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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  February 10, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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why some are reconsidering travel plans. 5:30, good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. we are tracking snow showers with possible icy spots on your way to work or school. weç also have several delays ts morning. they're at the bottom of your screen. let's check the weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> you can see light snow falling in south philadelphia. that's not the only spot. the wind at 12 miles an hour. that will be a factor, bringing us colder air for tonight. it's bringing the last little bit of snow through the area. looks impressive on the radar but light snow in delaware and south jersey with one exception. this line approaching pottstown. that will be a brief snow shower that could deposit a dusting of snow. then it's going to end. we'll see that end this morning. this afternoon we'll get
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sunshine. philadelphia right on the edge of that snow. very light snow moving through, new castle county and into salem county, now cumberland county seeing a few light snowflakes. nothing much. it's just enough it could cause slippery spots as the temperatures have dropped below freezing for most of the area now. philadelphia international is at 32. it's in the 20s in roxborough, south philadelphia and warm with breaks of sunshine during the day into the 30s to near 40 degrees. to start with, you'll see a few snowflakes. by 10:00, they're long gone. we start the warming process by 1:00 this afternoon, close to the 30 degree mark. the wind blowing will make it feel colder during the day. i'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. jessica boyington is watching your first alert traffic. >> we are watching an accident scene, the second accident scene today at this point. the other one did clear before the 4:00 hour. the 30 bypass around route 202
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northbound off of that exit ramp. they have signs in place, a blinking arrow right there. they're directing traffic over into the right-hand shoulder. traffic allowed to get through this area, no huge backups behind it right now. this is something we want to highlight. this clearly is a slippier spot. we have a disabled vehicle over here as well as crew on the scene trying to get this accidentç scene cleaned up. watch those off ramps, especially that one. this is the accident accident there this morning. route 38 around church road. in new jersey, in problems there. all traffic moving along, the schuylkill expressway, flurries in our fly-by here. all in the green still. 12 minutes to center city from the blue route and the vine street expressway. speeds in the 60s. and the big winners are basking in new hampshire primary victories this morning. >> republican donald trump and democrat bernie sanders both came out on top. nbc's george spencer is in new hampshire and he joins us live
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now from man chester with a closer look at the two winners. good morning, george. >> yes morning. the big winners became clear, only about an hour after the polls closed here. approximately 20-point margins for both donald trump and bernie sanders. but last night's results were really almost as important for the republican runner-up. john kasich in a decisive second place and it was a stinging defeat for the national democratic front-runner, hillary clinton. in a lengthy victory speech last night, bernie sanders issued something of a call to arms to his supporters, pushing for public donations and relentlessly focusing on his theme of economic equality. according to exit polls, it's a message that, onwon the vermont senator 85% support among voters younger than 30. >> together we have sent a
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message that will echo from wall street to washington, from maine to california. and that is that the government of our great country belongs to all of the people and not just a handful of wealthy campaign contributors and their super pacs.ç >> now, for donald trump, the night was also a resounding victory with the candidate doing precisely what he needed to do here in new hampshire, turning months of strong poll numbers into ballot box reality. when he walked out, just minutes after the sanders speech ended, he drew a contrast between himself and the democratic winner. >> first of all, congratulations to bernie, in all fairness.
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we have could congratulate him. we may not like it but i heard parts of bernie's speech. he wants to give away our country, folks. he wants to give away. we're not going to let it happen. we're not going to let it happen. i don't know where it's going with bernie. we wish him luck but we are going to make america great again but we're going to do it the old-fashioned way. >> reporter: aside from cementing donald trump as the republican front-runner and likely giving something of a boost to governor kasich, these results really did not do much to clarify the rest of the republican field and where those remaining candidates stand. a stinging defeat for national democratic front-runner hillary clinton, behind sanders some 22 points. she quickly said she would be focused on south carolina and the upcoming primaries elsewhere around the country, moving quickly past what happened here. reporting live in manchester, new hampshire, george spencer,
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nbc 10 news. >> george, thanks for that pap 5:35. new jersey governor chris christie had a disappointing sixth place finish in new hampshire. >> yes, now he's heading home to the garden state. >> we're going to take a deep breath. see what the final results are tonight, because that matters. >> christie said once he knows what the final vote count is, he'll be able to make a decision for what's next for him. this morning we spoke with a political science professor from rutgers. she says christie has gotten lost in a field because of too many çcandidates. >> i think he's been doing the right thing, but trump especially has been sucking all the air out of the atmosphere in new hampshire. and trump and christie are both kind of the straight talking candidates in this race. and trump has gotten more attention. >> christie failed to finnish the top five despite holing more than 70 town halls in new hampshire over the past few months.
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it is a global health crisis that we've been warning you for about weeks. the zika virus. there are three new reported cases of zika in our area. that means the virus has made it to pennsylvania, delaware and new jersey. matt delucia is live at philadelphia international airport. matt, travel plans to other countries are being reconsidered by some. >> by some, tracy. still a lot of people are heading to central and south america where this outbreak is happening. pennsylvania health officials will only say that the two women here in the keystone state who have the zika virus, they travelled to the countries that are affected by the outbreak. they will not reveal the towns or cities where they live. the public should not worry. these cases do not pose a public health threat. the zika virus is transmitted by mosquitos, mostly happening in south and central america. we are seeing these cases pop up here in the u.s. and people who have travelled to those spots, a doctor
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specializing in infectious disease says it's likely this virus will eventually show up in all 50 states. the risk of spreading it person to person is minimal. we talked to those traveling to mexico and the caribbean, they say it's all about taking precautions. >> i heard somebody tell me before i travel, be careful. i say, no. >> we just made sure we weren't walking through stagnant water. it was actually very breezy down there. we assumed a lot of the mosquitos would be away. meantime, president barack obama is asking congress for $1.8 billion in emergency funds to respond to the zika virus.% the delaware department of health today is expected to release a little bit more information, talking about their zika case, first case involving an adult woman. the department says that it is travel related but the woman is not pregnant. we'll have more on that throughout the day. for now, live at philadelphia international airport. matt delucia, nbc 10 news.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> you can see the very light snowfall falling at philadelphia international. this is a view from center city. a few snowflakes going past this camera. the tail end of the system that was with us for the day yesterday. 32 degrees. cold enough for a dusting possible in some areas. it looks like a large area. it is from the lehigh valley into philadelphia, maryland and delaware. but it is on the move and is light. there are a few spots where it's coming down steadier. one of those, pottstown now. that's a line of snow showers, could produce a dusting of snow. then it quickly dries out and it will be gone by later this morning. 36 degrees for allentown, re reading and quakertown into the middle 30s. mt. holly, 40 degrees, upper 30s for norristown and trenton at
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the shore. cape may, 3 degrees, vineland and dover could see light snow this morning and then sunshine breaking through this afternoon. near 40 in wilmington and up to 40 degrees in philadelphia and williamstown. by midmorning, those last few snowflakes are out of here. then our attention turns to a much colder weekend. the seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. 20 minutes before 6:00. before you head out the door this morning for school or work, take an extra minute or two when you tune in. >> first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington are watching some slippier spots. >> this is the 30 bypass, the second accident we've had in this particular spot since this morning. the first one cleared before the 4:00 hour. this is approaching 202 northbound.3(pz cf1 o you can see clearly police activity there as well. crew on the scene. they have street signs making traffic move over to the right-hand side as they move by through this exit ramp.
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definitely watch the exit ramp, even though the majors may seem clear this morning. we're seeing the slippery spots. moving over into new jersey, deptford center road. this is leading to philadelphia if you have to get to 42 or 295. that's typically what backs up first. all lanes moving along just fine. speed restrictions in place in new jersey as well with the slippier conditions. the new jersey turnpike down to 50 miles per hour from delaware memorial bridge to exit 14 in newark and the garden state parkway, down to 45 miles per hour from cape may to somers point. i'll be back in the next ten minutes with area bridges and speed restrictions. a military official passes out behind the podium. >> it just slowed the ramp. we actually go back to -- hold on a minute. >> we'll tell you what doctors say caused the general major to
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faint and how he's doing this morning. plus, the new numbers are out on health insurance across the u.s. we'll tell you about the big change for the number of uninsured people.
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new this morning,ç a philadelpa police officer is injured after a traffic stop leads to a foot chase. the officer pulled over a car at 52nd and baltimore in southwest philadelphia. when the man fled from the car, the officer went after him. the suspect was caught but the officer hurt his knee. doctors at penn presbyterian medical center are checking him out. a man is being treated for smoke inhalation following a fire at a row house in the city's point breeze section. this started in the kitchen of the home on reed street, just after 1:00 a.m. a sec man wond man was also ins. officials say he refused treatment. back to dry land for passengers on board that cruise ship caught in rough seas. the royal caribbean ship will be back at cape liberty later today. the cruise ship ran into hurricane force winds when it sailed straight into the path of a winter storm over the weekend. lawmakers are calling for an investigation into the voyage that forced frightened passengers into their cabins as
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30-foot waves shook the ship for more than ten hours. even the captain admits it was a rough trip. >> yesterday turned out to be probably within of my worst days at sea. >> obviously financial reasons, captains, of course, are encouraged to get under way if they can. >> captain joseph alstrom teaches at suny maritime college. he says if there was information before the ship's departure that the captain did not act on, there could be consequences. nbc 10 spoke to a passenger from chester county. >> everything is flying all over the place. we are literally rolling in the bed where i would have to support myself against the wall to keep myself from rolling off the bed. i'm on the seventh floor, seventh deck. the waves were crashing over top of the life boats. it was listing left and right frequently. it was scary.
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>> cruise ship captains are required by an international safety code to choose the safest route. the u.s. coast guard is supposeç to enforce that code. experts say they don't have enough manpower to check on every single ship. [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> the abington school board took action after these videos of students fighting in the high school hallways hit social media. last week we showed you several videos like these where were abled on social media with the hash tag abington fight week. board members said the district is disciplining several students and some could be expelled. the board said extra security patrols will continue across the school district. 5:47 and 31 degrees. authorities are looking for a missing airman who did not report for duty at dover air force base. senior airman keifer huhman is a member of the 436th communications squadron. officials say he was last seen at his apartment complex in dover just before super bowl on
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sunday. if you have any information, call police. pennsylvania governor tom wolf called pennsylvania's budget battle a train wreck. he made that comment during a facebook town hall yesterday. hours after delivering his sec budget address despite the fact that his first proposed budget is still in limbo. wolf delivered a new $33.3 billion spending man to the legislature. the governor had tough words for republicans and was met with boos. >> they walked away from the table and went home for the holidays without holding that final vote. they still have not held that final vote. >> republicans call the governor's speech divisive and politically motivated. a case of the flu causes concern at the pentagon within a top leader of the military faints during a press briefing. >> we just sloped the ramp. we actually go back to --
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hold on a minute. >> that's major general james martin jr. he fainted at the podium, again, as we just said, during a briefing. he was helped to a chair. the flu and is okay. now first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 11 minutes before 6:00. tracking light snow showers in the area this morning. reduced visibility. that's the view towards center city. not bad visibility but it's come down within the last few minutes. 32 degrees in philadelphia. just cold enough. you can see the snowflakes meandering around south philadelphia. not affecting the traffic on 95. but you could run into slippery spots. look at the temperatures this morning. they have dropped down below freezing for much of the area in chester county. 20s for westchester and brandy wine at the airport is 28, a little bit colder in chadds ford. light snow showers extend into delaware and south jersey.
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this one area where it's coming down heavier, it's on the move, by 7:00 it's in new jersey. look how quickly this one falls apart. a little bit of light snow by 8:00. by 9:00, just a few flurries. we'll get sunshine today. we will see a warmup to melt some of the snow during the day today. afternoon temperatures into the upper 30s to 40. the snow ends this morning. it will be a breezy day today. that wind is key for tonight and tomorrow. it brings in much colder air, starting tomorrow. 24 in the morning, 29 in the afternoon. it's antarctic blast. it will be colder on friday morning. 17 degrees. another blast of very cold air saturday and look at sunday morning, 3 degrees for your valentine's day morning. the record is 2 degrees for that date. 24 in the afternoon, then moderating temperatures monday. by tuesday, 52 degrees. >> bill, thanks. ten minutes before 6:00. let's get you to work on this
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hump day. >> flashing lights out there and jessica will fill us in on what that is. >> another accident on the off ramp from the 30 bypass to route 202 northbound. you can see flashing lights there, traffic still moving by right now. but a heads up, this is the second accident scene at this exact same point today. soç definitely a slippery spot out there. watch for the off ramps and slippery positions. maybe a bit of a backup for right now. we'll keep you updated for the rest of the morning. 295 around hamilton township at sloan avenue. no problems if you're headed north or southbound on 295. the rest of mass transit doing okay as well with no problems. and if you're heading out the door to the philadelphia international airport, we'll check before you go. there are no major delays right now. vai? >> thank you, jesse. back to where it all started. we'll tell you what president obama is pushing for in the town where he started his first
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presidential campaign. plus, one of the country's biggest unions says it won't be holing its annual picnic at dorney parkive arecent policy change. we'll explain why. and here's a live look this morning. it is a snowy commute for people in malvern, chester conte. we're also checking icy conditions on the road in that area. we'll have that for you, coming up.
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. we are seeing that the roadways are doing better this morning. specifically right now we're looking at 422. you can see no problems. the delays are prettyç much in the green. that eastbound drive time from 29 to the schuylkill still okay, even though there might be flurries. speeds in the 50s on 422. more updates in the 6:00 hour. five minutes before 6:00. a new report shows the number of americans without health insurance has dropped dramatically. 28 million people were still without insurance as of last year. that's 7 million people less than in 2014. that according to the national
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center for health statistics. its report has implications for the presidential campaign. republican candidates are vowing to repeal president obama's health care law. more and more people with bad credit are getting car loans. credit analysts say the percentage of buyers with subprime credit ratings is growing faster than the rest of the auto finance market. analysts found an increase in auto loan payments that are at least 60 days past due. happening today, president obama will return to his political roots. the president is going back to springfield, illinois where he served in the state senate there for nearly eight years. it's also where he officially announced his run for the white house in 2007. president obama will address the illinois general assembly this afternoon. and is expected to call for less divisive politics in america. >> the philadelphia fraternal order of police is boycotting dorney park over how the amusement park treated a long-time worker with especially needs.
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members were upset when they learned that chris emery want rehired for the 2016 season after a change in the interview process. everybody found out about this because a co-worker wrote around angry message on social media that went viral. dorney park offered emery a position back. his mother doesn't want him to return to the park because of how she says he was treated. the zika virus makes its way to our area. >> there are three new confirmed cases of the virus. now new concerns about traveling to the caribbean and mexico. and today, love park will get some tender loving care but in turn, visitors get the cold shoulder.ç
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nbc 10 news starts now. new hampshire voters are sendsing a message to the nation. they want change in washington and they're calling on republican donald trump and democrat bernie sanders to do it. the zika virus hits the
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delaware valley. there are three new confirmed cases in our area. we are live with what you need to know before you make travel plans to mexico, latin america or the caribbean. this morning we're tracking snow showers. here's a live picture of snow falling at philadelphia international airport. also snowing in malvern, chester county. watch for slick spots during your drive to work wherever you are. 6:00 a.m., good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. 31 degrees right now throughout the delaware valley. there are dozens of school delays, watch for them at the bottom of your screen. they're constantly being updated. let's get to nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley. >> looking more impressive in south philadelphia than it did just a few minutes ago. the wind will be blowing through the day. that will make for colder temperatures tonight. it's cold enough for this t


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