a bid to fix the city's toxic water crisis as quickly as possible. it will start with high risk homes with children under 6 and pregnant women. >> coming up next we'll hear from frightened passengers who were on the cruise ship that got stuck in a terrible storm. >> and a live look of route 422 west in montgomery county, that snow slowing down the evening commute though there is traffic moving by at a good clip.
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right now at 5:00, more snow hits our area right in the middle of the evening rush. this picture here is from germantown. you see on the white car, snow beginning to collect on the windshield. to center city visibility low out there. look at that. the snow really blowing around
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the new comcast building in the foreground. you can't even see the comcast center. straight to sheena parveen. before that though, i was taking a look at this shot across the delaware river. >> let's go to sheena with the latest. >> that's because the visibility is so low across the area, and the snow is coming down not good timing pretty inconvenient for the evening commute. rain toop the south. snow across the major interstates. 95 in south philadelphia the traffic is moving good so that's good news because it means the snow, we're not seeing a lot of it sticking to the roadways. much of it is melting so that's great news for drivers at this hour. but it's still coming down at a good pace through the philadelphia area so. there you see the darker purple colors into cherry hill, more moderate snowfall but it's across 95 going up to bensalem. trenton will get this. areas like barrington starting to get out of the moderate snow.
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norristown, that's going to be sliding up through the p.a. turnpike moving mostly to the north and east. here is a look at montgomery county, you see the heavier band around 476 meets the p.a. turnpike. an area we're watching, heading to gwyneth township. but the darker colors, the heavier snow is. better visibility in these areas, but we're seeing the rain a little farther to the south so parts of middle town, symrna, delaware, georgetown in the area where we have heavier showers kind of embedded in the lighter rain. for the rest of this evening, periods of snow some moderate to heavy. low visibility, that's a problem and late tonight some of this could stick so. the areas of concern with the lower visibility are mostly philadelphia, and to the north and west, wilmington still seeing a half mile visibility, coatesville a half mile. pottstown also reading 3/4 mile visibility. also through the philadelphia area. but as the snow continues
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progressing to the north and east those areas then will start to see even lower visibility. temperatures are still above freezing for most of the area. 31 pottstown and reading, 34 philadelphia, 33 in wilmington. if they drop below freezing there is a chance that could be stick stog something to keep in mind for later on tonight if you will be traveling but of course be careful, take your time, give yourself extra space in between the cars. so for this evening, 6:00 around the philadelphia area, mid 30s, snow around 6 p.m. snow showers by 8 p.m. 10:00 tonight, still the chance of snow. and even for the earliest part of the morning commute tomorrow, we still could see snow showers moving through so coming up i'll show you a closer look at the timing and also very cold air moving in just in time for your weekend. that's straight ahead. >> thanks, sheena. cydney long joins us live in center city with a look at conditions there right now. >> reporter: denise, the light rain suddenly turned to these snow showers, really big
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flurries falling behind us at 21st and hamilton in the spring garden section. so just in time for that walk or drive home, the afternoon commute home from work. people out here on their way, they are still out walking dogs, still doing their jogging routines this afternoon. and while it's not sticking to the roads, the roads are wet, you can see it is sticking to the grassy area across the street at this apartment complex. we've seen people catching the bus here at septa. we've also seen those city salt trucks moving through the area. like we said, the dedicated joggers on their afternoon jog out here this afternoon. everyone is bundled up so they did seem prepared. we also know that the wawa employees have been out here every 20 minutes or so making sure to salt the sidewalks so everyone is safe so if you are about to head home from work or know someone who is you want to use extra time. cydney long, "nbc 10 news." >> thank you.
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roads look wet there. nbc 10's deanna durante keeping an eye on the roads live in storm force 10. where are you now? what do you see out there? >> reporter: right now we're on fox creek road in the berwyn area. there is light snow on the roads here, some of these less traveled streets, and we can tell you that some are starting to notify residents they want them to move cars off of township streets in east waitland. they are doing salting, asking people to get cars off the main roads so they can get the trucks to pass. as you come in this neighborhood you can see that the roads that haven't been driven as heavily, they have a little snow dusting on them and these are the roads that you're going to want to be careful on especially this evening as the temperatures drop because with the snow there, there is a possibility of course of it freezing. so take it easy tonight. that's the latest. live in chester county. great advice.
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thank you. we transition now to our coverage of decision 2016. turnout heavy in new hampshire. this is a live look in a polling place in bedford. nbc 10's george spencer is back with us live in manchester, new hampshire. george, a lot of people reporting you talked about the seriousness with which voters there view their task. this is a big deal to them. and we're seeing that with today's turnout. right? >> reporter: yes, keith you know the line here goes iowa picks corn, new hampshire picks the president. a little bit of new hampshire one upsmanship. it speaks to the ser 80sness which this state voters view their task. we were at one of the polling places in south manchester. we saw some of the long lines, similar to what you're seeing in this video. people who are eager to come out and vote. at the location we were at by 9:00 a.m. we're told more than 20%, nearly one out of every
5:37 pm
four registered voters at that location had already voted. that's by 9:00 a.m. this morning. it speaks to the eager 234s we've seen on the ground across the board. the other main sentiment i think we can say we're seeing at this point, a little bit of voter exhaustion. this is one of the states that has been inundated with politics for really 18 months plus right now. i had one of the voters here tell me he could not watch his weekend football game without political ads dominating every commercial break, so a little bit of overwhelmed sentiment as well. >> you know what, the polls pretty consistent there in new hampshire for some time, donald trump, bernie sanders, they have sizable leads. really the undeclared voters the wild card, even up to the end, right? >> reporter: yeah, those undeclared voters are central in this state. it's more than 40%. more than four out of every ten voters in this state is officially undeclared. how it works at the polling
5:38 pm
place today, they show up to vote like any one who is registered with a party affiliation. they get to the front of the line they say i'd either like a republican ballot or democratic. they cast their votes as they choose on that ballot. as soon as the time they leave, they can return themselves to undeclared status. so for just that few minutes when they are voting they are declared with a party affiliation, democrat or republican. they cast their vote in that primary, and then as soon as the time they leave, they can restore themselves as undeclared voters, again four out of every ten voters here in the granite state are part of that wild card segment which is really what the candidates have been going after here in the final days of campaigning. >> a large chunk of voters. george spencer live in new hampshire. of course george will join us throughout the evening, and then look for his live report on the results in new hampshire on "nbc 10 news" at 11:00. george, thank you. and months after releasing plans on his new immigration
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plan donald trump is now sharing new details on his planned wall along the u.s. mexico border. in an interview this morning, trump said the wall would cost around $8 billion. that's billion with a b. a republican front-runner for president said our neighbors to the south will front did cost. he said the wall would be 35 to 40 feet high. >> coming up next why a popular travel guide says philadelphia is the top place to visit in 2016. and our first alert weather live coverage continues now, this is a live look at center city philadelphia. this is market street. we're tracking the latest conditions for your evening commute and a bitter blast headed our way for the weekend. that's coming up on "nbc 10 news" at 5:00.
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taking a live look at route 3 in west goshen, montgomery county. you can see the tanker is still on the side of the road, overturned in the street. it has blocked off access and emergency crews responded. the roads seem to be very wet there but not snow covered. we're not sure if this was weather related but again, emergency crews responding to this accident on route 3 and west goshen. >> the city of brotherly love is on fire. >> think about it. a few months ago we hosted the pope, named the first world heritage city and the democratic national convention is coming this summer. add to that list the best place to visit in the country. yes, a travel guide company puts out an annual list of the must see cities, and we were ranked number one. in a statement lonely planet said philly's on a roll now. the city is experiencing a transformation to its urban core, yet retaining its deep
5:43 pm
american history and uniquely gritty flavor. >> well, coming up we still have snow moving across the area, so i'll show you where it's heading, what you can expect for the rest of tonight and if it will linger.
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passengers aboard royal caribbean's anthem of the seas are breathing a sigh of relief as the ship makes its way back to its home port in new jersey. the cruise ship ran into rough seas when it sailed into the path of a winter storm over the weekend. tonight lawmakers are calling for an investigation into the voyage that forced frightened passengers into their cabins as 30-foot waves shook the ship more than 10 hours. ida siegel reports. >> reporter: chairs tossed
5:46 pm
around decks. waves crashed over windows, a terrifying time at sea coming to an end as anthem of the seas is returning to new jersey tomorrow night, even the captain was shaken by what happened. >> yesterday turned out to be probably one of my worst days at sea. >> reporter: why did he sail into hurricane force winds to begin with? 4 investigates went looking for answers. the weather service predicted dangerous weather off of the carolina coast. >> if there was information prior to his departure which he didn't act on, that would be the smoking gun if you will. >> reporter: this captain teaches safety at maritime college. students are taught how to navigate rough seas and how to avoid them. cruise ship captains have a wealth of information, they are bound by an international safety management code to choose the safest route, sail around the storm, or don't sail at all. >> obviously financial reasons
5:47 pm
captains of course are encouraged to get under way if they can. >> reporter: the u.s. corps guard is supposed to enforce the code but they don't have enough manpower to check the route of every ship before a voyage. >> if the companies that have to police themselves f. they find companies not doing that they are going to be on their deck. >> reporter: that was ida siegel reporting. nbc 10 talked to a passenger on board the anthem of the seas, as it slowly makes its way back to new jersey. over the phone david curtis described what it was like on board at the height of the storm. take a listen. >> everything sliding all over the place. we were literally rolling in the bed where i would have to support myself against the wall to keep myself from rolling off of the bed. i'm on the seventh floor, seventh deck, and the waves were crashing over the top of the life boats. it was lifting left and right frequently. and it was scary.
5:48 pm
>> he tell u.s. the ship is on calmer seas now. the captain told passengers they would arrive sometime tomorrow morning. well, we're still watching the snow move through for the evening commute. the timing isn't good and this is a heavy line of snow showers. so visibility being reduced. we're looking to the shore. atlantic city light snow up along the expressway, about to leave the ace expressway hammonton seeing the snow into burlington county. eveham moderate snowfall along 295. philadelphia is about to get out of the heavier band of snow so we should be seeing things clear up at least a little bit in the philadelphia area but bensalem is about to get some of the moderate snowfall and that's all going to head to trenton. montgomery county seeing more moderate snowfall here across 476 and 76 that's going to be approaching bucks county seeing the lighter snowfall but the
5:49 pm
areas in the darker purple near cheltenham moving to abington, that is going to move into bucks county soon. so we don't expect this line to break up. if you are driving or know anyone driving across the p.a. turnpike they are dealing with good snowfall but the good news is there are reports it is melting on contact with the pavement. so at least that's making driving easier. 476 up through the lehigh valley seeing the light snowfall here, some more moderate snow moving into parts of bucks county where you see the darker shaded purple areas. chester county still light snowfall there, same as we go into new castle county in delaware. you see the rain snow line so middle town seeing the light rain, and then heavier areas right along lewis in delaware up to milford we have heavier areas of rain, that's moving into cape may at the moment. so as we go through this evening i this i the main concern not so much the rain but more the low visibility with the moderate to heavy snow moving through. the low visibility is going to be an issue, the snowfall could stick late with late snow
5:50 pm
showers we see move in with temperatures dropping below freezing. most of the area above freeze, 31 in pottstown, 32 in allentown, reading, 37 for millville and wildwood. many areas above freezing so melting on the roadways but look at this visibility. we have about a half mile in pottstown and wilmington. coatesville a half mile. philadelphia one mile. allentown 1 and a quarter mile. so this really shows us where the heaviest snow is through the area because once that snow starts falling visibility gets reduced. here is future weather. we go through the next few hours the band of snow moves across trenton, bucks county, by 8:00 p.m. we could have lingering snow showers left over and by 10:00 still a chance of snow showers around the area. then we go into tomorrow morning, this is 7:00 tomorrow morning. the morning commute if you're in south jersey and delaware, this model has been consistent with showing at least light snow showers trying to move through and we be watching the temperatures closely too. looks like they should be around
5:51 pm
freezing. 11:00 tomorrow a lot of this clears out and the earning commute tomorrow looks much drier than today and temperatures will be cold and windy. here is the snow forecast by the time this is the over. this is not a big storm. it's unorganized so 1 to 3 around the philadelphia area, up to tren tun, 3 to 5 chester county. 2 inches for the lehigh valley. especially southern delaware. look at the air mass as we go into the weekend. this is saturday and sunday so cold air we need to let you know about before the weekend gets here. look where it's coming from. the polar air mass but it connects to siberia. this is russia, and this cold air we're going to call it the siberian express moving in this weekend. don't be surprised when you wake up and temperatures are in the single digits. periods of snow mainly melt, temperatures right around freezing or colder, tomorrow mix of clouds and sun, but a windy day and cold day around 40 degrees. thursday we're around 30, we get
5:52 pm
colder into the weekend. single digit morning lows saturday and sunday afternoon highs in the teens, the wind will be making it feel a lot colder. >> so back outside the snow keeps on falling, really coming down in center city. hard to see. this shot's coming from the comcast center toward university city. but visibility low. we're going to get an update on coastal flooding from ted greenberg next on nbc 10 news at 5.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
>> it was a wet walk for this woman today. more coastal flooding hit the shore and left water covering roads, coming right up to people's doorsteps. ted greenberg joins us live with the latest. >> reporter: denise, another round of flooding is possible later on this evening but it's not expected to be nearly as serious as what we saw during the past couple of mornings. angelo had to grab his room and bag up his shoes. when water from the bay started seeping into his construction office in ship bottom, flooding
5:56 pm
that he says was worse than yesterday morning's high tide. >> caught me offguard. by 11:00 we were about two inches under. >> reporter: other barrier island communities reported flood levels similar to monday or below. >> this is my second day trying to get to work, and i get here again this morning and the water is up again. >> reporter: like many at the jersey shore monica is suffering from flood fatigue. she had to trudge across a flooded fair mount avenue in atlantic city to get into her office. >> yeah. i made it. >> is the water inside? >> yeah, just a little bit. >> watching in case i have to turn on the pump. >> allen kept a close eye on the rising water outside his home which was flooded during the january 23rd nor'easter. >> wish there was something the city could do. but i understand that they are close to bankruptcy so i'm not
5:57 pm
very encouraged. >> reporter: some roads might need to be shut down again during the earning's high tide but only minor coastal flooding is expected. live in ocean city, ted greenberg, "nbc 10 news." >> up next, tracking snow on this tuesday night. >> we have a team of reporters updating you on the current conditions. >> and i'm tracking snow tonight, there it is, in center city philadelphia. how much snow is going to fall and is it going to impact where you live?
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
right now at 6:00, night snow during the rush hour. we have crews spread out from center city to the suburbs and this snow is expected to continue for several more hours. >> good earning. i'm jis rosenfield. >> i'm jacqueline london. snow is starting to come down pretty hard. this is a live look at market street in center city. this was the scene a few hours ago in coatesville, enough snow fell here on the ground that people there need to shovel and scrape off the windshield. >> a look at the traffic and the snow situation. this is interstate 95 from the camera on top of the stadium. traffic moving along fairly well. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking the latest on tonight's snow. >> yeah, it's good thing the
6:00 pm
temperature has been above freezing during the day and we mains that way or else that snow burst we got there in the afternoon rush would have caused a lot more problems. you can see the traffic is moving fine in south philly along i-95. despite the snow. we do have low visibility at times, periods of snow, most of it melting especially on the main roads but slick untreated surfaces will remain through the night. there's the live picture over center city from the loews hotel. you can see fairly large flakes not as big as the system we saw last week. and this is fairly significant area of snow and this line, the darker blue indicating heavier snow, continuing now to move from montgomery county into bucks county, in pennsylvania, and northeast philly getting a little bit, willingboro, lumberton, on the


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