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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  February 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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for votes in south carolina. christie is not. he's back home in new jersey. >> unfortunately, doesn't look like it's going his way. >> reporter: day after a disappointing primary election night for governor chris christie who held dozen of events trying to win over new hampshire voters. we asked diners for their rev reviews. >> i think he didn't appeal to the majority of the middle of the road voters. i think he sparks an interest in people intent on speaking your mind but i don't think he's got the majority behind him. >> reporter: joe smith doesn't live in new jersey but likes christie. >> i think he's a straight shooter. >> reporter: jeanne wall also does live here and not thrilled with christie's absence during the campaign or his reaction to being challenged over it during the blizzard. >> i'm reminded of the thing about the mop, what do you want me to do? come mop for you? i thought that was not good. >> reporter: he could be back a lot more.
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>> what do you think he should do? >> i think he should stay in new jersey and attend the state. >> reporter: his term ends in less than two years. >> he's made a national name for himself. he's still a very young man. if he wished to explore the presidency in another cycle he certainly can do that now. >> i want to tell you more about what we are learning. colleagues at nbc news again telling us, chris christie will suspend his campaign for president and saying that the governor and his wife today spent some time reaching out to friends and supporters, once they arrived back in new jersey. also saying the campaign is proud of the race that they won and believe they helped to shape the message for the fight for the republican nomination. live in the digital operations center, lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> a lot happening today in our decision 2016 coverage. late this afternoon, republican candidate carly fiorina dropped her bid in the race for the white house. the move comes after a
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disappointing finish in the new hampshire primary. >> in just ten days the candidates will face off in their next campaign battle for the republicans, it's the primary in south carolina, and on the same day, democrats will vote in the nevada caucuses. nbc "nightly news" anchor lester holt joins us live from new york. >> thank you. you were in new hampshire yesterday for the primary. we found out chris christie is dropping out of the race, so is carly fiorina. what does it mean for the rest of the candidates moving forward? >> obviously, it's rather crowded in that republican field, as you've got these second and third and fourth and fifth-place finishes trying to position themselves as the alternative to donald trump who won quite handily yesterday. with regard to governor christie, i spent a little time, i ran into him yesterday in new hampshire. feeling confident at the time and said their internal polling looked good. he was on that high after taking
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those shots at rubio in the saturday debate that brought a lot of attention to him. a stunning turn of developments when they saw results last night and what our kelly o'donnell is reporting, news had been coming out all day, he would suspend his campaign. but she was reporting he wanted to bring the entire campaign together, 50 people in new jersey, talk to them, explain why, explain how much he appreciated them before the news got out and that's how it went down. >> lester, with donald trump and bernie sanders winning convinci convincingly, does this legitimize their campaigns? >> well, i think clearly it's a -- goes without saying these legitimate campaigns, these were landslides both the republican and democratic side. they are the people to beat. you can look in the democratic side and see hillary clinton still has a national lead. still has more strength in south carolina. but bernie sanders is coming out of new hampshire with a full
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head of steam. you saw he met with reverend sharpton here at a restaurant this morning in harlem. so he understands that this is a different demographic makeup in south carolina. there's a large black population, some issues there that may not have been forefront in new hampshire. so he clearly is making his adjustments. we've heard that hillary clinton on her side is making adjustments in terms of strategy. donald trump right now, he's the man to beat. the crowded feel behind him, are they going after him or go after each other to clear space? that remains to be seen. >> lester holt, thank you. stick around for full coverage of the campaign trail for nbc "nightly news," coming up at 6:30. blareaking news, montgomery county, something is making students sick at ursinus college. that number stands at 100. >> deanna durante following the breaking developments at ursinus
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college. the school is calling this a stomach infection but trying to figure out the source. >> reporter: as a precaution, students here now have to go someplace else for food. the school is shutting down dining services, the dining hall, snack bar and gym. encouraging students to eat offcampus. >> i'm terrified of getting it. >> reporter: the illness is not pleasant. when deana harley was sleeping, her roommate was getting sick over and over and at 2:00 a.m. she asked her to call campus health officials. >> i called our campus safety office. they said a waiting list for our campus ems to look at students because so many needed them. they said we'll put you on the waiting list. they gave us options or call an ambulance now. my roommate said put her on the waiting list. after a while she kept getting worse. so then she talked to her mom and her mom said call the
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ambulance. >> reporter: back at home in delaware after spending the night in the emergency room. more than a dozen have gone to local hospitals and medical clinics. the school and health department are working on zeroing in on a cause. most who are ill ate at the dining center. the virus has symptoms similar to norovirus. a norovirus is highly contagious, but they have not been able to determine if that is what is making so many so sick. we don't know much. we're avoiding dining halls for today. >> reporter: again, campus announcing, just in the last 20 minutes, it has shut down the dining facilities and gym to be cleaned. the campus is urging health professionals to make sure they are tested. it could take a week for tests to come back so they can determine exactly what this is. they are encouraging people to wash hands, practice good
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hygiene. they're not sure if it's person-to-person or someone spread it into a food source and then it spread to people here. something is making students at ursinus college very sick. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. happening now, first look at royal caribbean's anthem of the seas. as it returns to its home port in new jersey, these are live pictures from the air of the ship that was battered at sea over the weekend. that ship sailed into a storm off north carolina sunday. it was on its way to the bahamas but had to turn back in new jersey. the boat id scheduled to arrive there at 9:00 tonight. talk about the weather now. first alert weather. enjoy this walk while you can. this is wilmington today. you're not going to believe how cold it's going to get out there. >> check with the man, chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz, with all of the details. it could get dangerously cold. >> yeah. timing isn't great.
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because the worst of this is going to happen over the weekend. flags are blowing. bringing in colder air. we were only 36 for the high temperature today. tomorrow we may not even get to 30. and then by the weekend, not even getting to 20. plus, wind on top of that. out of the few snow flurries left around. snow that is around today, some of it melted and what melted today is going to refreeze tonight. so icy spots tomorrow morning. watch out for the sidewalks and driveways especially. colder weather coming in the next two days. than what we've been used to. that's nothing compared to the weekend. dangerous cold then. temperature now, below freezing. pottstown, redding, allentown at the freezing mark. we'll start to see some refreezing and as temperatures go into 20s, it's going to be more widespread. we expect it to get into the
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20s, even into philadelphia as you'll see despite all of the clouds that are around. we'll see how cold it's going to get when the worst is going to be and when it going to warm up again with the seven day in a few minutes. right now, a day of road repairs and dry spots if two local neighborhoods. water main breaks left those neighborhoods high and dry. upper dasrby, a busted main lef the mess behind. 80 homes without water. crews hoped to have everyone back online by 6:00 tonight. water main break in montgomery county closed a school today. crews worked to repair that damage. the ruptured lean left a massive citer in the road at burkes and west walnut streets. barth elementary school had to be shut down. nbc 10 on the ground at the scene. self-customers in the area
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without water as crews make repairs. it not clear how long that work will take. new information in a deadly shooting involving police in clefte ee chester. the officer's use of deadly force seems justified but haven't made a final determination. monday six officers fired their guns, 33-year-old longer. when the suspect pointed his loaded weapon, police tried to pull him over for a broken taillight and the chase began on and off i-95, ending at keystone road. the suspect's cousin was a passenger in the car. he was shot in the ankle and is cooperating with police. >> when we interviewed as mar longer, he was aclear to us they attempted to avoid police. >> the suspect was killed on the
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scene, a long criminal history including robbery, drug charges. >> police need your help identifying the driver of the car. he may have been involved in a deadly hit-and-run last month. the car has new jersey plates and police believe it's a nissan sentra. the car was found parked at a bar. this is the driver walking inside. if you recognize that man or the car, call police. delaware state police trying to figure out why a 76-year-old man walked into the path of a car that hit and killed him this morning. the pennsylvania man tried to cross falk road near silverside in wilmington around 4:30. a honda hit the victim. the driver stopped thor ka. investigators say it was dark and snowing, alcohol and speed were not factors in the crash. delaware has been known as the deadliest state for pedestrians. now police are taking steps to change that. nbc 10 delaware bureau reporter
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tim furlong will show us at 5:30. new information on the debate whether to remove kathleen kane from office. senate did not come up with the 2/3 needed. law license is suspend indefinitely. she's in the process of collecting signatures to get on the april primary ballot. and run for a second term. this just in to nbc 10, a new case of the zika virus, a student at a local university's gotten sick. details next at 5:00. a good police tool or invasion of privacy by officers? tracking your license plate and thousands of others.
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>> breaking news, governor chris christie announced to nbc news he has officially suspended his presidential campaign. this comes after his disappointing finnish last night's new hampshire proim mary. joined live by jim schultz. his poor performance in new hampshire ended his chances anyway, right? >> absolutely. that was to be expected he was going to suspend his campaign coming up short in new hampshire
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after poring in all of the resources. it would be difficult to go into south carolina to spend money south carolina coming after a strong debate performance and coming up short. make no mistake, chris christie is a person who will be in the political fold for a number of years to come because of his raw political talent. he's a talented guy. >> ohio governor john kasich finished in second in new hampshire with nearly 16% of the vote. that exceeded a lot of expectations. what do you think it means for his chances now? >> i think he did a great job in new hampshire. the problem is he doesn't have a ground game and hasn't spent money in south carolina and it's difficult for him going into south carolina to create that momentu momentum. >> candidates are moving on to south carolina, nevada. any predictions moving ahead? what should we expect? >> donald trump is clearly a front-runner. he's known the real deal and candidate to beat. south carolina, everybody's gunning for him. rubio has to put it together after eviscerating -- after
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eviscerated during the debate by chris christie. the story going into south carolina is going to be jeb bush. as the establishment candidate going in there, with some history in south carolina, the family being successful. and not pulling out all of the stops in order to get himself back into the fold. >> how about the democratic side? how about hillary and bernie? what do you expect there? >>ty t. was a large landslide victory. hillary's got her work cut out especially as it pertains to young voters. well see what happens as it goes into nevada. >> appreciate your time. while all of the campaigning is going on, president obama visited his old stomping grounds today. stopped by for lunch in springfield, illinois he frequented when he was a state senator. it's been nine years since he announced his candidacy. the president was in springfield to speak to the illinois general
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assembly. breaking news now. lehigh university student has contracted the zika virus. that's the word from the school moments ago. it says the student contracted the virus traveling abroad over winter break. the student is fine now and there's no threat to other students. delaware health officials say a woman also contracted zika traveling to an area where the disease is widespread. they didn't say where she traveled, they also aren't revealing what part of delaware she's from. the good news, they say she poses no risk to the community. officials say the woman's okay now and she's not pregnant. health officials announced yesterday that two women from pennsylvania also tested positive for the mosquito-borne virus. it's not clear if the lehigh student is one of the two imand. the virus linked to severe birth defects and spreading throughout latin america. today on capitol hill, the nation's top public health
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officials revealed new information on the virus. fresh evidence that might be responsible for a rare birth defect. brian mooar has the story from washington. >> reporter: on capitol hill, officials told congress what they know and don't about the zika virus. the director of the cdc revealed zika was detected in two bri brazilian newborns. >> this is the strongest evidence to date it's the cause of microself-ly but it's not definiti definitive. >> reporter: another priority, improving testing its believed to cause no symptoms in 80% of the people infected, and mild symptoms in virtually all of the rest. >> the flash infection, it comes, it's a few days and it's gone. >> reporter: the disease poses little more than inconvenience to most people, it's rapidly
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spreading across south america, brazil, the host of the olympic games. millions could be exposed. >> the lack of clarity on the virus and its effects and treatment make it more important we respond to this more aggressively. >> reporter: oregon joined tennessee, indiana, pennsylvania, h. ohio in confirming a travel-related zika case. >> there's the enemy. >> reporter: in addition to ñ that spreads the disease, public health officials hoping to spread information as they search for a cure. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. >> mosquitoes are by far the most common way the zika virus is transmitted. the cdc says it's possible for the virus to spread through semen and blood but unlikely saliva and urine. officials are trying to figure out how long it can stay if a person's bodily fluids. nbc 10 first alert weather
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with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> well that huge disorganized mess that we've been following is gone. but first thing that we've got to doeal with is refreezing. what melled today will refreeze tonight and be icy in the morning. windchills averaging around 15 below zero by sunday morning. and right now, we have mostly cloudy skies, 34 degrees, winds west at 15 miles an hour. making it feel like it 24. and the high temperature today was only 36 degrees. but that's the warm one. 29 over the next couple of days. and then teens for high temperatures saturday and sunday, average high is 43. so much for that warm start to winter. right now we have that west to
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northwest wind it's gusty. temperatures going down. 30 pottstown, coatesville. 29 lancaster. 30 in doylestown. and of course with the cloud cover temperature won't be going down as fast. 32 wilmington, washington township, 33 in mt. holly, writestown, trenton. 30 in doylestown, some places below the freezing mark. 36 in lewis, delaware, a warm spot. a few light snow flurries around. accumulating snow has moved out. chester county expected, the winner in the snow sweepstakes, some places getting 5, 6 inches of snow. we have cold air coming in now. and that's just the beginning, because the true arctic air is on the way. it's going to race down here and we traced our air not only up to the arctic but beyond.
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and when it finally comes in, this is what we're expecting in philadelphia. saturday, 19 for the high, a lot of wind. we could have gusts up to 40 miles an hour, temperatures like that. and then on sunday morning, 4 degrees in philadelphia and it is going to be frigid. let's see how cold it's going to be. 13 degrees. ocean city feeling like 9 below. in the philadelphia area, 5 degrees feeling like 15 below. and as we head towards lehigh valley, doylestown, feeling like 18 below. feeling like 20 below in allentown. 25 below in the poconos. 23 for the low tonight. 18 north and west. that's the temperature not the windchill. generally dry. within did, colder tomorrow. highs in the upper 20s. wind gusts to 40 miles an hour. and then there's cold days for the rest of the week and even
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colder over the weekend. we start to warm up next week with chances of rain or snow. they know things about your family, social security number. but don't fall for it. we have details on the new scam. plus not backing down, why refusing to pay taxes how it could hurt atlantic city next.
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following a big blow to atlantic city. the borgata followed through on not making city tax payments. it owed more than $170 million in tax appeals.
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since opening 2003 the borgata has been atlantic city's biggest moneymaker. it's the largest employer of all of the casinos and paid half a billion dollars in taxes since its doors opened. thieves are trying to take from your pockets. a warning about a new tax scam that people are falling for. it's called the irs scam. but this one has a new twist. the scammers are aggressive and persistent. they may know parts of your social security number for have private information about family members. sometimes that is stolen from companies hit by data breaches. they may also spoof your caller i.d. to make them appear legit. if you're just joining us now, several breaking stories. >> updates on the presidential race, zika virus and outbreak at a local college next. follow
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news stories tonight. new jersey governor chris christie is suspending his presidential campaign. the announcement comes after a projected sixth place finish in tuesday's new hampshire primary. christie just released a statement, it reads, i'm so proud of the campaign we ran. the people that ran it with me, and all of those who gave us their support and confidence along the way.
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>> also, lehigh university student has contracted the zika virus. the school says the student contracted the virus traveling abroad over winter break. lehigh does say the student is fine, and there's no threat to other students. the virus has been linked to severe with defects and spreading rapidly through latin america. 100 student as the ursinus are sick with some stomach illness. montgomery county health officials are at the campus in collegeville at this hour trying to point what's causing this illness. >> turn to your first alert weather. take a look at the flags on top of the building. you can see the wind blowing out there. making it feel colder outside but it's nothing compared to what's on the way. >> chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz standing by with the timing of it all. that deep winter chill around the corner? >> right. and it is just coming in time for the weekend.
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timing almost perfect for that. it's not a long lasting freeze but it is going to get mighty cold around here. yeah, flags are blowing. colder air starts to move back in here. and the temperature is dropping. just have a few snow flurries in burkes county, northern chester county. places that got several inches of snow with this last system. down to 30 in pottstown, 29 in lancaster, 31 in redding. already a little bit below the freezing mark. and it's going to go, of course, lower than that, even in philadelphia itself, down into the 20s as we go through the night and even with cloud cover. but it is going to cause whatever melted today to refreeze and that's going to be pretty widespread across the area. of course if you didn't get any snow, there's nothing to refreeze. but there's plenty of it especially in some of the western suburbs. those are the areas probably most vulnerable for that.
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as we go into morning hours, morning rush, you can see temperatures even into the teens north and west. and that's going to seem warm compared to what we're going to be seeing sunday morning. i'll show you low numbers with the rest of the seven day in a few minutes. only nbc 10 has brand-new video to show you tonight on that hit-and-run of a mother and her small children, including a baby, in south philadelphia. watch the right of your screen. you see them in the distance about to cross with her children. suddenly a cherry red hon do ignores the light and plows them down. we have blurred the video of the point of impact as victims went flying, and were dragged. video police provided to us last week along with a side view mirror collected as evidence. police are looking for the car and its driver. the mother is out of the hospital, her children most recently being cared for. >> right now at 5:00, warning
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from police in delaware, we will be watching you but it's for your own safety. delaware known as the deadliest state for pedestrians now taking steps to change all of that. tim furlong is live in claymont. police started a new campaign. >> yeah. in he do this every few months. nobody can tell me more sure one reason why delaware's deadly for pedestrians but i can tell you, in the last haufl holf hour we'n a bunch of people running across as traffic is coming, trying to get across, maybe get to the bus stop or work. it's dangerous, illegal. police are looking to stop this bad habit. talk about a tragic coincidence, a man in his 70s killed crossing foulk hours before police started educating pedestrians. delaware's one of america's deadliest states for
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pedestrians. >> 18, rest of your life, you're young. >> reporter: delaware had 35 pedestrian deaths. memorials line most of the roads. many had been using drugs or alcohol. drivers can be at fault. >> everyone's guilty. put yourself in harm's way and you get hit, that's on you. if you're not in control of your vehicle properly, you're also guilty. >> reporter: the governor startstar started a working group to make pedestrians safer. many people are not using them, these guys stopped for illegally crossing. you could have walked up there, why don't you? >> it's too cold. >> reporter: that right there is not a good enough excuse not to use a crosswalk. we've had four pedestrian deaths in delaware including one this morning. a lot of this is common sense. wear reflective clothing. go to a corner with a crosswalk, wait for cars to come to a
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complete stop and assume drivers don't see you. in the next few months of office highway safety they'll do habit surveys on pedestrians to try to find out what exactly's going on here and why. live in claymont, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. delaware's making changes to the roads to make them safer. adding 600,000 of new lighting to roots 13 and 40. also experimenting with new signs, flashing lights that can alert drivers when a pedestrian is crossing the street. >> tractor-trailer and car collide elsewhere causing a haz-mat scene. this is in northeast philadelphia. nbc 10 on cotman and tulip street. the truck was carrying 120 gallons of some sort of chemical, it was transferred on to another truck. no word on injuries. from the roads to high seas. port of philadelphia is about to get a whole lot busier. officials announced that the packer avenue marine terminal
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will be part of a new weekly trade line. ships run from veracruz and philadelphia. the new service will add 100 direct jobs to the terminal. the access is the biggest benefit. >> california's in the market, certain times of the year, florida. a lot of the importers and retailers source from overseas more and more. so, mexico being right next door literally, it's a good opportunity, they have good products year round. >> additional 300 to 400 indirect trucking and warehouse jobs will be added? >> big changes on the way for philadelphia landmark. how the city's planning to transform love park. watching the royal caribbean's anthem of the seas as it makes its return to home port in new jersey. live pictures of the ship that was battered at sea over the weekend, sailing into a storm
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off north carolina. it was on its way to the bahamas but had to turn back. the boat is scheduled to arrive in 3 1/2 hours, 9:00 tonight. a live report coming up at 5:00.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> if you don't have time to celebrate ash wednesday, how about getting ashes to go? today in harrisburg, a group of churches set up shop outside the capitol complex. ministers were there hoping to spread a message of forgiveness to those in a hurry. ash wednesday marks beginning of lent and a day of fasting for some christians. one of philadelphia's most iconic spots getting a face-lift and it will include a brief reprieve for skateboarders. >> one, two, three.
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whoo! >> city today broke ground on a project to redesign love park. work is slated to begin in spring. love park will close at that pointen the famous love statue will move to dill worth plaza. when the park reopens next spring, here's what it's expected to look like. more green space, new fountain and dining, as well as renovated welcome center. the project expected to cost nearly $20 million. for the next few days, skateboarding will be legal in love park. the stairs played it a premier destination for borders until 1995, when a ban was put into place. the mayor says the ban will be temporarily lifted until monday. coming up at 5:00, answer to this question -- why police in pennsylvania are scanning your license plate. >> i'm tracking a big plunge in temperatures. when we could see near-record
5:42 pm
cold this weekend. that's next.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> police in south jersey are looking for a white suv with front end damage. the driver hit a woman, and kept going. before 7:00 this morning a woman
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was crossing the white horse pike hit and killed by a car traveling westbound. the impact push the her into the eastbound lanes. that's when police say someone driving a white suv hit the woman and kept going. if you can help, call police. some of the largest police unions in country boycotting dougherty park. the philadelphia fraternal order of police holds the picnic at the park but not this year. members are upset how it treated a longtime employee with special needs. he wasn't re-hired after a change in the interview process. the park asked emery to come back and his mom said, thanks, but no thanks. pennsylvania police officers can easily tell if your car registration is expired. today law enforcement officials joined penndot in showing off new automated license plate reader technology. state thinks this will save
5:46 pm
officers time since they can quickly and accurately check the status of thousands of license plates on a single shift. >> we call this catching criminals hiding in plain sight. you can have many vehicles, hundreds pass you in the course 0 of a shift you never otherwise check in your computer. whereas this equipments checking every vehicle going past your car. >> the license plate reader technology is helping pennsylvania move away from issuing vehicle registration stickers next year which could save taxpayers $3 million in the first year. the nbc 10 investigators looked into police use of license plate readers in july and we found police throughout the delaware valley are recording and saving tens of millions of unsuspecting driver's plates from january of 2014 until july 2015, police read over 29 million tags with license plate readers. that led to 521 stolen cars
5:47 pm
recovered and 6 arrests. the aclu sent a statement, quote, this is an extraordinary amount of government surveillance for what appears to be a very small amount of criminal activity. there are things in your life that are simply not public knowledge. >> take a look. who could forget? the line of cars and trucks stranded on the pennsylvania turnpike during the big snowstorm. talking about more than 500 vehicles stuck on a seven-mile stretch of the road. today a state house committee demanded to know why hundreds were left helpless for hours. >> my sincere apologies to travelers stranded for that time period on the pennsylvania turnpike. no motorist should have to endure that on any pennsylvania road especially a road that you paid for. >> the commission and police reviewing what went wrong.
5:48 pm
they're taking steps to make sure it never happens again. speaking of 0 the weather, look at this. a lonely swim for this. you know, there's a good reason the duck is swimming so low. it is cold out there and getting colder. >> yeah. that lake's going to be frozen over by the owned of the weekend. and duck's going to@eyhave to d a different place to go because a lot of the bodies of water are going to start freezing over with this blast that's coming. we have a refreeze tonight. whatever melt the is going to freeze tonight and the icy tomorrow morning. dangerous cold coming for the weekend. next two days, plain cold. dangerous cold. below zero windchills coming. even 15 below for an average windchill sunday morning across the area. well, we're having a fairly nice
5:49 pm
end to the day. a little on the cool side. 34 degrees. little colder than average. wind west of 15. it's been gusty, over 25 miles an hour, feels like 24 degrees out there. down to 30 already in pottstown. 31 in redding. these areas including west chester, chester county, had the highest snow totals, 3 to 5, 6 inches of snow. they got a nice snowpack that's going to hang around with the cold weather. 31 glassboro. 32 wilmington, 34 dover, millville and atlantic city. those are the relatively warm spots. temperature dropping into the 20s, quickly, philadelphia by 7:00. and then down to 23 by 5:00 a.m. that's a hard freeze. there are blocks of ice out sidewalks and driveways, things can get slippery.
5:50 pm
look at these high temperatures. 29 degrees, average high, 43 now. and look at the highs over the weekend, 19 and 18. they do have snow flurries out there now. same areas that got more significant snow this weekend. southern first county, northern chester county, north of the pennsylvania turnpike for the most part. and going into the upper portion of montgomery county. temperature, below freezing. so if it shows hard enough it will stick. temperatures going down perhaps into the teens. some of the northern and western areas you can see here by the morning rush. so it's not only going to be patchy ice, it's downright cold. temperatures in the teens, some wind. it will feel like single digits. afternoon it will feel like teens. the warmest portion of the day, and that's not even close to the
5:51 pm
coldest air that we're going to be seeing. friday morning, 12 in allentown, 8 mt. pocono, and that's in not the coldest air we're seeing. that comes on saturday and sunday as that arctic surge, this originates in siberia, coming down, some of the cold of the air we've seep n at this ti of the year for a long, long ti time. it's not going to last. we'll see a warm-up on monday. and by tuesday, it may be warming up so it's rain or snow kind of thing. who would believe that after near record lows on sunday. 23 degrees for the low tonight in philadelphia. 18 north and west. tomorrow, gusty winds, up to 40 miles an hour. high temperatures struggling to get out of the 20s. similar story friday, flurries or snow showers friday night.
5:52 pm
fridged over the weekend. windiest period saturday and lowest temperature sunday morning and then it starts to warm up next week with a chance of rain or snow. >> thank you. happening now, live picture off the coast of north jersey, the cruise ship that got battered by a weekend storm hours away from returning now to a port in bayone. a live update next.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> passengers hanging on for dear life, debris and 30-foot waves crashing around. we've seen video from the nightmare trip at sea. now passengers are hours from getting back on to dry land. "an them of the seas" will arrive later tonight. >> but the question, why did it sail into a major storm? our sister station in new york city live from cape liberty cruise port in bayonne, where the ship will arrive in several hours. >> reporter: that's right. the anthem of the sea is expected to make it's way behind me. the passengers will be happy to
5:56 pm
put their foot on solid ground for the first time since saturday and after undergoing that ordeal sunday. want to show you chopper pics right now making its way up the coast, up the east coast now, toward the jersey shore and cape liberty new jersey where it will dock around 9:00 p.m. tonight. coast guard expected to check the ship for damage. damage caused by scenes like this one. images from video taken by passengers during that storm. hurricane force winds that sent claires flying, huge 30-foot waves that covered windows, guest room, broken glass, overturned chairs after the ship was tossed around like a toy sunday. it left saturday with a planned stop in cape canaveral when it ran into the storm. passengers telling us through skype monday the captain told passengers this is one of the worst storms he'd ever encountered, warning them to take cover in their room.
5:57 pm
one ma'am ton told us literally prayed. there was no damage to the ship, it was sea worthy, four people had minor injuries, we talked to one man who says he was on an anthem of the seas cruise last month that ran into bad weather. >> i fell down and banged my head. a big bruise on my backsite. yeah, it was worse than what we went through. as a matter of fact, i had a big huge round flowerpot, it was smashed. >> after that question you posed earlier, why the ship was in the water in the first place, senator bill nelson is asking the ntsb to do an investigation why royal caribbean decided to
5:58 pm
sail dice spite forecastors predict the storm. royal caribbean promising to make the disembarking as easy as possible. >> "nbc 10 news at 6:00" is next. coming up next, on "nbc 10 news at 6:00." >> following breaking news in decision 2016. new jersey governor chris christie dropping out. letters to supporters, next. plus, bar fight allegedly involving lesean mccoy. hear from the lawyer representing the injured officer next.
5:59 pm
6:00 pm
breaking news. >> breaking news at 6:00. it's official, an hour ago, chris christie's campaign office told nbc news christie is dropping out of the race for the white house. good evening, i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. straight to nbc 10's lauren mayk tracking developments in the christie campaign all day long. >> chris christie had his campaign mapped out into south carolina but it will end with a disappointing night in new hampshire and decision from new jers jersey. minute ago, i leave the race without an ounce of regret. i'm so proud of the campaign we ran, the people


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