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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  February 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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snow. >> yeah, it's good thing the temperature has been above freezing during the day and we mains that way or else that snow burst we got there in the afternoon rush would have caused a lot more problems. you can see the traffic is moving fine in south philly along i-95. despite the snow. we do have low visibility at times, periods of snow, most of it melting especially on the main roads but slick untreated surfaces will remain through the night. there's the live picture over center city from the loews hotel. you can see fairly large flakes not as big as the system we saw last week. and this is fairly significant area of snow and this line, the darker blue indicating heavier snow, continuing now to move from montgomery county into bucks county, in pennsylvania, and northeast philly getting a little bit, willingboro, lumberton, on the other side,
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marlboro, douglas, rockland, in berks county going up to the lehigh valley and allentown area. but it doesn't last that long. and so it might knock down a half inch or so. another little area in delaware, newark, and chester county generally has been hit the hardest getting a little bit heavier. you can see how it drys out back to the west. it's not going to be all night. we've got rain to the south as well. visibility tells us how heaven the snow is, and we do have the heaviest snow in pottstown right now. we'll let you know what it's going to be like for the morning rush. talk more about the brutal air for the weekend with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> nbc 10's tim furlong joining us live from university city. >> some snow coming down where you are. >> reporter: yeah, in about an hour ago the big huge flakes blowing horizontally. you can see they are small. it's very tiny little specks of
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snow. before the flakes were like almost a half inch across zoo a lot smaller but wetter too, again as you look at 38th street you can see no real issues on the road. again, a little bit of a visibility problem if you are driving but in terms of traction, i mean, it really there is nothing to speak of on the roads. not a big deal. as you come here you can see in the grassy areas we have had some accumulation. here on areas like this there is nothing here about an hour ago. now you can see. it's not a lot. on the car you'll notice this. this is our truck. it's really the snow on here before was kind of sitting on it. but now as it hits the engine and the glass on the live truck you can see it really is just feeling like a rainy night than a snowy night. you have to be careful but no major problem except for the visibility. tim furlong, "nbc 10 news." >> let's check out the situation in montgomery county. >> keith jones is along the avenue. >> here i want to show you what we're looking at.
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i'm going to this place first. this is how much snow is collected so far. go to monument road, you can see how much snow is collected on cars. that's what people are coming out and seeing. if you pan right toward city avenue, you can see the cars, getting by okay, the roadways, though, they are a little slick up to this point. the temperatures are going to drop. make sure if you don't have to be out to stay inside. but what we're seeing are just light flurries, light flakes, yes, they are collecting but really just leading to low visibility at this point at least here outside the studios. >> it's not snow but flooding that caused problems down at the jersey shore. look at this, drivers maneuvering through high water, people moving to higher ground. this is what people saw again today. streets by the bay, flooded, people there have to worry about tonight high tide. so watch nbc 10 also in the morning. starting at 4:00 a.m. also get updates on the roads
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and the weather with the nbc 10 app. >> tonight there are new videos inside the philadelphia club where lesean mccoy allegedly got into a bar fight. tmz sports obtained one video that appears to show mccoy inside the recess lounge. cydney long is joining us with more on the investigation into mccoy and three other suspects. >> reporter: jackie, good evening. still no charges but sources confirm to us that they are close, police are still interviewing key witnesses to include bouncers that broke up that fight. this is the philadelphia district attorney's office, confirms to nbc 10 it's charging unit is reviewing what police have provided them. decide for yourself. with punches and kicks flying this video provided to us by tmz sports is front and center in the philadelphia police investigation into lesean mccoy, look to the middle of your screen. that is lashuan wearing a dark t-shirt. it appears friends try to hold
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him back. we can't see who is on the floor. in this shot you can see a long necklace mccoy is wearing, then a brief shot of his face. police sources tell nbc 10 they are playing the video over and over of the brawl that injured two off-duty cops, the fight happened at the lounge at 2:45 sunday morning. by 3:40, tim flanigan bumped into mccoy checking into the hotel. >> i was like excited and shady's here. great. he's back in town. i was fired up about it. >> flanigan spoke to us by phone about his encounter with mccoy. he says the former eagle only nodded yes to a photo. >> i don't think mccoy said one word to me. i don't think he spoke. i was in their presence probably 15 minutes. >> three others with mccoy could face charges. flanigan had no idea there had been any altercation. his dad is a retired police detective of 35 years. >> i don't know the details like
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everybody else so i don't want to put blame anywhere. but again if i knew that going into it, i probably would have avoided even saying hello. >> reporter: several high profile attorneys in the philadelphia region do confirm to nbc 10 that lesean mccoy and his people contacted them but right now no one has been officially retaped. cydney long, "nbc 10 news." >> former chester county high school teacher accuse of exchanging videos with a stoond. he taught chemistry. the school suspended him last april when the investigation began. he later resigned. detectives say mitchell and the student texted more than 12,000 times. >> check this out. a school bus on fire in hamilton township atlantic county this morning. it was around 11:00 the driver parked the bus, went in to the festival mall. the fire started in the engine
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and quickly spread. fortunately no one was on the bus. watching and waiting for the results. the night candidates waited for. the new hampshire primary. george spencer spent the last few days in that state talking to voters, he joins us live from manchester with more on tonight. george. >> reporter: jacqueline, it seems the granite state is on track for a record or near record turnout today and the results tonight will set an important tone. likely signaling which of the republicans is the biggest threat to donald trump, and how the campaign of national front-runner hillary clinton is resonating with voters. >> got almost 900 people. >> reporter: outside this south manchester polling place this morning even the volunteers talking about the impressive turnout and inside you could see why. long lines have eager voters each one making an impact in this first in the nation primary, and many only deciding
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who to vote for at the very last minute. >> it took me a long time to decide but ultimately i did vote for donald trump. >> bernie sanders. >> the late decision or had you known for a while? >> a late decision. made it actually while i was in the booth. >> voters like david likely make or break the outcomes tonight. and canvassing team likes this one for bernie sanders spent this primary day getting out the vote, but it seems more voters in this nashua neighborhood had already done their civic duty. >> people have gotten out and voted early today. they are not sitting around waiting for the last minute. >> i work at the polls in pennsylvania. >> northeast philly native shawn is running for office here. he says that eagerness to vote is part of the new hampshire spirit every four years, and in this state known to support outsider type candidates the voting rules for the many undeclared voters can swing a primary election in ways that are difficult for the campaigns
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to predict. >> i think what's great about new hampshire independent voters can choose on the day of and about 40% of the voters are independent here so -- >> quite a wild card. >> it is. >> reporter: wild card indeed and for the republicans the second place finish tonight is really being watched just as closely as who actually comes out on top. new jersey governor christie has a tremendous amount at stake here tonight. he spent a lot of time in new hampshire, today he refused to say whether his campaign would go on, though, if he does not end up in the top tier of finishers as tonight's results roll in. reporting live in manchester, new hampshire, george spencer, "nbc 10 news." >> lester holt sat down with donald trump, that interview tonight on "nbc nightly news" after this newscast. and george spencer returns at 11:00 to break down the final results. >> our commonwealth is in
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crisis, pennsylvania governor wolf made that declaration today. he delivered a new $33.3 billion budget proposal to the legislature, that as they continue to fight over the current budget. now more than seven months overdo. >> it's a time bomb. and it's ticking away right now each as i speak. if it explodes, the people in this chamber, you allow it to explode then pennsylvania will experience a fiscal catastrophe the likes we have never seen. >> the comment desire not sit well with some republicans who call the speech divisive and politically motivated. >> next at 6, a developing story the zika virus confirmed in our region. how the dtz is impacting people in our region planning trips. >> and we continue to follow snow coming down across the delaware valley. glenn with more. >> yeah, that's right. there it is on the live radar. we'll see snow fall off and on
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throughout the night. the question is it going to stick around and make a mess for the commute. winter is hard on your nose.
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6:13 in the middle of rush hour a live look, high above center city and the snow coming down. those flakes falling. glenn will be back to tell us how long this will stick around. deanna is in storm force 10. >> what are you seeing where you are in haverford, right? >> reporter: we've just left haverford. i think we entered into montgomery county. look at the streets, you can see that you still have a little bit of precipitation, looks like a rain/snow mix coming down. very different conditions than what we saw in berwyn. and different in east town township. this is a main road cars driving on the road keeping it clear. even the sidewalks. a lot of people using umbrellas and having hoods up to get around. the good news is the roads seem to be wet. we haven't slid. we haven't seen ice. they are taking a little extra time. that's the latest reporting live, deanna durante, "nbc 10 news."
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>> to a developing story. we learned this afternoon that delaware has the first confirmed case of the zika virus. >> the health department says an adult woman has it but not pregnant. they will reveal more information tomorrow. pennsylvania in the past hour the state health department reports two women tested positive for the zika virus. more than a dozen tested are waiting for results. they believe pregnant women are at serious risk. we spoke to travel agents about people changing course. doug shimell reports. >> reporter: there have been travel advisories before but travel agents say this one is different. >> i think this one has were in the industry a little more concerned just because nobody wants to see a family so affected. >> reporter: at rogers travel in way they had one client cancel a tripthe caribbean because of the fear of the zika virus that can cause birth defects. >> if people are saying hey, you
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know, i want to go to the caribbean, it's cold, it's miserable, i want to get out of here, we can say that's great, you're not expecting a child, are you. >> reporter: a recent travel industry survey shows most vacationers are not canceling plans to the caribbean. >> some airlines are working with you. if you are an expectant mother and kind of allowing you to change your tickets without penalties. >> reporter: travel agents caution you to check the travel insurance you may have purchased for your trip to make certain they did not just recently exclude the zika virus from coverage. doug shimell, "nbc 10 news." >> lawmakers are now calling for an investigation to find out why a cruise ship sailed straight into a powerful winter storm. royal caribbean's anthem of the seas is now making its way back to new jersey, the high waves and strong winds shattered glass, collapsed ceilings, and tossed around anything that
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wasn't nailed down. passenger david curtis spoke with nbc 10 on the phone today. >> everything's flying all over the place. we were literally rolling in the bed, where i would have to support myself against the wall. to keep myself from falling off of the bed. >> he says the captain told passengers they'd arrive in new jersey sometime early tomorrow morning. i checked back and the forecast for that area was excellent, should have known that was coming. and gone somewhere else. now you can see the skyline. couldn't see it a half hour ago. it was snowing hard. but it moved past, and now we're waiting for the next little band to come through. periods of snow tonight mostly melting, but some slick spots on untreated surfaces, that will be the case for tomorrow morning's rush. we're watching the temperatures
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closely, they have not dropped in the last hour, chester springs, kennett square 31, right on the edge but we're not talking about a hard freeze here. we're barely getting below 32. 31 in pottstown, 30 in doylestown, where they are finally getting snow. it's above freezing throughout delaware, and throughout the southern half of new jersey. and may stay that way during the night. there is rain to the south, snow to the north and the darker blue indicating a little heavier snow. it's not real dark blue like we had during the blizzard but from abington up to hatfield, down into north east philly betting a burst of the snow. and as we go through new jersey and waterford and tabernacle and down toward portions of burlington county, we've got that band coming through there going right up toward ocean county and then this area going into salem county, new castle county getting some. back to the west it's tapering
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off. so this is not going to last all night like this. actually raining pretty hard down in parts of delaware bay. look at the system. if you added this up and put it together, it would make a monster storm, wouldn't it. it didn't get together, we never thought it would get to together baugs it was too big and disorganized. but some places got decent amount of snow. and it's not over. over 4 inches, delaware 2, philly airport about a half inch before that little burst came through right around 5:00. to see the visibility is lowers in pottstown a half mile coming down pretty good at that rate. coatesville up to one mile. down to a quarter mile and so that snow has let up a little. and in wilmington it's accumulating at less than one mile visibility. northeast philly down to one mile as well. as we go through the night tonight, the temperature not dropping very much.
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that will help us out for the morning rush. that's for sure. now as we go through the night tonight we've got periods of snow, mainly melting, 31 for the low in philadelphia, barely going below freezing. 28 north and west. so slick spots in some of the areas that got significant snow. clouds and sun tomorrow, a windy day, gusts up to 30 miles an hour. then it gets colder every day. for thursday, friday, and then over the weekend that's the brutal cold. that's straight from siberia. we call it the siberian express. and the temperatures are single digits, wind chills below zero. >> not good. i'm john clark. the eagles close to a contract extension for fletcher cox? we have fletcher's take. cam newton says he is a sore loser.
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i'm john clark. the eagles priority now is to lock up arguably the best player fletcher cox, reporting the birds are close to a deal for over $50 million guaranteed but hold on. fletcher tells comcast sportsnet they are not at all close. and fletcher tweeted out stop the nonsense, nothing is true that they are reporting. so i guess they aren't close. many people were not happy with cam newton that he walked out of his post-game press conference after the super bowl. cam spoke today for the first time since then. he's not apologizing, he says he
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will not conform to what others want from him. >> we've got all these people that's condemning and saying oh, man, he should have did this, but what makes your way right? i mean, i've been on record to say i'm a sore loser. who likes to lose. you show me a good loser and i'll show you a loser. i'm not here to -- it's not a popularity contest. i'm here to win football games. >> the broncos, they had the parade in denver. look at the sea of orange. hundreds of thousands of fans there, they are a mile high. flyers hosting anaheim here trying to rebound from two losses. today the 50th anniversary of philly being awarded an nhl franchise here. >> mr. snyder comes to mind and what he's built, you know, this
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franchise and how much that means to the city of philadelphia. those are the things that come to mind for me. >> hopefully they win too. college hoops villanova at depaul. no stra's first time playing as the number one ranked team in the country, the first time in school history they have been number one. they won 10 in a row over depaul and they get leading rebounder daniel ochefu back tonight. >> feels good, i'm not -- the fact we're number one but we're not trying to harp on it too much. i'm excited my team is able to get three wins with me out and two on the road. that was great. >> mccoy hired a defense attorney jack mcmahon to defend him. i'm john clark. we're right back.
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fellow dad and fellow citizen.
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>> you can barely see there is
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snow over center city. sheena will have an update at 11. >> all right. i'm jim rosenfield. >> we'll see you back at 11:00 tonight. breaking news tonight. a dramatic fight to the finish. crowded polls in new hampshire. can donald trump score a big victory? our interview and a sign you haven't seen. why he says he'd act differently as president. also, the rest of the gop crowd, rubio, kasich, cruz, and bush. are we headed for a surprise? is bernie sanders headed for his first victory against hillary clinton? olympic fears. tonight the american star who says right now she wouldn't go to rio because of concerns over zika. lessen your bills and saving you big money. the brothers who made their entire business just that, now sharing how i do it with amazing results. and tom brokaw joins us to talk about something important that suddenly has gone missing.


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